GSG 1911 .22 pisol

GSG, our favorite German manufacturer of 22-caliber-firearms-pattered-after-other-firearms-and-endoresed-by-Kalashnikov-himself, have developed a .22 1911 pistol.

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American Tactical Imports will be importing the GSG 1911. Like the GSG AK and the GSG MP5 this pistol will probably not be a 1911 .22 conversion but a new design build specifically for the .22 LR cartridge.

I have emailed ATI asking about specs, availability and pricing. Hopefully they will take the time to get back to me.

UPDATE: coctailer took some photos at shot:



Thanks to Fred for the link.


From Chris at ATI:

I can say that it feels just like holding an actual 1911, will come with a 10 round magazine and will be of fine German engineering. We have an expected MSRP of $369.00 on it but that is subject to change once we receive final importation clearence and see all the manufacturing costs. Check back with us later in the year on tat.

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  • SoloTwo

    If they manage to make it cost less then a conversion kit for my Kimber I might look into it instead of a Mosquito.

  • Fred

    There’s been a lot of talk about this one on the GSG-5 forum on ARFCOM, ATI says they’re aiming for a little under $400. The gun in the picture is just a mock up too, no ugly mold line running down the grip on the real one.
    Their selling point is that it’s all steel and weighs the same as a standard 1911, plus accepts many aftermarket 1911 parts.
    I’m the same though, it’s gotta be cheaper or a crapload better than the Kimber conversion for me to get interested. In the meantime, my P22’s running just fine as long as I remember to clean it.

    • Fred, thanks for the info.

  • I might have to look at those when they come out. Ill wait to see what others say about it though, looks nice for a 22lr handgun. Ive always wanted a 1911 frame but a 9mm just isn’t worth it, a 22lr might be for me though.

  • Fred

    Some pics of the actual prototype and some info from ATI on the second page. Looks like they’re shooting for Xmas ’09, targeted MSRP of $369.99 (no promises though)

  • Fred, thanks for the link. I have updated the post.

  • jdun1911

    I buy that in a heartbeat if it’s not made out of plastic.

  • It’s not made of plastic.

    I was very impressed with its quality for the price.

  • Don

    I’m kind of intrigued by this and am excited to hear what it retails for. Perhaps the coolest .22 lr ever is the single six. They come with conversion cylinders for 22 WMR as well. Good ole fashioned cowboy tech (sort of)! They run about 350 with the two cylinders. At that price I’d get one of these too.


  • Walther P22

    I sure wish this was already out, I would love to have one. I have always liked the 1911’s, but I prefer .22’s so I have yet to buy one. And I’m not paying Kimber 800+ for a .22 pistol, though I’m sure they’re a good gun.

    I like the Walther P22 real well but I would like to have a larger framed gun for a side carry. Hopefully that’s were this 1911 will come in. I should think so long as you can get it at a local dealer for $450 or under it would be worth it. One concern would be the cost of magazines though? I can get P22 magazines for $20 new and $10 used. My friend insisted on getting a Sig Mosquito and he can’t get mags for under $40. Also since 1911’s lack a rail I wonder how flashlights and lasers and such look on them? I think I would go for laser grips if I wanted a laser though.

    Anyhow, this is a nice looking gun, probably better than the Kimber in my opinion.

  • “gunner”

    i’d like it better if it was closer to my old ww2 era m1911a1 in details like the hammer and sights, but then i’m an old stick in the mud. for those used to the new “open slot” hammers and target sights it looks like a good deal. i do like the m1911 style grips though, i’ve had them on my carry gun for the last thirty tears or so.
    ( add: thanks for making this blog available by e-mail, i like what i’ve seen so far, and e-mail makes it easier to follow.)

    • no problem gunner, the email subscription has become quite popular.

  • kapowie

    Would love to play with one of these. Please keep me informed as to when these are available.

  • Glade’s gun’s

    I am realy looking forward to this pistol, but I wish they had a desert eagle .22 or a colt python or s&w 29 .22 those would be awsome!!!!

  • I talked to GSG in Germany at the IWA Show. They are still expecting the release to be around January 2010. The MSRP is still $369-$389

    • coctailer, thanks for the update.

  • I would like to know if the GSG 1911 has a floating chamber like the Colt Ace. I have have 2 of them and they are my pet hand guns.
    Can you tell me when they will be for sale, I hold my local gun dealer to get me one. Thanks.

  • They are still planning for January release. I would assume the first part of February before they are seen on store shelves.

  • TG

    how much of this thing is injected molded metal? Zinc or other non -ferous?

  • “gunner”

    from the looks of the photos i’d say the piece is all steel, it doesn’t have that “pot metal” look that you see in the cheap little “kiss me quick” .25 autos.

  • Any recent word on when GSG (ATI) will start to deliver the GSG 1911 .22 cal HV pistol.

    Looks like a fabulous buy for the money and great for the range.


  • Spoke to ATI. The GSG 1911 .22 cal HV, will be available in the USA after the Las Vegas show. (looks like the last one in 2009 is November).

    Also got a friendly and informative e-mail from the GSG Company (in Germany) and they indicated early next year at the retail level.

    Suggest a visit to their website which I think confirms the quality of their endeavors.

    So it looks like either late December 2009 or mid January 2010. I placed and order already through my gun store ( FFL). Asked both ATI and GSG to put me at the top of the list, but who knows. Would really like to add thgis pistol to my 1911 collection. (Clost .45 Cal Model 80 and Colt .38 cal Super.)

    Also went to VZ Grips about fitting a set of Gator Back Micarta custom grips or a set of Double Diamond back Micarta’s Great site that I highly recommend. John VanZyck, owner, was kind enough to reply quickly and stated that his grips should fit any standard or clone 1911. And further stated that if they did not, send them back and he would offer a full refund. His custom grips are really something else to see.

    G.R. Nolan

    • Nolan, thanks for the info

  • Fenixom GSG 1911


    I have a few question this model

    GSG 1911 22LR HV

    1)What material he is made from ???????? Steel whether Znal ??????

    2)Whether in the set 2 magazines ??????????

    3)To what extent there is a guarantee how long?????

    4)What his weight is???????

    5)What parts are of metal and which around Plastic ??????

    6)What quality of the workmanship is??????

    7)Where can I buy GSG 1911 22LR HV in germany shop guns ?????

    8)How much GSG 1911 22LR ???????????????

    Thanks Information
    Artur From Poland

  • Fenixom1911

    PLZ ASK my Question !!!

  • quack

    it’s not out yet, so the spec’s are still unknown

  • MAllen49

    I bought a Chiappa 1911-22and love it. I found these images on line and want to make mine like this, does anyone know who I can fid to do it?




