Glock 20 SF and Glock 29 SF: New 10mm Auto

Along with the 4th generation Glock pistol, Glock have launched two new 10mm Auto pistols: the Glock 20 SF and Glock 29 SF.

The SF designation is often mistakenly said to stand for “Slim Frame” or “Small Frame”. It actually stands for “Short Frame”. The SF frames provide a small diameter grip. This makes it easier for people with smaller hands (or in this case normal hands 😉 ) to reach the trigger and is more comfortable to hold.

The G20 SF and G29 SF apparently feel a lot more like the G17 in the hand than their standard frame contempories. From the press release:

Team GLOCK Shooting Squad Captain and Champion shooter Dave Sevigny adds, “I really like the SF design since it approaches the ‘feel’ of the G34, G35 and G17 I have been so fortunate with while competing. GLOCK has another winner here. These pistols will appeal to those who want a powerful cartridge for Law Enforcement, self defense and hunting. Best of all, they have the other GLOCK qualities of reliability, tough Tenifer finish and the controllable GLOCK ‘Safe Action’ fire control system that is successful around the world.” .

Steve Johnson

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  • FINALLY!!!!

    A 10mm from SHOT that I DON’T want!

    I’ve got the 29 as my carry piece, and I chose it because of the larger grip size. I’ve got large hands and needed the bigger frame.

    I *am* glad to see more 10mm coming out. It’s a great cartridge but its lack of popularity makes it damned expensive (hence, why I roll my own).

  • The 10mm is a kick butt round. Those who have them seem to love them.

  • SF magazines do not fit the older models correct? Why bother? I find it annoying.

  • Jeff

    I think you have it backwards, the older mags won’t work in the SF models. SF mags will work in the older pistol frames.

  • Dan

    I think the “needing different magazines” only applies for the .45acp 21 SF model, It has an ambi mag catch. The 20 SF and 29 SF don’t have this feature so the standard mags should be fine.

  • Matt

    Relax everyone, a new and innovative product from Glock is always welcomed! I picked one up and so far it has not let me down in any way, shape, or form. The 10mm packs a serious punch and altough you advocates of the older 29 may see the SF as a new and younger brother, we are all part of the same family and badass sport. Keep the good stuff coming!

  • I have just purchased one of the Glock 20 SF pistols and it is great!

    The SF magazines are the same as the Glock G3 model 20.

    My hands are rather large so either one works for me.

    The Glock 20 SF is a more moderate grip for the average size person.

  • Rick

    I’m looking to pick up a new Glock after obtaining my CCW in GA. I’ve carried the Glock 9mm in the past, however, I want the stopping power of the .45 acp or 10mm.

    I read many reassuring reviews of the .45 acp in the 30sf and felt it was the way to go (low recoil – powerful round), in a compact frame. That is until I read about a sheriff who shot a perp in the gut with his .45. Inconceivably, the perp, who was high on coke, continued to fight the cop until a bystander assisted in subduing him. I realize that a head shot would have ended the ordeal, but in a stressful confrontation, sometimes any one shot is all one can manage while protecting the weapon.

    I’ve heard about the 10mm legendary stopping power. Some PD’s in areas that contain bears or large animals, are using the round exclusively to stop anything. Stopping power is critical in my decision but so is controllability. In a short barrel, compact frame gun, I want to know if the 10mm is a bastard to deal with.

    I shot the 30 sf with confident results, surprised by the low recoil and more than satisfied with its size and feel. I would be remiss if I didn’t obtain the most powerful round for any given situation and having not fired the 10mm, I would like an experienced reply.


  • Lenny

    Well to tell you the truth i got the g29sf and my dad has the g29 and his mags work fine in my SF.

  • Jonathan

    I have in the past owned a G29 and I currently own a G20 and in my experience the recoil seems to be less than a 1911 .45. it’s a different kind of recoil. the low barrel position in the glock and i’m guessing the high velosity of the 10mm makes for a sharp recoil that is over fast and dosent take your front sight to far of target where as a .45 1911 seems to like to toss your hand around more. The recoil is a little more in the G29 as to be expected with less gun to soak it but is still very easy to get used to. I can double tap with out problems with both and I can one hand either of them. My 5′ 3″ 120 LB wife is acurate with my G20 and can rapid fire it reasonably though she prefers her .40 cal glock because the size is more to her liking.

