Sig 522 LR: A .22 LR Sig 550 clone

Sig have launched the Sig 552. It is a .22 Long Rifle version of the 5.56mm Sig 556, which in turn is a civilian clone of the Sig 550. Externally it looks identical to the Sig 556 Classic with the swiss-style folding stock and handguard.

From Sig:

The Look and Feel of the Classic SIG556 ™ in Affordable .22 Rifle SIG SAUER, Inc., the leading manufacturer of commercial, law enforcement, and military firearms fuels the demand for the legendary SIG556 performance but in an affordable .22 LR caliber with the new SIG522 semi-automatic rifle. Featuring SIG556 parts including a Swiss type folding stock and polymer forend on a durable metal receiver with integral Picatinny rail, and a Mini Red Dot sight. The SIG522 provides the avid sport shooter plenty of action on a classic military style platform that give the look, feel and dependability of our full size SIG556.

Picture 6-21

Overall Length: 29.8 in
length w/Stock Collapsed: 29.1
Barrel Length: 17 in
Rifling: 1 in 7 in
Sight Radius: 14.4 in

The MSRP is $515.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • SoloTwo

    Oh great another .22 clone to add to my list…

  • Rob_1975au

    Is there supposed to be an extra digit in that price??
    Pity I can’t have one over in Australia.

  • Overload in CO

    Price is about what I expected. About the same as the GSG-5, the HK MP5 looking .22.

  • FireNForget

    Where can I get one!!!Looked at all the online dealers and no matches. Can find the GSG but thats it…Any ideas?

  • Pete

    That can’t be right. 1:7″ twist barrel for a dedicated .22lr rifle?
    Is this an upper or a full rifle?
    $515 seems inexpensive actually to me. About the same as a GSG, but made by Sig. That is actually cheaper than the $600+ dedicated .22lr AR uppers out there by companies like Spikes Tactical and Tactical Solutions.

    Looking forward to hearing more about this one.

  • anybody know much about the s&w mp22??
    it’s 1 : 17″ whereas the sig claims 1 : 7″ can that be correct??

  • Cymond

    What does it use for mags? Will magazines be readily available? Hi-caps?

  • Frank

    The rifling is 1 in 16″, according to Sig’s Web site. Could somebody please edit this article?

  • jeff

    Frank is correct-Sig says rifleing is 1 in 16″, overall length 35.1in, length w/ stock folded 26.1 and msrp $543.00. Comes with foldind and colapsable swiss style stock and a Sig red dot too! Yes please!

  • FrankDux

    It doesn’t come with the Sig red dot, that’s an added accessory

  • V-MAN

    I’ve been waiting on this rifle since I saw it the first time! I spoke with CS @ Sig and was told rifles will be shipping in OCT. I asked for specific dates to when it will be avail in my area and was told Sig is 40,000 units on order already! I put deposit at my dealer for the first one in the door … I hope it’s soon.

    The red dot IS included according to Sig customer rep I spoke with …

  • Mario

    I just picked up my Sig 522 LR this past Saturday, I’ve been waiting on it to come in for months and it finally showed up!!! This gun is freakin awesome, it looks exactly like the 556. FYI it does not come with a red dot like some people are thinking and in fact if you go to Sig’s website and look up the gun it does say optional accessories, showing a red dot on it and a tactical light and laser combo.
    Anyways, I paid a little over $500.00 for the gun and still have the look and feel of a $2000.00 556. Only one thing I wasn’t to pleased with and that was the magazine it came with. It is a 25 rd. magazine but it’s see through, I guess some would like that but for me it looks like something that would go on a airsoft rifle. All in all I am very pleased and would recomend a fan of Sig and AR-15’s to go out and buy one. Just be prepared to be waiting a long while untill you get your hands on one. I would suggest you put one on order with your gun dealer the sooner the better because these guns are hot and hard to find!

  • Just picked one up today at the gunstore….they had three of them…paid $480 out the door….comes in nice Sig hardcase too.

    Can’t wait to shoot it!

  • ixlimmer

    This past Saturday (11/15/09)… I visited a buddy who had just purchased a Sig 522 that morning… I’ve not brought or shot a gun in over 20 years, but I really like the way this gun looks, so I went and brought the last one Gunnies that day… $430 plus tax; guess I got lucky.
    Can’t wait to go shooting this weekend.

  • Anybody know if the 15 rd Black Dog mags fit/function in these 552’s?

  • Tim ORourke

    I just picked up mine Friday, had fork over 520 as they were asking 599!
    I was only disappointed in fact there were no fixed sights included and the mag is a real pain to load. I have 2 of Urmax Colts, a S&W, GSG MP5 and GSG AK. They all have better loading mags. The rifle though is a really nicely made and first impression at range is that it is accurate. I will do extensive ammo and accuracy testing later, I just used some bulk Winchester that works with the Urmax Colts and it never missed a lick and at 25 yds with a red dot it was dime size accurate. I will test at 50 yds later with lots of different ammo. I also like the way it breaks down for cleaning. After several hundred rounds the bolt face is still very clean, something I can not say for the Colts. So far this is my favorite but I have not done extensive testing.

  • The Black Dog mags DO work:

    Got a black 15 rd mag from them….looks great…I like the black better than the smoke which comes with the rifle…I will get more of them.

    Now, where do I get the accessory rails that go on the sides of the handguards?

    Don’t see them on the SIG website.

  • Mike

    Picked mine up last week and finally had time to get to the range. Nice shooter with no issues. I put a red dot I had laying around on it but already would prefer iron sights. I don’t like the Sig as much as the S&W MP15-22 but like it a whole lot better than the two colt 22lr versions I have. I found the Sig stock to be a little short even with the extension added. Time will tell if it as reliable as the S&W.

