Just what I need, a tactical sniffing dog

You get truffle sniffing dogs, deer sniffing dogs and drug sniffing dogs, it only makes sense that we would end up with a tactical magazine sniffing dog. Perfect to find those lost magazines and brass 😉 This photo was taken two weeks ago.

Picture 8-27
© Crown Copyright/MOD 2009 (UK Ministry of Defense Image Database)

An Arms and Explosives Search Labrador Dog of 101 Military Working Dogs (MWD) Support Unit, Royal Army Veterinary Corps (RAVC) is shown sniffing out some ammunition.

Steve Johnson

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  • With the price of brass nowadays…

  • Freiheit

    If its a sturdy enough dog you could train it to pull the handle on a reloading press too…

    • Freiheit, LOL, they don’t call ’em gun dogs for nothing 😉

  • Fred

    We use mine sniffing dogs in Afghanistan to great effect. They can sniff out UXO and ammo too, since all they’re smelling for is explosive compounds. I felt more than confident walking through a freshly cleared field if I looked down and saw little doggy paw prints.

  • Cute dog, and a useful idea… from some perspectives.

    From other perspectives, it seems like something that could be interestingly… abused.

    *adjusts the fit of his tinfoil hat*

  • The state of CA will be buying these dogs if they get all of their ammunition bans pushed through!

  • it is obvious all this sniper detection, gun/ammo sniffing dogs etc, WILL be used against US when martial law and gun confiscation occur. Sad, that this technology will likely be used against us. I for one, am NOT celebrating at these advances of “technology.”