Taurus 738 TCP pistol

Taurus has unveiled their new Taurus TCP pistol. This is another additional the increasingly wide range of .380 ACP sub-compact pistols. The TCP stands for “Taurus Compact Pistol”.

The pistol is DOA (Double Action only) and has a 6+1 capacity with a standard magazine and a 8+1 capacity with an extended magazine.

Taurus 738 Tcp  .380 Acp Pistol Takes Aim At The Ruger Lcp
Full sized photo can be seen at Guns Holsters and Gear

Three models will be available: an ultra light titanium side version weighting only 8.5 ounces, a blued steel slide model and a stainless model. Both steel models weigh 10.2 ounces.

The pistol features:

* Ambidextrous magazine release.
* Fish scale slide pattern.
* Large trigger guard.
* Low profile sights.

It is quite a sexy looking pistol. Most .380 ultra-compact carry pistol look “functional” at best … and I say this as a Glock fanboy!

GHG says it will retail for around $300 for the standard version and an extra $100 for the titanium slide.

Steve Johnson

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  • Maybe I’m missing sumtin, but with “an ultra light titanium side version weighting only 10.2 ounces, a blued steel slide model and a stainless model. Both steel models weigh 10.2 ounces”, what’s the advantage (besides looks) of getting the more-expensive titanium model?

    • ExurbanKevin, thanks. typo fixed.

  • No prob. 🙂

    And you’re right, that new Taurus makes my year-old P3AT look downright frumpy!

  • AK™

    If Taurus made a model called the Personal Carry Pistol..would they market it as the PCP?

    “Where you goin?” said the wife..

    “going to buy some PCP”..said the husband.

  • Art

    Anybody have a link/address for a good picture of the sights on this new Taurus.

    I’d really like to see nice wide sights on a pocket pistol.

  • Billy-Pt145

    When are they going to come out to the public. I want one really bad, but can’t find one! Does onyone have information on the Taurus 738 TCP ?

  • CEC

    My 1st trip to the range with my TCP738 SS turned out to be jam city. The gun jammed on extraction so much that I stopped using it. So I thought it was the clip due to it being extreemly tight fitting, but the gun failed to extract even when the clip was removed after chambering a round. Needless to say I’ll be taking it back to the dealer for service or exchange.

    I would like to hear from others on the Taurus TCP 738. Maybe I should have purchased a LCP instead.

  • Billy

    Where did you get your TCP738? Does academy have them?

    Thanks; Billy

  • CEC

    I pre-ordered on 6/1/09 and took delivery on 11/6/09 from “Madison Guns” of Madison and Huntsville Alabama whose distributor is “Davidson’s at GalleryofGuns.com”. I took it back to the dealer (Madison Guns) and they said it will be replaaced with a new one.

  • CEC

    Well, I received a new TCP on 11/23/09 after the 1st return. I took it to the range and it shoot perfect until around the 25th round. The gun would not fire on some rounds. After inspection the primers were not touched and the hammer was not fully striking. I would have to multistrike (this gun is not a double striker) to get it to fire.

    Will give it one more chance (on the advice of the dealer) before I return it for the 2nd time. This is still early in the production and maybe Taurus is having some design/tolorance issues.

    I would love to hear from other TCP early suckers.

  • dave

    Sorry for your luck. I got my TCP 738SS 2 days ago. 200 round through it now 5 jams total, no misfires period. I love it. the last 148 rounds I’ve shot through it have had no jams period. I think my issues were for the mag springs being tight as well. I’ve shot Fedral, PMC, and Winchester Super X through it for JHP. Please keep me posted on your progress for 300 bucks no one deserves the issues you’ve seen out of yours.

  • Sharon

    I bought the taurus 738 tcp 380 and the magazine release button broke after 3 rounds love the size very disappointed

  • Steve

    Hmmm… I bought a Taurus TCP last night. Picked it over the Ruger LCP I had been going to pick up. Taking it to the range for the first time this afternoon… Wish me luck! 🙂

  • Steve

    Well, I got through a box of 50 95gr FMJ rounds with only one hitch… At one point my grip was such that I had partially ejected the magazine and didn’t notice until I pulled the trigger and … plunk. Adjusting my grip solved that. Also, the second magazine doesn’t cause the slide to lock open after the last round is fired.

    It does eject shells in a fairly consistent manner so even at the indoor range I was able to collect 4-5 out of 6 shells for reloading.

    It still has another 150 rounds to go for the break-in period but so far so good. It’s a nice little gun and was more accurate at 20ft than I thought it would be. Still doesn’t beat my S&W 686-4, but you can’t hardly beat it for concealability.

  • CEC

    Well on my second trip to range, the gun still had misfire issues (7 misfires out of 8 mags). I returned it the dealer again and instead of trying a 3rd gun, the dealer let me put the TCP738 credit towards a Kahr P380. I have no faith in the TCP738, and that’s not a good feeling not knowing if a misfire will occur during a critical situation. The P380 is over double the price of the TCP, but I will pay for a quality firearm and a peice of mind.

    This ends my experience with the TCP but I will still monitor this blog for curiosity sake.

    Man, that TCP is a nice looking weapon!

  • Jason Kyle

    FTF gold got ammo past the feed ramp. Academy is sending it back for repairs. I’m expecting at least an 8 week wait.

  • Steve

    Sorry to hear your problems CEC… I ran another 100 rounds through mine at the range today and still not a single jam or fail to fire. The gun doing great. I was getting 3-4″ grouping at 35-40ft which I thought was pretty good for such a little gun.

  • Brooks

    So far, I hate it. I’m sorry to those that are liking this one, but I really am disliking it so far.

    I purchased the TCP today at a military surplus store here in town. I had heard a lot about it, and it’s small and compact compared to my other .380s (CZ-82 and 83) and felt it was perfect (for obvious reasons) for a concealed weapon.

    I took it to the range after purchasing it and after about 5 rounds the gun jammed. After several more rounds, the slide didn’t lock after the last round from the mag. Then continued to test it out again, to see it jam some more, and some more, and some more. Now, due to it’s light weight, I understand there’s a bit more recoil in it compared to some other .380 cal guns, but you can grip the hell out of this gun and it wouldn’t due a bit of good about the slide not locking properly. Took it back into the shop and had them test it: sure enough, there was a problem with the mag and slide. They tried to call Taurus to have the part ordered that needed to be replaced but couldn’t get through because the lines were down. They are trying again on Monday, but in the mean time I’m staring at the little thing in disgust.

    We’ll see how it goes.

    Oh, but in case your wondering the 2nd mag that comes with the gun worked absolutely fine, so it was just the one mag that was faulty.

  • CEC

    Brooks, I understand from your comments that the slide catch worked on the 2nd mag, but did the 2nd mag have any jams?

    When my Kahr P380 comes in, I’ll let you guys know how it performs at the range. I ordered night sights with mine. BTW, the Kahr is the only little dude with big gun (descent) sights.

    Further, the TCP, and Kahr have a empty mag slide catch, and give u 2 mags. And the Taurus onboard safety lock is a great idea. TCP also has the longest barrel which is important for the week 380 bullet. These 2 guns are the only 2 that survived my requirements.

    Dave and Steve, I hope you guys continue to have success with you weapon. It seems almost all of these little 380s have some issues no matter who the maker is (some more than others).

    If anyone has any info on the Kahr P380, please share.


  • Steve

    A little addition… Went to the range yesterday with a box of Browning rounds and 10-15 out of the 50 didn’t fire on the first try. The primer was dimpled pretty well, but didn’t fire off. I went back to the Mag Tech’s I had been using before and had no problems.

    So it seems as if this gun may be a bit picky about the ammo you run through it. I need to get a set of .380 dies and start handloading this stuff…

  • brian

    Glad I found this site and y’alls comments. Seems like one guy has had good success and most others bad. I just found out about the Taurus tcp on sunday when I went to look at the Ruger lcp. I thought it looked better and really liked the fact that it locked back after all shots fired but see now that that doesn’t work very well. If I buy one of the small compacts soon, I think it will be the Ruger. I already have a Keltec but I’ve had several jamming issues (thankfully only when target shooting) and when I carry it I’m always thinking…if I get into trouble I hope this thing doesn’t jam…and that’s no way to live…and an easy way to die. I haven’t seen too many negative comments on the Ruger. Do any of y’all have experience (good or bad) with the Ruger lcp???

  • Eric

    I’ve been looking for a small auto like these and am very disappointed in the reports on the TCP as its appearance is so much better than the LCp and the P3at, you can’t tell a book by looking at the cover. A guy I know just got a P3at and is quite happy with its functioning, 200 rounds no problem, his friend also got one and it’s good too.

    So now I’m considering the Kahr, even though it costs twice as much, and hope those who have them post reports soon.

    I wonder how gun writers never get dogs, the review in G&A said the TCP was problem free.

    Thanks for the real world experiences.

  • SkepticMatt

    100 rounds with no problems. Fells better in the hand while shooting than my LCP. Trigger is awesome.

  • Dusty

    I just bought a Taurus PT 738. I would really like to get an extended magazine/Grip for it. Do they make them yet and if so does anyone know where to get one?

  • sharpdesign

    Choose it because Overall Construction was Good… Slide Locks Back on Last Round, lets me know I’m out or Nice when Inspecting …1) Easier Trigger Pull than other 2, probably the most important feature… 2)Stainless Upper is a Nice Feature….
    Sights are very difficult to see, but at 10-12 feet I was getting decent placement…To Takedown it took me a few tries to get familiar with dissasembly, little pin can be difficult to reinsert but I’m sure it will be easier after the Steel Retainer that holds it in place breaks in.
    First 100 rounds winchester fmj at range went perfect followed up with 4 shots of Speer Self Defense…No Problems at all….What a relief because I know it can be Hit or Miss with a New Handgun…Shooting it was Very Comfortable, Extractions did not hit me. I really Enjoyed the First Time around…I have shot the LCP and first impression was not good for me… It seemed like the trigger pull was longer and harder, but really it really isin’t fair since I only fired about 25 rounds through my friends gun… I also Shoot a Kahr MK9 2003 Elite… I Love the way it Shoots for a small gun… However I wanted something a little smaller for everyday carry in Florida… TCP will probable go in a Front Pocket Holster, Nice and Light… I’d Reccomend to any thinking about a small handgun…
    PS.. The Purse or Bulldog Bag they Give You with it is Huge, and yet it does not carry the extra mag well…. You actually have to place it on top of the gun ( bad design)..Kind of Hard to believe that huge thing won’t even carry a extra mag well….only real knock…

  • Kevin in Virginia

    hoping to get some help or advise with my new Taurus 738 TCP

  • Kevin in Virginia

    Just bought a brand new Taurus 738 TCP. Took it out of box and it looked clean enough to fire without pre-cleaning. Loaded the first of two mags I got with the gun and rapid shot 7 Winchester 380 ACP 92 gr. without incident, ecept the slide didn’t stay open after the final shot. Changed to second mag (also a 6-capacity, although I had thought the gun came with a 6 and 8 mag) and fired all without a fault. Once again the slide did not stay open after the final shot. Reloaded 6 more bullets in the same mag and fired faultlessly once again but no slide open after final shot.

    Decided to clean the gun, and after the simple disassembly and thorough clean went to reassemble the gun. I was unable to get the slide to stay open because the slide lock would not engage in the notch that is machined in the slide, and after close inspection I could see that the machining was not perfect; it appeared to be slightly rounded in the top corner of the slide notch where I assume it should be square.

    After I managed to get the slide back in place by partially starting the pin with one hand and holding the slide back with the other, I put a mag back in and the slide holder would engage with the mag in-place but when I took the mag out, it wouldn’t grab. I changed mags and the same thing was still true.

    The problem I encountered has caused me a dilemma. I LOVE the gun, it fired perfectly, but I am sure the slide is supposed to stay open after the final round is fired (even though it has a loaded-round indicator, and I don’t particually like the feature of an open slide) and of course I can’t even perform the reassembly operation or demonstrate to someone that the gun is empty without manually holding the slide back.

    has anyone encountered this problem. The gun is only 24 hours out of the box and I don’t want to send it back to Taurus (Miami) and be without it for 5-8 weeks from what I hear is the average time for repairs). Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • Steve

    I had a similar issue with one of the two mags that came with my TCP… One would hold the slide open when empty and one wouldn’t. After a bit of a break in period where I left the magazines fully loaded for a day or two and firing more than 200 rounds through the gun, they both work perfectly now.

    Are you able to have the slide lock engage by manually pressing up the release whild holding the slide back? If that doesn’t work for you, it may be a manufacturing problem and you may need to get it replaced/repaired.

    The only real issue I’ve had with mine was that it didn’t like a certain type of ammunition (see above), but other than that I absoutely love it. It’s light, small and accurate. I keep it with me at all times.

  • Steve T.

    I have not fired a Taurus TCP, but for the poster who requested info on the Ruger LCP: I have fired and carried my Ruger LCP for over a year now (with the Crimson Trace laser). 13 members of my dept now carry the LCP as a backup and off-duty gun. My LCP has over 400 rounds fired with no malfunctions of any kind. None of the other 13 owners have had any issues either. Ruger did have a problem with their newer magazines but that issue has been fixed (the plastic follower on new mags was different slightly from the first mags and caught on the spring with three rounds left in the mag, causing those rounds to not feed…2 seconds with my Dremel fixed my one extra mag (I have four total). Ruger has corrected the problem. I have total faith in my American made Ruger LCP.

  • chris K

    I have not seen the Taurus but agree totally with Steve T. about the LCP. Here in South Florida, the LCP is the perfect concealed weapon when we wear our shorts and t-shirts. I’ve only heard good things about the LCP since their early recall. I just ordered the crimson trace laser and I too have all the confidence in this pistol. I’ve put about 100 rounds through it and it’s never misfired or jammed. Only negative about these guns is that inexpensive 380 ammo is difficult to find. It is always back ordered at Cabela’s and the Gun shows sell it at a 50% markup.

  • Ken G.

    Got my TCP right after Thanksgiving. Got to the range the next week and put about 85 rounds through it. Had one FTE but, that was shooting with my weak hand and changing the way I grip the gun (so it was probably my fault). Had pretty good groups. No problems with the slide. I do have a problem with ejecting a live round. (I keep one in the chamber when the gun is at home) It pops up and gets wedged between the barrel/chamber and slide. Have to pull back on the slide and lightly pry it out with a free finger (very tricky to do). Only other problem is the ejected rounds, when firing, will occasionally fly back and strike me in the forehead. This happened a total of 5 times and I ended up with two small nicks in my forehead. I’ll be wearing a hat in the future. Overall I am very satisfied with my TCP… especially for the $.

  • Nathan E

    Picked up the TCP today at the gunshow. Early X-mas gift. Went to the range and I am so thrilled on how the gun shoots. No jams whatsoever and about the only things I could complain about is the occasional spent case shooting back towards my face during rapid fire and the fact the back of the slide has 2 very sharp protrusions that if your grip isn’t quite right it would rip the web between your thumb and forefinger pretty bad. I will take a file and curve the points a tad. Other than that out of 100 rounds I had 2 misfires. But again that was only during rapidfire and only round 5 out of the 6 in the mag. I took a small piece of Scotchbrite and rubbed the rails on disassembly while cleaning and the slide operates smoother, not that it wasn’t acceptable before. Quite an excellent piece of hardware I have, IMHO. Sorry to hear others haven’t felt the same. At 17 yards, I was able to keep the shots within 5 inches of each other and managed a few bulls. I’m pleased with the groups out of such a small gun and with sufficient practice feel I could improve that score. Now I’m just waiting for the extended mags to come out. Seriously a good carry piece for CHL holders.

  • took the TCP today. took it to the range with some Browning shorts. I only had a little bit of time, but shot 30 rounds. I only had two rounds that didn’t fire, but the slide locked back every time the last shot was fired. I was able to group 9’s and bulls at 21 feet. after the first clip at 9′. I held on to the rest of my ammo for now…cause it’s not available here unless you want to pay a premium. Just my 02.

  • caleb

    i have recently bought a TCP. I chose it over the P3AT mainly for looks, slide lock, and lighter trigger pull. i have fired about 100x rounds through it and it has never jammed and the slide stayed open perfectly. the problem i have is the magazine will dropped sometimes when the gun is fired. it has even dropped when chambering a round. i called taurus and they said I am not sliding the magazine in hard enough. they said i should slide it in and then hit it rather hard to make sure it locks. anyone else have this problem? just in case anyone is having a hard time finding .380 ammo…www.gandermountain.com has a lot in stock for 19.95/50. i just order many boxes today….they might have some left.

  • Greg R

    I bought a 738 on gunbroker.com
    Paid 279.00 + shipping + ffl
    Took it to the range and it fired like a dream
    not as big as kick as I thought it would for such a small gun. Fired 150 rounds, no FTE, or FTF. Picked this over the Ruger LCP because of the lock back after last round fired.
    Loaded chamber indicator, came with two mags and a holster. I know there is a lot Taurus bashers out there but I have had nothing but good experiences with them. I own a Taurus 65 357 that also shoots like a dream and the trigger is getting better after about 300 rounds, I expect nothing less from the little 738. I have several friends with Tauri guns also and they are completely happy…didn’t have to pay S&W prices and got a good gun in the process. I am not a gun snob, I own Taurus 65, Ruger SP101 and S&W 3913, I just like the variety, they all bring something to the table.
    I used 90 gr fmj’s for range use. Plan on getting 95 gr hollow points for carry. Found some Buffalo Bore +p hollow point at Midway USA, but after reading the manual, I did not find where the TCP is +p Rated so I will have to do some more reseach on that. 380 ammo seems plentiful in KC area so that is not a concern. I am a fan of Ruger guns I own a Ruger SP101 which I love, and really wanted the LCP until Taurus up the ante with TCP. The only knock on TCP would be the back sights need to have a dremmel taken to them to avoid snagging, just the back edges of them.
    Also its a new model, and sometimes they have their problems….the LCP had a recall, but Ruger handle it, so only time will tell with Taurus. Lifetime warranty so I am not concerned….and please don’t respond back with “Well Taurus services is lacking, from what I have read maybe with older models, but I have had not to deal with it.
    Well I said I am not a gun snob…but the P3AT seemed like lot less of a gun compared to the ruger or taurus…I did handle all three before purchase.
    The Ruger & P3AT seemed just a tad smaller and I mean just a tad…For 20 – 30 bucks more go for the Ruger

  • Greg R

    Sorry and or Taurus TCP

  • Ben

    I recently bought a stainless TCP and got to try it out today. The big problem is that the magazine keeps falling out. I tried beating on the magazine when I insert it and it makes no difference. If I rotate the bottom of the magazine in a circular motion it always falls out, loaded or not. It also falls out after every shot and I am quite certain I am not bumping the release. The magazine falls out in a pocket holster after walking a short distance.

    When I insert the magazine I notice that the mag catch button doesn’t really come out at all during insertion, so there is not much holding the magazine in. Who else has this issue? Is Taurus’s customer service good or am I on my own?

    I taped the magazine in and had no other problems at all in 100 rounds. The gun is very tolerant of limp-wristed shooting and accurate for what it is but I shouldn’t have to rely on duct tape.

  • Eduardo

    Got a TCP 738 SS on Saturday at the Academy Sports in Trussville, AL. Based on what I read here, I loaded the magazines and left them loaded over the weekend.

    Yesterday, I went to an indoor range (too cold down in Birmingham for outdoor stuff). Ran 100 Rds of Academy green box FMJ. Not a problem at all.

    I found the gun surprisingly accurate to 15 yds or so (I just wanted to exercise the action). Very happy with it so far.

    Went to the Gun Cellar and picked up some 380 CorBon. About the only place locally that had “self defense” grade ammo, and only one box of them.

    Recommend the Taurus 738 as a good alternative to Kel Tec, and about $30 cheaper.

    LTC, USAR (Ret)

  • David G.

    I bought my TCP yesterday. I was going to buy the Ruger LCP, but the dealer had sold out of them at Christmas. The slide-lock, two mags, pouch, and the warranty convinced me to try the Taurus. I broke it down for cleaning and inspection last night and was pleased with the quality of the weapon. I had a chance to test fire it just before dark today. I fired four magazines (3 Federal FMJ and 1 Speer Gold Dot) through the new gun without a hitch. The second magazine did fail to lock open the slide after the last round one time. I did not have time (or daylight) to shoot at a target for accuracy testing. That will happen soon, but I was satisfied that I was regularly thumping pint water bottles at 7yds. I was more worried about function after reading some of the earlier posts on the TCP. Even though my test session was very brief, I am happy that the new pistol fed, fired, and ejected properly. The trigger is light but long (as I would want in a pocket pistol w/o a safety). I got the model with the stainless slide for the same price as a blued LCP. I am looking forward to having this little blaster on me when circumstances dictate leaving my Commander sized .45 in the truck.

  • Chad

    Got my TCP on Monday. Fired 50 rounds through it. 7 jams. The machining on the feed ramp is the culprit for me. Very jagged and not smooth. I polished it on did some grinding to smooth it out. Other than the FTE FTL I really enjoyed the gun. Suprisingly accurate at 7 yards. I will go back to the range soon and retest. Love the gun…hate the jams!



  • Ken G.

    Follow up: Shot my TCP again. This time, put 120 rounds through it. Had a few FTE from the Winchester ammo I bought at wally world. The first 20 rounds were PMC which worked without a problem. Still quite accurate @ about 20 feet. Love this gun!

  • Norman

    I went to the local (80 miles away) Sporting good store with my heart set on the Ruger LCP and just like David G. posted they were all sold out because of Christmas. So the sell’s man talked me into the TCP. Which wasn’t a really hard sell for him as I’ve owned a Taurus PT99 for years and I love that gun. So I purchase the gun and ask the sells man for a box of 380. Guess what? Their sold out, went to Walmart, sold out, went to another sporting goods store, sold out. Came home to my local Walmart, sold out. I finally ended up purchasing a box of 380 from Cheaperthandirt. com. I’ll let you know how it shoots when I finally get some ammo.

    Where has all the 380 ammo gone?

  • Kenneth

    After a lot of research and a couple trips to the local gun dealers, I bought my TCP four days ago. I compared it side by side with the P3AT and LCP. The TCP provided substantially more room for my hand on the grip than the KelTec. The locking slide was the other deciding feature.
    I fired twenty five rounds of cheap FMJ ammo and six rounds of Hornady Critical Defense. All fired great. I was very impressed with the accuracy at fifteen yards.
    I found the gun very easy to disassemble and clean. However, I have discovered that my spare magazine is defective. It will not load the first round without some struggle. When compared next to the good magazine the problem is obvious. The metal tabs which retain the bullet are protruding skyward not allowing the mag to properly seat. I believe I could fix it, but I think I want Taurus to do it since it seems that these mags have been an issue for others as well.
    I would recommend the TCP. I also have a Taurus Millenium 111. It has been very accurate and reliable.
    FYI .380 ammo here in Northeast Pa seems available. There were many boxes at the store. The FMJ I bought was $16.99 a box for fifty.

  • GunnerD

    I read the blogs yesterday and was almost afraid to go and shoot my TCP for the first time. Shot 50 rounds of Winchester white flawlessly. No ejecting or loading problems. Both magazines locked open the slide after the last round and the TCP shot nice groups at 25 feet, where aimed. I’ll let you know if the story stays the same as I shoot more through this gun. Shot straight out of the box without cleaning, first time ever, so I have no comments on disassembling the TCP.

  • trever booms

    i bought a tcp yesterday there are a lot of taurus bashers out there i love taurus guns and the company stands 100 percent behind the products the kel tec ,lcp and tcp all have the problem with the mag falling out its due to shooter error when the gun fires your hand hits the button you cant say that your not hitting it becuase u cant watch it the gun jumps and your hand brushes it u have to learn how to hold the gun ive shot 500 rounds the firsts day and 200 rounds today with cheep winchester ammo and never had a misfire and it u are shooting cheap ammo and u have a misfire is because u are getting what u paid for the slide operated perfect with all those rounds with both clips its very accurate for its size trigger pull is 80 percent better then the kel tec and the lcp and conceels in your pocket great the sight are a little higher then the kel tec and the lcp which helps in shooting a little more accurate it has a locking slide after the last round it stay open another better option the problem is ,the big lcp hype same as other products your supposably not cool unless u shoot a ruger lcp i beg to differ
    the other problem it inexperienced gun owners not breaking in guns correctly ive got some pretty expensive hand gun that misfired on cheap ammo and had a couple of problems with before break in but with the marrage of the part after the breakin proccess i have never had one problem give it time and let them break in they will only get smoother and more accurate i idefinatly approve the taurus tcp its a great gun to carry

  • trever booms

    another thing real quick if you buy a ruger it only comes with one clip and will be paying 30 to 40 dollars for another one and the taurus comes with two any the gun is 40 dollars cheapen and better made

  • Evan

    Does anyone know where to get the extended mag so it holds more and and fits in your whole hand without fingers hanging off the bottom?

  • Evan

    Also possibly a decent holster other than that man purse thing it comes with.

  • Kenneth

    I called Taurus about the extended magazine. They are unsure if or when the extended magazine will be produced. They gave me a definite maybe.
    I purchased a Desantis pocket holster for a LCP and it fits my TCP perfectly. However, in jeans there is some small imprinting.

  • Eduardo

    I called Taurus on the extended magazine and the guy in Customer Service told me that they did not know when the extended magazine was going to be available.

    He did not sound encouraging giving indications that it may be a while.

    Your mileage may vary.

    On holsters, all the ones that look like a good fit that I have found are pocket holsters like those for Kel Tecs.


  • robert Lewis

    Sounds like the jamming problem is a taurus trade mark.
    Just sent my 24/7 45 caliber back for same problem. Loads of 24/7 45 owners having same problems with their guns too.
    If it does not work 100% when I get it back, I am going back to ruger for a 45acp.

  • Eduardo

    FWIW, I have two other Taurus 45 cal. A PT145 and a 24/7. Never had any problems with the older PT145. I did have to send the 24/7 in some 6 months ago but since it came back it has been perfect. Something to do with the magazines and how they fit.

    Good luck with your repairs.


  • Bill

    Have a KelTec and a Bersa..sort of wandered into 380 because of concealability,,but all in all, feel that short barreled..either fixed or linked barreled 380 ‘s are too critically “timed” to be carry guns read ..Jam..FTE..FTEX.. slides won’t lock back…because nano seconds are involved in the timing…cartridge pressure peaks…etc. so they are sadly relegated to toy or trade status.

    Read: They could get you killed..love the concept..but it is back to the Glock 23 ..12 shot .124 gr +P at 1200FPS, night sights and 100 % reliability never jams, never fte ,.ftex no dropped mags…now, if glock could just get that 380 here …that would be the one to compare the the others against..Glock (UGLY) Perfection..

  • Bill

    WHOOPS !..Glock 26…too many guns…is ther such a thing ?

  • Bbarnett51

    I am very surprised to read about any issues from the TCP. it has a great reputation on several large forums. Mine has 400 flawless rounds through it. The only problem I’ve had was due to ammo (MFS) and it was having FTFs in my buddy’s gun as well.

    Awesome guns and very accurate for a pocket pistol.

  • Mike Boyd

    I finally got a chance to run my to the range today.. Trigger pull is very smooth but feels a little more than 5 pounds. Since it is DAO it has a long reset, so you have to remind yourself the let the trigger all the way forward.

    Has a slight muzzle flip and shoots low, due to the small grip size and heavy trigger pull.

    Using Rem. fmj ball ammo, it ran flawlessly. I would have liked to run a lot more ammo through it, but .380 ACP is still nearly impossible to find. I only have two boxes left until my backorder from Midway comes in a couple of months.

    Very easy and light to conceal carry. I have to depress the mag release slightly to get the next mag to go home. Reminds me of a baby Glock, but can only hold grip with two fingers, hence the low shots with the relative heavy trigger. I have the same problem with my Bersa .380 on DA, but shot dead on with SA’s light pull.

    Nice piece for $279 at Academy. I have no regrets on the purchase with two mags and the small PDA looking holster. There are plenty of pocket and IWB holsters out there for it as well.

    I cleaned and lubed mine out of the box and found the barrel slightly dirty, so I think they must test fire them after manufacturing. I always lightly lube the slide contact points with hitemp moly lube, rack the slide a dozen times or so, the wipe off the excess, so it doesn’t gather dust and lint.

    Hope everyone likes thiers as much as I do mine. Now my everyday carry.

  • Andy N

    Santa brought my TCP 738, I have had no problems with this gun other than an extended mag would be much better. I have shot 200 rounds of Rem. 95gr. ball ammo and no problems with any thing. It shoots a bit low but like Mike said, I think its do to the small grips. I love it for carry, fits in back pocket and is light. Can’t wait for Crimson Trace Laser sight suppose to be available first week in March.

  • Johnie

    I just bought a Taurus 738. I took it to the range the other day and fired about 75 rounds: some Remington, Winchester, and Monarch. I mixed the ammo and mixed it between FJM and JHP. I never had a jam or misfire. I normally have wrist limp, but this had no affect on the 738. I shot two-handed and strong one handed: the pistol shot very accurate (considering you can barely see any front sight. I have 7 Taurus of all calibers and have never had a problem with any of them. I also like my 709.

  • Glenn

    I have some very mixed feelings on my TCP. I purchased it last weekend at the local gun store from a licensed FFL, so not worried. I went to the range after a quick once over with the oil and a swab down the barrel, did find some dirt there.
    At the range it was a total nightmare, of the 50 rounds I fired I had ejection problems on 38 of them. This required, dropping the mag, pulling the slde back and getting the spent round out. The round would drop easily so that was a relief, however at 6’3″ and 260 I had to put everything behind it to get the magazine out and the slide back. I own several handguns and feeding and ejections problems are not unheard of in a new gun.
    I went again today and fired 100 rounds through it with about a dozen ejection problems, on the last two mags a friend who was firing his FNP 9mm, nice gun, gave me a can of oil and I gave it a bath. And low and behold not a problem. I am beginning to think this is a wet gun that has to be almost over oiled.
    I am going to clean it up and give an little extra oil and give it a try.
    This gun shoots great with nice groups at 21 feet. No problems with the slide locking to rear, did get 2 in the forehead, wasn’t expecting that. All in all I think this is a good gun from a good company, I have a Taurus PT145 and I would not give it up for the world, it shoots straight and fires everytime. I have a Glock and a Ruger in addition to my two Taurus’ and each when right out of the box had to have some rounds put through them before everything was great. I read in The American Rifleman Feb 2010 issue they tested 9 of the new .380 guns and everyone except the $1200 Rohrbaugh and the Walther had one form or another malfunction. The articles stated everything from ammo type to needing several 100 rounds needing fired before using as a service weapon.
    I intend to give mine a few hundred more rounds and see what happens, it will either by on my person or back at Taurus.

  • harv

    50 rounds s&b through my new TCP, jam at least once on every magazine. 150 rounds Magtech no jams 4-12′” groups 15 to 20 yds. Lousy shot ,great gun.

  • Doug

    Took my brand new TCP SS to the range today. Jammed on the 3rd round, then continued to jam (failed to eject) repeatedly. Tried a tighter grip, made sure the mag was inserted all the way, etc – still continued to jam. Then I noticed that the trigger was having trouble engaging on initial pull. After looking closer I noticed that the slide was very loose. I stopped and removed the slide. I could pull the front of the frame up at least 1/16″ out of the polymer grip. Got on the phone with Taurus and after telling them what I was experiencing they said they would have FedEx pick it up tomorrow (by the very quick response I’m suspicious that this is a common issue). There happened to be a guy at the range with the same gun, so we compared. His was solid with very little play. I pulled the front grip pin out and it seems like the hole in the frame is way oversized. Anyway, I love the look and feal of the gun and really like the trigger pull. Hopefully it doesn’t take a month to get it back. Anyone else notice loosness between the grip and the frame?

  • Mike Boyd

    Mine is nice and tight and shoots well. Sorry to hear you are having problems. Sounds like they are getting right on repairs for you. Hope to hear from you soon that you have it back from Taurus and it is working well for you, like the rest of us. Mine is now my primary carry, since it is so easy to conceal.

  • Shot my taurus 738 for the first time right out of the box yesterday. Numerous jams, fired 36 rounds and probably has 15+ jams. The cartridge didnt want to eject from the chamber.after talking to the range office I am going to take it apart, clean it, lube it up real good and take it to the range tommorrow and see what happens. supposedly the lube from the factory is just suppose to prevent any corrosion and does no real good as far as keeping the gun operating smoothly (never heard of this before but ill try it and see what happens)

    i will also leave the magazines loaded until i am ready to head over to the range. The springs were very tight.

    Even with all the Jams i was still able to qualify with my 738 to get it put on my CCW (I live in nevada)

  • Mike Boyd

    Sorry to hear there anre so many problems. When I bought mine, I took it straight home and field stripped it. Like otheres mentioned, I found it dirty, like it had been test fired. I gave it a thourough cleaning, then lubed the four slide contact points with moly-lube, re-assembled, racked the slide a couple dozen times, the disassembled again and wiped off the excess lube, the reassembled.

    Mine shot flawlessly at the range. I was very concerned about performance due to all the negative comments from many who did not clean first, but fired out of the box. Everything is working great so far and not a single malfunction, yet.

    Hopefully, those with problems will follow up and let us know how they work out with warranty, break-in and so on. I bought this one because of the all the bad press I heard about the competition. Since I was the first to buy in my area, I was on unknown ice.

    Best of luck to everyone,
    Mike B.

  • Just an update pertaining to my earlier post.

    took advise from several people on this site after having numerous jams on my first outing with my tcp and field stripped, cleaned and lubbed up the bad boy. I also left my magazines loaded for a few days just to loosen up the springs……..

    …………and it worked. just got back from the range and i fired 50 rounds with 1 hiccup, a feed ramp issue on the last round of the first magazine. After that like butter. It fired great and pretty darn accurate for the size. I now feel comfortable carrying this firearm to defend my familys life. So here are a few tips for all the new TCP owners to save yourself from a headaches

    1) dont fire it right out of the box. clean and lube it first.

    2) load your magazines and leave them loaded for a few days.

    Trust me on this, it was great advise and solved all my issues.

