Armalite AR-30 coming in .270 Win., 30-06, 7mm Rem. Mag and .338 Win. Mag.

In 2010 Armalite will be selling the AR-30 chambered in .270 Win., 30-06, 7mm Rem. Mag and .338 Win. Mag., making the name AR-30 something of a misnomer.

The new models feature a 26″ barrel, with the exception of the .270 which has a 22″ barrel. They all have the big AR-30 two baffle muzzle brake. It is the first time I have seen a .270 Win. with a tactical-style muzzle break!

Click to expand. Photo Chen “SMGLee” Lee. Used with permission.

I am not sure what the intended application of these rifle are. I have not heard of .270 Win. being used as a bench rest or tactical cartridge. I don’t think hunters will take to carry around a hefty muzzle break in the field. Most hunters prefer repeaters and the AR-30 is a single shot.

No word on pricing.

Steve Johnson

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  • The AR30 is NOT a singleshot, it has a detachable magazine in .308.

    • Tomcatshanger, these models are single shot.

  • Kyle Huff

    Brake. Muzzle brake.

    • Kyle, HAHA, second time I have made that mistake.

  • Brian

    An AR30 in .270 does seem silly if you can get one in 7mm Rem Mag. I always thought an AR30 in .308 was silly. For that matter why have one in 30-06 if you can have one in .300 Win Mag. I am concerned about Armalite maintaining Tactical quality (NATO) and going for sales at Gander Mountain. Why .338 Win Mag if you can have .338 Lapua! Give me a .300 Lapua, a .300-378 Weatherby, or a.338 edge, but not a .270. I don’t even use my pre-64 .270 for much any more. These are single shot? The only interesting cartridge in the whole group is the 7mm Rem Mag. Come on Armalite… add a couple more accessory rails, a longer barrel, anything but a bunch of hunting rounds!! My Kimber Sonora is for Elk, not my Armalite.

  • Joel

    I own an AR-30 in .300 win mag and it shoots exceptionally well .3 MOA @ 300yds and I have shot a 4.17in 5 shot group at 600yds using Berger 210 VLDs. They use a high quality Lothar Walther barrel albeit with a funny contour for a target rifle. My question for Steve is this, if these rifles are single shot why is there a magazine release visible in the pictures? That button above the front edge of the trigger guard and in front of the bolt handle is the magazine release. If these are pre-production and they did not have any stocks without the cutouts then I understand but in the picture they all have magazine releases. Joel

  • Joseph Gardner

    check out for the BN36 AR 270 Winchester rifle