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  • Fred

    How about “Already bought multiple guns”

    • Fred, good idea, I will add that option

  • Subject

    Hopefully I will muster the will to jump through my country’s hoops and buy a rifle this year. Maybe even a shotgun as well. And that’s the extent of what I can own anyway, so..

    At least it puts an artificial spending cap on me, right?

  • Have already bought one as well and now the wife will be buying one shortly.

  • Rodolfo

    How about: “Bought several guns last year because I knew Obama was going to win” coupled with “Also bought 6k rounds of 7.62×39 for said guns – for the same reason”

  • Tom

    Multiple guns here, though most of one is on backorder from Del-Ton 🙂

    I’m having a lot of fun restoring a roughed up FN FAL I recently bought for cheap (that’s old cheap, not Obama cheap). I’ve had friends asking me for buying advice and even asking to borrow my AGI armorer’s courses to study up on things they already have or plan to buy.

    Someone mentioned it already in another post’s comment thread, but I agree with it: It looks like the boom is spurring a lot of people to buy their first gun, or find one they’ve always wanted before things get really crazy.

  • simpleguy

    I have 1 waiting in the dealer’s safe………at least 2 more inbound and bought 2 before Christmas…….no, I’m not worried…….just getting prepared.

    NRA Life Member, now to work on the rest of the family.

    In the mean time, I continue to call my congress critters and stock up on “essentials” ie. AWB parts and “accessories”.

  • Erik

    Already bought multiple guns 😛

    And am buying another Mosin today 🙂

  • Nick

    Have you stocked up on Ammo & Guns? I can’t find 7.62×39 anywhere at a realistic price!

  • Regolith

    I’ve already bought a gun, and hopefully I will be buying at least one or two more by the end of the year.

  • Buying just one gun (a snubbie .38 for the home), but I’m also buying all the stuff for reloading, too.

  • I will most likely get another before the year end. The worldwide economics recessions has had a significant effect on my income, so I will have to see.

  • Fred

    I’m stuck with a poor college student’s checking account, but I did snag a stripped AR lower, and my CZ-82 is now safe at home. Now the toss up is an XDm-9 or the core parts of my AR build.

  • bullzebub

    how about “cant buy a gun because my government is fascistic pigs”? i want to but im not interested in hunting or compeetive shooting so im not allowed…

  • AS

    Lee-enfield earlier this year to get old school on the zombie hordes, order in for a Mosquito for the cheap range fun. Almost picked up a Taurus PT92 today for cheap, but there’s a PX4 I’ve got my eye on, unless a bargain on a used P239 sig falls in my lap.

  • jdun1911

    I budgeted for this year:
    Two AR15
    1 Glock 17
    1 92F

    Officially none right now. I did complete two lowers (came from my collection of AR15 stripped lowers) last Monday. I’m waiting for my two upper parts to come in. I order it on January so I expect another two or three months wait time before they come in.

    Someone at our gunclub wanted to do a group buy on FAL (Government model) and AK47 (Romanian). So I’m not sure I am able to get those two pistols if the price for the AK47 and FAL is right. The two AR15 is a done deal tho.

  • First two items on the list for this year: A better carry gun (undecided, my CZ-75 SP01 isn’t the most concealable) and a Mossberg 590 or similar.

    After that, well, depending on how the economy works out, that may be the extent of it for the year.

  • Nick

    Planning on building a scout rifle, if I can find a decent M48A receiver, and also seriously looking at an AAC Ranger II suppressor(21yrs old and diving head first into title II weapons).

  • This year is meant to be reloading gear and components only.

    ‘No, I won’t any new guns this year’, he said…

  • redmanlaw

    On order: Glock 19 (spouse authorized), .22 conversion kit (slush fund)

    2008: Mossberg 500 12 ga. (authorized) , Ruger SP 101 .357 (black budget), reloading gear. Loaded at least 800 rounds of pistol ammo (shot that plus 200 rds+ of store bought stuff) and some initial test rounds for the Model 99 in .250 Savage. My father in law left me some 65 gr Hornadays that are tough to find load data on.

    Not bad for a dad-gum, yellow dog liberal Democrat. I don’t see anything wrong with either high cap mags or gay marriage. It’s that liberty and justice for all thing I believe in.

  • I’d like to pick up a billet AR lower and a couple more auto loader pistols. one pistol for the Mrs. and one for myself.

  • … oops, I meant to add that I also have a budget for ammo this year which is greatly increased from previous years.

  • I pick up my Glock 23 on Friday and will be placing my order on a Glock 20.