  • Bob Schill

    Just a comment regarding the Taurus 738 pouch not having room for a spare mag. I have found if you put the mag in first with the baseplate at the side and then put the gun in so the grip is opposite the baseplate side the gun and mag fit great. Mag first then gun. Have fired 2 boxes and have found PMC work better than American Federal and having some lock-back issues. Great gun after bugs are out of it. If Taurus is on the ball they will get these things fixed and back so owner can have some troublefree shooting and give others good reports.

  • David

    I just bought a 738 TCP and put 50 rounds thru it at the range (Blazer Brass FMJ..don’t know what grain). It failed to extract on every single round when there were still rounds in the magazine, and about half the time when the mag was empty. Has anyone had a problem with using Blazer in this gun?

    I have always had very good experiences with Taurus and very much like the feel of this gun. So I was going to make a run to Cabela’s and pick up a variety of different ammos. Does anyone have suggestions on what works best? Please list brand AND grain, thanks.

  • Ken G.

    I had some extraction problems with some Winchester ammo after I had shot several rounds. I think it was a dirt issue. Make sure you take a nylon brush to the cracks around the extractor real good. However, I had good results with PMC bronze ammo. I noticed that the case is made a little different between the Winchester and the PMC so maybe that had something to with it. Let us know how it works out for you.

  • Jason

    I took my new TCP 738 to the range 3 nights ago and had what seems to be a recurring problem across many of you — I couldn’t get the cartridge to extract. I finally tried to just load one in the magazine (thinking I had a feeding or spring problem with the mag) and it would extract every other time. I finally got so tired of having to manually extract each shot that I gave up for the night… Of the 30 shots I did put out there, it shot very well and straight (to the amazement of the guy next to me shooting the Ruger LCP – he was all over the place). I have a Taurus 1911 and never had a problem so I trust Taurus can make this right. Any other suggestions on how to possibly fix this extraction issue before I have to send back to Taurus and use the Lifetime Warranty on the 3rd day I’ve owned it?

  • D-ROD

    Clean and lube that bad boy (see my previous posts) load your magazines and leave them loaded for a day or two and then give it another shot.

  • Steve S.

    I’d try giving it a thorough cleaning and lube job as well as trying different brands of ammunition. The only trouble I ever had was with a certain type of ammo that would FTF and the magazines being a bit tight. I’ve put well over 1000 round through it now (both factory and hand loads) and have yet to have another problem after the first 100 or so. I just love this gun.

  • David

    Jason: looks like we had the same problem

    And thanks everyone for the input. I have done a thorough cleaning and and did some dry practice with snap caps which worked perfectly…going to Cabela’s tomorrow as they have many ammo brands to choose from and will update once I get back to the range.

  • Mr. Defense

    I feel that Taurus should be ashamed of themselves for distrubuting this weapon without redesigning the all so evident flaws. Ejection problems and numerous jams! You are better off purchasing a Lorcin or a Jennings! This TCP was a lemon right out of the box. Customer service was not helpful AT ALL. Will never buy another Taurus again.

  • Doug

    Update: I sent my gun in last Friday and got it back today! Very impressed with Taurus and their customer service! FedEx pick-up and drop off at my door. Loaded the clips to let them sit for awhile per other posts. Will tear it all down, clean and lube and hopefully have a chance to run some rounds through it this weekend. More to follow…

  • Mr Presto

    Purchased my TCP, cleaned before shooting as recommended by the gunshop. Ran about 130 rounds and overall worked very well. Early on a couple of times the slide did not stay open after last shot and a couple of feed jams when releasing the slide. Just picked up a couple of boxes of ammo and hope to get back to the range soon. Being new to the gun world and researching all brands I am happy with my purchase. I really like this gun, shoots good and conceals even better.

  • Mike F.

    I purchased my PT 738 last weekend at a local gun show. It is new from a semi-local dealer. I did a lot of research before buying this gun. It just seems to function better all around from everyone I’ve talked to. I’ve not had the chance to test fire it yet. I am anxiously waiting to. I’ve been at the hospital with my wife this whole week for a kidney transplant. She’s doing great. I currently carry a Taurus PT 145 for an off-duty weapon and I love that Taurus finally entered the “pocket pistol” .380 market. I’ll keep you guys updated.

  • Ron

    Purchased a new Taurus PT738 TPC a week ago. As recommended from various forums like this, I completely cleaned and lubricated TPC and put shells in both magazines for a couple of days. Hit the range yesterday. Ran 100 rounds without any misfeeds or failure to fire. Trigger was smooth and got good grouping at 10 yards. One of the main reasons for purchasing this Taurus is that it suppose to lock back when magazine is empty. Not once did it lock back. After firing a couple of clips, I could not even get it to lock back manually. I sent it back to Taurus today for repairs.

  • Mr Presto

    I made it to the range, ran about another 130 rounds thru my TCP in about 25 minutes. Fired great with no jams or misfeeds but on my last 2 clips the slide did not stay back after the last round. I don’t know if it could have been from getting hot or dirty since my triger finger was covered in gunpowder. It’s been cold and snowy around here and it seems all the .380 ammo is gone but everyone is at the range, so until I can find more ammo I’ll have to wait. The other thing is the low sights, I asked at a local hunting/fishing store if there was anything I could do, they suggested a florescent paint on the sights.

  • Proscene

    After futile attemps to find the Kel-Tek PF9 I purchased the Taurus PT738 TPC today at a gunstore-Range. Fired fifty rounds through it with zero issues. When I got ho,e tonight I gave it a thorough “bath”/cleaning and loaded both Mags and will let them set a few days. I really like this weapon! I like this blog!!

  • Jeff Herrick

    VERY HAPPY! I purchased the Taurus PT738, Stainless with Poly grip about two weeks ago. I just fired my first 50 rounds through it on Friday night. One jam out of 50 rounds. When I watched the video, I think the one jam I had was due to limp risting, it happend when I tried to go rapid fire. The only time I tried rappid firing out of the entire 50 rounds. I inspected the round, and it seemed fine. O well.

    After reading every posting on this blog before firing my gun for the first time I did the following prior to shooting.

    1. Loaded magazines to the max, and left them for 5 days
    2. Prior to shooting, I lubed and cleaned the gun completely with Remington oil. Made sure it was nice and clean and lubbed well.

    Not once on Either magazine did the slide not stay open on the final round.

    This thing handled nearly flawlessly. I am very pleased. Thanks to you all sharing your frustrations and reading your advice, i think it helped my first shooting experience with this gun. I plan to shoot another 150 rounds through it prior to considering it broken in and then it will be shot at a minimum and kept for self defense only.

    Very pleased with this weapon. I will keep updating everyone on the other 150 rounds.

  • Need a holster for that pt-738? I just got a fitted leather holster from clament custom leather based out of henderson, nevada. he actually has an e-bay listing up for the holster here http://cgi.ebay.com/Custom-Made-Taurus-TCP-PT-738-Slide-Holster_W0QQitemZ160403815765QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item2558cffd55 i just got mine and its a great fit, and i know how hard it is trying to find a leather holster for this gun. Plus its a great price. and if you dont get to his listing before it closes, here is his website http://clamentcustomleather.com/

  • Kerk

    After firing my pt-738 for the first time I brought the gun home to clean it…I must say the directions that come with the gun are a little misleading. It tells you to slide the action back and lock it into place the next paragraph says to remove the take down pin. However the picture included with this paragraph show the action closed…I found this out the hard way. After trying to remove the pin with no success, I saw this and then attempted to close the action which was tricky. After I got it closed I had no issues cleaning the gun and reassembled it and then and only then did I notice the side of the gun with the take down pin is, seemed to be for lack of a better word,,,pulled away just minimal….Not Flush would be a better way of putting it. I then looked at the other side of the pistol and it was flush with the slide. However I didn’t take notice to this before I cleaned it…does anyone know if this is the design or did I screw something up??? find it hard to beleave these things would be that fragile. I would appreciate any feedback if someone could just take a look at there pistol for me…Thanks a bunch…Oh I almost forgot…first 50 fired through no Jams, Misfires or anything. Shot beautifully can’t wait to shoot it again,,,Hopefully this weekend!

  • GunnerD

    I left a previous comment about no problems with the TCP through 100 rounds. Things have changed. I put another hundred rounds through the gun and had multiple FTF problems. All of the FTFs were on the last round in the magazine. I tried going to 5 rounds and had the same problem with almost every magazine. The magazines were kept fully loaded for several days before shooting. It almost seemed as though there was just not enough push left to feed the last round. I also started to experience the slide remaining closed after getting the last shot out of the magazine.

    I contacted Taurus and the first customer service person was very unhelpful, didn’t really care. I was told to call every couple of weeks and if I caught them with some magazines, they would exchange them. I spoke to Robert, the customer service manager after that and he was more helpful. He was going to see if he could rob a few magazines from the production line and send to me. If that did not solve the problem, he said they would send for the gun. Seemed like a good guy. He was not aware of any of the problems that I have seen on this blog and had only had a few guns returned with problems. That suprised me after what I have read here and in some of the rags.

  • Mr Presto

    I made it to the range today with my TCP, shot about 70 rounds, since .380 is hard to find or too expensive. I had a FTF on the last round a couple of times and a couple of times and the slide did not stay back after last round. I hope it was because of the cheap Blaser ammo since I had the same problem and ammo in my S&W 9VE which it never does on better ammo. I guess that’s the price I to pay for shooting on a budget. Since that made about 300 rounds on my TCP I did take the mags apart and cleaned as recommended but have to wait till I can try it again.

    A little side note, went to a local gun shop for .380 ammo, he said it is hard to come by but he would sell me a bag of 10 rounds for $10, don’t think he will be getting my business.

  • Jossef

    I bought my TCP a couple weeks ago. Finally got out here today
    to give it a try. I first cleaned the gun and left the ammo in the mags
    for several days. I loaded the gun with Herters FMJ ammo. I had a lot
    of trouble pulling the slide back to load the first round. I had several FTF.
    This continued and pulling the slide back continued to be an issue. After
    the last round the slide stayed back. I looked at the ammo and
    compared it to some Aquilla hollow points and some American Eagle FMJ. I noticed the Herters looked fat compared to the other ammo. I tried the Aquilla and the American Eagle with very little trouble. The more I shot I did notice that the slide did not stay back after the last round. Also with the FMJ the slide did not close all the way.

  • GunnerD

    The more comments I read on this gun, and through my own experience, I am led to believe that Taurus hurried their entry into the micro 380 market. It only seems appropriate that they should issue a recall on these PT738’s and get it right before sending out a new “working” model.

  • Don

    I took my new TCP .380 to the range today. I had first disassembled
    and cleaned it, lubricated it and worked the slide mechanism about
    75 to 100 times. I have always found new pistols to be stiff until
    they get broken in. I left the ammo in the magazines for 2 days prior.
    I had no issues with the slide staying open after emptying the magazine
    for the box of 50 rounds I shot. Accuracy is very respectable. I had one jam around the 47th round I shot, and I beleive I was at fault on that.
    Overall a very good choice for concealed carry.

  • R. Noll

    I have had mine for about 3 weeks. I have some of the experiences and issues listed here but not all. I have about 200 rounds (PMC, Magtech, Blazer Brass and Rem. JHP) the Magtech and PMC work best. This gun hates Blazer Brass. Yes, I think it likes extra lube. Yes, it will eject spent casings right on your head most of the time. My biggest complaint is in field stripping, mine is so tight, it will lock on the floating barrel after I have the pin out and am trying to remove the slide. The trick is too make sure the gun is level. If pointed down (barrel wants to slide forward) or pointed up, barrel wants to recede, it will not come apart clean. Does anyone else have this problem??

  • Kerk

    Just to update on my experience…I took it out Sat. shot about 3 Mags on the third mag I shot rapid fire. After looking at the take down pin and it had worked 3/4 of the way out of the pistol. Proceeded to take to the gun shop, and ship it right back to Taurus. Just wanted to post another note since I had posted earlier. I will post with and update when I get it back probably 4-6 weeks as I would told,,,,lol Well, hopefully I will just get a new gun outta the whole deal. Good luck everyone…Will post an update in hopefully not to long.

  • Mikus

    Just got back from the gun store and picked up a Taurus 738. Paid $279.99. This site could scare you away from a particular gun, but I would recommend with any auto purchase, do some maintenance before the range. Basic wipe down, clean and minor lube. Be sure you are unloaded and mag is out and cycle your slide 150 to 200 times. Load mags and unload to work mag springs. Then go to the range with good ammo and give it a try. All autos need to work themselves in for an honest assesment.

  • kevin

    I recently purchased the Taurus 738, and am having trouble finding ammo for it. I was lucky enough to get 1 box of Speer Gold Dot but that’s it. Saw an ad for .380 ammo but at 100 gr. Is it safe to use this ammo in the 738? Most .380 ammo I’ve seen is 90 of 95 gr. Could use some advice before purchasing.

  • robert Lewis

    apperances should not be why you buy a gun, You buy it to go bang everytime you pull the trigger, and the taurus 380 cal. does not do that very well, yes it may look prettier than some others such as the ruger, or kel-tec380, but they do not have half the problems. Myself, I like the walther pk380. Looks good and goes bang every time I pull the trigger.
    Right now though I would not even consider buying another 380, (cant get ammo) harder than trying to find good 45 cal. ammo.
    If you can afford two guns, get a walther p22 and a pk380, almost the same gun, shoot the 22cal for practice and carry the 380.
    By next year I might consider a 380 taurus but let them get the bugs out first like they did with the 45 cal 24/7. first couple of years they; were horrible. Pretty happy with the one I have now after the just about completly rebuilt it.
    one more if you can handle the recoil get a small 9mm like the kel-tec P11, ammo is cheap plentiful, and it is a fighting caliber

  • Mr Presto

    I see a lot of folks bashing the TCP on here recommending other guns, I thought this was TCP owners talking about their guns not salesmen pushing other brands! I have a TCP and very happy with it. I have had a few fail to feed issues but that was due to cheap ammo in a hot gun, with good ammo it went BANG every time I pulled the trigger. I have researched a lot of different CCW guns, talked to gunshop owners, former military, websites and been to a lot of gun shows asking questions. Some say Kel Tec is crap others say Ruger .380 is crap, etc. Opinions are like belly buttons everyone has one! I say get what works for you to shoot and/or carry and if you are happy with it, good for you! Another thing about Taurus if you have a problem it has a guarantee even if it changes hands, I don’t know if other brands stand behind their products like that, but that says a lot to me!

    No I do not work for Taurus just happy with my TCP!

  • Mr Presto

    Just a follow up, here is a good review on different .380’s, I don’t think they had a dog in the fight since all seemed to have some issues, even the expensive guns.


  • Gary

    I’ve been looking through posts on various shooting discussion boards for a similar problem to the one I’ve encountered, but haven’t seen on yet. So . . .
    Purchased a TCP Friday afternoon, brought it home, and started to field strip it for cleaning before taking it to the range (as I notice others have done). Removed the magazine, locked the slide open, removed the “disassembly latch,” released the slide catch, and at this point the slide assembly moved about 1/4 inch and simply locked solidly into place. It won’t move the least bit, forward or back and feels like it’s been welded in place. Just wondering if anyone else has encountered this or if anyone has any ideas. I suppose I’ll take it back to the dealer Monday and see what they think, but in the meantime, I thought I’d see if anyone else has any insight into this.

  • Mike Boyd

    Kevin, Sorry to see your question didn’t get answered right away about ammo.

    I have three .380’s, the TCP380 being the latest purchase. Ammo is nearly impossible to find for them anywhere. Gun shows may have it, but usually about $30 per box of 50. I ordered dies, shells and bullets from Midway and am waiting on the backorder shells, hopefully sometime this month. To reload, it will cost me about $12 per box, with new components. Reusing the used shells, will cost almost half that much.

    As far as bullet weight, my Reloading Guide shows the maximum bullet suggested weight for a .380 is 124 gr. I plan on reloading some 115 gr. hollowpoints for CCW use, but will stay with 95-100 gr. FMJ for target practice. The pistol is so light that it has serious recoil with 95-100 grain.

    I have only shot one box through mine so far, due to lack of ammo and NOT A SINGLE problem, using Remington FMJ 95gr. UMCs.

    I hope to load up about 200 rounds or more when my backorder comes in from Midway. Once I get a few hundred rounds through the TCP, I will post comments on what I loaded, bullet weights and firing results.

  • Gary

    I really appreciate all the information in the previous posts. I just purchased a PT 738 yesterday. My first dilema was trying to properly clean the gun before the first use as several here have recommended. I couldn’t remove the latch pin despite some pretty significant prying force. I even went and watched the video at http://www.taurususa.com to make sure there wasn’t some trick I was missing. Decided to go to the range and see if I had any better luck after firing. I can say without hesitation that I was completly pleased with the performance at the range. I had one FTE with 50 rounds fired. I am not a very experienced gun owner, but have fired a handful of differnt pistols over the years. I would certainly consider myself a novice. The groupings were tight and with the exception of the single FTE, the gun performed flawlessly including leaving the slide open after the last round each and every time. When we got back home we finally managed to pry the latch pin lose, but still not without significant effort. I believe the spring clip that holds the pin in place is exceptinaly strong on my particular gun. After working it 10-12 times and getting more comfortable with the amount of leverage needed I believe it is fucntioning properly. Overall, I’m thrilled with the gun and have no regrets whatsoever. Again, thanks to everyone for all the information in this forum.

  • R. Noll

    After another 100 rounds some more observations. The gun really wants to be operated “wet”. Use lots of lube. The action and take down gets better as break in happens. The port ejection is still straight up, not a good thing. 1 of my 2 magazines does not like to chamber the last round consistently, the slide will look back like it thinks it is out. Hitting the slide release will chamber the last round. I am going to call Taurus and get the magazine replaced.

  • GaryB

    Looks like we’ve got two “Garys” with similar problems. Guess I’ll be “GaryB” so we can be separated. I’m glad to hear that “other Gary” was able to remove the latch pin. I didn’t have any problems with that part of the operation, but the slide on my PT 734 remains firmly locked in place. I plan to call Taurus later this morning and/or return to the dealer with the pistol. In the meantime, I’m still open to suggestions or any other thoughts on the problem.

  • Mr Presto

    R. Noll

    You mentioned the last round that would not chamber, was that near the end of 100 rounds? Also just curious what brand of ammo? I experienced a similar problem with cheap Blaser ammo aluminium only. Since I had no problem until I was nearing 100 rounds I figured it was the ammo and/or getting hot and dirty. From what I have read and heard .380’s are not designed to shoot thousands of rounds thru, but for protection. I have about 350 rounds thru mine and intend to shoot about 50 more then it’s defence ammo (if I can find any) and into my pocket, to carry with confidence and just run some thru once in a while.

  • Mike Boyd

    Gary, R. Noll’s comments about holding the pistol level or I held mine upside down and level, keeps the barrel from sliding and tilting during disassembly. If it tilts, the barell and bushing area forward are so tight they jam or lock up. When this happened to me, I lightly tapped the barell on the corner of my bench free it up, upside down, then finished disassempling it.

    The little bugger is somewhat tricky to take apart and reassemble and the release pin is VERY tight. Once you get the hang of it’s idosyncracies you can live with the field cleaning procedures.

  • GaryB

    After consulting with Taurus USA this morning, I took my still locked-solid PT 738 to the dealer. Folks there looked it over and agreed that they’d never seen anything quite like that, and said they would have their gunsmith take a look at it. I’m glad I don’t have to figure that puzzle out – other than the trigger, there is nothing that will move the least amount, and looking in the ejection port, the magazine well, etc., I see nothing that appears to be holding the slide in place. Taurus was willing to have the pistol picked up and sent to them for repair, but the dealer said I should let them look at it first since Taurus (according to the dealer) has a very lengthy turnaround time. If they ever determine what the problem is, I’ll be sure to post it in case any other owners find themselves with the same problem.

    I see my previous post had a typo – I said PT 734 but it is, of course, a PT 738.

  • Kerk

    Hello All, Gary I see we had similar problems kinda. I had the same issues removing my take down pin actually just got mine back. Thank God the Gun Shop I deal with cares a lil becuase they took care of the problem for me. What happen in my case is when trying to remove the takedown pin I actually bent the spring which holds it in, this caused major operational issues but as suggested by the gun shop I tried firing the gun before returning it to them to be sent back. As I was test firing the take down pin itself came out about 3/4 of the way….at that time I returned it to the shop told them my problems and waited for it to be sent out. They called less than a week later…after taking a closer look at a new TCP they had just gotten in they noticed the problem and fixed it accordingly. I must say I love my TCP but beware these things are fragile and take extra care and caution when breaking them down for cleaning. Doesn’t take much to damage something. I would have to say after it’s been fixed it shoots as flawless as before….NO ISSUES AT ALL NOW. But if there is one issue I have with this gun,,,it’s durability…Hope this helps…Will keep everyone posted!!!

  • kevin

    Thanks Mike B. for the feedback. I went ahead & purchased some Buffalo Bore p+ ammo. Cabela’s is the only palce I’ve found that has any.380 ammo and only in small quantities. I stripped & cleaned the gun and found the pin to be a little tricky. It was a little dirty from the factory, probaply due to testing. Left the magazines fully loaded, and found that after a week-10 days & the springs did relax a bit. After reading the other blogs I will stay away from “Blazer” ammo even if available. Looking forward to a range session soon.

  • Mr Presto

    Just got back from the range with my TCP. As I thought that cheap Blaser silver case ammo was the propblem. Had 28 rounds of left over with about 3 or 4 FTF and 2 to 3 fail to fire, 50 rounds of PMC no problems at all. That puts me at about 400 rounds at the range. Now if I can find some good self defence ammo it will be my carry weapon with less range time.

    Still happy with this gun!

  • This is my second post. I have now fired 300 rounds through the gun. I love the gun. I still get one FTF out of every 50 rounds or so. And its never the last round, its always in the middle of the mag. Not sure why, but its only when I was firing FMJ’s. Once I started putting the Aguilla hollow points through it, no FTF’s at all. I am so happy with this gun. I feel bad for all the other’s who have problems. The gun is accurate, dissasembles nice, the slide has “NEVER” once ever failed locking back at the last round, and the jamming issues are simply minimal and to be expected for a brand new gun.

    I dont like however how the magazine does not click in real tight to the bottom of the gun. Meaning the distance when its in place all the way, varies on each mag. SOme stick out almost a 1/16 of an inch or more. Now. I am new to the hand gun world, maybe this is normal. But on a small CC gun like this, you can feel the gap with your hand sometimes, and it just feels like I might disengage it if I squeeze to hard. It has never happend, but just feels like it could. Guess its not fare to complain about something that has never happened, but I just thought the gap should hold a tighter tolerance. Seems like the magazine assemply and fab guys are not holding tight tolerances.

    BUT, overall, love the gun, and I trust it will fire when I need it to.

  • Nate

    I picked up my TCP a few days ago. I cleaned it with some break free and threw in some hoppes 9 oil before i went to the range. At the range the gun shot very accurately and only had 2 ftl. I am guessing it was due to my very quick wipe down/lube that i did without stripping the gun down. I did not strip the gun down because when I tried i could not get the pin out. I have used a flathead screwdriver, a knife, and a needle nose plier to grip the pin to try to pull it out. When I torque on it the polymer wall of the gun will start to bend out as if something is catching and not allowing the pin to get past. Has anyone else had troubles with pulling out the pin? I don’t want to break the thing so I have stopped trying. I will contact taurus if I can’t get this thing out soon!

  • Andrew

    Just bought the TCP, went to the range and fired 9 35 year old Blazer FMJs and 9 Critical Defense HPs. (Each string started with one in the chamber and 5 in the mag. One string only the hollow points, one string only the full metal jackets, and one string mixed fmj and hp.) No malfunctions of any kind.
    Two complaints – 1. Every one of the 18 ejected cases struck me in the forehead. Not good.
    2. Got home, tried to disassemble for cleaning. Disassy. pin impossible to get out. (Put so much leverage under the head of the pin that the side of the frame is permanently bulged out.) Finally got the pin out by placing a jewelers’ screwdriver under the bottom of the pin head, and then working the pin out with another screwdriver under the other side of the head.
    Love the carry case that comes with it, love the look and feel of the weapon. Now to continue with the break in, (if I can find ammo. I have not been able to find any ammo here in Tucson. All dealers I have called say it is back ordered.) A.

  • Andrew

    (Follow up to my post of 08 Mar., esp. for Nate who is having trouble getting the disassy. pin out.)
    The problem is poor design by Taurus. By putting pressure on the top of the pin head, the pin is forced toward the bottom of the pistol causing the sharp end of the retaining spring to dig into the plastic of the frame wall. By inserting a small screwdriver under the bottom of the pin head to prevent it from “diving” and then using another screwdriver under the top of the head in the normal manner the pin extracts very easily.
    (I have a photo of the screwdriver setup I can email to anyone who has difficulty.)

  • Ken G.

    Got to the range again yesterday. Put 50 rounds through my TCP…flawless! Not a single FTF/FTE and slide locked back every time on the last round. This was all with rapid and regular firing. USed Winchester white box ammo. A note on the pin removal problem, using a prying force from below is more successful. The retaining spring is located inferior to the pin so prying on the frame side will help. Taurus has a video on their website showing a guy doing it effortlessly with a knife. I admit, the pin is hard to remove. I have had success with an old plastic gift card so I don’t scratch the frame.

  • max

    My experience so far with my new tcp is not good. I went to the range with only 60 rds of ammo because i had to go to work and didnt have enough time. The gun jammed with every type of ammo i fed it. The gun would jam after shooting the first 3 rds and the slide would stay open. I also had one bad fte it was a bitch getting the empy cartridge out. I had and empty cartridge fly over my head and went down my back. I really want to like this pistol and dont want to completely give up on it but i am starting to have buyers remorse. like so many i compared the keltec, ruger, and Taurus and chose the taurus because it felt better to grip and had other features like slide that stays open after last shot, 2 magazines, but looking back those features are not that important in this type of pistol. If i had to do it over again i would have purchased the lcp becuase its been around a while and any problems have been fixed. My advice to anyone considering a tcp is wait! really think about it because its not like buying a pair of pants that dont fit, you cant just return a gun that easily i tried calling the gun shop and asked if it was possible they said no we have an in house gun smith that will look at it. The tcp was not bad to shoot when it didnt jam! the trigger pull is very good, recoil was not bad at all for a small pistol and it was accurate. If after shooting at least 200 rds i still have problems then i wil not be happy. I can understand why so many people stay away from Taurus, when i called them with questions they didnt sound like they knew anything about the tcp. I left them a message 1 week ago and they just returned my call today.

  • Kerk

    Nate / Andrew

    If you read my earlier post I had similar problems and Andrew was right about the spring catching the pin and causing a hangup. I also had the same issue with the frame bulging out. I tried firing it after this happen and had major firing issues and in fact, on the last mag I fired through the take down pin had worked itself 3/4 of the way out. I returned the gun to the shop and it was set to be sent out…but then the Gunsmith realized what was going on and fixed the spring. This also corrected the bulge in the frame. So my advice as stated before, return it get the spring catch fixed and your problems will be solved, after having a new one installed I have had no issues tearing down. Also plenty of care when removing the take down pin helps…like the idea of the gift card never thought of that….I have minor scratches on mine from the flat head,,,will have to try it. Good Luck All,,,,Hope this helps

  • Has anyone found where you can get extra magazines for the tcp? i have looked everywhere and even on the taurus website they dont have them listed for sale. anybody know anything?

  • R. Noll

    Mr. Presto –

    Per your question, I problem with one of the 2 magazines seemingly unable to load the last round happened pretty quickly right out of the new box which leads me to believe it is the magazine itself (the follower, spring, etc).

    I have fired at least 3 types of ammo through it – Blazer Brass, PMC, S&B and finally some Magtech Guardian gold defense ammo. I can say this, the hotter the ammo the better the gun functions. I don’t think I would put 500 rounds of +p down the thing, but the difference is noticable.

    Hope this helps.

  • MARK

    Just bought my TCP tonight. Tired of the Kel-Tec(reliable,though) and wouldnt spend 6 bills on a Sig! Only to be used as a back-up, of course, that is all these guns were designed for. Last line of defence. It may fail( all of them do), but you already have lost your primary gun, hey< 50/50 chance at a second chance! What people have forgotten in this country is you need to carry what you want. You carry your 3lb. gun in the winter, why not in the summer? Oh, because I cant with a tanktop and basketball shorts. Then dont wear that crap! Its your RIGHT to carry what is comfortable and reliable ALL the time! I carry my CZ75 D everywhere! Full size Kimber, HK, etc. Pocket .380's are designed as a final chance weapon. A back-up, if you will. I agree that you sould not let someone else tell you what you should carry, but NEVER let size or cost come before cost of life. Thank you for letting me waste your time, and hopefully I have helped some. P.S.- To all the women that carry, thank you,but stop carrying in your purse! If im a theif( or worse), thats the first thing im ripping off of you. keep it on your person so you have the element of surprise! Be safe to all, and never giv'em up!

  • Mr Presto

    Just got back from the range with my TCP, out of 60 rounds the slide only stayed open after last round 1 time. Only had a couple FTF but could have been to my wife limp wristing, firing was good for me. Does anyone else have problem with slide not locking after last round? Not a big deal but something it is supposed to do and one of the reasons I purchased it. Any suggestions lube or cleaning something other than the Miami vacation?

  • Ted Lambert

    Bought my Taurus 738 and was very happy with the price. Today is 3-12-10 and I just talked with customer service at Taurus. Customer service says that Taurus is not coming out with the extended round magazine for the 738. The additional 6 round magazines costs $39.00 each and are on backorder for 30 days. Guys that is 10% of what the gun cost new. Doesn’t that seem a little high to you? Hopefullly one of the other magazine manufacturers will pick up the ball Taurus has dropped and run with it.

  • GunnerD

    I have been waiting 3 weeks now for Taurus to send replacement magazines for my PT738 and have not received any. They were supposed to take them out of production stock. FTF on last round of magazine and slide not staying open is my problem which I have posted before.

  • nilo

    Just got my TCP and will try this weeked. Tested my friend’s TCP few weeks ago and it failled to load the last round twice. Other than than, fired and felt pretty good.
    One thing I notice on my is that is was pretty wet, out of the box. Maybe Taurus learned that these have to break in very well lubricated and started doing that thenselves. Got some Magtech and PMC to test. PMC was $18 for 50 rounds.

  • Mark

    Mr. Presto,
    I went shooting tonight, flawless firing!
    Can I recommend a few things to anyone that is having problems?
    Here is my experience: 1) polish your feed ramp!! No if, ands, or buts! Dremel or polishing wheel. 2) loves three kinds of ammo! Speer Gold Dots, Win. White box, and Pow’r Balls! 3) leave ammo in your mags for at least 3 days before shooting for the first time. Let me know how you make out! You’ll be very happy!

  • Chris Anderson

    Got my Taurus TCP 738 today from the Academy. Brought it home and took it apart it to check it out. OOPS, the barrel is bad. There is a gouge in the metal that runs all along one of the riflings inside the barrel. Called the Academy and they said bring it in and they will send it back. I am wondering if I should do this or just call Taurus and try to deal with it myself. The gouge along one of the riflings seem to look like a piece of metal dug into the barrel and caused a gouge from front to back of the barrel. I am very dissappointed that there is no quality check, or not much of one when making these guns and sending them out. Never the less, Hope to get out there and shoot mine one of these days – weeks or months. Has anyone else had this problem?

  • second time at the range today. Had 1 FTF, but i think it was due to limp wrist. Locked back on last fired shot every time. My cousin brought his ‘out of the box Ruger LPC” today and he is a better shot than I. We went through about 50 rounds each and my groupings were closer than his. I will say the Ruger did not miss fire one time and went bang every time. We mixed Browning 9mm short; blazer FMJ and one other brand I can’t think of right now. I still like like the trigger pull on the TCP better than the LCP. JP

  • last thing for now. Can some one put a link for a IWB holster for the LCP738. Hard to find. I did find an “uncle mikes” #10 the fits the TCP like a glove. Not sure if I can post this hear but o well.Jboss

  • Mr Presto


    Thanks for the tip, I have heard of polishing the feed ramp but did not know if there was a special compound or something to use. The only ammo I have problems with FTF on last round was the Blaser Alum/silver case. On my last trip the only problem was the slide not staying back after last round. I looked inside with empty mag, the lever that pushes the slide lock up looks to be covered in gunpower. I tried to clean and lube but will have to wait till I get back to the range to see if this worked. Is there a solvent I can spray on the lever without damage to other parts/polymer bottom?

  • Al

    Shot the TCP today, put 50 rounds through it, jammed a bit. I stopped cleaned and oil it. Went back fired it again, shot great. My observation was the double springs in the slide. I would think it would need that for such a small arm. I also think you need to put 150 rounds min. to determine if you need to send a gun back. I would recommend it to people. Also, I chose this over the Ruger LCP, reason was the make of the gun. The ruger didn’t seem as durable, my friends also told me the LCP blueing started to come off after going in and out of pockets and rubbing. Last thought, I put my TCP in my back packet behind my wallet and unless you were checking me out, you would never notice.

  • nilo

    ok, back from range and got about 150 rounds thru my TCP, first time shooting it.
    I got about 50 rounds on the first magazine, 25 Magtech and 25 PMC. No issues at all. Then switched to the second magazine and oh yes, it will fail to keep the slide open after last shot, almost everytime. Switched back and forth from mags and one is indeed an issue. Got another 100 rounds on the good mag and it worked everytime. Did some visual inspection but can’t find what the issue is with the bad mag. I had both mags loaded for few days before using it. Is there any easy fix for this magazine issue? Has anyone actually identified the problem?
    Other than that, I’m very happy with this pistol.

  • Mark

    Mr. Presto,
    you can dab a little Hoppe’s #9 on it, and won’t effect the polymer.
    Let it sit a few minutes, then clean with a Q-tip. Use Rem-oil spray, also for lube, and wipedown of all your gun parts. Q-tip soaked in Rem-oil is also a good tool for getting in the small grooves of the slide channels! Use a dab of your wifes fire engine red nail polish on the slope of the front sight to really help with the sight problem on this guy! Remember to wipe the sight off with alcohol first so you can get a good bond. If you mess up, don’t worry, you can get it off with some more Hoppe’s and a little elbo grease!

  • Mark

    Oh yeah!, an old toothbrush makes a great scrubbing tool on all your gun stuff without damaging anything!

  • Mark

    Polishing your feed ramp can be done with a Dremel, (or tool of the same) and some polishing compound also sold in a kit next to the Dremels at Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, Etc.