    I recommend renting one at a gun range before you buy one but if you can’t I would still recommend getting it because if you decide that it is to much for you in it’s stouter 10mm loadings you can go with lighter loadings until it is the same as a .40 S&W. Or for that matter drop in barrels can change it to a .40 S&W, .357 sig, 9×25 dillon for around $100 per caliber or even .50GI (for a little more) so it can become any of 5 calibers that are IMHO superior to .45 ACP or equal to it.

    just my 2 cents as a happy glock 10mm owner 🙂

  • Rick

    Are there any hot rounds for the 10mm, like Federal’s +P HST’s for the 21 and 30? i’d like to see a ballistics comparison between the 29 and 30.

  • pat

    you can get gold dot +p i believe

  • dion


  • Conor

    I recently purchased a Glock 20 and don’t regret it one bit. This is a potent and accurate cartridge and Glock has done an excellent job on this one. I find the recoil very manageable even though I understand that “excessive recoil” is what really prevented 10mm from becoming widely adopted. I am by no means a large framed guy but can shoot a box of 50 without any complaints. I am considering a Glock 29 as one of my future purchases but would like to shoot one first as this looks to be a small gun to hold for such a big cartridge. I have heard that you should purchase grip extensions so there is more to hold onto when shooting. The potency of this round is obvious when fired next to the .40 SW or .45 ACP cartridges. Factory loads are generally 50% or more powerful than the .45 ACP in terms of muzzle energy. This was purchased in case I ever meet a bear, mountain lion, wild boar, etc. on unfriendly terms while out in the woods.

    I was worried about potentially not being able to get 10mm and almost didn’t go with this model. Once I realized there were many .40 SW and other conversions, I went ahead and bought the gun. I ended up getting a .40 SW conversion barrel at the same time as the gun and the switch only takes about 10 seconds or so. Ironically, I have had a MUCH easier time finding 10mm than the more popular .40 SW in the current ammo shortages that seem to be going on everywhere. Sure, you could never get it at Wal-Mart but you can always get it at any halfway decent gun store, which isn’t the case with 9mm, .380, .45 ACP, .40 SW, etc. I have been getting aluminum cased CCI Blazer ammo for around 40 cents a round, which is pretty comparable to most .40SW or .45 ACP that is available today. I understand that you can find similar prices elsewhere, especially if you buy it in bulk.

    Several of my buddies have fired this gun and love it. One always wondered why I would purchase an “oddball” round until he went shooting with me and tried it out firsthand. He now wants something in 10mm of his own, although he isn’t a huge Glock fan due to the trigger pull.

    Glock may be an ugly black box of a gun but it works! Buddies in the Highway Patrol indicate that any gun model used is put through all sorts of abuse tests such as being thrown into muddy sand and not cleaned before firing. Glock passes every time.

  • Mike Hanson

    I just picked up a 20 sf the other day and its a great gun for the money as you say not pretty .. but it does the job

  • Robert

    I just picked up a G29 in 10mm based on all the reviews. The reason I did is because I wanted the hardest hitting, most accurate caliber in a Semi-auto I could find. The 10mm is supposed to be the hot ticket, and it is. This is my first Glock, and all I can say is I LOVE IT!!! My full size 1911 Taurus in .45 ACP has MORE recoil than the G29! As for the Felt recoil, Jonathan hit the nail on the head. Its a different kind of recoil. More snapier and crisp. Pushes into your palm rather then upwards. I could never double tap my .45, but the G29 I can!! The trigger is great, the accuracy is awsome. It fits my medium-large Mechanic hands perfect. I like a fat gun that takes up my whole hand and one that I can really hold on to, but still want it small enough to Carry. While there are other calibers that are smaller and eaiser to carry, even in .45acp, they usually give up that perfect grip. I have the percey extenison, and it feels even better yet. I use it as a CCW, and LOVE to shoot it at the range. Only problem is finding ammo for it. I would Highly recommend it to ANYONE. My wife even shoots it, and the recoil is not too much for her. She also preferred the G29 over my 1911 .45acp, my SW99 in 9mm, and my Ruger Sec 6 in .357mag.

  • Rick

    I picked up my Glock 29SF yesterday. I shot the weapon this morning. Controllability was a surprise. I read on the net where the 10mm “kicked harder than the .45,” and “not easy to double tap.” I couldn’t disagree more.

