Mossberg 100ATR Night Train II

Mossberg have announced a new rifle for 2009 called the 100ATR Night Train II. Oddly enough Mossberg did not include this rifle in their 2009 catalog.


The rifle is a significant upgrade over the original Night Train. It features everything you can see in the above photo: a harris bipod, Barska 6-24 x 60mm variable scope, muzzle brake, neoprene comb raising kit with foam cheek pad inserts. It is a complete system.

It also features a free floating button rifled barrel and the new Mossberg LBA trigger to achieve good accuracy.


Caliber: .308 Win.
Stock: Synthetic black or camo
Magazine capacity: 4+1
Barrel: 22″
Weight: 9.6 lbs

UPDATE: Kim @ Mossberg PR told me that the MSRP is $949 for the camo and $913 for the black. No bad at all considering that you get for that.

Hat Tip: Outdoor Wire

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  • Strange… I didn’t see it at the Shot Show either.

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  • Armando A

    muzzle “brake”
    It breaks recoil.

    • Armando, LOL. I always do that.

  • Adam

    According to Mossberg’s website, as well as Davidson’s Gallery of Guns, the MSRP is actually $559.99 – which is an amazing deal considering the scope, bipod, etc. is included.

    • Adam, that is the original Night Train.

  • That’s a remarkable deal, especially when compared to the Savage 10 FPXP kits which list for more than twice as much (but come with Leupold Mk IV scope; don’t know how that compares to Barska?)

    But how does the accuracy compare to Savage? Is this a reliably sub-MOA gun out-of-the-box?

  • rino561

    If you don’t know the difference between Leupold and Barska, then it shouldn’t matter to you whether it’s sub-moa out of the box.

  • xring_assassin

    LOL rino561 – took the words right outta my mouth there buddy.


    I saw it at the shot show, It looked like a good rifle. I would like to know more about the rifling in the barrel.

  • right

    A nine pound .308 win. needs a big-ass muzzle break/brake/brayque?

    Although, if you left that honker off, the rifle might only weigh 5 pounds.

  • StanDandeliver

    I own the original Night Train, and it’s pretty accurate, though a real cheap gun. This gun is a completely remade version. Muzzle brake is far from required, but its nice for a beginner or bench shooter. The Barska scope is good quality. No its not a Leupold or Nightforce, but its a good clear optic even in rain/snow/high humidity. They’ve addressed the locking problem the bolt had as well. This gun is far more quality than the price suggests. Not a fan of the trigger, but its the best you can get without spending 200$ on a custom Timney/Schillen trigger.

  • Jeff

    I just bought this gun. Just under a grand. Nice gun haven’t shot it yet but I will post on here as soon as possible. I just hate to read reviews from people who have never shot this gun and say it’s a pos! I mean really how many of these “tactical” shooters are actually on a swat team and have the right to talk “s&$@” on a gun they know nothing about. I’m not beefing on people who have years of experience and know what they are talking about.. But, 98% of us are just out to have fun, shoot at paper and enjoy a great sport. It’s about how much fun you can have with friends at the range. I hope I don’t come off as a jerk. I just read reviews on guns and think to myself some of these people who are saying things on here have no right to say things they know nothing about. The true people who know what they are talking about are out men and women in the military and on the swat teams across the U.S. Not some wana be sharp shooter who can hit a paper target at a range.

    • Schmidty


  • Chris

    Just bought this gun a month ago and was just able to go shoot it today! I got to say i agree with jeff and this gun is great. With it being my first and so far only bolt action and large caliber rifle, took a bit for me to get used to it. I own alot of firearms from handguns through to this rifle. Once i sighted it in it stayed consistent the whole time. I dont think im good enough to shoot sub- moa all day but i had a great day of shooting this with my father and am very happy with my purchase.

  • Chris

    I also just want to say like jeff instead of talkin crap about the firearm ( of which you haven’t shot) or the people buying this, why ( if you have so much expertise) dont you give pointers to the new guys and talk about something we all have in common. Shooting. I really believe that those one here talking crap have only half the skill and knowledge they claim because let’s be honest. Why if you are that good are you on here posting about a mossberg bolt action? Because truth is you are no different than me and jeff and anyone else who either bought or was looking at this rifle. So take your ridicule somewhere else or just stuff it and i dont care if i hurt someones feelings or make you mad. If it bothers you that bad sell your gun and go buy some midol and vagisil. Just had to say that cause it irritates the hell out of me to read what some people will post.

  • Joe

    Is the muzzle brake pinned or is it removable? What is he rifleing (1 in 10 or 1 in 12)? and is the stock bedded?

  • Dean

    I don’t have a night train 2 as of yet and I have read some comments about the gun and its barrel length. well here is my answer to the remarks I carried a Mossberg for 30 months in Vietnam and I have a Contender Warlord and it has a 22 inch barrel and costs $3499.00 I also have a couple of Barrett’s one is a MRAD and it cost $6000.00 and a Barrett 416 with a cost of $6000 to $12000. so you might say that cost is not an issue with me. I also have a M24 us Sniper Rifle and I am going to purchase a Night train 2. I do wish it had a 26 or 28 inch barrel and even a 32 inch one would make me very happy. But there is no doubt that the Night train 2 will shoot just fine and as good as any of the more expensive guns in that calaber and range of corse it will not match my Barrett 416 or 50 or even my 300 H&H but who would expect them to only a fool. IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE GUN DON’T BUY IT. i am betting the critics don’t have a zice icon scope either mine cost me $2,400

    I aint a great speller but mo one seams to care and I thank Mossberg makes fine Guns so all you complainers can go to %#@**#


