S&W Safety Recall: Walther PPK and PPK/s pistols

There seems to be a problem with the PPK hammer block in newly manufactured PPK pistols. The press release:

Smith & Wesson has identified a condition that may exist in certain PPK and PPK/S pistols which may permit a round to be discharged without the trigger being pulled. When the manual safety is disengaged, Smith & Wesson’s Product Engineering Group has determined that the possibility exists in certain firearms that lowering the hammer may cause a chambered round to fire.

This recall applies to all Walther PPK and PPK/S pistols manufactured by Smith & Wesson from March 21, 2002, until February 3, 2009. The Serial Numbers of the pistol subject to this recall are as follows:

BAB 0010-BAB 9999
BAC 0000-BAC 9999
BAD 0000-BAD 9999
LTD 0000-LTD 0499
PPK 0001-PPK 1500
BAE 0000-BAE 9999
BAF 0000-BAF 9999
WLE 0001-WLE 0459
BAH 0000-BAH 9999
BAJ 0000-BAJ 9999
BAK 0000-BAK 9999
REP 0026-REP 0219
BAL 0000-BAL 5313
BAM 0000-BAM 1320


Any unintended discharge of a firearm has the potential for causing injury, and we ask that you stop using your pistol immediately.

To facilitate the repair of your pistol, please contact Smith & Wesson’s customer service department to receive instructions for the return of your pistol to Smith & Wesson.

When you return your pistol to Smith & Wesson, we will replace the existing hammer block feature with a new part at no cost to you. Your firearm will be returned as quickly and efficiently as possible.

To receive a UPS pre-paid billable stamp and shipping instructions to arrange for the modification of your pistol click here or contact Smith & Wesson directly at 1-800-331-0852.


More information at S&W

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  • Jesse

    S&W is also doing a rebate on their M&P pistols again starting on Feb 27th running until April 30th. You get two free mags.

  • i love my little ppk/s 380.i had some problems with feeding,sent it back to smith and wesson and the problems were fixed.i like the feel and weight of an all steel pistol.comes in handy if you must use it as a weapon.never had ppk bite with mine.i am satisfied with this product.is the 380 as effective as a 45acp-no,but effective enough for concealed carry,as it lends itself so well to.

  • Eric

    I sent my PPk/S back in and they fixed it. It works good as new and I would not trade in my ppk/s .380 for any other concealable gun. I love it to much. I’ve shot alot of guns and the ppk/s is perfect for concealable carrying.

    • Marco

      I just purchased a- ppks- i havent fired it yet should i keep it or return it ?

    • I just purchased a- ppks- i havent fired it yet should i keep it or return it ?

  • Nick

    I am not at all clear just what the problem is. With the safety disengaged, the only way to lower the hammer, and indeed to fire the gun, is to pull the trigger. Do they mean manually lowering the hammer with the thumb after having pulled the trigger to release the hammer from the cocked position? The potential danger of that practice is not unique to Walthers. Can someone clarify this? Thanks

  • David

    I think it means that when the pistol is cocked and you use the side decocking lever, it drops the hammer. It sounds as if the hammer drops to far and causes the gun to discharge. If you use the decocking lever with a round in, please try it with the gun pointed at something that you don’t mind shooting.

  • Joe

    I got a confirmation number from their web site on the recall and even called. It has been exactly one month and still have not recieved any information about the prepaid and insured package to send it back. I just sent them another email so I hope they contact me. Not so sure about S&W customer service so far. I would think if it’s something they did they should not drop the ball like this. Not good business if you ask me. Any thoughts?

  • ottoshmotto

    Thanks for the post…I did not receiving anything from Smith & Wesson or Walther about this recall. Just unloaded my PPK/S-1 and put it on the shelf until the prepaid package arrives…my hope is that the delay described by Joe is remedied shortly.

  • Olgravyleg

    Hey Nick, the decocking mechanism that they are talking about is the actual safety lever. I’ve had the hammer drop on me (luckily no discharge) while flipping on the safety before. When it happened I was like Whoa, that’s not supposed to happen, but apparently it was. I guess that on some of them it has actually caused the gun to fire… scary stuff.

  • Wayne Springmeyer

    Same as Joe, I contacted Smith & Wesson, received a confirmation number and nothing for over a month.
    For a safety issue they are sure dragging their feet on this.
    My PPK does not malfunction, not to say it won’t with wear but still packing it until I get the prepaid package from S&W.
    I just aim it at something I don’t like when dropping the hammer.

  • Chris Moders

    Olgravyleg: The hammer’s supposed to drop (if cocked) when you move the safety lever downward. It’s just not supposed to fire when you do that…
    I however, have never trusted decockers in any pistol, but have tried them out while out blasting in the woods. So far all my pistols that have a decocker (PPK, Sig 232, Feg .22 and a CZ52) have not malfunctioned.
    Like Wayne, if you insist on using a decocker instead of thumbing the hammer down, just point it at something you don’t like first 😉
    BTW, I didn’t get a package from S&W, but a printable return label. You just gotta box the pistol up, tape on the label, and give it to UPS.
    PS: Mine’s a PPK with s/n starting with “BAJ”

  • Bob Tomlin

    I bought a new PPK/S in November 2008 for personal and family protection. During concealed weapon permit course and range practice it jammed every 3 or 4 rounds. With S&W permission I returned the gun to be fixed. I was promised a complete explanation. All I got was “Changed springs”. After I persisted I was told that parts received from Walther and assembled by S&W did not line up and required machining. Gun returned to me end of February. Better, but still jams occasionally.
    Now found out about recall on this PPK/S by chance on web.
    No notification from S&W despite having registered warranty! Now I am told that fixing with new hammer will take up to 12 weeks and I have STILL not received return label so no telling when I will have protection I paid for.
    Bottom line is that the gun that I bought for protection will have been unusable for half the time since I bought it. This product does not perform the function it was sold for and I think I should be entitled to a full refund.
    Walther/ S&W disagree. What do you think?

