Taurus PT709 “Slim” Sub-Compact 9mm

The 709 “Slim” is a new single action only sub-compact 9mm from Taurus.

“SLIM” is the name of this suave new entry into the Taurus line. Elegant in Blue and Stainless this small, single-action-only could be found under a cummerbund or a pair of bibs. It’s what you have been asking for! No revealing lumps or lines makes concealed carry easier than that larger capacity gun you already have. Cool, neat and ready to go-the Taurus Slim will be your companion for a long time to come.

 2008Shotshow Day3 Taurus-Pt709Ss-1
709SS model. Click to expand. Photo by Critter210.


Caliber: 9 mm
Capacity: 7+1
Barrel Length: 3″
Weight: 19 oz
Length: 6″

Two models will be available. A Two Tone stainless steel slide model (709SS) and a blued slide version (709B).

The MSRP is $452 and I believe it will be shipping shortly.

 Images Imagesmain 709B
709B model

Steve Johnson

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  • Pete

    Looks striker fired. Single action striker fired sounds odd, you sure about that?

  • sam

    the Springfield XD is also single action striker fired I believe.

  • looks almost like a Kel-Tec..

  • Yeah…… it is single action……
    short trigger pull….
    the cycling of the slide completely cocks the
    striker and the the trigger lets it go…..
    much shorter action then the sa/da taurus striker guns…

  • Tony

    Ive has the 709 for a week and have put about 500 rounds through it ,no FTF or FTE. IT IS a double action pistol. My buddy has the KEL-TEC PF9, and IMO the 709 is easier to control as i can get 4 digets on the handle vise only 3 for the PF9.

  • livefree

    question for tony. I just got the slim. Fits well in my hand 6’1″ 250. I fired 70rd pmc 9mm. Had 6 that did not fire( probably ammo), no FTF, but found it very inaccurate. I was surprised. It seemed to fire low. The recoil was very slight. I adjusted the sights and it was better but not as accurate as I hoped. Stayed the same at 25 to 15 to 7 yards. I will fire it more but I wanted to know if you had that problem. I have a xd40 which is very accurate( full size).

  • Chris

    I purchased the PT709 Taurus slim last week. I put about 75 rounds through it yesterday, most of which were reloads. I had a box of target 115gr. winchester ammo, but had about 6 or 7 stove pipe on me before i gave up on them. The issue was the actual bullet was exposed just a little more than the reloads, and i suppose the spring on the clip was tight and pushing the unfired rounds bullet into the fired case during the slides ejecting, not allowing it to eject properly. The gun feels great, and with reloads it still grouped about 2.5 inches at 15 yards. I did have issues with it shooting about 2 inches left to begin with but 2 simple screws on the sights got it in the middle. Trigger takes getting used to, but kinda like my Jframe, you learn quiclkly when to expect the strike. For the price and size, given i find a reliable factory ammo, this is a steal compared to a Glock subcompact.

  • livefree

    I finally found some different ammo( winchester 115g fmj, and federal 115g fmj). No problems with either, no ftf, fte. The problem ammo was PMC. Shot 150 rounds at 15 feet. I had 2 friends who have extensive experience, fire it also. We all had the same results. Able to punch the target but not as accurately as I would like( one center, 3 grouped high or low and the rest around the dial). I am still trying to dial in the sites. I find it more accurate at rapid fire. This may be do to the type of short barrel gun: small adjustments make a big difference. Gun shoots well, minimal recoil. Easy to break down and clean. I think I could hit a torso at 15feet but will keep firing it to see if it is easy to aim when it fully breaks in. Interested in others firing the gun. All of the expert reviews say it is very accurate. I hope I can agree with that in the future. I am also trying to get my hands on an extended mag.

  • Techsan


    The 709 is a single action only pistol, not double action as you say. It is also striker-fired so it’s lacking a hammer and features a manual thumb safety. For traditional 1911 fans, the combination of single action and striker-fired is difficult to reconcile. Basically, when you rack the slide to chamber the first round and engage the manual safety, it is cocked and locked (condition 1). It is impossible to carry it in condition 2 because there is no hammer to lower. Carrying in condition 2 is usually not adviseable, but I mention it only to make a point. The 709 also has a firing pin safety so, in theory, the gun shouldn’t fire if you drop it. Only pulling the trigger will fire the weapon.

