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  • Ben

    Do they Still make this rifle? I’ve been trying to get one for ages in Australia and they say that Springfield has stop makeing them.

    • Ben, not anymore.

  • AB

    I have one of the type, bought decades back from the back end of a BoysLife magazine. I dragged that weapon all through my scouting career doing hiking, camping, and doing rat patrol at summer camp.

    On long hikes it kept us in fresh meat, as our Scoutmaster made it a priority that we live off the land effectivly. That and if we didn’t kill it, we couldn’t eat it. Made us respect the vittles being cooked up over the campfire in the open spaces of North Dakota.
    Damn, now I have a hankering for muskrat stew.

    Fond memories or not, this was still back in the days of the Cold War and we were expected to run off into the woods to hide and make life hell for the Ruskies. Very interesting memories these days, I gotta say.

    I gave my piece to my nephew who continues the Scouting tradition and he sends me back photos of what he’s stalked and killed on his own. I’m still not sure how the hell he bagged a wild turkey with a .22. Lucky devil.

  • War Wolf

    A quick inspection of Gunbroker does not seem to show any in that nifty little case you have there. I think I want one of these little plinkers but don’t want to pay more than $400 for a NIB parkerized one. Maybe $450 for stainless…

  • Valhalla

    Cool, do you know its rate of fire?

  • Ben

    Darn! I’ll have to look around the second hand section of the gun traders then.
    Valhalla Its an under and over the rate of fire is as fast as you can reload it.

  • Matt

    Does anyone know what the twist rate on its rifling is?

    I got one when I was 17 for $189, of course had to go and lose the manual. Mine didn’t come with a case, just a cardboard box at a local gun dealer. It is an exceptional rifle. I love it for day-long adventures. It’s light enough you can carry it all day with no trouble. I just mounted a compact scope to see if I can improve accuracy. I don’t do to well with a peep sight. Wish there was an open rear bead front setup.

  • Derek

    This gun has always been on “my list.” Strange “trigger” design for use with gloves. There’s nothing else out there this compact, other than the AR7, but you don’t get the handy .410. A .410 slug is a very nice little round.

    Someone will make this again…

  • Stephen

    If anyone is interested in buying a M6 for a reasonable price, you can find them on Just use their search engine. They only mail nationally tho. Happy hunting:)

  • eli

    does anyone know where to get the 22lr/410 for a good price?

  • Stephen

    Earlier I had said to check, my mistake:( However, apparently they must not know that Springfield no longer makes these, because I recieved an email from then saying ‘we’re waiting to hear back from them (springfield) about production’.. After that I canceled my backorder and ended up buying a 22 hornet model off Auction for $341.00. I would suggest to do the same, online auctions that is.

  • Collector firearms has one Stainless Steel.Go to their home page the click on the long gun tab on the left side.

    Hope That Helps

  • Wade

    Ben, I reside in Australia and have a Springfield M6 Scout that has fired less than a dozen shots. I really don’t have the need to keep and would be willing to sell, if interest.

  • conundrum

    i got my m6 from my sister she got it from her dad after he got cought by the cops and killed you can look him up mike cleary he was on a.m.w. top 10 list for a while back in 99-00 i think but anyway its a .22lr can i use a .22 in it ive never shot it before its been like 9 years since i got it and for some reason i realy want to use it now and someone said he giv me a bunch of .22 ammo so just wonderin

  • Komrad

    most .22 ammo is .22lr or .22 short. Both are available anywhere ammo is sold. .22 short is simply a shorter .22lr and should work fine in an M6. Chances are any .22 ammo will be .22lr. If it fits in the gun it is most likely safe to use.

  • Komrad

    That last comment only applies to .22s

  • James

    if anyone has an m6 socut for sale in australia drop me a line at talyn_x5 [ at ]] hotmail [.] com

  • Wade

    James, I live in Australia and have a Springfield M6 Scout that I do not use and would be willing to consider selling. It is in excellent (‘as new’) condition with 410 & 22 Hornet with approx. six 410 shells and twelve 22 shells put through the M6 since purchase.

