Scottish police hunt knife owners on internet

From the you-got-to-be-kidding-me-department. The BBC reports:

“We’re looking for anyone who is brandishing offensive weapons or blades,” Holly told Newsbeat.

Even when pictures are taken in private, though, which isn’t technically breaking the law, he says the weapons are so dangerous his officers pay a visit to the people involved.

“We show the parents their pictures,” he explained, “recover the weapons and make sure they know that behaviour is unacceptable.

“We have large kitchen knives, axes, samurai swords, baseball bats, a huge number and different type of weapons – in simple terms weapons that can kill.”

I am speechless. If you take a photo of yourself holding a knife in Glasgow and post it on the internet the police will hunt you down and explain to you that knives are dangerous.

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$3 Plastic knife: Guaranteed not to offend.

If William Wallace has been forced to cook food with a plastic kitchen knife he would never have had to heart to take on the British. I think it is safe to say that the Queen does not have to worry about the Scots seceding from the Kingdom.

Steve Johnson

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  • Erik

    I can’t believe such bullcrap! The citizens of the UK need to grow a pair and get rid of the asshat MPs that come up with these laws…

    Honestly, I’d like to see them all receive any firearm that they’d like. The UK has got to have become the most backwards nation on the face of the planet now…

  • caposkaw

    the ol’ Winston will be truly angry with that inept and coward England…

    • caposkaw, you are right. Churchill is one of my hero’s.

  • Phil Ward

    I thnik I was the only person I know who saw the bad side of this. In fairness to the police, they’re picking up knives from scratters who do think it’s clever to use them, and a lot of those little weegies (yeah I know, wrong city) would be stabbing people with them.

    I’m still annoyed that a copper might turn up and ask me to turn in my perfectly legally held edged weapons.
    “It’s dangerous!”
    “Yeah I know officer, that’s why I bought it…”

  • I have yet to see what all the forums, especially knife, are saying about this one. It is only a matter of time until the pull the same thing with relation to firearms.

    • Jennersen, they already did that with handguns in the UK (complete ban) and everything else is restricted. It seems the scots don’t like guns either:

      “In Scotland, since power to legislate on firearms was reserved to the UK Parliament under the Scotland Act 1998 that re-established a Scottish Parliament, this has led to tensions between Westminster and Holyrood with the Scottish Government wanting to enact still stricter laws ”

    • UK firearm laws: Pump action and semi-auto rifles are only allowed in .22. Pump and semi-auto shotguns can only hold two rounds in the magazine

  • The British had some highly publicized series of stabbing incidents among young men/school children in 2008.
    It’s a (sadly) normal over-reaction.

  • Adam

    “$3 Plastic knife: Guaranteed not to offend.”

    I’m surprised they aren’t attacking those first. After all, they are obviously designed to sneak through metal detectors.

    You know, like Glocks.

    • Adam, LOL! good call!

  • jdun1911

    The UK are currently the laughing stock of the Western World. I would said more but I leave it at that.

  • Sean G

    The UK are definitely headed towards the police state portrayed in Children of Men.

    It’s when I read things like this that I sigh and say “God bless America.”

  • I meant in America.

  • darshan

    Next time they are going to ban kitchen forks as well.After that pens,razor blades,drills etc. I wonder where it will stop.America is indeed fortunate in the sense that our founding fathers codified our bill of rights.

  • Phil Ward

    Well, there was a strong suggestion in the British Medical Journal, I believe written by a Scottish Doctor that large kitchen knives should be banned outright, because no amateur chef needed them too cook in the house… it got a bit mis-reported, and nothing seems to have come of it. So far.

  • Unfortunately, I think you have only just begun to see the tip of the iceberg (probably coming up on a ban list, also…someone might get stabbed by an iceberg point). Now that the government has gotten a taste for banning things it deems “unsafe” for its citizenry, it will continue to regulate anything and everything just because it can. Yesterday it was guns, today it’s knives, tomorrow it will be corkscrews, toenail clippers or embroidery scissors; all in the name of “safety” or “anti-crime” or some other reason. Even the reasons will become nebulous. Since they have the power, they don’t really need reasons, so long as the people just accept it. I appreciate that you have a high regard for our situation in America, but I fear that, now, our rights may be threatened. I would like to think that we have the stones not to let that happen. But I never thought it would happen in the Britain Isles, either. I’m pretty sure your forebears wouldn’t have allowed it.

  • Why am I not surprised. England (British Isles), Australia, and Canada have effectively disarmed it citizens, a citizenry who once had a rich heritage of firearms ownership. As we all know, in those countries, there is still enough violent crime to go around.

