GSG-5 SD: The story behind the gun

American Tactical Imports will be selling the GSG-5 rifle in an SD configuration. The SD is patterned after the MP5-SD, a suppressed variant of the MP5. The main difference between the SD and the standard GSG-5 lies in the bigger stouter fore grip which is patterned after the MP5-SD integral suppressor and a fake over-barrel suppressor. It will be available in April/May as a complete rifle and later in the year as a conversion kit.

Gsg 5 Sd Poster

What is really cool is how the gun came into existence. Chris from ATI told me that last year after the original GSG-5 was introduced they noticed many people on the GSG forum voiding their warranty to achieve the SD look. Late last year they flew to the GSG HQ in Germany to discuss these modifications. They worked out a plan.

This is a fantastic example of a company listening to it’s customers. I wish more gun companies would do this.

 Wikipedia Commons A A2 Heckler Koch Mp5
MP5SD3. Photo from Wikipedia.

Steve Johnson

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  • Fred

    ATI’s been great on the GSG forum on Arfcom, they respond pretty well to questions and like you said, pay attention to what’s going on with their customers. I wouldn’t doubt that’s part of why sales of the GSG-5 are still through the roof despite the relatively high cost for a .22lr. I know I love mine and can’t wait for the conversions to start coming in.

  • The GSG5 and the pistol variants are great firearms. We have a whole site dedicated to them and their accessories at

  • Fred

    The GSG-5 forum is a great idea, but the one on ARFCom just has a lot more traffic. I think I asked a question about something on the GSG-5 forum when I bought the rifle back in November and it’s still unanswered, but on ARFCom it was answered in about a half hour.

  • I so want the rifle version, with a real suppressor and a good optic, but alas, I’m a republican with a genuine voting record. Folks can’t hear me anymore. Boo freakin’ who. Such an Obamanation. Cheney should have been wearing one on a sling when he rolled for the inauguration. Just to make the point.

    Little Jerry

  • Jesse

    I’d love to get one of these eventually but every time I think about it $500 for a 22 throws me off. Sure it’s tacticool but For $150 I can get a Remington 597 in 22 that will do whatever this will do it just won’t look as cool.

  • Fred

    It’s a personal taste thing I guess. I’ve got a 10/22 with Tech-sights that’s more accurate, just as reliable with factory mags, but that doesn’t turn heads at the range. Plus 10/22 high cap mags are more often crap than good.
    I figured that if I were to take a 10/22 and build it up to be ‘tacti-cool’ it would end up actually costing more than $500 on top of that, and I’d still be stuck with trying to find reliable hi-cap mags. So I took a chance and picked up a GSG-5, insanely cool looking right out of the box, and a handful of extra mags, and it’s been running just as reliable as my 10/22 as long as you’re using consistent ammo.
    $500 is a little more than I would normally think of paying for a .22, but hell, I’m already contemplating the Sig 522 if they’re any good.

  • Bill

    In the past 15 years I haven’t seen a new product that I saw and said “I’ve got to have one of those.” And this is after owning over 300 guns in my life, so far.

    As mentioned you can buy a cheaper 10/22 and add stuff to make it “tacticool” but it’ll still look a 10/22 plus look dorky.

    I love my GSG-5 and are are amazed at the number of other shooter how know what I’m talking about when mentioning the rifle model.

    Can’t wait for the SD conversion kit …..AND….>>other neat .22 rifles from ATI like a .22 AUG.

  • 7trees

    The fully suppressed version is enroute Little Jerry.

    Has Obama changed any laws yet? I know everyone is worried about it, but cut the self pity act.

  • james

    Are there any plans that anyone knows of for a 9mm conversion kit for the GSG’s in the future. Is it even possible. I just got mine and was thinking if I could convert it to 9mm for a few hundred dollars, I would essentially have an MP5 (less full auto obviously) for under a grand. Is there anything on the horizon in regards to this issue? Thanks!

  • d

    Can’t wait for the conversion kit. You guys at GSG/ATI need to offer this soon!

  • Steve

    I want a GSG-5 Beta Mag.

  • Joe

    The bolt assembly top cover of my GSG5 broke. It’s that piece of metal below the serial number in the bolt assembly. I could not find any parts. I e-mailed ATI and hoping they could help. I heared they are really helpful. Has anybody got the same problem? How was it resolve?

  • The GSG-5 platform is basically just an ICS Airsoft body modded to fire .22LR rounds. That said, it is ripe for customization and a blast to shoot.

    Naysayers who claim that out rival .22 platforms such as the Ruger 10/22 are a better choice for the shooter may find themselves in the minority once the GSG-5 becomes more available for consumers.

    This weapon is not designed for rigorous use in any way, but for what it is (a fun plinker), it leaves the fun-factor competition in the dust.