  • GR8SKP

    I’d like to see a comparison review between the Chiappa 1911-22 and the GSG 1911. From what I’ve seen the Chiappa 1911-22 is very accurate.

  • ATI now has the final version in hand. They can start importing them in a few weeks.

  • Fenixom1911

    When realsed GSG 1911-22 LR DATE MONTH YEAR ???

  • Nick S

    Yeah when does this shit release in North America? All I can find online are release date estimates from January 2009, which isn’t really up-to-date. These strudels need to get their marketing act together and promote this bitch before the Chiappa and others take over.

  • GR8SKP


    The 1911 pistol will probably not be available in the US until mid January. We are still in the final stages of the ATF paperwork shuffle to start bringing these in and that time is our earliest possible estimate right now.

    Christopher Marzahn

    Import Administrator\CSR

    This is a e-mail I received regarding the GSG1911-22

  • Love1911s

    What about Australia. Does anyone know how long until the GSG 1911 reaches us, not long after I hope.

  • Fenixom1911

    february 2010, regards, michael

  • Barok

    Man, the waiting is killing me! What’s the latest from BATF? Are there any update about the release date?

  • Fenixom1911

    This date is february 2010 update
    🙁 ChliP Chlip

  • Fenixom1911

    I have got new info 🙂

    hello artur, a development of a new gun takes between one and one and a half years. over 100 single parts are in this pistol, so you should understand that it could happen that some parts could have a final adjustment before full series will start. and then it is the normal way that a product will come out one, tow or three month later !!!!

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen
    Michael Swoboda
    German Sport Guns GmbH
    Oesterweg 21
    59469 Ense – Höingen
    Tel. +49 29 38 – 9 78 37 – 300
    Fax. +49 29 38 – 9 78 37 – 130


    • Fenixom1911, thanks for the info.

  • Love1911s

    Thanks for that Fenixom1911. YAY! Can’t wait!

  • Really looking forward to the GSG 1911. Now have two 1911 Colts (.45 ACP and .38 Super) and a 1911 Kimber (.22 LR). Hope the GSG can be added to the colection soon.


  • Proud American

    Does anyone know if it has a functioning grip saftey? Is it just cosmetic? Will the barrel be fixed to the frame or will it be very similar to mil-spec? I’ve seen the cheaper (non-authentic) .22 1911 that’s currently on the market, but I don’t like it too much…I look foward to buying a true .22lr 1911.

    Does the manufacture’s comment left by Fenixom1911 on Dec 28th mean that the pistol is being twiked for 1-3 more months from that day or does this mean it’s currently (at the end) of that process?

    Thank you!

  • Fenixom1911

    I hope so February is the last date 🙂
    I hope so GSG better 100% from Chiappa 1911 🙂

  • Gr8t1911

    Any news from the 2010 SHOTshow? Why is it so quiet?

  • Talked to GSG at SHOT and Micheal is thinking they will be shipping to the states in March with the new GSG rifles.

    I checked out the 1911 again(I posted the pics above also) and they look really nice. It will be a better option over the Chiappa since it will take standard 1911 upgrade parts.

    The GSG version feels a lot nicer than the competition also.

    It’s been delayed a lot from the original estimates of January, (If you can call 2 month delay “a lot”) but I think the end result is worth it.

    Michael can elaborate more when he gets back to his computer in Germany to post in here, but I think they are only waiting for ATF approval for the shipment.

  • “gunner”

    with the new administration on power being anti-gun hopefully atf will not be playing silly buggers with the paperwork.

  • talked to ati on 01/27/10,they said atf has approved gsg-1911 and will be
    shiped to usa 3rd week of feb.

  • Proud American


  • Gr81911

    Found some pictures of GSG1911. It’s supposed to be from the 2010 SHOT show.
    h t t p : / /
    (remove the space b4 cutting and pasting ;->)

  • Gr81911

    Here’s the complete story:

    h t t p : / /

    (as usual, remove the space before cutting and pasting. Enjoy!)

  • Fenixom1911

    I hope so is date a February is a last !!!!
    What price will be ??
    How many will cost new magazines ??
    I hope that he will be better than Chiappa !!!

  • Fenixom1911


    I have new info from Michael Swoboda !!!

    Hello artur, will be released in march.
    Msrp in europe will be around € 450,00.
    Extra magazine around € 30,00,
    One year warranty.

    Best regards, michael

  • Proud American

    According to the following website, it’s in stock for 349.95!

    Is this for real?


    I just talked to a sales rep from ATI and he informed me that the GSG 1911 will officialy be avaliable to distributers in the US at the end of this month (March 2010).

  • Gr8t1911

    Some sites say it’s still backordered. I hope it’s available now tho.

  • Not true. This guy is trying to harvest money before the guns are even in the country.

  • Alfred Mathis

    I’ve been emailing with a guy at GCE Guns and Ammo. He had 2 yesterday, I asked how he had them before anyone else. The reply I got said he had 26 at the beginning of last month, but has sold those last two in the last 24 hours. Hmmm…
    Did any of you guys order one from him?

  • Gr8t1911

    Hhhhmmm. ….. Suspicious it is.

  • talked to ATI today,they now say end of month before guns will be sent to

  • Fenixom1911

    I hope so is true

  • Fenixom1911


    PLZ opinion this gun :))))
    How work ammo 22LR ???

  • Fenixom1911, I have told you this before: ask a question once and then stop asking.

  • ogre

    I recived email from gsg that the 1st shippment will be shipped next week!! I hope the gsg 1911/22 will be worth the wait…

  • My first shipment of these was supposed to leave Germany via Air yesterday. Unfortunately, Iceland erupted, I kid you not. We have them leaving Germany *finally!!!* on 4/27/2010.

    Took ’em damn long enough.

  • Howdy Chris!!!
    Ortwein International here. You placed the order for 20 of these fine handguns for me last weekend.

  • Larry

    I envy all you guys in any other state than California. Do you think there might be any chance California would approve this well engineered 22LR pistol?

  • Cliff Gray

    Did they ever ship any guns ??????? Or are just talking story (Up here in minnesota we call it B… S…ing). If they treat people like this when they want to buy their product. How will they treat you when you need service ???


  • Too long a wait, so I bought a Kimber 1911/.22LR. Love it and added VC Gator grips.


  • They are shipping out to dealers now. Some may have them on their store shelves today actually. Mine will be here Wednesday for my local customers.

    Cliff Gray, ATI and German Sport Guns has some of the best customer service in the industry. Period.