    Initially I did fire standard 180gr. GA Arms plinking ammo, but then switched to the “hot stuff,” Double Tap 180gr Bonded JHP’s. There was a noticeable change but very easy to manage. Nothing like the tall tales I read all over the net. The feds must have some weak person’s who handled the famous norma loads in the 80’s. The 10mm round was accurate and predictable.

    Unlike the 1911, the Glock has its barrel mounted lower to center of gravity, giving the shooter a ‘push’ back in the palm of the hand. The 1911 tends to rotate upward with hot rounds (like the Fed .45 230gr. HST’s). The action of the Glock made me laugh as I anticipated perhaps all the hype regarding the ferocity of the 10mm, but certainly not the truth as the weapon easily fired the rounds downrange in the center ring.

    I recommend “DoubleTap” ammo not only for 10mm, but for all makes. McNett loads his stock to the highest performance. He has all ammo but especially 10mm readily available to ship. But they cost a premium over the standard companies at approximately .75 per round or $39/box of 50. Regardless, a good deal because his ammo is the best.

    Why would I carry a .45, although a round I still really like, which has been proven to under penetrate, when I can carry a ‘one-stop’ shot round with 10+1 in a light, highly concealable package such as the 29sf?

    I won’t carry anything else in my 29sf and I won’t carry any other firearm besides this incredible 10mm. With kinetic energy and velocity, penetration and stopping power unmatched, don’t kid yourselves. It is the best practical handgun and cartridge in the world.

  • eno45

    I owned two Glock 23’s (40 compact) and recently got a great Glock 21SF in trade. I wanted a 10mm Glock 20SF and right as it came out I was able to trade in one of my G23’s almost straight across for the new G20SF.

    G23 – CCW
    G21SF – Night Stand/GunVault
    G20SF – More practical hiking gun (compared to the Taurus Raging Bull 44mag that I thought would do the trick… yeah twice the weight w/ 330gr Garrett ammo)

    So I ordered up the heaviest DoubleTap rounds in 230gr hardcast and out of each 10rd mag fired I had at least 1 FTF. From what I have read around a stronger slide spring (20-22lb) should resolve the issue or maybe drop down to the 200gr hardcast.

    So I love the G23 & G21SF and G20SF shoots just fine but it is going to take some extra ammo in this gun to make me feel confident in the G20 & 230gr combo.

  • JamesPMullin

    If the guy who was hit by the 45 kept going i doubt whether the 10 would put him down either.Some people under certain circumstances are just tough.Maybe he was “possessed”.Well anyway i own and shoot and carry on duty various guns.9mm NATO,9mm+p+,357 Sig,357 Magnum,40S&W,10mm Auto,45 ACP and even the 44 magnum with 240s.I tell you this so you know i’m not championing one caliber over the other.There is at least one case of a badguy not being stopped by ALL of these rounds.My guess is that a 500 S&W 350gr hollowpoint at 1900 FPS would probably stop even a “possessed” guy.Of course if the guy who fired the 45 ACP without effect can’t shoot accurately maybe he should try a 22LR or 22 magnum and hit the bad guy in a critical area.

  • Rick

    This is why we were taught to take a head shot. Double tap in chest, then head and then back to chest. I carry the 10mm b/c is will penetrate more than the .45, has lots more energy and speed, like a heavy .357.

    I fired Buffalo Bore’s 180gr. 10mm “heavy” rounds out of my 29sf yesterday. That is one heck of a round with a concomitant wallop. There was more felt ‘push’ from that round than I could feel with Double Tap 180gr. I shot previously. This is easily .41 magnum territory. I doubt anyone would still come toward the shooter after being hit with a BB slug. The energy was enormous. Aside from repeatedly trying to get my grip snug and comfortable, at 20 feet I was in the center.

    Buffalo Bore also makes the hottest .45 cal rounds I’ve ever seen. But they will cost about $1.75 ea. Their power rivals the 10mm but I am not sure how they stand up to the .45 super or 460 Rowland.

    BB recommends as does Double Tap, to upgrade recoil springs in your Glock for ultimate performance. I was using a 21# recoil spring, & 6# firing spring. Had no feed or ejection problems.

