Taurus have updated the PT22 PT25

Taurus have updated the PT-22 (chambered in .22 LR) and the PT-25 (chambered in .25 ACP). They are now lightweight polymer and are much sleeker that the old steel version.

The new PT-22 (Photo from G&A).

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The old model PT-22

The old line has a wide range of models featuring every grip you could imagine. It is not known if they will update the old models or standardize on the the “classic” polymer-type models (two tone and black)

The new model weights in at 10.8 ounces and as you can see in the top photo feature a larger trigger guard.

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  • DrStrangegun

    They should make available a threaded barrel for the PT22…

    • Nathanthegreat52

      I have a problem that maybe someone can help me with. Afeter I fire my PT 22 I have to move the trigger forward with my finger in order to fire again. The gun has no problem feeding. I’m getting tired of having to pull then push the trigger. Any suggestions?

  • MJR

    I’m just wondering if I’m ever gonna see one of these. My wife wants one as a back up. I think they would be cool with a second six inch long target barrel for practice time, and even a threaded one for a silencer. The new polymer one is a lot more attractive to me than the older metal ones. Its sleek, tactical looking and I like how the trigger guard comes all the way out to the end of the gun. It looks more ergonomic than my Ruger LCP.

    I have done a little looking and it seems that its hard to make a good 22 rimfire pistol that is a small pocket gun like this. Maybe because its a revolver cartridge. I’ve heard its a lot to do with how much gunk the spent cartridge leaves after you’ve put 75- 100 rounds through it. Malfunctions seem to be common for all pistol brands not just the pot metal satuday night specials. Beretta 21a, Taurus PT-22, Walther TPH, Pheonix arms HP22A, Jimenez arms JA-22, Jennings J-22. They all seem to have problems. And in every forum people will tell you to clean them during range time. WHAT!!? I have even read of a revolver owner expressing the need to clean the cylinders during actual use.

    I’ve decided that the cartridge can’t be to blame because my wife and I own a S&W 22a and a Ruger Mark II and have put tens of thousands of rounds through them without cleaning them and never had a malfunction. Those are full size guns though. It has to be the design of these tiny guns. The extraction and feeding of the guns should be looked at by the designers. If it can be done in a big gun it should be possible to scale it down to this pocket size. This makes sense logically. Right?

    Perhaps these gun companies have not been trying hard enough. There are many, many full size 22lr auto pistols out there that function flawlessly dirty or not. They took the time to develop the other guns that they sell but maybe not these. Now that people are carrying two or sometimes three guns maybe things will improve.

  • Scott S.

    I called Taurus International today (02/25/2010) and got minimal information except that it is due out the 3rd quarter 2010. Cost not known, color options not known, etc. The advantage for females and senior citizens is that it still has the tip up barrel for safety and ease of loading. A lot of people find that charging the LCPs and Kel-Tecs is difficult. I hope they make this in the .380 besides the .22 and .25 ACP.

    • Scott, thanks for the info.

  • Ted

    I got a Taurus PT22 for my wife, I liked the idea of the easy flip up barrel for her. I bought it used, figuring that with the Taurus lifetime warranty it was the best way to go. After maybe 75 to 100 rounds in a 3 week period it jammed. She handed it to me and I looked at it and the slide had split in half on the barrel end. Luckily she was not injured. I sent it to Taurus for repair, which took 8 weeks. Got it back yesterday, I shot around 40 to make sure all was right. She took it and shot 30 or so rounds and the slide split in half again! When I sent it in I told Taurus that I thought the gun should be replaced, partly because when the slide split it put gouges in the body, and she would feel safer with a new one. Well that did not happen. Has anybody ever heard of this happening? Or is there a consumer protection agency I can contact? I do not want to send the gun in and be without for another 8 weeks. I want a new gun, which I will sell immediately and get a different type. I would stay away from this gun.

    • Steven White

      Can’t go wrong with the Bersa Thunder .380

  • Ralph

    I assume this is one of the new polymer guns?

  • Ted

    No, it was the older type, Taurus did FINALLY send a new gun (same type) I never fired it and traded it off immediately. I bought my wife a Walther P22.