  • Mark Miller

    So…. if they are now available, are there any dealers in California, or is the gun banned in this state for some liberal reason ?

    Can a dealer from out of California ship one ?

    Thanks, Mark

  • You can call CA DOJ and ask if they are good to go in your state.

  • I just received my first shipment. They look awesome.

    Barrel is threaded, and the Sig Mosquito adapter fits on it.
    However the Skeeter adapter is too short. The slide covers the threads.

    Someone will need to come out with another adapter that is longer.

  • No forward slide serrations either…….just noticed.

  • gallery of has a very good picture of gun on their gun genie

  • Don EDmondson

    Please Who has them in stock thanks Don. Albion Idaho


  • We are making an adapter for this gun, but i might think it is impossible for us to ship it to the US?

    Here is a video i have put on YouTube
    Dissasemble/ assemble, and adaptor mounting.

    We have run thousands of rounds through our demo, and it is just functioning flawless.

    We took it out of the box, doing nothing else than shooting.
    first malfunction came at around 1000 shots, and it was only because it was all dry, a little of cleaning, a couple drops of oil and it was good to go.
    We have tried it with a wide range of ammo, and there is absolutely no problem with it.

  • Shane

    Just got mine yesterday and I love it. I was hitting my spinners at 50 yds regularly. I am not a crack shot by any means, but with good trigger control this gun will do its’ job. No malfunctions that were caused by the gun. had a failure to seat the mag once, but that is me. I am looking 4ward to the .45 version. Ken says that his gun shop already has 2 and that they r good tight well made guns for a reasonable price. That is right up my alley!

  • Just went to the store and saw the GSG 1911/.22LR.

    This is a super weapon for the money. Tight, attractive, (perhaps they could eliminate some of the slide engraving.) Grips are great and weight is like a .45 cal ACP. Action very smooth and great finish to the pistol.

    I have decided to buy even though I own a Kimber-1911, S & W, Austrian single-action, NAA all in .22 cal LR.

    Complements to ATI and GSG, great job.


  • Joe

    Does this pistol accept the Kimber .22 mags?



  • Mark

    I have had my GSG 1911 22 cal.h.v. for about 1 month works great!! would like to see them put 2 mags with the gun.

  • Proud American

    Hello everyone! I just placed an order for my GSG 1911 yesturday! I think it’ll be sort of a weird feeling after we all get our 1911, that we will eventually run out of things to post here. It’s been great keeping up with all the updates, I can’t wait to pick up my pistol from my FFL!!

  • JoeZ

    I just purchased the gsg-1911 wood and was ver pleasently surprised! At 25 yards off of a rest it shot abouy 3 to inches high. After changing to the high front sight (supplied with the gun) it was right on. Moving to 15 yards freehand, all of the shots were in the X ring og a tactical silouette target. I fired around 220 rounds and the gun functioned flawlessly. The only glitch I found was that after loading 10 rounds in the magazine, the slide would hang up if released from the slide lock position. However, if you rack the slide further back, it functioned perfectly. Also, with 9 rounds in the magazine the slide functioned normally from the slide lock position. GSG has got a real winner here! My only complaint is that I can’t find any information on the adjustable trigger. It is not mentioned in the instruction manual nor on the company website.

  • mec

    A couple of people here bought them at first availability. Paid $320. Both pistols are entirely functional with 4 pound two ounce and five pound triggers Tallest of three supplied front sights is necessary to get proper elevation at 25 yards. Multiple groups at that range of slightly over one inch generally with four of five rounds close to 1/2″. They like cci minimags and stingers but also feed the remington bulk loads with bullets so loose in the cases that they flop around. Magazines are widely available right now at about 35 dollars. They are steel and substantially made. The major portions of the slide and frame are aluminum alloy as is the barrel bushing, of all things. The pistols are nominally 32 ounces and they weigh two ounces less than my custom Gold Cup on a couple of different scales. Balance is very 1811 -like -muzzle heavy probably partially due to the small bore and a heavy steel guide rod. The owners have several hundred rounds through them with no visible wear. Only a couple of malfunctions with the cheap remington bulk stuff and wolf match ammo that is two low powered for reliable cycle.

    In no way, will the uppers fit on my Gold Cup or Colt WWI frames and the slide barrel assemblies will not fit on the GSG frame.

  • The GSG .22 slide will fit your 1911, but not the other way around.

    I sold 6 this weekend to people falling over themselves to get one.

    I took one out to shoot, and was amazed at the accuracy and reliability. I’m keeping this one for myself.

    There is a guy on in the GSG forum that makes silencer adapters.

    His username is gtpsrock

  • mec

    The upper may fit your 1911 frame but it will fit neither of mine. I would think that it would be necessary to have a series 80 frame if one could be found to fit or the passive firing pin block would not disengage.

  • “gunner”

    @ coctailer,
    how about “small parts”, like the hammer and trigger, and cosmetics like grips?

  • They are all interchangeable with the standard 1911.

  • mec

    The novak dovetail mount/ Burris Fastfire II is a fit. Significantly wider dovetail than the standard colt.

  • Mike Hicks

    I just got my GSG 1911 yesterday at a gun show in Jax, Fl. I think I might have paid too much for it, though, the guy charged me $469. It was the first one I had seen, and I didn’t see any others at the show, so I bought it. I put 550 rounds through it yesterday afternoon, and the only complaint was the magazine didn’t fully engage the slide stop when it ran empty. It partially engaged it, but you had to complete the engagement, or you couldn’t get the magazine out. I’ll put a few more rounds throughh it and see if that fixes the problem.