  • Mark

    Dear GunnerD,
    leave your mags loaded for a few days, and also add a few drops of Hoppes #9 to your extractor and let it sit a bit. Clean best you can with a Q-tip, then a drop of oil in the extractor should fix your problem.

  • Mr Presto


    Thanks for the tips! I will give them a try.
    As I have said before I do like this gun and very happy with it.

    Thanks to all who give tips on this site!

  • Scott

    I have recently purchased the Taurus TCP. I love it I have had no problems I have shot about 100 round through it. Some of the jamimg problem posted on hear could be from having a lose grip as you might with any small gun but the TCP is even more prone to jam if it is held losely. I have talked with many gun dealers that sell the TCP and their feed back hase been great. I was told to kept the gun clean and oiled after every use. This particular gun should always be cleaned after every use and oiled. I love the TCP it is accurate and easy to handle. Like any gun the handler must get to know the characteristics the gun. I would recommend the TCP to any thinking about purchasing a compact gun. I did look at the Ruger LCP but I just liked the way the TCP felt and looked. I am not saying the LCP is a bad gun. I do not know because I do not own one.

  • kevin


    Try High Noon Holsters or Passport Holsters & Accessories for a holster for the 738. (HNH) seems to have the bewtter selection and sizing chart . Saw a nice one for about $35.

  • Mr Presto

    J Boss

    This place is here in Ohio, I’ve seen them at gun shows, they have a real nice pocket holsters too. I stopped in their store today and I think they make almost anything for everything.


  • JasonV

    Purchased a new TCP on Monday evening as my deparment had range qual on tuesday morning. Fired 18 rds immediately after purchasing the gun and had 12 failure to feed malfunctions. Called the dealer where the gun was purchased and explained that I needed a working gun for qualifications at 0830 the next morning. He opened his shop at 0730 Tuesday morning (awesome guy) and I swaped the TCP for a brand new LCP.

    Ran the 30rd backup/off duty course with the LCP and had zero malfunctions. I was also the only officer to shoot a perfect 150 (not too hard as the max distance on that course is 12 yards). I was super impressed with the Ruger but it does have a bit more recoil than the TCP.

    My dealer said that he has sold quite a few TCP’s and has not had one come back with a problem. He also said he called some of the customers that bought them to see if anyone was experiencing the same problem as me but everyone was happy with their gun.

    Not saying all TCP’s are bad but mine certainly was.

    Loving the LCP.

  • Eduardo

    JasonV, the problem is that you never had a chance to load the magazines and leave them loaded for a couple of days.

    When I got my TCP, around Christmas, I did what others had suggested and kept the magazines loaded for a couple of days before going to the range. I have not experienced any malfunctions or failures since then.

    Maybe I was lucky or followed the experiences of those who came before me. Just saying.


  • Mr Presto


    Did you clean the TCP before using as recommended in the manual and on this website? Mine was pretty dirty out of the box.

  • JasonV

    Eduardo, that certainly may have helped. The dealer that I purchased the TCP from said that It was a piece inside the gun that he would need to file down…not sure which piece.

    I do want to say that I have had nothing but good experiences with Taurus handguns before. I’ve never owned one but I have shot lots of them. Their revolvers are great and several other officers that I know carry their Millennium series guns without a complaint. In fact, they love them.

    I like the feel, trigger, and looks of the gun a lot. I do think after inspection that the Ruger is built better but has a longer trigger pull. I think Taurus has some bugs to work out on their end and I hope they are reading some of these comments.

    Also, the ONE Ruger mag that I used for range qual did not get loaded for the first time until stepping out onto the range and it functioned flawlessly.

  • Mr Presto


    Thanks for the tips! I did the cleaning and a little buffing, 50 rounds flawless! Slide stayed open after last round everytime, no jams or FTF’s! Still enjoy shooting this gun!

  • MrD.

    I just shot 200 rounds with my tcp yesterday… I loved it. After the day I had 3 jams. But they were all with crappy ammo…. With a quality ammunition, this gun fired like a champ. I had no problems. A buddy of mine shot his LCP. Annoying trigger pull, hard gun to shoot. My groupings were much tighter, and I’m not a pro. the TCP was certainly the winner for the day.

  • SC Mike

    At a gun show yesterday here in Columbia, SC, I finally got a chance to hold several of the li’l .380s and ended up buying the Taurus TCP. The two comparison reviews (“shoot-offs”) of the mini-.380s (American Rifleman and Handguns magazines), along with Jeff Quinn’s Gunblast review, and my experience with the Ruger LCP, as well as my previous experience with Taurus handguns, predisposed me to the TCP. The fact that I was able to purchase several hundred rounds of .380 and the pistol at reasonable prices at the show pushed me over the edge to make the purchase yesterday.

    Firing a friend’s LCP last fall, I did not like the trigger nor the fact that no matter how I changed my grip, the magazine would drop out every three or so shots. I’ve short, stubby hands and could not find a comfortable grip that did not put pressure on the magazine release.

    Thanks to the comments above, I did load the magazines last night and — something that I’ve done on pistols ever since I had the misfortune of owning a S&W .40 SWE — applied a touch of Gun Grease to the slide / body groove, and worked the slide back and forth a bunch of times. Today at the range I fired 150 rounds of Blazer 85 grain TMJ (with aluminum case) and six rounds of Magtech 85 grain JHP without a single failure. I had one instance where the slide failed to stay open after the last round and did get a couple of spent cases on the noggin, but I was wearing a hat.

    I fired with one hand, both right and left, and found it easily controllable and quite accurate. The trigger is very nice and the magazine never fell out, a big plus in my book. I am completely satisfied and recommend it highly.

    And thanks for an informative blog.

  • Roger

    DOA usually stands for “Dead On Arrival.” DAO would be “Double Action Only.”

  • Big B

    Maybe I can help with the magazine problem.Take the base off your magazine , take the spring out and put it back in with the highest point of the spring at the back of the follower. This cured my problem of the slide locking up with a round left in the magazine. One of my magazines worked great the other had the problem. Spring was turn different in each mag.Apparently the spring pushing on the front of the magazine raises the front enough to engage the slide stop.

  • wayne barry

    Purchased the 738 about a month ago. Have a Bersa and PPK. Never any function problems with them. After reading American Rifleman article, sounded like a good trigger on the tarus. I usually carry a Kahr MK9. Great little gun but 24 oz. After 250 rounds, still having trouble. Brass still partially in chamber and slide forward slightly and new round jammes. Very difficult to remove mag. but when it comes out, just shake it and the fired round falls out. Also, chamber oversized. Can’t reload brass as mouth of brass to big. Large discolored area in barrel like a lead build up in 357 shooting lead. Problem is it won’t polish out. Will try to see if they will sell me a new barrel, don’t have patience with warrenty work. Love the weight and trigger.

  • David G.

    I’ve fired approx 150rds through my TCP now consisting of Federal, Remington, Winchester, and S&B FMJ and Gold Dot HP ammo. After having the slide fail to lock back after the last round with one of my magazines a couple of times during my first range session, function has been flawless. I have had no problems with takedown. I take care to clean the gun thoroughly after firing it and always make sure to put a drop of RemOil on both halves of each frame rail before reassembling the gun. I always break down the magazines and clean the gunk out of them. I only fire about 25rds through this pistol each time I take it out due to the scarcity of .380 ammo. It does seem to get cruddy after only a relatively few rounds fired which may contribute to some of the issues others are having with their TCP’s. Mine works great and I’m very happy with my little hide out gun.

  • Nate G

    I purchased a TCP and fired about 60 rounds at the range. The gun consistently shot 7 to 8 inches below the point of aim at a distance of 15 to 20 feet. I experienced a fair number of FTE’s and the slide didn’t always stay open after the last round was fired. I spoke to Taurus this morning and they are having Fed Ex pick up the gun. I’m not looking forward to waiting 4 to 6 weeks but the inaccuracy of the gun is not acceptable.

  • I bought a TCP 2 months ago and experienced multiple FTE’e as well as several problems with incomplete closure of the slide. Several points:
    1. Do not fire Herters .380 (9×17) with this pistol. My pistol will not fully chamber this round. These cartridges are made in Indonesia. My Ruger PCP fired these rounds without a problem.
    2. The pistol worked well when it was oiled, and functioned perfectly when I used Lubriplate on the slide and the slide catches on the frame. This is similar to the lube used on M1 Garands.
    3. I fired Speer HP, Winchester FMJ, Remington Golden Sabre HP, Federal FMJ, and Aguila HP without a failure in over 200 rounds.

    I hope this helps some of you.
    Good luck!

  • Shot about 200 rds through my new TCP today. Not a single malfunction that I would attribute to the gun or Winchester 90 gr fmj. I’ve put maybe 50 rds through my friends LCP, and biy do I like the TCP better. That LCP stings. The TCP is comfortable to shoot lots of round through. Good accuracy too for a stubbie with virtually no sights. I even like the dweeb case. Put the TCP in the case butt up and forward, and it presents perfectly when you push up through the opening in the bottom.

  • SC Mike

    The Heters ammo seems to have about a 10% failure rate with some pistols:
    I’ve never shot it, but I don’t think I’ll be purchasing any for my TCP.

  • Eric

    I’m giving up on all these plastic pistols, none shows a level of quality that one should trust his life to, and that’s what these are for. And the idea that the buyer is the final qc inspector, adjuster, and product tester is bullshit. A gun should work when it comes out of the factory – period. Polishing, oiling, stretching springs, beating the moving parts into place with hundreds of rounds is not the job of the consumer. They are designed wrongly, made wrongly, or inspected wrongly. How many are even test fired? A gun should be made to a higher level of quality than a child’s toy.
    Taurus, Keltec, and Ruger must be making so much money on these that can afford bringing back the lemons as the public knows of the problems and buys them anyway.

    I’ll pay the extra money and get a Seecamp and not worry if it will work if needed.

  • I have the Seacamp in 32 for 10 years, they are great. But they are not in the same class. The Seacamp has no sights, none, nada, They do not group. They are a 10 foot gun. They cannot be rapidly reloaded and they are very, very limited. They should only be carried when a bigger gun is impossible to carry.
    These TCP’s are grouping great. I am hearing 4-5 inches at 25 yards. I have carried a couple PPK/S for 30 years, They are great but loaded they weigh more than twice what the TCP will weigh. Far too big and heavy for a front pocket gun, which I have tried for decades. The task is then to make the little auto work. Remember when the Colt Gold Cup came with an instruction to immediately fire 200 rounds though it? Most old pros would tell you in 1970, to never trust a 1911 until it had several hundred rounds through it without a jam. These tiny guns are so small that even a little dirt or tight slide will play heck with them. My suggestion is to polish the slide rails with fine sand paper or put a thin layer of polishing compound on them and really slick them up before putting a bunch of costly ammo through them. As a former state, local and federal law enforcement officer, I would never carry even a Kimber unless the last 50 round,s were error free. If you cannot get one to run error free, go back to a J-Frame light weight. They are about 15 ounces and go off every time. not long ago I dug out and old model 36 s and w. They weigh 19 ounces. It will shoot 2 inches at 25 yards. And it goes bang 100%. So before we all go crazy on these neat little deals, just remember the 380 is a trade off and trading down from the 38 special.

    Good luck, great posts.

  • David

    Hey everyone, I submitted a post on Feb. 4 detailing the problem I had with my TCP. It was sent to Taurus a couple days later and I have just received it now, after repairs. They didn’t say precisely what was wrong, but they replaced the entire slide. It now works great! It took 6 weeks for the repair but they got the job done.

  • SC Mike

    A common thread for reliable operation here seems to be a good brand of ammo and good lubrication. After firing my first 150 rounds without a malfunction, I cleaned the TCP well and noted where there were signs of wear on the slide. As expected it was along the groove where the slide meets the body and of course where the barrel hits during cycling. As I’d done before firing it the first time, I applied a very small dab of Gun Grease to the front and rear of the slide’s grooves on each side. (Rem oil may be a bit too thin but might work just as well.)

    My usually carry piece is a .38 Spl S&W Airweight with Crimson Trace, but I got the TCP because it’s easier to carry with summer clothing. There’s no denying that a revolver is more reliable than a semiautomatic pistol, but the latter is preferable when you can’t carry the revolver, that is, your choice is the pistol or nothing.

    Finally no responsible person would carry an unreliable weapon for self-defense, that’s insane. But with a thorough cleaning, a good brand of ammo, and careful lubrication, I’ve yet to experience a malfunction with my TCP. I believe I can count on it if I ever have to.

  • PaulF

    I have not bought a TCP yet but it is nice to find a great thread like this that details all of the problems and more importantly the fixes for a gun. I am sure it will make the gun a lot more enjoyable and trustworthy knowing all of its quirks.

    Regarding holsters, http://crossbreedholsters.com has 2 different holsters for the TCP. I have one of their holsters for my Springfield XD Sub Compact and it is a dream to carry with. As soon as I buy the TCP I am going to buy one of their holsters to go with it.

    To the poster about the quality of these guns: You get what you pay for. If you want to spend $1000+ on a gun that is your prerogative but you should not expect to get the same quality in a $300 gun.

  • Bought the TCP yesterday. First clip fired 5 shots and hung open on the 6th. Tried the second clip with same result. Accuracy was great for such a small weapon. After running 50 rounds through both clips the issue went away. I have a CW 45 KAHR that had initial problems (<100 rounds through it- slide did not come full forwards and had to push forwards with palm of hand – clip fell out during rapid fire) but cleared up after continued shooting and cleaning. Have a glock 32 (357 sig)did the same thing (shell not fully ejecting) ,so I just think that after 200 rounds, particularly with poly guns, and you still have problems send it in to get looked at but until then you just got to let the weapon loosen up a bit.

  • Andrew

    TCP Belt Carrier/Holster – Lost the belt case that came with my TCP. No idea how or where. Gettin’ old I guess. Called Taurus for a replacement. “None in stock, don’t know when we will have any to sell.” Unbelievable. The TCP is my first Taurus product and my opinion of them is definitely slipping. They did however tell me to try the company that makes the TCP holster for them – Bulldog, in Virginia. Called them and they are shipping me one out. ($26 incl. shipping.) They even have pink ones! A.

  • Kenneth

    I will never buy another Taurus. Customer Service stinks. I returned my defective magazine to Taurus almost three months ago. They have never once contacted me as to the status of a replacement. The first time I called them I spent a long time on hold afterwhich they were unable to determine if they recieved my mag. Eventually that was resolved. Each time I have called since then, Customer Service has given vague estimates as to when they can replace my magazine. They also seem unsympathetic and unapologetic. Taurus continues to send out new TCPs to dealers that have mags, but they are unable to supply one to someone who has already purchased their product?
    _ Taurus Customer Service poorly communicates
    _ Taurus Customer Service is unwilling to go the extra distance to aid customers

  • Mr Presto

    Made it out to the range today and enjoyed shooting a box of WWB flatnose with my wife. We were very both accurate at 7-8 yards. No FTF or FTE worked great. Slide did not stay back on a couple of mags with the wife, I think it was her because it stayed back everytime for me. This gun seems to get better the more I shoot it, since I tear off the end of each box of ammo to keep track of how many rounds I’ve put thru it, that makes 550 rounds. Still enjoy shooting this pocket gun.
    Picked up a great pocket holster at a good price from Daltech Force.


  • Eric

    I just got my Seecamp 32, would have preferred 380 but 32 was all that was available. It is a little jewel and incomparable to the plastic guns. It has been factory tested with at least two magazines. It cost about $125 more than the TCP would have, but I saved at least $50 on just break in ammo, not to mention the hassle of sending back a defective product if necessary and trips to the range and more ammo for additional testing. Resale value would make up the difference.

    I’m not saying a gun should not be thoroughly tested before trusting it, all should, my problem is the need to fire 200 rounds before trusting it can even be considered. If flexing the springs and wearing down the mating parts is necessary, this process is not going to stop at some magic point and all will be well forever, it will continue until the thing no longer works. So if your gun fires 100 rounds without problem, do not shoot it anymore, as the next six or seven are likely to be good, but the 1006th is not.

    These are strictly close-range defensive weapons, there is no need for sights or grouping ability, reliability is all that matters, let’s hope none of us ever really needs them for their intended purpose.

  • Mr Presto


    Good for you if you found a gun you like, but all guns need break in rounds and not just 2 mags. I am not shooting my TCP to break it in I enjoy shooting it, and my commenting on this blog is to others who own the TCP. I am very happy with this gun’s size/round size, weight, easy to conceal and enjoy shooting it. I always tell everyone, I hope I never have to use this or any firearm on another human, but if forced to I feel better with the .380 size round than a .32 or .22. A gun shop I frequent does not recommend anything smaller than .380 for defence, looking at the difference in the size of the rounds I would agree and since a .45 is a little big for my pocket I’ll take my chances with my trusty TCP.

    I have been looking to add a Kahr PM9 to my collection, but if and when I do I’ll be writing comments on THEIR blog about it, not this one.

  • Eric

    I agree that 380 is better than 32, and 9mm is better than 380, and 45 is better than 9mm, but any gun is better than none, and problem free guns are better than problematic ones, and from the postings there are problems with the TCP and Taurus’ service.

    You’re right this is a forum on the TCP, but my posts reflect my initial enthusiasm, growing disillusionment, and then rejection of it. Perhaps others will learn something as the reasons someone does not buy something are as important as the reasons to. There are several alternatives to the plastic guns and someone interested in a carry piece would be wise to explore them before buying anything.

    Good luck to you and all other TCP owners.

  • Mr Presto


    I agree there are postings of problems with the TCP on this site, some are cured with something as simple as good/proper cleaning, lube, change of ammo and/or limp wristing but some require the Miami vacation. I agree a solid metal frame may be better but it was the weight and the ablity to conceal issues in my case and my line of work. As stated in earlier postings I did a LOT of reasearch, reading websites, gun reviews, going to gun shops before my purchase; the one thing I learned is just about ALL guns have compliants about one thing or the other no matter how much they cost. I do not recommed to friends or anyone which gun to purchase, even the TCP, but they should research before their purchase and get what works for them. It sounds like we have both done that and are happy with what we have.

    Good luck and happy shooting!

  • Charlie Bathman

    Have really enjoyed the discussions about the Taurus TCP 738.

    I had originally purchased a Taurus 138 Milenium Pro as a defense weapon about 5 years ago, but found it too large and bulky for concealed carry. Shortly there after, I purchased a Kel Tec PT3 for concealed carry. Never did really fire the Kel Tec much, but did carry daily.

    Recently saw an add for the Taurus TCP 738 in American Rifleman and found this blog. Read all the posts and since I enjoyed the Taurus 138 Milenium Pro so much, I decided to try the TCP 738.

    After purchase, cleaned and oiled it liberally (per this blog), let loaded magazines set for a weelk, and then put 150 rounds through it one morning. One hang-up on the third round of the first clip and then no problems at all thereafter. Slide stayed open after every six ropunds; no FTFs and no FTEs.

    Feels better in my hand than the Kel Tec and very comfortable to carry in the case provided. Certainly recommend for concealed carry.

  • PaulF

    One thing I am now looking into is which version of the TCP to purchase. Titanium, Stainless or Blued.. which is the best? Titanium is great for reduced weight but beyond that does anyone know if this impacts operation at all? Is one version stronger than another, more prone to problems than another?

    Basically I am wondering if there are less problems with the slide locking back in one version or another.

  • David G.

    Mine has the stainless slide and it works great.

  • Ken G.

    PaulF: As far as I know, the only available TCP is with a stainless steel slide. I have yet to see a blued or titanium for purchase. Taurus shows them in their catalog but I’ll be surprised if the Titanium makes it to production. The blued will probably come later.

    IMHO the titanium drops a few ounces but at a higher price, which to me, is not worth it. For personal carry, SS beats blued because of corrosion resistance.

  • SC Mike

    PaulF —
    I have the stainless and had one instance where the slide did not lock after the last round during the first 250 rounds. No FTF or FRE to date.

    I have seen lots of stainless and a few blued units for sale, but no titanium, so availability may drive your choice.

    As for ammo availability, I’m finding a bit more in SC and wide availability of the more expensive personal defense flavors (Hornady XTP, etc.).

    Off this topic, there are more and more Judges hitting the shelves, including the lightweights.

    Good luck.

  • SC Mike

    Ken G’s comment made me pause: I thought I’d seen a blued TCP, but may have been mistaken because I’d been looking at quite a few .380s of various makes. I bought the SS TCP because the price at the time was right and some ammo was included.

    FWIW, Taurus bluing is rather well-regarded — evenly applied and durable — and the finish on my Judge has held up with almost daily transport and standby status in my vehicle after about a year on standby with aperiodic, but enjoyable, practice. I do clean it and wipe it down with a silicon cloth regularly, so that may contribute to the resilience of its finish.

  • Mike Boyd

    SC Mike,

    Buds Gun shop had all three models available for a short period of time, The Titanium version was $332 and blue version was $253. They still have the stainless in stock for $299, which is a pretty good deal. I bought my SS version from Academy here in San Antonio for $279, with tax it was $302 out the door, pretty much the same as Bud’s with paying a $20 transfer fee to my FFL source.

    Still a pain finding ammo and cases to reload, Midway keeps moving the backorder date back each week, so have only fired about one box through mine so far, without a single problem. Light, easy, reliable little piece for CC.

    Take down is a little fussy, gotta hold your nose right, but once you get the hang of it, pretty simple. Still like the Bersa Thunder better, just not as light and snag-free as the Taurus.

  • Mike B, I’m in SA too where do you shoot? I would like to get the TCP’s together so we can come back here and report again. JP San Antonio.

  • Mike Boyd

    Jboss, I shoot at Bracken and at a couple of private places. Send me a PM at mikeboyd [at] excite.com. We need to figure out where we can get some .380 ammo. I have an outstanding order for 500 shells on backorder at Midwest. The date keeps getting moved back every week, so I don’t know when I will recieve it so I can reload some for range use. I only have two boxes of .380 right now and am reluctant to shoot it all up, until I can find more.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Mike B.

  • Aaron

    Waited three months for the blue steel version. What’s up with that? Picked it up yesterday. Did a quick shoot to make sure all was well, right out of the box at the store/range. Emptied each of the two magazine three times, for a total of 36 rounds. No issues, no FTF, and the slide locked back when the mags were empty. Let’s hope that it still performs solid after its break-in period. After three months of waiting I don’t want the horrors that some of you have had. I fired target rounds, but have it loaded no with polymer tips for protection. I’ll try a couple magazines with those to make sure they perform as expected too.

  • Kevin

    I just got my TCP SS Saturday and went straight to the range to give it a try. I fired 100 rounds of PMC 90gr FMJ with acceptable “break-in” results I think, in that I had 2 of 100 rounds that were FTF. I tried another dozen rounds of Hornady Critical defense and in both magazine loads the last round was an FTF. When the 2 PMC rounds had an FTF they were not the last round in the mag, and in both cases a quick tug back on the slide chambered the round after which I fired. But the Hornady rounds were sort of stuck in place, which I think was due to the sharp taper on the bullet. At any rate I’ll fire another 100-200 rounds to finish my “break-in” and we’ll see how it goes from there. I’ve only been shooting pistols for just over a year but the 738 TCP seemed quite accurate at 15-18 feet.

    This morning I experience the frame bulge mentioned above when I went to disable for cleaning. I used a knife from the bottom of the pin just like the Taurus video, but I still got the bulge. However I was able to reach down inside the frame with an Xacto knife blade (sharp tip pre-broken so I wouldn’t break it in the gun and leave a piece behind!) and move the half of the spring causing the bulge back in place.

    My advice – use a knife to pry the pin out as shown in the video, but come at the pin from the grip side of the pin. And put a piece of blue painter’s tape on the slide to protect it from the knife!!! Using a narrow blade from an old pocket knife I pulled the pin a few times with no further frame bulging issues. The narrow blade is key I think as it keeps pressure on the frame directly above the spring that wants to pop out and cause the frame bulge.

  • John

    I just got back from hunting grizzlies with my Taurus TCP! Just kidding! However let’s keep in mind what these pistols are all about. Highly concealable self defense against somebody up close and personal. It is not going to help you if they are wearing body armor or even lots of clothing. Nor is it going to be good in a shoot out in a bank, etc. That said, please stop comparing 45acp, 9mm, etc. Now to the problems: I bought a TCP, loaded it with some cheap 380’s ($9 per 50rds factory seconds) fired both clips without a hitch. Carried it that way for two weeks. My friend bought 2 TCP’s. He had all kinds of problems FTE, FTF, mag not catching, and the slide not staying back. I loaded up his magazines and tried them in my TCP. I experienced FTE, FTF, and the slide not locking back. My pistol did not have any problems with Winchester silvertips. Only my factory seconds and his cheap ammo (I will have to get back on what kind that was). Through the process of elimination I came to the conclusion that one magazine would not lock any of the three pistol slides. One of his pistols would not lock back with any of the 6 magazines and upon closer examination of all three pistols it was found that the tab on the slide release which contacts the magazine follower was cut or broken at an angle so that it would never make contact with the follower. He sent that pistol back to Taurus along with the one bad magazine. Unfortunately that pistol started to shoot reliably after about 100 rounds and a little lube. It just wouldn’t lock open. When I got home I decided to take my pistol apart and clean it. Since I had it apart I took a Dremel tool with a cratex wheel and polished the feed ramp and hood. I’ve done this to all of my auto pistols as it helps feed reliability with different bullet shapes. At this point, I noticed that my frame was bowed out. I took a small C clamp and clamped the frame just enough to bow it very slightly inboard. Then I heated it up really hot with a hair dryer. I then let it cool slowly (about 20 minutes) before removing the clamp. I did the same thing to my friend’s TCP which was bowed even more than mine. I suspect that this happened when I was prying the disassemby pin out. I am now more careful when removing the pin. I do feel that this is the weak point in the polymer frame. We also found that both of his slide catches were extremely hard to manipulate. We could not do this with our fingers. Mine was not a problem. Since the pin, the slide catch, and the spring are all interconnected I really suspect these parts as the cause of most problems. I wish that we had read this blog first so that we could have checked out the magazine spring in the one bad mag. I will let you know what happens with these 3 pistols in the future. As a whole, I am very satisfied with my TCP. My friend is not. If you are not happy, send your pistol to me. I will pay you $150 for it!

  • SC Mike

    John –

    Nice analytic work! Your offer for the rejects is clever too.

    I just want to warn others about using the Dremel: if you are not sure about how to use it carefully, don’t use it. It’s a wonderful tool that can turn slightly sticky parts into either smoothly operating machinery or unusable junk. Keep in mind that the wheel that can polish steel will scar aluminum and brass while burning polymer and plastic. Dremels offer wheels with steel, brass, and plastic brushes, so please take care in selecting the right brush for the right job. Generally, don’t use a Dremel on a firearm or your loved one’s jewelry.

    One of my sisters became a Dremel commando but learned a lesson the hard way when she upgraded from the rechargeable portable to the much more powerful plug-in model. She was surprised by the added torque and RPM.

    I should have noted this before, but in removing the pin from my TCP, I’ve found that I can pull the pin out far enough with my fingernail to get a small screwdriver under the head to twist it slightly against the polymer frame, not the slide, to free the pin. This lessens the chance of any bowing because the pressure is on the frame.

  • Mr Presto

    I did use a Dremel tool on my feed ramp under the very watchful eye of a very anal retentive friend. It did seem to help the feed with flat nose rounds.

    As far as the pin, I see SC Mike’s comment about pulling the pin loose with fingernails I can pull mine completely out without any tools. I did notice during my last trip to the range while shooting the pin worked itself about half way out, one time in 60 rounds and I had to push it back in. Anyone else have that happen or does this sound like a problem?

    Either way I’m still happy with and shooting this gun!

  • MN sledder

    Thanks for all of the great comments relating your experiences about the TCP. I am currently debating what to buy in compact carry. I can’t fathom paying $300 for a gun that I have to polish, correct bows, etc. Both guns are priced similar and are approximately the same size and weight. To be sure, from what I can gather the LCP is uglier, has an inferior trigger, doesn’t group as well, and stings more when you fire it. Yet it seems to fire everytime and requires no mods. Firing everytime is extremely important to me with the intended purpose of these weapons. I am leaning towards the LCP, because in the end, it works.

  • Jeff Herrick

    I keep reading about the problems people are having with pulling the pin for dissasembly. I apparently have gotten lucky. As to the last post here from Mr. Presto, mine is the same way. It has never worked it self loose, but I can pull it out with my fingers. Its just tight enough that I have to grunt a little :), but not lose enough that it will come out on its own. There is no deflextion or buldging in the frame at all. The very first time I had to pull it, it was tight, but that was it. I’m sure everyone does this, but when putting the gun back together, I always put the pin in first, but only a little bit, so its not coming through the inside of the frame, then put the slide on, then just push it in. I find, I scratch the slide less. You can get those little marks on the stainless, trying to pry this thing in at an angle with the slide on. Again, maybe everyone does this, but if your not, and the marks are frustrating you, try this.

    My gun must have been a good one, or I just followed all the advice on here on what to do with it. I keep reading all these posts and it seems like people are aware of this blog, but still get the gun new and shoot it right out of the box? I guess this blog is getting a bit long to read every post.

    The only issue I have with mine is one of the magazines sticks out of the handle like 1/4 inch. It looks like poor manufacturing. Infact, I love showing this little gun to people, but never with that mag in it. It makes the gun look cheap. However, the gun fires fine with this mag? Odd.

    Uncle Mikes Holsters have worked well for me. I have the ankle holster by them as well as the “in the pants”. I cut the strap off the in the pants holster because I live in FL. On weekends when wearing cotton shorts and a t-shirt, the strap would stick out of my shirt and make it obvious somethign was there. Without the strap its excellent. “Just remember, when you go to drop the kids off at the pool and pull your pants down, guess what…it’s not strapped in there”. Yes its happened where the gun fell out on the floor in a stall. Good thing there was not a guy in the one next to me. Who knows what kind of problems that would have caused. 🙂

    Not that it matters all that much, since this gun is designed for close point and shoot applications and safety, but its so accurate. I had an instructor at a range here in FL excited to see it. He said he had read about it, but not held or shot one. I offered him to shoot it. He shot once, dragged the target in…said o.k., moved the target back and then fired four more times at 8 yards and every one of those four were in a 2 inch circle. Yikes. Take notes from that guy. He said he had the LCP and the Kel-Tec and liked this triggle pull. For what its worth, I have shot nice groups at 12-13 yards. Nice being 5-6 inch circle.

    Good luck guys.

  • Nate G

    I just got the Taurus back from the factory having sent it in on the 25th of March. It was very inaccurate and had many FTE’s before sending it in.
    The factory indicated they had replaced the barrel and the slide and actually enclosed a target shot at 10 yards.
    I just got back from the range and must say it is like night and day. Groups very well and out of 125 rounds there was one failure to load. Not too shabby. It just goes to show that if Taurus had some quality control to begin with they wouldn’t have all the problems.

  • Kevin

    Well I put 100+ more rounds through my TCP today. On the plus side there were no more FTFs. On the negative side I had two FTEs around 50 shots in, but everything was fine after that. After 200 total rounds of PMC 90gr FMJ I’m hoping it’s pretty well broken in. So just for kicks I tried a couple more magazine of the Hornady Critical Defense which I mentioned had an FTF at the end of each of 2 magazines last week. This week all was well. Both magazines fed without a hitch. All shots were fired, no FTF or FTE and the slide locked back on empty. And by the way my TCP has locked back on empty every time on over 35 mags through the pistol.

    Now it’s time for a good cleaning!

  • Eric N

    I bought a TCP in stainless about a month ago. Brand new in the box for $279.00. I had read the posts here and elsewhere and done lots of research into this pistol and the other pocket .380’s. I went and looked at all of them in the store and I just liked the way this one fit me. After reading about the magazine release which is often faulty, I tested the model at the gun shop by twisting the magazine left and right while its in the gun. I read somewhere that as long as it doesn’t pop out durring this, you probably have a good one. This mag stayed put no-matter how much I twisted it. Plus I checked the slide hold-open in the store. No matter how many times the salesman and I tryed it, the slide latch worked everytime we tryed it by pulling the slide back and letting it go on an empty gun. So i figured the 2 biggest complaints i had read about with these guns were not going to be a problem on this particular pistol. So i bought it. I got a box of winchester FMJ, and a box of 90grn Federal Hydrashock’s for duty ammo. I took it home and stripped it down. Just as it says it will be in all the posts and articles I have read, the gun was filty. Covered in preservative grease. First thing, I cleaned the magazines up and loaded them full of the winchester hardball. I then put them away to sit for the night. The gun i cleaned carefully. The jet-stream type degreaser works well for removing the factory grease. After the cleaning i applied just the smallest amount of oil to the rails and re-assembled the gun. The next day I went out and shot it. The first magazine I fired as fast as I could pull the trigger. It fired flawlessly. The second mag I took my time and aimed at 7 yards. I easily put all the rounds in a 5 inch circle target. I moved back to 10 yards and it shot just as good. All rounds in the target. I fired all 50 of the winchester and 5 of the Hydrashocks to check reliability with them. In all of this shooting there were no jams. Twice the slide locked back when there was still a few rounds left in the magazine. I just grabbed the slide, pulled it back and let it slam home both times and then finished shooting both times. That is excellent reliability if you ask me out of a gun the size of my wallet! The accuracy was good. The slide lock-back worked everytime on both magazines when they had went empty. The recoil was managable. My wife shot up a second box of ammo in it without a hitch. Now I have to buy her one. So my advice to you all: test the actual gun you are going to buy in the store. Twist the mag, and check the slide lock-back. And then CLEAN IT! Let the magazines sit full overnight before you shoot and you should love this thing. I know my wife and I love it. Just my 2 cents.

    Does anyone know where to buy additional magazines? It comes with 2. But more would be nice. If so my email is hopaktruck@yahoo.com.

    With any luck this helps someone.

  • Eric N

    Oh, and when i first tried to take mine apart I experianced the bulge as well. It went away after I got the pin out. I found that if you put the screwdriver against the plastic frame and under the pin, instead of against the metal slide and over the pin, it won’t bulge. The screwdriver is putting pressure on the plastic, so it won’t bulge out. plus who wants to scratch up their slide with a screwdriver? A scratch or nick here and there on the plastic frame is no big deal. Just my 2 cents.