    The single action was a major factor in my decision to go with the 709. Most of it’s competitors as well as the little .380’s are double action only. I find double action only guns hard to shoot accurately. You could make an argument with the little .380’s (Ruger LCP and it’s Ilk) that they are close range guns anway and it doesn’t matter because they’re point and shoot anyway. That is debateable, but a 9mm is clearly not just a “fight your way to the car” caliber and reasonable accuracy at a medium range is a big advantage.

    • Richard

      According to the taurus manual that came with my pt709. The gun is single and double action. Page 13 under specification.

  • Techsan

    Live Free,

    Let us know if you find an extended mag, I’m looking for one also. Apparently some were shipped with 1 of each, but mine had two flush mags. The guy I bought mine from had 6 of them and none of them had an extended mag. We may have awhile to wait as they’re still churning out these dudes as fast as they can make ’em. I don’t think extra mags are a priority right now.

  • livefree

    I sent my gun back to taurus. Fantastic customer service. They picked it up from my house. I wanted to make sure nothing was wrong with the gun. They changed the extractor pin which I guess is a common problem with taurus guns. Went to the range today and put 100rds of winchester 115g through it. I made some adjustments with my grip and was able to group my shots 8-10 ring at 15ft. I think the reason I was spraying the target before was due to the short grip. The gun shot low because it was slipping down as I pulled the trigger. I needed a firmer grip and good follow through to be consistent.
    I am very happy with the gun, and can now recommend it. I would feel comfortable with it at a distance across a street. It definitely took about 400 rds to break it in.
    I am still waiting to get an extended mag. I think this would improve the grip and accuracy more.

    • Gerri

      I bought the extended mag grip…totally love it.

  • steve eastman

    I just bought my Taurus pt709 slim and when I got it home to clean it I noticed when I pulled the slide back the barrel had alot of play in it, is that normal or should I take it back.

  • Eric

    I just got a 709 Slim on this last Saturday. I really like it. I haven’t had much time to play with it yet. I did clean it and shoot a couple mags through it. The first magazine full of 115gr WWB from WallyWorld had a couple cases that didn’t eject. Infact the case was left in the chamber almost like they were jammed. I thought maybe it was due to the fact that I hadn’t followed up the cleaning with dry patch, so there was oil in the chamber resulting in a alot of force going from the case going back on the breach. ( The fired cases had a differn’t look about them, They looked like they had drag marks from the chamber) I recleaned and dried the barrel and tried with a clip from Remington ammo and had no problems. I then shot some of the WWB and had no problems. I think I just need to break in the gun some more, but if someone could shed some more light on this I would be greatful.


    When you say that the barrel is loose, do you mean with the slide pulled back locked open? If so thats normal, but if the slide if forward and the barrel is locked up and is still loose, that isn’t normal.

  • Bruce

    What gives? The PT709 pictured here and various other places across the internet is very different than the PT709 on Taurus’ website. This one appears to be SA, and is described as such by Dick Metcalf in Handguns, whereas the model on Taurus’ website is DA/SA and very different in appearance. Anyone know what I’m missing?

  • Bruce

    Nevermind. I found the answer. Prototype as opposed to production model. Too bad. I like the prototype better. Taurus turned a handsome prototype into an ugly production model. Everything’s got to look kinetic these days to appeal to kids. (That’s anyone under 40) Smooth graceful lines have given way to angular. And I hope someone from Taurus is reading this. Mechanically, I like the design.

  • Rus

    I just hung up the phone with Taurus International and the official word is they do not make an extended magazine for the PT709. AND, they have no intention to make an extended magazine for this pistol.

    So, if you are planning to purchase this weapon with the intent of using an extended magagzine, you will be sadly disappointed.

    If I had the equipment, I would become a third party supplier for this item immediately.

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news. Had I called a day earlier, I would NOT have bought this pistol yesterday.

  • joe

    i purchased the pt709 yesterday and ran into a problem or two(or more) with the firing. i did by the cheapest FMJ ammo for target but 15 out of 40 didnt fire? wolf ammo….anyone had any problems like this? fyi wolf ammo is russian.

