Peruvian home made blackpowder gun

James of Hell in a Handbasket spotted this photo on a Peruvian travel blog. It is homemade percussion lock gun. The owner apparently uses homemade gun powder (not hard to do … but kids don’t try this at home).

If you have read this blog for a while, you know how much I like examining homemade guns 🙂

Smooth bore or rifled? Probably smoothbore, looks like a pipe for a barrel.

More info about the gun at Hell in a Handbasket.

Steve Johnson

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  • VXbinaca

    Have you explored P.A. Lutty’s site on home made SMG’s? Apparently you can make them with hand tools.

    If you like home-made firearms, his is a place to check out.

  • Matt Groom

    Black powder rifle barrels used to be made by heating and then winding heavy gauge wire around a rifled mandril and then pounding it into shape on a anvil. The mandril can be made on any kind of simple engine lathe and is usually reusable. This is where hexagonal shaped barrels come from. Hammer on top against a flat surface, then rotate and repeat. But this one probably is just a pipe.

  • Looks to me that the barrel came from the same place that the lock did. And old musket type gun. Both look to be sandblasted to clean them up. There were a lot of those era type guns made, and he may have found an old one and just cleaned it up. If you look at the stock you can see also where a barrel band may have been.

  • Tito

    I am looking at building a peice such as this and was wondering what ya’ll would use for a barrel because frankly mates I don’t want to get my hands blown off and I was hoping ya’ll could help