  • jeff williams

    I owned a Chiappa for about 250 rounds… Read a bunch of reviews and all were pretty good. The testers got ringers or I got a piece of junk. Buy the GSG 1911. Was the Chiappa acccurate, yes. But the Chiappa will not shoot certian rounds properly. The Federal lead tips don’t have enough power to cycle the weapon. The action worked pretty good with Remington hollow points although there were still some jams, but I think it was due to the way the mag was loaded. IT fired CCI really good although I only shoot about 5 mags though it. It may fire but everytime the shell hung up an ejection. Also the gun is very finicky on the way the magazine was loaded, atleast mine was. It had to look just like the manuel picture with the bullet tipped up or there was feed problems
    Now the BIG thing fit and finish stunk on the CHIAPPA. Yeah I might be spoiled by my Springfield 1911, but this was very noticable. I worked the action a few times to loosen it up and the slide scraped along the frame scratching the bluing off. Ok it’s a under 300 dollar 22. THought it might shoot itself out of it. When I tore the gun down to clean the grease and check for metal chips from manufacturing the barrel bushing was almost impossible to remove, had to tap it out with a padded pliers handle. Again thought it might shoot itself out of it. Took it to the range and fired it. There were several FTF FTE, I suspected ammo and loading mag procedures were not right so I paid close attention to the way it was loaded . Sometimes it helped sometimes no. IT was accurate for the piece of junk it is. Someone asked if the handle saftey was real and functional NO it’s an after thought made to look like a real 1911.
    When I got back from the range i attempted to tear the gun down. The barrel bushing was way worse and the bluiing was beat all over the left side of the pistol. Upon further examination I looked head on at the pistol the barrel was crocked in there frame and not by just a little bit. I was tired of beating on the bushhing. I am a machinist and thought of stuff to fix it. It has a one year warranty. I took it to the shop unassembled. The barrel was NOTICABLY CROOKED TO A 75 YEAR OLD AT THE SHOP. OF course there were several experts there telling me I was nuts, that was til a gunsmith looked at it. THE GUN WSA JUNK OUTTA THE BOX> I GAVE THEM the box full of pieces, the CHIAPPA does come in a nice box and50 bucks and HAPPILY WALKED OUT WITH MY NEW GSG 1911. YEAH IT”S NICE> HAVEN”T SHOT IT GOT IT YESTERDAY. NIGHT AND DAY between the 2 guns. The GSG feels like a 1911, like I said I own a TROPHY so I know how they should feel. FIT AND FINISH ( 9 outta 10 and it’ll go up after it is fired and broken in. And I am really particular. even more so after the Chiappa The clip rode a bit high in the well so I hit it on the back with a small file done. No more hooking on it.
    What is it made of STEEL BABY. You know you are holding a REAL hand gun although it is a 22LR. Unlike the CHIAPPA both front and rear sights are ajustable. ANd there are 2 extra sights in the box, which is nice also. They actually glued the foam in. I am holding and staring at it. THIS LOOKS LKE A GI 1911. And most 1911 after market stuff fits it.The magazine is made of STEEL yep STEEL. The barrel is threaded for a suppressor it has a short little cap type thing that covers the threads for us none tax stamp guys. It comes with the tools you need to take it down and it’s as easy as a 1911. They added a small screw and after it comes out the gun “falls apart” in a good way. I suspect this handgun to shoot just fine from the feel of it.. How much you may ask? I bought a GSG 5 the same day. S[end the extra 50 bucks and get a GSG1911 you will be much happier in the long run.

  • jeff williams

    I said the handgun is made steel, I should have said metal, it’s aluminum. I paid 325 out the door for it accounting for the traded CHIAPPA (GOOD BYE YOU PIECE OF JUNK). I hear the GSG 1911 are flying off the shelfs, my shop got 1 on Monday and I traded the CHIAPPA for it. I may have got a lemon CHIPPA, but the GSG is just SOOO much better. The same goes for the GSG5 they are getting bought up fast NOTE: better get the GSG5 now (got mine yesterday), GSG was told to “CEASE AND DESIST” production due that they looked SO MUCH like the MP5. There are significant changes coming. They are allowed to sell remaining stock and from what I have seen on websites they are out or near outta stock. My shop has one more left and I am considering that one also. I bet those threaded barrels, on both the 1911 and the GSG5, are going to be in some politicians sight. As usual the GSG5 can’t be sold in Cal. and several other “please, let the criminals have all the guns states”. Anyone smell collectable?

  • mec

    The two guys here that have them have been shooting alot and having perfect luck with them. One guy put a burris reflex sight on his. This is a good sight with a very visible dot. The groups I shot with it were about like what we got with the factory sights= just over an inch with four of five in about half an inch at 25 yards. Somebody on one of the boards is making suppressor adaptors and one of the local guys has one in anticipation of getting approval to buy a can. It’s also possible that
    ATI has the adaptors now. Magazines have been plentiful. They cost about 35 dollars each and are worth it. They are well engineered with a steel body. The rounds feed direct into the chamber without haveing to climb a ramp. This might explain why we got really good groups with Stingers. They group well unless the bullet gets damaged in the feed cycle. When that happens, and it doesn’t with the GSG, groups scatter all over the place.

  • jeff williams

    Are you talking about the GSG 1911 or the CHIAPPA? OK after re-reading you are talking about the GSG1911. Has anyone had consistant, no FTF, no FTE with a CHIAPPA. I read several articles about them and they all were “Wonderful 22 lr handgun” “Only a few FTF FTE”. I think they were ringers, or I got a total piece of junk.
    On another note: has anyone else bought the GSG5 and shot it yet? The threads on the guns are 28tpi 1/2 od if anyone wants to know.

  • jeff williams

    THE GSG 1911: I always tear down my guns as soon as I can to check for factory grease and shavings left in the gun before shooting and I do several function checks. What I found on the GSG1911 was: The plastic piece (follower) that the bullets sit on in the mag needs light sanding or fiiling on a few areas, atleast on mine. The back of the mag right above the small round metal tit that the slide hits. On mine the plastic was about .015 too tall and that was one place the clip was catching the slide. There are very sharp edges on the top of the mag. Check the top of the mag where the rounds are loaded. Mine had sharp egdes on all the stamped surfaces, fiile these very lightly until you can’t feel the edge, be careful they are sharp. The slide stop catch on the inside of the mag well needs to be oiled well and if there is a mold mark on the mag release( tit on leading left side of mag) it should be VERY lightly sanded down flush ( DO NOT GO NUTS YOU MAY BE ABLE TO LEAVE IT ON THERE I JUST CAN”T). Now the worst place I found was the leading edge of the mag. The rolled edges were sharp and the plastic follower was catching on the mag itself stopping the slide release to be undependable. I rounded the edge slughtly on the leading edge of the plastic follower and radiused the metal edges, knocked off the sharp lip. I oiled the heck outta the slide stop on the outside and on the inside of the mag well. I oiled the 2 slide grooves and well every moving part!! It seemed the hand release was a bit sticky too and this will stop the gun from functioning Now the gun functions perfectly. OF COURSE THE GUN MAY SHOOT ITSELF OUT OF ALL THIS!! IT TOOK ME 1/2 hour and I know my GSG1911 REALLY WELL NOW SO TO ME IT IS WORTH IT! When I am at the range I want to shoot not jack around with anything but the sights The slide stop catches and releases EVERYTIME and I have sat and cycled it til my wife told me to sit outside in 100 degree heat THE TRIGGER ADJUSTMENT>>> IF YOU ARE LOOKING AT THE MUZZLE TIGHTEN THE SCREW CLOCKWISE SLOWLY UNTIL YOU CAN NO LONGER PULL THE TRIGGER NOW TURN IT OUT COUNTER-CLOCKWISE UNTIL YOU CAN DROP THE HAMMER ON THE GUN. BE SURE TO HOLD THE GUN AS IF YOU ARE FIRING IT SMALL ADJUSTMENTS MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE…. ON TO THE RANGE

  • I put 250 rounds plus through it shoots great.
    Does anyone know if I could change out the following parts with Ed Brown Parts.
    Thumb safety
    Slide stop
    Grip screws
    Magazine release
    Rear sight
    I sent an e-mail to Chris from ATI asking for alist of what is mil-spec. He is out of town.