  • Tom

    I purchased a PT 709 last month and have shot 200 rds of 115 grain FMJ Monarch brand (Academy branded). No stove piping and recoil manageable. I had to adjust sight using sand bags in a resting position to find out where it was hitting, as I was shooting a pattern of 6″ to 8″ in standing position. I learned that the first round out of the magazine was hitting consistently within 1/2″ of target point at 7 yds in a standing position but realized the trigger was a much heavier pull on any subsequent rounds fired out of magazine. The best I could do after getting it sighted in was shoot a grouping of about 5″ at 7 yds. The SA trigger was a much heavier pull after first round. I took gun to gunsmith yesterday and the trigger pull varied from 3.8 to 4.2 on first round and 4 to 5.75 on any subsequent round fired out of magazine. Gunsmith had never seen a semi automatic with that much variance and said it should be sent back to factory. Called Taurus today and they will pick it up and check it out but trigger will be set at 5 to 5.5 in SA and if there is a misfire then goes to DA at 8 lbs. In my opinion this gun is too small and light to accurately shoot a tight 2″ group at 7 yds with a 5 to 5.5 trigger pull unless you are a professional shooter! I’m taking it to gunsmith dealer I purchased it from to get opinion on reworking the trigger and resetting to 4 lb break.

  • Rus

    I just noticed that the description at the opening of this thread is incorrect. It lists the gun as 8+1 when in reality it is a 7+1. Now that they are really on the street, I think we need to clear up any misconceptions that came with the prototype.

    • Rus, I have updated it.

  • livefree

    I shoot winchester from walmart, bulk box 115g fmj. I have had no issues whatsoever. It is sensitive to grip when shooting. With very solid grip and good follow through it is accurate at 15ft. In my hands if I do not pay attention I am shooting low left. I have not had a chance to change the sites but i may. Customer service from taurus has been excellent.

  • gary r detechke

    “…Wolf ammo is Russian.”

    No, Wolf ammo is garbage.

    Bersas (my first pistol) have the same problem. They will fire anything, *anything*. But not wolf. It’s just terrible ammo with low quality control.


  • david

    I put 400 rounds of winclean 125 grain through my new Slim PT 709 without a problem. Then put 25 rounds of corbon hollow points plus P 125 Grain-which is what I use in my glocks, and had several stove pipes and gun did not handle as well. I called Taurus and they said they do not recommend plus P ammo. So I switched to federal classic 125 grain Hollow points, put through another 50 rounds and that worked great.

    Let’s hope we will still see an extended magazine. Great gun.

  • James

    I purchase my 709 on Sept. 26. Love the gun but I am having some firing issues. I am having a lot of misfires. It might go through a clip without any problems but then you might pull the trigger 5-10 times and nothing happens. Pull clip, clear round, put round back in clip, rerack and still nothing fires. Then finally it will fire. I will be calling Taurus tomorrow. Anyone else haveing this issue?

  • Steve

    I bought my pt709 a few months ago. First trip to the range I couldn’t get through one magazine without a failure to eject. I sent the gun back to Taurus and they replaced the extractor and sent it back to me. I took it to the range this weekend and the problem still exists but is moderately improved. Had three jams out of 50 rounds (Winchester NATO 124 grain and Remington 115 grain). I am very displeased with this gun. I guess I will try to send it back again but am getting tired of messing with it. Is Taurus capable of fixing this gun or does this model suffer from such poor quality control that it is a lost cause? I would like it if they would just keep this one and send me a new one. Does anyone know if they will do this?

  • Kevin

    A relitive of mine had the same problem. She ask me to go to the range with her to see if I could troubleshoot the prob. I noticed with each misfire she was riding the slide forward while racking or had a weak grip of the pistol. Had her to start pulling it all the way back and just release it when racking it and to apply a firm grip to reduce the rise during recoile . It must have been a seating issue with the round because after that no misfires. Hope this helps u 2.

  • Rus

    My wife’s new PT709SS had some FTE stovepipes on the first trip to the range. I contacted Taurus International and they sent FedEx to pick it up and take it to Florida for a physical.

    It should be returned around Thanksgiving.

    It is a great pistol aside from the fwe FTE’s.

    I am actually thinking of buying another one for myself.

  • Jeff

    I just picked up a PT709 today and am dying to try it out this weekend. I’m gonna try to put 150 rounds through it, but with two 7 round mags, that should take a while.