  • Ferdinand Ahl

    I have the same problem as Bob. Tho I bought mine Feb 9. Picked up Feb 17. Saw recall Feb 20. E-mailed S&W told turn around was 8-12 weeks. Just got my pre-paid mailer by e-mail March 26.
    And I also have the same issue of the gun not feeding . Great one shot auto-loader 😛
    I picked up a used FEG PA-63 for 199.99 off the net. Works fine no hick-ups. 9×18 so little more punch that the 9×17.
    SO me thinks I am going to send the PPK in and get the recall thing done for the poor schmuck that buys it from the gunshop I trade it in too.
    Maybe get a good down payment on a Kimber .45 :O

  • Jerry S

    I purchased a ppk in jan,2009. sweet feel. read about the recall in my local newspaper. Contacted S&W. was told I would receive mailing label in the mail. Last week, my friend, and gun dealer called. I mentioned the recall to him. That evening I received an e-mail from S&W with a link to download the mailing label. I also have a ppk/s that I also need a mailing label for. The wait is on. lol.

  • Wayne Springmeyer

    Finally received the shipping label by email.
    Sent the PPK off last Friday.
    Now the wait begins…….
    If they’re as slow repairing the pistol as they were getting the label to me it might qualify as a relic and curio when I get it back.

  • Eric

    It does take them awhile to fix the problem once you send it in. Its worth the wait trust me. You read a lot of I’m not going to use this gun and I’m going to go get this one that someone told me about. Blah Blah. I use this as a back up and I carry it off duty. Once they fix the problem you won’t have any others with it. Just keep it well oiled and it will fire without problems. I wouldn’t give up on this gun and go get another just because other people say they are.

  • Exsidor

    Just dropped in to play the “Where’s Walther” game. I’ve had my PPK/s in since 2nd week of Feb. It was at a gunsmith for just those reasons, Decocker no workie, and hammer broke. I am one of the lucky ones whose pistol was made during that interim between Interarms 1998 and S&W 1999. It was not on the S&W recall list but, Walther America through Smithand Wesson are fixing it anyway.
    Anyone else having problems with a PPK/S that is not claimed by Interarms and/or S&W?

  • Trigger Tom

    I sent my PPK/S into Smith and Wesson March 30th. I have the same problems as everyone else. Gun brought Jan. this year. Has anyone recieved their gun back from S&W yet?

  • Joe

    Just sent mine out finally on Friday. Marked it on the calender so the count begins. I also had some feeding problems but has seemed to clear up, at least for now. And with the onslaught of gun they are fixing right now I didn’t want to send my mags right now. I just sent the gun, not even the case. This could take some time to get the gun back so I hope you guys have other guns.

  • Just found out after purchasing in February. They’re sending out the shipping label today. They are very nice on the phone and I’m sure due to the flood of returns we’ll need to be a little patient. My model 625 BAM does drop the hammer when the decocking lever is dropped. Be very careful not to check this problem out while loaded. Even if it discharges in a safe direction you could end up with a nasty cut on your hand from the rear of the slide.

  • Ferdinand Ahl

    I sent mine back on April 1st.
    I dithered a bit about asking them to look at why the gun would never feed a whole clip without the slide hanging open.
    In the end I put a letter in with the gun describing the problems I have had.
    I kinda feel $500+tax is a lot for a single shot auto loader
    And I didn’t buy the gun just to have, I bought it because I felt I needed to carry. Pushing 60 I’m to slow to run and to old to fight 😛 and my job takes me into some bad neighborhoods in Tacoma after dark.
    So I also wasn’t to pleased having to buy a back up…but I picked up an FEG pa-63. Nice to have a gun that you can count on…never a hickup after over 400 rounds.
    And of course after I shipped the gun of I think I solved the PPK’s problem..
    1. NO detailed exploded parts list in the manual…
    so cleaning the FEG I wondered if the PPK was suppose to have an spring on the ejector bar.
    So I searched the net and yup it should and mine doesn’t.
    Be interesting to see what S&W find 🙂
    And how long it takes…

    Also I decided since my eyes ain’t what they used to be I bought a set of Crimson Trace grips for the PPK. The were balky from the start. I sent them back and their turn around was fantastic. Got them back 10 days after I mailed them off 🙂

    • Ferdinand, good luck getting that sorted

  • Eric

    I sent mine in and they fixed the problem. It wasn’t that long of a wait. 6-8 weeks I had it back. I think that was a decent amount of time to wait.

  • Bob

    Amazing. What date did you you mail your gun to S&W Eric?
    The labels only went out a few weeks ago? I will be surprised if I see my gun back before June or July. How many others have had their PPK’s returned already?

  • chris

    Had the same issue with jamming and put a stop to that immediately with Outers Gun Oil (found it at Wal-mart). It took s&w about 2 weeks for the prepaid label, they received my PPK on the 31st of March and nothing yet. Customer service told me 8 to 12 weeks but said most leave in about 6 so will see (not holding my breath).

  • Eric

    I bought my gun through Scheels sporting goods. I brought it back into Scheels and they mailed it in for me. I don’t recall the exact date. The gun was mailed back to my address and I received it in 6-8 weeks. The gun was returned with the problems fixed and I have not had a problem with it since. Its a great gun and worth it when its fixed.