  • thompson

    I need a good concealed weapon holster for the Glock 20 SF 10 MM

  • RYaz

    I have the Glock 29 and SF 20 and enjoy shooting both guns. I could not feel much of difference between the Glock 29 and the SF 29, however I do notice a difference between the Glock 20 and SF 20. I use a heavier recoil springs using the Wolff springs and guide rod. I have settle on the 180 gr ammo from Double Tap (DT), Buffalo Bore (BB) and CorBon (CB). DT has the best value for the full power 10mm ammo. Georgia Arms advertise a +P which I have not heard of, but their ammo is cheaper and velocity is lower than BB & DT. Another interesting round is the 155 gr Barnes XPB ammo from DT. I have also heard BB has not been consistent in using Gold Dot bullets. I have considered buying some ammo from Reed’s Ammunition, I’ve heard a lot of good things about them.

  • RYaz

    I forgot to mention I did get a 9×25 Dillon barrel for my G29, and it is fun round to shoot, however I had to use a heavy spring #23. As for the magazines, the regular 10mm magazines and the SF magazines are interchangeable. It’s the .45 ACP magazines which are not interchangeable as I remember.

  • Steve

    Recently added a 6″ KKM barrel to my G20SF and I wish I had done this earlier, holstering is going to take some practice- fortunately this is for pleasure and not CCW. My G23 is used for CCW, this is just a fun gun, makes me look better than I really am at the range. Changing the recoil spring and trigger disconnect was a must. I enjoy these two guns so much I rarely shoot the G21. With the 10mm being so expensive reloading is a must, anyone have a recipe that works well with their S20SF?

  • Tom

    I have had the SF Glock 20 for a year now. I’ve been shooting for 25 years, and I love the 10mm. The 6″ lone wolf barrel is priced right and is accurate and adds another 75-100 fps to the bullet…

    The Glock 10mm with a 2 round magazine extension will give you 35 shots with ONE mag change. That’s hard to beat and alot of firepower! Think about it, a 1911 needs 4 reloads, and a revolver needs 5 reloads to match that!

    You can shoot 135 grain to 230 grain bullets out of the 10. I reload using a 165 grain Montana Gold hollow point. I like the shock velocity achieved with my handloads and penetration is almost as good as the 180. It’s a .357 magnum on steroids. My hot defensive reloads have 1425 fps & 744 ft/lbs of energy at the muzzle… 1100fps/445lbs at 100 yards!

    I bought an Advantage Arms .22 long rifle conversion kit, so I can practice trigger pull and sight picture drills without breaking the bank.

    The Glock isn’t as refined as a nice Kimber, and I appreciate the racy 1911’s. I’ve owned 1911’s, but I prefer the Glock. Less parts in a Glock, and it’s easier to field strip. The polymer frame insulates against heat and cold, wont rust, and the Glocks seem less prone to jam when dirty.

  • Steve

    What powder have you found works well with your 165 grain? I’m switching from 200 to 165 grain and have not found consistency with a couple of the Alliant flavors. I am new to reloading so I’m sure this has something to do with it.

    I have had a couple 1911’s as well and really enjoy them, look and feel great. I just really appreciate the fact that I can easily tear down my Glocks completely, thoroughly clean and upgrade parts in a matter of minutes. Not to mention their complete reliability.

  • Art

    Has anybody had experience on big game with a 10 mm? Is it a serious deer cartridge? What would be the approximate effective range, 75 yards or so? I have a 44 mag now and would like to try a 10 mm, but I haven’t seen much written about hunting big game with a 10. It doesn’t seem like a 4.6 inch barrel would provide much distance between the sights to help with accurate shooting. Is there a better sight set-up for hunting?

    Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • Dan Haynes


    The 10MM is an effective deer cartridge with a 6″ barrel and 190 Grain Sierra JFP bullets loaded around 1200 FPS. You should have no trouble knocking down a deer if he is hit where it counts.

  • Richard

    Accurate #7 for 165g bullets or less, 165g or larger, go to accurate #9.

    Tremendous ballistics. Lots of speed and power without raising pressures too much. Much more accurate than most factory ammo (excluding double tap and buffalo bore..) Nice big boom with little to no flash. Meters beautifully in any machine.

    The only powder that does as well in 10mm is 800X, but that crap meters like corn-flakes. You’d have to weigh each and every load to avoid blowing up your gun.