    Bought one for the wife last week. $329.00 and worth every penny. Feels great and looks are a 10. Ran 80 rounds through flawlessly, has 3 sight inserts with it, that glow in the dark and amberdex? saftey. All in all like it better than my Kimber conversion.

  • JoeZ

    I’ve put over 1000 rounds through it so far and am still impressed with it’s accuracy and functioning. With the Federal 36 grain copper coated it runs flawlessly. Doesn’t work worth a damn with the Winchester 36 grain lead loads. Have to manually cycle the slide almost every round. Had my dealer order 2 more factory magazines and they work better then the one that came with the gun. Mags were $30 each. A little high, but well made and heavy construction. A box of bulk Federals for Walmart and I’m ready to go. Hope you enjoy yours as much as I’m enjoying mine!

  • Jim0001

    I have handled one and the fit and finish is great.

  • Joe

    I read the article, the weapon is made of steel. Weighs the same as a 1911A1. Many parts interchangeable. Has to be better than the Chiappa 1911-22, which is made of pot metal, Which they call Chiapalloy.
    Sent mine back due to “Double taps”, and they replaced the slide.
    Now shoots 3 inches low and 2 inches left at 50 yards. No fun for
    a guy shooting attacking beer cans. So I built up a frame for my
    Kimber conversion slide. Now have a 1911-22 that is custom made,
    shoots great, and I don’t have to dis-assemble one of my 1911 ACPs to shoot my Kimber conversion kit. OORAW!

  • Randy W.

    One of the first comments says it will be like holding a ‘real’ 1911. Well it is a real 1911. I bought one recently and put more than a thousand rounds through it in less than a month with NO, repeat NO failures of any kind. Wish I could say that about my Springfield .45acp. I got rid of a Chiappa 1911-22 because it was a piece of crap compared to this pistol. The magazines are METAL not polymer. The sights are easy to see even with my 61 year old eyes. The only thing you need to remember is to always use high velocity ammo. The gun will work with regular ammo but it will fail to cycle occasionally. The purchase price from Bud’s in Kentucky was $309. Extra mags were purcased for $28. All in all this is an impressive piece for this price. Far better than some other models and/or coversion units. Buy it, you’ll like it but keep it away from your wife or you will be buying another one to replace the one she stole from you.

  • Robert

    Bought the Gsg 1911 and have to say its one of the best guns we have. It shoots like a dream and eats anything you feed it. Has to be one of the best guns made . Ok now for a little bad news the wife was shooting it and the barrel bushing broke , It just came apart while shooting . The barrel bushing is made of alloy . Ok now for the good news we sent it back to the factory
    and they replaced the bushing with a steel one and not only that they replaced the slide and sent us two extra magazines .
    Have to say GSG your good guys ………

  • JoeZ

    An interesting thing happened at the range today. Shooting my 1911, which has about 1200 rounds through it, I saw what I thought was a shell casing fyling downrange. My next shot was a jam, and upon clearing it I noticed the barrel bushing had split where the half moon flat piece attaches to the round bushing. What I thought was a shell casing was actually the spring retainer and recoil spring going downrange. Up to this point the only problem I had was failure to cycle with Winchester ammo. Anyone else have any parts break?

  • this is a fantastic firearm the parts are all real and the thing is mine shoots a one inch group @ 10 yards love it love it love it.

  • mec

    That has been happening. The gunsmiths at ATI now have steel bushings and a couple of other parts that have caused problems. They have been sending them out at customer’s request.

  • Mr Gunsmith

    I have one on order. They are out right now. $355 for plastic grips, $389 for wood. Has one 10 rd mag. Extra mags run about $35. Every thing works just like the real 1911, and it is milled steel unlike the Chiappa, which is die cast steel. Barrel is threaded for a fake or real surpressor. Only funky part is the disassembly. It has a full lenth guide rod below the barrel, that does not split like the Wilson Combat guide rod, (if you own one or have seen it you will know what I’m talking about) so the slide lock has to be pushed out to seperate the slide. The one store cleck who was helping me has one, and recommends shooting a box of mini-mags through it to break it in first before shooting HV and utility rounds. I don’t have mine yet, but the people I know who own one love it.

  • Randy W.

    Cancel your order for $389. Bud’s has them for $318 w/wood grips and free shipping. Express Guns on GunBroker has the mags for $28.00.

    The gun is NOT all steal. The slide is aluminum like many conversions. The frame is steel which gives the gun the heft of a .45acp. It is a great shooter, much more reliable than the .22 conversion I had for my Springfield. So far I have put more than 1600 rounds through it with only one failure to eject and that was the fault of the ammo, not the gun. By the way, ATI/GSG recommends only high velocity ammo. I have run five different brands through it (only some HV) and it cycled with no problems.

  • Mr Gunsmith

    Thanks for the tip Randy. $318 is way better than $389. By the way, have you heard anything about the ATI AK47? Discount store is selling them for $349. Wish they sold pistols too, but all they carry is rifles.

  • Randy W.

    Hey Mr. Gunsmith,
    The ATI AK-22 is made by GSG. It is one of the finest small bore copies of the AK ever made. I have one of the wood stocked versions (also available with a black polymer stock and handguard). I have shot this gun at least twice a week for the last year or so putty more than 3000 rounds thru it with virtually no failures. It will feed and fire just about any ammo including the cheapest, dirtiest you can find and it will work perfectly. The only glitch I had was a defective mag that was purchased aftermarket and ATI/GSG in Rochester not only replaced it but sent along another mag free of charge.

    ATI also imports GSG’s .45acp 1911’s made in the Phillipines. While they are not custom guns by any stretch of the imagination, they are very good utilitarian pistols. Any problems with ATI/GSG’s products are handled in a swift and courteous manner.

    So ends today’s commercial for ATI :o)

  • Randy W.