  • marty

    sent my ppks to s&w since slide locked and wouldn’t open. This was in January 09-they said they are doing the recall work too-now April-don’t knwo if I’ll ever see it again

  • seanjean

    -Had my ppk only a couple of weeks
    -contacted S&W the last week in February
    -got my return mailing label April 6, and mailed it off April 7
    -not sure if this will still be my back up pistol…have a beretta 92FS and
    I love it..when i get my ppk back i will put 500 rounds through it to
    determine if it will be my back up…

  • I purchased my Walther PPKS 380 with Crimson Trace Grips in November 2008. I field tested the firearm to replicate the potential for malfunction in firing. Decocking with the chamber loaded works fine. Pulled back the hammer in single action with a round in the chamber and lowered the hammer to abort firing several times with no discharge. I am reluctant to send the firearm back after testing. I have fired 100 rounds with no jamming or any other malfuntions as noted.

  • chris

    Going on week five now and still nothing

  • Joe

    just going on 5 as well. no rush, I want it back right. As for porlier’s post, mine didn’t malfuntion either, but that’s not to say it won’t so don’t take a chance with your life or anybody elses. Get it fixed, get the punch mark and then it’s on them, if you don’t get it fixed it’s on you.

  • Wayne

    Six weeks today and haven’t heard a word.
    Went back to the old (1955) PPK as a backup since it works all the time.
    Just hate to carry it due to value but it is what it is as they say.

  • Hi Joe:

    Let me know when you get your fireram back from S&W.

  • Joe

    I certainly will let you guys know when I get it back. Hopefully in the same condition as when I sent it in. I only fired it a few times and it’s been in my safe. I hope they don’t scratch or bang it up or I’ll be contacting them. Keep this post going as to inform each other of condition of guns when returned as well.
    Anyway still waiting

  • Eric

    Joe they aren’t going to “scratch or bang up your gun”. Imagine how many they have to work on for the recall. I sent mine in and it was returned in the same shape I sent it in only they fixed the problem. It doesn’t take as long as everyone says.

  • chris

    Call S&W customer service today she looked up my information and stated that most repairs began last week even though people have been sending them in months ago. She stated should see my PPK in about 3 more weeks! Well I’ll just keep on waiting I guess.

  • Florian Rothbrust

    I just went on the Smith&Wesson website to request a UBS packing slip since I own a new PPK/S-1. When I entered my Ser #, even though it fit into one of the available categories, it would not accept it. Came back as not one of the serial numbers. Is there a difference between PPK/S and PPK/S-1? If so, do they use the same set of serial numbers for the different models or am I missing something?

  • Good question. My firearm is a PPKS-1 as well. I entered the serial number and received a UBS packing slip in the mail. Let me know if you receive an informed answer.

  • Ferdinand Ahl

    My guess is yours was made after the recall started.
    This recall applies to all Walther PPK and PPK/S pistols manufactured by Smith & Wesson from March 21, 2002, until February 3, 2009.

  • Florian Rothbrust

    I had left a comment ref the PPK/S vs PPK/S-1 question. Called Smith & Wesson on Tuesday, 12 May. Bottom Line: There is no duplication of serial numbers. PPK/S; PPK/S-1 are subject to the same recall. Even though my serial number was rejected by the web site, S&W said it required recall. The gal I talked to assured me that within 48 hours I would have my UBS label via email – still waiting.

  • Ferdinand Ahl

    Don’t hold your breath.
    I responded to the recall on 2/24/09 requesting the prepaid UPS label and received it on 3/26/09.
    But that was alright..took me a few weeks to pick and buy a bug off GunBroker.com.
    Sent mine in April 1 no pun intended
    Got there April 3…still waiting and no word…
    kinda reminds me of when I was a kid in the ’50’s and sending cereal box coupons off for prizes and waiting for six months to get something 😛

  • chris

    To be quite honest I am thinking about selling my PPK when I get it back. Its fairly new with only about 100 rounds put through it. Kept in its case and cleaned so no defects or scratches. Anyone know how much I can get for it?

  • Its current value is probably the same amount as the purchase price new considering the supply and demand factor relative to availability.

  • Eric

    It is a good gun. I wanted somthing with more power though as a conceal carry. I bought a subcompact .45 the one I bought isnt much bigger than my ppk/s and it carries 10 and 1 in the chamber. I feel better carrying it and relying on it.

  • chris

    Well I also have a P22 and I’m thinking really want the P99 so selling my PPK will get me one step closer. Thanks Porlier for the info too.

  • Wayne

    Seven weeks today since they received the PPK and no word.
    Anyone had any luck in getting theirs back?

  • David

    Chris on 16 May,

    I like my PPK and would buy one for my wife. If you don’t have any luck selling it right away, I will give you $425 for it. It might bring used $450 or $475 depending on where you are. Good luck, but if you want to “unload” it, I would buy another one.


  • chris

    About the same time for me as well. Like I said in my other post when I contacted customer service they stated that work on the PPK’s began just a few weeks ago. She gave me a 3 week time line and we’re on week 2 now so will see how right she was.

  • chris

    David on May 21,
    I like my PPK and would buy one for my wife. If you don’t have any luck selling it right away, I will give you $425 for it. It might bring used $450 or $475 depending on where you are. Good luck, but if you want to “unload” it, I would buy another one.

    I am serious about “unloading” my PPK. S&W is supposed to be mailing it back next week (will see). If you want me to let you know when I have it back just contact me through my email: christopher_cugler [a t]] yahoo dot com we can talk there.