  • GA Will

    Purchased TCP in late March of 2010, as of today, I am sending it back for the third time. Have put 150-200 rounds of ammo (various types) through the pistol and not once has it finished a clip without a FTF or FTE. Have also had frequent problems with firing pin short stroking the primer. Taurus’s customer service has been abyssmal at best, refusing to answer any of my questions, just continuing to say that have fixed the problem and changing the barrel, extractor, and trigger so far. Obviously they have had some major problems, went against my better judgment and bought a Taurus rather than the Ruger , won’t happen again. Hope this helps someone in their buying decision…

  • Mr Presto

    Got back out to shoot yesterday and today about 100 rounds total. Still having problem with my slide staying back after last round occasionally. I’ve cleaned and lube the catch where the mag comes in contact with the lever for the slide. I’m begining to think the notch on the slide is slightly rounded where it locks. Today I locked it back manually after the last round and while holding in my hand it released on it’s own and took a chunk out of my hand. Stopped the bleeding and kept shooting. Even though this is not a major problem for me I’m still happy with this great shooting gun.

  • Jason

    Well, to make this short, I’m going to join all the ones who are having major extraction problems with the TCP. In short, this gun blows so far.

    Range report:

    Took it to my local range today at lunch time, bought 200 rounds. 100 of Atlanta Arms & then 100 of WWB. The biggest problem with this gun is that it would fire & then the spent casing is still left sitting in the barrel. No stove piping or anything like that. Just would not eject the casing. So I got to thinking maybe it was me, limp wristing, improper grip, etc etc. I had 2 instructors from the range watch me shoot 4 mags worth of rounds and then they each shot 2 mags worth. Both instructors confirmed I was not limp wristing and that my grip was proper so then it was their turn. Same thing happened to both of them. **Let it also be noted that I cleaned & lub’d this gun prior to firing it**. They busted out the Break Free lube & put some here & there and it never resolved the problem. So far, I am seriously unimpressed with this thing. I spoke with Mike in customer service at Taurus and they are getting me set up to send this thing in. There has to be major issues with the extractor on this gun.

    This seems to be a common problem with this gun I am seeing here…..

  • shot another few rounds this weekend. Shot perfect. My buddy shot it and and after I thought was a spent mag he stopped and the slide didn’t stop back. I was like “damn”. Well he didn’t pull the trigger. I told him to pull it one more time and the slide locked. “note to self” always pull the trigger until the last bullet is fired or you will never know if the slide locks back. That said, still have had no FTF and the slide locked every time. I did see a post where some one before buying shook the the magazine all around to make sure it did not fall out. I did that with mine today and it’s solid. I guess I got a good one. Wish all of you the best. This is a great pocket pistol. JP

  • Eric N


    Glad my post about wiggling the mag before you buy helped you. The way I look at it, if every gun that does have problems does almost the same thing from the looks of all these posts, at least try to test the gun before you buy it. Start with a fighting chance. Its just smart buying. I am sorry to all those that did get a lemon…. But I’m with jboss… I love my TCP. With any luck, Taurus gets things ironed out so everyone can have a rock-solid one of these guns. One that works right is an awsome little thing to have.


  • SC Mike

    Eric and all –

    There have been a lot of good tips here. I’d only repeat that filling the magazines at least 12 hours before firing, applying judiciously some lube to the high stress parts, and exercising care when removing the take-down pin are important for any semiautomatic, but especially so for the pocket pistols.

    I have now put some Hornady FTX through it, again without failure of any sort. Like you I’ve had nothing but failure-free practice that’s given me confidence that I can rely on the TCP should I have to.

    Shooting an example of any gun can be instructive. Spending time with a friend’s Ruger LCP was instructive because the damn thing hurt, the trigger is nowhere near as good as the TCP’s, and I had the quirky experience of dropping the magazine every three or four shots, something that happened only to me with that gun, but a consistent fault, again, only for me, no matter how I held it. The only change I would make would be to add a laser, but not really for aiming, because the durn thing is a point-and-shoot at the range for which it’s intended, but just as a bit of persuasion to avoid having to follow through…

  • Max

    I wanted to post an update about my tcp, took it back to the gun shop after the slide continued to stay open with 1 round still in the magazine. The employee wanted to see how i was holding the pistol, i had the same thing happen right in front of him with 1 round in the magazine and slide locked back. This time however the disassembly pin was coming out and there is a noticible bulge on that side of the frame by the pin. I am dissapointed about this because the tcp is a nice gun to shoot when it works, its accurate, the recoil is not to bad and its accurate. I hope Taurus fixes the problems and the gun becomes reliable, i really want to keep this gun but i may just stick with my snubbie.

  • Ken G.

    Bad news to report on my TCP. I love this gun for its purpose and accuracy. Up until yesterday I had no complaints. During the break in period I had a few FTEs. After 150-200 rounds the gun functioned flawlessly. Last night I put 50 rounds (for a total of 300 to date) through when my slide release failed. The release broke in two where the spring attaches and dropped the magazine and the two pieces came out after. I’m bummer and making arrangements to send it back to Taurus. I’ll re-post with the turn around time and outcome.

  • Chris

    I just don’t know what to do. I absolutely love the look, feel the way it shoots but I have lost some confidence in it as a personal carry gun.

    I have had misfire issued since I took it out of the box. It was so bad on day one that after just four shots I gave up and returned it to Taurus to be fixed. The corrected the issue within two weeks and I now have 200 rounds through the gun. Yesterday I shot 50 rounds PMC with no FTF’f but then tried Hornady critical defense with constant fail to fires.Today I shot 50 rounds Winchester from Wal-Mart with no problems at all. I then tried Federal Hydra Shok and the same thing happened. I really need hollow points to carry and now I have no confidence in this gun at all.

    Does anyone have any ideas? Should I break it in more, try another brand of ammo or get a Rugar LCP. I really like this gun more than the LCP but I need reliability. Everything else about this gun is prefect, no jams ever.

  • SC Mike

    Chris –

    Some examples of semi-automatic pistols do have FTFs with hollow-points (HP) while others do not: It’s either the feed ramp or the magazine. Usually breaking it in with ball ammo is enough to get it ready for HP unless the problem is severe. That’s one of the reasons I hated and sold my S&W SWE .40 which had been “fixed” by the factory twice…

    But first, have you left the magazines fully loaded for at least 24 hours before firing? If not, do so then try HPs again.

    Do the HP FTFs happen with both magazines? If not, then one magazine may have a follower that’s slightly misaligned. Unless the cause is obvious like a rough piece on the follower that can be sanded down a bit or a spring that’s not properly seated — the cure is a new magazine.

    If the HP FTF happens with both magazines, it could be magazine alignment, and that would take a gunsmith to cure. Can you see where the bullet’s tip is catching on the feed ramp? Look carefully at the feed ramp. Is there a burr or some roughness at the edge closest to the magazine? Even if it’s not too obvious, a gentle brushing with a Dremel (see cautions above) using the brass wheel brush may polish it enough to eliminate the problem. If you do polish it, feed a magazine or two of ball ammo through before trying the HP again.

    I have fired the 90 grain Hornady XTP (can’t find any FTX yet) and MagTech Guardian Gold 85 grain JHP through mine without failure. (I’ve had no FTFs or FTEs with any ammo to date.)

    As the traffic here indicates, choosing a pocket pistols is an extraordinarily personal decision. I found with my friend’s Ruger LCP that no matter how I held it, I’d somehow hit the magazine release every two or three rounds and have a dropped mag and an empty chamber.

    But you otherwise like the TCP. So it is with some trepidation the I mention something you should NOT TRY UNLESS YOU ARE REALLY DESPERATE: wrap one layer of 400 grit wet-dry sandpaper (the gray stuff) tightly around a AAA battery. Press and turn it once at the bottom of the feed ramp. Wipe the ramp well with a cotton cloth, apply a light coat of Rem oil or CLP, fire a mag of ball, then try the HPs…

  • Chris

    Mike, thanks for the help. I don’t have any trouble feeding ammo just it sometimes does not fire at all. This seems more often with hollow points for some reason. I am going to put another 100 rounds through it and see what happens.

  • AJ

    Hi Chris – I had the same failure to fire problem with a (very expensive) .22 Long Rifle Walther TPH semiautomatic many years ago. The TPH had the capability of pulling the trigger again for another hammer strike, and the round would usually fire on the second strike. Examination of an FTF round showed a very light firing pin strike. Examination by a gunsmith revealed that the headspace between the head of the cartridge and the breech face was excessive, and so the firing pin was just shoving the cartridge ahead a little, instead of indenting the primer. I recommend that you examine an FTF cartridge from your Taurus to see if the firing pin indentation is normal. If not, then it could be that the energy of the firing pin is being dissipated in just shoving the cartridge forward, instead of indenting it. (Hollows have less weight, and thus would be more susceptible to being shoved forward.) Also, you might be able to confirm this possibility by removing the failed round, resetting the trigger, and loading it again to see if it will fire with a second strike. Good luck.

  • Chris

    Thanks AJ, You may be on to something. I shot another 50 rounds this morning and had three misfires. The strike was light but my gun dealer thinks it is also not on center. He believes that the slide may be hanging up slightly causing the light strike and misalignment. Next time I get a Fail To Fire I’ll check to see if the slide is completely forward. Thanks for the input.


  • Eric

    Range report on four micro pistols.

    A Seecamp 32, a TCP, a Kahr 380, and a SIG P380 Ti. All new owners, all inexperienced with their new guns. Fired forty or fifty rounds thru each, one FTL with the SiG, probably limp wristed by the female owner, others flawless. Nobody could hit a bowling pin at 25 yds with the dao’s, to me the long trigger pull on the dao’s in a tense situation would mean a miss at any distance more than a few yards. The SIG single action is much more accurate but carrying cocked and locked is not for me. Hands down, the Rainbow Ti is the best looking.

    I could not see the $300 difference between the TCP and the Kahr.

    If you’re interested in a gun of this type, there’s a new one, a Diamondback 380. Glock type trigger, precocked striker, one half inch trigger pull, much more usable. $350. I haven’t seen any user reports on it, but it looks like a winner.

    Good shooting.

  • Mr Presto

    Eric, before purchasing my TCP I looked at the Diamondback it did seem like a nice gun but little information was available since it was so new. Looking at some reports from owners I’m glad I got the TCP or anything else.

    Check it out.

  • just picked up a crossbreed mini tuck for my tcp, and couldnt be happier. great fit, feel and retention

  • SC Mike

    I put another 60 rounds mixed ball (Fiocchi) and Hornady XTP through my TCP today with no failures.

    I went to the range with a friend to shoot his new Springfield XDM in .40 S&W; nice pistol, nice price, and it comes with a great case, two mags, three different backstraps (S, M, and L), a holster, lock, brush, and mag easyloader. No malfunctions after 200 rounds of ball and 50 JHP (all 180 grain). The grip is nicely textured and provides good purchase.

    But what’s interesting is that I had one failure-to-feed — my first in over 1500 rounds — with my Taurus 24/7 in .40 S&W. The slide simply stayed back, so I pulled it back and released it, and the JHP round fed and fired fine. (I knew that I did not have a squib on the preceding round because I saw the hole the bullet made.)

    Back to the TCP and .380 ammo availability. A clerk at the Wal-Mart in Sterling, VA (I’m in VA for the next two weeks) told me yesterday that they get ten boxes of .380 in every other day or so and have it on the shelves by 8:00 AM, but usually sell out by noon. A clerk at the Wal-Mart in Columbia, SC (the one on Forest drive near Ft. Jackson) told me they get ten boxes in once or twice per week. The cashier at Silver-Eagle Group in Ashburn, VA says that the premium self-defense .380 (Hornady, Speer, etc.) is widely available, but most folks find it too expensive to practice with, and I can’t argue with that. But Wal-Mart’s buying power lets it get the ball ammo in quantity, leaving places like his out in the cold.

    That explains why Nichols Store in Rock Hill, SC has Hornady XTP and usually has Fiocchi or some such ball ammo, but none of the popular US brands, or at least none that they’ll sell. Shooter’s Choice in Columbia, SC along with a couple of others has a variety of brands and types, but they reserve 200 rounds of it for purchasers of each of their in-stock .380s, a policy that makes sense to me. I know that the dealer where I bought my TCP gave me a great price on some MagTech ball, so that seems fair. There’s no sense buying a pistol if you ain’t got nothing to shoot through it.

    So I guess I’ll just stop by any Wal-Mart I see a little more often while I wait for my Internet backorders to arrive.

  • Ed Ramos

    I also experienced a lot of jamming also. I’m hoping it has something to do with grain on shooting rounds. I will also be asking at the range.

  • Ed Ramos

    Hi Ben.
    I had both jamming and trouble with the clip not engaging properly.

  • Chuck


    I looked all over the ‘net and even got a hold of a product specialist at Cabella’s where I bought the gun. Can’t find anyone selling spare magazines.

    Then I checked the TaurusUSA website under magazines – the PT738 not even listed there.

    Then I got desparate and called Taurus customer service 305.624.1115. You can buy them from Taurus with a credit card. On 5/5/10 they are out of stock but expect to ship within 10-14 days. $84 bucks for 2 magazines, tax, and FedEx ground shipping.

  • Mr Presto

    I hate to write anything that sounds bad on this site because then people think there are problems with this gun when there isn’t. But anyway I had mentioned how my slide would not stay back after last round everytime, I showed it to someone at the range last week and as I thought the notch for the slide was slightly rounded, maybe from releasing the lock with pressure on it. He was there when it went close on its own and suggested a little file work, and it worked. At the range today and out of 50 rounds no problems locking back. Since it was something that got worst with time I figure it was my fault. About 700+ rounds and still happy with this gun!

  • HappyAzaClam

    Sure glad I tried this pistol before selling it, based on the alleged problems here. I LOVE this gun. Shoots well and has sufficient power for what it was designed to do, very accurate within pocket pistol range. Clean it first like folks tell you, polish the feed ramp and have at it.

  • Jason M

    I just picked one up today and having a difficult time with the break down pin. I wanted to clean and lube it before taking it to the range, and the pin was wedged in so tight that when I got it pried out, it shot across the room. After cleaning the gun, I can’t get the pin back in. I can get some help at the firing range, for now I’m going to leave it so I don’t brake the dang gun the first day I bought it.

  • JasonV

    Bottom line, this gun is junk. I had at least 3 failure to feed issues with each magazine and I tried different ammos. I’m a city cop in SC and I bought this gun just before our qualifying day at the range. After my issues the dealer replaced the piece of shit with a Ruger and I could not be happier. I shot a 150/150 with the Ruger (max distance for backup qual is only 12yrds but I’m still impressed).

    Taurus needs to put a hold on manufacturing this crap before they ruin their name. Their revolvers are great but this thing SUCKS!

    I would never recommend this as a backup or concealed carry weapon. Period.

  • Eric N

    Jason M-

    Use a small flathead screw driver to remove the takedown pin. Put it under the pin, on the bottom side (between the pin head and the plastic frame, not the metal of the slide) this will help to prevent “the bulge” in the plastic frame. For pin instilation: angle the pin so that the bottom corner of it closest to the plastic frame half of the pistol goes in a little first, pressing down the retaining spring, then all in one motion, slide it in some while keeping downward pressure on the retaining spring. It is only super tight like that the first few times. Also if you can get a dental pick to work with, use the hook end to help hold the retaining spring down when you are putting the pin in. Dental pics can be had at various stores. pharmacy’s, hobby stores, ect. they are worth the few bucks for working on gun purposes. Good luck! And happy shooting! Make sure you keep your mags loaded a night or 2 before you shoot the first time.

    Eric N

  • Mr Presto

    Sorry to hear about your problems, but the gunshops I’ve gone to say the only Taurus they send back are the revolvers. It’s just like my truck I bought new 6 years ago, everyone I spoke to that had the same style truck did not have any problems, but mine had been in the shop a half a dozen times but 120,000 miles later it runs great. Just goes to show not everything is perfect in an imperfect world. IMO if I was a city cop where I would have a greater chance of running into more bad guys with guns than us regular folks I would be packing more than a .380 especially where concealment would not be as big of a concern.

  • Jason M

    Here’s an update with my taurus-managed to get the take down pin back in and left the magazines loaded over night. Went to the firing range the next day and it jammed every other shot. Plus the magazines come out while firing it.
    Got it fixed. I took it back to the Scheels and traded it in for a Ruger LCR and I’m much happier.

  • Mr Presto

    Reading back over comments on this site seems like if your name is Jason you have issues with the TCP or work for Ruger. I have shot the Ruger and the Keltec but liked the TCP best. At the range over the weekend stayed clear of the person shooting a Ruger LCP at 20 ft and was hitting the ground below the target, don’t know if it was them or the gun since I was to scared to get near them.

  • Chris

    I just got back from the range yet again with my Taurus 738 TCP. Like I said in the past, I love the look, feel and the way the gun shoots (when it does). I gave up totally with it today. Four misfires right off the start. I walked out the back door of the range back into the store and traded for the Ruger LCP. My gun store took the Taurus back and gave me credit towards the Ruger. I went out had lunch, read the manual then back out to the range. Fired the Ruger 50 rounds no problems. All I wanted was reliability. Again, I like the features and feel of the Taurus better but it was totally unreliable for me. Too bad I really didn’t want to give it up but I have absolutely no confidence in that gun at all. I see Ruger includes a test fired casing with the LCP. Nice to know they tested it at the factory.

  • Jason M

    Mr. Presto,
    No, I don’t work for Ruger, but working at ANY gun company would be a blast. I really hated giving up my Taurus-it was a sleek gun and very concealable to boot. When it did fire, it was very accurate! I got several bulls eyes at 8 yards. However, the issues with the take down pin, the magazine falling out, and the frequent jams, it did not have the reliability. My Ruger isn’t perfect either-it’s not as sleek, it only has five shots, it does not have the same accuracey, and the recoil can be brutal. It’s a trade off, but I’ll take the reliable gun, so I’m sticking with the Ruger.

  • JasonV

    Mr. Presto,

    I too do not work for Ruger or any other gun manufacturer. I’m a city cop in SC. I have never had to fire a weapon in the line of duty and I hope I never do. I do understand the importance of having a reliable weapon and the TCP does not fit the bill…or even come close. The Ruger is accurate, reliable, and small. Anyone complaining about the LCP’s recoil has obviously never shot a concealable .357.

    As I’ve said before, Taurus revolvers are great but the TCP sucks. They are hit or miss as far as reliability goes and that just won’t cut the mustard.

  • SC Mike

    I got my 380 Sellier & Bellot Ammunition (4 50-round boxes for $16.99 each from MidwayUSA) and put 50 rounds through my TCP with the same result as the last 400 rounds of various ammo: no failures, not with Hornady or MagTech hollow points.

    I’ve had one instance where the slide did not lock back after the last round. But that’s been the only malfunction of any sort.

    BTW, Eric N’s point on removing the takedown pin is right on, as is keeping the mags loaded for a day or two before you shoot it for the first time. I’d add only to lube the slide where it meets the frame with something a bit heavier than Rem oil. Two drops / dabs on each side does the trick.

    And, as I wrote earlier on this website, when shooting my friend’s LCP I had the magazine pop out every three or four rounds. These pocket pistols seem to be somewhat finicky, but the TCP has worked out well for me.

    I do not work in the gun industry and provide my comments just to keep my fellow shooters informed of what I’ve experienced. I do have several Taurus handguns (a Judge, a .40 cal 24/7, and a .357), but I have other brands too. My other carry weapon is an S&W .38 Spl +P Airweight with Crimson Trace grips, and I would love to fire a Ruger LCR; to date I’ve only fondled one lovingly at a gun show until the dealer turned a fire extinguisher on me. I hope to get a good look at S&W’s Bodyguard .380 and .38 Spl at the NRA convention Saturday.

    But I am quite pleased with what I have.

  • Went to the range this weekend. I did have one FTF, but reloaded and it shot fine. Slide locked back every time. I will say again my cousin who is a little better shot than me has a Ruger LCP and couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn due to the LONG trigger pull of the Ruger. He did not have any FTF though. When I did reload no FTF and I was in the bulls area where he was all over the place. I think it’s a crap shoot. hit what your aiming for with the TCP..maybe a FTF re-cock or shoot and miss several times with no FTF. Just my 02. I still like this gun and will CCW it. I do have a Ruger Sp101 carry .357 that I also carry. So if for some reason the .380 doesn’t fire..I pull BOTH:))) If that doesn’t work I pull the 1911 .45 or the 500 Smith and Wesson:)) Jboss

  • Mr Presto

    Jason M & JasonV

    I visit a lot gun websites, blogs, gun stores, shows and talk to people at the range the one thing that is repeated is don’t believe the websites. It is a common practice for reps of other manufactures to get on and bash other guns sometimes it is obvious sometime it is not. The only one who knows if they are telling the truth is the one typing the comment. I’ve had my TCP for several months now with 700+ rounds thru it and very happy with it; I feel secure and confident and believe if needed to protect myself or my loved ones lives that it will do the trick. For those who have had problems with their TCP, sorry to hear that but mine works great. As I stated earlier in this site too each his/her own and enjoy what gun you prefer to shoot.

    JasonV; I back the blue 100%, it can be a thankless job/career so be safe even though I don’t live in SC thanks for your service. My .380 is good for summer carry but I have a 9MM for winter carry.

    Happy shooting!

  • Joseph A

    I heard some people claiming complaints about the TCP are from anti-taurus people. Not sure why they would buy a TCP if they were anti taurus. They say it was probably bad ammo. I used Sellier & Bellot FMJ and had 20% FTE (Failure to extract). That is not bad ammo. I shot about 100 rounds.

    Other problems to think about with this gun; The shells that don’t get stuck in the barrel occasionally hit the top of your head. The grouping, aim and sights were poor. The grouping and poor aim are probably due to the problems associated with this being a defective gun. The sights however are bad and small on every pistol. The slide was very stiff. You need to use two hands for sure and if your hands are sweaty you will have a hard time grabbing it to pull it back. The slide catch/button is designed poorly, the kahr arms p380 has the tcp beat on this for sure. The mag seems to be poorly designed because they don’t click in all the way. I can see why people would get issues with the mags but I didn’t have that.

    I would not say this is a solid gun. I have a subcompact Beretta that I love to shoot and have no problems with it. I see problems with many pocket sized pistols/mouse pistols. I sent my TCP back to taurus. Hopefully they make this gun better so I can feel safe carrying it and if I have to defend myself the bullets don’t miss and shells don’t hit me in the eye and make the situation worse. Maybe that is part of the plan, make the bad guy roll around on the floor laughing and leave you alone!

    PS; call taurus if you have a problem, they will usually pay shipping that way.

  • SC Mike

    Joseph A –
    That was certainly interesting. As for the brass hitting your head, there’s not a lot of room on the slide to tailor an ejection port to spit the stuff off to the side on any of these pocket pistols, so Jeff Quinn over at Gunblast.com recommends wearing a hat.

    In other news, I want to caution folks about the peril of backorders. Some websites ask every thirty days or so if you want to keep the backorder, others don’t. I don’t know how you tell the difference in a site’s practices in advance, but I do know that placing a backorder can surprise you when the website finally does get the goods and ships: suddenly you get a notice from the shipper (FedEx or UPS) and the charge on your credit card. That can be quite pleasant or not, especially if you’ve forgotten about this or that backorder in your desperate late-night search for ammo and placed backorders throughout the solar system over a period of weeks and all of them suddenly ship at once, the delivery trucks clog the arteries around your house, and you have to stack 50-round boxes of ammo in the bathroom because the kitchen is full. No sooner did my order of 200 rounds of Sellier & Bellot .380 arrive from MidwayUSA (they are now sold out, no backorders), than did notices from other vendors or UPS/FedEx that my backorders were being shipped.

    Sooooo, if you have trouble getting ammo, I am the cause. I apologize now to all of you, but assure you that once I find the scratch to pay off the credit cards, I will be a happy shooter.

  • Mr Presto

    I’ve had the shells of my TCP bounce off my head, I have two 9MM’s a S&W and a Kahr that bounce shells off my head and scalp but those draw blood. It seems to me it might have been during rapid firing only. Safety glasses a must and maybe a hat too. My wife was shooting the S&W had a shell go down her top and left a light burn in the cleavage but it was funny to watch.

    About my earlier comments, you don’t have to buy a gun to bash it.

  • THM

    This comment is about Taurus customer service or lack thereof. I bought a 845 late last year and it has defective magazines. I have been waiting 6 months for replacements. I even wrote the CEO but got no rsponse. If you need help from Taurus you are just out of luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ken G.

    I got my TCP back the other day! They fixed the broken magazine release. The automatic responses via email and postal service quoted 4-6 weeks. It took 13 days from pick up to delivery! Cleaned, lubed, and cycled snap caps through and seems to be functioning great. I’ll post later with range results.

  • MikeTX

    I just bought new Taurus TCP 738 yesterday. Just back from the range put 106 rounds through it with just one failure to completely eject, most likely my fault. Gun shot GREAT, no other problem what so ever!! LOVE this little gun. This is my second Taurus, the first being a PT 145. I have shot about 400 round in this gun with out any problems also. I’ve always been a Colt fan as I own 2 .45’s and one 357 Trooper. I’m slowly turning into a Taurus fan!!!

  • Don

    ADVICE: Kahr says it takes AT LEAST 200 rds to break in their premium-priced .380 pistol. To take these small guns with short stiff springs out and run ammo through them–its far better to work that slide about 100 times–do some dry-firing [prob. best with magazine in] and load and unload those magazines a few times–then take it out. I did this with my TCP and went through 50 rounds with no malfunctions. I’m not denying any other man’s problems, but I was very impressed with the comfortable shootability, reliability and accuracy of this little pistol. I also took care not to do any limp-wristing which is easy to do with the snappy recoil in these little “hand-cannons” [10.2 ounces–LOL]

    My new Glock 19 misfired the first attempt–turned out it took what should’ve been a sufficient primer strike–it was just a dud [Wolf-brand]. I don’t think a second strike would’ve helped. No malfunctions after that one & only misfire. Then my Ruger Redhawk locked up tight as a drum when a bad reload, with little or probably no powder, squibbed the bullet out just far enough to wedge halfway in the cylinder & halfway in the forcing cone.

    BTW, to answer a question someone posted here, the Titanium 738 is 8.8 ounces compared to 10.2 for the steel versions.

  • Don

    Since the Titanium 738 is 8.8 ounces compared to 10.2 for the steel versions, only less than an ounce and a half difference–I was not willing to pay almost $100 to save such a small amount of weight.

    I do love my Total Titanium 651 .38/.357 snubby with the shrouded hammer.

  • Eric N

    Hello all.
    I will take the time to say I do not work for Taurus or any other gun company either. I work for my state’s department of corrections, and i have done so for 7 years. I have almost 5 years in the national guard with one year deployed to iraq. My personal gun collection is extensive, including many brands and makes of many types of guns. I have owned 2 previous Taurus guns, one i love, one i hated and sold. The 44 Mag. revolver i have from them is awsome, the PT99 I had wasn’t worth crap. So I was very hesitant to buy the TCP. If you read my previous posts though, I think you will see that I love my little TCP, and if you follow the few simple suggestions I talk about in my previous posts, you will love yours too.
    After some more range time, with various family members, I have more to report. Up to this point I had 50 rounds of winchester white box through the gun, 2 instances it locked back with a few rounds left in the magazine, but did not jam exactly. I fired 5 rounds of Fed. Hydrashocks to test the duty ammo i wanted to carry. they worked great.
    I found a 3rd magazine on gunbroker.com new in the pack. So i bought that. Definatly nice to have a 3rd mag.
    This past weekend I took the little gun with me to eastern kentucky while visiting family there. My brother, my sister, my wife and I all shot it. Every one of them wants one of their own now. We put 50 rounds of PMC bronze ammo through it. With only one “stove-pipe” type jam about halfway through the box while my wife was shooting it. I just brushed the stove-piped shell out with my hand, as I did this the gun closed its slide on a fresh round all by itself and shot great the rest of the way through that box, and then we shot 30 rounds of Seller and Belliot 90grn as well. No malfunctions there. I love this little gun. Everyone hit good with it, and all were impressed. I can’t wait to shoot it some more! And of course I will report in.

    Eric N

  • Jason

    I received my TCP back from Taurus today. Attached was a paper that showed what they did. They replaced the trigger & the hammer. Look, I’m no gun expert but is replacing the trigger & hammer going to fix all the extraction issues I had with this gun?? When I take this gun back to the range and the same thing happens to me, this will be the first & last Taurus semi auto I ever buy. I’ll let everyone know how it goes later this week.

  • Jason

    MR Presto…no, I do not work another manufacturer either….I run my own insurance agency at a Harley Davidson dealer here in South Carolina.

  • Jason

    Range report post warranty work. 100 rounds. 8 fte’s and 4 stovepipes. I’m done w this gun. Took it back to the shop where I bought it and the owner was not in today but I have requested they refund me or give me credit toward the purchase of another gun. First and last taurus I ever buy.

  • rolli

    I disassembled my TCP 738 for cleaning and when I was putting it back together, the slide got stuck partially open and will now neither pull back or release forward and is stuck in the middle. Has this happened to anyone or can anyone think of a solution?

  • GaryB


    I had the same problem when I first tried to dissemble mine. The shop where I bought it grudgingly repaired it, but when I picked it up, no one there had any idea what the gunsmith had done to free the slide. My impression was that they thought I had done something stupid and should pay them for the “repair” on a brand new gun. Only thing I can say then is that you’re not the first, and there is some way to release the slide. If anyone knows the trick, I wish they’d share it in case it happens again.

  • Eric N


    Have you placed the pin back in yet? If so you probaly did not set the pin in the grove of the barrel. Therefore your barrel is floating freely inside the slide. It has no doubt moved around and bound the pistol up some. remove the pin. It may be harder than normal but should resolve the problem. When assembling be sure to get the pin through the grove under the barrel to lock it in place. Once you have put the pin in place, with the slide locked back try to pull the barrel out of the gun by the muzzle end. if it moves forward it is not locked in place. If it doesn’t your ok.

    If that is not the problem I would have to see it or know some more information, but i’m sure I could help you with it. If this does not resolve the problem, post again with more info about it.

    Eric N

  • Dick

    Rolli, have you checked to make sure the barrel is fully forward? That may hang you up.

    I purchased my TCP in late April and bought some S&B .380 ball ammo as that was what the dealer had. Also bought one box of Gold Dots. Went to the range and with the S&B’s I had at least one, most times two and many times three failures to extract per mag. Same with either mag. Tried the Gold Dots and encountered the same problem. In trying to determine if it was the gun or an ammo issue (I know these small guns are picky), I bought some Armscor and some Georgia Arms 95 gr ball ammo. Armscor was no better than S&B. Georgia Arms ammo refused to jam! Put 50 rounds through the gun with absolutely no issues. The main differences I could see is that the GA ammo is slightly shorter than the others and is more rounded also. Gold Dots looked to be roughly the same height (length) as the Georgia Arms ammo but the bullet shape is obviously different. I haven’t tried any other ammo but it appears that these guns are very picky about what ammo they’ll digest.

  • Ken G.

    Test fired my TCP today for the first time since Taurus fixed the broken mag release. As expected, it is functioning flawlessly. Great groupings, no FTF, FTE and slide locks back after the last round every time. Love this gun. Now that it is broke in I will probably put some rounds through it to stay comfortable with it, but keep it mostly for CC.

  • Joe

    I had a horrible 1st trip to the range with my new TCP. I cleaned, oiled it prior to shooting (as suggested); however, it jammed or failed to extract one to three times per every single clip of six rounds. I expected some sort of break-in period, but this ridiculous. I guess I will give it a few more chances, but for now I will just sacrifice the convenience of a smaller gun for a good old J-frame.

  • Dick

    Joe, same issue with mine out of the box. Also gave the gun a good cleaning before hitting the range. As it turns out, what I thought was a failure to extract is actually called a double feed. That’s where a spent casing is part way out of the breach and the next round is jammed up underneath it. Anyway, talked to Taurus people at the NRA annual meeting in Charlotte a couple of weeks ago and it’s there being looked at as we speak(?). I’ll let you know what they find.

  • Mr Presto

    I went to the range and had a fail to feed issue. I ejected the round and tried a couple of more time before taking a closed look at the round that had a burr and a bulge on the side. Other than that round flawless operation and slide stayed back every time.

    Joe & Dick in comments form others above I loaded the mags with my TCP as with my other guns and let sit for a couple of days before using, hope that helps.

  • Dick

    OK, I got my TCP back today. The only thing it says is that they found a problem with the extractor and replaced. Works much better now. Occasional double feed but nowhere near what it had been doing. However, since I got it back, I’ve had trouble with the slide locking back after the last round is fired. Didn’t have that before. I’ve come up with a solution that appears to work pretty good. I haven’t fired it yet, just hand cycled it but it works every time. I took the mags apart and put some teflon tape (no, not the thread sealant stuff) on the follower on the side opposite the slide lock lever. The idea is to push the follower over enough to catch the locking latch without binding up the follower. I’ll let you guys know how it works when I get to the range. If anyone is interested, I’ve got pictures of the mod.

  • Dick

    Thanks Mr. Presto. Will check it out. Appreciated.

  • Rolli

    I talked to some guy that had the same problem with his gun. With the pin not yet in, the slide unable to move at all. He said with these guns, there seems to be an unusually high amount of instances where this happened. The slide just happens to catch a bad angle and gets lodged so tight it can[t move. He told me to just take a rawhide or rubber mallet and just keep tapping it until it frees up a little bit and pull the slide back. Tried it and it worked…hope this helps!

  • SC Mike

    Some friends and I put 150 rounds of Georgia Arms, MagTech, and Sellior and Bellot through yesterday without malfunction. In over 500 rounds I’ve had but one instance of the slide failing to lock after the last round, and that was within the first 50 rounds. No other malfunctions.

    The trigger is sweet, it points naturally, and I can fire it accurately with either hand.

    I really do like this pistol and would trust my life to it.

  • Eric N

    Newest range report:
    Loaded up the rest of the box of very old S&B I had shot half of last time. I had not cleaned the gun since last time purposly. So I had about 100 rounds worth of crud in it. The 25 or so rounds of S&B did not fire terrible, but it did FTE 3 times. The most jamming I had experianced yet with any ammo. i figured it was a mixture of cheap ammo and the gun was getting very dirty by this point. I almost shopped shooting.