  • I purchased my SIG522 last Thursday, 3 December 2009. Price paid was $429.00 in Denver, Co. Rifle came w/out sights. I had a Bushnell HOlO sight and will do 100 yard paper target head shots w/out a hitch. 25 yard postage stamp shots are on the money. When the gun is on a stable rest, at 25 yards (only yardage I shot bench) the rifle would print bullet hole in bullet hole. This is phenomenal accuracy. I have a GSG5 and except for the piss poor mechanics of operation it is a good runner up in accuracy. I purchased a Ruger by Tactical Solutions and it is a tack driver as well using a HOLO type sight but, the SIG 522 is my favorite as of now and below the price of the Ruger or the malfunctioning GSG5.
    Nice thing about the GSG5 is the handling and target acquisition with the open sights. Also with the SIG522 as is with the Ruger, I have used all brands of 22LR ammunition w/o a hitch except for a few Remington rounds as packaged in the bulk 525 round box. CCI mini mags. is by far the best with Federal running a close 2nd.
    I have in four days of owning the SIG522 put 500 rounds through it w/o a hitch and strongly recommend it over any of the others as a tactical type of firearm. I/we use the 22LR for tactical exercises and therefore prefer a tactical/military configuration.
    Have fun shooting the SIG522, you will not regret it.

  • Tim ORourkeon~Comment: I was only disappointed in fact there were no fixed sights included and the mag is a real pain to load.

    My idea of simplifying mag. loading. Seems to work fine.

    Like all such mags w/o a loader, they are a pain to load. Here is what I did and it makes it much easier.
    Remove the follower from the mag and drill a small hole (3/32″) in the side of the depression at the bottom of the follower. Drill the same size hole through the bottom cover that holds the follower and spring. Take about 16″+/- of 4# to 6# nylon fish line and make a double loop of it threading it through the follower. I tied knots about every 3″ to keep the line together then pulled the line through the hole in the bottom trap slide. By having a loop in the line as it projects out of the bottom of the magazine, you can wrap it around your hand and pull the follower down while loading it.
    Hope the explanation is understandable. This works fine, is cheap, and quite rapid in loading once you develop a technique for handling it. Just let the line/string dangle below the mag. No 4# line seems to be plenty strong enough and is barely visible when using monofilament.

  • Wagz

    Just picked up a limited edition set of the Sig 522 and the Sig 556 both rifles have the same serial # in my case 115 of 2000 sets and have “one of two thousand” imprinted on the side. this is also the only way that you can get a 522 with the Sig quad rail. I like many am not a big fan of the mags being smoke in color and the fack that it was without iron sighs was kind of a bummer.
    I took it out last weeknd and put about 1000 rounds of cheap federal ammo through it without a single jam. Accuracy as reported was great as well. I even threw my suppressor on it for about 200 rounds with some sub sonic ammo and was extremley impressed with how quiet it is. I think the bolt cycling makes more noise than the round being fired. If youhave a chance to pick one up I would not hesitate recommending the Sig 522 to anyone.

    Oh and thanks for the mag tip earlier I will be trying that out directly

    Later Wagz

  • roger

    I picked mine up this week it came with the rails lose in the case you have to mount yourself have not fired it yet but it has nice fit &finish piad to much it sounds like $ 550

  • Got my SIG522 a couple of weeks ago in Denver and paid $429.00 which is a bargain. Some dealers are going to scalp the hell out of this rifle once the word gets out as to how good, real, and metal construction it is.

    Of the 22 tactical that I have, the 522 for a true tactical is my favorite and for the runner up is my Ruger 1022 as assembled by Tactical Solutions out of Idaho. The Ruger is a thumb hole with fluted aluminum outer w/steel liner barrel and is one devil of a tack driver but expensive. The 522 fitted with proper sights is an excellent tack driver. The GSG5 when it works and with open sights can be a tack driver. The SIG and the Ruger are fit with Holo sights. Bought a Mitchell Mousers Black Lightening and it is extremely accurate with a scope and in 22Mag. Had a Mitchell Mouser 17 cal and it was dangerous with going into battery slam fires and double feeding. The double feeding in my opinion is the result of using a 22 Mag. magazine. Sent the 17 to Mitchell and with out cost, they replaced it with a 22 Mag. and paid the freight. Can’t beat Mitchell Mousers for warranty. Make an excellent 98 Mouser as well.
    Well, so much for the diatribe. You won’t go wrong with the SIG522. I am making head shots on silhouette target at 100 meters with a 30 meter zero using the Holo sight with the circle and a dot in green.. Don’t know what any body is paying for the red and green Holo sights, but I am getting them for under $100.00 from a local dealer. Feel free to contact me if your interested.
    Again, the SIG 522 for tactical training is the best on the market, the plastic S&W and Colt won’t come close to it.

  • Tim in NC

    I agree 110% I have them all, GSG5, GSG AK, Colt Carbine and Rifle, and the oSig. I like them all but I love the Sig, I just wish they had a decent open site option.

  • Mike from Rockville, MD

    I just received my Sig 522LR last week. I ordered in in late May and waited patiently. I was very excited when I heard it was in because I purchased it from only seeing it in the 2009 Sig Catalog. I do not have a 556, but my close friend does so I know its big brother. My .223 is a Rock River LAR-15 A4 HBAR loaded. I also have a GSG-5 and a Colt/Umarex M4 .22 Cal. I really like 22’s because of the cost and overall fun of the rifles I have. I am extremely impressed with the Sig. It is of very high quality. Better than the GSG-5 and a lot better than the Colt. Excellent weight and feel. It feels very strong. A couple of issues that need to be discussed. The Mag are clear and very hard to load. The first 15 cartridges are ok, but after that it fights you. The Mag needs a thumb knob to release the spring tension. The Mag looks cheap but its not. Its made of extremely strong plastic with recessed screws and the Sig logo embossed down the center. They say it holds 25 rounds, but I could barely press 22 or 23 in the Mag. I would live to see a black metal 50 round version. Hopefully someone will make one. The rifle DOES NOT come with either the mounted Red Dot Sight or the accessories 1913 Picatinny Rails again which are showed in the brochure. I called Sig Customer Support and spoke to a very nice person named Victoria Martin. She hooked me up with 4 additional Mags for $29 each (free shipping and no tax) and a 556 Accessory Rail Kit for $20. It also fits the 522LR.

    I received everything in a couple days. The 3 rails (3, 6, 9 o’clock) mounted very easily with the removal of the top of the hand guard. Took about 10 minutes. Excellent quality. Its a must have accessory. Note, that none of this is on the website. I had to call Sig directly. Here is their number for convenience. Phone: (603) 772-2302 (press #3 for Customer Service)

    The rifle is truly excellent and in reality under priced. Remember this is Sig, not Umarex or GSG. I paid $540 plus tax for the rifle and (2) 30 Round Mags. The rifle even comes in an official 556 Blue hard plastic case. Both my GSG and Umarex M4 came in a cardboard box. The store also attached a Silencer for demo that they let me try in their range. That too was a must have. For $299 plus the Federal Tax Stamp ($200), I plan to oder this in the Spring. If you like Sig and 22 cal rifles you need to run and get this. They only built 40,000 in the first production run and will probably be sold out before you know it. I’m actually going to buy a second. I have it on order an another store.