  • Bighorn

    We appreciate you Dean, I think I am gonna buy the rifle, if a mossy is good enough for a hero like you it’s good enough for me to pack up a mountain and hunt sheep

  • Jeff

    Hey everyone. I have been doing some looking around the Internet. There is slot of shit talking around but hopefully a new shooter like myself will stumble across this blog. I got to take my mossy out and see what she has, and I must say WOW. Trigger was set at a good starting pull. Not to soft not to stiff just perfect for a beginner. The rifle performed flawlessly! Not one jam, no loss of accuracy cold to hot. I put 150 rounds through it. I’m my opinion if you are looking for a great frame to start off with look into this gun! You will not be sorry! Just a blast to shoot and worth the price which in my opinion is way way to low! If some of the nay Sayers would take some of the time they are taking to bash this thing and go shoot it I feel that the opinion on this gun would drastically change. Also we are talking about a out of the box shooter here, not a custom rig which to me are two totally different subjects! So to all shooters who are looking for a great, fun and low priced gun that will allow you to have fun and enjoy the great sport of shooting mossberg hit the mark and then some!

  • Dean Periman

    I’m no hero just a jarhead doing my job. and my mosberg 500 did it’s job allso. Dean

  • Schmidty

    Anybody else picked up a Mossberg Night Train 2?

  • Mike T

    I just got the Mossburg night train 2, first shot the bolt would not come back without prying, shot 30 rounds through the gun samething, sent the gun back to factory, they said there was no problem. But when I got the gun back it worked fine so they did something, will know more arter going to the range this week.

  • derek

    U want one so bad, but for 300 more I could have that styre .308 iv always wanted

  • Schmidty

    Ok, broke down and bought the mossy nt 2. Between wally and online I picked up a few types/brands of ammo from military surplus to winchester super x sp 150grners… I marked off 100 yrds and proceeded to break in the barrel.

  • Schmidty

    My bad. Hit the publish button on mistake. Anyway, after 1 shot and 3 passes with a boresnake and about 5 minutes cooldown all this X10. …….My next 3 very slow and very controlled shots got me about 1/2 moa.. All 3 holes were touching and that was with the wally winchester soft points that were 18 bucks a box. Now my point of impact was about 1 moa high and 2 moa to the right. Now im all pumped. I made the proper adjustments to the turrets. After I cleaned the poo outa my pants I got in a bigger hurry and tried another 3 shot group. Same ammo same everything. My first shot was one moa to the right and the next two were again another moa to the right. All 3 were shot very soon after the great group. I only ran the borsnake again and clicked off the adjustments and put in 3 more rounds. I was dumbfounded. So I stopped and ran the boresnake through 3x’s, walked up the hill and changed the target out. Then I decided to adjust for windage by the 2 moa of my last two shots. I spent about 20 minutes with my Savage 17 hmr. Now back to the Mossy. Its been over 30 minutes. I fired the next three again as accurate as I could muster but without much break between shots. I got a 1 1/8th inch group about 2 moa to the left…..??????? I was baffled. So I followed up quickly with 2 more shots. One was now dead on bullseye but the next was 1/2 moa to the right. This is my first bigger bore rifle so I was thinking the scope had to be failing. I checked over everything. All bolts were tight, it passed the dollar bill test. What else ???? So after about 30 minuntes I again went back to the mossy. I thought maybe the barrel is getting hot and walking hard to the right. I did not touch the turrets. Now im out of the 150 grainers so I tried 3 shots of the 180 grainers of the same brand. I got a 1 1/2 inch group about 2 moa to the left. So here is my feeling of day one with my Mossberg. If shot sloooowly and with as much care as possable it amazed me with my first group of a honest half moa. All shots MUST have at least 3 minutes of cooling off and it was cold outside. This barrel walks very hard to the right if shots are fired in quick succession. I forgot my cheesy spongy earplugs and paid huge for this. This gun is very loud. I shot on friday and am writing this on sunday and my hearing is still muffled a bit. The brake is big, I was like WhAtEveR with the brake but now that ive put about 30 rounds through the gun I do appreciate it. It will stay on. Ive only shot a 243 and a 30 06. Thats my only big bore rifle experience. I have a few different rimfire. 17 to 22 mag. This night train 2 felt about the same to me as the non braked 243 I fired. I even managed to VIEW the bullet impact on a pine cone I hit, yes the barrel was cold, at about 250 yards out. After lots of squirrels and rabbits and a couple yotes I have been spoiled with the ability to WATCH the down range action with my Savage 17. MAYBE I can get a few views with this mossberg if I muscle it. The scope seems nice. I have never owned or even looked through a high dollar scope so I cannot compare. This rifle setup gets alot of crap on the net. Like for instance the dogged often VERY large scope on that thing.. Guess what. Take off the 5 inch long sun shade and now ya got a normal looking scope again. So far im happy. I will try more loads and just keep the shots slow. Seems like it would be fine as a hunting rifle since most if not all shots are from a cold barrel and at the range, if I can get this to repeat the half moa group…..what more are you expecting to get out of a 754 dollar rifle, Alquist arms in Turlock Ca….cool shop…cool guys…cool prices. I will post more info after my next day shootin the Mossy. Just with alot less bablin.

  • Schmidty

    Please post all info you have on the Mossberg Night Train 2…..BUTT ONLY IF YOU ACTUALLY OWN OR HAVE FIRED THIS GUN. How accurate, faults, pluses, what loads both homegrown and factory. Any info please Share it.

  • i like my night train .it shouts like a gem.keep up the good work mossbrug