    My current practice load is a 180g barrys plated bullets on top of starline brass filled with 14.4g of Accurate #9. close to 1300fps out of a 6 inch stormlake barrel.

    And yes, the 10mm is a great deer gun. Get some 165 or 180 grain rounds from and you can drop a nice buck out to 100 yards (or more if you are sure you can hit your mark)

    Ted Nugent hunts nearly everything in North America with his G20. Deer, boar, bear, whatever else.

  • Bob

    I bought a Glock 29sf last year for ccw and I am happy with it. I had previously shot the 20,21,29, and 30 plus all the 40 cal’s and I have owned a Ruger P90 for a decade. I bought the glock because I found the p-90 too heavy and large for my taste to be a ccw and I wanted something other and better than a .45 to carry. My buddy has the 30 and I find my 29sf more controllable and accurate with almost no muzzle flash. Another friend of mine has a Baretta M-9, but with the wolfe guide rod and 21# spring shooting 155g Double tap jhp, I have less recoil and better accuracy than his M-9. Actually, I don’t notice any recoil and I can’t even see muzzle flash from behind the trigger even at night. No problems shooting the hot stuff but I do notice that the georgia arms 180g fmj i use for practice the slide doesn’t lock back when it’s empty. I’m not really worried about that because it functions perfectly with what I have in it for the street. It took me a while to get used to not having a decocking safety but i’m cautiously comfortible now. Feel pretty good knowing I can rapid fire and hold a 3″ group from 50 ft.

  • Rick

    “Bob: No problems shooting the hot stuff but I do notice that the georgia arms 180g fmj i use for practice the slide doesn’t lock back when it’s empty.”

    I have similar issues with GA ammo and Atlanta Ammo I use for plinking. Seems to be the 21# spring that causes the slide to interfere with the lower powered rounds. Double Tap cycles normally. At 50 yds, a firm grip is crucial for tight groups with the hot rounds. I added the ‘+2’ grip extension for a better grip on its short handle.

    DT says on its website to use a stiffer spring to be sure the round will exit the barrel with a full energy spec. A stock or lighter recoil spring may reduce their bullet’s speed and energy parameters. One may not feel the difference but you do pay a premium to obtain this ammo and its superior knock-down potential. It gives me piece of mind knowing the round is exiting at full power.

  • Steve

    I own the Glocks 20 & 29. No regrets. For anyone interested in taking it to the next level I recommend dropping in a conversion barrel chambered in the 9×25 Dillon. It is a hotter load and a bit more powerful than the 10mm but fun to shoot and more accurate. Double Tap makes ammo in this caliber and Lone Wolf Makes the drop in barrels for both. I did however call KKM precision and they custom made me the barrel which is the highest of quality…I highly recommend them. [] This barrel is not listed online so you will have to call them. Lastly I installed a captured 22# recoil spring from the Glockstore and other than that is works perfectly. 150 rounds through it with the 9×25 and no jams and no excessive frame battering. 2 calibers in 1. A little piece of mind for anyone going camping or hiking in one of the parks where there’s dangerous animals.

  • carter

    I’m a big fan of the Model 29. The original frame is a perfect fit for me but I recently aquired the 20SF and it fits me perfectly too. I found that the M30 had the same recoil as the M29 but the recoil impulse was different… a little sharper in the 10mm… and it is a no brainer which caliber to pick.
    I’m heading into Grizzly country this weekend to go huckleberry picking and I’m opting for the Model 20 with 200g WFNGC bullets (Double Tap). Three mags and one in the tube is comforting enough. I picked up a KKM barrel and my groups were running 3/8″ at 17 yards. I haven’t shot for a while and it is true, handgunning is a perishable skill. I’m looking forward to more practice.
    One thing I do to all my Glocks is carefully remove enough plastic from the trigger bar so it has the same curve as the trigger when depressed. It makes shooting perfection a little easier. And next week some steel sights are going on this gun. You couldn’t separate me from Glock’s 10mm if you tried. The only reason I don’t own 4 is that 3 is enough.

  • Dan

    Yesterday, I shot four 15 round magazines with various loads of ammo in my Glock 20 SF. This is only the second time I have shot it, and it performed flawlessly even with the Lone Wolf SS barrel and SS guide rod with 20lb spring. It will now become my CCW gun. Going with me wherever I go.