    I rate this rifle a 5 out of 5. I hope this helps. Enjoy…

  • Jay Farmer

    Just got my SIG 522 yesterday and shot it today. I put an old red dot on it I had and it shot remarkably well. I live in a rural area and can shoot in my back 80 acres, marked off a 50 yard target and mounted a 3×9 scope, impromtued rested on truck hood n sandbag. It was easy to keep a 1inch spread. My son came over and we shot 500 brick through it with no malfunctions. I used to own a 556 traded it unfortunately years ago , this was of just as good a quality very nice action. I purchased a few blackdog 15 shot, mags and they worked flawless, looked nicer and were easier to load than the SIG 25 shot. After about 22 rounds the spring is compressed so tight its tuff with big fingers to get anymore rounds in.
    I would have liked to had iron sights from the factory as I am planning to use this as a coyote close range weapon on the farm, but also mostly a plinker. Overall i was well pleased and I m going to buy my son one also, I paid $47 plus tax from my local dealer and I ordered mine back in the spring. Well worth the wait!

  • Jay Farmer

    WAS NOT $47, I wish! $447! plus tax

  • I put quick release rings on mine and a Simmons 4×32 scope:…#photo=70

    Doesn’t look to bad….think I got a TruGlo 2x red dot under the Christmas tree too.

  • Mike from Rockville, MD

    Thats a bummer about Australia not being about to have any firearms.

  • Ed

    Finally took my Sig 522 to the range. Paid $479 + tax for it. Mounted a Trijicon Tri-Power to the top rail and was hitting bullseyes within a few short minutes. Ran over 100 rounds through it flawlessly, between two mags — the Sig 25-round mag and a Black Dock grey 25-round mag. While seemingly mechanically identical, I had a much easier time loading the Black Dog mag, while I could only press about 22 rounds into the Sig mag.

    I called Sig and ordered the rail kit and a 10-round mag for bench use. I had a Colt AR-22 and got rid of it as soon as I bought my S&W M&P15-22. I also have a GSG-5 and the new Ruger 22 Tactical. Unlike the Colt, all are very well-made, trouble-free, and very accurate. The Sig, however, is my favorite due to the quality of the feel, fit, and finish. It breaks down for cleaning almost like an AR, which to me is VERY easy. Hence, this is the one I will be shooting the most, along with my 2nd favorite, my fully-loaded M&P15-22.

    I HIGHLY recommend this American-made rifle. Out of all the tactical 22’s out there, I feel that this one is the best, with magazine availability second only to the Ruger 10-22 Tactical. It has a nice, solid, and predictable trigger feel. If you only have the budget for one tactical 22 — you can’t go wrong with this well-made, easy-to-maintain Sig 522.

  • Yup…I handled the Colt M4 clone…the Smith M4 clone…and the Ruger…the SIG felt the best….although I would like the Ruger eventually.

  • NRAJOEon 24 Dec 2009 at 9:50 am link comment
    Yup…I handled the Colt M4 clone…the Smith M4 clone…and the Ruger…the SIG felt the best….although I would like the Ruger eventually.

    FYI on the Ruger:
    My son has the Ruger, although it looks like tactical, my Ruger by Tactical Solutions of Boise, Idahoe shoots circles around it. My son’s Tactical Ruger wouldn’t handle the plastic lipped mags very well but my Tac. Solutions doesn’t have a problem at all although, we both are favoring the metal lipped mags and suggest that if you go to Ruger, that you use the metal lipped mags.

    My SIG is the top trainer and I will purchase another. Prices are all over the board now.

  • Mike from Rockville, MD

    I have the new Colt Umarex M4 and its lousy. The action gets stuck on 8 out of 10 times when you pull back the charging handle. Get the Sig 522 first and then maybe a GSG-5. Maybe I the lame duck of the bunch but mine is going back to the store for adjustments tomorrow. If things improve I’ll post an update. I do have to agree that these 22 cal black guns are a blast. Fun, accurate and inexpensive to shoot. Awesome for target and plinking.

    If anyone has used the Black Dog 50 round drum mag with their Sig 522 please let me know. I’d be interested in its operation from someone other than the vendor. Thanks…

  • Angloon 24 Dec 2009 at 10:41 am

    FYI on the Ruger:
    My son has the Ruger, although it looks like tactical, my Ruger by Tactical Solutions of Boise, Idahoe shoots circles around it. My son’s Tactical Ruger wouldn’t handle the plastic lipped mags very well but my Tac. Solutions doesn’t have a problem at all although, we both are favoring the metal lipped mags and suggest that if you go to Ruger, that you use the metal lipped mags.

    Definately on the metal lipped mags….I have the factory Ruger mags and 3 of the 25 rd mags with metal feedlips.

    Too many problems reported with the plastic feedlips.

    I have a stainless Ruger 10/22 that I’ve had for over 10 yrs…always remiable and accurate.

  • jm5546

    Yesterday, I got a chance to compare the Colt 22LR, S&W MP15-22 and SIG 522 at my local gun dealer. Although I was primarily interested in the SIG, when I actually got to play with it, I found the trigger to be rather poor. Specifically, there was an extremely large amount of creep before it released (rather “mushy” for the first 1/8″-1/4″). Comparatively, the Colt and S&W had much more crisp releases, with little creep. I am curious to hear impressions from 522 owners on their triggers.

  • jm5546on 25 Dec 2009 at 5:39 am link comment: I am curious to hear impressions from 522 owners on their triggers.

    JM The trigger on my SIG is very good. Little take up slack and actually very light on the pull. Took me awhile to get used to the pull which could be about 3#+/-. I highly recommend the SIG 522. I do not believe that you will go wrong as compared to the Colt or Smith.

    That Is my opinion.

