Gamo Hunter Extreme

Gamo have a new break barrel air rifle called the Hunter Extreme. They claim it is the fastest spring air gun on earth.

Detail Hunter Extreme-1
Gamo Hunter Extreme .22

The .22 rifle will push a lead pellet at 950 fps. From my limited knowledge of air guns, I think this is 10-20% more power. The downside is that is take 65 lbs of effort to cock the rifle.


Caliber: .22
Velocity: 1300 feet per second (fps) with PBA*, 950 fps with Lead
Max Energy: 32 Joules
Break Barrel: Single Cocking System
Barrel: Jacketed steel bull barrel
Cocking Effort: 65 lbs
Trigger: Second Stage adjustable

* Gamo PBA: Performance Ballistic Alloy. A lighter non-lead brand of pellets.

In a promotional video from Gamo a hunter takes down a 250 pound boar with the .177 model using the PBA pellet (being pushed at 1600 fp/s).

I am pretty skeptical about this video. I originally uploaded it to youtube to embed it on the blog but then decided to delete it. I do not think they should be encouraging kids to go pig hunting with a .177 air rifle. Especially since the video looks like a setup – a docile pig is shot at near point blank range from an elevated angle.

More info on the rifle and the video mentioned above can be had at the Hunter Extreme website.

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  • Nat

    Congrats on the new toy. I love my Gamo Varmint Hunter with GRT-III trigger upgrade. I’m really interested in getting one of the high powered .22 air rifles, so I’m eager to hear your impressions of this one.

  • AB

    I’m not sure why anyone would want to hunt a wild boar with something that is single shot unless you’re packing a .54 black powder slug. And even then boars can and will surprise you.

    Watching the video, the pig is hit twice. First from a distance shot, maybe 25 yards. The pig is definitly realizing something isn’t right with its brain and is trying to get away. The second shot looks like the pig is exhausted by being chased by the dogs and is about to drop. The second shot then pops the critters brain through the thinner part of the skull.

    I’d still go after the thing with either a rifle or shotgun than need another 2 dozen stitches closing up a leg gash.

    All of this is just my own opinion.

    I’ve used an old Gamo air rifle for years for basic pest control and the occasional plinking of teenagers drinking beer in the woods behind my house and being loud about it. Never thought of trying to hunt a hog with one of those tiny pellets.

  • I saw that video on youtube. One of the comments points out the pig moves. I agree with you about the video being a set up.

  • guy

    “Max Energy: 32 Joules”

    Am I converting this incorrectly? 23.6 ft-lbs? That seems really low even for a air rifle – especially one you plan to shoot even a small animal with.

  • guy, you are right, that does seem low, that could be the PBA measurement. For 15 gr lead pellets the muzzle energy should be 30 ft/lbs or 40 joules.

  • Steve, it was a wise decision not to post the video. I think Gamo is overstretching its marketing campaign once again – and this causes much harm for all serious airgunners.

  • EM

    The video i watched shows 2 pigs being killed the first the guy has on bluegeans and a dennum shirt, the pig drops 1 shot. I use to shoot pigs to butcher on our ranch as a kid, they still kick after they are down… the pig droped like a rock.

    The second pig dogs were chasing, i do agree i wouldnt go after a pig unless i had a side arm. however i did down a javalena before in self defense with 1 shot from a thompston continder 22. I do believe this rifle will put down a bore. i also believe this gun would put me down if I was shot with it..

    So far i have no negative things to report with mine, it is loud, i don’t have a chronograph but the led pellets sound a lot faster through my Hunter extreme than my wifes Gamo Whisper. it’s a definite crack, sounds like a 22

  • EM

    P.S. almost all manufacturers stretch the Fps from what i’ve seen kinda like those fuel economy cars.

  • Simba

    I just did a bunch of velocity tests on my Gamo Hunter Extreme .22 and the muzzle energy consistently stays in the 28-29 ft-lbs range for most lead pellets. The highest energy was with Crow Magnum at 29.97 ft-lbs (861.3 fps). The highest lead pellet velocity was 967.3 fps with 14.3gr Gamo Rocket which translates to 29.7 ft-lbs. PBA goes faster at 1154 fps but it’s lighter (9.9gr) – still the same energy – 29.26 ft-lbs.

    • Simba, very interesting. Thanks for posting your results.

  • It’s one of the most powerful guns if you’re shopping in the kiddy isle at the big box stores but in the world of adult PCP hunting rifles 25-28fpe is considered a decent entry level gun. 50-80fpe is where most responsible air rifle hunters go to tackle game in the fox and ground hog catagory. A Quacker .308 with 150 grain slugs shooting over 150fpe would be the rule for Boar.