    I have sent you an e-mail as requested with greater details.

  • Fabrice

    Wade, is the M6 still for sell? I live in Luxembourg and might be interested, depending on the price you suggest 😉

    • Pieter

      hi ! still looking for an M6 Scout ? ì live in Belgium and might sell mine (22LR over .410 cal)

  • Wade

    Fabrice, yes I would sell if I get a reasonable offer otherwise I will retain. I am not sure about the ability to export a firearm from Australia to Luxembourg and I would need to investigate further. The M6 Scout I have is stainless steel and I have checked and has had two (2) 410 shells fired and ten (10) 22 hornet shells fired, so as close to new as you can get. Still in original box. Selling price range for M6 Scout in Australia is generally in the A$500 – $1,000 (300 – 600 Euro) range. May or may not be within your range for interest.

  • Willis

    Wade, G’day mate please email me @ willisteoh [at bigpond [dot com, I am interested to buy a second M6. I currently have one in 22lr and 410 config. Cheers Willis in SA

    Last but not least I would like to thank Steve for having this website.

  • Heinzmaui

    I have 2 M6 Scouts and purchased a total of 5. Mostly for relatives in Hawaii for hunting.
    I currently use my spray Canned Cammo Scout in 22lr to shoot Rats in my girlfriends horse barn. I use 22 CCI Shot and works well up to about 7ft. It has taken 6 Crows , a nasty Starling and a chicken raiding Oppusum.

    I have 1 Scout in 22Hornet and let my friend use it in Hawaii b4 I took it back. It is armed with Maglite, laser and a red dot sight. It has taken numerous Wild Pigs (useing Dogs to bay them,less then 20yrd shots)and some ferol Cows(yes Cows that wonder on the road and not claimed by anybody) The laser aimed @ the head ,then the 22Hornet does wonders. Also turns Snowshoe Hares inside out with HollowPoints.

    My Uncle uses his Scout to shoot Pig pen Pigs for Luau’s. Sometime the 22LR is not Enough, But I supplied him with 410 slugs and does the job nicely.

    The Scout is a great close range Tool. The sights personally SUCK in my opinion thus went with a Red Dot on my rifles.
    The Scout also should have a option to carry a few rounds on the outside as its a pain to reload by opening the stock up to retrive a round(unless you have a few in your hand)in case a 2nd shot is needed.

    Its not a classic in any sense and I would not pay more than 200$ for one but as a rifle you can beat up, thin ,small,to use in tight spaces. as I use mine to reach in far holes to scrape the dead rats out.Its better than using my .22 CZ452 Mannlicher.

    PS I shoot the neihboor dog shiting in his yard. The Mexican Humming Bird rounds are great. The 350 FPS stuff are quieter than a Red Ryder BB gun. The Dog is uninjured!!!!!!!!Then theres the 500fps stuff.
    I have all these ROUNDS in my Scout. 350fps,500fps 22LongCB(CCI) 22quickshok(CCI) then finally 22 STNGERS(CCI)

    Out of all my guns, My Scouts have taken more animals than all my other guns combined besides my old Model 11 Remington Shotgun

  • rm4wolf

    Is this item available for sale?

  • rm4wolf

    I understand the the rifling to be 6 right.

  • rm4wolf

    It is still Christmas eve in the USA

  • Wilson

    Matt asked about the ‘twist rate’ some time ago…..

    .22 LR: Right hand 1 turn in 15″

    .22 Hornet: Right Hand 1 turn in 13″

    Both have 6 grooves.


    ‘Toying’ with selling my hardly-used S/S Hornet model. Can’t make up my mind. I see they are going at auction for around $600……

    What do do? What to do…….???

