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  • jdun1911

    Google needs better drivers that can read, you know deer warning signs.

    A word of warning. If you drive in rural area, make sure you’re alert because hitting a large animal going fast might kill you.

  • root man

    Idiots kill a dear.
    Interesting but what does this have to do with firearms?

  • Poor fawn it could have grown up into the mythical stag, and then it should be HARVESTED!

  • redmanlaw

    “Nice deer. Whad’ja git it with.”

    “Google truck.”

    “Gugletruk? Is that one of those fancy European rifles you have to be a proctologist to afford?”

  • Hmm…

    Why does it look like the photos were cloned? The lines don’t match up?

  • JR

    >>Why does it look like the photos were cloned? The lines don’t match up?<<

    Google StreetView uses multiple photos that are stitched together using software to create a single image. Parallax distortion or a mismatch of camera positioning may result in an imperfect image. It’s common to see this in StreetView images.

    There are blogs that follow the “interesting” things that these cameras pick up all over the nation.

  • Eseell

    N.U.G.U.N, it has to do with the way Google prepares the photos so that the Google truck itself does not show up in the Google Street View. You can see similar effects in a lot of the images on Google Maps.

  • NUGN: the lines don’t match up because the photos are stitched together by the process of making the map.

  • Jim

    A deer warning sign doesn’t mean your going to see one jumping out of the bush in front of your car. They move fast and jump far. I’d hardly call the driver an idiot because he was unfortunate enough to become a statistic.

  • jdun1911

    A deer warning sign means to slow down and be alert. Unfortunately the driver can’t read or understand the meaning of it.

  • Pottsie

    Are you kidding me? I’m a Police Officer and while I certainly feel sorry for the Deer, there is NO WAY a driver can avoid hitting one if they run out in front of you, EVEN while being CAUTIOUS and SLOWING down. I’ve actually seen deer run into PARKED cars…cute animals but they aren’t very smart animals. Same with Geese…YOU HAVE WINGS FLY OVER THE ROAD…Why must you walk?

  • Hahaha WOW! That’s one of the funniest things I’ve seen on the web in awhile. Stumble worthy for sure; people will get a kick outta this!

  • This is really a bad news.It is a lesson for drivers that you should be alert especially in rural areas that animals may come on your way.

  • Andrew, UK

    So guns are evil and kill people, but Google themselves are fine with cars killing things?

  • romulus

    So their vehicle hit a deer. Lots of vehicles hit them everyday. They cross the road a lot. I had one hit me while on my way to go deer hunting. It crossed a major interstate (6 lanes wide). I saw it coming, slowed down, did everything possible to avoid it, but it hit my passenger side and did over $1900. Some of you obviously don’t live in areas where deer are common. I see them nearly everyday just going to work.