    There was a question on another blog as to present and future calibers of the ATI/GSG 1911. The current large caliber is .45acp. The current small caliber is .22lr HV. According to the director of sales at ATI there are NO future plans to add a 9mm or a .38 Super caliber to the line. I have had many shooters email or call me saying they would buy especially the .38 Super in a heartbeat (including me) if one was offered. I have sent requests for them to at least consider additional calibers and the powers that be up in New York are not saying no, but are not saying yes either. Maybe if enough of us pester them they might reconsider it.

  • Randy W.

    Mr. Gunsmith Part Deux,
    Bud’s in Kentucky also sells the entire GSG line including the 1911-22, 1911 .45acp, AK-22 (both models), the MP-5 .22 (all models) and the MP-5 .22 pistols. All are free shipping to the FFL of your choice. Enjoy.

  • g. nolan

    Would love to see the ATI/GSG 1911 in both .38 Super (my favorite) and .9mm. I have both in Colt and think the GSG version would be a wonderful addition to my collection. I have a Kimber 1911 .22 cal LR and am about to trade it for the GSG.

  • Randy W.

    To A. Nolan:
    I am sending any comments on this particular blog regarding the .38 Super to ATI/GSG. Someone up there has got to realize this is not a dead caliber and is coming back strong in the US. Most every major brand makes them including Springfield and Taurus. Go to ATI’s website and click on Contact Us. Let them know how you feel.

  • “gunner”

    my daughter owns a colt .38 super with an extra 9mm barrel, so she can shoot either cartridge. i’d suggest that would be the way to go, market the .38 super/9mm as a combo package. the 9mm is a bit short for the .38 super mags so there are occasional failures to feed, but there are 9mm magazines on the market to solve that problem.

  • Gunslinger

    I was fortunate enough yesterday to meet a fellow enthusiast that had a GSG 1911/22 and was kind enough to allow me the opportunity to shoot his. This GSG 1911 is great piece of engineering. It was well constructed with a quality three dot sighting system and 100% functional reliability. I have been looking to by a 22 auto pistol and had been considering a Ruger Mark III but considering the pricing at a little over $300 I have plans to added this GSG 1911 to my collection. Great firearm.

  • Steve

    Was working at a gun store looking for a .22. Was leaning toward a Ruger or Browning. Accuracy is legendary but takedown looks a little tedious. So I got this baby. Will go out second time today. First time: some misfires/jams (will try CCI minimags today) and it shot a little high and to the right. Normally I am in the kill zone but low and to the left with my 226. Jury is still out for me. It DOES feel just like a regular 1911 and I’m hoping that by practicing with this when I start shooting my .45 1911 the “feel” will transfer, tho the recoil will be night and day. Recoil? none!

  • Steve

    OK, back from outing #2. Mini mags solved the misfire problem. Cycled perfectly. Solved the aiming problem too. Front sight was not secured. It slides left and right in a slot and had not been screwed down. Shot lights out today. Grouping at 21 the size of a grapefruit, all 300 rounds. GREAT pistol. Was a bit of a booger to break down and clean the first time. Some good videos on youtube which got me thru it.

  • Ron Cragoe

    Between the GSG1911 and the cheepie (Chiappa) no comparison. I would like click adjustable sights for my 1911. Other than my little wish no complaints on my 1911. I ordered a Chiappa, then saw the 1911, canceled the other,bought the 1911.

  • Randy W.

    To Ron C: The rear sight on the GSG-1911 is set in a Novak cut on the slide. You should be able to find adj. sights to fit that slot. It was a good decision to cancel the Chiappa. It is piece of Junk compared to the GSG. Mine has over 2300 rounds through it and I can count on one hand how many times there has been a failure (all of them the fault of the ammo). Keep in mind the GSG has 80% parts compatibility so you can easily do more customization. Enjoy

  • Ron Cragoe

    I gave you my comments on the GSG 1911. A beautiful firearm. No comparison to the (Cheapee) Chiappa. I cannot get a full magazine to fire completely empty in the Cheapee, among other problems. No problems with the GSG1911 after the first magazine full. The second cartrige did not chamber and the seventh didnot eject the empty. After that no problems. IF YOU DOM’T LIKE THE COMENTS ABOUT COMPARISON OF PRODUCTS, THEN DON’T ASK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike Shea

    I bought a GSG-1011 yesterday and went directly to the range. Fired 5 clips from it. 2 for score and 3 as fast as I could tap the trigger. In a word, FLAWLESS! Not a missfeed or other malfuntion. This weapon is great for us 1911 guys. Really cheap trigger time. I would say to anyone buy it and not hesitate a bit.

  • Chris

    Just picked one up Monday. Took it home and cleaned it of preservative. Went to the range tonight and shot over 300 rounds. It finally started failing to extract after about 200 rounds; cleaned the the chamber with the supplied brush, finally stuck a case in and called it quits. Awesome gun, good accuracy right out of the box; moved the sight to the left a little, elevation was good. Any gun that’ll run nearly 300 Remington Goldens is impressive.

  • Randy W.

    To Chris: Next time try all CCI Mini-mags. I bet you will have a shooting session with no failures at all. Mine now has 3300 rounds though it with nine (9) failures. Enjoy your new toy.

  • Chris

    Thanks for the tip. Actually I used the Remington Goldens to get rid of them, they do not work reliably in my Remington 597, about 1 in 15 will not fire in the rifle. I’ve had no problems in the rifle and better groups with Federal Champions, so that is what I’ve got a lot of. They are not much more than the Remingtons, but less than the MiniMags. It is a fun gun!

  • coctailer

    Randy W,
    GSG doesn’t make the .45ACP that ATI is offering. They have no affiliation to Shooter’s Arms Corporation(FX).
    The only thing they have in common is they both are imported by ATI.

  • Randy W.

    Yes, I am aware of that but in order to contact the company that makes the .45 in the Phillipines you have to go through ATI in Rochester. I was contacted by the sales manager in the Phillipines and he gave me the info regarding the .38 Super. As of today, there is no plan to make any caliber other than the .45 which to me is not a good idea. In the mean time I will continue to enjoy my 1911-22. GSG certainly has a winner in this gun.

  • coctailer

    Randy W,
    I will be meeting with the president of Shooter’s Arms Corp and ATI next month. I’ll see if there is a possibility of them making a .38 Super FX pistol.

    I agree, there is a market for it.

    But for now, I am going to go plinkin’ with my GSG 1911-AD OPS.
    I put a Silencerco Sparrow on the thing and want to see how quiet it is.

  • Randy W.

    Coctailer: Thank you. I appreciate the effort. The .38 Super is coming back especially here in the deep south. I think if ATI/GSG made a test run they would be sold out in days. Enjoy your session. Went myself today and put another couple hundred rounds through mine.

