UC foldable Submachine Gun

Snowflakes in Hell alerted me to the fact that FullAutoClassics.com are selling newly manufactured UC foldable machine guns build on pre-1986 receivers, making them fully transferable class III machine guns. The are chambered in 9mm and use UZI magazines. The gun was featured in the movie Robocop II.

Before and after deployment.

There have been quite a few of these foldable submachine guns, most recently the prototype Magpul FMG-9.What confuses me is that the UC, which was originally known as the UC-M21, is generally credited to a guy named Dave Boatman. FullAutoClassics attributes it to Utah Connor:

The UC was designed by Utah Connor in the 1980’s intentionally to be self concealing. An early prototype was featured in the movie Robocop II, disguised as a boom box type radio.

hmmmm … I wonder who really designed it.

The UC with carrying handle in Robocop II. Photo from gun-world.net

A promotional video for the gun:

The price: $12,500!

More info at FullAutoClassics.com.

Steve Johnson

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  • Joshua

    I love how he repeatedly passes his hand in front of the muzzle as he operates the charging handle.

    Wait… did I say “love”? I meant cringe.

  • Nick

    Hey, it’s *his* hand. Maybe he’s angry at it.

  • Valhalla

    What a lovely gun…

    And surprisingly, the boxy appearance really does make it seem non threatening.

    I love how he had it plugged into the computer… to bad there is only going to be the twelve. I wonder how long before Secret Service starts to deploy this bad boy.

  • clamp

    I wonder if this thing is what the guys at Magpul got their inspiration from when making that Glock Box thingy shown at the 2007 Shot Show?

  • Got to be one of the coolest designs out there. Im liking the clip were its being disguised as a laptop battery, that could be very useful.

  • Tom Stone

    I have absolutely no use for one,and since I live in Fascist California can not own one.But DAMN I WANT ONE TO PLAY WITH!

  • jdun1911

    Is the UC-M21 a licensed copy of Stoner’s Ares FMG? Stoner version was created in the early 1980’s IIRC.

  • jdun1911

    I believe the Robocop picture shown above is the Stoner design and not UC but don’t quote me on it.

  • Crystal

    If I stood 3 ft away from a target I’d have a nice grouping too.
    And for $12,500? You know how many other firearms I could buy with that? my house would turn into the safest house in Canada.

    • Crystal, lol, I would trade the safest house for the coolest gun 😉

  • Robin White

    Crystal, I feel you but that is the perfect distance when you are talking self defense and or room clearing. I would not not want to handle a sub-machine gun on full auto much further, for fear of cutting down an “innocent”. Keep your powder dry.

  • HOOPAlingus Hairy

    Not allowed in Canada along with Stapler’s 4 inches long. But if you bring a Louisville Slugger Mickey Mantle #3, give me a call. The starter Home Defence lol.

  • I was on the movie set with the above fold out “radio” machine pistol.
    It functioned great running on blanks and always drew crowd. Ron Barrett was there as well, nursing one of his .50 semi rifles. We burned about 70,000 rounds including the countless 9mm rounds thru some full auto Calicos.

    • BCrain, you lucky guy!

  • william


  • RAD

    I first saw the gun in person in 1992, in Utah’s workshop a American Laser Games. At that time it was the only one he had built (although he had numerous receivers registered for transfer). Utah had used that gun to compete in the Picacho Gun Club’s annual machine gun matches in the early 90’s. When I left Albuquerque in 1996, Utah was working on a full-auto cane in .22LR. His prototye held 100 rounds of .22LR in a helical magazine around the barrel and used a Remington receiver(registered pre-May’86). I would am curious if any others were completed, I believe that Utah was planning to reduce the gun to only 50 rounds to cut back on weight.