Update on the ATI 1911 .22 pistol

From Chris @ American Tactical Imports:

I can say that it feels just like holding an actual 1911, will come with a 10 round magazine and will be of fine German engineering. We have an expected MSRP of $369.00 on it but that is subject to change once we receive final importation clearance and see all the manufacturing costs. Check back with us later in the year on tat.


More about the pistol here.

Steve Johnson

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  • John

    when and where can we get one of these?

    • John, they won’t available for a while.

  • John

    yeah guess I shoulda quit drooling and read the whole thing 🙂

  • Very nice!

  • I’m definitely waiting on a P22 or ruger and see what these things are like.

  • Proud American

    Does it have a functioning grip saftey? Is it just cosmetic? Will the barrel be fixed to the frame or will it be very similar to mil-spec?
    Thank you!

  • Patrick

    Is there an update as to the status of Import?

  • Shane

    Just layed oen away Friday. It reall has the feel of a 1911. I am gonna get it out this week. Cant wait!

  • Ken

    Just received one of these for fathers day. It has the fit and feel of a full size 1911A1. The grip safety is functional, has and ambi-thumb safety and it comes with three front sights of different sizes and one magazine. I took the slide off of it and the instruction manual doesn’t mention the barrel set screw, just the slide stop and lock pin, why the set screw and lock pin who knows. I just took it out and shot 50 PMC Sidewinder cartidges through it without the barrel set screw and lock pin and it didn’t fall apart. The finish is excellent (Parkerized look) and there is just barely a trace of the mold lines on the frame. The barrel has a thread protector on it for the application of a suppressor mount. The trigger is heavier than I would like but it also has a firing pin block in the slide that probably adds some weight to it.

    This is a very neat, high quality gun. Not at all like the pot metal Puma or others of the 22 cal. 1911 class. Of the 100 rounds I’ve fired through it there weren’t any malfunctions and it is very accurate. The only thing I don’t like about it is it came with only one magazine. Ken

  • Ken

    I took the gun completely apart today and the hammer, sear, disconnector, trigger, magazine release, slide stop, thumb and grip safeties are the same as a regular M1911. I also discovered the GSG 1911 magazine also works in my Colt Ace. The slide is incredibly light with all the components removed.

    I was less than pleased with the trigger weight so I removed the firing pin block spring and detent and the magazine disconnect (none of my other M1911’s have a magazine disconnect and I really don’t like them). Both modifications were fairly simple with the correct tools. The trigger weight went from seven pounds to three pounds. I then took it out and shot 300 rounds through it with only two first round feed malfunctions probably due to slide bounce. Spent most of the time reloading the single magazine. What a great pistol! Ken

  • Shane

    Ken, I was wondering since the mag works in your colt does the colt mag work in it. I have been checking and it is almost impossible to find a spare mag, but there are some Ace mags. They r a bit pricey though.

  • Ken

    Shane, I have two Ace magazines and neither one will slip all the way into the magazine well. I haven’t had the time to really look into the problem but I will as soon as I get a chance. BTW, I work in a gun shop and get first choice on anything that comes in and we just received two .45 caliber GSG 1911’s; a Commander length and a full size 1911A1. Both guns manufactured in the Philippines. On initial inspection, both guns look to be of very high quality. The slides operate smoothly on the frame rails and the overall machining and fit is excellent. Hard to resist. Ken

  • Shane

    Thanks Ken. I just tried out my 22 and I agree with you. I really like it. This is my 1st 1911, other than in the navy, and it will not be my last. I will have my guy at the shop keep his eye out for the .45 cal. I am not looking for a Wilson, just one that is dependable and will last me. Plus now I can practice with the .22 and carry the .45. Thanks, and I got my guy looking 4 mags.

  • John

    What is the thread size on the barrel ?

