Steyr Arms no longer importing Steyr pistols

Steyr Arms, Inc., the US Importer for Steyr-Mannlicher products, are no longer importing Steyr pistols. In a press release Scott O’Brien, the CEO, says that the economic conditions and currency fluctuations mean they are not able to price them competitively.

Steyr Arms, Inc., which is the US Importer for Steyr-Mannlicher GMBh in Austria, has imported over 20,000 pistols into the US market over the last couple of years. Many of those pistols are still available for retail sale at various distributors and dealers across the country. However, current market conditions and currency fluctuations between the Euro and the US dollar have severely hampered the ability to produce the pistol in an economically viable manner. Unfortunately, these additional costs plus the traditional costs of importing prevent us from being able to sell the pistol at a commercially competitive price point at this time.

For these reasons, Steyr Arms, Inc is not importing any additional quantities of pistol that will be available on the wholesale market for the foreseeable future. However, we are in a research and development phase to see how Steyr can compete in the future without sacrificing the quality that has made Steyr so popular. Please know that Steyr Arms, Inc will continue to service and warrant all current model pistols and rifles as always. We will continue to service and carry parts and accessories for all M and S series pistols in all calibers.

Steyr Mannlicher M-A1 40 S&W

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  • Andy Byers

    R.I.P. Steyr

  • That’s a shame. While I’ve never shot the Steyr pistols I know many people that own them and love them, they were one of the staples in the affordable gun market.

    They’ll be sorely missed.

  • Tim fife

    I just ordered mine from CDNN for $350.00. Great timing, I was trying to decide between the CZ99 SW99 or the Steyr MA1. Glad I picked this up, hope to be spending some .40’s this weekend! CDNN @ $350.00.

  • I fear it will be several years before our dollar is strong enough for importing to begin again.

    Didn’t I read some where that Steyr was selling weapons to countries we’re fighting?

    • Heath, it was a rumor that Steyr was supplying .50 BMG rifles to Iran who were suspected of supplying them to Iraqi insurgents. Styer denied this and at one point had a link to the denial on every page of thier website.

      Russia supplies directly and indirectly small arms and heavy weapons, anti-aircraft system etc etc to many of America’s enemies, but it does not seem to affect sales of Russian rifles or shotguns.

      It is defiantly a philosophical question that I might post on the blog sometime.

  • Eriko

    The Steyr Iran thing got disproved I seem to remember. The patent had expired on the design so while the rifles in Iran were the Steyr design they were not made by Steyr.

    I just picked up a second one of these from CDNN myself as a spare.

  • Jesse

    Well I guess that makes my Steyr M9A1 a a bit of a rarity. It’s a very fine gun once they fixed the extraction issues.

  • War Wolf

    After reading this article I called Centerfire Systems and ordered myself an M9-A1 for the collection. I have always wanted a Steyr and now I can finally claim one as my own. The price was $9 more than CDNN but shipping was $9 less so it was a wash in the end. I cant wait for this pistol to be delivered to my FFL guy. If the ergos are anything like my PPS’s then we are going to get along swimmingly. 🙂

  • Badger

    It is a shame that the Steyr pistols never took off in the U.S. I’ve owned the m40 and m40-a1 and loved them both. The pointability and the placement of the releases are great. The only thing that I don’t like is the lack of accessories and that could’ve been solved by better consumer response. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the Steyr handguns make a comeback.

  • omegaman

    I have a Steyr M9-A1, I love this weapon. I went to the range today and put it head to head with my Glock 19, the results were dead even. Both weapons had no malfunctions of any kind. When compairing the targets at the end of the day, I had a hard time telling them apart. I cant in all honesty say that I find any real advantage in owning Steyr M9-A1 over a Glock 19, now that all imports have stoped, extra mags and acc will be harder to find but as a “put back gun” the Steyr M9-A1 is one of the best hand guns ever made, bar none. H & K is a great weapon but over priced. Beretta is fine weapon but to big for what it is. Sig is another fantastic handgun but you will pay for it. S & W, I hate their pistols, their revolvers are 2nd to none. Walther…..???? CZ-75 Great pistol but heavy. This leaves Glock and Glock is at the top of the heap. Glock was the 1st one to the party and took full advantage of that fact. Steyr on the other hand was the last one to the party and now their is no one to dance with. In this current economic down turn law enforcement will not be trading in their duty guns like they did in 2000. Some bad timing on the part of Steyr. For those of us that own A M9-A1, lets just keep it our secret. LOL

  • Hi,
    I just saw a used Steyr S-9 for sale and I was wondering what you all think about this particular model?

