LMT MRP 308 rifle

LMT (Lewis Machine & Tool) have developed an AR-10 version of their AR-15 CQB MRP rifle called the MTP MRP 308.

Click to expand. Photo Copyright Ken Lunde. Used with permission.

It uses the LMT Monolithic Rail Platform which is a one piece upper receiver and free floating handguard that is machined from sold aluminum.

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The AR-15 MRP upper. Click to expand.

The name suggests it can handle the higher pressure .308 Winchester round as well as 7.62x51mm NATO (no, they are not the same).

I don’t have anymore info on the rifle and do not know if it uses the LMT gas piston system.

Steve Johnson

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  • SoloTwo

    Do want!

  • jdun1911

    It will cost you tho.

    The Vltor monolithic receiver cost over $600 for 5.56. The LMT 308 will cost twice as much. So you looking at over $3000 for the complete rifle.

    I’m not sure if LMT monolithic are one piece CNC milled. I do know that Vltor weld two separate pieces(receiver and rail) together.

    Monolithic receivers are nice but I don’t think the cost justify any perceived advantages it might have.

  • SoloTwo

    I know I’m in the process of building a LMT MRP already. The best thing is obviously the quick change barrel feature in my opinion.

  • SMGKLee

    LMT MRP is machined from one piece aluminum…. it takes well over 6 hours to machine a MRP vs. a little less than two hours to finish a VIS.

  • LMT really needs to make this rifle. On a personal note I would like to see it in an 18 inch barrel for starters but will take it in pretty much any configuration which comes out. If the quality turns out to be the same as their 5.56 carbines, it will be a rifle well worth having. I am in the market for a larger caliber AR for hunting and longer range shooting. This would fit the bill nicely if it comes out in a reasonable time frame.

  • Jack Luz

    Does this weapon use a short-stroke gas piston? Reliability under bad weather conditions is going to likely be an issue.

  • nate

    have you seen 6.8

  • Feral Kid

    No gas piston. It is a DI just like an AR-15. Available now from dealers.
    The gun was designed for the British army and their order was filled first.
    Right now they come with a 16″ barrel, 1/10 twist. Going to have to sell
    my youngest for medical experiments if I want one! Do you think she
    would understand?

  • Tactical

    I like the LMT attention to detail but will not consider the rifle until it is piston-driven.

  • Busybee4860

    $4,700 LMT 308 Sharpshooter Rifle…
    Guys, in May 2012 I ordered a $4,700 LMT 308 Sharpshooter Rifle. I received it almost 20 weeks later in in shockingly disappointing condition in the last week of September 2012. It is on it way back to LMT now. The guys at LMT have told me they will make it right. I want to give them the opportunity to do just that. I’ll let you know how it goes…