    Do yourself a favor–before you pass on a GSG-5 in favor of a Ruger or WASR-22, grab one from your friend (who purchased it without hesitation) and run to your nearest range. The only way you could have more fun with $500 is a blissful 15 minutes at the Bunny Ranch. Guaranteed.

  • Big Grant

    Today a purchased a GSG-5 as an 18th bday present. yay for me =) anyways, I bought the gun, cuz it looked cool, (I know its breaking a golden rule, so sue me.) I just would like to know what i got myself into with my $475 investment. some user comments would be really appreciated. you can e-mail me at g.ensley ( a t) yahoo dot com if you wanna talk guns. Thanks guys.

  • manville smith

    the umarex m4 22 made by walther is 600 or less dollars for a little horsey on the m4 rail standard and m16 size is availiable check it out

  • joe

    its not an airsoft conversion it built from the ground up as .22 mp5 carbine……both the hk and gsg are blow back except that hk has delayed form of blow back…..a .22 does not need a delayed blow back so that soundnt be held against the design…in fact its problerly debateable wheather hk mp4 even needs a delayed blow back system……its problerly more a selling thing rather then any real improvement then a simple blow back

  • corey

    I’ve had my GSG since June. I get tons of looks. It does fail to eject (FTE) on crappy dirty rounds. I’ve found that the golden something by Remington are very reliable. 550 rds for $20 at Dick’s. I want to put a sling on it, but not sure which one yet.

    $500 is a tough pill to swallow, but this gun is so much fun. And now that there’s been a lawsuit against ATI… look for the value to increase.

  • I finally got my gsg5 I bought 5 mags for it and I can’t keep my hands off this gun. ATI is a great gun maker I’ve owned a few of their pistols (better than glock). And you can’t beat the German quality of the gun. Do some research on .22lr HV rounds they perform better than .223! I know that’s going to make some .223 carbine lovers mad but the truth is hard to swallow! Read ballistics charts and test fires and compare the both you’ll be amazed! I’m buyin two more of these rifles! The titanium anniversary and the SD model. Great job ATI! By the way mine cost me $400.

    • Brown614

      i just paid 279.00 for my GSG5 SD haven’t shot it yet can’t wait to

  • matt

    I have owned a gsg5p for about 6 months and I have to say its a great gun as long as you’re using reliable ammo. A couple of things I’d like to pass on to other/future owners… If you ever remove the rear sight, be very careful not to lose the spring and ball bearing under the sight drum. They are extremely small and without either one the sight drum can spin freely and won’t lock at any aperture settings. The other is to use the correct size screwdrivers when disassembling your gun for cleaning. The flat head design of the screws are easily binged up. P.S. GSG, why not make these screws hex head since you already include a hexhead driver in the kit?
    I’ve had more fun with this 22 than any other I’ve owned and there’s been a few. GSG keep up the good work and think about that 9mm version…

  • Bill R.

    I just took my new GSG-5 out for the first time yesterday and loved the way it performed. However, after I cleaned it and ressembled it, I could only get the bolt to slide back halfway. I carefully followed the instructions in the manual, doing it over and over again 30 times. Is the rifle defective or am I doing something wrong? Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Thanks in advance.

    • devon

      i had the same problem with mine. all you have to do is take the butt stock off and take the silver reciever stop out and point your gun downward on the floor and rest the muzzel on the ground and have the mag well facing you and put the plate back in….. make sure you dont have your bolt locked and then slide the plate forward into a slot bu the back of the bolt.

  • Nathan G.

    Has anyone tried to use H&K parts on the GSG-5? Just trying to figure out if an H&K lower will fit on the GSG.

  • Aaron

    You can’t put a lower H&K on a GSG 5 but you can use the H&K accessories.

  • S. Evans

    I have to agree that $500 is a bit much for a plinker, but consider this. I have a REAL MP5SD3, and there is NO WAY that I would be able to afford the 9mm ammo to keep the thing fed if I practiced continually. Particularly since I shoot H&K nickel steel cased loads designed for the thing that come in fast load bricks of 30 at 1200 rounds per steel can. Fortunately I bought 3 cans worth when I got the MP5SD, so I won’t run out quickly, but the cost of an HK .22LR conversion kit can run $1500, so $500 for a .22 lugalike that i can practice room entries with, etc, with lower power .22 rounds, well . . . aside from the utter lack of full automatic fire, it works.

  • Ive owned my GSG for over a year and decked it out with everything that would fit and its a great gun. My wife and kids love it because I dont have to lug out my assault rifles (which have far more recoil than my .22) and all the ammo. We can shoot all day and not be fatigued. Will be buying another GSG soon.

