GUNS magazine will be online for free

GUNS Magazine will be available online for free starting with the April issue! From the press release:

GUNS Magazine is now available at no charge to anyone with access to an Internet connection by visiting

Picture The new interactive digital edition of GUNS Magazine uses the latest dynamic flash, flip-page technology to create a real-time, page-turning, online magazine viewing experience. Embedded links in featured products and advertisements allow visitors easy, single-click access to manufacturer Web sites. The April 2009 digital edition also includes embedded video files that provide a glimpse of the multimedia enhancements viewers can expect in future editions.

A clever move. They should digitize the content of their archives. I am sure they hardly make any money from back ordering and they would make a fortunes from online advertising.

Steve Johnson

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  • Thanks for the info. Now all they need is an RSS reader for their website, something I emailed them about many months ago.

  • FWIW: Guns and its offspring American Handgunner offer old issues for downloads as .pdf. For Guns, it is 50+ year old issues, and for AH, 30+ year old issues.

  • Mike

    You might want to note that the April issue is available now, no need to wait…

    Also, for those who dislike that fancy page-turning interface, there is a button on the bottom left that allows you to just download the issue in a standard PDF format.

    • how can I find the April issue? I was hunting around on the website but could not find it.

  • Matt Groom

    Let’s hear it for the digital revolution! Firearms knowledge and opinions from years gone by shouldn’t disappear after a spring clean up. I have wanted this to happen since I was about 18 and I realized I had more boxes of gun magazines than I did space for them. It’s also very difficult to find a specific article that you rad years ago, even if you remember which magazine it was in. I applaud this move intensely.

    • Matt, tell me about it! I often think “I read that in X”, but cannot be bothered finding the issue. Thats what google is for!

  • Matt Groom

    That should be “Read” years ago.

  • Many thanks for info, Steve.

  • Thomas

    That’s pretty amazing….and to think they thought this internet would never work….