LaserLyte Pistol Bayonet

LaserLyte have developed a “Universal Quick Detachable” bayonet called the PB-1. It features a steel blade manufactured by Ka-Bar.

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Be the first to own a Pistol Bayonet that looks as good as it works. This razor-sharp Ka-Bar® blade fits any medium to large pistol with a rail and slides on and off easily with the press of two buttons. The blade handle is constructed from 30% glass-filled nylon for strength and durability. Its carbon steel blade is sharpened to a fine edge and finished with a black Teflon® coating for protection. A LaserLyte original, the Pistol Bayonet is ready for any situation—or just looking cool on your favorite gun.

This is not the first pistol bayonet, The CZ 75 SP-01Tactical includes a bayonet and breach teeth. I don’t think it is supposed to be taken seriously, there is very little tactical value or self defense value to hanging a knife off your pistol. Still, I want one!

LaserLyte are selling the PB-1 on their website for $39.95.

UPDATE: The idea of combining a knife and pistol has actually been around for a very long time. Since at least the 1700’s when a pistol and multi tool were combined..

UPDATE: LaserLyte emailed me the specs:

– Product Number: PB-1
– Compatible Firearms: with rails, medium to large frame pistols
– Material: medium carbon, glass filled nylon
– Finish: black oxide
– Weight: 2.6 oz., 73.71 g
– Blade Length: 2.75 in., 69.85 mm
– Overall Length: 5.75 in., 146.05 mm
– MSRP: $39.95

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Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • SoloTwo

    Great backup zombie weapon.

  • Ed

    I have one!

  • kp

    I want to see some test video! It may break, but at least it will break off in somebody’s ass.

  • jdun1911

    All the pistol that I own doesn’t have rail. I make an exception for this tho.

  • gummywormz

    if you think about it, in a pistol the bayonet should be facing down vertically, not as to this picture when it is horizontally. so ass soon as your out of ammo you punch them and it swipes. but this is stil awsome, i love ka-bar.

  • That’s just crazy!

  • JR

    Here is a flint Flint Lock from the 1700’s.

  • Billy Oblivion

    There are even early combinations than that cute little revolver thingy–back in the days of ball and powder some boarding pistols had rather ungainly blades under the barrel–you shot your tubes and then waded in with the knives.

    Balance looked awful though.

  • gonna be a real pain(literaly) for IWB carry.

    As a custom knife maker, I see so much in this… I could make blade styles to match my gun styles. 😉

    • G. Blessing – you should! there could be $$$ in that. Email me photos if you do.

      btw, I have subscribed to you blog.

  • Art the Fart

    Damn straight Son!

  • James

    There is very serious tactical advantage to having a knife on your sidearm. If you are ambushed and can’t bring the muzzle of your pistol to bear the knife will certainly provide a ready back up. Give em hell.

  • justin

    I own one of these and it doesn’t fit on a S&W, a Taurus or a Hi-Point after i got i took it to the local gunshop and tried it on my gun and everything in the shop. The constructions is poor and and to get it to fit on a S&W you would need to grind a little off the edge of the rail.

  • .308 Kevin

    ok, so this little device may solve a perplexing question. I’m no gunsmith, with formal training, just a redneck who knows how to use a screwdriver. I’ve got a buddy who’s paying me to ‘customize’ a mossberg 835 into a riot gun. topfolding stock, pistol forend, whole nine yards…

    he’s insistent he wants a bayonet, and for the life of me I’ve not found a way to do that, short of welding on a lug, what do you guys think, would this fit the accessory rails, on any of the ‘aftermarket’ barrell clamps for adding lights and lasers?

  • Jared

    The only real purpose i can see this serving is that it would make it a lot harder or hopefully prevent someone from trying to disarm you in a fight all though if you really needed it i dont know that you would have time to draw both your sidearm and this bayonet and fix bayonet before shit hit the fan still pretty damn cool looking though

  • WonderWheeler

    I thought the “military necessity” for a bayonet was the execution of potential POW’s. I seem to remember a quote of a WWI officer that said the bayonet was only of use after the hands went up, or something to that effect.

    A pistol bayonet would certainly add a new angle in the typical action movie, where the bad guy, just before he goes fist to fist with the good guy, climbs up on something and throws his empty gun at him.

  • Matt24/7

    fit on my 24/7 .45 pro perfectly. now i’m ready when the zombies rise!

  • Mr. X

    Just reminds me of the bayonet for a shotgun. “Why” is the question? Yet one on a shotgun in a trench if you were fighting enemy soldiers and ran out of ammo. I’m waiting on a good reply. They were using bayonets on pistols 100 + years ago. Can mount a sharpened screw driver on front some how. Be close to the same thing. I’m on the fence with this?
    However they look cool.

  • Well, it certainly prevents someone from trying to grap your gun.

  • Steve

    this is a question for justin, you mentioned that the laserlyte pistol bayonet did not fit high-point, do you know what caliber it was? they may all have the same rail? I own a .45 acp high point pistol so i was just wondering this would save alot of time ordering and returning. Thank you for your time.

  • AK™

    an effective tool.
    for what?
    Same reason you have the pistol generally.

  • Mr. X

    In close fighting tool is all I can figure. The pistol is the last line when soldiers have to use them. Then again why the bayonet on a rifle? Have to say when you run out of ammo or an empty mag. “If” you can just shoot with rifle (from far away) or pistol (up close) why the bayonets? Just a tool designed to cut or trusting stabs. Killing them might not be exactly what your after by shooting them.

    Boys in WWI knew why in the trenches with the 12 guages.

    Then again it might just be ” bling ” that a person wants to decoate there favorite pistol acessory rail with? They do look cool….. hard to fit inside an IWB without cutting your hip or leg.

  • Travis

    Bayonets are still used on the battlefield today, albeit not as much as in earlier wars. It will always be a useful tool of battle. Stabbing an enemy with a bayonet as opposed to just a knife allows for much more torque, creating a more serious wound. Also it allows you to silently kill an enemy, and not get too close to them. That being said I am pretty sure this pistol bayonet is more of a novelty item then actually meant to be used seriously.