  • Buddy

    Sadly, I have found the Walther PPK S that I purchased (brand new)to be a piece of crap. The first time out at the range, I had cartridge-feed problems. When I tried to strip it for cleaning, I was unsuccessful. I read and reread the manual for the stripping “protocol.” No luck! I sent it back to S&W for diagnosis and repair. It eventually came back and I was told the original recoil spring was too long, preventing stripping for cleaning. I thought that, as a matter of courtesy, the pistol would have been cleaned at S&W (since the manufacturing defect had prevented me from doing so), but Nooooooo! Several weeks ago, I sent the pistol back to S&W as a result of the “hammer block recall.” I am still awaiting the return of the pistol.

    By the way, I own a stainless Sig P232 (.380), and it is MUCH superior to the S&W manufactured Walther PPK S.

  • Wayne

    Called S&W customer service today. They said another 4 to 5 weeks. They received my PPK 8 weeks ago today.
    Said they are really backed up and behind.

  • Buddy

    I sent an e-mail to S&W inquiring about my PPK S. Typically, no response. I am surprised that a company such as Walther has not revoked the license (with S&W) to manufacture firearms bearing the Walther name. I have pistols made by Beretta, Sig Sauer, CZ, Rossi, Taurus, and Browning. None have given me a moment’s trouble. Now comes the S&W Walther PPK S — pathetic!

    Has anyone inquired about returning the pistol to S&W for a full refund?

  • steve

    sent my ppk/s in, they received it on 3/3/09. Still have heard nothing from them. Poor customer service in my i opinion. i feel that a customer that has already purchased should receive top notch service over anything else
    the company might do,,,,, meaning quit producing new guns until all the previously purchased ones are fixed and returned to the customers.

  • steve

    correction to my post, it was received on 3/31/09 by walther

  • David

    This is a long one about the PPK recall, but it is helful info directly from S&W.
    Mine are the questions and they followup with the answer. The answers were in red on my email. Sorry, couldn’t find a way to make it red here.

    My question is then, when did the actual recall go out and where did it go out to?
    February 20, 2009 to alert of the potential issue through newspapers, news and online.

    After the recall went out, why did it take so long to get the labels?
    If you did it online there was a delay with the labels to make sure Houlton, ME was set to recieve pistols before they started coming in, as well completing a mass shipment of over 6,000 emails/labels.

    It can’t take 3 weeks to process labels in order unless you are not geared up for the recall.
    goes along with above respsonse.

    Is the recall a priority or is it being handled after other work is completed and out of the way?
    Priority being completed in the order they were received. there was a delay getting the actual parts in due to the extensive testing needed to be completed to approve the part for the customers safety.

    Once it is logged in, how many guns are getting repaired a day?
    Began the repairs over a week. As of last week I was told between 100 – 150 a day. working 1 1/2 shifts. and this also includes the test firing of each after the repair.

    As the weeks go, they are increasing the amount per week and to 2 full shifts. Then onto 3 shifts.

    Is one guy doing 5 guns a day?
    I was not informed how many imployees for each shift.

    Or is it 20 guys doing 20 a day?

    Even though I had just purchased a new PPK, I found out through a police officer that the recall was out and I requested a label that day to beat the rush. That was somewhere between Mar 1-5. When I checked on the label a week or so later, they told me it might be 3 weeks. I got my label on Mar 26 and sent it back by 2 day air and you should have had it Mar 28 or no later than Mar 29, but it didn’t get logged in until Apr 1.
    I know you just purchased it, did you ever register it with S&W? We sent notification to anyone that were previously in our system for it.

    So after 7 weeks, how far can I still be out?
    It’s all based on what was in front of yours. I do know there was about 900 pistols that were already in house prior to the recall, and they needed to get those done first.

    I can’t imagine that many guns beat mine in unless you posted the recall in an inconspicuous place for the average gun owner.
    Inconspicuous place – no. Directly on our webpage, newspapers and the actual news.

    Can you tell me then what place did my gun come in of the 13,000 that you have so far?
    I can only confirm the date or receipt, I am not able to confirm exactly what number. 4/1 as I stated before on my original email from 5/21

    Last question, can you project how much longer before you get to mine?
    Possibly about 4 – 5 weeks. That is just based on the date logged in, and beginning the repairs less than 2 weeks ago.

    I would like to keep in contact, but what does your comment “we can see if that time has improved” mean? What time are you speaking? The repair time, to see if we can turn it around in less than the 4 -5 weeks

    If it is much longer, I may have to go buy another gun. This was my carry gun and I will be traveling again in the next week or so.

    Please answer these questions and I can pass this on to friends that have also sent theirs in and were somewhat later than mine.

    I hope this is a priority, because I really feel for the ones that didn’t find out as early as I did.



    Good afternoon David,

    The delays are caused by the size of this recall. We are attempting to recall over 90,000 pistols and we already received 13,000 back. The pistols are being repaired in the order they were received. We logged yours in on 4/1 and we’ve been receiving them in since February and that is why it is such a delay on the return.

    If you would like keep in contact with me and we can see if that time has improved. Also, if you would like I can have a free magazine sent out due to the inconvenience this has cause.

  • Buddy

    I registered my purchase of the PPK S with S&W immediately after I bought it (several months ago). I found out about the recall, not from S&W, but by accident when I was reading a gun “enthusiast’s” website. What does this say about S&W’s real concern about the situation?

    David, you are fortunate to have received a reply from S&W. As I have mentioned before, I sent an e-mail of inquiry, but have been ignored.

  • evltwn1

    I sent mine back in march, after a month I called S&W. I spoke with a lady there, she told me 8-12 weeks to get it back. So we’ll see. If I don’t get it back by the end of June I will be calling.

  • Harry Morgan

    I forgot what mine looks like they have had it so long. Better get yourself another carry gun or backup gun in the meantime.

  • TrigerTom

    UPS delivered it today. I recieved it with a bill of ladding stating that S&W had repaired the piece as required.

