Vltor Fortis: Bren Ten clone will be in production soon

The Vltor Fortis is a updated clone of the Bren Ten 10mm Auto pistol (Which itself was a CZ 75 clone). It was announced last year at SHOT. This year a final production model has been on display. It will be available in both 10mm AUTO and .45 ACP. It should be on sale later this year (2009).

 Images Fortisframes
Pre-production Vltor Fortis frames.

You can follow the progress of the pistol at the Fortis blog.

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Steve Johnson

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  • jdun1911

    You know it amaze me that the 10mm is still kicking. If it lasted this long it probably not going anywhere.

    If the price is right I might buy it, the 10mm version.

  • Clearly, the return of the Bren Ten can only mean that Miami Vice is coming back to TV soon as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Steve,

    Is this going to be based on the 75 or on the 97B? I have never shot a Bren Ten but I remember reading something about feeding problems on some of the modified 75s. Of course, a purpose-built pistol wouldn;t have any such problem but I’m curious about what the Czechs have chosen to modify.

    Thanks and good hunting!

    • Mehul, the bren ten was designed by an American firm and was a larger version of the CZ 75. I don’t think the 75B has been designed at that point. This new clone of the bren ten does not uses the orginal magazines. I think they designed their own mags.

  • Nomen Nescio

    if i’m reading their blog correctly, they’re using the EAA Witness’ magazine design and are maintaining compatibility with those. but they’re also going to be building their own run of custom magazines, apparently because they liked the Bren Ten magazine’s floorplate so much they want to copy it too.

  • gboyd


    I remember that you all plan on producing this pistol in a “commander” size along with the full size version.

    Is this still in the works or am I just dreaming ?

  • Rusty Morris

    I have been hearing this so long, I’m beginning to dream something about someone shouting IT’S A WOLF, IT’S A WOLF, IT’S A WOLF. Give us all a break! Give us all a MSRP! Give us all a release date. Hell, give us a gun for petes sake. (we’ll pay for it, even in hard times) We should get a disappointment price for waiting so long. Have I whined enough yet to get an answer from Vltor?

  • Burnett

    I have an original MP. I am waiting to see if it happens.

  • Brad V.

    If anyone is a fan of TV guns the original bren ten was what sonny crockett carried in the first few episodes of the miami vice series. He then switched to a S&W 645. Show seems cheesy by todays standards but in the eighties it was like a gun show each week.


    Brad V.

  • Bill B

    The ‘fortis’ or vltor or whatever you want to call this gun, is never going to be. Look how many times vltor has given the b.s. to the public concerning it being ‘ready’ and next month, next week, blah, blah, blah…how many deadlines has this all mouth and no action gone?

    I purchased a Witness 10mm for $400, much better and cheaper than this make-believe pistol will ever be.

  • Top Dawg

    I agree with Bill B. Go get a 10mm Witness. Much cheaper and convertible.

  • Rusty Morris

    Well as you can see by my last post, it’s going on 3 years since I last whined. Where is the blasted 10 mm Fortis?????? Are they ever going to make this gun or they just blowin smoke? Maybe a class action lawsuit by everyone that has read their website lies and promises. False advertising!!!

  • gboyd

    Well it has been literally years since I last even thought about this “project”.
    I have sold off ALL my 10 mm pistols, have no 10mm ammo and have given up on the cartridge as a whole.
    I thought this “project” would bring the cartridge back into the public light, but instead it has thrown another shovel full of dirt into the grave.
    I have instead bought MORE 38 Super ammo and kept my nicer pistols.
    Would not hesitate to buy a nice 38 Super. Would never again buy another
    โ€˜fortisโ€™ has done the 10mm a disfavor.

  • gboyd

    So it has been some time now since the promise of a new 10 mm pistol.
    In the last year or so I have given up on the 10mm. I have sold my colts off because I fear they will be of less value than when I had bought them.
    Vltor Fortis did the 10mm NO favor. A promise that is seemingly broken with no news and no pistols.
    I have just moved on and am both sad and bewildered that little has been done to promote such a unique cartridge as the 10 mm.
    G. Boyd

  • Samuel Suggs

    and it never happended):