Jennerson took this photo in response to my post about the Scottish police hunting down knife owners. Apart from the fact that it is a great photo, it seems to scream “ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ”.

Black knife, black gun, black leather sofa. Click to expand. Used with permission.

For those of you not familiar to the phrase: “ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ” (or in latin script “Molon labe”) means “Come and take them!”. It is what the Spartans reportedly said to the Persians when they were told to surrender their weapons. Yes … those Spartans …


The full sized version of Jennerson photo can be downloaded here. It is currently my desktop background.

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  • Vak

    Errr… I think that “ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ” is greek (and not arabic)…

  • I used to use it as my icon. One of the few good photos I have taken.

  • Hate to nitpick but shouldn’t that read “Roman script” not “Arabic script”?

    • what was I thinking, I mean latin (roman) script. I got it confused with Arabic numerals, which is what we (English speakers) for our numbers.

  • Great picture. And I absolutely loved that movie!

  • Λεωνίδας
  • I don’t understand the point of such large knifes.

    I have rather big hands, but knifes with blades longer than 4.5″ are simply not handy enough as tools. Knifes should be considered as tools – not as weapons, and long knifes don’t give enough feeling for the action when used as tools.

  • Carl

    But they look cool! The knife in the picture looks more like a japanese style sword though. Wakizashi/tanto whatever they´re called.

  • Ghost

    Knives are best used as surprise weapons in a fight. Hard to surprise anyone with a 24″ Hotashi or a 36″ Katana… Machete’s are for whackin weeds in a pinch.
    Gerber makes great fighting knives and throwing knives. One learns to use a knife quite well, soon after being confronted by one empty handed and bearing the scars to remind which end of the blade is to be avoided.
    If you have weak hands, carry more bullets. If you waste too much ammo, carry a knife. Either way, if you throw it, you have to go get it back, so, several knives are preferable to a bare handed brawl against an attacker that “thinks” you are a bare handed brawler. SURPRISE!
    After having been shot twice and stabbed twice, I would rather be shot than stabbed, so, psychologically, a knife is an “up close and personal” kind of weapon. It takes a “special” kind of person to willingly draw a knife in a fight. Its hard to inflict damage without taking any in a knife fight and you are certain to wear the victims blood. Blood is quite slippery by the way and a decent grip is essential for yanking a knife from a ribcage or a bone joint.
    A six inch blade is able to puncture vital organs deep enough and severely enough to kill quickly. Less than that, you are looking at taking longer and risking more than just a workout and some scrapes. Knives have been a fact of life for thousands of years. I’m not ready to reinvent the wheel by claiming that a 4.5″ shank will get the job done unless I’m a meth head handball player on steroids and love to play badminton barehanded. (NOTE: David Carradine did not catch flies with chopsticks)
    Short swords and long swords have their utility in the ancient battles of the iron age, but, for a surprise weapon, a typical dagger style hunting knife is sufficient. Don’t throw it unless you are certain you will hit your mark. Pissing-off an armed attacker with a thud to the head is cool if you got your tennis shoes on and no bullet holes in your leg, but, its hard to get the knife back while he’s pokin holes in your gizzard with a bayonet.
    Just a thought, but… a Baretta 9mm weighs little more than a heavy bowie knife, so, I would opt for extra clips and kevlar underwear.



    …and if I am elected I will pass out .44 magnums with every drivers license and assault weapons SHALL be maintained in every household under federal law. (Just as the Swiss example: http://pages.prodigy.net/vanhooser/the_swiss_and_their_guns.htm

    …Furthermore, my fellow Americats (Our new political party of homegrown adult ideology) I shall demand that each able bodied male in every household be required to pass a gun ownership/maintenance proficiency exam. Since there is obviously no reason to possess a tool you know not how to use. These shall be the only two laws regarding gun possession in America under my leadership.
    …of course you all understand that self defense laws will be greatly relaxed and anyone convicted of abusing Federal Property by shooting it at Americans will not only be guilty of murder, but, treason and commission of an act of war. In any case, we must thin the herd and curb the ghetto policy of “finders keepers” and “Jeepers Creepers”

    ….unless you prefer to face mecca and bow to allah six times a day that is… I’m sure there is a place for you, but, demanding it of me will get you deported, probably on a freightliner in a cargo crate.