    1.Address the customer compliant that gun jammed by polishing the bdl. ramp.

    2.addressed the recalled issue.

    Will test after a good inspection and cleaning tomorrow.


  • chris

    Just called S&W again today to get a status update and was informed that they are once again out of parts and are waiting on another shipment so they have pushed the delivery window back again to another 3 to 5 weeks!!! This has gone way too far at this point. I wish I had never sent my PPK in.

  • Joe

    I’m still waiting to hear anything from S&W. I was among the first bunch to get the gun in. I’d like it back but whatever it takes to get it fixed is more important. I would think that this situation would take priority but I’m sure it doesn’t. At this point not only should they fix the gun but maybe send a coupon or offer some extra mags for the inconvience to everyone. They really should do something to that effect, not just have your gun like forever and then send it back and go back to business as usual, like nothing was wrong. They should be held accountable for everyones inconvience. Imagine if you had a recall on your car and they had it that long? Compensation of some sort is probably in order here. Any thoughts about that?

  • Lee

    My ppk/s recall work is completed and I took possession of the firearm today. It looks like S&W took good care of my Walther. I have not fired it yet, but wanted to let people know that some have been completed and returned to the owners.

  • Buddy

    Again, I wonder how Walther feels about this fiasco. Out of parts? Are you kidding? Nobody noticed that the parts inventory was running low? Sounds like serious management issues!!

  • Joe

    Still waiting. I’m not checking the calender cause it would only get me mad. After I receive the gun I’ll check the time span and will determine if I will ever buy from Smith and wesson again.They better believe their reputation is on the line here.

  • kayla

    A little birdy at UPS told me they’re picking up 200-400 pkgs daily from S&W to be returned to their owners….

  • steve

    S&W received mine on 3/31/09. I emailed them yesterday for an update on my status, and also asked them to extend my warranty for the amount of time this has taken. I received an email back stating they would extend my warranty, also they phoned to verify my address. They informed me my gun would go out “this afternoon”. I asked them to send me an email with a tracking number. Two hours later received a tracking number. My gun will be back to me on 6/15/09. In other words 77 days for me to get it back after they received it.

  • Don

    Folks, not sure if you are aware, S&W only has parts for the PPK/S models. They have never had all the required parts for the model PPK. They are still waiting on a redesigned spring not required in the PPK/S. The parts used other than that spring are identical for both models. So…if you sent in a PPK, none have been repaired to date, only PPK/S’s have been returned. There is no estimated date to have that part which is supposed to be in testing. Therefore, there is no projected return date or even a projected start of repair date for those of us unfortunate to have sent in our PPK’s.

  • CJ

    I would strongly urge everyone who finally gets their PPK/s back from S&W to immediately take it to the range and test fire it. When mine was sent in, I had NEVER experienced a single jam or failure to feed. After the “repair”, I could not get a single magazine to fire without a jam (of hardball at that!). To say I am infuriated after waiting over 2 months to fix something S&W messed up in the first place, then to find that whatever work they did made my carry gun useless to me is an understatement. The work ticket says they “polished the feed ramp”. I suspect they screwed up the feed ramp, which by the way did not need any polishing, nor did I ask them to do any polishing. Now it has to go back to the idiots that screwed it up in the first place. Wonder how long this iteration will take…ABSOLUTELY UNBELIEVABLE.

  • Joe

    I’m still waiting for my PPKS. Wow CJ that’s not a good report. What did they say when you called them? My gun worked fine when I sent it in, it actually did not malfuntion either. If they screw it up I’ll be demanding a new gun. Before I get all worked up about that I’m going to need my gun back first. Still nowhere in sight!

  • Eric

    I received my ppk/s back in 6 weeks. S & W fixed the problem and I have fired numerous rounds through it and no problems at all. I personally have nothing bad to say so there is hope for you all that think theres not.

  • Ferdinand Ahl

    Well I am happy. Gun came back today, I sent it in April 1st. And hey…they got mine right, all issues resolved.
    Hey look!! an ejector spring lol….
    Polished the ramp too they did.
    So far 1 box of 50 and no problems….
    Dialed in my Crimson Trace grips…
    real sweet!!

  • Joe

    Called S&W today they said my gun show be ready from 1- 11/2 weeks. Sent it April 9th. So getting close. I’m glad to see some people got their guns back in good shape and working condition. I hope I’m as lucky.
    Also, I have seen other model S&W guns with recalls on their site. What is happening with S&W? They seem to be going down hill. No Glock recalls, no H&K recalls…hmmmm

  • TrigerTom

    Return and range report

    Gun returned dirty, Full of some sort of black grinding compound.

    First mag of factory ball, 7 roundes loaded fired one and jammed.
    cleared and ran rest of mag alright.

    25 rounds fired 2 jams.

    Not very happy


  • James

    I have always wanted a Walther PPK or PPK-S. I made up my mind that if I was going to get one I better get in now. I sent mine back once I saw it on my email. I really didnt want to because I also conceal daily. I called about 2 months ago and they said mine would be back at the end of June. I dont think I have that much time left to live. Doctors at Chapel Hill, N.C. just found some large spots on my brain. Smith and Wesson, I sure would like to get mine back soon. Appreciate your effort.
    Jimmy Jam

  • Ferdinand Ahl

    Jimmy Jam
    e-mail me at rip.lipper (a t) yahoo (d o t) com and I’ll give you the e-mail of the fella at S&W who was very helpfull to me. Perhaps he can help you.