  • Cody

    I had the same problem with the cracked slide under the barrell on the older Taurus P22. Actually, i’m sending it to Taurus today. This leads me to think that it is a design flaw.

  • Carpenter

    OMG, split slides! And here I thought having it misfeed every brand I put in it was bad enough. Bought mine in Feb., the steel version, I has yet to empty a single clip without misfeeding. I have now sent mine back in twice. It’s been worse each time I’ve gotten it back. I’ve used CCI minimag, Winchester and Remington. None of it feeds properly. I’m done f***ing with it. It trades away tomorrow.

    PS: Christian was the supervisor I last spoke with. He said Federal 35 grain is what they tested it with and that minimags were waaaaay too hot. I call BS. I’d have to mail order pud loads if I intend to keep it. It must be the design, as I have two Ruger MIIs that are flawless.

  • Just purchased a new Taurus PT22. It felt good in the hands and easy to carry in the pocket. Its the old design, 8 round mag and 1 in the chamber. Hope I don’t have problems mentioned above with it. Like me my dealer is a retired police officer and sells a lot of different weapons. He recommended CCI Minimags and related his customers claim they are the best for this weapon. He did recommend to refrain from jacking a round in the chamber by using the slide as this could cause big trouble. He recommended to use the tip-up barrel to load a round in the chamber. After reading the safety warnings that come with this weapon I’m a little concerned that the company really plays it big on no round in the chamber unless you plan on using the weapon. Am I missing something here. If you carry this weapon as a CCW aren’t you always planning on using it if needed. Other wise this would be just a target plinker. Don’t think I want to confront a “bad guy” with no round in the chamber and go with the process of tipping the barrel up and loading a round. Bear with me Mr. Bad Guy while I get ready for you. Mean while he kills you. If this weapon was not meant for CCW why is it set up for 40 gr. LR. A 22 caliber LR can do some real damage to a human body bouncing around like it does. 25 years as a homicide investigator with all those “posts” I had to attend tell me this. However I must admit that when I have to be in a bad area I’ll carry my 9 with critical defense ammo. Hope the little guy goes bang when I pull the trigger.

    • CRCobb

      Ruger has the same warnings in their manuals. It sounds like lawyers gone wild again. What will they think of next? Internal locks? LOL.

  • mark

    I purchased my pt22 for a backup pocket gun! First time at the range on the second clip through it the safety flipped on by it self. Thinking my thumb had hit it but the safety would flip on even with my daughter firing the gun and her hand is much smaller than mine. When at the house I was cleaning the gun and the safety jammed amd would not move. I removed the grip on the side of the safety and the and the pin that holds the safety in the on or off flew across the room not to found. Now the safety does what it. I will repare it myself I like the weapon other than this small problem I own other tauruses though if I had seen that this one was made in the USA I don’t Know that I would have purchased it.

  • Mike

    The manual recommends against hyper velocity ammo.

  • Donald Turner

    I just purchased the new model pt22 at a gun show for my wife. Before I purchased this model I did a little research and at the gun show I talked to all the dealers at the show who where selling this model and other models as well and the all said “for the money” this was a very good-well-made pistol and that all Taurus fire arms were well made and the only one with a lifetime warranty.

    After reading the above comments I’ m wondering if I did the right thing.
    Does anybody have anything good to say about this model or (I’m thinking) should I sell it right away.

    My 1st impression, after shooting 3 clips, is very impressive. Light weight, quick response, rapid fire with no jambs. I’ve had previous small cal. pistols that was impossible to rapid fire with out jamming occurring.

    Help me out here people. Should I keep it or move it.

    • Steven White

      It it works well keep it and be happy.

  • larry mcdonald

    I’m planning on buying a new Taurus M22 Poly soon. In doing some internet research I ran across this thread. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any useful info here.

    In spite of the title being “Taurus have (has) updated the PT22 PT25 … They are now lightweight polymer and are much sleeker that the old steel version.” All the posts are about the steel versions. Not the same gun guys!

    Sorry your old steel guns suck. But I want to know about the newly designed poly guns. Will post my review after test shooting mine.

    best regards, larry mac

  • larry mcdonald

    Got it today. Bass Pro Shops has them on sale for $199.98. It’s an all black, poly PT22, although the ad says M22. Comes in a tiny plastic case.