    Its simple fellas, …all you gotta do is get enough people together to “PEACEFULLY” imply that “VIOLENCE IS AN OPTION”… watch how fast the rest of the crew catches on. The opposition is already convinced that this is the main thing they have to worry about. They are terrified of your guns.

    The greatest men of our history/society were criminals under the existing government of that day, and the law of oppression was the tool under guise of legality used to slaughter thousands. Why do you suppose FEMA is parking 500,000 plastic coffins in obscure, out of the way rail yards all over the country?
    FEMA is not disaster management. FEMA is riot control. The first thing done after Katrina was disarmament of the people of New Orleans.


    The most useful Militias are going to be small groups. “Squads” completely unknown to the existing establishment. Local, tight knit organizations that function as a single military unit. Stay off cell phones. Cell phones are GPS tracked, and monitored. State sanctioned militias are infiltrated and monitored by the ATF, FBI, DHS, and CIA. Your governement is terrified of you at the moment, so, dont provoke them until it is in everyone’s best interests to do so. All you would do is expose yourself to confinement. Speaking of this is jailable under the current laws on the books. They have already won the attack on your first amendment, and harry reed stated hes coming after your second amendment… Judge Souter “quit” the same day they failed to pass a ban on handguns in DC ….”Coincidence” you think? (Better wake up)

    I personally believe that the New York City “ground zero fly by” with scare-farce-one was all a panic test. I also believe that the swine flu was staged. all these things coincide too closely with the politics of the day. You will notice that the banks are now giving back the tarp money.

    TARP was a way for an illegal alien to buy his seat (Just like Blago tried to tell us, right before they threw him to the wolves) You cannot throw the Indonesian prick out of office without undoing all that money and BS policy.

    Half of America is pissed. but, half of those are still asleep or in denial.
    The other half are not even in the same game. 20% are neutral immigrants and opportunists, the other 30% are the modern day communist socialist party disguised as democrats, liberals, and deadbeat freeloaders who care less wether they have a vote or not.
    When you boil down those numbers you got roughly 25% of 300 mil (75Mil) to work with and half of them are out of work, cant work, or wouldn’t know what to do if they could work, so, be careful who you choose to have watching your back. The best resistance you could hope for in this country would be a strong, well trained, well armed 500,000 with maybe another 500,000 backers and another half mil maintaining resources worth defending.
    What actually could be the case of truth in all of it is that the strength is diabolically in the hands of mass murderers who care nothing for the lives of innocents in order to promote their agenda of a NWO.
    A man that cannot be blamed for the result of his actions has no deterrent to persuade him “FROM” his actions. GW is already nailed for the blame. Whatever happens now is a free pass on someone else’s credibility the way they see it, so, they got nothin to lose. The problem is, WE DO. And its a sad sad thing to think that many will have to lose all before they decide to stand up.

    Civil war in America this time will be imposed upon by outside forces as well. we are no longer isolated from other nations the way we were in the early years. Expect interference guys. But know this…it certainly is coming and maybe faster than you think. STOCK UP.

    Μολὼν λαβέ

  • zach

    Sven, that’s because most long knives are… WEAPONS. There are exceptions. obviously a skinning knife of an length isn’t designed as a weapon per say, but Ka-Bar’s were designed as weapons AND utility tools. I guess it’s personal preference, for most tasks I use a 3.5 inch folder, but heavy tasks I use a 5″ or a 7″ blade to great effectiveness.

    @ Casper=For=President, did you not see the title of the blog? it says firearms not politics right below it. and talking about FEMA? I hardly think that has anything to do with firearms, and I personally don’t see a civil war coming anytime soon and saying this kind of stuff is the kind of thing that makes all of us firearms enthusiasts look bad. I would suggest keeping the politics to yourself.

    @Carl, that knife If I remember correctly is manufactured by Heckler&Koch and is the standard issue knife for the German military

  • Carl

    Zach, indeed it is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KM2000
    I quite like it.

  • I have told david we need to move to san diego!

  • John Greggory Kemp

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