    Then I opened the box of Fiocchi FMJ I had bought after hearing it was the best in these little guns….. And…. It is! 50 rounds out of a filthy gun, some as fast as I could pull the trigger, with out a single jam or issue of any kind. All shots that I aimed hit nicely, and I even moved back to 30 yards to fire the last mag supported next to a tree and hit a human head/torso target with every shot easily. If you want to have maximum reliability on the range…. BUY FIOCCHI! Now to find more of it……


  • Dick

    Ok, got to the sand pit to check out the mag mod. It seems to work but obviously the thickness of a piece of teflon tape (albiet HEAVY teflon tape) does not give that much purchase of the lock tab on the follower. I’m just concerned that with the little grab it has, it won’t be too long before it wears and again begins to miss the follower land. The lock back is a nice feature but no feature at all if it doesn’t work.

    During this testing I shot more Georgia Arms and Armscor ammo as well as some S&B. Again, only the Georgia Arms fed reliably. I was talking to a dealer at a gun show in Morristown, TN on Saturday who owns and shoots a TCP. He said that his had been pretty reliable and showed me the mag from his TCP loaded with Silver Tips. He told me they ran 100% for him. I’ll have to try some and see.

  • Mr Presto


    I had a problem with my slide locking after last round too. After looking closer at the slide I noticed the notch was just slightly rounded took a file to it and squared it off a little more. Also on another post above it was mentioned to clean the lock lever on the inside of grip, did that with a Q-tip and pipe cleaner, between the two the problem seems to have been eliminated. As stated above in earlier post I was just releasing the lock for the slide but now I take just a little pressure off when shooting and has been working great. When cleaning I always clean off the mag follower edge where it comes in contact with lock.

    Hope that helps, good luck.

  • Jan

    I purchased my Taurus PT 738 and promptly took it to the range for a few rounds. On every magazine, the first shot fired and it failed to eject every time. After reading the post, I took it apart, cleaned and lubed it up real good and tried again. Not easy to get back together but this post gave me the clue and after depressing the spring before putting the slide back in, it worked.
    Second try, every other shot FTE. Not good. I have taken it back to the dealer and he is sending it back to Taurus. Not sure if and when I will see my gun again. I am hopeful because I really like the size and weight of the gun. Love the trigger pull and the gun is a pleasure to shoot. Let us hope it works out this time.
    If not, I will continue to carry my SIG P238. Man that gun does shoot and it is such a quality piece of workmanship. I love it, even though it is a single action. I will carry with one in the chamber and the hammer down. I am leary of carrying it cocked and locked, a mental thing. But I love the gun. Use it in a GALCO holster, real nice package. Good luck to all and love this post. So much to learn here. Thanks.

  • Rolli

    Anyone have any success with a good pocket holster that doesn’t shift around in your pocket or show an outline?

  • Kevin

    Rolli – I have the Desantis Super Fly for my TCP and am very happy with it. Definitely no outline from the pistol.

  • Mr Presto


    Try this website, I have the Roughsider and works good fo me good price too.


  • Mr Presto


    In a lot of post here, load mags and let sit for a couple of days.

  • Montana

    Saw a TCP recently as a local shop and fell in love with the look, size/weight for concealed carry, and warranty. After reading the comments above I reluctantly decided to buy a stainless version this weekend and followed recommendations from others here to clean/oil the gun and rack the slide before first outing (I racked the slide ~200 times, potentially overkill).

    Had limited ammo so only 50 through it so far, but had zero FTF/FTE with either magazine and both magazines locked the slide back every time after the last round. Very pleased so far with this gun. Will report back if I run into problems.

    Ammo was Remington Express (only thing avail locally). I have some PMC Bronze and Rem Ult Home Defense on the way from Cabelas.

  • Rolli

    Kevin and Mr. Presto – do you have any issues with the holster moving around in your pocket? or have you had any issues with the holster coming out when you draw your gun?

  • Kevin

    Rolli – I’ve only used the Desantis in the pocket of my cargo shorts so far. If it moves around I haven’t noticed it, and in fact I tend to forget the pistol is even there. As for drawing to be honest I’ve not done that too many times. Deep in the pocket of cargo pants isn’t going to make for a quick draw, but I have drawn the weapon several times and the holster stays put.

  • Mr Presto


    No, it stays in so good that sometimes if I want to take my gun & holster out of my pocket I have to take the gun out first and then the holster. I have the roughsider it also has a hole for a push off but I never need it. I was concerned about it when I ordered it but they offer a money back guarantee, not happy send it back, needles to say I didn’t send it back. At first I had an Uncle Mike’s but it just seemed to looked bulky in my pocket.

    I don’t work for them just happy with their product and the price.

  • brian

    Took my wife to the gunshow where my intention was to buy a holster for my Sig P239, she saw a pink (yes pink) TCP and “had to have it”. Took it to the range after buying some ammo (had both factory loads and reloads) and the thing seemed to have a horrible time with FTEs and FTFs. It seems about 30% of the time the round would chamber, pull the trigger and nothing. Clear the round and it did seem that the firing pin was striking the primer (maybe not with enough force?) due to the small indentation, obviously this would not lend itself well to a concealed self defense weapon. In reading through this thread it seems as if we’re not alone in this problem, have it boxed up now to send it to Taurus and hope they don’t try to charge me to fix it as this thing is brand new (less than 100 rounds though it). This was my wife’s first gun and needless to say, the problems encountered were not good for her confidence level, hopefully Taurus will make it right. I appreciate my Sig even more now! lol

  • Rolli

    thanks everyone! just ordered it mr. presto!

  • Daniel

    Purchased at a local gun shop 2 weeks ago. Took it to the range and put 50 bullets through without a hitch. Gun works great. Took it home and cleaned it and no problems putting back together except for the little pin which took a little wiggling. Over all a very fine weapon and very confident in having it with me at all times as a primary or back up piece.

  • Dick

    Well, after being told again by my gun dealer that I HAD to be limp wristing my TCP, thereby causing the double feeds, I bought an LCP. The LCP ran like clockwork. Absolutely NO jams with ALL the ammo the TCP would not run. Pretty much puts the limp wristing theory to bed. Here’s what the dealer told me verbatim when I told him the problems I was having with the TCP…”I didn’t make it so I can’t stand behind it.” Now that’s classic. I’ll be sending it back to Taurus AGAIN!

  • Mr Presto

    I got to the range for some stress release by shooting about 75 rounds thru my TCP, flawless. Locked back after last round every time, fed and ejected great. About a 1000 rounds now and still enjoying this gun.

  • Dick

    Mr. Presto, I hate you! 🙂

  • Mr Presto


    Sorry, it may be the luck of the draw, no pun intended. If you read some of my earlier post I have had some issues but seem to have been worked out one way or another. No matter the brand of gun someone will have problems.

  • Dick

    Actually Mr. Presto, I’m glad you’re having such good luck with your TCP. Everyone should get a good one. Mine is back at Taurus and I hope this time they can get it right. It does not say a lot about a company when they can’t get their guns right at the factory AND when sent in for repair, can’t get it right even then.

    Well, I’ll let you guys know how it works as soon as I get it back.

  • Mr Presto


    2 words, Lifetime Guarantee. I have a Kahr I paid a lot more for and does not have that.

    I did LOL when I read your previous comment.

    Good Luck!

  • SC Mike

    My experience has been the same as Mr Presto’s. Last Wednesday’s session at the range was boring, with 50 rounds (Georgia Arms MC) and no malfunctions. I’ve now got 500 rounds through my TCP with but one “malfunction” and that was a failure of the slide to lock back after the last round. That occurred within the first 100 rounds.

    BTW, the range was connected to a gun shop that had a pretty complete range of pocket pistols for sale. I became fascinated with the Rohrbaugh R9, a 9 mm that’s the size of a Ruger LCP or Taurus TCP. The durn thing is a beautifully finished work of art, the mechanicals are a treasure. But at ~$1300 it won’t be in my pocket any time soon.

  • JasonV

    Mr Presto,

    Dick is right to be frustrated. A lifetime guarantee is worthless if your gun spends it’s life in factory repair. Take it from a police officer, a gun is absolutely worthless if you can’t count on it which is why I went back to the LCP. It doesn’t look as cool but it has never let me down on the range. Zero issues. Regarding your TCP, I am glad you got a good one. You should video yourself shooting a box of ammo on the range without issues and sell the thing on gunbroker for a grand because a rare piece like that is sure to get some attention.

  • Mr Presto


    I agree Dick should be pissed. I have a Kahr PM9 after my first trip to the range and cleaning the rear sight line washed away. I was not happy and sent it to Kahr, gone for over a week. I could have just painted a new one on but it was the principle of it. As stated in earlier post sorry to hear about your luck with a TCP but anything mechanical and/or human can and will malfunction at sometime or another just hope it is not when you need it the most. As far as doing a video shooting my TCP I think there are others on this site that could do the same. I’m glad you are happy with your LCP just as I am happy with my TCP. Not trying to start a war of words just stating my outlook as you have.

    Shoot the firearm that makes you happy!

  • SC Mike

    JasonV –

    My experience tracks Mr. Presto’s: I’ve had one failure of the slide to lock back after the last round in about 500 rounds with my TCP, and that happened with the first box.

    I’ve fired several different brands and types of ammo in experiencing this high reliability.

    I can fire accurately enough with either hand; the trigger is as close to perfect as one finds nowadays.

    The only change I might make is to add a Crimson Trace; I’ve grown quite fond of the one I put on my S&W .38 Spl, just point and click.

    I’m in NoVA this week and hope to do some shooting at the NRA range this weekend. They do not allow cameras, so I can’t sell a video to finance the Crimson Trace. Besides, I think your estimate of the price such a producation would fetch is a tad high.

  • steve preston

    SC Mike

    So that laser works well? I’m 55 and have to wear reading glasses, not while shooting, so needless to say it is hard to see the sights on any of my guns. I have been wanting to get a laser for my TCP, if nothing else the light may be enough to scare off a bad guy. How much was yours and where did you get it?

    I wish I could get paid to make that video too, so many guns and ammo to buy so little money!

  • SC Mike

    steve preston –

    I turn 60 next month and have been wearing glasses since age 5 due to severe astigmatism, so I know full well what you mean.

    I tried the Taurus TCP with the Crimson Trace at the NRA Convention several weeks ago — just point and click, no live fire there — and found the mounting clever, in front of the trigger guard, and the “on” pressure switch as easy to use as the one on my .38 SPL snubbie. The Taurus TCP model is available for around $180 over the web; it’s just been introduced, so supplies are just getting to dealers. The only change I will have to make is a different pocket holster because it won’t fit properly in the Galco leather model I have.

    Here’s how the CT laser mounts on the Taurus TCP (mounting of model-specific lasers for the Kahr and Ruger pocket pistols is similar):

    As for the Crimson Trace red laser, the key is you don’t have to aim; after you do the initial alignment, the bullet is going where the red dot is. That dot is clear and sharp, day or night. I show fellow shooters at the range how you can just hold the snubby revolver out — the CT pressure switch is activated by the pressure of your middle finger around the grip — so you can hold the handgun belt-high, belly-high, or at shoulder height to fire. I can see the dot without my glasses, and that’s a big deal for someone with eyesight as poor as mine. I won’t be able to read what’s on an attacker’s T-shirt, but I will see the red dot on his torso.

    There’s a debate about the merits of green versus red lasers, but for the Ruger, Kahr, or Taurus pocket pistols, only Crimson Trace offers lasers right now. The street price is about $180, but if you’re gonna bet your life on what you carry, it’s an essential addition. That’s why I got CT for the snubby and will get one for my new carry favorite, the TCP.

  • jason V

    SC Mike,

    I guess I wasn’t very clear. I meant video a clean operating TCP and sell said gun on gunbroker. It seems to me that such a gun is very rare.

    Where have you been shooting? I’m a Charleston native myself and sometimes shoot at ATP, Trader World, or Shooters Choice in Columbia. When it’s nice out I go to our LE only range.

  • Mr Presto

    Whoops, I used my real name in that last post.

    SC Mike

    I’ve been saving for one and will look into that website. Is there much adjusting to get it zeroed in? As for the eyes, I hear you I had laser surgery years ago can see great distance but not up close; old age sucks. Check this website for a holster I have the roughsider which I got since it works with or without a laser can’t beat it for $29 bucks.


  • SC Mike

    Jason V – I live in Columbia and shop and shoot at Shooter’s Choice. A friend belongs to Mid Carolina Rifle Club and I do like to shoot there when the weather’s good — it’s one of the few places where I can fire shot shells from my Judge. However, I spend half my time working in NoVA (Fairfax) about 1.5 miles from the NRA range. When in NoVA I stay in Ashburn and like to shoot at Silver Eagle.

    I don’t know if the TCP is better or worse than other pocket pistols; I had problems with the magazine falling out of my friend’s LCP every three or so shots. Folks with problems complain loud, long, and everywhere they can, which is to be expected, while those who have no problems are nowhere near as vocal. I’ve had an unreliable pistol, a S&W SWE 40, and know the frustration of sending it back to the manufacturer and seeing only minor improvements upon its return.

    Mr. Presto – The Crimson Trace is quite well constructed and fits snugly whether it’s a grip or trigger-guard design. It takes less than 10 minutes to install and about 20 rounds to zero. It keeps its zero quite well. That and the fit probably account for the price. I did re-zero after removing the grips for a thorough cleaning of my .38 Spl snubby, but the adjustment was minor.

  • Mr Presto

    SC Mike

    Thanks, I looked at the website and have a couple of local dealers I plan to call today.

    You are right if someone has a problem with something there is no convincing them that it may just be theirs and not all. I have a S&W VE 9MM that sleeps on the rail of my bed and I must say after well over 1500+ rounds, out of the box that has been my most reliable and favorite gun to shoot.

  • Mr Presto

    Jason V

    I don’t want to sell my Terrific Compact Pistol!

  • Mr Presto

    SC Mike and all

    Check this website, I had contacted them a while back and they just sent me an email of the new holster they just came out with for the TCP.


  • SC Mike

    Mr. Presto:

    Both the regular and the Plus looks like thy will work with the Crimson Trace. Space for a spare mag is nice too.

    Thanks for the tip!

  • Paul

    For those interested in picking up a TCP, I have gotten a few responses now from a couple of websites that have them in stock.

    The best deal by far is at Wholesale Hunter for $251

    They have 10 available at that price but I suspect they will go fast.

  • Mr Presto

    Well I’m sorry to say I had a break down of my TCP today. After well over 1000 rounds it appears something in the trigger has malfunctioned. The round chambered but there was no pressure on the trigger. A gun is a mechanical device therefore a breakdown is inevitable. But I’m not going to complain or say it is a piece of crap, instead I’m going to box up my great shooting accurate “Terrific Compact Pistol” send to Taurus, have it repaired and go back to the range. A Lifetime Guarantee is great!

  • Dick

    Mr. Presto, I’ll light a candle for your Taurus. 🙂

  • JasonV

    I can hear Taps playing for the little guy…

  • Mr Presto


    Thank you, I plan to call them tomorrow to find out the return process.

    I looked a little closer at it today. Without the slide on I can push the hammer back and it will stay and the trigger works but only if I have it tilted back, so it appears to be some sort of spring.

    If nothing else I’ll have new parts for the next 1000+ rounds.

  • Dick

    Mr. Presto, see if they offer to have a call tag issued for your gun. That means they’ll send Fedex out to pick it up instead of you having to pay $60 to overnight it to them. If they don’t offer and say that you’ll need to send it back, tell them that it’s a new gun and if you have to pay to send it back every time something happens, a lifetime warranty doesn’t do you much good. With the TCP, for what you’ll spend on shipping everytime it fails, you could go out and buy a Barrett! A little tougher to pocket carry but much more effective. 🙂

  • Mr Presto

    Thanks to all for your concern about my TCP. Fedex will be out tomorrow to pick up his little carcass and take him to Miami for a little R & R (rest & repair) at no charge. They said prognosis is good he will be returned in good health and ready for more action.

  • Dick

    I’m starting to feel like his uncle.

  • Jerry

    I have the Kal-Tec and TCP. 3 friends have the LCP. Kel-Tec never have had a problem, TCP at of the box would not fire, the hammer does not strike the pin. Called Taurus they sent FED-Ex to pick it up and ship overnight priority, no Charge will see what happens when I get it back. All 3 LCP’s jam regularly thats why I got the Kel-Tec. I liked it so much I bought a second one and have no problems with it either. I have shot over 1000 rounds between the two.

  • Eric N

    Hello all, got one of those Recluce pocket holsters. Its great. The best pocket holster I have ever seen. Customer service was great, shipping was fast, and craftsmanship is awsome. Fits gun and spare mag with no outline and even though the spare mag holding model is more designed for a rear pocket, it fits easily enuff in my front pocket too. Don’t bother with the cheap crap. Buy one of these! Eric N

  • SC Mike

    Fifty more rounds yesterday, still no failures in my TCP.

    Eric N – Thanks for confirming Mr. Presto’s recommendation on the Recluce holster. It’s on my want list, along with the Crimson Trace.

  • Mr Presto

    SC Mike and Eric

    Glad to hear you like the holster, just to let you know I have no affiliation or receive any compensation just happy to pass along anything that helps!

    Here is another holster company, they are local for me and I have seen them at the gun shows, nice product but they are a little pricey. Saving money on a holster leaves more for ammo!

    As for me my holster is empty waiting for my TCP to return from his vacation. We have some range time to make up!

  • lagwrider

    I purcased a Taurus TCP 380 in February, 2010. It wasn’t until 7/03/10 that I had the oppurtunity to fire this weapon. I tried 2 different brands of ammo and neither would eject from the pistol. Right out of the box, a new Taurus TCP 380 would not perform.

    I intend to contact my dealer today and see what recourse I have and I will get back to this forum with the decision.

  • lagwrider

    The dealer agreed to send the pistol back to Taurus with a pre-paid shipping label from Taurus.

  • Mr Presto

    My TCP is on its way home from the Miami vacation. Will report soon.

  • Eric N

    Well, I havn’t posted in a while so I thought I would. Tomorrow weather permitting, I am going to shoot some American Eagle through the TCP for the first time and see how it feeds. Its supposed to be good in these, so we’ll see. I bought 2 boxes for $21 a piece OTD. If it feeds well i will go get a ton of it since my local gun shop has somehow gotten its hands on a large supply of .380 in several brands, and is selling it without limits (one or 2 boxes a customer per day) as they have been doing up until this. $20-22 a box is the typical price here in Michigan, so if it feeds I will go and stock up. They also have S&B, which my gun does not like, UMC, and Independance. Does anyone have any report on how Independance shoots through the TCP? If so I would like to know. That was the brand they had the largest amount of. I am just gonna take the opprotunity to say that my Recluse holster is still the coolest thing since sliced bread in my oppinion. Be smart and order yourself one!

    Eric N

  • Mr Presto

    Eric N

    The American Eagle works well for me along with Winchester WB and if I remember the UMC too, but stay away from Blazer aluminum case. I stopped by one of my favorite gun shops, here in southern Ohio, last week and it was the first time they had .380 ammo on the shelf; usually they kept it in the back and would only sell 1 box per customer. They said it is finally getting back into production. I just got my TCP back from repair, new hammer and a couple of other parts in less than 2 weeks FREE! I had my feed ramp polished at and it feed great.

    Glad to hear you like the holster and hope the ammo works well.
    Back to ammo I had one gun shop want to sell me ammo, a baggie of 10 rounds for $10, I didn’t buy any.

  • Eric N

    Mr. Presto-

    Thanks for the info on the american eagle. The gun shop in my area didn’t raise prices at all, just limited amount for a while. Glad you got your baby back quick and in good shape. I ran out of time today, but tomorrow I am gonna try out that ae ammo. I would still like to know about the independance ammo if anyone knows……

  • Eric N

    Newest range report here…. went out and shot today with my wife…. Tryed out the American Eagle. We fired a 50 round box without a hitch. No jams of any sort, and seemed to group nicely at 7 and 10 yards. Then we fired off another box of the S&B ammo that I had had problems with before. ( I bought 3 boxes of the crap so I figured I my as well get rid of it) This is not the green and red S&B you will see on the shelves these days, this is REAL old stuff in a gray box. Looks like it may have even gotten moist at one time….but when I bought it, durring the height of the ammo shortage… its all that could be bought anywhere in town. To my supprise it shot good. There was no jams exactly, but 3 times when my wife was shooting, and once when I was, the slide locked back with 4 or 5 rounds left in the magazine? There was no empty casing present, or any other reason why it was locked back, but whatever, each time, we just released the slide and it slammed home and fired the remaining rounds without a hitch. All 4 times this occured towards the beginning of a magazine of ammo, and never happened more than once per magazine full. I’m not sure what this was all about. Also the pressure on this ammo seemed to be all off, some rounds had significant recoil, like they were loaded hot. Others seemed kind of weak and not as loud as the others. My wife also brought to my attention that after each round was fired, a cloud of brass colored flakes and debris could faintly be seen after shooting some rounds…..This is very odd. This ammo must have gotten wet at some pount as I had suspected. Even through all this, there were no jams to speak of. So I guess its not all bad. Next time I shoot I will shoot up the 3rd and final box of this old ammo and be done with it. And of course I will stick to good stuff like Fiocchi and American Eagle. Anyone find out anything on that Independance ammo? I am still very happy with this gun. Even though its supposed to be a pocket gun and meant to be carried a lot and shot a little, I like shooting it. Its a lot of fun. Its defiantly my wifes favorite gun to shoot too. Thanks Taurus.

    Heres a brief report on all rounds fired so far and the results:

    1st outting:
    1 50 round box
    Winchester WB
    No jams. Twice the slide locked back with rounds left in the magazine.
    5 rounds of Federal Hydra Shock-no issues.

    2nd outting:
    1 50rnd box PMC Bronze
    1 stove-pipe style jam about halfway through. No other malfunctions.
    25rnds of old S&B ammo. No issues.

    3rd outting: With gun dirty from 2nd outting.
    The other 25rnds of S&B from the previous box. 3 FTE type jams.
    50 rnd box of Fiocchi. Flawless.

    4th outting:
    1 50rnd box of American Eagle. No issues
    1 50 round box of ols S&B. 4 times slide locked back with rounds left in the magazine.

    Thats 305 rounds with only 4 real “jams”. 6 weird slide locked back situations. Pretty good considdering 300 rounds is the recommended break-in amount. I can’t wait to see how the next few outtings go now that its officially “broke in”.

    Thanks all! And let me know about that Independence ammo.

    Eric N

  • Dick

    Update (of sorts): Taurus has had my TCP since June 23rd. I regularly check their site for my pistol’s repair status. It always says “received and awaiting repair”. On Friday, a big red message popped up and say to call Taurus because they needed additional information. As it was too late on Friday to call, I called this morning. The Taurus rep I spoke with told me that it was just a computer generated message and that my pistol was still awaiting repair. Needless to say I was not happy. Why was the message generated if in fact they didn’t need any more information? Secondly, why make me call just to get the same information I get online? Fortunately, my LCP is clicking right along with NO ISSUES!

  • SC Mike

    Friday starting around 5:45 PM shot 50 rounds of Georgia Arms 95 grain FMJ without a failure. I’m now over 600 rounds with one failure of the slide to lock after the last round, and that happened first time out on the first or second box. I’ve had no other failures.

    I shot at the NRA range in Fairfax. They’ve had .380 in stock regularly for the past two months, Winchester or Remington. (They were closed for several weeks for construction and re-opened a week ago Sunday.)

    The Dick’s Sporting goods in has bunches of Winchester 95 grain .380 FMJ for $21.99 per 50 box. They also have Winchester PDX1 95 grain JHP .380 for $24.99 per 20 box.

    A friend and I compared firing the TCP with my .38 Spl S&W AirWeight snubby with the Crimson Trace. We both fired low iwth the TCP but spot on with the CT without aiming, just following the dot.

    I think I’m going to go with the CT for the TCP as soon as I can afford it.

  • Mr Presto


    Now you will hate me even more, I sent mine in after you and already have it back ready to go. I received a noticed in the mail that it would be 5- 6 weeks for repair so I call them and politely explained I use the TCP for conceal carry, the REP said it was going into the shop the next day and I had it in my hand 3 days later. The REP also said the RED FLAG is on the website until after repairs have been completed, nothing in-between until it’s shipped out.

    Hope that helps!

    Eric N

    Most of what I have shot has been the American Eagle and always worked great for me.

  • Dick

    Nah, I don’t hate you. I just let you think I do. 🙂

    Yeah, it’s strange…. first time I sent it in it was back in about a week. Makes me wonder if they did anything ’cause it didn’t seem like it. It seemed to at first but quickly fell back into the same horrendous double feeding it was doing before the “repair”. In addition, I now had one mag which would not lock back on the last round, a problem which didn’t exist when I sent it in.

    Glad yours is working for you. Sort of. 🙂

  • Mr Presto


    Glad to hear I’m still in good standing.
    I have not been to the range yet or even loaded it I want to run a few rounds thru it before it goes back in my pocket. I did notice it seems the little guy is a little tighter and when I hit the mag release it shoots it out. Another thing, before I could pull the pin to release the slide out with my fingernails now I have to use a screwdriver and it is a little harder to put back in. I also see some have theirs come back gunked up but mine looked pretty clean. Maybe the Taurus people are reading this blog and changing their ways. Call Taurus and tell them you feel defenseless without it.

  • SC Mike

    Mr. Presto –

    I got back home to Columbia, SC yesterday and found my Recluse Deluxe holster waiting. What a clever device! It holds the TCP and the spare mag and looks like it will hold a Crimson-Trace equipped TCP quite nicely. It fits well in my cargo shorts, and draws easily. In fact, the holster stays in the pocket better than my Galco does. It does appear that I have to remove the holster from my pocket to re-holster the pistol because of that clever trigger guard mold, but I think that’s okay.

    I just took a look at the website and it appears that Recluse has revised / renamed some of its holsters. What I bought — the Deluxe — now appears to be the Recluse® Square in Leather.

    Looks like they bumped the price by five bucks too, mine was $49.95. My timing was good for once.

  • Eric N

    SC Mike-

    I bought the Recluse “plus” or deluxe a few weeks ago and love and recommend it highly. i think what they are getting at on the website is they have the “square model” out as well. The square and plus models are differant. the plus will old an extended mag, while the square will not. When I ordered I had a problem with the website and called and talked to them (they were awsome on the phone) and the guy said they have about as many models that aren’t listed as ones that are….. so maybe they are selling more square models for the TCP or are recieving more inquires about them or something. I would be supprised if they stop making the plus for the TCP. They even claim to have several styles of duel and single magazine pouches available and/or comming soon. I showed my Recluse to all my buddies and they want one now. Several are going to buy a TCP not because the gun sold them, but because the gun in the Recluse holster sold them lol. Glad your happy with it. Enjoy!

    Eric N

  • jim young

    I looked at the Kaltec and the Ruger LCP and the Taurus TCP. The Ruger costs more for the stainless slide and you do not get an extra mag 28$ value and the holster is worth 15$ so Taurus gave me an extra 43$ out of the gate, plus a SS slide. I took it to the range today and ran 100 rounds of reloads. If anything will give me trouble it is a reload. I loaded them with 95 gr. FJM and JHPs. It ran every one with no FTF or FTE. I also ran 100 rounds of reloaded 9mm through my Beretta FS92 and had 3 FTEs. and 1 FTF.
    I thought the gun [TCP] would bark much more than it did. It was small in the hand but that’s the nature of the beast. It was very accurate at 10 yards and the sights were about point of aim. The sights are not something this gun was designed for and for a carry gun it’s hard to beat. The Holster is designed to look like a phone or PDA case. It does not have a place for the extra mag.
    As far as all the hoopla over the supposed metal support on the slide hold back, Ruger does not even have a hold back so if it fails and I see no reason that it will you are back at the point of what a Ruger offers, nothing lost.
    The take down was easy and you do need a knife or a finger nail to pull the pin. Not a problem, my nail is about 1/8th inch long and worked fine. There is no second strike and this is a bit disappointing, but with good ammo it should not be a big problem.
    I like the looks of the Ruger but it did not fit in my hand. Maybe small handed women and men will like it but I have medium hands and it was a bit to small and slim to hold properly. The Taurus fit my hand much better.
    I have had several Taurus pistols and I wish I had sold my Beretta FS92 and kept my Taurus PT92 instead. I love the safety on the Taurus much better than the Berretta, and the extra couple of hundred bucks would have been nice also. I have nothing against the Ruger but after all the pluses that Taurus gave me it was a no brainer.
    The Ruger has had a recall and many problems of its own.

  • SC Mike

    Eric N –

    Thanks for clearing that up. To further clarify for the rest of the folks here: Recluse offers spiffy holsters for the following pistols:

    Ruger LCP, Kel-Tec P3-AT & P32, Kahr P380, Sig Sauer P238, & Taurus TCP

    Jim Young –

    My experience with the TCP and Taurus firearms in general matches yours: reliable, reasonably priced, and fun to shoot. Their products offer additional features that other manufacturers have been slow to adopt: loaded chamber indicator, rubber grips, and the like. And nobody has anything like the Judge lineup, from the “small” Public Defender to the Circuit Judge.

  • Christopher

    I got a used but like new Taurus TCP from Cabela’s for $299. I was very disappointed with it after my first two trips to the range. I had a lot of FTE issues. The extractor kept jumping over & nicking the case rim, leaving the expended cartridge only halfway ejected from the barrel. I tried three different types of ammo but it wasn’t the ammo. It was the pistol. I called Taurus and they provided a FedEx pick-up. Taurus had it for 3-4 weeks. When I got it back, they provided a sheet listing the adjustments they had made. They had also replaced the extractor. Now, I had fired 100 rounds through it without a hitch. It has functioned perfectly so far. Still not sure if I’m going to keep it as I want a Glock 26.

    Someone mentioned weight issues of the models. The SS slide version weighs 10.2 oz. The titanium slide version weighs 9 oz. I have yet to see any titanium slides out there.

  • Dick

    Got my TCP back today. Took it out back and put two mags through it. Second round failed to chamber (not a normal failure mode for this gun.) Looked like it was jammed against the ramp. Dropped the mag, reset the round in the mag and after that, no problems. I used the S&B to test as this stuff was the worst for double feeding. I’ll run a more thorough test at the sane pit later in the week and report back.

    Repair summary states adjusted slide catch and replaced magazine body.

  • Gene

    Took my new 738 TCP in SS to the range today and was a little apprehensive after reading a lot of these posts. I did exactly what was stated here:

    1. Cleaned the gun.
    2. Oiled the gun.
    3. Preloaded the mags for at least a week or more.
    4. Moved the slide on the rails for at least 200 times.

    The outcome of the first 60 rounds? Not a hick-up, no FTF, no FTE, no jams and slide stayed in the locked back position on completion of each mag.

    In short, for the first 60 rounds I could not be more pleased. The gun is snappy for sure and has stopping power. I holster in the pants and it ways no more than an I-Phone.

    Am I a happy TCP owner? Darn tootin:)

  • Mr Presto

    I finally made it to the range with my repaired TCP today. Had a fail to feed but it was the round, tried it several times and failed every time. I had limited time so I didn’t have the chance to clean the sun tan lotion off after the Miami vacation which I hope was the cause of the slide not locking after last round. But it shot great and accurate!

  • Mark

    Bought my TCP 738 at the end of January after reading the NRA write up about the compact .380s. So I knew there were some break-end issues related to most of these weapons. So took it to the range and fire off about 75 rounds with not too much trouble. Worst was the grip grooves made my right palm begin to hurt from the kick-back. As I was finishing up the last of the rounds I had, the gun began to jam about every 3rd round and then finally every round. Acted like the round wouldn’t fully ramp up into the chamber. So took it home and cleaned the heck out of it. Easy to disassemble and I it is a very inconspicous personal protection conceal carry weapon. Today went back out to the range and the first 3 rounds cycled through peferctly. Then started jaming every 2nd or 3rd round. I could pull back the reciever just a tad and then relase and it would push the round up onto the chamber and fire. The longer I fired, the more frequent the jams. Esentially I have a single shot .380 that I don’t trust to carry. I noticed there is a square metal peice next to the ejector catch that seems to prevent the round from slipping up snuggly against the receiver as it is pushing forward. I took the end of my knife and could slight (and very carefully) pry the round up just a tad, maybe a 1/32 of an inch and the reveiver would then push the round on forward into the chamber. I wonder if the space between the extractor and the square metal peice is too tight for the brass lip of the bullet to slip up high enough to allow the round to feed properly. A few times I had to push the reciever with my thumb to get the round to seat into the chamber. I’m going to take it back to the dealer to see what they can do for me. I also noticed the reciver didn’t stay back after the last round so may have a clip problem. After 250 rounds plus, I’m not happy. If I’d wanted a single-shot, I’d use my Grandad’s Hopkins & Allen .22LR saddle pistol. Mean while, back to carrying the klunky, but reliable Interarms .380 I’ve had for years.

  • lagwrider

    Mark, give your dealer an opportunity to help you. My TCP never ejected a spent shell from the getgo. I took mine back to the dealer and he was most helpfull. He got with Taurus and they sent him a prepaid shipping label to send back to Taurus my pistol. As I understand the TCP has a life time warranty and Taurus is going to take care of us.

  • Dick

    I’m starting to think that my TCP is going to be spending most of its life in the hands of Taurus and Fedex. Got it back earlier in the week and went to the sand pit yesterday. The gun is no better than when I sent it in. This is the second time its been sent back for the same double feed issue. I’ll be calling Taurus again on Monday and have them pick up this POS. I’m absolutely serious when I say it may spend its life at Taurus because it’ll go back on their dime until it’s fixed or they decide they’ve spend enough on shipping and send me a new one that works. I’ve got my LCP for concealed carry that has not missed a beat.

  • Dick

    OK guys, I got some new ammo today, American Eagle ball and wanted to see if the TCP would digest this stuff before I send it back. I think you’ll find the video I posted on YouTube says it all.



  • jason

    That video is exactly why I got rid of my TCP.

  • Mr Presto


    I watched your video and it does look like a problem; I’d send a copy to Taurus.

    On another note I cringed and about dug my fingernails thru the arms of my chair when you had the gun pointed at your chest! I would not do that even if the gun was not loaded! My conceal carry class stressed ALWAYS TREAT A GUN AS IF WERE LOADED! Even though it was jammed I would never take that chance.