  • Mike from Rockville, MD

    I find the trigger on mine to be excellent. The action is crisp and the trigger pull well balanced. The Sig 522 is far better than the Colt or the GSG-5. It was also $84 less than the Colt. The one thing I will say is the Colt does have excellent Mags. At 30 rounds and a breeze to load, that’s the one thing I have to say is better than the Sig. Again, I’m hoping someone builds a nice 30 round in black metal with a post to take up the tension in the spring system. I am going to check out that 50 round drum mag from Black Dog. If anyone has one I’d love to hear some feedback. The only flaw in the Sig are the Mags and that it does not come with the Rail Kit. That cost $20 more directly from Sig’s online store. As for the rifle, it’s still the best 22 cal I own. Happy Holiday’s.

  • jm5546

    Thank you to all for the comments on your 522 triggers. I am going to try and locate another store that has the 522 in stock, to see if the sample I was examining had an issue with it’s trigger.

    Thanks again, and Merry Christmas to all.

  • You gunners will like this.

    Your new theme song:

  • MikesHobbies

    Here is a YouTube video of my Sig Collection including my new Sig 522LR. For those that don’t have one yet, you can take a look. I shot it in HD so there some pretty good images. If you think this was helpful, please leave some positive posts and comments here and on YouTube. Thanks.

  • Russ Fields

    Dude did anybody ever tell you that you sound like John Goodman. Hook us up with a video when you go shoot it. Be careful not to leave any evidence as to where you may live. people know what you have to take

  • Mike

    Thanks funny as I am in media. Not too worried, remember what were talking about. Take care…

  • Jimmy S

    On the topic of the GSG-5, While I was over in Pakistan last year, the local gunshop had one in the rack. Anyhow a few days later I was back in there and t had gone, sold to manager from an international Aid Organisation who had cash to burn and apparently was bored with air rifles ( as it turns out with obviously limited firearm experience.)

    Oddly enough, a week later it was back in the rack. I asked Hurr, the proprietor what the go was. It seems the new owner was pretty excited to test it out, so he stuck a target up on the steel gate of his compound and preceded to loosen off a couple of packets. Unfortunately he didn’t factor on the amazing penetrating powers of the 22lr, which went right through the steel gate, and turned the programmes brand new Toyota Prado parked behind the gate into Swiss cheese, hence had to sell it back to the shop prior to his hasty departure from the country. Idiot

    As for the perpetuated crap about not having any guns in Australia, yep it’s a bit restricted on what we can have, and you have to jump hoops to get one, but it isn’t illegal so long as you follow procedure. Besides, we didn’t have a beef with the King of Engand, so it wasn’t a consideration when we drafted up the constitution. If anything the semi auto ban cleaned up the sport and got rid of some clowns. On impluse, I just laid out a few hundred bucks for a 20gauge u&o this arvo, it wasn’t that hard.

  • Tom

    The red dot is NOT included, not on mine anyway. Got it for $449.00 plus tax.

  • Mike V.

    Thanks for all the input about the Sig 522. I am sold. I will be buying one tonite. I bought the SW15-22 last week, and love it, except for the fact that it only likes select ammo run thru it. It will be nice to have the Sig, that isn’t so picky.
    Regards, Mike

  • HomerS

    Just bought a Sig 522. It was light and handled great. The Ruger SR22 was well built but Heavy. The Colt was expensive and heavy. IMHO, The Sig is the winner.

  • Maxwell

    I appreciate the comments on all of the rifles all of you make here. I own an inexpensive Mosin and want to change over to a .22LR, as a buck-a-shot (7.62 54R) is hitting the ol’ pocketbook a bit hard. I think I have it narrowed down to the Sig 522LR and the SW MP15-22.
    Being from California I have to have a 10 mag restriction. I’d like some advice from this well versed group on the pros and cons of these two…and why you might choose one over the other.. Thanks in advance!

  • The 522 uses the AR style magazine. Black Dog in Idaho or if you contact SIG referencing Calif. restriction, they will probably have a solution for you. My suggestion is that you leave that Communist state and move to Colorado. We are just a little bit Communist and hopefully that will reradiate come this years election.

    I have a SIG522 and have put a few thousand rounds through it as it is used as a tactical trainer. The only problem so far is loosing the extractor which will be remedied after SIG receives it for a look-see.

    I am planning on a 2nd 522 and a 5.56 as I am more than sold on SIG products. All American made as well, the 522 is.

    Buy the SIG, it is part metal and polymer or whatever. You will not be dissatisfied.

  • Nick

    Just purchased a Sig 522. My first rifle, ever though I have a shotgun and three handguns. So I have some questions.

    First, the factory magazine is very difficult to remove. I ordered two Black Dog mags and they go in and release very smoothly. What is the deal with the factory mag? Any fixes? Should I contact Sig for a replacement?

    Second, I do want the accessory rail kit but I am a bit confused. One of the above posts suggests you have to remove the top of the handguard to install the 556 accessory rail kit yet I see screw holes on the sides and bottom of the handguard indicating you simply screw them in. Pardon my ignorance. Looking for a little guidance. Many thanks.

  • Mike

    I have 6 of the factor mag’s and have not had a single issue other than they are very tight when they are first loaded. From what other owners tell me after a while you can get the 24 and 25 round in the mag. The spring just needs to loosen up a bit. You can get the 3 piece accessory rail kit from Sig directly. Just call Sig Customer Service at (603) 772-2302 (press #3 for Customer Service) and ask for the 522LR Accessory Rail Kit. Its the same one for the 556 so if they refer to it thats fine. The kit costs $20. Installation is pretty easy and should take less than 10 minutes. Press (remove) the two factory pins that hold the upper and lower receiver together so that allow the rifle to be taken apart. Take the upper and slide the lower hard guard so it separates. Then install the lower rail. Make sure you put it on in the right direction. There is a slope to the piece so it only goes on one way. The nuts are fitted into the plastic hand guard. Then use an allen wrench to tighten. Do not over tighten, remember it’s plastic and it will ruin your day if you crack the hand guard. Now you have a right and left rail to install. I did not remove the top piece. I simply used a precision tweezer to drop both nuts into their respective slot. This is very easy to do when you’re working to install the rail from the bottom up. Carefully tighten both bolts and rotate the riffle 180 degrees. Do the last rail and then reinstall the bottom hand guard. Put the upper and lower together and reinsert the two pins. That’s it. For $20 is a must have for everyone.

    I was the one who did the original post. If I said upper hand guard, my apologies. It is the lower hand guard. I think I was just referring to the upper.