  • RG

    10-15,000 of the SD version being recalled according to ATF. The Faux Suppressors are deemed illegal and in violation of NAF and ATI/GSG apparantly knew about them last year during manufacture and shipping. ATI/GSG have never been known for great customer service, now it appears they shipped to dealers weapons that were NEVER authorized or suspect at best. According to ATF, the standard GSG-5 version is not part of the current recall, but likely may be at a later date.

  • GDI

    I love this new version of the GSG-5 – especially the SD version. Great site, thanks for the good info.

  • Larry Walsh

    Just bought my 2nd GSG-5 Pk pistol in 3 days. First one brand new. 2nd one I stumbled on at a gun store I happened into. It was being sold as used for 350.00. But it looked new and had the box with all the gear, manual & unused bore brush. I hadn’t fired my new one yet but, this one i brought right to the range. What a dream to shoot. Put 150 through it without mishap. Decided to go SBR on the used gun & keep the new gun unfired for investment. When Hk introduces It’s HK MP-5 /22 for 700.00- 1000….. ?

  • spyder

    Why don’t you guys get away from the toys… I sell MP5-40’s for only $500 more. What I said is not a joke, an MP5 in 40 cal. If you are interested, let me know.

    • Hkmp5knfan

      Hook me up!!!!

  • i am seriousaly looking over this gsg sd and from what iv read of it so far i like it however i seriousaly wish thay did it in a 22 mag insted of 22 long cuse i was thinking over the walther g22 however after fireing one i was not impressed at all way to heavy in the stock where as the gsg seem,s more balinced for a guy like me hay when your shorter then most guy,s you use what work,s welll we shalll see i test the gsg on friday this week so if she passe,s muster the 10 \22 and the mossburg target rifle get sold take care alll and thank,s for the head up \\ mica \\ ps in case somebody is woundering yes i am dyslex

  • what is the standard rail system used on the gsg-5 LR? Is it a weaver? I am trying to buy a red-dot sight but am not sure what type my top mounting rail is. any help would be great. THANKS!

  • spyder your extremely misguided there, bud. If you have ever even fired the gsg-5, i guarantee you would choose it over your foolish mp5 40 cal… have fun blowing all your money on ammo… too bad the gsg-5 looks just like an mp5 but at a fraction of the price… know-it-all, fool!!!

  • Dcole

    I want to buy a gsg 5 sd from everything I’ve read sounds like a great gun I’ve found one at gsg5. Com for $310 idk if that’s legit or if it is exactly what I’m looking for can anybody who knows about them check it out for me and get back thanks

  • Dcole

    Acctually it’s

  • Larry Walsh

    $310 is a very good price. I asume this is used. I like mine a lot. The gun looks super cool It is to heavy for a hand gun And difficult to aim. Plus, you may not add a stock or a pistol fore grip w/o a Fed Stamp. AKA [ SBR conversion. ] This relegates the gun to spray & pray & cool looking. Use only the Highest ammo available. Good luck.

  • Dcole

    I think it’s new if you know alot about the gun would you please go to th site and look at it for me it’s At and it’s under gsg 5 rifle not pistol it’s the sd model and it’s $307.99 It’s a gsg 5 sd carbine is this the original gsg 5 sd or something else? please let me know

  • Larry Walsh


    If it is the carbine you want, I Don’t know much about it. However, I don’t believe there has been significant changes to the carbine. The carbine wasn’t caught up in the HK suit as was the GSG-5 PK pistol. A virtual knock of the Hk MP-5.
    ATI was forced to discontinue sale & production of 1st generation pistol then made several interior and exterior modifications to comply with court.
    For more info, go to ATI guns.

  • Larry Walsh


    Google : ATI and HK law suit.

  • Brandon


    its not used. I just bought my GSG-5 Carbine for $290 off of that site. I dont know why there are different prices for the same gun. I mean, the 290$ version is the same exact one as the 400$ version, it’s weird. They might go through different dealers so maybe they just show the same gun from different dealers ad different prices maybe? I dunno. I bought mine off of too! go through them, they are great!!!

    • Riz

      Brandon…the differences can be found in the receiver material construction. You can purchase a lightweight (plastic receiver) gsg-522 or the standard weight model. The standard model is difficult to find for less than $400.

      And guys… gsg-5s are no longer sold…they are gsg-522s…whether metal or plastic receiver!

  • Hector

    I work at Dicks and purchased GSG522SD. Look great and operates well. My concern was the windage adjustment for the back sights. Aneyway the shot pattern was ugly so i purchase a Truglo red/green dot . wait and se…

    • Nate

      Hector, I did the same thing but I haven’t been able to shoot it yet since I got the truglo sight. Have you been able to shoot it? How did it go? how difficult was it to sight in the truglo. I also just ordered this 4 position collapsible stock.