  • Joe

    OK guys, happy to report my PPKS is in my hands as of today July 2nd. I sent it in April 9th. It looks like they took good care of it while it was in their hands, no scratches, just the punch mark for the correction. I will take it to the range tomorrow to test fire it. I hope it works as flawlessly as it did before I sent it in. Keeping my fingers crossed. It fired every time and didn’t jam before I sent it in so I’m hoping for the best. And of course I will test the decocker as well.
    A call to see when your gun is coming home is well received. I called about a week and a half ago and they told me a week and a half. They were right and it’s in hand!

  • Mark

    I sent my PPK/S in on April 13th and it was returned today (July 3rd). I hope this helps those of you still waiting.

  • marty

    received mine back a couple of weeks ago after waiting almost 5 months. Took it to the range. Besides the recall the slide had jammed. I’m very satisfied with the repair. The SA and DA trigger pull is quite a bit lighter which has now made it a super accurate firearm.

  • tom

    So S&W / Walther received my PPK/s on May 18th, so far not a peep from them.
    The comment about not having enough parts on hand for the recall repairs. They didn’t know how many PPK’s / PPK/S’s were in the recall?
    When I first shot my PPK/S the first couple of times I cleaned it the ejector lever kept falling out on the bench when I turned the right side up and the lever side towards the bench.
    One day I was shaking out the rags I had on the bench and a “V” shaped spring fell off the rags. Humm? Where did that come from?
    I looked at it for awhile and then remembered the machined slot in the ejector lever, also looked at the frame above the lever and lo and behold another slot. The spring fit right in there. Ejector lever hasn’t fallen out since.

    Wonder how it wasn’t lost in the first place. And I have never had any problems with it not cycling when fired, 250 rounds so far. Will see how that goes after recall. I hope nothing changed.

  • Wayne

    Received the PPK today. 16 weeks plus one day from their receipt.
    Will run a couple hundred rounds through it this weekend.
    Shows they polished the ramp and did the hammer block repair.
    Let ya’ll know if it functions as well as it did before I sent it.
    Also received a letter from S&W same day that said it could be four more weeks????????
    At least it’s back…………

  • David Potter

    Well, got my PPK back Fri, Jul 24. It was recieved on April 1. They polished the ramp and did the repair. Can’t shoot it for a few days.

    But please tell me if all PPK’s rattle with a sound of a loose screw or flap inside. There appears to be a small thin piece of metal that pivoits up and down near the hammer and when you turn the gun over in your hand you can hear it tilt back and forth and hit the other side of the pivot. When I called S&W back, they weren’t sure exactly WHICH piece I was talking about, but he indicated it was all about machining. Does anyone have one that doesn’t rattle?

    Anyway glad to have it back and will shoot this weekend.


  • David

    After getting my PPK back, I was ready to order some laser grips. Some friends had bought some for other guns and I was all ready to hit the purchase button, when the small print in bold said they only fit the PP and the PPK/S. Can’t believe it. Surely someone makes a laser for the PPK. Any help out there.


  • Wayne

    Don’t know of anyone that makes a laser for the PPK since the grip actually covers the hammer spring on the back strap. Grips would have to be rigid instead of the rubber type used on the trace.
    Contact crimson trace and check with them.
    I actually took the trace grips off of my S&W airweight since they’re fun to play with in the dark but on the range hard to see and I found that doing the dot dance took time off the response time for a shot.
    Test fired my PPK over the weekend and worked fine.
    No jams and the trigger seems lighter and easier on DA.
    Back to packing this one and happy with the fix.

  • Tim Green

    I am very dissapointed with my PPK/S. It was a jammer right out of the box. I have requested a return authorization for the decocker recall on their website three times and called once….still nothing. I have sent the gun in previously because of the jamming and the trigger stayed depressed after the decocker was used and returned to the fire position. Also the clip will not come out after inserting a full clip and chambering the first round. You have to push the release and set the clip several times after releasing to get it to let the clip go. I wrote out all three problems and they kind of fixed the first two (it is still a jammer at times) and the clip repeatedly hangs like clock work. For $500 this is the biggest POS I have ever purchased. I really wish I had bought a Bersa Thunder or a baseball bat. Putting your life on this thing is a joke.

  • Jim DeYoung

    I had my PPKs about 6 months before I sent it back for the recall and feeding issues. It took about 4-6 weeks until I got it back. I have not had a chance to shoot it yet to see if they corrected the feeding issues but the gun was very dirty when I got it back. They must have shot it a lot to check the feeding issue and never cleaned it. It also had dirt, looked like mud in the checkering on the plastics grips. The back of the grip metal also has a couple of scratches in it like they put it in a vise with out proper protection. I use it as a carry gun so it will get scratched up but I would like to be the person who scratches it. I am not thrilled by the condition it was returned in but if it shoots with out jamming I will be happy.

    Ruger sent back a new magazine for those who had there LCP recalled. S&W could learn something from them. I do not think I will buy another S&W even if the gun shoots fine now. It is like taking you car in for service and getting it back dirtier than when you dropped it off and with a lot more miles on it. You take it to a different dealer next time you need service or buy a different make.

  • john

    1) it would have been 100% irresponsible of smith & wesson not to issue a recall once the problem was noticed. then a corrective/preventive action has to be developed.
    2) the prototype fix it parts needed to be made and tested. fix then needed to go to germany for approval from walther.
    3)parts needed to be ordered after approval, you don’t just go to wal-mart and pick them up. parts need heat treat and plating. parts production houses cannot just stop and produce only s&w parts. parts for approx. 90K guns takes awhile.
    if s&w waited until this point to make the recall then guns would have been returned much much sooner but allowing a potential problem to exist in the mean time. that would have been totally irresponsible.
    I have been informed that no new production PPK or PPK/s have been produced as this recall is taking top priority.
    my PPK/s is flawless!

  • marty

    although I previously posted that they did a great job in repairing it I’m still trading it for a Bersa Thunder. I had such aggrevation with this gun I just can’t rely on it to protect me.