    I am going to use the G3 Glock 20 with Lone Wolf 6″ barrel, SS guide road & 20# spring for hunting or as my sidearm when hunting big game.

    I love the G20 guns as they provide 41 magnum ballistics in a semi auto pistol.

  • RYaz

    I found another place to order Full Power 10mm ammo, They load Hornady XTP, Speer Gold Dot and Winchester SilverTip 10mm ammo. I received my order and trying to find time to go to the range. This is the first time I have seen someone load the 175gr SilverTip to go as fast as 1325 fps from a stock Glock 20. I have been debating on getting the 9×25 KKM for my Glock 20. In the past year got a Dan Wesson Classic Bobtail Commander 10mm and a Colt Delta Elite 10mm. However, my carry guns are either Glock 29 or Glock 32.

  • T J Lakia

    I’m thinkng about a 29sf. I was wondering if anyone uses the mag floorplate from the 30sf on their 29sf mags. I was also wondering if anyone had heard of any issues using said floorplates. I’ve searched and have found the pearce grip extensions for the 29 mags. Has anyone had any issues with those? I find it odd that Glock does not put the same floorplates on the 29sf mags that they do on the 30sf mags. Thanks and keep your powder dry.

  • Steve

    @TJ Lakiaon

    I have a 29 and a 30sf. The answer to your question is yes and no. The floorplate from a 30sf magazine will fit on a 29/29sf mag. But…..if you do that the magazine will NOT fit into the 29/29sf because the floorplate is too thick from top to bottom. The 29/29sf 10rd mag is actually about 5/16 shorter than the 10rd 30/30sf mag which means if you put the 30sf floorplate on, it will not load far enough into the magwell to lock in. I have pearce grip extensions on all my 29 mags and never had an issue. I would recommend them to anyone. I have been trying to find a dealer around me that has a 29sf but nobody has them. If you can find one I would say buy it. The 10mm shoots very nice and anyone around you at the range will definitely know what you are shooting. I hope this answers your question.

  • TJ

    At Steve, Thank you sir, that does answer my question. In fact I’m probably going to the store today to get that 29sf.

  • TJ

    At Steve- Took your advice and got that 29SF with the Pearce grips. Shot it today and I like it. Looking forward to using it as a backup for hunting. Definately bucks, but, still a sweet shooting pistol. Quite a bark as well.

  • TJ

    Has anyone heard when the 20sf Gen 4 is going to be out?

  • TJ

    So after 4 months and approximately 500 plus rounds with the 29sf I gotta say I absolutely love it. For practice I use the BVAC 180gr. FMJ and carry the Winchester Silvertip 175gr Hollowpoint for carry rounds. Going to try the Double Tap 165gr. Hollow point soon as I’ve heard it is a Remington Golden Saber. I own several Glocks and the 29sf is the one I go to 90% of the time when I’m not working. (Glock 17 for work). I put the Pearce grips on the mag and I shoot this pistol pretty darn well with this combination. Probably the best combination of power, accuracy, capacity, and concealibilty I’ve ever come across in a carry pistol. Keep your powder dry.

  • Rick

    Glock is releasing the Gen-4 in stages. Here is the Glock 20 Gen-4 coming out soon!

    I can’t wait to shoot it and a Gen-4, G29! I might sell my 29sf and get the newer Gen-4


  • TJ

    Right there with ya Rick, can’t wait to shoot the 20 Gen 4 myself. Think I’ll keep my 29sf though……

  • Jeremy

    I bought a Glock 20 with a factory ported slide and barrel last week, in the past week I have put 200rds through this monster and I have a new favorite to the extent that I’m going to trade my FNP .40 for the 29. The round is awesome and with the ports the and the shear size of the 20 make the recoil very very light. Really really wish ammo was cheaper, but there are some good deals on bulk target ammo if you look for them. To anyone interested in the factory ported model I’m gunna warn you know it’s LOUD even with protection, and the fireball that shoots up from the ports ia impressive I have to give it a sec for my eyes to focus after the flash. Awesome Awsome Awsome. I now know why it’s Ted Nugents favorite pistol.

