PoliceOne.com survey results

PoliceOne.com did some online polling last year on their website. I have no doubt its results are about as accurate as any other web poll, but the results are nonetheless interesting.

P1 Poll Result Chart3
Results of the third poll.

The rest of the poll results are here.

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  • I may have missed something, but are not revolvers also pistols?

    (I know what they meant, I just find the terminology questionable.)

  • Thomas

    I wonder how many people still carry revolvers?
    I live and work in a small county in East Texas, and there are a number of officers who still carry revolvers. They feel better with them. Normally they are S&W with 4 inch barrels in .357. One of the detectives in the sheriff’s office carries a Ruger GP100 with a 3 inch barrel, .357.
    I know our constable carries a revolver and when he doing school duty he is known to carry only a .380 auto. But it is a small school and we hope he’ll never have use it.