  • tobysteve

    I was just wondering if the gamo hunter extreme in 22 could take a squirrel everytime with no problem. I have a rws model 34 .177 and just doesnt have the power. I would love too do some squirrell hunting this fall with the gamo? I have never tried a .22 springer but would like to. I was thinking about the new gamo or a rws model 460. I do belive the gamo has more speed and power thow. but the rws new mounting system seems really nice. wouldnt have to worry about scope creep. and the whole pig thing seems stupid if your going hog hunting use a center fire rifle not a pellet gun,, Id use my 7mm remington ultra mag with 180 grain bullets. well just my opion.

    toby steve

  • Marcus

    I am not an expert in this subject, but I have tried a few rifles my self. From my experience I will have to say that the best penetration and accuracy achieved at 30 yards was with the gamo hunter extreme .177 with Predator .177 Cal, 8.0 Grains, Pointed “Predator Ploymag”

  • Robert K

    First of all I will say that, hunting a hog with an air rifle it’s ridiculous.
    So my opinion is that Gamo is doing a very bad thing to show the world how to take down a hog that way..
    A lot of kids who is looking at this will get an screwed up picture of how it should be done.
    I will suggest an Winchester .30-30 or an Shotgun at close range.
    I have an RWS 350 magnum for training purpose, and this is not a hunting rifle, even if it has a lot of power.

  • Billy

    I want to see the gamo video were they take down that giraffe with the hunter .22 PBA ammo!

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  • I enjoyed the comments regarding the Extreme Hunter. I sure would not want to shoot a hog with one. But my reason is because 9 out of 10 times, you would miss the hog. The guns are incredibly inaccurate. I have read the blogs. Some seem to shoot ok. Mine can shoot a 6 inch square with each consecutive pellet in a different corner of the square with no rhyme or reason. Gamo could not fix it. I shoot well, so operator error is not the main problem, particularly shooting an air rifle from a double lead sled. In my humble opinion, the guns are truly junk, and the word needs to get out. There is no reason to wound game because of a lousy gun.

  • Simba

    It would be cruel (and probably illegal in many areas) to shoot a hog with this airgun (or any small bore airgun). And I agree with what other posters say about Extreme Hunter’s accuracy. I can’t hit the side of a barn with it. In fact, can’t even sight the scope even using a rifle rest. Each pellet’s point of impact seems completely random. I got a Diana RWS instead and have much better results with it. Also even though I didn’t shoot the Hunter a whole lot, the scope that came with it got damaged: the side knob became loose. I fixed it, but it required an adjustable spanner wrench that most people probably don’t have in their tool box to tighten a retaining ring. I am sure it’ll do it again if I keep shooting it but now it’s just sitting in the gun safe collecting dust.

  • to all the people saying the gamo hunter extreme is a piece of crap you sir are an idiot i own lots of springer air rifles the hunter extreme is very accurate there is a certin way to shoot it if you take the time to learn how to properly use the artilary hold you will find that any inaccuracy is you and not the gun

    any inaccuracy in this gun is the fault of the person pulling the trigger lol

  • long time air hunter

    you all are in awe or hatred of the extreme–the artillery hold is an absolutly nessary thing a lead sled will never let the gun vibrate to it’s proper frequency to allow the pellet to exit at the same point of vibration–this is the cause of inacuracy –also is the gun properly “broken in” 100-500 shots normally 100-200 but some will take more work and if you ars so disapointed try the BENJAMIN TRAIL XL IN .22 CAL 1200 W/LEAD PELLETS it will pile one pellet on top of another @10 meters it took 200-250 shots to settle/break in i couldnt be happier with chrono resultsthey run in the high 1200’s/may not be fully broke5 in one hole @n in? but acurracy is completely up to par now velocity may still increase with continued use/break in artillery hold laying the gun on your hand and not squezing the forearm you too will get 5 in one hole results@10 meters also crossman/benjamin/sheridan has really stepped up in the world look up rogue .357 air gun-250ftlbs/full power shots with as little as 1000 psi left in the resivoir-it uses a regulated valve to electronicaly eject air for your projectile weight using low-med. high settings to determin nessary amount of air to allow out @ once-keep shootin strait and safe.

  • Paul Schytz

    Nearly every person leaving comments on this site and on nearly all other sites need to be educated on FPS (feet per second) velocity. “Any” pellet rifle shooting pellets (unless they are shooting the extra heavy type) over 1126 fps will “NOT” be accurate. When you surpass 1126 fps with standard weight pellets, they will all begin to wobble, because 1126 fps and higher air speeds cause air disturbance. The speed of sound is 1126 fps and standard or pbs pellets will wobble because the pellet is breaking the speed of sound. Use heavy or extra heavy pellets for accuracy, especially when shooting .177 caliber pellets. The larger caliber (.22 or .25) pellets will generally not exceed the speed of sound (1126 fps) and they will be much much more accurate than a .177 caliber pellet. The bigger the caliber makes the pellet heavier and therefore “slower”. My choice is .20 caliber or .22 caliber pellet rifles using normal weight pellets, but the shapes of the pellets, their weight and their “quality” will make a huge difference is accuracy.
    Posted: 10.14.16 by PS.

  • right


  • kahraman

    hi i was looking for gamo hunter extreme, i looked at all websites they said they don’t have it, if you have some i would love to buy 2 gamo hunter extreme. thank you.

  • I too own a benjamin trail np xl .22 rifle. This was my first air rifle. After reading hundreds of 5 star reviews and study of velocity and muzzle energy i chose this rifle for being what seems to be most accurate and powerfull on market. I couldent be happier and any one who thinks this is not a deadly weapon is either not aware that most small handguns fire 1100/1400 fps or has yet to fire this beautifull weapon. Accuracy increases with every pull of the trigger. As does velocity