    As a side note, I went to a very small gun show in Virginia today. Between you and I, not worth the trip. One of the vendors, had a Special Edition Sig 552LR. It had the full quad rail and a stamp of One of Two Thousand on it in white letters. They were selling it for $650.00. I did take a pass as I don’t think it will really have any additional value over time but for someone who doesn’t have one, it could be of interest.

  • Just use the screws and use the blue lock tight.

  • Mike
  • I just bought a TAC 65 suppressor for my Walther P22. Does anyone know about the availability of an adapter for the SIG552? It looks like the flash suppressor is removable. It would be great if the threading is compatible.

  • Picked up my 552 at the local PX on post today, $464 out the door. Looks like the rail kit is currently out of stock. Put my beat up EOTech (it spent a year in Baghdad) on it and I think all I need now is a few more mags and I’m good to go.

    When my tax stamp comes back from BATFE I’ll see about fitting the suppressor on the 552 and post again.

  • Mike

    Yes, you can add a suppressor to it. I don’t remember the TPI pattern but when I bought mine (Sig 522LR) they allowed me to play with a suppressor on it. I fired a mag with it on and it was awesome. Only thing I heard was the action. Very quiet.

  • k

    Anglo, where in Denver you got 522?

  • Aaron

    Has anyone tried the black dog 50rd drum magazine?

    Claims to fit 522. Purchased last night for $440 and picked up a $35 NC Star red dot model dtb145. Anyone have any experience with this cheap optic?

    Most .22LR semi autos prefer plated ammo, in my experience anyway. Has anyone noticed if the 522 prefers one food over another?

    Underneath the flash suppressor you will find 1/2×28 thread, which is the same as the adapter you had to put on your POS22, I mean P22.

  • Thanks for the thread info Aaron. Hey, has anyone else had problems with the 522 stock magazine sticking, it’s VERY hard to get it out of the rifle.

  • Mike

    No problems here on the Mags directly from Sig. I have 6 30 round mags and all of them work fine.

  • Just bought my 2nd 522 and my next purchase will be the 550. The only problem that I have had is loosing the extractor when fireing a full mag of ammo. Haven’t had a problem with the magazines sticking. Best ammo to run through this gun or any of the other tactical style rifles if CCI minni mags. I have a Ruger custom and it will burn most any of the other types of LR ammo. Stay away from Remington Bulk ammo. Using the conversion kit on the 1911 and my Colt Ace, the CCI mini mag is also best for these types of 22s.

    In my opinion, the SIG is by far the best. I am not pleased with the response from SIG for shipping labels or returning or confirming my phone messages to the complaint department as I was going to send my first 522 to the factory to see why the extractor flies out.

    What ever you do, don’t sell the SIG short, it is by far the best built. A dealer in Aurora, Colorado told me that they had a lot of complaints with the Smith 22 loosing extractors.????????

    Haven’t tried the drum mag yet but will eventually. I am using Black dog mags and SIG mags. I bet, that with out asking, Black Dog makes the SIG

    Have fun shooting the SIG. Load it up and rapid fire it. I hit frozen quart juice bottles at 100 yards with the SIG equipped with a $75.00 red dot electronic sight. Using a phantom tactical sight with green and red settings. I like the green best.

    I use the SIG, the GGS, and the Ruger for tactical training. SIG is the best by a long shot because I like the style being very similar to the 550 but it is not any more accurate than the Ruger. The GSG5 is very accurate but in reality, very much a piece of junk with regard to construction and compared to the SIG. The Smith, and Colt will not compare with the SIG when it comes to quality, and it is cheaper so long as the dealer isn’t scalping it.

  • Jason

    I bought a Sig 522 because it uses the same mags as my TS M4 .22 upper. It would not cycle 75% with Fed, Win or CCI. I returned it to the factory and got it back in a week and a half and now it feeds and ejects all three 100%! It is a quality product backed by quality service. I have a bushnell trophy red dot on top and can get easily get 1 in. groups at 25 yds. It is snowing here this weekend so I will have to sight it at 50 yds later. Very solid, accurate and easy to clean rimfire.

  • Nick

    I shot 50 rounds or so of Remington bulk .22 LR ammo today. No problem whatsoever. That ammo smokes a little more than the CCI but it fed and extracted just fine through my 522.

  • Deerslayer

    I purchased one of the first ones to arrive at my dealer last year. It’s been a great rifle, works with all ammo, breaks down easy for cleaning, and has impeccable build quality.

    I have two factory 25-rd mags and 2 CCMG Black Dog mags (lt. grey colored). They load, feed, and drop easily out of the mag-well. However, I ordered a 10-rd mag for use when shooting from a bench rest. That one is a factory mag, and will NOT drop freely from the mag-well, and is difficult to remove. I will have to modify it some once I can figure out where it is binding.

    My only real gripe with the 522 is the folding butt-stock latch mechanism when folded closed. I have to slam it in to get it to catch, then pop it with the palm of my hand to get it back open again. The folks at SIG said that is a known issue and should loosen up over time with use. Hmmm…. Is everyone else’s folding butt-stock like this?

  • Nichlolas L. DiVita

    My folding butt-stock requires undue force to latch and only a little less force to unlatch. I doubt if I will use it enough over time to cause it to loosen but I guess that depends on how long I own the piece. If that is the worst thing I can say about it, that’s pretty good in my book.

  • I tried several at the store before settling on one and they all had that same problem with the folding stock. Sometimes it feels like the clip will just snap. I don’t really see this getting better or breaking in with time. I probably won’t ever use this feature at the range as I’d look like an ape banging on my rifle.

  • The folding stock is definitly a problem but then again, unless one is parachuting, there is not need for the folding stock. I see it more as a novelty myself. Each to his own though.

  • Aaron

    The folding stock is definietly like a screen door. You have to slam her a few hundred times to loosen her up. After about 50 times she began to open up without me having to ram it home. It is still a tight fit, but I don’t have to get rough anymore. Enough of that. Has anyone been successful in finding these accessory rails? As you can see they are out of stock at Sig Store and anywhere else that I can find. I had 0 FTF’s/E’s this past weekend with 535 Rounds of Win HV Copper plated bulk, but I did have a sore thumb. As long as this weapon is maintained, it is a thumb-tack driver. Has anyone found an interesting use for the storage tube/grip? Happy shooting!!!

  • I ordered some mags from Blackdog, I hope they don’t stick; better that the stock mag is not to spec then that the mag well isn’t.