  • Ken

    I was up on several of the suppressor web sites the other day GEMTECH, AWC or AAC, can’t remember which but, one of them was selling adapters for the GSG 1911-22. I think the thread size was also listed. Ken

  • Mike Hicks

    I have two of the GSG1911s, and it is the best .22 pistol I have shot in a long time. Yes, the trigger is a little stiff, but as far as functioning goes, it is a great gun. Occasionally, the slide won’t lock all the way back, but that isn’t a problem. Does anyone know what the thread count is on the barrel, and is anyone making an extension for a suppressor?

  • Can I get Magzaine here from you?

  • Do you have a phone No. to order Parts?

  • Ken

    If you want extra magazines try Valley Outdoor Gear, 708 Fairground Rd., Lucasville Ohio 45648, 740-259-4917. They have a bunch in stock. Also, the new GSG 1911 Tactical is out and it comes with a dust cover rail and fake can. Looks like the base model Kimber. Ken

  • Mark

    Does it have a warranty?

  • Larry Kilgore

    I picked one up 29 April. Have not shoot it yet. Wating for a rainy day. I agree with all comments. It is a great firearm, Fit , finish and handling is great. Store was Palmeto armory in Columbia, SC: asking was $329. I got it for 309, extra mag was 30. You can mail order from them.

    Another great 22 is the ISSC Gockalike. Using it to train my sister-in-law for the CCP. She is afraid of centerfires, but the 22 ISSC and hearing protection have overcome. The DSG will continue the training.

  • Steve

    I bought a gsg 1911 two weeks ago and have about 500 rds through it now and really like it , fun gun and cheap to shoot just what I was looking for.

  • chris

    I just purchased my gsg .22 1911 last week and when at the range out of the 10 round clip at least 1 or 2 will not feed. And sometimes will jam. I will have to manually pull the slide. This happened through 250 rounds. I’m thinking it might be a lubrication issue? I took it apart and thoroughly cleaned and lubed it. Has anyone had this issue?

    • JBB

      Your pistol came with only one magazine?

    • JW

      I did with Bulk ammo try High Velocity Round nose in the 100 rd clear packaging. The issue is with the bulk ammo not the welcome doesnt provide enough blowback for the weapon to cycle properly.

    • Aaron

      Did you clean the magazine as well? I have the Sig Saur 1911 22, which is the same gun, same manufacturer, I shot an entire a few hundred rounds of winchester white box 22LR without an issue, cleaned after each range visit…..winchester and remington ammo seemed fine but when I ran out one day I tried Federal and I was getting smokestacking as well as cases not ejecting.

      I had two magazines and had been at the gun club outside swapping, they were dirty, and you really need to thoroughly clean the chamber. .22LR ammo really builds up carbon residue fast. And don’t over lube, the excess lubricant will cause particles to stick to it.

      I think the big thing is once you’ve got it all cleaned up, and lightly oiled (slide rails definitely, barrel not as important) you need to try several types of ammo until you find the one that works best with you individual gun. Seems each gun tends to like it’s own ammo, even if it’s identical twin brother doesn’t like the same. I’ve read some of the CCI 22LR ammo is good, I’ve had no problems with winchester white box, 1000 rounds for less than 20 bucks.

      • Aaron

        Oh, and definitely use high velocity ammo……as the previous person’s post said, the bulk high velocity, when you find the brand that you gun likes best, is your best and most economical option

  • tony

    Had this gun for about a year, replaced the wooden grips with Hogue combat grips. I work in a gun club so I shoot it every day and have fired at least a few thousand rounds with minimal jams, mostly in the cheap ammo. I would like to change the plastic sites for a quality set. If anybody has recommendations for quality sites please shoot me an e-mail at ccm429@gmail.com

  • jaime

    I had problems with mine too. I tried all kinds of ammo. Nearly gave up on it then found a pile of old Remington 22 Long Rifle Brass-plated Hollow Points (525 Golden Bullet Value Pack) and the thing fires excellent. I really like this pistol now. The weight is perfect and it is pretty accurate even at a distance.