  • You know what is ironic about this? The Scots, who have always been warriors are some of the finest SAS operators. Maybe the Brits are “cutting” of their own nose on this one.

  • Fallen

    I’m Scottish and I’m pretty much ashamed of Scotland and the UK as a whole.
    I grew up hunting and going shooting with my father but now thanks to the overreacting goverment I’m not able to do any of these things.
    There are many things about this country that are spot on and so many that are so messed up it’s unbelievable, no wonder so many people are emigrating from the UK.
    I want to live somewhere that I can have the freedom to own firearms and knives and not have to worry about prosecution.

    When I was 15 I was part of the Army Cadet national shooting team, now the best that I can do is to go airsofting and I know that they are trying to make the laws even tighter. This country is going to the dogs. The sooner that I can move away the better.

    I see things like the Magpul DVD and can’t believe the freedom that some other countries have.

    • TATim

      I stalk deer pretty often, not sure why you say you can’t hunt.

    • Wolfie

      Buddy, you’re welcome here in the United States. We need a few more good, responsible people with some common sense.

  • Nigel

    The United Kingdom. It’s where Great Britain used to be.

    We now have some of the most draconian weapons laws on the face of the planet and it solves nothing.
    What the powers that be do not recognise is that the people who use firearms illegally do not give a damn if said firearms are held illegally.
    The only people penalised under these laws are legal citizens.
    I love my country but at the moment am quite ashamed of it.

  • Mike

    Whilst I agree that since the crims can get guns- us upstanding citizens should be appropriatly equipped to deal the punks some hurt, I do see a couple of issues. One, In America and other “armed” nations there is a culture of having a firearm around- it’s like alcohol, a child brought up knowing about alcohol and given mild controlled exposure to it are far less likely to become infatuated with it when they are legally able to get hold of it. In the UK, people would be polarized by the reintroduction of guns. Some would just wave ’em around and be idiots, and the rest will scream their heads off. Two, as armed as the gangs are- their weapons are sold at positivly astronomical prices. If guns were imported, the availabe arms for criminals would increase immeasurably. Both “armed” and “unarmed” nations have their problems with guns,, but knives? theyre using them cos they cant have guns, you take away knives, they’ll use sharpened sticks, or rocks, or their fists (the most common murder weapon in the UK I read somewhere) their (the violent crims’) armory is always stocked- ours isnt.

  • Jim

    Uk gun laws are tough, and you will not stop the real nutter from obtaining weapons, or the drug turfwars, but they tend to go after each other with the odd hapless bystander getting in the way, but we dont have anywhere near the problems in our worst inner city hell holes Manchester, Liverpool, the worst parts of London with gun crime as they do in the States and i hate to see the amount of Guns swilling around the country as they do in the US. Its interesting that the Government has backed the home owner in defending their property, resulting in two serious incidents already, what if your a frail 50 plus lady who wants to defend her home against an intruder….38 revolver you cant get…ill take an MP7 in black please

  • I am proud of my country (US) and my state (Florida) for our Constitution we have in place being followed by 31 of our 50 states. My concealed carry permit from FL is effective in those other states but the laws may vary state to state as to what and where you may carry as a self defense weapon. In FL I may carry along with my choice of pistol and edged weapon. In other they have prohibition against edged weapons. Before you travel all you have to do is check the laws in the state and states you are traveling to and through. Since advent of our concealed carry permits (1 person out of 20 in FL has one to date) our violent crime rates have went down as the years go by.
    If you check most of those head line grabbing mass shootings are committed in gun free zones where legal carry of firearms is prohibited mostly schools. Or in the inner cities where lawlessness is the norm. By people who were prohibited by our laws from owning fires (convicted felons or minors). So don’t fall for the propaganda that the US is some shooting gallery. If you look at the real stats most of the murders in the US, with firearms is from people who can’t legally own a firearm.
    Fight to get your rights back. I am from the clan Macload and wear my kilt with pride of my Scottish heritage but I am very sad for your loss of your rights from those clowns in London.

  • davies435

    “Assault Forks” should be banned! I’m a Brit and left the septic-Isle nearly 10 years ago BECAUSE of the draconian laws and Police-State we already have…….never looked back!
    Only NOW..after all this time can I watch what’s going on there with “foreign” eyes and see the lunacy of it all. We were disarmed, slowly invaded by the human filth of the world…….and now almost a slave-nation. America……….take heed, once you allow them to chip-away at your constitution and gun ownership…………’s the start of a long slippery miserable road!