    If I have any problems, I’ll post’em here.

  • Bob

    Have fired over 300 rounds with the PT709 and love it. Not one issue or problem. This little 9mm is a winner in my book. I like the slim design, light-weight, fantastic to carry. Have a Glock 19 9mm but for carry this puppy is fantastic. Good looking gun as well.

  • Ron in Texas

    I purchased the PT709 a couple of weeks ago and aside from only 2 FTE’s after 200 rounds, I am pretty pleased with the results. The FTE’s were with +P rounds, but it handles and shoots great with standard 115 and 124 grain rounds. I did have to adjust the rear sight just a bit to raise it, but all in all I’m happy with my purchase.

  • Bob

    I purchased a SS version of the 709 for my upcoming CC course. Put 50 rounds winchester 115 FMJ and 50 rounds of NATO ball rounds through it with many failure to fire incidents (about 25 %). For the debate on SA/DA if you have a failure to fire the 709 will trigger pull in DA) I disassembled and re-cleaned and re-lubed the firing pin mechanism and fired an additional 25 rounds though the gun with no problems. Opted to qual with my trusty P-85. Will put some more rounds through the 709 and post if the lube/cleaning of the firing pin was the culprit.

  • Rus

    My 709SS was just returned from its Florida vacation at Taurus International. They replaced the extractor and adjusted a magazine. They test fired 28 rounds of unknown ammo and said it is fine. I plan to take it to the range next week for my own evaluation of “fine”.

    It took exactly 4 weeks and the communication was great. I had my own customer service rep that I could call direct about my gun and its issues.

    I have to give Taurus and A+ for customer service.

    My only concern is the number of guns awaiting repair in front of me causing the four week delay. That must be a great number of firearms to cause a delay of four (4) weeks.

    After having bought a couple of Taurus pistols, the 709 and a Mil Pro 9, I think I can say with some certainty that Taurus pistols are very fanatical about cleanliness.

    The firing pin channels must be absolutely clean and lubricated or you will experience FTF’s.

    As a lifelong Smith and Wesson purchaser, I am having some second thoughts about these Taurus pistols with the FTF issues.

    One of those concerns is the Taurus remedy to the problem…just keep pulling the trigger.

    In the time it takes to pull the trigger another time or two, you could be too dead to accomplish that task.

    No matter what the factory says, I still have a little reluctance in the back of my mind that my Smith’s and my Springfield XD-9 does not create.

    I have never had a Smith FTF or FTE. In the limited number of rounds powered through my XD-9, (about 100) I have never had an FTF or FTE. The first three rounds that failed in my Mil Pro shot just fine in the XD.

    I will let you draw your own conclusions. It just wanted to supply some objective findings for your consideration.


    I purchased a TAURUS PT 709 October 30, 2009. First trip to the range i had 17 combination double feed/ failure to extracts in 150 rounds. I called Taurus customer service and returned the gun to them, i have called 4 times and they have yet to begin repairs on my new gun, they also dont seem to be too concerned about it, they say it will be at least two more weeks before i can expect anything from them- at least the customer service matches the pistol- both are worthless. If i ever get it back and they can fix it i will trade it for something else. I write this to warn others so they wont have to go through the same disaster. I WAS TOLD I WOULD BE LUCKY TO GET THIS GUN BACK BY CHRISTMAS BY A CUSTOMER SERVICE REP. I wasted good money on this Taurus and still dont have a concealed carry gun- please everyone stay away from these guns and make a better investment than i did

  • Bob

    UPDATE. After a second cleaning and oiling of the firing pin mechinism put 200 rds of mixed NATO, Winchester, and Blazer ammo (all 115 gr,FMJ) with no FTF,FTE issues. I am feeling more confident now with this gun.

  • Chris

    I see several comments on the action of this gun. I just purchased one. It is actually double action trigger pull and shortens to single action trigger pull once you rack or cock the slide (kind of odd that it is designed this way as you cannot decock a striker/sear system). It is a bit wierd to get used to after onwning several hammer ( SIG P228 and Browning Pro 9 )SA/DA ( or DA/SA) guns but not too much different in function once your familiar with it. I used to own a glock 26 and hated it. I really like this Taurus in comparison. Although its the first Taurus I have owned I’ll seriously consider others.