    Be safe out there and good luck.

  • Dick

    I took the pistol apart tonight and removed the recoil spring. I then reassembled it sans spring, inserted a loaded mag and SLOWLY closed the slide. What I noticed was that as the round was pushed from the mag, it bound on the lower breech face as the nose of the bullet road up the ramp, exaggerating the angle of the cartridge. At a point, the cartridge base overcame the friction on the breech face and jumped up and forward of the extractor. I know that slow cycling does not represent actual working conditions but it can show things that may be going on that shouldn’t. I then took some Gun Butter, my grease of choice, and applied it to the breech face. This time it slid up the breech face and behind the extractor like it should. I’ll take it out one last time tomorrow and see how it operates. If this doesn’t work, my TCP is going home. Again.

  • Dick

    Mr. Presto, I knew I’d get banged for that. Yeah, I know the rules and while I shouldn’t have done that, I had a spent casing jamming open the slide with no mag in the pistol. While I was wrong, I wasn’t too concerned.

    Thanks for noticing. 🙂

  • Dick

    Sorry about your chair. 🙂

  • SC Mike

    Dick –

    Georgia Arms uses new brass, but so does other ammo you’ve probably shot. Sounds like you need a new extractor.

  • Dick

    Mike, the extractor was replaced during the first “repair”.

  • Dick

    Here’s the list of ammo that I’ve tried. This is all ball ammo unless otherwise noted:

    1. Sellier & Bellot
    2. Armscor
    3. Blazer Brass
    4. Winchester
    5. American Eagle
    6. Georgia Arms
    7. Gold Dot
    8. Hornady Custom XTP HP
    9. Hornady Critical Defense FTX HP

    Only the GA ammo runs with any consistency. All others experience usually 2 jams per 6 round mag.

    Also, lubricating the breech face made no difference.

  • Mr Presto


    My chair will survive but that was scary.

  • Eric N

    I too watched the video…… and I too wanted to reach through the screen and grab the gun away from you and yell at you. Please be more careful! I shot a brand new Walther PPK last weekend that kept doing the exact same thing. Very depressing. Sorry you have had such bad luck. See if Taurus will just exchange guns for you. Except for one box of old ammo that was obviously bad, mine has functioned flawless for almost 400 rounds now. So good ones ARE around. Don’t give up hope. Also maybe check under the claw of the extractor….. maybe spray it out with some jet-stream type de-greaser. Check and see if there is any barbed metal or grit under the extractor.
    I am beginning to think that with so many people experiancing this type of jam in these weapons that maybe the loaded chamber indicator may have something to do with this problem, because if the gun is returning to battery (locking up) and fireing, that means the extractor at least has to be sitting in the proper place over the rim of the round. Now unless your chamber has some sort of buildup or flaw to it preventing the case from being pulled out causeing the extractor to pop off the casing too early, leaving the case in the chamber, then the problem has to be the extractor. The most likely reason in my mind after looking at my TCP carefully is maybe the spring of the loaded chamber indicator which puts pressure between the case and the extractor may be too powerful, causeing the extrator to not be seated deeply enough in the rim of case and therefore causing the extractor to slide over the rim….. Also any amount of grit in-between the loaded chamber indicator and the extractor in the groove it moves in the extractor could cause the extractor not to seat over the rim of the round, and stay sticking up in the air a little. Maybe check the position of the extractor and its depth in the rim of the case before you fire each round for a while, see if this is the issue. I might be looney, but those are the best explanations. Now one way to test it would be to remove the loaded chamber indicator, fire some rounds, and see if the problem persists. Since my gun is not having these issues though, someone else will have to put it to the test…… Dick, if you can get your hands on some, try some Fiocchi ball ammo too. It is hands-down the best ammo I have fired in mine. Maybe that will help you some. Inspect the chamber for flaws. Inspect the extractor for dirt or flaws. Inspect the loaded chamber indicator and the groove it rides in for flaws or dirt. Maybe use a small screwdriver or something and see how easy it is to move the loaded chamber indicator under the extractor claw. See if it feels gritty or difficult when you push it in. Remove the Loaded chamber indicator if you wanna try my theory out. That is up to you of course though, I wouldn’t blame you if you don’t try it. Good luck man, and stop pointing that gun at yourself!

    Eric N

  • Ken Carroll


    • Ken, there is an unsubscribe (or maybe its called ‘Manage’) link in the emails you get.

  • Dick

    Ok guys, let’s put the barrel to the chest thing to bed. I’ve owned and shot pistols for almost 40 years. I’ve taken a number of classes and have NEVER accidentally discharged a weapon. I am anal about keeping my pistols clean and clean them after EVERY outing, even if I only shoot 10 rounds.

    As is obvious in the video, there is NO magazine in the gun, NO live round in the chamber and a SPENT CASING

  • Dick

    Oops, fat thumbs. As I was saying, a spent casing was jamming the slide open. The firearm was disabled.

    I doubt there are any of you who have not looked down the business end of a pistol when checking out a bore with a bore light, and they sure sell a lot of them. Safety is my number one concern when shooting, both mine and others around me. I will go so far as to put a person shooting revolver on the left side of someone shooting a pistol so they don’t get hit with the brass.

    I appreciate everyone’s concern, I really do. Enough said.

  • SC Mike

    Dick –

    Your description of your “springless” observations is interesting. Since extraction failure does not appear to happen on the first round fired after manually chambering it, but with the 0subsequent (usually the next from the video) round, I wonder if there’s a slight fault with / in the spring.

    Since you have 100% success with one brand of ammo — GA 95 grain FMJ — the only thing that makes sense to me (and, since I’m no expert, I would defer to those more knowledgeable) is that the GA brand is a little hotter and powers the spring back with greater force, properly positioning the extractor claw on the cartridge base, enabling proper extraction and ejection after firing. That the round is FMJ facilitates smooth movement into the chamber.

    Of course, the way sprigs work, they may be too weak. My TCP has been100% fault-free in over 600 rounds except for one failure of the mag to lock back after the last round, and that was with the first 100 rounds.

  • Mark

    Dick, et al, your video shows exactly what mine is doing. Like I said in my first note, if I took my pocket knife and carefully pryed up on the round just a smidge it would go ahead and load up into the chamber. I’ve wonder if the length of travel of the slide from ejection to return might be too short, thus not giving the round enough time to move up into position. Agree another aspect might be the load indicator interfering with the round coming up into the chamber area as it appears to being hanging up right at that point. Wish someone could do a slow-mo video on the entire firing cycle. My TCP goes back to the dealer on Friday. Wonder how many have been sent back?

  • Dick

    Here’s the thing…the extractor is ripping the flange at the base of the round. The extractor is definitely grabbing the round but something is going on that is stopping the spent casing in its tracks while the slide continues rearward.

  • Eric N

    Is the empty casing catching on the case mouth of the next round in the magazine? Do differant mags make any differance at all?

    Eric N


    The only problem,if you call it a problem is the brass sometimes comes back and pops me in the forehead. Has anyone else had this problem? Other than that its a great little gun.

  • Larry

    I left a message last night, but doesn’t appear yet. New Day! I took the TCP last night and completely field stripped it, had a heck of a time getting it back together, however, doiing it again tonight, no problem! I cleaned the weapon thoroughy as recommended, let it be wet, and used grease. I changed my ammo from CCI Speer Lawman to MagTech FMJ. Today, I fired the TCP with over 50 rounds, and it was flawless. Before, I did not field strip, I only cleaned the bore and reach what I could with a Q tip. Not good enough! I was using the CCI and the first mag went great, the next mag hung up after the 3rd round, got it out, rechambered and fired. I have not experienced any of the last round not holding the slide. After today, I feel confident carrying this weapon as a CC. Knowing that it was going to go bang, I concentrated on accuracy. It’s nice. My neighbor brought over his new, cleaned, never fired SW 40 EV Sigma. We were at 7 yards, and couldn’t get it on the paper, except for six out of fifteen. His 40 is shooting extremely low and left. We both are fairly good marksman with military and law enforcement training, although we are getting older. By the way, my serial ends in “A”. I also have one of those SVE 40’s, but have not fired it. I will tommorrow. He was using American Eagle, I am going to use Federal and see if there is a difference. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • MikeTX

    Went to the range today and I’m happy to report another 100 rounds and not one problem with my little Taurus!!! Sited in my Crimson Trace also, SWEET!!! I got it on eBay for $154.00 delivered.

  • Gene

    SCPDBLUE – Yes, this does happen. On the range just wear a baseball style cap. Great gun, I’ve had no problems right out of the box. Want to see how it does up against the new S&W .380 Bodyguard!

  • GaryB

    After firing mine for the first time, I went to the mens room to wash my hands and noticed two small trickles of blood where flying brass had struck my forehead. I was wondering why people where looking at me strangely when I came off the range.

  • Mr Presto

    Yes I have, sometimes, and yes it is. Mostly seems to happen on rapid fire.

  • AJ

    SCPDBLUE – yes, every round I have fired so far (20) has done the same thing. (That was with two diff. brands of ammo.) Didn’t hurt me, and I figure in a fight I wouldn’t even notice it. No malfunctions of any kind. AJ

  • SC Mike


    I’ve had that problem with several different makes of pocket pistols. Apparently the small size of the pistol limits the designers’ ability to tune the ejection port to force the spent casings to the right. You’ll never hear anyone bragging about the nice groups they get with their pocket pistols.

    So I just wear a hat whenever I shoot it.

  • Dick

    Eric N – Not that I can tell. I’ve tried 2 – 6 round Taurus mags and a 10 round ProMag. No difference at all.

  • Dick

    Eric N – Correction – The ProMag is for my LCP. Don’t know if they make one for the TCP. I’m not putting any money into this gun (execpt the one spare mag) until it works.

  • Hi Folks new to this site, just found it last this wk. I have just bought the PT 738 and haven’t even fired it yet. I will tomorrow or Sat. one, I own a farm in Ala. so no problem with having to go to a range, just go out in the pasture, problem is its just too hot to be shooting 101′ today.
    I have a question about the safety of the weapon with a round in the chamber. How safe is it in the pocket, as I said I live out in the sticks with no close neighbors and am disabled. I plan to carry this auto in my pocket with a round in the chamber and am concerned about it when out in public. I have ordered a pocket holster from DM Bullard of Texas.
    I have carried a Kel Tec 32 for years with no problem, how about this one?? Any input would be appericated.
    A friend of mine had told someone about his Kel Tec with a round chambered, they ask if it wasn’t dangerous, his reply “I Sure Hope So”

  • Gene

    Woody –

    You “really” shouldn’t carry a chambered gun in the pocket without a pocket holster. I purchased one from Recluse designed specifically for the TCP 738 and it’s perfect. You can carry chambered and not have a worry plus no printing and faster draw. Check it out.

  • A.E.I

    Do they sell extended magazines for the TCP .380?

  • Eric N


    Before the TCP came out, Taurus advertised it would me producing an 8rnd extended mag to go with each gun, but that never happened. And there is no info from taurus as to if or when that might happen. So for now its just the 6rnd ones. Even those are hard to find. If you do find extras, buy them.

    Eric N

  • Jeff Herrick

    I have a negative post for the first time everyone. I have had good luck with my TCP at the range. Each time I have shot it at the range, I have taken it apart and cleaned it well. I have not been to the range with it for a few months. This last Saturday we were out shooting some clays on some private land and I saw some hand gun cartridges on the ground. So I asked the guy if I could fire off my seven rounds in the TCP. Out of seven, there were three failure to extracts. Three out of seven. Now this is right out of my “in the pants” holster. It has not been cleaned in about three weeks, but has also not been fired in over 3 months. I guess if I completely cleaned and lubed this thing up nightly, I would feel good about it firing, but in a real life scenario, where most of us can honestly say we only clean when we think of it, it did not work.

    The only thing I can think of that is different is the cleanliness, or not being freshly lubed, or the fact that the casings get little scrape marks on them from loading and unloading every day. Since I have a two and a half year old, even though I put the gun up high, I still take the round out of the chamber during “home time”. If someone knows for a fact that this can cause casings to jam, please note this and make me feel better.

    Anyhow, I thought I got away scott free and got a good gun, I have read every single post ever written on this blog since its inception. And after doing so, I just don’t see cleaning this gun daily is very practical. I know it may be whats neccessary, and I know keeping your gun oiled is necessary, but now I just wonder even if I do that, can I trust it. The guys with me were sort of taken back, and said what if that was an attacker? I said, well I would have asked for a minute to un-jam my gun……………………three different times. And if they were nice attackers, they would give me the extra time.

    I might switch it up to something proven to fire even when dirty. I know this is a TCP blog and were not suppost to ask about other guns, but how does the Keltec or Ruger LCP do when dirty. When I say dirty by the way, I simply mean, not freshly lubed in about three weeks. Not literally dirty at all, if you catch my drift.


    Dissapointed in Port Saint Lucie, FL

  • Jeff Herrick

    OH, Also, one other thing guys. After my last post, I took it home cleaned up nice and tight. The guns pin came out nice like normal, I have no issues with this, nor have I ever. But this particular time, the gun did not want to slide apart. I had to pull the metal slide from the plastic frame and it was very tight. When I cleaned up real nice and lubed, I could barely get it to slide back on. It used to slide on like butter. Did something maybe flex, or swell during the last seven rounds? Has anyone had this problem?

    Once I got it back together, it still cyles manually just fine, but it is so tight at the meeting point when assembling, you have to use tons of force to get the metal part of the gun to slide back onto the plastic frame?

    Why does this all the sudden happen?

  • SC Mike

    Jeff –

    If the slide does not move onto the frame smoothly, you’ve got a problem. Call Taurus, recount your FTE experience and your re-assembly issue to get an RMA to ship it back.

    The extra capacity, speed of reloading, and compact size of semi-automatics comes with the big trade-off of complexity and implicit reliability. I put another 50 rounds through my TCP this weekend without any failure, putting me up to 700 rounds in the field / on the range with one failure, and that was of the slide to stay back after the last round; it happened with the first box.

    But if you want near-100% assurance of reliability, nothing beats a revolver. (Of course, elsewhere on this site there’s a picture of a Ruger LCR that blowed up, apparently because the cylinder was not quite aligned with the barrel when the round discharged.)

    That’s not to say that your recent experience with your TCP is excusable, it’s not. But that coupled with the difficulty in assembly points to a component flaw, something like a warped frame, that the manufacturer should fix.

  • Mr Presto

    Jeff Herrick

    Not trying to rule out the gun but could it be the ammo? I had a box of good ammo with several bad rounds before and always had a problem with that Blazer brand.

  • Mike

    I purchased a 738 last Friday. Went to the range Sunday and ran 100 rds of FMJ, 50 each from 2 different manufacturers. Plus 12 Hornaday’s, 6 from each mag.

    No jams, no FTF. A very sweet shooting pistol.

    My friends have LCP’s and Kahr’s and they love this pistol.

    Now I just have to find a decent holster.

  • Mike

    PS. When I took the 738 out of the box I noticed engraved on the slide ” Black Stainless”. Could this be an updated model with modifications at the factory?

  • charles kayser

    Purchased 738 after reading article in American Rifleman and decided to take their advice to put 200 rds thru pistol before using for concealed carry. I planned on firing 100 rds; clean pistol and fire another 100 rds. During the first 100 rds I noticed several Failures to Feed (FTF). About midway thru I felt one of the mags may be causing most of the FTF issues.

    After throughly cleaning weapon I shot the other 100 rds of FMJ. This time, I kept track of all failures. Of the two mags delivered with weapon one of the mags had 9 FTF; 8 failures were with the 5th round, 1 with the 2nd round. The other mag had 2 FTF with 5th round.

    BTW — I shot all 200 rds using 5 rds vice max of 6 + 1 AND the weapon was heavily oiled (again — advice from Amer. Rif. mag)

    I guess I have a bad mag. Anybody else experience the same thing??

    Good news tho’ —- the gun is much more accurate than I had expected!



  • Nothing but problems!! My friend and I each purchased the Taurus TCP 380 I have fired at least two hundred rounds through mine, at least every other mag. load I get a cartridge jamb. The cartridge hangs up about a 1/4 inch in the chamber. My pistol is at Taurus for the second time in two months for the SAME problem total time out of service so far about one month. My friend has exactly the same problem he just hasn’t sent his back yet.
    Oh yea, I had the range officer fire it he stated you have to hold it tight, SAME Problem for him.

    I’ve asked Taurus to replace the gun answer, we don’t do that!!!

    BEWARE of this pistol!!
    I won’t recommend this pistol anyone, if it’s not reliable it’s junk!!

  • Gene

    It is not unusual for a new out-of-the-box pistol that has some problems to be returned 3 to 6 time before it’s corrected…I kid you not; it’s an induustry norm. Seems high right? But it’s not. The TCP is a very good gun and has gotten high reviews by industry rags and newsletters alike. Not consolation for someone who has a TCP that needs correcting but it’s a proven gun and it can and will be fixed…it’s more a matter of the owners patience than anything else…and I understand that.

    Hell, the new S&W .380 is having all sorts of problems like FTE, FTF and trigger mechanisms falling out or breaking (see the S&W forums and read for yourself). It happens especially to new guns.

    The lifetime warranty will see to a fix. If not, after about 6 returns they will put the gun for review by a board and probably issue a new gun under the lemon law type of policy.

  • jason

    I cannot believe I just read someone telling me its normal for a new gun to go back 3 to 6 times. I’ve put God knows how many rounds through a springfield xd subcompact, a glock 23 a ruger sr9 and an lcp and neither have been sent back once. Mind you the rugers were post recall but 3 to 6 times is normal? I’m hardly an expert but give me a break.

  • Gene

    Jason – I am not making this up…talk to anyone in the handgun manufacturing business or a gunsmith and they will tell you the same. A store salesman won’t because he wants to sell you a gun. Only a small percentage of guns (like low single digits) see this type of thing bit it’s very common.

  • Gene

    Jason – One more thing; you’re guns work as they should so you don’t have a problem and need to send the gun in for repairs. But read the posts here and read other handgun forums and you will see guys repeatedly sending their guns back WHERE THERE IS A PROBLEM to get it fixed right. SO give me a freaking break!

  • jason


    I have read other forums and sold my tcp after it came back and still had the same problem. I agree with the premises that guns that are a POS do go back multiple times such as the tcp. Look at all the problems with fte ftf issues and the slide not locking back. I’m reminded of an old saying, do it right the first time.

  • Eric

    Jeez! First you say it’s common for a gun to have to go back 3 to 6 times for repair, an industry norm, then you say it’s a ” small percentage, low single digits, but it’s very common.” Where do your numbers come from, what gunsmith or manufacturer said what you said?

    Gun writers and gun magazines are notorious for never reporting any problems with any gun, when they get a lemon it goes back and they are sent another for review, the first one is forgotten. Publish bad reviews and lose advertisers.

    If Taurus ever replaces this dog it will be when it is cost effective for them to do so. Is the gun lemon law you refer a state or federal law?

  • Mr Presto

    Well I cleaned my TCP up from its Miami vacation and went to the range. The gun shot well but the slide doesn’t stay back after the last round as good as it use to. Out of about 60 rounds it locked on the last mag I shot.

  • Gene

    Fellows –

    My point here is that guns that are “broken” out of the box or have habitual malfunctions that are sent back to the mfg for warranty service may…but not always…have to go back multiple times for repair attempts. Three, 4 or even 5 times is not unheard of in the industry. I live in South Florida and my neighbor down the street, who is a friend, works for Taurus in Miami and he tells me all the time that this “multiple repair returns” of new guns that have mechanical issues is not an uncommon event.

    The gun smith around the corner of my house tells me all the time that two or three attempts to fix a malfunctioning gun is not really uncommon. I’ve read industry trade journals professing the same thing.

    All I am saying is that if a new gun out of the box, regardless of the mfg, has mechanical issues that need mfg repair, this repair cycle remains pretty much the same. Go read the Taurus or S&W forums and you’ll see guys having to go through this process.

    From what I understand if about 5 or 6 attempts to repair a newly purchased gun that can’t be remedied a mfg will replace with a new gun either if requested or they offer. There is a point of diminished return if they can’t fix a broken gun.

    Not trying to start anything here and I believe my first post by Jason was misread. I was not talking about ALL new guns…just new guns that have a mechanical problem out of the box.

    Peace fellows.

  • Gene

    Check out this link about the new BG 380; problems with newly designed and manufactured guns are not uncommon. S&W has their problems as well. But, of the total number of guns mfg’d these types of problems are a small percentage of the total. We tend to read more about problems than fully functional guns…it’s just how it goes.

    The BG 380 is more expensive than the 738 and has a higher rep in the industry but check this out…sound familiar;-)


  • Tim

    Picked up my TCP 738 on Saturday, even after reading many of the negative posts.
    Once home, I tried to cycle some Winchester SuperX JHP’s through to make sure they would feed. Instant jam.
    I polished the feed ramp slighly, chamfered the leading edge of the take-down pin (to make it easier to get it past the spring that holds it in place) cleaned everything up and reassembled.
    At the range on Sunday, 100 rounds of MFS FMJ and 20 rounds of the Win Super X. NO failures, whatsoever. The slide did lock back on every empty mag, though placing the 738 on the bench after dropping the mag hit the slide release enough to release it.
    The sights are small and difficult to see, but good enough to hit the aimpoint at 20 feet. The trigger pull is long, but consistent. Recoil is about what you can expect from a sub 3 inch barreled gun that weighs 10 ounces.
    My wife enjoyed shooting it as well, despite the recoil.
    Overall, the TCP738 will serve nicely in a pocket holster or ankle rig.

  • Gene

    This is my last post on this topic and I am not beating up the new S&W BG 380 but you got to read the posts below and you’ll see guys where their BG 380’s are literally breaking apart during a fire session. My point, the issues with the TCP 738, or any new gun for that matter, are not exclusive to the TCP. Mine has been flawless with 100’s of rounds run through it and their are countless other who have the same experience.


    This is an interesting thread BTW.

  • jason


    Here’s the thing. Nobody is arguing the point that a pistol that has problems “out of the box” has to go back multiple times. I can understand a pistol developing some sort of problem over time but the TCP has truly had problems right out of the box. Why is Taurus putting a product like this out there? A gun magazines have hardly had anything negative to say about any new gun for the most part. They may point out small things they don’t like but they won’t come out & say that the gun they are testing is a true POS. And by the way, this gun is hardly “proven”. There are all sorts of issues with this gun, FTE, FTF, slide not locking back, all sorts of stuff. No way would I carry this in my pocket and depend on it to save my life as I am sure there are many others on here who feel the same way. No worries at all man.

  • Ken G.

    I have to chime in here. My out of the box experience was as follows: a few FTE; no FTFeed/Fires; and the slide locked back after the last round every time. I then learned that it needed a good cleaning and after about 250 rounds my TCP was functioning flawlessly. After about 350 rounds the magazine release broke. I chalk this up to a fluke or my left hand shooting since I have not heard of anyone else with the problem. After 2 weeks I had my TCP back from Taurus good as new. Took it our after cleaning and it again preformed beautifully. I love my TCP and carry it with confidence. I imagine that this forum is made up of mostly people who have had problems and searched this out as a way to find others with similar problems/issues. If I had read this forum before I bought my TCP I may have hesitated due to all the negative feedback. This is an audience of skewed opinions. Consider the number of TCPs sold and I bet you the disgruntled buyers represent a minority of TCP owners. Just my 2 cents.

  • I bought my PT 738 about a month ago and finally carried it out to try it last weekend, but before I did the Tool Maker came out in me and I took the gun apart and couldn’t believe that NOTHING had been de-burred and polished I would have never thought anyone would have put out a weapon and left burrs on everything. I got my stones out and crocos cloth and de-burred everything & polished everything I could get too it takes quite a while to do a good job on it, but it was worth it! I then went over on the back of my farm and started firing, NO problems at all, worked great. I am well pleased with the little 380, the only thing I saw wrong was two times my thumb got on the mag release and it dropped down but didn’t fall out, I adjusted my hold on the gun and didn’t have anymore problems. Over all it seems like a great little carry gun after you take time to clean it up like it should be done from the factory!!!! Got a very nice pocket holster from D. M. Bullard of Texas, he does great work ck out his web page.

  • jason

    So uh Ken, explain to me how a skewed opinion is equal to someone stating facts about their experience with the tcp???? My tcp would not eject the spent casing. As noted when my tcp was returned, taurus replaced the hammer and the trigger. What on gods green earth did that have to do with solving the fte issue? The gun continued the same thing after I got it back and I got rid of it. First and last taurus I ever buy.

  • SC Mike

    Jason –

    I purchased my TCP in February 2010 and have had essentially no faults over 700+ rounds. I don’t know where my experience with the weapon lies on the Bell curve, nor do you know where your experience is. Lots of folks who’ve posted here have complaints, but lots have not. What the overall failure rate is only Taurus knows, and they’re not telling.

    What’s peculiar is that the main reason I’ve fired so many rounds is because of the problems posted here: I was looking for a failure, any failure, but could not find one. I think I’ve just gotten over that and now realize that I’ve got a reliable pistol with a great trigger that has left the slide open after the last round every time but one.

    You don’t have that and I understand that you and others in your situation are upset. I also don’t think that bad guns out of the box is a common experience even though I went through that with a .40 S&W pistol from another manufacturer, one who no longer makes that particular pistol, but is otherwise known for its quality products. I also had a .357 Mag revolver purchased used that jammed periodically for no apparent reason, so I suspect that every firearm has the potential to fail at the wrong time.

    I do think that the challenge of making a compact, reliable pocket .380 ACP is significant just because of the benchmarks set by the competition: 10 oz. weight, six round magazine, narrow width, short length, and reasonable price. I have asked around and found no more complaints with the TCP over others in its class, but of course all that’s anecdotal.

    Perhaps we could encourage some gun nuts to sponsor annual surveys so that we all could get better info about reliability. Do any of you think that Consumer Reports would be interested?

  • Gene

    Ken G. – I couldn’t agree with you more. Go to Taurus forums and go to the 700 threads and you’ll find a lot of very satisfied TCP owners. Sure there are some there that have had problems…all guns do. But not nearly so negatively skewed as this blog…not even close.

    I’m with ya man. My TCP has been flawless and I do trust my life with it:)

  • Ken, I am pleased it has worked out for you.

  • jason

    Ken, Gene and SC Mike,

    I aapreciate everything you guys have said. My only point is this, Taurus has some serious issues with this gun as documented in this blog. There have been posts in the past where certain people on here have said that those of us who post negative experiences work for another firearms manufacturer. Man, I run an insurance agency at a Harley Davidson dealership. I think what frustrates those of us who have had an awful experience with this gun is that those folks whose gun is working the way it should, its almost like we are made out to be idiots and how in the world can you possibly have a tcp that has problems?? I’ve shot 5 million rounds with no issues whatsoever!! That’s fine and dandy but its undeniable there are problems out there. Far example the gentleman who just posted that nothing had been debur’d on his tcp. Seriously?? Where is the quality control? And to be honest, does it really matter where my experience is on the bell curve? My experience is what it is.

    Would LOVE a consumer reports type deal on guns, fantastic idea!


  • Ken G.

    Gene and Stave: Thanks!

    Jason: I would be just as frustrated with Taurus if I was in your position. I was not implying that you or anyone else that has had problems have a skewed opinion. I was simply saying that this forum by nature as a whole is comprised of people who HAVE had problems. That means that the posts here overall suggest that the TCP is unreliable. It is however unlikely that the people who have had a great experience like myself and Gene end up on this forum stating their positive experiences. Those individuals appear to have made their way to the Taurus forums.

  • Gene

    Ken G is right. Taurus, S&W, Browning, Ruger…on and one…mass produce mechanical products in the 100’s of thousands per year if not more. If they have a 2% malfunction rate that equates 2,000 bad guns per 100,000. That’s 2,000 owners not very happy gun owners. For the manufacturer however that’s a stellar number. Now times that over years and you can see what happens.

    I would not have bailed on the gun simply because it came back for the factory on the first attempt to fix knowing that multiple trips in some cases is not unusual. There other forums where there are happy 738 owners who, after 3 or 4 trips to Miami, finally found success and they are happy.

    Mechanical things, especially new ones, can sometimes have problems. Mecanical things can be fixed however. That being said, this is a free land we live and and everyone has their own free choice. If Jason said enough is enough after one trip and the gun didn’t live up to his expectations he can sell it and buy the new and far better S&W Bodyguard 380 (that’s a joke)!


  • Neil Foster

    First, I want to dispel one misconception. The TCP-739 is made in the USA. It is the first weapon produced at a new factory in Florida.

    I bought a Taurus TCP at a gun show in early May. I took it to the range on the way home to test fire the weapon. After the first few rounds, the weapon jammed, a partially extracted case was in the chamber, and both the slide and magazine were frozen in place. I managed to get the slide and magazine free and tried it again with the same results.

    I discovered that the takedown pin was working loose during firing and that was causing the failures. If I kept my thumb on the pin, the weapon functioned well, but this is unacceptable for a weapon that you may be staking your life on.

    I sent it back to Taurus, and after more than 6 weeks, when I called to get the status on the repair, I was told that they were REPLACING the weapon. They told me that I would have to get an FFL dealer to receive it. This was a problem, because sales tax policies in Washington state recently changed, and most dealers are reluctant to do transfers at this time. After some wrangling, Taurus arranged for a dealer to receive the new weapon.

    When the new weapon came in, I immediately took it to the range to test fire it. All 50 rounds went through with no malfunctions… However, now I discovered that if I wore the pistol in an inside the waistband (IWB) holster, or a carried it in a pocket holster, the magazine would fall out if it was wiggled (which will happen when you carry your weapon).

    Once again, I sent the weapon back to Taurus for repair. This time it took less than 2 weeks to return the weapon. Most of the magazines stay in now, although there is a problem with one of them falling out too easily. The jury is still out.

  • Dave

    Well, I just got my Taurus TCP 380 back from repairs. Taurus stated they replaced the ejector. Saturday I test fired it with Blazer 380 ammo, again the pistol jammed. This time the cartridge comes out about a quarter of an inch further then before. Well I guess I’ll send it back again wait two weeks or longer and maybe it will “almost eject”. The pistol was sent back with oil almost dripping from the slide. Oh, by the way I haven’t had any slide lock-back issues yet. I have zero faith in this gun or for that matter Taurus as a company. Taurus is obviously having problems with this gun if the current guns being manufactured work why not just replace mine and stop this mindless repair policy. Oh for the guy that stated 2% failure isn’t bad how about if 2% of airlines flying have crashes.
    Your putting your life on the line and you don’t know if the thing will work when you need it.

    If I were looking for a compact 380 look elsewhere, this gun is junk.


  • Mr Presto


    Blazer ammo is crap! Before you send it back try some other brand ammo. I have a S&W 9MM that will eat anything I feed it but Blazer ammo the same with my TCP.

    Good Luck!

  • Gene

    Dave –

    Blazer has a history already for not working with the TCP. I use Federal and never had a FTF/FTE or any jam for that matter with a few hundred rounds already. I have to agree with Mr. Presto and give the gun a chance.

  • Johnny

    I bought my tcp a week ago and i have enjoyed it very few problems

  • Dave

    Thanks Gene and Mr Presto for the input on the Taurus TCP and about the ammo I’ve tried to find other ammo to no avail around here. However my friend purchased one like mine and has run other ammo through his, still has the same problems. I can’t agree with you about repairs however. I find it incredible that Taurus wouldn’t even suggest another type ammo I’ve told them what I was using.

    Just speaks more volumes about what type of gun mfg. they are. JUNK

    After reading more of this forum many many others have experienced the same type of “We don’t care about service from Taurus”. I asked to speak to a manager the last time I sent mine gun in and was told, he’s not in and to call back later I suggested he call me back, forget that option. If I could get anywhere near my money back I drop this piece of Junk in a heartbeat.

    Regards All

  • Neil Foster

    UPDATE: As I stated earlier, when I got my TCP-738 back from Taurus for the second time, they had replaced both magazines. The new magazines do not fall out of the pistol when holstered. Today I went to the range to see if the weapon would function reliably. It functioned flawlessly using Fiocchi 95 grain FMJ rounds. I was able to fire several 4″ groups at 7 yards. Not bad for a belly gun.

    Incidentally, I had some Blazer brass rounds that I decided NOT to use in the TCP, so I decided to dispose of them in my Makarov .380. Of the 50 rounds fired there were TWO squib loads and one defective primer. No more Blazers for me.

  • Paul

    I have shot nearly a hundred rounds thru my 738 and only had it not eject once. But I read that the little guns get dirty easy and feel that was the problem. I carry it in my shorts in the summer in a Uncle Hennry Pocket hoster. I am able to get it out of my pocket quick. The only things I do not like is the hoster it came with, takes to much time to get it out. Also the pin to dismantle. Hits the target great with no problems. In the winter when I wear heaveir clothes to conceal it, I will carry my Springfield XDm 3.8 9mm.

  • Mr Presto

    Well all, I took a friend of mine to the range to shoot my TCP he liked it so much I sold it to him. It was not because I did not like this gun nor had problems; it was because he made me a offer I could not refuse. Don’t know if I’ll replace it with another TCP perhaps the all black model or not replace it at all. Even after over 1200 rounds and a Miami vacation this is a great gun and I’ll miss the little guy.

    Happy shooting to all!

  • Gene

    Neil – Glade to see you gave the gun and the manufacturer a chance. Two visits is a pain; but now you got one helluva gun. Very happy for you my friend!

  • Neil Foster

    Hey Paul, when you mention disliking the pin to dismantle, I am assuming that you are having trouble putting the pin in during re-assembly. If that is the case, I found a little trick that makes it a piece of cake! Put the pin partially into the left side of the frame BEFORE you install the barrel and slide… The pin should not go completely through the frame, just in enough that it is past the spring that holds it in place. Once this is done, install the slide and barrel. You will find the pin will slide right in once the barrel is in the correct position.

    Almost 30 minutes of struggling, I was surprised how easy it was once I tried that. I wonder why they don’t put that in the instruction manual.

    I’m using an Uncle Mike’s inside the waistband holster and it works great. It fits so easily under a T-shirt you almost forget it is there. My next purchase will be a Crimson Trace laser and appropriate holster.