  • Chris

    The .38 super was one of those products that didn’t really have a market when it was introduced but never really went away. I’d be interested just because you don’t see one in every lane at the range. But then I want a 25-06 rifle that I have no use for just because it’s a 25-06 …

  • Randy W.

    It’s a shame because the .38 Super is a very flat shooting, low recoil cartridge. Shooters who think the .45acp is too much could easily handle the .38 S in a 1911 format. It is simialr to shooting 9mm in a Model 92/M 4. Hopefully the industry will see the light. In the meantime eveyone enjoy their .22 :o)

  • jol2010

    I now have about 500 rounds thru mine. Only 2 stovepipes with american eagle 22. none with cci mini mag or gray box winchester. best 22 ive ever owned. no probs whatsoever.

  • laval076

    Hello there,

    I bought mine in december 2010. Sad to say, but my GSG is a real “Jam-o-Matic”… About 1500 rounds shot with a max of 10 mags without one stovepipe, Ftfire Ftfeed, jam… I tried various options : no lube, teflon lube, leave mags with 10 rounds in it for a week but nothing to do…

    I hate to go angry about a gun since the problem can be, and is generally, in between the gun and the ground…but, this time, I think I got a “lemon”

    Congrats to those who got a good one !!! This gun is sooo gorgeous !!!

    My two cents !!


  • Randy W.

    Lava: Contact ATI. They will correct ANY problem you may be having. The barrel bushing cracked on mine at 3,000 rounds and they overnighted a new STEEL bushing to me. Reading the other entries to this blog you will see various problems with the pistol. Most were solved by a phone call. Yes you might have to send the gun back but ATI stands behind anything they sell. So ends todays advertisement for ATI/GSG

  • JoeZ

    Are you using Winchester ammo? Mine always stovepipes using Win. Try Remington or Federal before you condem the gun!

  • coctailer

    Send the gun back to ATI. They will take care of you.

    Their customer service is top-notch.

  • Mark

    What kind of warranty does it carry?

  • Randy W.

    Mark: I understand there is a limited warranty on the gun. However ATI will repair or replace the gun for ‘lifetime.’ You know yourself that ‘lifetime’ is relative. However ATI’s support people tell me they will fix any problems that do not constitute abuse of the firearm. I had a barrel bushing crack and they overnighted a new steel bushing to me. As I said in a previous post, most problems can be solved with a simple phone call. One blogger condemed the gun because it wouldn’t feed any kind of ammo. Most likely he would have to send the gun back and ATI would make it right. Like all new entries into the market, ATI/GSG wants a good customer base and good service builds good relationships.

  • Steve

    NOTHING BUT PROBLEMS with this gun. Jams! Last week the barrel bushing BROKE!!! Made of aluminum, replacements (supposedly) made out of steel. Multiple calls/emails to ATI in NY to try and get it resolved. Got to the president’s office and he tried to get me some help, but his own “service” dept could not get me the piece when promised and when it did arrive the promised upgrade kit was not enclosed. Get a Buckmark or Mark III, even a Mosquito but take a pass on this piece of junk!

  • Paul

    I took the new gsg 1911 out for a spin today. I first must say that the looks, fit, finish, and overall quality are absolutely great. I went down to a local fishing hole set up a box and loaded up. The gun feels great in my hand and is the perfect size for my wife also. I was using sandbags on top of my truck hood.
    I wanted to see how accurate it was and adjusted the sights. I was using Fed.Champion ammo. First pull of the trigger and I said wow that is beau-ti-ful.
    Fired off the rest of the mag and not a single problem. I AM IMPRESSED!. The group wasn’t the best because it was my first time shooting this gun. The group was shooting high and I confirmed this by several more follow-ups. I decided to change the front sight to the higher one as per instruction in the user manual which was also done very well. Three front sights are supplied with the gun.
    After changing out and readjusting the sights I was grouping low. So today I will be taking it back out to try to get it dead on at 20 yards. The group was very nice after a started getting use to the sights and trigger. The rear sights only adjust for windage by drift and set screw. I will be replacing them with windage and elevation adjustable sights. Another point is the ability to change this to another caliber gives it a big advantage over your standard Ruger/Buckmard pistols. You can’t turn one of them into a .45, .9mm, etc..
    This is my 14 pistol and I think it’s going to be right up there on my favorite list. I was hitting 2 out of 3 targets by just point and shoot. Felt like a kid with a new toy. Well that reminds me of another story when I asked my mother for something to play with for Christmas she cut wholes in my pants pockets to save on cash. Buy one of these Great 1911 pistols. They are selling before they even get to the dealers and the price is starting to go up from the demand so Try to latch on to one these as fast as you can. Don’t let this be one of those that you let get away before. Don’t stop having fun until the pry your fingers of the trigger. I do till death do US part. Have fun be safe, pass it on.

  • Sorry about the word correction, should of read it before I sent it, but at least you get the point.That’s right where you aim and pull the trigger.
    You will not regret getting a GSG 1911 22LR. This one gun that won’t be just sitting around in the safe.This one and I are going to have a relationship for a long time and that’s all I got to say about that.

  • Oh, By the way they have fixed all the issues that they had at the beginning and have great customer service. The gun does have a 2 year warranty but they will take care of any defects and or issues that may come up from manufacting quality issues as long as needed.

  • Randy W.

    Hi Paul,
    When you change the rear sight to fully adjustable please let us all know what brand, model, etc. you use.
    Randy W.

  • gary

    I now have about 1200 rounds through my gsg 1911. Best 22 I have ever owned or shot, including a model 41 smith (better gun than I was a shooter!!) According to ATI, the dovetails on the gun are “Novak” style cuts.

  • Randy W.

    Thanks Gary. That will give us a big choice of adjustable sights on the market. My 1911-22 just passed 5600 rounds. I wish my Sprinfield 1911 was as reliable. How is they would just come out with a Hi-Power .22. Hmmmm…..

  • Larry

    The state of California just listed their approval of this pistol on the DOJ website. Finally we will be able to enjoy this fine 1911. We need to save money on ammo so we can afford California gasoline!

  • Randy W.

    Not to get off the subject but for those of us who would covet a Hi-Power in .22, JA Ceiner here in Florida does make a .22 conversion kit for around $200.

    My GSG just passed 6,350 rounds with 5 failures. Customer service is still great since they replaced a cracked barrel bushing literally overnight. Any problems you may encounter, don’t sit there and stew about it, call them so they can make you happy again.