  • Chris

    BTW Guys….I notice that some of you are having misfeeding issues with these. Remember polymer frames require very a firm grip and wrist to avoid frame flex which can and will cause misfeeds. This information is actually printed in my Browning Pro 9 manual if you can believe that. Once I followed what I read I eliminated misfeeds with my Browning Pro 9. I’ll expect this pistol to perform similarly that the Brownings and SIG I have. All of which I love. I am confident of this pistol as well.
    Also try Cor Bon ammo. It still falls within SAAMI specs but much heavier recoil than other commercial ammo.

  • Rus


    Thank you for the great insight into the break-in process for this (and other) weapons.

    I looked in the Owner’s Manual for the PT709 and there was no mention of the number of shots needed to break in this weapon. Do you have a recommended number of shots?

    I need to take the gun and my wife bck to the range to firm up our confidence in this gun.

    You mentioned some torque in the polymer frame and it needs a firm grip.

    I am sure two hands is no problem, but how well will the gun react with a one handed self defense grip on the weapon?

    Any suggestions?

    And finally, keeping in mind I am no ammo expert, is the Carbon too much for the 709? Again, there was no real reference as to what ammo is or is not acceptable in the OM.


  • Lamar

    Thinking about buying the Taurus slim. Been reading alot if info on FTF, FTE, and bAd customer rep. Well it’s 12/18/09, and I wanna hear about any other stories since the pt709 has been out for a little while. Please comment u could be saving me time and money or introducing me to a ccw pistol. PLEASE HELP

  • Rus


    I think about everything that can be said has been said on this forum.

    General concensus…this goes past the labor pains and shows you the baby.
    Great looking, well-fitting and easily concealed weapon.

    Recoil is very managable.

    The price is right.

    It needs a 150-200 round break-in period.

    95% of people think Taurus customer service is great (myself included).

    Holsters (size 5C) are becoming more readily available.

    9MM ammo is easy to obtain at a reasonable price.

    The only real draw-back at this point is the fact the Taurus has NO plan to develop an extended magazine for this weapon.

    After I help my wife break in her 709SS, I will decide if I want to purchase one as a BUG for myself and purchase one as a BUG for my son.

    I hope this helps whittle it down for you.

  • david

    I have put at least 500 rounds through mine and really like it. I find that it performs better when I do not use +P, in terms of easier to handle the weapon becfause it causes less recoil. in the first 50 rounds I had no problems shooting Winclean ammo. Then in the next 20 I had two stove pipes when shooting Corbon +P. BUT I had been shooting other weapons for an hour before shooting the pt709 and my wrist was tired. I suspected I did not have a tight enough grip- so I gripped harder that day as I put 200 rounds through it and it never happened again. I also called Taurus and they told me that they did not recommend +P.

    I would suggest this weapon. I have the Kahr PM9, and I like this better in terms of finish, fit in my hand, lower recoil, and how well it shoots. It breaking down like a glock is a great plus.

    On another note- I purchased a diamond back 308 yesterday, and that is definetly worth a look- if you are thinking of a Kel tec 380 or Ruger- LCP- as it is more like a baby glock and feels much better in your hand that those two weapons and has a much better finish.

  • Lamar

    Man to Rus and David
    I appreciate the feedback and I’m going to pick one up tommorrow. I just needed someone else to tell me what I noticed. I didn’t want to be biased. We t to the gun dealer and held a Pf9, Pm9, sccy, slim, and xd….then I bought 300 rounds and knew I was gonna get the slim. I wanna get it before the price goes up. Hope they keep there price low. But once again thanks!!!!!!!! Hope I get a good one.

  • Lamar

    Do they make the ctc lasr grips for this gun, the pt709 Slim?

  • Lamar

    How do u clean out all the gunk n goo in the slim. Just bought it. Don’t wanna mess anything up. Appreciate the help.

  • Bob

    I wanted to clarify the initial failure to fire issue I experienced with my gun. My issue was rather a light strike rather than a feeding issue (which I have had none) The rounds that didn’t fire had firing pin strikes on the primer yet did not fire (light strikes). Loaded them into my Ruger P85 and each and every one of the rounds fired, which lead me to the firing pin mechanism. A second cleaning/oiling with Hoppes seems to have “fixed” my problem. I have over 500 rounds through the gun with no issues.