  • Eric

    Where are you guys even finding .380 bullets to buy and shoot? I can’t find them anywhere and every website is sold out of them. Any suggestions?

  • Jim DeYoung

    Well I took my recalled PPKs in .380 to the range yesterday and even though it was not returned in great shape I ran about 100 rounds of various bullet types through it and had not one jam. On my second shot I did have a short primer strike but repulling the trigger set the round off. This is a drastic improvement from all the jams I was having before they polished the ramp. It appears from several post that wether you requested it or not they polish the ramp on all returned recalled guns. Why do they not do this during production? Also I noticed some chips or deep scratches on the frame under the slide that I had not noticed before when I cleaned it no idea where these came from. Accuracy was great just like before.

    My wife just completed her CC class and needs a small carry gun I was thinking about one of these in 32 becuase she flinches at the recoil and a all metal gun lighter cal would help but I do not know. We shot the sig copy of the PPK in 38 and it was to much for her so the LCP is out and I want something bigger than a .22 or 25 I guess i will keep looking.

  • Clay

    I got my PPK back 16 weeks after sending it in for the recall…I received it last week. I went to the range to test fire it this past Saturday hopefull that I wouldn’t experience any of the jamming that some others have posted about. I too noticed that Smith had polished the feed ramp. I also experienced issues with the pistol not completely feeding rounds into the chamber…they kept getting hung up on the freshly polished feed ramp (which I didn’t realize needed polishing). I had this pistol for about 3 weeks before sending to Smith for the recall. This is “supposed” to be my wife’s concealed carry pistol but Smith has had it in their posession 4 months longer than I have, and to top it all off I may have to send it back to get the jamming situation corrected. This goes way beyond frustrating…a 550.00 hunk of metal that doesn’t do what it was supposed to. If the s**t hit the fan my wife would be better off throwing it at the bad guy, as the rounds don’t feed. On a side note, I just got a Walther PPS .40 for concealed carry and I love it! I insisted that the gun shop show me that it wasn’t made by Smith before I bought it. I didn’t want to deal with this junk with a second pistol.

  • Bill Z

    I loved my PPK before the recall “fix”. I finally received my PPK .380 last week from S&W and went to the range last night to check it out. Every 2 or 3 shots I experience a short primer strike (with a nice indent in the primer), but the round will fire with a second pull of the trigger. Is anyone else having this issue or have any recommendations?

  • Dennis

    “Every 2 or 3 shots I experience a short primer strike (with a nice indent in the primer), but the round will fire with a second pull of the trigger.”

    I just got mine back as well, it does the same thing. I called S&W and they sent me a another return coupon. Mine also had cracked grips when it came back. I called and they sent me new grips. Now I’m going to send it back, with the old grips, by the way.
    The hammer spring just seems weak to me. I ran about a box of 3 different ammos and they all had misfire problems. Some of the rounds would not fire at all after multiple attempts. Even the fired rounds had very light primer strike indents. The firing pin spring appears healthy as well as the hammer spring which I removed to examine and then replaced with no change in function.
    It looks like they have another serious problem on their hands.

  • willing to purchase some walthers if you remain dissatisfied.i had a bursa thunder which “broke” after 300 rounds.contact me at tackettroger@aol.com.will give good price,we can discuss the details.

  • in 1970 at 18 my first handgun a walther ppk\s.under the influence of bond movies! great gun never had a problem unless gun was not clean or cheap ammo.sold it 14 years later for $125.00 more then I paid new.
    2002 bought one in 1st run and never fired thought it might be worth something.sent in new per recall and 8 weeks it was returned scratched and with a hammer that was unpolished and with way too much side play.new gun was beautiful and tight this looks like someone does not know or care to smith.smith is sending packing for repair(ha ha).Had many pistols and 5 smiths. this is a bummer!
    my weapon is still my kimber 1911 gold combat always faithful and true.these smiths will not be able to be resold in my state guess where?

  • will go to range to blow thru 100 rds per comments posted will strip clean and oil first thanks for all the good info will see if it breaks or brakes on load

  • Ray

    Just got one back also and in 15rds, had 2 light primer strikes using Remington ammo. Both fired on the 2nd try. Wonder if the decocker repair included shortening the firing pin?

  • Jerry

    I bought my PPK/S for concealed carry . I carried it for several months until I got a letter from S&W and a UPS mailing label , in April . I was sick for a while and didn’t get to return it until Aug . The UPS tracking info. says it was received in Houlton, ME on Sept 1 and signed for by Harrison . I know do not expect it to be repaired for several weeks , however I have tried to contact S&W several times via email and their 800 # , all with the same luck as others have mentioned ,totally ignored . I paid $535.00 plus tax and a $35.00 charge to my dealer because he had to order it . Like Eric said concerning ammo, it is almost impossibe to find ammo where I live in GA . I called to find out if the gunshop had any Keltec .380s and was told they had 2 that morning and sold them early that same day . I asked about .380 ammo and they told me I could get on their waiting list . I had the pistol for months before sending it back and have never fired it . I don’t know if it had any problems other then the needed repair or not . Makes me feel kind of foolish carrying a loaded pistol for so long and expecting to be prepaired for any problem and finding out it may have jammed if I had needed to use it . I really like Walthers and like everyone else will have to wait and see if and when they return it .

