TangoDown ARC Transparent AR-15 Magazine

I have covered the TangoDown ARC magazine in detail previously but this is the first photo I have seen of the transparent model.

Click to expand. Photo Chen “SMGLee” Lee. Used with permission.

The magazine utilizes a unique two part design. By using a stronger opaque polymer for the upper part they can make a magazine that is hardier than if it was fully transparent. The “glue” that binds the two parts together is apparently harder than the rest of the mag.

More about the ARC here.

Steve Johnson

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  • jdun1911

    If you want transparent mag go with L5 lancer. Isn’t it counter productive to glue the two parts together in a modular design?

    Stick to Pmag/Lancer/GI Mag and you will do well.


    • jdun1911, haha, they tried clipping it together but the bottom kept falling off when bumped 😉 Just joking.

  • SMGLee

    LOL…….I would stick with the ARC…..

    • SMGLee, awesome to see you on the blog 🙂

  • jdun1911

    It’s like they cut half of PMAG and Lancer. Glue them together and called it ARC. Isn’t the modular aspect, the main selling point of the ARC mag?

    • jdun1911, they were marketing the modular aspect but as in you can buy it with a opaque top and transparent bottom, not as in you can change them around.

  • SMGLee

    the two sections of the ARC is design with a purpose, the modular is just a by product of the continous development of this magazine in the past five years…

    Imagine a mold required to inject the polymer magazine….you build the mold inject the plastic into it and inside the mold you insert a core to create the cavity… once you shoot the mold with plastic, it hardens and you extract the semi finished prouct and pull out the core……

    here is the problem

    AR magazine have a straight section and a curve section.. the striaght section is required for the mag well, and the curved section is there to give reliability to feeding ammunition…

    now imagine trying to pull a straight and cruved core out of a finished magazine…..You CAN’T

    all the previous magazine manufacutre has to make a curved core and insert it into a magazine body that barely have some curve to it…try to draw a picutre of the magazine and the core. the problem of polymer mag has been resolved with two section mold.

    Tangodown did not just decide to build a polymer mag just to compete in the market place… this has been in developement since the XM8 onto the SCAR…. this is why the SCAR will be packaged with the ARC for SOCOM….there is a reason for everything….:)

    • SMGLee, ah, makes sense.

  • Drew

    I have to say I’ll stick with HK’s steel magazines or P-MAGs. Say what you want about its function but these are the ugliest magazines I’ve ever seen. What ever happened to aesthetics? It’s like they tried to make them hideous on purpose. Sell them with the old gray HK SL-8 or the FN SCAR so they can compete for the “Ugliest Gun in the Universe” award.

    If someone says one word “who cares what a gun looks like” or about them being more ‘eco friendly’ I’ll hurl.

    And Lancer, if you’re listening, you missed the boat entirely. Your magazine followers tip, and that should be fixed ASAP.