  • Mike

    The accessories rails are easy to purchase. Just call Sig Customer Service at Phone: (603) 772-2302 (press #3 for Customer Service). I bought them when I got the rifle for $20. Just ask for the Sig 556 Accessory Rail Kit. They are the same for both guns.

  • The Blackdog mags fit perfect….I had no problem with the issued one either though.

    I got the accessory rails last month from the Sig site:…#photo=74…#photo=75

    I haven’t put the bottom rail on yet….maybe later.

  • wolf

    Can any body tell me what are the requirements by law to get a sig 522Lr

  • Wolf, it’s just a plain old .22lr. I don’t think even the most restrictive commie counties ban those. I’m only familiar with Chicago and Kansas though and even in the city limits of Chicago you can own a long rifle, you just have to buy it out in the ‘burbs.

    I received my mags today and they fit perfectly, catch and release like a charm. My stock mag is jacked up, I need to send it back and hopefully get a replacement that works. I was quite happy when the new mags worked 🙂

  • Nick

    I got my replacement factory mag last week. Seems to fit better but not as well as the BlackDog mag. Have not taken it to the range yet.

    I also installed the factory accessory rail kit. Easy-peasy now that I have figured out how easy it is to break this thing down and put it back together. Nice.

    It looks like a Hollywood prop SWAT rifle so the unlearned see it, they think it is something it’s not. I say, good.

    I don’t care for the fact that it does not have readily available aftermarket or OEM iron sights.

    Otherwise, it is great fun and a nice Second Amendment means of expression, IMHO.

  • Black Dog has new mags for 30 rounds with the easy load slide.
    Price is around $35.00

  • Ian J

    For those of you who’ve had a chance to use a 522, what do you think of the safety lever setup? That was the thing that bugged me when I handled a 522 in the store. The lever was essentially impossible to operate one-handed, and required me to take my hand off the foregrip to operate.

    I normally shoot at an indoor range, so it’s of minimal importance to me, but I could foresee being in situations where it’d be nice to use the safety lever; being able to operate it without taking my hands from the ready position strikes me as a real advantage.

    I have a GSG-5 now, which has a marginal but operable safety lever. My main complaint with the GSG-5 is that it’s largely made of what appears to be die-cast metal. When I think die-cast, I tend to think “brittle,” although I haven’t dropped the GSG yet to test out that theory. 😉 The weight difference between the Sig and the GSG was pretty shocking: the Sig must be 2 lbs lighter.

    I was also underwhelmed by the folding stock on the 522, which wobbled on its hinge when folding, and took a distressingly robust whack to lock forward. It seemed solid enough when locked back, though, which is all I really care about.

  • wiki

    I recently purchased the Sig 522. My overall impression is about the same as what’s been stated above. While it seems well made for the most part, I’m a bit disappointed with the wobble in the folding stock and how hard it is to remove the stock 10 rd magazine. Since I was planning to run a scope I don’t mind the rifle not coming with stock iron sights, but I wish Sig paid a little more attention to the mag well and the stock.

  • Jason

    Yes the stock is a little wobbly but the magwell is fine. Some of the supplied mags are out of spec. Mine was but all the other Blackdog magazines work perfectly. It is a good product. I only wish for a fixed stock.

  • Tom

    I just picked up my Sig522 yesterday. Of course I won’t be able to fire it until I get some kind of sights on it. I did break it down and cleaned it with some difficulty because of extremely tight fits on the upper and lower hand guards. It came with a thicker butt pad and two unidentified plastic parts in an envelope.

    I’m over 6′ tall and need to mount the thicker butt pad, but can’t figure how to get the thinner one off. I get no response from SIG SAUER. Anyone out there know how to replaced the butt pads?

  • Jason

    To remove buttpad: 1. take out screw at top of buttpad 2. take rubber mallet and gently strike the buttpad at the top and it will slide off to the bottom. Reverse process to install new buttpad.

  • Be careful when removing the butt pad. There is a coil spring in the bottom of the butt stock that is used to keep the collapsable butt in place. Loose that spring and the butt can be pulled off leaving the shaft which the butt slides back and forth on.

  • Stephen

    I need some mags and the handguard rail kit. Can anyone assit? STAY FREE!

  • Stephen

    Sorry, let me clarify: 30 or 25 round mags. STAY FREE!

  • This rifle’s been great!
    Great trigger,
    100% function at just under 1K rounds (cleaned 3 times so far)

    Went & got the Black Dog drum. That’s been 100% too, but you must load it slowly & deliberately, otherwise you’ll skip a cog while winding it up.

    For sights, I went with a fake ACOG (the bushnell one) The top rail was right on; only minor adjustments to the sights were needed.

    This thing is very accurate, 1½” groups @ 50 yards rested, with Winchester or Eley subsonics,
    2-3″ with cheapo high vels, a little better with velocitors & stingers.

    Since the 522 has the ½/28 threads, the next purchase will be a suppressor.

    PS, Stephen: The mags you want are “Black Dog” They got em in all colors & sizes. From 10 rounders to 50-round drums. The ones that’ll fit the AR-22 will fit the 522. See their website. Mine took only a week from ordering to my doorstep.

  • Tom

    Jason, thanks for the input on installing the butt pad. I followed your instructions and it worked.

    I saw on Ian J’s comment that the stock can be secured in the folded position. If I whacked it into the folded position with something like a rubber mallet, how difficult would it be to unlatch it?

    • jjumpire21

      Just slap it with the fat part of your hand

  • Ben


    Ruger 10/22 is known for its accessories and has 50 and 100 round clips. Do any such clips exist for the 22 mag Sig?

  • Still waiting for my BATFE cert so I can pick up my suppressor and warm weather so I can go out and shoot.

    Altough it seems like it will break, you can whack the folding stock into place and again to get out out, it won’t break.

  • Ian J

    Tom: once the stock is locked forward, it pulls free of the lock pretty easily. For some reason, getting the stock’s little compression fitting over the locking tab takes a huge effort, but pulling it free doesn’t, at least on the one I handled. It seems like an odd thing, on a rifle which is otherwise so clearly constructed to high standards.

  • brian

    i just bought the sig 522 and i havent shot it yet but i got a red dot scope for it and ive been messing with and i was wondering how to make the stock hold when you fold it up becouse when fold it i cant get it to lock on that little thing i know to extend the stock or at least thats wat i think to do, but i tryied pressing it on the little locking thing and i dont want to break it so im just want to know if there is a button to do that or if i just press on it really hard.