  • zug in PA

    Does anybody reload for their .22 Hornet M6 Scouts? I’m researching loads/powders/bullets for this caliber, and would like to start reloading soon. Right now I’m trying to figure out if it takes/prefers .223 or .224 diameter bullets? I’m also considering getting one of the newer CZ Bolt Actions in this caliber. Any info would be greatly appreciated. I love my Scout, and I cant’ believe what the prices are on these guns, used, on Gunbroker.

  • Wilson

    Zug …. While I neither know the answer nor the difference in the two … I suggest contacting the Springfield Armory with the caliber question. All their instructrion manual states is .22 Hornet………

    Good luck.

  • Santos

    Hi wade,
    i live in australia and would be interested in the M6 if you still got it.
    (or anyone else in australia who has one for sale that is readign this)


  • Wade

    Santos, sorry mate but already sold! Cheers

  • Andrew

    hey ive wanted one of the m6 scout rifles since i first saw it on an episode of american shooter. it must have been 1994 or 1995. i bought a gun mag a few weeks ago with a 2010 buyers guide in the back and it had the m6 scout listed for about $400 from springfield armory but after trying my local springfield authorized dealers and trying springfield armory directly i still have not found one. i live in michigan, usa and really want one. if anyone has one for sale or knows were i can find one please let me know. my email address is “”. i know im running the risk of getting weird or virus ridden emails by giving out my email address but I REALLY WANT THE M6 SCOUT!!! please help,
    Andrew 5-3-10

  • Santos

    My email was incorrectly spelt 🙁


  • JoshScout

    Helo there, I have been searching for an m6 scout in .22 hornet or .. mag for a while, I cant seem to find anything. If you happen you have one, shoot me a line, thanks.

  • Jennifer

    I am interested in buying a M6 Scout. Does anyone have one for sale? I am looking to purcahase asap. Thanks!

    • Token
      • Soupmanson

        Your best bet is to constantly check gunbroker, and after you cringe at the prices, just keep watching and if you are lucky you may be able to grab an M6 Scout for around $500 if you catch everybody sleeping. Beat up .22 LR models will be the least expensive ones, just make sure you read the description, some people permanently remove the trigger guard and they will also gut the ammunition storage compartment to be trendy and have an empty “Storage Compartment” to put survival supplies in (I am not kidding). Those mods should reduce the price, but, due to the rarity of these rifles, rusted examples can be priced at a premium. I think there is one on GB now that looks like it laid in a salt water pond for awhile, then was dragged down a dirt road, and it is priced at $500 give or take. That rifle has been on GB for about a year now. Just keep watching. Obviously if you are looking for a 22Hornet version, you are going to pay at least $700 to $800, and even more for stainless. Original Springfield Armory models (not Czech) in the blue hard case will, in either caliber, run significantly more. Check gun shows, and, local trade papers like penny saver and other regional trade/saver papers and web sites. Put out a WTB advertisement at It may take a week or so, but you will get offers. If you have anything to trade, it may lessen the blow your wallet will take. Good Luck!

  • Jim

    I see people are looking for the M6 Scout. They are no longer being manufactured. I have the Stanless Steel and it is great for back packing. I have the orginial plastic case, canvas back pack bag, scope and not sure what else. I have it in storage. I have not shot it as much as I should. It is now a collectors item. Possible will sell for the right price. I live in Alaska (907)223-3751

    • R. Craig

      I’m looking for a SPRINGFIELD M-06..

      Please E_MAIL me ASAP


  • jamieb

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    • Josh

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        I have all these ROUNDS in my Scout. 350fps,500fps 22LongCB(CCI) 22quickshok(CCI) then finally 22 STNGERS(CCI)”

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    • Mattio41

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  • Devosteve

    Hi, I have a CZ 22 hornet version that I have fired reloads I use in my BRNO fox 22 Hornet loaded with 10.8 grains of win 760 and a 40 g projectile.This shoots great with no signs of high pressure but extraction more difficult .I would use 10.5 if I only loaded for the m6 ,hope it helps

  • Devosteve

    PS the projectile calibre was . 224

  • cade