  • Wounded Warrior

    I just got one yesterday, headed up to the mountains here in Colorado to try her out in a few mins, picked it up for $379, gotta say without even shooting it yet it was a great buy. It comes with a few options so if anyone is still looking for one keep that in mind, mine came with 3 front sight posts…odd…but there is a modle that is all black with a fake suppresser.

  • gary

    Since the rear sight is not adjustable you will (maybe) need to change the front sights to allow for elevation.

  • Hey Guys,

    Where can I get spare parts for the GSG 1911 like bareel fixing pins and even spare magazines??

  • gary jolly

    call gsg direct for parts. some parts will interchange with any 1911. sear pin, slide release will NOT. they ship quick. magazines also from them but any ffl selling gsg should have them. if not call 270.784.8777 Sherwoods Guns he keeps them. around $29.


  • Randy W.

    Joe D: Spare parts are readily available from ATI/GSG. Just write them with your needs. I have been getting spare magazines from dealers on The mags run anywhere from $24 tp $30 and are genuine GSG metal magazines not the cheap poly mags like one particular brand.

  • gary jolly

    A few posts have been about an adjustable rear sight for the GSG 1911. A great sight and a perfect fit is the Springfield Armory PI5339 (MidwayUSA #721189). Fits with a minor amount of filing on the front of the sight base for fitment. BUT!!! BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN TIGHTENING THE SET SCREW!!!!!! I did not take into consideration that the slide is an aluminum? alloy. I overtightened it and it displaced the metal on the slide under the set screw as I tightened it. This caused the firing pin to drag. It did not allow it to go back into the bolt causing the firing pin to stick out past the bolt face and in turn not allowing the bullet to load into the chamber. Was this a dumb_ss move on my part? YEP!!!! Fortunately I have had the bolt apart for cleaning a few times and knew where to look. A few LIGHT taps with a brass drift backed up by a soft piece of wood on the slide depressed the displaced metal back into place. Hope my bonehead move saves someone else a headache! 2000 rounds and counting with no problems.

  • BOB8186


  • Randy W.

    Bob8186: Keep your eye on You can find mags for your GSG 1911 .22 for as little as $30. They are genuine GSG mags. All steel and quality unlike some of the other brands that are polymer. The frame of your GSG is aluminum and the slide is alluminum alloy. You also have 80% parts interchangability between the .22 and .45.

  • i did submit a comment on myGSG-1911 but for some reason it was blocked???

  • Randy W.

    Try it again Bob B. Sometimes the site doesn’t accept comments. No reason why.


    I bought a GSG 1911 22 in April 2010. It is a delight to shoot. BUT it is out of commission for the SECOND time. The recoil spring rod has snapped at the base both times. I think it catches on the collar of the barrel and not the base of the barrel. First time it took over six weeks for ATI to ship a replacement. So far it has been 3 weeks.

    This should be a simple fix. Either hone the collar or redesign the guide rod with _) to )_ contact.

  • Tee New

    Has anyone on here ever seen or herd of a 1911 in 22 magnum?? would love to have one in that cal.

  • Bob

    Dont buy one of these guns without doing some research. Google GSG 1911-22 failures. Also look for blogs on this gun. Way to many issue’s with this gun. I purchased one 4 months ago and all I do is have issue’s with reloading and miss fires. When you see the pictures of the failures you wont want one. Mines for sale if you dont mind the gun could blow up in your face.


    • Tee New

      Had my GSG 22 to the range over the weekend, about 600 rounds thru it with 5 different magazines. love the way it shoots, had problem with solid round, fail to chamber. Switched to Wally world federal bulk hollow point and she purred like a kitten. With 5 mags I can empty them all and get them on the target in about 40 Seconds, although the grouping is not that great.
      Wish I could get one of these in 22 Mag.!

    • Tee New

      Had my GSG 22 to the range over the weekend, about 600 rounds thru it with 5 different magazines. love the way it shoots, had problem with solid round, fail to chamber. Switched to Wally world federal bulk hollow point and she purred like a kitten. With 5 mags I can empty them all and get them on the target in about 40 Seconds, although the grouping is not that great.
      Wish I could get one of these in 22 Mag.!
      Before I even started using this new pistol I checked to be sure I had a steel bushing and also replaced the factory guide rod with a full length SS. rod. Enjoy!

    • marv

      what are you selling it for ?
      let me know.

  • Randy W.

    To BOB: Sorry you feel that way about the GSG. I have one of the first made and have put more that 9,000 rounds through it with exactly 17 failures to feed or misfires. Some shooters will tell you this pistol is VERY ammo specific and basically it is. Mine will shoot all HV ammo. When you decide to use the dirty, cheap Walmart crap is when you start having problems. Yes the gun is not without it’s problems. At 2,000+ rounds the barrel bushing cracked; at 5,000+ rounds the guide rod snapped. Both were replaced promptly by ATI. Good luck finding your perfect pistol. Most of us are in the same search.

  • JoeZ

    I’ll bet you are using the bulk winchester crap. When I first bought my 1911 I used it and had misfires and feeding problems almost every magazine full. Switched to remington and haven’t had a problem since. Had the barrel bushing problem about 1500 rounds, and that’s been it. Have about 6-7000 rounds through it and it just keeps chugging. If you want to sell yours, contact me. I wouldn’t mind a pair!

  • Belinda

    My husband bought this gsg 1911 22 so we could target practice without burning up our more expensive ammo and I must say I was very impressed. Our’s must have came to us prefect cause it was dead on center. I was the first to hit a bulls eye and my husband was like HUH! The grouping was awesome. We also got it on sale for 309. so for target practice it’s awesome. I wouldn’t carry it for a defense weapon that’s what my 40 is for.

  • Fantastic site. Plenty of helpful info here. I’m sending it to several friends ans also sharing in delicious. And obviously, thank you on your effort!

  • BOB BIEBER;any one having problems with there guide rod or spring on the gsg 1911 22 cal, contact cw 12200 jack run road lancaster,oh,43130,i just got a ss guide rod and spring and your problems are over fits the gsg and the sig

  • Your style is really unique compared to other people I’ve read stuff from. Thanks for posting when you’ve got the opportunity, Guess I’ll just bookmark this page.

  • vlad

    i need GSG 1911 22lr, delivery to Ukraine by mail is possible?

  • Tigger25

    In the UK we are only allowed a long barrelled version however seeing as GSG made them their front bush leaves alot to be desired, too much slack, you either have to get a Briley bush (not ready available here) or get a gunsmith to line the bush. GSG being well known got this front bush wrong on this model.

  • The Roz

    Where can I buy 10 round magazines for the GAG 1911 .22 cal Pistol ?