    • jjumpire21

      slap it hard,won’t hurt it.If it won’t release,pull it hard.If it leaves the little part in the hole just a bit of gorrilla glue will fix it back in it’s slot.I have a friend who glued it back in his.

    • jjumpire21

      Make sure the stock is full out before you close it too.

  • Stephen


    Just slam it closed, it will not break. It was meant to be slammed closed. You will also need to pull extra hard to pull it off. This will be the case until you break it in.

  • Preston

    Which black dog mags fit the 522? Is it the standard ar-22 mags or a certain one.

  • Prestonon 16 Feb 2010 at 9:22 am
    Which black dog mags fit the 522? Is it the standard ar-22 mags or a certain one.

  • I own 3 of these great little SIG 522 . . . 2-Classics and one SWAT. All three function and shoot very well. I’ve scoped one of the Classics with a 1.5X5 Leupold and the other a 3X9X33mmEFR. The SWAT has a nice 3.5X14 Leica. Only complaint is the long mushy military trigger. All three are extremely accurate. Good job SIG!!! Thanks.

  • Great gun. Very accurate and cheap to shoot. I have a cheap red dot sight on mine and I can shoot a nickel at 25yrds. And the good thing about a .22 is when I get bored I can shoot it in my basement.

  • Rimfire

    First of all, I couldn’t be happier with my SIG522. Thats the good news. The bad news is the accessories. I have had to return the Red Dot sight twice, and get a refund on the tactical laser light. The red dot, is not a dot but a cluster of dots the cover a good potion of the distant target. The laser is difficult to zero, and the adjustment pots freeze up. Keep and enjoy this fine weapon, but get the sights from another reliable source.

  • Yeah, I messed with one of those red dots of theirs at a gunstore on a 556….didn’t like it.

    Right now just have a TruGlo 2x on mine….still searching for a perfect one…perhaps the Bushnell Eotech clone.…#photo=72

  • I’ve got an EOTech on my RRA AR so I thought it would be fun to finally get an actual 4x scope on my 552. I got this one ( cheap and I’m really impressed for the price $48). It comes with lens covers, hex wrench, spare nut, lens cleaning cloth and batteries. Came packaged very nicely also.

    It’s kind of a gimmick but I love it: It has an adjustable red and green light for the reticle.

    Perfect for the 552. The Amazon description says its for CQB, but this IS NOT for CQB. It’d never want to try and aquire a close up target quickly with this. But at the range, very fun.

  • Nick R

    Just had a good look around the 522 and decided to purchase although the stock is poor for a £725.00 (1,108 $) firearm. My 10/22 is a real pain for jams but my expectations for the 522 are high based on all the above comments. You cant all be wrong!!

  • Tim

    Just picked one up this morning in Ohio for $389.00 plus tax!!!

  • Shot mine a couple saturdays ago…350 rds of CCI Blazer without a hitch…inside @ 50 yds:…#photo=72…##photo=84

    Not bad witha cheapie Red dot…:D

  • Nick R

    We are a little disadvantaged in the UK over imports plus we account for a minute percentage of global sales for many reasons. But all is not lost as when the gun arrives as it has it is superb.

  • wizardrp

    This is for Pete. Walked out of the store with mine yesterday for $425. I don’t know where you got your specs but mine has a 16.6 inch barrel and a 1 in 16 inch twist. But Damn, its a sweet shooter.. I’ve done fell in love. Smoothest factory trigger I think I’ve ever pulled.

  • Going on 1,000 rds with my Sig 522 with no problems what so ever….great rifle!

  • I have two SIG 522s with Aim Point IIIs mounted. We train from 25ft to 100 yards.

    One of our target systems are steel fence posts set at 25 yard intervals to 100 yards. We have to start at the first 25 yard post and one shot each at each post to 100 yards. Miss one post and you have to start over. Poping coconuts at 100 yards demonstrates just how lethal the 22 LR can be. We use nothing but CCI Mini Mags. Have used others with higher velocity but with lighters bullets and there are problems. The CCI Mini Mags are the best operational rounds and good for training or close quarter combat.

  • Just put 800 more rds through my 522 today…100 yds busting clays on the berm.

  • Travis

    does anyone no where to buy anything for the 522 like stocks or anything im having trouble thanks

  • coyote06

    I just bought a SIG522 and love it, I went out with a buddy of mine and compared it with his Ruger SR-22 and a GSG-5, both did not even compare to the SIG522. I fired 1000 rounds of Federal Premium Champion Ammunition .22LR through the rifle dry with out a single misfire or jam.

  • Curt

    Hey All,

    I am new to this particular blog, but am a regular on a few others, such as the Colt Umarex M4, ATI Kalashnikov .22, and the AK200.

    While I have not yet purchased one of these SIG 522’s, I am working on collecting the pennies to get one. Recently read article in Harris Publications’ ‘Gun Annual’ written by Walt Rauch who gave it good remarks. Now, I am not the kind to just buy what everyone else say to or not to. I prefer my own hands-on evaluation.

    As for a few comments on this blog about the Colt Umarex M4 being crap – I had problems with FTF’s and FTE’s. I took the time to adjust the bolt speed, and now after a few thousand rounds, I have not had any more issues. I hope that I have good luck with the SIG. Am also considering picking up a Mosquito as well.

    Yes, I am becoming quite the Tacticool .22 whore and I love ’em.

  • Curt:

    I have 2 SIG 522s and wouldn’t trade them for either the Colt or S&W no matter what. I have Aim Point IIIs mounted on them with one being fitted with flip up sights. As far as the Mosquito goes, I would stay away from it as I bought one some time ago and it will not feed worth a hoot regardless of which one of the two spings that come with it are used. I do not like the safety as it is not functional as a tactical trainer, it is too flat. The piece will not handle cannular bullets such as the Remington Yellow Jacket 32 grain. I think that was the name of them. I stick with the CCI Mini Mags and prefere the silver cased CCI Stingers which are 1600 FPS +. These rounds will work good in the Mosquito. I had to cut a couple of coils off of one of the slid springs to get the Mosquito to feed good. I suggest that you look at a 1911 conversion if you have a 1911 or the new Aquila 1911 for a 22 pistol. I think that is the proper name, “Aquila”. As far as rails go, use the screw holes and use the blue thread lock by Lock Tight.
    You will like the 522 with out a doubt.
    Good luck and happy powder burning.

