Wilson Combat Polymer Pistol

Wilson Combat have developed a new 9mm polymer 1911 pistol. At the moment it is called the “Wilson Combat Polymer Pistol”.




Caliber: 9mm
Magazine Capacity: 16 rounds
Barrel Length: 4.4″
Overall Length: 7.9″
Sight Radius: 6.2″
Weight Empty / loaded: 29.6 oz / 36.7 oz.

 Noname 24

Wilson are looking for a name and running a competition to find it:

So from now until the 1st day in June, 2009 you have the opportunity to name the next Wilson Combat® Custom Polymer pistol. The best news of all, the lucky individual that submits the winning name will receive one to add to their collection. Please pick your very best as it will be limited to one submission per person.

You can submit your name here.

Steve Johnson

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  • Do you think “The Ugly Gun” would automatically be ruled out?

  • SoloTwo

    I hope to god that’s a pre production prototype.

  • Members at the Lightfighter and M4Carbine forums have gotten pretty snarky about possible names. Sorry ‘trip’, the name “The Ugly” has already been proposed.

    I’m hesitant about submitting a good name…I’m afraid that I might actually win it.

  • Good post!


  • I submitted a real name, but my gut instinct wants to call it the “Wilson Combat And You Thought ParaUSA magazines were expensive combat pistol”. I mean seriously, a potential AWB/highcap mag ban, and a gun with single source magazines? What could go wrong?

  • How about “WCP9?”

  • Andrew

    I foresee two good things coming from this pistol. One is that it’s a 1911 platform in 9mm. There is a real need in the 1911 market for a reliable pistol chambered in 9mm. Number two is that it’s made by Wilson Combat; need I say more.

  • Charles Coker

    I was quite fortunate to have been invited to go hunt with Bill Wilson over the weekend and got to shoot this new pistol

    it was (as expected) VERY nice and 100% reliable

    suffice it to say, it’s on my wish list!!

  • john troffo

    Elite Polymer Special 9

  • I have been shooting one for some time now
    LOVE the gun, so does everyone who has shot it

    my review:

  • Wilson,

    I am a Wilson Pistol aficionad, having over 15 pieces, models I shoot and others I don’t and those are on display in my study. I think the pistol is a great addition to your line. it’s a piece that consumers can purchase at a lower cost and move on into the Big Boy models.

    I feel a great name wood be ” The Wilson POLY”

  • ryan

    a good name for this gun is “yabba dabba doo” or “the Wilson menace”

  • Arnel V. Villaflores

    I would like to name that gun “Wilson CP9”, regard’s,,,,more power…!

  • Isaiah

    1911 CP9