  • steve eastman

    This gun needed a through cleaning from the factory,at least 100 rounds through it,(it does not handle +p ammo very well) adjust the sights.and it is an excellent ccg.

  • Lamar

    So I have to send the gun back to the factory to have it cleaned.
    I really appreciate all the help. Also where can I buy the hoppes product. Is it at Wally world. And step by step how do I clean this gun.
    I have so many questions, I was gonna get smart carry holster what are the pros and cons of his holster. Also I was gonna wear it everyday perferably IWB, so I’m leaning more toward the SS vrsion apposed to the Blued. Is that a good or bad choice? Jus curious n thanks to all who replied to the thread. Very very vey grateful. Merry Christmas.

  • Bob


    No you do not need to send your gun back to the factory for cleaning. I would recommend that when you buy your gun, have the dealer show you how to disassemble/assemble it Practice a few times before you leave the store. Additionally buy a gun cleaning kit when you purchase your gun and have your dealer show you how to clean your gun also. Good luck with your purchase.

  • livefree

    The gun comes with an excellent manual. It breaks down just like an XD. Make sure the gun is empty, pull back slide, breakdown button and pull the trigger to release the slide. There are many sites on utube on how to breakdown and clean guns. walmart and others sell all in one cleaning kits.
    Of note , this is not a beginner gun. It takes as noted, in the many comments a very firm grip, steady trigger pull to shoot accurately at 7 yds. I have seen videos of a guy shooting a compact revolver at a 100yds but I would consider that a miracle. I have a very nice xd 40 5″ that is very accurate at 25 yds. I have the taurus as a concealed carry( it and the walther are the only 2 guns that are thin and subcompact). I would trust it at street distance only. I will shoot it more and may change my opinion but that is where I am now.
    As far as quality issues. The gun costs me 275. It shoots well with the right ammo. I could probably hit a torso at 15ft. It has reasonable recoil. The customer service is excellent. I would probably improve my aim with an extended grip( It would not jerk as much ).
    I also have a target 22, very accurate but it is target only.
    I did not like the feel of the Kahr, nor keltec. The Walther PPS was very nice at 500 more. Shot a subcompact glock 40 and hated it. I have tried revolvers and just do not like how they shoot, but I understand they always fire when the trigger is pulled.
    Bottomline, good value for the money. There are better options for more money but that may be user preference.

  • Lamar

    I have several guns just never had one with so much goo and factory gunk in the hammer area. Wondering how to get all that gunk out with out totally disaembling the firearm. Like taking the pin, hammer, trigger, etc. Out of the frame portion. Thanks for all the feedback yall.
    Also anyone own a crossbreed supertuck holster. How are they?

  • Steve

    After getting it back from the manufacturer for the second time they finally got it right. I put 100 rounds through it without any failure to ejects. I did have two failure to fires. I put those two rounds in my S&W and they fired no problem. I will say that the gun was very clean so it may be reasonable to expect a 2% failure to fire rate. And guess what, each time you send your gun in to be worked on it comes back full of gunk just like it had when you bought it.

  • livefree

    Just wanted to make a correction. I bought the gun for 375.
    I clean my gun thoroughly each time I use it and have not noted the gunk that the above are talking about. I would guess that any solvent should dissolve it. I have not noted any problems with the gun anyway.
    As an update , the american rifleman Jan 2010 has just posted a review of the slim. As a summary, they fired 200+ rounds with one misfire. 2″ groups at 15 yds with a sandbag rest. They have also elucidated the trigger. It has the same pull weight for each shot, ie: it may be a double single but works like a double action always.
    They see the gun as a reliable good value for what it is.
    I have not carried it concealed yet. I will look at the pocket holsters because I am not sure that I want it on my waist because of alot of time in a car. Very cold here so I usually have many pockets in my coat. Summer, I like the cargoes.
    I do agree that I wish the gun had an extended mag.

  • southerngent1969

    I purchased the 709 for my wife, but it shoots low, can I adjust the rear sight to fix this. If so, how? Thanks!

  • Bob


    Page 19 in the owners manuual has the procedures to adjust the sights with the key provided. I adjusted mine on the second firing.