  • Burner

    I used to own a Steyr M9-A1. The ergonomics, the accuracy and recoil control were all great. Mine went back to the factory twice for major failures. Second one was for it going full auto. While I loved the gun, I couldn’t hang on to a gun that I couldn’t depend on.

    With the competition being what it is, Steyr was never in the run anyway, so them throwing in the towel doesn’t say or change much.

  • Anthony Goffredo

    I don’t know about some folks but I just purchased a 40 cal Steyr. It is one of the sweetest handling and shooting guns I own….in Alaska, that is a must.

  • Jimbo

    I’ve owned a Steyr M9 for about 5 years, I don’t think it’s an A1. It’s a great pistol, except for a consistent jamming problem. An earlier comment on this site stated there was an extraction problem that was fixed. Please read this and tell me about the fix!

  • T. Barton

    My original M-40(not A1) was recalled due to an extractor issue. They contacted me and told me to send it in and they would take care of it. I don’t know the fix though. If they told me, I don’t remember as this was probably 8 yrs ago. They even sent me 1 or 2 magazines for the hassle. I hadn’t had any problems with either of my Steyr’s, I bought an A1 a few years ago. Wish I could give you more help on your extraction issue.

  • KHuck

    I just recently purchased an M40 used. I’m having a hard time finding new mags for it here in town, but I love the gun. I just qualified yesterday to add it to my CCW. I shot better than most with it, and I’m hardly used to it yet. The sights on it are amazing, and after less than 100 rounds through it I was already hitting 9″x12″ targets from 30 yards first shot.

  • cj cake
  • Brenda Calhoun

    Jimbo, I also have a steyr M9 and have had trouble with misfires. What ammo do you use in yours? I have found that Magtec is not bad but hard to find so yesterday went and bought winchester 115 grain 9mm in it to see if it works anybetter.

  • Thomas

    As the dollar drops in value the quality imported pistols such as the Steyr , H&K and Sig become more expensive for Americans to buy and I have noticed recently at our gun shows here in Arizona many people are now buying the once cheap Saturday night specials that are now going for $100 and up , cheap junky poorly made weapons such as the RG revolvers , Raven automatics ! I actually seen at the last gun show one of the junkiest revolvers ever made the Clerke .32S&W going for $125 ! I would never want my life or my family’s life to depend on a poorly made piece of junk !

  • I bought a Styrer M40A1 and did so because I have a friend has had one for a few years. When we go ‘plinking’, I am a fan of the 45cal. M1A. Have been for years, until I had the chance to shoot a Styer. I was so impressed, I bought one for myself, a couple of months later. After much discussion and aurguing, I have one. I’ts about the smoothest, more accurate hand guns I have owned. Soon after buying one, I hear that they are not going to importing them to the U.S. any more………..I wanted to buy several more in different cal. A 9mm and a 45cal. Well, I still hope I am able to purchase parts for my current model. If one wanted to buy any more Stryers and they lived in the U.S., how would this be possible??????? Thanks for the web-sit., cold-in Alaska.

  • T. Barton

    Just read in this months American Rifleman that Steyr M&S A1 series in 9mm and .40 cal. will again be in the U.S. I like hearing that, hoping that it will increase the ability to find proper accessories. I’ve enjoyed the feel and pointability of my .40 immensely.

  • Rich

    I have an M9. Functions flawless, less one hard primer misfire with a russian round. Fired many more since then, seemed to be a lone occurrence. I use whatever is cheap and has never been an issue. Great weapon! Don’t knock the stock sites until you’re tried them if you’ve read other people say they don’t like them. Bright, clear, easy to pick up, and puts a nice fine point on whatever you want to hit.

  • dan

    i have a m40 a1 i got it on sale when they stop shipping them here it was the site system that sold me i had other hand gun and had a hard time with the front site i just love my 40 looking for s model but the are hard to find used is a a gun i would buy sight sightonseen and that says a lot for me to do that love the gun i would put it up in the h&k my son has h&k for work iwould use mine over his ever time just not close for me

  • dan

    the sight on seen statment i made last month I did it i just bought a s9 a1 hope to have it by the weekend

  • dan

    P. S. its is a new import