  • TJ

    I have found that the BVAC bulk 10mm ammo is pretty impressive. Its loaded at 1200fps for a 180gr. bullet. Pretty decent round. Cheaper than Dirt carries it. They are out right now, but seem to keep it in stock pretty regularly. Accurate and burns clean. I haven’t had any malfunctions from either my 29sf or 20sf. I’m right there with ya on the 10mm round. It is in a word AWESOME. Shoot straight and keep your powder dry.

  • Daniel


    You cannot go wrong with the Glock 20 10mm pistol. With some barrel swaps you can also shoot 40 S&W, 357 Sig and 9×25 Dillon. I have owned Glock 20’s for 7 years and they perform great 99% of the time. For good 10MM cartridges I suggest loading your own.

  • Jeremy

    Ya the bvac is one that I was looking at found a case at a couple of sites can’t remember where at the moment, glad to hear a good review of the bvac bulk. I carried the 20 the other day , the only way is open it’s like a brick on my hip so I had to switch back to the XD 40 for the moment. 29 is on the menu ASAP.

  • Jeremy

    I just read a blog about not shooting the 200 and 220grn loads out of the Glock, is there truth to this , iv shot from 180 and down but was waiting for a new barrel and spring for the heavy.

  • Steve


    From my experience 10MM rounds that are heavier than 180 grain are typically cast bullets. In a Glock, the factory polygonal rifling is tighter than most of the other manufactures and it is recommended to use an aftermarket barrel when shooting the cast bullets. But, I know a few guys that use the factory barrel when shooting hardcast and the only issue they have mentioned is with accuracy. Personally, I use a KKM barrel in my G20 when shooting Double Tap 230 hardcast and use the factory spring as well. Generally, if the ejected brass lands within 6 to 10 feet from where you are standing then your spring is fine.

  • Dieter

    The Glock 20 is a man´s firearm. Or better to say, a firearm for a man with big hands. I do not have any problem with my G20. In my opinon the 10mm is the BEST cartridge for a handgun on this planet. Much better then the .45, the 9mm and still, way better then the .40. All the talk on the net about recoil and size of the G20 is bullshit from girls or little guys – even when they are FBI agents ;-).
    Yes you have to practice a lot with the G20, but that´s fun, isn´t it? So if you go for hunt, take a G20 with you, if you need a reliable round to defend your home, your beloved or yourself take a G20. And if you shoot a lot reload by yourself. It´s much cheaper!!!!

  • TJ

    I’m one of the lucky few who actually get to carry a 10mm for work. Been carrying the 20sf for a while now. I love it. Wouldn’t carry anything else as a primary duty weapon by choice. Using the good old 175gr Winchester Silvertip round.

  • Rick

    I shoot GA Ammo FMJ 180 gr. in my 29sf for practice (.40 cents/rnd @ 500 rnds box or more – no need to reload my own). It (GA Ammo) is a stout rnd with a decent kick, so I use the extended 15 rnd mags from the G20 to help with the grip. “Steve” posted here (on 6/11) revealing the stock Glock polygonal bbl may not offer the best accuracy with cast bullets. My groups are decent at 25 yds but I want to try out an aftermarket extended bbl like KKM to see if it tightens up groups. When I carry, I load Double Tap 180’s, jktd hollow pts, 15+1.

    IMO, the 10mm hot is rivaled only by my fav., the .41 magnum, which has only 6. The 10 is pretty close in spec but my 29 is more compact than a big frame wheel gun .41, and holds more than dbl. So it was easy to choose.

    The S&W .40 cal has been called “Short and Weak,” but if my dept. allowed me to carry at least the .40 in lieu of the 9mm, i’d be ok with that. Will a bureaucracy hand out big guns (10mm – .41mag – .357mag) to PO’s in urban areas? I doubt it. But a 10mm would make anyone feel confident that he could shoot through a car door or a wall with no problem & have some to spare in case one is alone (no backup) against some armed nut who wants to go.

    The 10mm (in the G20 &29) is a game changing rnd because of its ability to drop a perp in one shot & reach him if he secretes himself behind a barricade. It has the energy of the famed .357 combined with the punch of a larger diameter bullet to give the shooter the best, all-around performance in a compact, concealable & reliable package.