  • I recently purchased my 522 at a local gun show. the price was very competitive with comparable brands, but the ergonomics and look of the SIG blew the others away. The only problem I have had is, I’ve not been able to find an IPB on the rifle. When cleaning it for the first time, I think that there is a small ‘c’ clip missing on the forward end of the internal spring rod that connects to the bolt. So re-assembly after cleaning is to say the least, quite difficult. I just don’t know for sure if there is supposed to be a clip there or not.
    Other than that, the gun is a blast to own and shoot, and I would definetly reccomend it to anyone looking for a well built firearm that I’m sure will hold its value for years to come.
    Anyone with a parts breakdown or a way to come up with one, would be greatly appreciated. THANKS

  • Robert, there is a “C” clip on both ends of the spring rod of the bolt thrust. I carry extras as I have lost one while training in rapid fire on one of my two 522’s. I bought extras at an ACE hardware which is fairly well equipped with many items that most hardwars do not have. Perhaps you have such a place in your area.


    It’s a standard 1/8″ e-clip, they are available at Home Depot for $0.38 for 2.

    I bought a big pack of them on EBay just in case….but after 2,000 rds I’ve had no problem with the e clip.


    Ive had my SIG .22 for about 8mos. now. Came with a hard case and 25 rd. mag. Paid $459.00 +tax. at ACADEMY. in Pasadena, tx. I put a Tasco red dot sight on it for $34.00(comes with no sights). I have never paid more than $100.00 for any sa .22 in my life. But when I saw it, I knew I had to have it! I have pushed this little rifle beyond what it should be capable of and keeps on performing flawlessly! I’m used to pissing away 1000 rds. at a sitting, but have to wait till the barrel cools to regain accuracy (or have a total failure).1000 rds. for this plinkster is NOTHING!!! The ONLY limitation I have found with this gun is the speed at which I can move my fumbling fingers to reload! It makes you laugh like Tom Cruise in TAPS firing that .50cal!! It is SOOOO much fun. Economical. Unpunishing. Quiet.SUPER accurate! Everyone at the gun range wants to try it. Guys showing off to their chicks with high cal. guns. (Their CHICKS!!!) Grandpas with their grandkids. Moms. Dads. Gun range owners! I love letting people shoot it! When they see it, they think it’s BIG BRO!!! Easy to clean too. I have a pretty sizeable collection of guns and always love to shoot the .22’s. This is BY FAR the most freakin awesome .22 I have EVER had. DARN WELL WORTH EVERY PENNY!!! SIG, PLEASE GIVE ME A JOB AT YOUR TEST FACILITY!! I would die and go to heaven. HIPPY

  • Chuck H.

    I just picked my sig 522 yesterday and it is the best made vs the colt,gsg5,s&w m+p 15,and the ruger. I found the price to be the highest (not by much) but the extra was well worth it. I’m not sure where the MSRP was $515.00 but then again I think the review might have been written in 2009. I was also not aware that there was a stripped down version, or at least I didn’t see any, not even on the Sig Sauer web site. The MSRP from Sig Sauer is $686.00. However, my gunshop ordered it and sold it to me for $599.00. It came with front quad picitinny rails and 3 removable rubber grips/protectors, rear picitinny rail, iron sights,lube, extra larger butt pad, plastic gun box, and a cable receiver lock. My second choice was the GSG5 which is made in Germany and had nice iron barrel sights that changed. The S&W was my 3rd choice only because it had no sights.
    At any rate I made the best choice with the Sig and if you are interested in getting an AR15 this is the gun. I also put a nice NcSTAR D4B Tactical Sight that I bought on ebay cheap and it’s awsome.

  • Chuck H.

    Oh yea it also came with a 25 round mag. It is hard to load but I did get 27 rounds in it.

  • seun

    I went to my local gun shop to view a SIG 522 .2LR Classic today, i got them to order one for me to view and purchase if i liked it.
    Bearing in mind that it retails for £700 GBP (about 1000 US Dollars), i was surprised that the Barrel fairing, stock and magazine housing were all made of plastic “polymer” its not good value for money at that price.

    Can it be bought directly from the US where it costs about half what they are charging in the UK?

  • Seun…I doubt it would save you any money to get one from USA…CUSTOMS FEES/ transfer…etc.

    Might not be able to anyways.

    Paid $480 OTD for mine when they 1st came out….some have paid $400 lately…sorry they cost so much in UK.

  • MIke K.

    I hate to break the new but in the US the rifle costs $419.

  • Chris Werb

    Well, at least we don’t have to come up with $200 just to buy a $50 sound moderator. 🙂

  • CooyoteOn2

    Just picked up the 522 Combo from Sportsmans Warehouse, $416.91
    out the door, with a SiteMark Holo sight thrown in. The Combo comes
    in the Case, 25 rnd Mag, Breech Lock, 2 Butt Pads, Folding Stock
    with 3 differant interchangeable Telescoping indexing keys, tube of
    Lube, a 16″ Barrel w/ flash supressor, along with a 20″ Bull Barrel, a wrench and owners manual. They even threw in a 500 rnd box of CCI
    Blazer 22 LR. At the same time, I placed my order for the Sig 556
    Swat Patrol Rifle for $1003.97 out the door, and will pick it up on
    the 10th.

  • Tigurion

    I just bought one from budsguns, it was &450 with shipping. The s&w mp15-22 almost had my money. But nutnfancy says on youtube the sig 522 is the most reliable out of all tactical 22 rifles. Everyone knows i think that with shooting an using most guns get better. I buy guns for survival an reliability. This sig is great an even if its alittle more expensive so what you get what you pay for.

  • I have two of them and they out perform all others. The best of the best is the SIG 522.

  • Tom

    Does anyone know how to get the faux suppressor of the SIG 522 Camando model. The SIG website says it is threaded on the front 1/2×28 but this thing will not budge. I want to swap on a flash hider but can’t get the fake can off.

  • Sky Soldier 11th AAD

    I own one of these SA/AR 522 rifles and it is sweet and fun to fire. Does anyone know where I might buy a “drum” capacity magazine for it? Thanks. Please provide the source/link.

    • jon2cat

      Black Dog has one advertised on Sig Saucer page

  • jon2cat

    I have a Sig 22 SMC. Will it take the same magazine as the 522. Also is this gun not a semi-auto?