Knights Armament Chain SAW

Chain SAW … get it?

They must have had a lot of fun putting this thing together 🙂 Click to expand the photos.

 2009Shotshow Day2 2009Shotshow-01162009-006
Note the M203 grenade flare launcher

 2009Shotshow Day3 2009Shotshow-01172009-001
[ Above Photos Copyright Ken Lunde. Used with permission. ]

UPDATE: A couple more photos taken by SMGLee:

Click to expand. Photo ⓒ Chen “SMGLee” Lee. Used with permission.

Click to expand. Photo ⓒ Chen “SMGLee” Lee. Used with permission.

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  • Is this something they really intend to market or was it just done as a fun concept?

  • Mr. Wolf


  • Tom

    Hate to burst your bubble Steve, but that’s no grenade launcher! It’s actually a Spike’s Tactical 37mm “Havoc” flare launcher, available on their site:

    The block of white text near the front of the forearm reads “Warning: Use only USCG approved flares, smoke or gas rounds”

    I recently ordered an AR lower from Spikes, and the second I spotted that spider rollmark I knew it was that crazy flare launcher of theirs! They did quite a job with the M203 styling.

    The more you know 🙂

    • Tom, thanks for the info

  • Tom

    No problem! Spike’s is a great company, I’m glad to see some of their stuff getting exposure coupled with big names like Knights.

  • I know belt fed is the coolest, but how about a kit like this for an AR-15?

  • jdun1911

    It’s a fun concept. I don’t think it is suitable for combat because you have to exposed yourself using the weapon if it is hand held. But you never know tho, it could be use as a mounted system.

    Fun gun to shoot at range. Even funnier scaring liberals pansy.

  • Tom

    @Parrothead Jeff

    I haven’t followed the development in awhile, but it’s a cool idea.

  • Kerberos

    They seem to have based the gun on the old Stoner 63 LMG design. Atleast it looks very similar to it.

    Compare to this foto of an airsoftreplica stoner:

  • Kerberos: It is built off of the KAC LMG (AKA: Stoner 96). The KAC model is just an updated version of the earlier ARES LMG (AKA: Stoner 86). In a couple of the early photographs of the original KAC LMG, you could still see the original ARES rollmarks.

  • Dan

    I’d love to slap one of those chainsaw bayonets from the other day on this thing.

  • B Woodman

    All I want to know is. . . .
    Does it really shoot?
    How much does it cost?
    Where can I get one?

    • Woodman,

      1) Yes
      2) See 3
      3) In your dreams


  • XxleoxX

    wow…..this is beauty :’)

  • Hmmm, wonder what’ll it be like as an airsoft conversion kit?

  • max

    I’d imagine it’d be kinda hard firing from the prone position, but it does look fun.

    • max, ha, you just lie on your back holding the gun above your head and fire away, easy 😉

  • Maru Arms

    Can anyone explain to me what gun this is based on and what other sorts of standard parts are used? I don’t have much practical use for the gun but I bet it would be fun just to build one for a friend and I do have access to serious CNC machine work.

    • JKWhite

      the base gun is the Stoner…bout as far as I’ve gotten, working on one myself

  • Caleb

    I bet Rambo would be proud.

  • Geoff

    I got to see Matt Knight shoot this Stoner LMG at the 2008 Advanced Armaments Silencer Shoot. He said he’s been inspired by the trigger grip on a Husqvarna Chainsaw as the fore grip on a Husqvarna weedeater.

    He would burn off a hundred rounds or so and then the whole KAC staff would giggle like little boys.

  • Falcon

    I want a M240 based one, with a real M203 or M320.

  • SmilinBandit

    The way to fire this gun from prone is illustrated in the Colonial Marines Technical Manual on page 19 🙂

  • DG420
  • This look similar to the old Stoner 63 LMG

  • WOW. Just stumbled on this and now I want one! Very cool gun!

  • jonah

    fuuuck yeah.

  • SciFi

    man, it looks like that darned nerf gun’s redneck cousin!!!

  • Todd

    It’s exceptionally cool, I must say 🙂

    The only problem is it’s a spray and pray weapon system – not meant to actually be able to use sights and aim effectively.

    A good room clearer!!

  • Brooks

    All it needs is a chainsaw on the bottom and it’s complete!

  • BoonDocks Buccanner

    now imagine this with a 7.62 WT conversion…. 🙂

  • Newton

    Ummm…does anyone else see that the flare launcher would basically be unusable? The ammo box kicks out too far to use it from the side and the trigger isn’t low enough to use from underneath.

    • mretgis

      the 249 will accept standard mags, its called suckin’ mode… if youre the gunner and are down to mags then you’re suckin pretty bad.

    • isacc

      I think the trigger you’re looking at is for the spike’s fake tube. I believe the actual trigger is in the back handle

  • Im thankful for the article.Much thanks again. Fantastic.

  • dangerous man

  • molliksa

    Husqvarna chainsaw parts are great I love that.

  • panda

    The ultimate CQB weapon for the 80’s action hero on the go.