  • Mr Presto


    Before my TCP went to Miami my pin went in and out real easy but after repairs I had a little more trouble. Make sure the barrel is extended out and NOT slid in to where it is even with the end of the slide, insert the pin most of the way in (about 1/8 inch from the frame) release the slide lock, then push the pin the rest of the way in. Worked for me hope this helps.

  • Jeff Herrick

    This pistol fires great – at the range after cleaning and lubing your gun thoroughly. However, I urge all of you to try firing this thing right out of your carrying holster after no cleaning or lubing for just a week or two. Yes I know, that you should always keep it lubed and cleaned, no lectures please, but its just not practical. My gun continues to fail unless its freshly cleaned and lubbed up. The only time it has shot consistant is at the range after being freshly cleaned.

    I love the little gun when its working. I just cant trust it, not with my life. The three times I have just pulled it out and fired it, while in Okeechobee on some public land, it has failed miseralbly. It has failed with ammo that shoots fine in a clean TCP. Aguilla HP’s.

    I hate saying this. All the posts I have read up until a few weeks ago, I used feel bad for the people that could not get their guns to fuction for what ever the reason. I used to think, man every time I go to the range mine shoots quite well. I had (1-2) FTE’s per box of 50 hp’s, no matter what kind I fired. But nothing terrible. FMJ’s, it will shoot all day long, almost flawlessly. Now, after trying my gun in a real life scenario, I fear the day I have to use it until I replace it with something else.

    I will still keep the gun as a back-up in the house, as it can not gather dirt, dust, lint, etc, but thats it.

  • Neil Foster

    I had been carrying my TCP for two weeks before I fired it and it functioned flawlessly. However, I habitually keep my weapon clean. I never let it sit for even one day after firing.

    Although there are some weapons that will function “dirty”, a small, intricate weapon like the TCP has much less room for dirt… Especially when dealing with smaller rounds like the .380 that do not have the muscle to overcome a dirty action.

    Any time you are done firing a weapon, you should ALWAYS clean it, PERIOD. You take care of your weapon, it will take care of you.

  • Jeff Herrick

    Sorry for not claifying guys, when I say not clean, I’m not refering to a fired weapon put a way. I know this would be an issue. I mean dirty from just being in my holster. I always take it cometely apart and clean it after firing any rounds. When I say dirty, take a perfectly clean gun, put in holster for two weeks, then pull out and fire as is…here is were I am seeming to have issues. It really does seem affected by lint and dust from being carried. Either that or coincidence is raining down on me!

  • GaryB


    Thanks for the tip about starting the pin into the hole before installing the slide. I took the gun apart for cleaning today and used your technique when I reassembled it. It worked great. I’ve always been able to get the pin in, but it took some fooling with it before it would go in. Using your technique had the pin in place without the usual fussing. You’re right, it should be shown that way in the instruction manual.

  • Mason

    Just shot my TCP for the first time, 2nd bullet jammed while loading.. out of 50 rounds probably 20 jammed.. not too happy at all.

  • Mr Presto

    Well all, I made a decision I have a Kahr PM9 and like it so much I thought I would get the P380. I picked it up today and went to the range today and must say I had better luck with my TCP out of the box. Out of 200 rounds the slide locked while shooting, with rounds in the mag, at least 20+ times, about 10 fail to feeds and 1 fail to eject. I didn’t have that many problems with my TCP with over 1000 rounds. It does not seem to be as accurate either. I guess it is more like you don’t get what you pay for, I hope it gets better. Even though I don’t have the TCP anymore I will follow this site.

  • Mark

    Bought my 738 in July. On first trip to the range, I had failure to feed on every magazine load. Had to palm rap the mag to get a load. Home from range, clean the gun, load an empty magazine, set it down, watch magazine pop out while it’s laying on the table.

    Back to Taurus on their dime. Pistol returned three weeks later with extra magazine.

    Back to range. Magazine holds, but fails to feed on every magazine load. Clean and lubricate (gun was dripping with oil after factory maintenace; literally trickling down the trigger.)

    Switched from PMC Bronze to Lellier & Bellot, the latter having a more conical bullet, and I get a feed on magazine load. Same positive result with Federal hollow-point personal defense rounds, which are almost triangular.

    Will be selling it at the gun show later this month. Can’t imagine taking this thing anywhere other than a range.

  • Andrew

    Bought my TCP in Feb. 2010, took it to the range, and right out of the box fired three mags. full of mixed loads, including some 20 year old Blazer solids. No malfunctions of any kind – worked as advertised. Loved it. Thought “Three mags. full, new gun, didn’t clean it, got a winner here.” Brought it home, cleaned it, carried it 5 months both in the pocket and in the belt carrier.
    Now the bad news – decided to fire it some, and from the first round now, the slide locks back on every shot. The problem is that there is no tension on the slide lock lever, so when the slide retracts on firing, the lever bounces up and locks the slide back. I have no clue what happened. When I cleaned it in Feb. and reassembled it, there were no left over parts. It’s just that now the lock back lever is free wheeling, free to bounce up or down at will, and it wills to bounce up and lock the slide back on every shot. Decision time – throw it away, try to trade it in, or go thru the hassle of dealing with Taurus. Even if they fix it – this time – I doubt I will ever trust it again, probably never again carry it “for real”. Pity.



  • AMCM

    Great blog. Wish I had found it eariler. I bought my TCP in August. Frist 100 rounds had several FTF. Not as bad during next 100 rounds. Torn down and cleaned and lubed it with no issues in removing the pin. took it back to the range a couple of weeks later. Shot another 200 rounds with only one FTF. Was very pleased and ready for wife to start carring it CCW.
    Tried to remove the pin to clean it. Could not remove the pin. Reviewed the manual. I was doing everything correctly. Used additional force and was able to get the pin out. Once I got the pin out, it was very evident that the pin was scared and bent. Bent to the point the I could not get the pin back in. I called Taurus and they said they had not heard of the pin bending. I find that hard to believe after only 400 rounds. They are going to send me a new pin. Its been a week, no pin. It appears the pin material is too soft. Once I get my new pin, I will send them the bent pin for evaluation. I think if the see it they will agree the pin needs to be harder.

  • Dick

    My TCP went back to the factory for the 3rd time today. This time it’s supposed to go before a review board of some sort. They told me that the last time it had been in for the double feed issue they had fired 20 rounds of Cor-Bon and Herter’s with no issues. I told them I’d try the Herter’s but not the Cor-Bon because I’ve spent more on ammo trying to get something that works than I’ve spent on the gun. I also told them that testing with Herter’s meant nothing because 1. Nobody buys it ’cause it’s crap and 2. Herter’s is a steel case when all mainstream ammo is brass.

    I’ll keep you guys posted. BTW, it still jammed on the Herter’s.

  • Dan

    Hey, I must tell you all are lucky guys. I am writing from Brazil, would love to buy one TCP for me BUT Taurus, a Brazilian Company do not sell it downhere in Brazil! LCP is not available here too. Only the CZ 92 which is a 0.25 and very expensive for the range. Believe it or not, someone offered me an LCP for $6500 (or U$ 3.800)!!!! I’d rather find a partner to export from USA to Brazil and we get both ends.


  • Jeff Herrick

    It failed yet again. Calling Taurus, guess I’ll try sending it in. This time it FTE’d all but one round in 7. I’d rather my money back. I’ve tried three different hp’s. No luck with any. I have spent nearly as much on trying to find an ammo that works in the gun, as the gun itself.

  • Mike

    I have had a bad experience with Taurus in the past so when I went shopping for a compact 380 I bought the Ruger LCP and it has been an excellent choice. I’ve put about 1000 rounds thru it so far and not a single problem. I highly recommend it.

  • Dick

    Well, Taurus actually replaced my TCP and the replacement has been flawless. I only have 50 rounds through it but I’m impressed that right out of the box and after a thorough cleaning, there has been ZERO issues. I purposly shot the ammo that refused to run in my first TCP and it just clicked them off without a whimper. I plan on going back to the sand pit soon and will update the results then.

  • Don Pollachek

    I recently purchased my Taurus 738 from Morgans Archery and Firearms in Panama City Florida. I had never seen or heard of this pistol before, but was impressed by its looks, and the overall feel. I liked it much better than the Keltec P3AT which I used to own, so I got it. When I got home, I started checking several reviews, and started to get a little worried, because of the reported malfunction problems some people have had. So, today, I took three types of ammo out to my 10 acres, and put it to the test. I did not have a single malfunction of any kind out of 150 shots. I shot a mix of Blazers, Hornady, and reloads, and all performed perfectly. The slide locked back at the end of every magazine without fail. At 15 yards I was able to keep 7 shots in a 5 inch group, and at 5 yards, I shot several 2 to 3 inch groups with no problems. The recoil was very managable, and I really like the sights, although I wish they had “white dots” or something for easier target aquisition. The only problem I found, which really isnt a problem at all, was that several ejected cases bounced off my glasses, or off my forehead. No cuts or damage to my glasses were experienced. I am 6’5”, with a very long reach…I think if I was shorter, the cases would fly over my head without hitting me. The average person would probably not have the cases hitting them, at least thats my guess. Overall, I love this pistol. It shoots and functions flawlessly, is comfortable to carry, and works great with my new pocket holster. I would recommend this over the Ruger personally, because I think the sight design on the Ruger is poor, and it isnt near as good looking as the 738. I do understand that looks are basically unimportant in a personal protection weapon, and dependability and your trust that it will function properly in any situation is paramount. I believe the Taurus TCP 738 will be dependable for me at any time. I got this pistol for when carrying my Glock 32 isnt practical, and so far, I am completely happy with my decision to buy it.

  • Mr Presto

    Haven’t been here for a while but went to the range with my friend and my former TCP. It is still shooting good and working fine after over 1400 rounds, this is one great little gun.

  • Don Pollachek

    I also have put 850 rounds thru my 738, and still have not had a single problem. No misfires, fte, ftf, or problems with the slide staying back after the last round. Maybe Taurus got the glitches outta the 738 before I bought mine. I feel for the guys having trouble. I know its frustrating. But so far, I am not experiencing any. (knock on wood…)

  • SC Mike

    I’ve at least 850 rounds thru my 738 too, with but one malfunction on the first 50-round box of the slide to remain back after the last round.

    I offer a theory on the FTFs: with a friend’s Ruger LCP I found that no matter how I held it, I was somehow depressing the mag release, causing the magazine to drop and, of course, no round to load the chamber. My friend and others did not have a problem, but I did. It was not the pistol, but the man-machine interface, I guess.

    Just a thought, see if that’s a problem with your pistol, no matter the make. There’s also the issue of limp wristing, something that’s not often brought up in manly settings. All these durn .380 thangs are so small that getting good purchase can be problematic, whether your hands are small or large.

  • Mich

    Found this blog through a link posted at The Survivalist Blog http://www.thesurvivalistblog.net/ glad I did as ther is a lot of good information posted here.

  • Terry

    Bought the Taurus 738TCP and 100 rounds of American Eagle FMJ’s. Straight out of the box, put 100 rounds down range, no jams, no misfires. First round, I hit the aluminum can I was aiming at from about 21 ft. I like this little pistol.

  • jim t

    A guy I know just picked up the tcp 738 and was having feed problems with hp bullets when he was cycling the rounds at his house before he ever went to shoot. he went and picked up some fmj’s and he said those worked fine.

    I have the Rugger LCP and have yet to get a jam or have a problem with it. Seen someone write that the clips fall out of the smaller guns when shooting but yet to see that happen.

    hopefully taurus can fix these issues because the gun looks and feels nice in hand. he thinks the hp’s are getting snagged on the ramp which makes me wonder if its not a magazine angle or ramp angle feed problem. perhaps the feed angle is to shallow? im not a taurus basher i would love to have there 44 mag. revolver and this is the only rugger I own out of 10 guns so this is a strictly non biased observation. to be fare I have probably only ran 50 rounds through the rugger so the fact that it hasnt jammed yet is some what irrelevent.

    Now I can say that my sig P245 has had some where of around 500 rounds put through it with out a flaw. ( only sig I own ).

  • Don Pollachek

    Dont let the hollow point cycle thing throw you…Mine did that also when I first got it and loaded it, and cycled it just to do it. But when I actually shot the hollow points, it functioned without a single issue.

  • Alex

    Ok..Got my TCP back from Taurus. Two things I saw different. They sent me two new mags and the ramp seemed a lot more buffed out. I went to the range and put 200 rounds with no probs. I put an old mag that I kept in and it jammed. So my thought is it’s the magazines. I owed a LCP but it was to small for my hands. The TCP is a bit thicker.

  • sam

    The TCP that I have is the worst firearm I have ever owned. I have just boxed it up to send back to Taurus for the 3rd time. The gun has about 300rds through it, and has had failure to feed problems since day one. Most of the problems were from defective magazines. I am now on my 3rd set. The barrel has been changed twice, due to bulging cases. The trigger actuation point has been inconsistent from day one. The Taurus repair staff has made it worse and even dangerous. It now fires often times as soon as you start to pull the trigger. I also have a problem with the hammer rubbing up against the frame and slide. Taurus asks that you write them a letter outlining the problem areas, which I have done. It would appear however that they don’t actually read the letters. The gun comes back with the same problems I sent it in with. I have asked them to refund my money or swap the gun out with a different model. Taurus has a life time warrantee, but unfortunately I feel like I’ve been recruited into their reasearch and development team. Buyer beware!

  • Mr Presto

    I had the TCP and sold it to a friend and he loves it and still going strong after 1400+ rounds and a short vacation to Miami after 1200 rounds. I sold it to buy a Kahr p380 that has been trouble after only 600 rounds and is currently on its way to be repaired. I paid a lot more for the Kahr but have not been as satisfied with it as I was the TCP. Just goes to show all guns can have problems no matter the price.

  • George

    I have a 738 I bought 3 months ago. I broke it in (300 rnds) with PMC and Monarch. I had a few probs with the Monarch while breaking in none with the PMC. I’ve fired 300 more rounds since break in and no probs at all. I have used different FMJ and HP all worked. The only difference was how dirty it shot and accuracy. I just came back form firing 25 rnds of Buffalo Bore JHP and while it really kicks it is the cleanest and the most powerful I ‘ve fired so far. I think it is great SD ammo. My 738 is a pink frame model and you could not even tell it had been fired. Usually after shooting 25 rnds the frame is pretty sooty looking. The only drawback to BB is the price $17.86 for a box of 20 at Midway. So I plan on using something else for practice and use BB for CC ammo.

  • Abdiver1

    After about 500 rounds my 738 started having problems with extracting a spent casing and FTL. It was so bad I could not get through a magazine. I called Taurus and was given the option of them sending me a box and return label or emailing a overnight FEDEX shipping label. I printed out the label and my gun was on it’s way that day. I received emails stating the gun had been received and a phone call in five days saying the gun was repaired and ready to ship back. The shipping lable and comments were a bit sparse. Upon receipt of my 738 I took it to the range and put 100 rounds of re-loaded ammo through it. I have three magazines and I had no failures of any kind.

    I have followed many of the blogs but in my case I was treated very professionally by Taurus. The repairs were done quickly. Taurus paid the postage both ways and the problems appear to be fixed.

  • Derrick

    My TCP is about a week old, I tested it out twice at the range with a total of 200 rounds throught it. Right off the store shelf, I fired 50 rounds through it and it jammed once with a failure to feed. I took it back to the range after a thorough cleaning and fired another 150 rounds and it had a failure to feed twice and a failure to fire twice. I can see this as a possible dangerous event in a real life situation if you are not proficient at engaging in Immediate Action Steps(Tap the magazine, Rack the Slide, and Squeeze the trigger). To be fair, both of the failure to feed and failure to fire situations occured while rapid firing, but with a subcompact, a rapid fire situation will be the most likely scenerio during a concealed carry close-up confrontation.

  • SC Mike

    I put another 50 rounds through my year-old TCP with no failures. That makes about 1,000 rounds with the one failure of the slide to stay back after the last round was fired, and that happened on the first box of 50. That trigger is about the best I’ve ever found, but I’m getting older and have trouble seeing the sights, so I really need to get the Crimson Trace.

    My main purpose in going to the range was to zero the lasers on my S&W model 638 (.38 Spl 5-hot snubby with Crimson Trace) and new Taurus Public Defender with LaserLyte (from OpticsPlanet). The CT was off a bit, so I corrected that; the sights on this wheel-gun are so recessed that a laser for folks with eyes like mine is essential. The LaserLyte was new — I’d prealigned it with a Bushnell / Center Point boresighter and just had to make a tiny tweak. The sights on the PD are significantly more prominent than on my old Judge (3” barrel and 3” cylinder), and the durn thing is surprisingly accurate with the 2” barrel. The LaserLyte is well worth the $115 and lets me keep the wonderful Taurus grips.

  • Stephanie

    My husband purchased the Taurus 738 for me as my first gun and for saftey while he is on deployment. Excuse the fact that I do not know the proper gun terms, but you get the idea. We decided to buy this one because of the small size. First of all, one of the magazines only held 4 rounds instead of 6. The first 50 rounds I fired seemed to be fine. After that the gun began to jam and misfire. There was no evidence of the pin even hitting. It gradually jammed and misfired more and more to where it would sucessfully fire one or two times in one magazine of 6. We took it apart and cleaned the gun and the problem continued. We contacted Taurus and sent the gun back for repair. I recieved the gun back with one new clip which held 6, and a paper that said “replaced misfire”… okay… Just went to the range to test it and the first oh 24 rounds fired without incodent, but then started to misfire again. It misfired 6 times out of about 60. I was frustrated to say the least and did not even finish the box of 100. I have put over 300 rounds through this gun and have had nothing but issues even after “repair.” I will be contacting the company AGAIN tomorrow and I’m not sure if I even want this gun anymore because based on the reviews I have read on this site its obviously, for lack of a better word, a pos! Some may say I am an “inexperienced” gun owner this being my first gun, but my father and husband are definatly not inexperienced. My husband is in the military and father is a registered gun dealer and they were both present and fired the gun while it was being “broken in.” It would be safe to say I know exactly how to properly and safely use this gun… so thats not an excuse!!

  • Randy H

    I just returned from the range after shooting my new 738 for the first time.

    I ran a box of White Winchester ammunition and a half dozen Hornady Critical Defense rounds through it in both clips, and I am happy to report that the pistol functioned flawlessly.

    The long trigger pull takes a little getting used to, but it is the first time I have shot a DAO pistol, so I’m not surprised.

    Bottom line is I am very pleased with the pistol.

  • SC Mike

    I ordered and promptly recieved from BigSupplyShop the Crimson Trace laser for my TCP but have not zeroed it in yet; there price of $136 is the lowest I’ve seen anywhere, and I’ve been looking for about six months. I also got a 20-round box of Federal Premium 380 90Gr. JHP for $14.37, a good $6 off the best price I’ve seen elsewhere. It’s a great carry round, but I’ll only fire off six to check how they feed.

    The CT is straightforward to install and seems close at 20 feet, but I will report back after my trip to the range.

    The bad news is that the TCP won’t fit the Recluse pocket holster with the CT, so I’ll have to get another because it’s simply an outstanding way to carry a mouse gun with the spare mag.

  • mathp

    I have owned my TCP for almost a year. I have shot several hundred rounds through it probably around a thousand. I was sceptical before I bought it an now I love it. Out of all of my shot rounds I have had a few ejection problems and some stovepiping. My armor has shot it quite a bit as well and said that I was limp wristing it, probably because my hands are too big for the gun. I switched from two hands to one and haven’t had a problem since. I would say that most of the ejection problems that are complained about on here are opperator error, be honest with yourself. 9 times out of 10 it’s not the guns fault. Most likely more.

    I screwed up a little while back and took the sear pin out while cleaning it. I didn’t want to ruin the gun as I carry it on duty. I called Taurus and was pleased to find that they would pay for round trip shipping and have the gun fixed without any cost to me. I was blown away by their service. I was pleased with the gun before now I love this company. If I wasn’t a Sig nut I would definitely buy more from Taurus, and probably will anyway.

    The TCP is great, it is a third the money that the Sig 238 costs and shoots almost as well. (what do you expect) The TCP is extremely accurate and is perfect for its purpose. I have been shooting 5 inch groups at 25 yards center mass with cheap winchester ammo. I definetly trust this weapon.

  • Jason

    I love how someone just comes on here & starts spouting off about operator error. For those of us who actually think our s**t DOES stink every now & then may have actually had 2 certified NRA instructors including one which is a 2 class Master rated IDPA shooter and a 2 time Carolina Cup champion shoot the gun to see if it was indeed myself or the gun. The same thing happened to BOTH of them that happened to me. Operator error? I don’t think so.

  • Derrick

    I had a a couple of malfunctions, not to say that it won’t happen to any other gun, it’s no Glock, but it does the job. And I am a Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor.

  • Jeff Herrick

    I second the guy that shoots back at the ill-informed ignorant moron stating we are all limp wristing and calling Taurus’ poor release of this weapon…. Operator Error! Now we are jelouse of the fact that your piece performs better than ours, but that does not make you a product expert nor give you the empowerment to assume all serial numbers were created equal! Thanks for the laugh though.
    PSL, Florida

  • Dick

    I completely agree with Jason. I was having major problems with my first TCP right out of the box. Went back to the dealer and he told me I must be limp wristing. Bought an LCP right there on the spot and commenced to rip off rounds left and right with no problems whatsoever. Taurus ended up replacing the gun. So much for expert opinion.


    I’ve had probems with my TCP since the first time I fired it. I’m getting ready to send it back to Taurus. I will let you all know if they fix it right. I have tried everything but I keep having a failure to eject problem. If I clean and oil it real good, the first mag will fire with no problems. But after that, it jams on almost every mag. And the slide intermitently does not stay back on the last round. I am very disappointed with this gun. I’m pretty convinced it is just crap. But Taurus will get their chance to fix it. After that I will probably trade it in. I’m thinking hard about buying a Ruger LCP, but I’m now kind of gun shy (please excuse the pun) of these little pocket pistols. What good is a defense pistol like my TCP? It has to go boom every time I pull the trigger.

    • Ghost wolf

      Colin just to let you know there is a magazine base add on made by pierce that they call apinky rest add on its advertised in many issues of American handgun ear magazine appears to be a good add on for anyone trying to get a little more grip on the pistol

  • Mike B

    My second and follow up post. I bought mine quite a while ago at Academy, when they first came out. I bought it primarily as a easy carry piece for Personal Protection. I also purchased a Hunter pocket holster from Midway USA which fits in either rear or side pocket without any printing. I have never had a malfunction with this pistol. I carried it daily for almost two months without firing or cleaning it, then had an opportunity to fire it out in the country with a box of FMJ and a partial box of Hornacy JHP. It fired every round flawlessly. I only got hit in the forehead once by an ejected shell casing (I am 6′ 3″ with long arms) no damage, just minor annoyance. This continues to be my main carry piece due to its small size, light weight, easy concealablilty and reliabilty. I do not shoot thousands of rounds through it. I just shoot a box or so every now and then to stay proficient and familiar with its use. It took me a little while to get used to the long pull of the trigger, but if you are within 20 yards of me, all rounds would be centermass, so it is accurate enough for what it is designed for. I carry it in case of car jacking, robery and so on. Thank God Texas allows us CC permits.

    Sorry to hear so many others are having problems with theirs. I have a couple of friends than have the similar Ruger and they like theirs the same as I do my Taurus.

  • Don Pollachek

    Its funny that you bring up NRA instructors…I let a friend of mine who is an instructor shoot my 738, and on the 2nd clip, it had a misfeed. I told him to stop “limp wristing” it, and he didnt have any trouble after that. I peice of paper stating you are an instructor doesnt mean you are flawless and have perfect shooting form. I am a former US Marine with PLENTY of weapons training, and I still learn things all the time. Maybe there ARE alot of these guns that are defective. Im just saying that MINE is not, and if anyone is having feed problems, check your grip and make sure it is firm, or you will have feed problems. Thats just the way it is with these little pistols. They are so light that if you dont hold them solidly, there will be issues. I would think that if Taurus gets a gun back from a customer, they are going to fire it several times to ensure it works properly. Ive noticed thru reading posts, that alot of people start having problems after shooting several clips…just about the time your hands are getting fatigued…hence, the limp wristing starts becoming a factor….

  • Neil Foster

    Don, there actually is an issue with early TCPs. I bought one at a gun show and stopped by a range on the way home. From the second magazine on it would have catastrophic failures to feed. There would be a partially extracted round in the chamber, and another round being stripped of the magazine. The slide and magazine release would be completely jammed. To clear the jam, I would have to reach in through the ejection port to push the round back into the magazine so I could drop the magazine and clear the fired case.

    After this happened a few times I realized that the takedown pin was working its way out, causing the jams. It would fire with no problems if I kept my thumb on the takedown pin while I fired.

    I sent the weapon back to Taurus. After 8 weeks and a lot of calls I was told they were replacing the weapon and I would have to find an FFL to transfer it. This was an issue here in Washington because many FFLs stopped doing transfers due to changes in the tax laws (they have to charge sales tax on ALL transfers). Fortunately Taurus got a dealer to accept the transfer at no cost to me.

    I immediately took the new weapon to the range and tested it out. It fired flawlessly, however there was a new problem. The magazines would fall out if they were wiggled. This is not a good thing if you are carrying it concealed (which is the ONLY reason you would by a TCP),,, I sent the new weapon back to Taurus AGAIN. One week later I had the weapon back with two new magazines. These fit snugly and did not fall out.

    I still had two additional spares that would not stay in the weapon. I called Taurus AGAIN, and they told me to send the magazine back. After several MONTHS of being told they were back ordered, a customer service rep said he would send two re-manufactured magazines… These magazines would not stay in the weapon either, so I called Taurus AGAIN.

    This time I was connected to a nasty and argumentative bimbo who said I had to send the ENTIRE WEAPON back AGAIN. I told her that the weapon was not the problem, but she refused to cooperate. I hung up, quite disgusted. I called Taurus AGAIN, and left a message. Several WEEKS later they returned my call and said they would send new mags… That was a couple of weeks ago.

  • Don Pollachek

    Wow…I guess good help is hard to find… I have heard other stories about bad service from Taurus, but I have also heard the opposite. I also wonder if maybe my 738 is a recently manufactured one, and may have had improvements made so avoid the issues that it has had. So far, I couldnt be happier. I have owned the Keltec, and I like the 738 WAY better. The Ruger LCP felt bad in my hand, and I didnt like the sights on it. I went with the 738 cuz it felt good, looked good, and the price was right. OF course, I had not read any reviews on it until after I bought it. But I had done alot of shooting by that point, so when I saw all the negative reviews, I got a little worried. But so far, so good.

  • SC Mike

    I finally got to the range to zero the Crimson Trace laser on my TCP. I misinterpreted the CT directions –which way to turn the stinking screws in moving point of aim vs. moving the point of impact — I zeroed it at 25 feet and shot single-handed with each hand without aiming and am quite pleased. I turn 61 in a few months, have worn glasses since I was five because of severe astigmatism, and simply could not use the TCP sights, shooting a bit low, although dead center by pointing. Now I can put the bullet where the red dot appears without using the sights at all.

    In over 1000 rounds — JHP & FMJ — since the February 2010 purchase, I’ve had only one “failure” and that was of the slide to stay back after the last round.

    All I have to do is purchase another Recluse holster that’s made for the CT so I can carry the TCP with the spare magazine. I am a quite satisfied Taurus customer.

    BTW, I have a CT on my S&W .38 Spl snubby and am equally pleased because those sights are even worse than the TCP’s. I did add the LaserLyte Taurus laser to my Public Defender — those sights are actually better than that of my previous 3” cylinder / 3” barrel Judge — and am also quite thrilled with the results.

    In a way it’s silly to spend so much money on something that you hope never to use, but in that sense it’s just like life insurance.

  • I have had my TCP for 4 months and have put over 500 rounds through it. Some of the “cheap” ammunition does not work in it nor does it work in most other pistols. I have polished the entry ramp and have no FTF nor FTE probems. I had a lock open problem with one magazine but I slightly squeezed the front flange of the magazine closed and it has performed flawlessly since. My TCP does have an A at the end of the serial #. I love my TCP and it is my constant carry and fully trust it to do its job. I fire it at least once a month (at least 10 magazines) and stick to a single supplier for the JHP that performs everytime. I don’t go for the “bullet of the month” approach. I stick with what works in it and love it!

  • Robert

    Just purchased my TCP and took it out to test fire Straight out of the box. I am extremely pleased with my purchase. Absolutely no problems, even during rapid fire. Even though all my friends said get the S&W because it comes with a built in laser. It would have been nice but Oh well can’t have everything LOL!

  • Neil

    UPDATE: I bought my TCP back in May 2010, and it failed right out of the box. Sent it back to Taurus, they replaced it. New pistol fired well, but wouldn’t hold magazines! Sent it back again, came back with new mags, everything works (I still have two spare mags I am waiting for replacement).

    I just fitted the pistol with a Crimson Trace LaserGuard. Took it out last weekend and put 150 rounds through it. The first 50 were CCI Blazer Brass. Pistol jammed 4 times and accuracy sucked. The next 50 rounds were Sellier and Bellot FMJ, all 50 rounds went through without a hitch, accuracy was also improved. The last 50 rounds were Hornady XTP hollow points. Once again all 50 rounds went through without so much as a hiccup!

    I bought two boxes of Blazer Brass a couple of months ago. I fired the first box through my Makarov and had two jams, one failure to fire (primer unseated) and one squib load. That was the first time I EVER had a jam with the Makarov. I can safely blame the four jams on the ammo, not the weapon.

    Verdict: The new TCP is reliable. I’ll continue practice with Blazer Brass to give myself realistic practice in clearing jams!

  • Brad Jones

    I just purchased the Taurus TCP , I was looking at the Ruger and the Kel Tec ,But happened upon the TCP at a local gun show. I liked the trigger pull and the extra magazine with it , that sold me on the gun. I did some research online after buying it , and became nervous when I heard the problems others were having , but was hopeful that I wouldnt see those probs, and I didnt. But I did happen to see the firing pin shoot out the back side of the gun while shooting it as it hit me in the chest. This is a problem I hadnt seen online but thats my usual luck. The problem occured after about 20 to 25 rounds. I called the dealer who sold me the weapon, Needless to say , he doesnt want to do anything for now and rightfully so. So I then contacted Taurus directly and they were very willing to repair the gun. What occured was the retaining pin in the slide that secures the firing pin and spring. It pushed up and has absolutely no fit to stay in place. Aside from the pin coming out the gun, It shot very well and Im hoping that the pin problem will be corrected on the first try. I will update upon its return . Brad Jones

  • Derrick

    For the most part, if you clean your Taurus, especially the feed ramp, and use good ammo and not the cheap kind, use at least a 95 grain .380 cartridge, that should alleviate the majority of the jamming issues, minus the mechanical and self inflicted problems.

  • Merv

    All are talking about the TCP–How is the new 738 TI (titianium) doing? Any proablems?

  • Rob

    I intended to purchase a Ruger LCP, but at the gun shop, I looked at a Taurus TCP. The Ruger didn’t have a last-shot lock back slide, the sights were weak, and it just didn’t feel right. The salesman mentioned the lifetime warranty, so I bought the TCP. I own several other Rugers that I like, so this was an impulse purchase. Got home and ran thru 50 target rounds, no problem. I did clean the barrel first. Got to looking on the internet, and noticed all the bad reviews, and made me wonder if I had made a mistake. I usually research all purchases. Field stripped the gun and cleaned it: didn’t need much, looked good. Next day ran through another 100 rounds: perfect. Next day, another 100: perfect. Just shows you can’t believe everything you read. I love this little gun. Easy to break down. Putting back together, start the pin before you move slide back and it slips right in after you push slide back. Just remember, it is a small 380, and you have to hold it tight. If you do, it won’t miss a beat.

  • Jeff Herrick

    Before you post advice such as, Hold if tight and you won’t miss a beat” and you can’t brlieve everything you read” read the rest of the posts kindly. Just because your gun ran fine for 250 rounds, should not make you an expert on every other TCP out there. Glad yours is working though. I love the concept of mine, looks, feel, and features. As you read my very first posts, my gun too was flawless in the beginning. No such luck now. Not trying to sound like a jerk, so don’t take this wrong, but post facts here people. It’s the best way to help others make responsible and informative descicions.

  • Kmasters

    I have purchased the taurus pt 738 have had several jams embarassed at ctc class had to use my brothers 40 cal sent back to be repaired the slide pin does not stay in the groove have not even shot 100 rds the sn# ends in a B hope they can fix enjoy the size and concealment.

  • Neil Foster

    Update on my previous update: I got a package from Taurus. It was the two replacement magazines for the ones that wouldn’t stay in the weapon…. Now I have a functioning pistol with 4 good mags, so I now have a backup weapon for the zombie apocalypse!

  • I purchased the tcp 380 yesterday and cleaned it last night. Glad I did this before test firing, as the gun was filthy with grease. Took me awhile to clean it up. Before cleaning, I attempted to eject live rounds. It would not eject anything. After cleaning, it would eject everything ok. I wouldn’t advise firing this weapon, if purchased new, before cleaning it up.

  • DE4NRA

    Mail ordered a PT 740 and a 380 tcp, and picked them both up yesterday 07/09. Took them to a friends house to try them out. Started with the 380… two shots and it wouldn’t cock the hammer… racked the slide, same thing, racked the slide again… same thing. Pissed me off. Tried the 740, flawless no problems at all. Brought the tcp home and disassembled it. Looks like the hammer cocks but moves just a fraction of an inch forward enough so that the (not sure of the terminology) trigger mechanism dosen’t “catch” the hammer to fully cock and release when the slide moves to the rear. I can hear a “click” as if it’s just missing the hammer, although it does move a slightly before it “slips” back. If I take a small flathead screw driver, and poke it in the slot in the rear of the slide, and depress the hammer just a tad, while pulling the trigger, it will catch and function normally. This would be a lot to do in an emergency situation. So, I’m calling Taurus tomorrow and getting an RMA to return it for repair. According to these other posts, it sounds like they will have FedEx pick it up (hopefully at their cost) and ship it back to FL. Hope I don’t have to wait too long for them to fix the problem. Really was looking forward to that little gun this summer. Will post results when they become available.