  • RYaz

    Since Mike Willard from Swampfox ammo past away, I’ve been searching for another place to find full power 10mm ammo. I was in the process of getting Mike’s nuclear 180gr and 200gr ammo when I found out he past away. I found Underwood Ammo or Kevin Underwood has limited selection of full power 10mm ammo for now, but he indicated that he would be getting Gold Dots sometime later this month or next month at and Kevin is selling his 10mm ammo very cheap. I also stumble on who also is selling selling 10mm at a reasonable price and he will also custom load for the Glock 29. I have purchased 200 rounds to test the ammo: I got the 175gr Silvertips using a faster burning powder for my Glock 29 and a slower buring powder for the 180gr XTP Hornady for my Glock 20.

    I recently got a stock length 10mm Storm Lake barrel barrel for my Glock 20, to shoot lead cast bullets which are load hot. I have been experiencing leading in my barrel, would anyone know to remove the leading quickly and safely without damaging the barrel?

    • Rick

      To “RYaz,”

      You have to look around the web to find your ammo if you’re not rolling your own. Reread my last post. I shoot GA Ammo 180 gr. at the range (.40/rnd – FMJ with a good kick). I carry either Buffalo Bore 180gr. JHP which has immense kick or DoubleTap 180’s JHP which kick less but have similar power #’s. Both are more expensive but reliable & reasonable for just a box of 50. DT’s are the best IMO. This is what I carry.

  • RYaz

    I know it costs more, but I tend to practice with the ammo carry. I usually carry the hotter loads with heavier bullets ranging from 175gr to 220 gr on the Glock 20. On the Glock 29 it ranges from 135gr to 180gr. I’ve been looking at what others have used to load their 10mm and I plan loading myself eventually. I have long conversations with Mike Willard about the different powders and how the different primers effect their burn rates. I’ve talk a little with Kevin and Chad from Underwood Ammo and DallasReloads. I was in Cedar City, UT about a couple months ago and met with Mike McNett about DoubleTap reintroducing the GoldDots to their line-up. We talked about possible bullets to be used on their 9×25 ammo.

  • Uncle Buck

    I personally spoke with 2 former FBI gents, about the issue with the 10mm being scrapped from their force, and it was not about grip size , or control from smaller individuals. S&W 1006, 1076, and o on , had small single stack frames e.t.c. 10mm has no more recoil than 45acp or a hot , med 40cal! Any one that has shot all these calibers extensively would know what i am talking about. The real reason, is the 10mm can seriously penetrate and do extensive damage, even those that are wearing level 3 vests! They wont admit it , but it is true! The other reason that I personally believe is the main reason is: This particular caliber would literally obsolete all other calibers, because of its loading ranges and its capacity volume in full size pistols . This basically changes whole marketing scheme of the gun manufactures and would severely affect their ability to sell you John Q. Public multiple different firearms and ammo excessories E.T.C Yes the same Gun manufactures that you trusted are the same ones, who worked feverishly against it behind closed doors, hoping that the 10mm would go- away , when replaced by .40cal. This was also conceived by Law enforcement agencies who were concerned about the public having the possibility to out gun them even with level-3 protection and the ability to penetrate through police cruisers. This was their firsthand knowledge. Col. Jeff Cooper designed the perfect round. and they knew it. Long live 10mm!

    • Rick


      I just picked up another 500 rnds of 180gr 10mm FMJ from “GA Ammo” at a local gun show in Atl, GA. (.40/rnd), & they took my CC! A pretty hot rnd for plinking.

      Many ammo co’s are saying “out of stock” on their websites, as does GA Ammo. But they bring a lot of ammo to the gun shows where I get mine. Regardless of what caliber you need, I saw plenty on hand for all. Wherever you live, I recommend frequenting local gun shows to get your stuff.

      Sorry, no Gen 4 Glock 29 or 20s yet!

    • King

      The 10mm was abandoned by the FBI because their female agents (most of them) could not handle the recoil and place an adequately accurate second follow-up shot. Plain and simple. The FBI commissioned extensive ballistic tests before the 10mm was ever adopted, so they knew the penetration of the round. Your argument saying it was abandoned because of vest penetration holds no water whatsoever. It’s purely speculation.

      It’s obvious-because of PR reasons-that the FBI could not/cannot ever say that most female agents were not proficient enough with the 10mm S&W pistol. But the facts are the facts.

      • Gadfly

        King, You are correct. Sitting in the office with several FBI guys right now. They confirm your reasons…

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