    Of course I cleaned & lubricated it before shooting. Easiest gun to disassemble I’ve ever seen. Release & tip the barrel up, and the slide pulls right off. Snap the slide back on, push the barrel back down, and that’s it!

    The slide is too hard to rack (for me), so I just tip the barrel up and insert a round. The mag holds eight rounds. I fired five mags, + five in the barrel, makes 45 total. No misfires, no FTF. No problem with slide bite either.

    I used Winchester M22’s. Great product IMO. I’ve used them in my Sig Saur 1911-22 and never had a failure.”A Tactical Training Load designed for modern sporting rifles with high capacity magazines”. Black copper plated round nose bullet. 40 grain, 1255 FPS. Two bulk boxes of 500 each in a 1000 round package for $44 at Cabelas. I started using them after having problems with cheap 22 ammo (in several guns).

    OK, so the sights, being all black, are difficult for me to see or use. I just pointed the gun, and it seemed to work pretty well. I didn’t have time for serious target shooting. Just shot at some empty cardboard ammo boxes lying around. But I had them hopping all over the place. Trigger has a tough pull. It’s hard and long. It’s also a short and very curved trigger. Don’t think it will be impossible to get used to however. Part of the problem is the gun is small and light weight. The wide grip though is a handful, and with the mag extension, all my fingers fit fine.

    Very small guns are just more difficult to master. But so far, this one seems to be a real winner. And a good value for the money. best regards, lm

  • larry mcdonald

    Couple more items. The manual that came with my gun, which covers the PT 22/25 polymer, and the PT 22/25, does not mention hyper velocity ammo. It cautions against using P+ or +P+ ammo in any gun not rated for it. it says it’s OK for their 38 specials (it lists which ones), 45’s, and 9mm guns.

    So, nothing about not using hyper velocity ammo in this gun. The manual does not differenciate between the poly and non-poly guns in any way. All the info is for both apparently. There is however an exploded view for each gun. The poly has 59 parts, while the non-poly has 53.

    Also, stamped on the gun. Made in Miami, Florida. Not Brazil.

    best regards, lm

  • larry mcdonald

    This gun has no texture. It’s just plain smooth & slippery. So I ordered and applied thin rubber, self-adhesive, textured panels pre-cut to fit this gun, from “Traction Grips”. Very reasonably priced. Great improvement. Feels so good now!

    Next, I ordered a beauty of a little clip-on holster from Barsony Leather, Beaverton, OR. They offer them in several colors. Mine is burgundy. Made for this gun, fits perfect. Also very reasonably priced.

    Since the sights are basically unusable, I’ve ordered a gun sight paint kit from “Bright Sights”. Will update the results of that modification later.

    That should pretty much complete this little project. Except for one thing. I’d like an extra mag or two. Don’t think there are any available yet. My internet research suggests the older model (non-poly) PT22’s magazines are not compatable with these guns. And visually, it’s clear they do not have the same baseplate. Would appreciate any info on obtaining the correct mags.

    Lastly, not a single failure to feed, failure to fire, or failure to eject in three shooting sessions. This gun loves Winchester M22′s, as do my other .22 handguns.

    best regards, larry mac

  • larry mcdonald

    Update on “Bright Sights” for new all black Poly PT22.

    In a word INCREDIBLE ! Painted the front sight orange, and dabbled green dots on rear sights, as per Bright Sights recommendation. Hey, perhaps it’s just my old eyes, but I couldn’t see the black sights when aiming at a dark target. Now they just seem to glow color brightly. Pretty cool product!

    best regards, lm

  • Kyle

    I recently picked up a Taurus PT-25 used. The pearl grips were cracked so I ordered Rosewood grips online. After I took the grips off and cleaned the gun the slide slipped and wont stay. So now when the magazine is in and I try to fire the gun it slides forward but doesn’t go back unless you physically move it. Does anyone have any suggestions or know what happened?

    • Steve

      Just bought and picked up a Taurus Pt 25. Read the manual. put the clip in for correct operation. The slide will not pull back only with an extreme effort. Any one else have the problem .

    • Steven White

      Doesn’t Taurus have a lifetime of the gun warranty?