    I own a tcp 738. It is a piece of junk. I don’t recomend anybody to by one of these guns. There is a really good chance it will be nothig but problems. Once you buy it, your stuck with it!! Read this blog real good. It is waste of 300 bucks. I will never buy aother Taurus product again. Almost all of the TCP’s have problems right out of the box and Taurus knows it!!! Mine jambs, among other things. I later bought a Ruger LCP. The Ruger works great. So far, I have had no malfuctions. If your going to by a 380, buy the Ruger LCP!!!!!! The bad guy is not going to wait for you to un-jamb your gun!!!

  • Andrew

    Amen brother! (I love all these comments that if you will just hold the TCP firmly, it will solve all the function problems.) Holding it firmly won’t prevent pieces falling out of it, which is what happened to mine, and that was after Taurus supposedly “fixed” it. I traded it in on a Ruger LCP (got only half what I paid for the Taurus on the trade-in). The Ruger works great, and adding a rubber slip-on grip filler makes it point as well as the Taurus. Andrew

  • SC Mike

    Sorry you’re having problems. I have over 1500 rounds through my TCP since March 2010 with one failure, the slide did not stay back after last round, and that was with the first box.

    It shoots low for me, a 61-year-old with astigmatism, with the fixed sights, so I finally added a Crimson Trace and can now just point and shoot with confidence.

    A friend who owns a Ruger LCP prefers my Taurus. He’s started having the problem I did with the LCP with the magazine disengaging every two or three shots, resulting in an empty chamber and the need to rack the slide.


    When I bought the Taurus, I looked at the TCP and the Ruger LCP. The only reason I bought the stupid TCP, is because I liked the fact that the slide stays back on last shot. The FIRST time out, the slide only stayed back SOME of the time. I called the dealer I bought it from, the next day. They gave me a bunch reasons why it must be my fault. So I tried several differant things (they suggested) and broke it in with a couple hundred rounds of ammo (what a sucker huh?). I probably spent almost as much in ammo, breaking it in, as the gun cost…LOL. Then it started jambing regularly. I called my dealer and they told me it would cost me 50 bucks for them to send it back for me. From there, it went to the back of my gun safe and it’s still there. I guess I figured it was time to cut my losses….LOL. Anyway, like Andrew said, trade-in value means a big loss for me. So, thats 150 bucks of my hard earned money right down the crapper!!! (If I get that much for it). All I can say is “buyer beware”!!! Don’t buy a Taurus!!!!


    Just more thing – there is no such thing as an extended magazine for the TCP!!! I have no idea where people got that……but I called Taurus and the factory rep told me “THERE IS NO SUCH THING”!! I also researched to try and find an extended floor plate for the mags (like the Ruger LCP has – to give you a better grip). Nobody makes them. There is no such thing!!! So don’t be fooled!!! The Ruger LCP is a “MUCH, MUCH, MUCH, MUCH” better buy for your money!!!!!!!!

    • Ghostwolf1

      Colin;FYI pierce grips does indeed make a magazine extension that replaces the original floor plate and gives you a little more gripping surface it’s also reasonably priced at9.00or10.00dollars .see their ads in almost any American hand gunner magazine.sorry don’t know if it will also give you an extra round,but really don’t imagine it would as it’s designed for extra front strap surface,gripping surface solely.

  • SC Mike

    Colin –
    As others on this thread point out, Taurus has a lifetime warranty. Just call them and they’ll give you the info to ship it back on their nickel. They’ll repair it and send it back, or send you a new one.

    Give it a try, at least try to get a functioning weapon you can sell to recover some of your expense and give you at least a modicum of satisfaction.

  • MinaLee

    Colin, you don’t need a dealer to send a weapon back to the manufacturer, or a gunsmith for a repair. If your dealer is saying it will cost $50, he is either an a-hole that is ripping you off… or he knows absolutely NOTHING about the firearms industry and regulations. In either case I would not do business with him again.

    Before sending the weapon “to the back of my gun safe” why don’t you just call Taurus? They will send Fed Ex out the next day to pick up the gun. That is what they did with mine. The only issue that I had was that they ended up replacing the weapon, and that required an FFL. When I told them that I bought the weapon from an out of town dealer at a gun show, they arranged for a local dealer to do the exchange at no cost.

  • Dick

    One item of concern I’ve not seen mentioned here is with ejection of an unfired round. Spent casing eject fine but if you try to unload the pistol with a live round, the port is not quite big enough to allow that to happen smoothly. When dealing with a jam, tap/rack will likely not work. You’ll probably need to go to step two and remove the magazine. Just wondering if others have noticed this also.

  • SC Mike

    Dick –
    I carry my TCP with relatively expensive premium self-defense ammunition with a round in the chamber . When I unload it for cleaning or to switch to a FMJ load for practice, I first eject the magazine, then pull the slide back to unchamber the round and let it fall out. I’ve never had one hang up even when I turn the pistol upside down to unload the chambered round.

  • Ken G.

    Dick. I have experienced the same problem you described. I carry a round in the chamber (my preference…to each their own). When I go to practice I clear out my Gold Dot HP round so I can shoot the cheap stuff. I have found that the only way to avoid a jam is to rack the slide like a mad man. I yank the slide back until the slide pulls itself out of my fingers. The round goes flying but no jamming that requires pulling and prying. Hope that works for you too.

  • DE4NRA

    Well, I called Taurus customer service shortly after 8AM CST on 7/18 and told the guy about the problem I was having… two shots out of the box and done. He was very attentive to my story and quickly told me that he would schedule FedEx to pickup the broken pistol the next day, prepaid. I had it ready to go and it left on the 19th. I got confirmation that it had been received on the 20th, I called again for a status and another rep told me that repairs were going faster than advertised and that I may have my pistol repaired and returned by the 22nd. I was skeptical but told him I appreciated his help. I got an email on the 21st that it was repaired and shipped with a tracking number. It arrived on the morning of the 22nd… just as I had been told, and seems to function correctly. Due to family in town this weekend I did’nt have a chance to test it out. When I do, I’ll get back to you with the results. Right now, I’m not so hip on the TCP 738 but, I’m pretty impressed with the warranty and service department. Hopefully it will win back my trust, time and rounds downrange will tell…

  • SC Mike

    DE4NRA –

    At least the timing worked out. When I have family in town I like to have as much firepower within easy reach as I can get…

  • DE4NRA

    Oh… one more thing. When I sent the pistol back for repair I used the original box, and put the pistol inside the pouch as directed. It also said to include a magazine… which I did. One magazine in the gun. Upon arrival back from the factory repair, I was pleasantly surprised that, included in the pouch, was an additional magazine. Bonus! So now I have 3 of the 6 rounders. Although I believe I somewhat deserve it, since I only got off two shots before it broke. I will update when I get a chance to take it out for some range time.

  • Dewitt

    Well Just bought the taurus at Academy and it will not even fire going to send it to the dealer asking for my money for the the junk I don’t want something just been inspected that tell me about the manufacture and their product

  • DE4NRA

    Took the TPC out again for the “post warranty repair” test fire… no problems, at all, period. Ran 6, 6 round mags through it with nary a hiccup. This thing really is accurate, believe it or not. At 12yrds I put everything in an 8″ bull, except for a couple of flyers that were my fault. Very impressive. All the empties flew up and over my right shoulder. I found all of them except two. No jams, stovepipes, or FTF. It was close to 100 degrees here in the Lowcountry of SC on Saturday so I didn’t want to take anymore time outside than was absolutely necessary, otherwise I would have ran more through it. Next time, when it cools down a little. Anyway, pretty happy about how this has all ended up. Will consider this my backup CCW, with the SLIM .40 getting the nod as my primary. Ran a couple of mags through that again too. Flawless.

  • Dave

    I am looking for some detailed schematics for the 738, someone took it completly apart and I am trying to put it back together correctly. I am a glock armorer and this is more difficult. I am sure about everything except the correct placement of the sear and sear spring and how it lines up . I have it oriented like the picture in the Taurus diagram but dont know where to put the straight portion of the Sear spring.
    The guy uses the gun as a Police backup and upon reading some of the posts about how unreliable the gun is I may tell him to go with something else.
    I have used a .380 Walther PPKS and it was finicky about ammo. I had a .380 bersa that was better than the Walther but still had its issues. I currently use a SW .38 cal for a pocket pistol and a Kel Tec P11 9mm for my backup on duty. I have never had a single fail to fire fail to feed or fail to eject in either gun (yeah the revoler cant fail)

  • Brian

    I shot my Tcp today 150+ rounds I took it slow at first two seconds or so between shit after about 30 ot so I sped it up and thru 150 rounds not one single jam. I am imptessed. When I was looking to buy I couldn’t deside between the ryger or Tcp I took Tcp, because of price its not much but it saved me money. I am very happy with my Tcp sediment gun to carry I got the Sig saur hybrib holster I cam go either on out side of your belt or on inside of your hip I’ve done both carried and it very comfortable forget its there.

  • Alex

    Get a Pachmyr grip for the tcp. it helps.

  • Brian

    Polymer right and how is the extended clips either 8 round or just the pinky finger rest. And what was your biggest difference with polymet.

  • Melinda

    Bought two Ruger LCP and after a year of shooting them and fixing numerous problems. Me and my husband have decided that they are pieces of junk. So we traded them both for a Taurus 380 TCP. First 50 rounds the gun shot great until last bullet and gun failed to feed. Cleaned it and checked mag springs, etc. Gun still failing to feed on last bullet. Has anyone had any similar problems? Suggestions to fix? For me personally I have decided to stay with my Glock 30 for concealment and my husband is going back to his Taurus 357 revolver.

  • Brian

    Cgheck your mag spring I have hears of many compliant of that. Me personly have not had any problems.

  • Charles

    I think I have solved my problem with my jamming TCP . I had the same problems as most of you I read about with jams . It would half insert the round and jam mostly on the last 1 or 2 rounds, especially when hot . I found slow cycling the slide caused more jams. I observed that my extractor was always seeming to be the hanging point of the jam . I took a nail and slightly relieved the extractor pressure on the side of the bullet and the slide snapped closed . I then disassembled the gun and took a small smooth file and rounded a sharp point on the bottom of the extractor . If you look at the bottom of the slide you will see it . There will be a rough point that will dig into the bullet within the ejection groove .Be aware a little bit does it . I then sort of polished it to get rid of any roughness I may have created . My little TCP will now hand cycle without jams all the way to empty . It will even slow hand cycle Herters bullets and you know they are pretty rough and inconsistent .

  • Charles

    Note *** Next jam instead of trying to eject the bullet simply put your thumb on the chamber, the rectangular part of the barrel that the bullet is jammed in and press down .The ducking barrel will then drop to a better angle and the bullet will then load instantly . That beats dropping the clip and digging for the bullet .Could save your life .
    I feel better about my purchase now . Hope to be satisfied at the range tommorow .

  • M Sackman

    Bought the titanium TCP with crimson trace. One out of two clips were no good. would only load about three rounds then bind. Havent had the feeding problems like most people but had one exception. the hornady crtitical home defense rounds would not feed. I ordered 2 new factory clips but both would not seat in the mag well, Apparently there is a problem with the manufacturing of the clips. Factory clips that dont fit? The gunshop where I purchased the gun as well as the clips are doing some more research. So now I have a pretty decent shooter that I cant find clips for that work.

  • Alex

    I did a test yesterday, long story short..Limp wristing’s this pistol will cause Failure to ejects issues. We did it with two TCPs and 300 rounds.

  • DE4NRA

    Fall, and cooler temps, has come to the Lowcountry of SC. I took my TCP 738 out this past Saturday to run another 50 or so through it. I’m starting to love this little mouse gun. Mag after mag and it went “Bang” every time. The empties do have a good chance of hitting the top of your head so definitely shooting glasses are a must. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised about the accuracy since I have a 3″ XD Compac that’s a real tack driver but this little gun puts ’em where I point ’em.

    Although our relationship had a very rocky start, I am now confident that I would recommend this pistol to anyone who is looking for a concealable 7 shot lightweight “constant companion”. I would normally drop it in outer pocket of my cargo shorts this past summer, and be on my way.

    On the previous comment about “limp wristing”, I’m pretty confident that any “blowback” semi-auto pistol will FTE or FTF if you don’t hold a firm grip on it. That’s just common sense.

  • Charles

    My TCP is functioning great . I have put about 300 rounds through it both JHP and FMJ .The ejected shells are not hitting me anymore . A good solid grip on the gun probably prevents the barrel rise and the slide from tilting back which would throw the shell casing in your face rather than over your head . I just bought some PMC 380 FMJ ammo at Gander for $12.99 and it cycles great. I’m not worried about using FMJ because old Wild Bill and his Navy Colt 36 cal . made out with a 71 grain ball at 750 feet per second and my 95 grain at 850 is hotter than that .

  • scott

    Bought one yesterday picked it over kel-teck because it locks back after the last round, two mags and carry pack it was $10 more hopefully I made the right choice.
    Took it out this morning and put 120 rounds down range with no problems used 50 win white box, 50 tul ammo and 20 pmc starfire jhp all hit the target so far so good!

  • Dave W

    Just picked up a TCP PT-738. My first Taurus and I’m yet to decide if it is my last.

    I gave it a quick cleaning before taking it to the range for test firing. FTF after FTF when shooting three different rounds. I looked at it closely and decided this would be my first attempt at smithing. The barrel looked as though it had not gotten any fit or polish at the factory. I noticed the bullets seemed to hang on the ramp, and the chamber was hanging just as it should have lifted into the slide.

    I softened the inside edges on the ejection port and outside edges on the barrel’s chamber. The chamber seemed to be too tight in the slide so I reduced the back edge to allow just a little to give it some better clearance. I polished the feed ramp, chamber, and barrel.

    After 100 flawless rounds of FMJ, BEB. and JHP, I feel very confident with this gun. This is the first gun that I have seen a notible difference in accuracy with different rounds, but the Winchester BEB it shot right at point of aim.

    I still see some serious rubbing on the top of the chamber, and may take some off the inside top of the slide to reduce that friction.

    I’m very happy with it now, and appreciate the experience in fitting and polishing (I do like to tinker). I would, however, not purchase another Taurus without giving it a very close prior inspection.

  • Stewart Whitlow

    Purchased the TCP738 and have fired 300+ rounds without a jam. The accuracy of the little pistol is remarkable. It fits well in my pocket, but I agree that a small soft case to fit it is difficult. I did, however, today return it to Taurus after speaking to them about the razor sharp edges on the bottom of the slide. Unfortunately, I discovered it the hard way and cut the top of my left thumb requiring 3 stitches. The Taurus personnel were very helpful and immediately wanted to take a look at the weapon. I will post again when it is returned.

  • Don D

    Hi All; I have Read just about Every posting on the Taurus TCP738 ‘s operation! It appears to me that; 1. The Taurus TCP738 is a ‘ Credible Pistol ‘ ! 2. It is also apparent to me; that Taurus has a Very Real Production Quality Problem with these particular pistols!!! I think that the problem here is; that Taurus is Not doing 100% mechanical and visual inspections on these particular pistols!

    It appears that some people get pistols that don’t function properly and that there is a lack of consistency with both Quality and Reliability of these particular pistols! About half of the Writers have exceedingly good luck with their pistols but the other half are having Very Poor Luck with theirs! This is a good indication that Taurus; with these particular pistols, are Not doing 100% mechanical and visual inspections at the Florida facility!

    Its Very obvious to me; that the factory has almost the same problems that Chrysler, GM and Ford had back from about 1950 to 2005 in terms of Quality Control and Reliability! This is both a management and facility Problem and One would think that Taurus would Not only look into this but quickly Realize that they have fabrication line Quality and Repeatability Problems! This demands complete Mechanical and Visual Inspection with Any Pistol NOT Meeting Pass Level Requirments to be put into the ReWork Bin Immediately!

    Its very apparent, from what all of the people write on the magazines, that there is a lack of consistency with the fabrication line facilities in this Regard! There simply should Not be these kinds of problems with a pistol of this type – period! Don D.

  • lucky Carnesi

    WOW!!! I sure am glad I found this blog. I was about to buy one of these yesterday at a Bass Pro Shops as a carry piece. This sounds as if it would be VERY dangerous to rely on this weapon as a primary source of self defense considering the statistically high number of FTF and FTE issues with this gun. Sooner or later, there will be someone who has carried this in good faith and will have to use it in a self defense situation and will possibly get killed due to Taurus’ failure to remediate the known manufacturing/materials/design issues (whatever they may be). I can’t believe there has not been a class action against Taurus if the issues are this egregious. I REFUSE to put myself in this situation of possibly having a gun jam when I need it most. The sad thing is that everyone I know who is buying these subcompacts are giving them to their wives, sisters, mothers, etc because the frames are so small and a lady can easily carry them (I am also a woman and this is why the piece was attractive to me initially). Just what you DON’T want to do- give a woman who may not be able to defend themselves from an assailant in hand to hand combat a gun that has a high statistical likelihood of jamming up on them. That is worse than having no gun at all. No way. My life is worth more than 220.00

    • Neil

      I bought an early version that had a lot of problems… Taurus replaced the weapon, then had to repair the new one… Although it took quite a long time, the weapon functions flawlessly now. The only jams that I’ve encountered were with Blazer Brass ammo… which also caused jams in my .380 Makarov (which NEVER jammed before)

    • heythereloser

      you’re a flaming faggot, and i’m sure your life isn’t worth more than a dime. fucking loser.

  • Ken G

    There is a skewered statistic generated by these postings. Keep in mind that this blog goes back 2.5 years to when the pistol was first released. Also take note of how the postings have dwindled off in the last year. I would not condemn the TCP based on what you read here.

    • Andrew

      (This is a reply to “Ken G”s comment of 26 Jul 12.) Ken, I bought a new one about a year and a half ago. I bought it because I liked the size, weight, ergonomics, and trigger pull. The 1st 20 rounds were great, and I thought “Oh boy, I have a real gun here”. Then, it failed to feed the 21st round and from then on it, only about one of two rounds would fire. It had it all – smoke stack jams, failure to feed, failure to eject. I returned it to the dealer who sent it back to Taurus. I got it back a month later with no info whatever of what problem they found. Back to the range – on the 4th round fired, the slide locked back. Discovered that the lockback spring had fallen out. I sold it back to the dealer for a fraction of what I paid. (Yes, I told him why I was willing to sell it for whatever he would give me.)
      Here’s the thing Ken – good reputations are very hard to make, and oh so easy to destroy. Taurus’ reputation is forever destroyed with me. It was the only Taurus I have owned, and it will be the last. Sure, maybe they have corrected the problems, but with other proven comparable pistols out there, why should I take a chance with my life?
      Frankly, I think Taurus should be legally enjoined from selling this product. They should discontinue it, and if the problems have been corrected, they should rebadge it with another name and fully refund the purchase price to any purchaser who requests it.
      (Incidentally Ken, the appropriate word in your comment would be “skewed”, not “skewered”. Skewered is what you do with shish-kabob.)

      • SC Mike

        Andrew –

        No offense, but your reaction makes no sense. I’m not sure that I believe you and am tempted to call “BS”. You write: “I sold it back to the dealer for a fraction of what I paid. “

        Taurus offers a lifetime warranty. You yourself could have / should have returned it to Taurus for repair. You could have / should have kept on doing that until you got a serviceable weapon which you could then have sold for a better price. There are many instances on this blog of folks who had problems that Taurus fixed. It makes no sense for anyone to sell it back to the dealer at a steep discount, does it?

        I write as one who purchased a Taurus PT 738 in March, 2010 and has durn near 2000 rounds through it with one malfunctions, the failure of the slide to remain locked back, on the first box of ammo. I’ve fired so much because of the comments on this blog.

        My TCP is showing wear on the slide portion of the polymer body, but it’s still quite accurate at 7 to 10 yards. I can’t see the sights too well (I shoot low), so I added the Crimson Trace: I carry this daily and have the utmost confidence in it.

        I realize that my experience has been with a sample of one. But some of the malfunctions described here have been quite scewy. Some seem due to limp-wristing, some to defective magazines, some to defective weapons. My TCP is all original, I’ve kept it clean and lubricated., and it has performed flawlessly with all types of ammo.

  • Ken G

    Andrew. First off, skewed became skewered because of my ipad’s autocorrect. I’ll be sure to proofread this post so as to not discredit myself. I too own a TCP. I had FTEs in the first 200-300 rounds. I then had the mag release break at about 400 rounds. Sent it back to Taurus and had it repaired at not charge. No reason for me to loose money selling it. When a company offers a lifetime warranty, why should they be obligated to refund money?Since that repair it has been flawless for 500+ rounds. Was I frustrated? Sure. Am I happy now? Yes. All I was trying to say was that this blog has become a sounding board for problems and as a result, makes the TCP sound more troublesome than it may actually be. Let’s not forget that any run of pistols can have problems surface. Anyone heard about Gen 4 Glocks or the first run of Glocks in 45ACP?

    • SC Mike

      Ken G-
      You are correct when you write: “this blog has become a sounding board for problems and as a result, makes the TCP sound more troublesome than it may actually be.” (No offense to the blog’s proprietor.)

      The Ruger LCP is a fine mouse gun, but many folks have found fault with it too. I tried my friend’s LCP before purchasing the TCP and found that the magazine would drop after two or three rounds, leaving an empty chamber and magazine on the ground. This recurred no matter how I held it. I’ve read and heard that others have had this problem too. BTW, my friend preferred the TCP trigger and feel, and ended up selling his LCP when he decided to got .45 ACP for concealed carry.

    • Andrew

      (“Ken G” and “SC Mike” both responded to my post of Jul. 26, 2012, and this comment is a reply to them both.) Thanks guys for giving me your feedback, so I will wrap this up with a few remarks about all this. 1. Thx. SC Mike for not calling my post “BS” – I assure you it is all the gospel truth. 2. Warranties, lifetime or otherwise. I am an old man with some money, and time is the most valuable asset I have. I spent lotsa time and aggravation with the TCP before giving up and selling it cheap. Why should I keep going thru the process of returning it to Taurus – meanwhile being without the piece – when in my case I had no assurance of ever getting a reliable pistol. As the Italian saying goes, “If the shirt is too tight, rip it off!” 3. Why do I think Taurus should refund anyone who wants it? I don’t think the TCP will ever recover from this very bad start, and in my opinion the best business decision would be for them to wipe the slate clean and start over with a redesigned product to try to win back the customers they have lost. 4. Limp wristing the possible cause of malfunctions? If so, then the design is faulty. When you are threatened with deadly force and fighting for your life, are YOU going to be thinking “now, I have to be careful to not limp-wrist this thing.”
      For those who have a reliable and durable TCP, I am envious. Andrew

  • Derrick

    Ok, let me start off by saying that I have owned a Taurus TCP for about 1 year with about 1000 rounds through it. I took it to the range about 2 months ago, I wasn’t doing anything out rageous with the gun just aiming at the target and shooting holes through it with standard .380 ammunition and in the middle of firing, the trigger breaks completely off, just like that. The actual polymer trigger broke off leaving the metal in stud left, which you could not press to fire another round to save your life, no pun intended. So I called Taurus and told them about it, they took all of my information and I paid about $60.00 dollars to send it to Miami for repairs, I got it back in about a month.

    So let’s fast forward 2 months later to now, I was at the range last week punching holes through paper with my Taurus TCP and in the middle of firing, my gun starts stovepiping and failing to eject. So I take the gun apart and a small metal piece falls out through the magazine weld, it happens to be part of an ejection rod that broke off. Again, I wasn’t doing anything outrageous. So I call Taurus customer service again, and told them about the history of this gun, this time they offer to pay for it to be shipped to them by emailing me a shipping label, so at this point my disposition is a little bit better, being that I used this as my EDC and if I had been in a gun fight, I would be dead both times, needless to say that my confidence in this equipment is a little less reliable than a staple gun, actually I would prefer the staple gun, atleast I can destract the offender and put an eye out. This will definitely be the last Taurus that I buy. By the way I never received the shipping label in my email to print out like they said, I guess that I’ll shovel out another $60.00 bucks to send this novelty item back to them for repairs.

    Taurus TCP 738 cost: $300.00 dollars plus tax.
    Taurus TCP 738 shipping cost for repairs: $132.00 dollars UPS and counting.

    • Andrew

      Why people continue to buy this piece of crap pistol, or even why it is allowed to stay on the market I will never understand. A.

      • Richard T Silvano Sr

        Andrew, while I think most lawyers suck, the only thing that may get Taurus’ attention is a class action lawsuit.

        I’ve had two TCPs. The first went back twice for double feeding issues and was finally replaced on the third trip. That one has not been shot much but did work exactly as it should have. Until last week that is. I was shooting with my brother when the trigger refused to catch whatever it catches to pull the hammer back. After a bunch of tries it may finally fire or it may not. Putting some side pressure on the trigger while pulling sometimes will get it to fire but not always.

        This is my first and last Taurus.

    • Leslie

      Derrick, I have also been two rounds with my 380 but I did get the pre-paid label as promised. I am of the same frame of mind as you now. The 380 was my BUG (BackUp Gun). If I am going to my BUG then things are not going well. Even though I invested in a CTC laser I have put the 380 on the shelf because I, too, have no confidence in it. I have serious thoughts about selling because of the ‘what if’ nightmares of it failing again and this time not at the range.

      I will state that I also carry a Taurus 740 and have put more than 1000 rounds through it with no issues…great warm weather IWB weapon. At present, I will not tar and feather Taurus in general because of my 380 experience. And customer support has been very good in my dealings.

      I now carry the NAA .22 Magnums 5 shot revolver( PUG-T w/1″ barrel) as my BUG. It fits in my jeans front pants pocket and rides well. I have over 500 rounds through it with no failures of any kind. The trade off is only 5 shots as the reload is cumbersome and could never be done in a gunfight. But it’s ease of carry means that 99% of the time I have both a primary and BUG.


      • ccwherocowboyjr

        You people make me literally laugh out loud while I sit here and read this s***. I own a Taurus TCP and could care less about concealed carrying. You all talk about your guns and them failing every once in a while as if you get into firefights on the regular!! HAHAHA. You put hundreds of rounds through it and then something goes wrong. HMMM.. maybe if you’d of left it alone instead of using nonstop and in the off chance that you do need to use it to defend your sorry selves it WOULD WORK. WOAH. HOW ABOUT THAT. LMAO.

        Every last one of you talk as if you have nocturnal emissions to dreaming about getting to FINALLY use your gun on a BAD GUY who’s attacking you or a loved one or god forbid breaks into your house. You’re not a hero or a badass just because you own a gun and a concealed carry permit. I’m willing to go as far to say that the people who do end up on the other side of your guns used to be just like you, thinking about when you’ll finally get to use it on someone, and then they just can’t wait any longer, so they figure, hell if I’m going to go shoot someone I might as well make some money while I’m at it to then drive up to their local gas station and let ‘er rip! 🙂 HAHAHHAHA.

        To those of you who own guns just for the sport of it and who realistically consider the odds of themselves ever needing to use it, I apologize. But some people are just dying to use these things on another human, and I find it absurd.

  • kingtchr

    I finally dumped this pistol. I let it go for $150. priced it to sell fast. It was not dependable. I sent it to Taurus 4 times and each time it came back not working. They actually tried to say I was limp wristing it…not..I bought a bersa thunder 380. 350 rounds and not a hiccup…dump this POS>>>

    Good luck to all..

  • Ned

    First, I sell these for a major national retailer (that shall remain nameless)… Whether its a TCP, LCP, Bodygaurd, etc… They come with a boatload of problems if you don’t follow the rules
    Rule 1: Do not go to a range and put 300 rounds through it in one sitting, these guns were never intended to handle these kind of stresses. If you want something to put holes in paper with, go buy a Bersa Thunder, XDS, Sub Compact XD or a well constructed single stack 9… otherwise, rule is, no more than 2 mags in a sitting.
    Rule 2: Care and Maintenance. Clean them after every use, but don’t get aggressive with it, most of the mechanical failures I’ve seen have occurred during cleaning, so don’t force anything when putting the gun back together.
    Rule 3: Be Reasonable. You purchased this gun, probably on sale, for under $300 (in the case of the TCP, under $200). Did you honestly think you were buying something you were going to get more than 3-5 years out of? These guns were intended to be put in a pocket, fired infrequently, and used only in the event of an emergency. Again, these are not target pistols.
    Rule 4: NO CHEAP AMMO. Want something to burn up paper wrapped ammo from the old eastern block? Buy an old P1, or any of the xd’s… but not a pocket pistol… Speer Lawman is as cheap as you can go for target rounds, Golden Saber or Gold Dot is a good choice for LCP’s and TCP’s. And regardless of what they tell you, avoid +P.

    Follow these rules and you’ll enjoy your pocket pistol… until you drop it… or someone steps on it…

    • Andrew

      Unbelievable that Ed would defend this piece of junk – and they are junk, based on my personal experience, unless they have redesigned it since two years ago. A.

      • Ned

        Also, for the record, LCP’s and Bodyguards have the SAME PROBLEMS. As do LC9’s and the Taurus 709 (Granted to a much lower extent). About twice a week I have someone bring in any one of the pocket pistol varieties, usually in several pieces. Which brings me back to “Be Reasonable”. You purchased a gun, for under $300, that is the size of a deck of cards… what did you think you were buying? Shell out the extra cash, get a p250 sub compact, a bersa thunder or any of the hundreds of pocket revolvers for under $400. Want some backup piece to keep in your center console? Go for the TCP, just don’t shoot it too often.

    • Ned

      For the record, I don’t Defend or Condemn the TCP… Truth be told, when someone comes in looking for any pocket pistol, I immediately ask them “Is this something you also want to shoot?”. If the answer is yes, I tell them the TCP, LCP or Bodyguard may not be the best option. I then show them a Bersa Thunder, and 9 times out of 10, they go for the Bersa (Which is difficult these days with Eagle Imports being sandbagged during Sandy). Either way, as a responsible Salesman, I try to make sure my customers are aware of the drawbacks a pocket pistol has, as well as the benefits. For some people, a TCP is a great choice… scratch that… passable choice… For me, If I needed something small, I’d go with any of the multitude of small revolvers that come in at a low price point. Not as many failure points and you can get them in a “Man Stopper” caliber like .38 or 357.

  • Don Allred

    “Whether its a TCP, LCP, Bodygaurd, etc… They come with a boatload of problems if you don’t follow the rules
    Rule 1: Do not go to a range and put 300 rounds through it in one sitting, these guns were never intended to handle these kind of stresses. If you want something to put holes in paper with, go buy a Bersa Thunder, XDS, Sub Compact XD or a well constructed single stack 9… otherwise, rule is, no more than 2 mags in a sitting.
    Rule 2: Care and Maintenance. Clean them after every use, but don’t get aggressive with it, most of the mechanical failures I’ve seen have occurred during cleaning, so don’t force anything when putting the gun back together.
    Rule 3: Be Reasonable. You purchased this gun, probably on sale, for under $300 (in the case of the TCP, under $200). Did you honestly think you were buying something you were going to get more than 3-5 years out of? These guns were intended to be put in a pocket, fired infrequently, and used only in the event of an emergency. Again, these are not target pistols.
    Rule 4: NO CHEAP AMMO. Want something to burn up paper wrapped ammo from the old eastern block? Buy an old P1, or any of the xd’s… but not a pocket pistol… Speer Lawman is as cheap as you can go for target rounds, Golden Saber or Gold Dot is a good choice for LCP’s and TCP’s. And regardless of what they tell you, avoid +P.”

    • Ned

      I actually wrote to Shooting Times, asking them to publish a piece on the “Rules” for pocket pistols… sadly, no serious reply…. It seems to me Sporting and Gun media has some role in educating people about these guns, and their limitations… Instead I find an article on pocket 9’s, that all but encourages people to punish them like you would a Glock or an XD… I suggested the title of the Piece be “That’s your Problem, you tried to shoot it”.

  • AL


    I sold my TCP and changed to Bersa Thunder. It was a good gun just to small for me…I did do what the video said cause I had an extra magazine. It worked well and felt great…just FYI

    • Charles

      I have both the TCP and the Bersa Duotone 380 . The Bersa is a good gun with all the bells and whistles but is not a good concealed carry gun . It has too many sharp edges and will eat you alive and best carried in a in belt holster on your holster with a shirt over it . The TCP is a rounded , easy pull gun and can be carried in your pocket holster .
      I grip my TCP firmly and have no issues with jams .

  • Rocky

    I have a TCP 380 in BSS. It failed to drop the hammer on the very first attempt to fire the new gun following initial cleaning. This problem will not go away even after repeated trigger assembly cleanings and re-lubing. The gun may, or may not, fire and is unpredictable. The gun has also developed a failure to hold open on last shot issue. Gun has less than 200 rounds total and is going back to Taurus for repair. I have no confidence in the gun now. I really wish I had not bought this gun. It is my first Taurus semi-auto and will likely be my last Taurus of any kind. It is the only gun I have ever had that would not fire. It is the first gun that I feel I got cheated on. This failure to fire problem is totally inexcuseable, especially for a self defense gun. This gun looks nice but is junk. It is worthless for anything other than a trade. (Too light for a boat anchor.) I will probably trade it for a Colt or a Kahr, assuming it works after the repair trip. Apparently, from the reviews, some of these guns will work so good luck if you buy one.

    • alan c

      BS , it doesn’t have a “hammer”.

  • Scott

    I recently picked up on of these pistols at Gander Mountain. I wasn’t there to purchase one but it sparked my interest and i bought one.I also have a LCP and have had a lot of problems with it (ftf and stovepiping) so i was looking for something to replace it as my CC weapon. When I got it home, I put it thru my normal routine of teardown and cleaning. I took it outside an put 100 rounds thru it with no problems. I really liked it! Today after searching and purchasing ammo, I put 200 rounds thru it without 1 problem. I LIKE THE GUN! I payed almost twice as much for my LCP and it is junk. 24 rounds with about 10 FTF’s!

  • Joe

    mailto:ross@rtkstrategic.com this guy makes a trigger upgrade for the taurus tcp 738. I don’t know how they work but am going to buy one and see.It is supposed to help with the pull and trigger bite

  • Alexandra Meir

    Hi, I’m looking to buy this pistol now, but only if I can find the 8+1 extended mags. The issue is I can’t seem to find them anywhere but gander mountain and even then only the ‘one’ that comes with their package deal. Does anyone know where to get them?

  • Jud Roth

    I own the tcp 380 love it nice compact light gun . the gun hits hard cause its size . dislike if u pull trigger and don’t release all the way to pull again u half to re slide it