  • Jerry

    My PPK/S was returned the same day I wrote the above message . It took 4 days total for it to get to Houlton,Me with a two day air UPS sticker , but it was picked up on a Friday and the weekend probably caused it to take 4 days instead of 2 . This was a total time for the entire procedure of only 12 days . This was probably due to my having to send it in later than I wanted to , and S&W had ‘caught up’ with the back log of work . Below is the description of the repair listed on the letter returned with the PPK/S.
    Characteristic Description
    Customer Complaint: Decocking Lever Advisory
    Repaired: Polish Ramp Of BBL.
    Repaired: Repair Decock Lever System

    I haven’t taken it down to clean but it appears to have been fired many times . The inside of the barrel is very dirty and black . I had never fired the pistol before returning it . It has scratches it didn’t have before the return also . It is a stainless model and the scratches show pretty good and some are deep as if beening placed in a vise or compariable holding device .The recall was to replace the trigger block , but it does not apppear to have been replaced and the description above says “REPAIR” not replaced . For the time being I will just have to assume it was repaired . You sill can’t find ammo where I live and I don’t want to use all I do have . I found this site only recently and may not get any responce to this post.I will look at a later date . For all who have returned their pistol, if any remain who haven’t, I hope this information helps you with a satisfactory repair.

  • good news first 50 name brand target rounds smooth with no hangs,second 50 reloads 1 hang brass felt thick at crimp and left drag marks at ramp base will repolish myself.need sights for tired eyes and got that bite due to lazy grip they all could use crisp edges knocked down. like i said ppk/s was my first and after 38 years I still love the feel and action on this great classic pocket piece. I hope sw gets there act together before they ruin a good guns reputation. do not give up on these guns they are perfect for what they are designed for.try to find a local gunsmith to help it will be worth a little xtra dollars.pray for peace and train to keep it.

  • Franklin Hofmeister

    When you purchase a P38S make sure you have a turniquet handy. It’s absolutely the most dangerous weapon I’ve ever handled. It jams constantly. missfires & turns into a full auto all on it’s own. It you already own one do what I did…..send it back to smith & wesson and demand a full refund. Hats off to smith & wesson technicians.

  • Henry

    aThe original PPK/PP/PPKs during the 60s, 70s and 80s untill the tooling wore out where made in France by Manurhin. Every model was manufactured in France after the WWII and shipped to Germany to be assembled and shipped, at one time boxed and shipped from France! Once the machinery wore out,Interarms offered to make the guns using investement castings. Those are the versions with the slightly redish blues. We bought everything that was left at the plant in the mid 80s. I have the last two PPs! My US buddy has the last PP Sport in 22.

    S & W uses plans and not tooling that were supplied by Whalter. As with other NA suppliers, NA tolerances are not the same as the European specs. I have been witness to this with several European firearm contracts awarded to NA suppliers. The specs that are normal by Euro standards are hard to meet by NA suppliers.

    As a good example of differences, try a double action trigger pull on an NA PPK/s and then try an European version. There are several pounds of difference as well as the feel!


  • prettypete

    Aaarghhh, the Walther PPK! I won’t deny having had the Bond gun at one time and i admit enjoying it immensely, even in its .32 ACP incarnation and if it counts, a few of the clone in .22 LR. What I can’t figure is the absolute irony of S&W making Walther/S&W PPKs.
    I remember in the 70’s when the British recalled their Walther PPs then in service after a sample failed to work at the hands of an agent protecting Princess Ann from a vicious attacker/kidnapper armed with a couple of Astra revolvers (.38 and .22LR-w/c he bought on vacation in Spain and secreted on his carry on and smuggled into the UK via an airliner-those were the days). Heck, even James Bond had had to give up his Walther PP prop.
    And what did the people at the other side of the pond from Smith and Wesson do to replace their Walthers? They issued Smith and Wesson revolvers(!), or, as they British have a propensity of calling them, Smith-Westons.

  • TrigerTom

    I have given up trying to get this gun to run. Call anyone give me an address or phone number for Smith & Wessons VP Customer relations?

    Thanks in addvance


  • Chris Lee

    Bought a PPK a few months ago from a dealer who apparently wasn’t aware of a recall(?.) Went out 2 days ago to shoot a clip full, before putting it up for sale It functioned great. Came back to research pricing and discovered the recall situation. Requested the pre-paid label got it the next day and sent it off. Called S&W and was told the turn around would be 4-5 weeks. If and/or when I get it back would David like to buy it or anyone else?




  • Ferdinand Ahl

    Look close here 🙂
    your pistols serial # BAM 7811
    the bam sequence included in the recal… BAM 0000-BAM 1320
    your pistol was made after the recall.
    It has the fix…
    And actually S & W shut down production of PPKs when they announced the recall untill they fixed all the affected pistols.

    If you still have concerns…e-mail S&W

  • Eric

    Marco Miller. Keep it! It’s a great gun

  • Vivian Mc Daniel

    I bought my PK 380 in October 0f 2010. I have the problem that the newest recall is all about. My gun fires with the safety on. I sent the gun to S & W. They provided the prepaid Fedex box. When I got it back, they said there is nothing wrong with the gun and no repairs were made on it. WOW really, just because my gun was made in 2010 does not mean it does not have a problem.
    Who can help me????? S & W just blew me off?????

  • A lot of the comments say that their guns are returned dirty and scratched. Evidently, this is not the work of a reputable company. If this is S&W’s work I will not buy a product from these guys. If you cannot work professionally on your own products, your reputation will go down the drain. A firearm is a sophisticated piece of equipment. How can you allow butchers to work on it? Try putting together a QC department instead of using your customers who will be the most ruthless critics of your workmanship. It is my understanding that S&W is a first class company but a lot of the above comments suggest otherwise. Will someone at S&W post a reply to convince me that I am in good hands when I purchase one of their products?

    • JRod

      I sent mine back early in. It came back clean and unscratched. The only mark was the punch mark they make to establish the work has been done. And that’s insurance for you if it happens.