  • Russ

    I’ve had the “slim” for about two months and 500 rounds now. At 15 yards this little guy is spot on. I have large mitts and the fit is perfect; I don’t feel like I’m shooting a toy gun. The 15 yard targets were getting boring, so I moved it back to 50 yards. The guys were ready to take bets and thought “No Way, is he going to hit that btarget”. After 3 shots using “Kentucky Windage”. I was nailing the target. This little gun is pretty amazing. Nice trigger pull, and a very short reset. I’m very confident carrying this gun. Also have a Taurus 92 that couldn’t find the 50 yard target, likewise for my FNP-45. The Slim was the only one to get the job done.

  • Lamar

    Anyone know if the supertuck works or what holster to use. What about a ctc laser anyone got some feedback on that.

  • Russ

    The best holster that I found is an “Uncle Mikes” canvas holster with the heavy metal clip ($20 Bass Pro). I’m right handed, so I set it up as a lefty, and use it for the small of my back. The heavy metal clip keeps it in place while drawing. I believe this holster is for external wear, but makes a dandi IWB carry holster.
    Cleaning; I use a product called Paslode. It is a degreaser solvent for pneumatic tools. It is cheaper than Birchwood Casey solvent, and works just as well. It’s about $6 a can at Home Cheapo, and Lowes. I use this for the heavy gunk and cosmoline they use at the factory, then follow up with some Hoppe’s Solvent, and then strategically oil. Never had a problem.

  • Ben Littleton

    I just put 150 rounds of assorted range ammo through mine and had 0 FTF/FTE. I am a bit bummed that Taurus is not making extended mags for it, maybe we need to flood them with requests! 🙂 I have confidence in the gun for reliability, just be sure to choke the H%#$ out of it!

  • David

    Does anyone know an email address where we can write to Taurus to express our desire to have an extended capacity magazine? I think we need to flood them with requests for an extended capacity magazine that has a good flush fit that looks like an extension of the weapons (versus a cheap looking and feeling version like the Kahr pm9 has), and we need to put the word out to other owners to do so. Seems like a no brainer for them to do this, but I called them and at this point they have no intention of doing it- so we need to let them know that they will sell a lot more of these weapons if they do so.

  • Lamar

    What do u mean by startegic oiling. Does anyone know what that means?

    Thanks to all who have responded you have been very helpful.

    Also if u have anyhing to add please do so. It helps alot. Thanks!!

  • Jim H

    I’ve had mine for several months….. never had a misfire…… I’m going to assume that everyone knows to disassemble the pistol and clean the packing grease before taking it to the range…I take my plastic guns and throw them in the sink with hot water and dishwashing soap then make sure they are completely dry and oil the slide and moving parts lightly……. It’s a good solid design….. I’ve shot wolf and WW and corbon through it….. it lives on my belt in a horizontal holster…… I can’t tell it’s there……

  • livefree

    I agree that it would be easier if they had a website. Netflix does not have one either, and they also have problems. If they did , I would send every request I could for an extended mag like the beretta px storm or glock.
    I assume strategic oil means the rail, slide and springs. Ben above is right, grip and trigger handling is everything.
    Happy New Year

  • matt

    I just purchased my 709 a few weeks ago. I put 300 rounds of Remington 124 gr ammo and had 6 FTF’s. Not to bad considering the gun was new. I just recently ordered 1000rds of Lellier and Bellot ammo from Cableas. I went to the range today and LOADED 150 rounds of the ammo and started my target practice. I had 32 misfires in 150 rounds. So I asked myself is this the ammo? The range owner took 7 of my misfired rounds and fired them through his Glock 9mm. All 7 rounds fired perfectly.

    PS all 32 misfired rounds were fired twice –trying to ignite the primer….and still failed. Needless to say I sent it back to Taurus today. I’ll keep you posted.

    As far as concealed carry holsters. I found one of the best holsters on the market. I have been carrying concealed for 15 years, and finding a comfortable location and holster is key. I found since I’m right handed to carry my gun at the small of my back with a left handed holster. Using a left handed holster is key if you are going to carry at the small of your back. See this website for a great 709 holster. I also prefer a very concealable holster for jean and t shirt attire. You will need a tuckable holster like this one. http://www.highnoonholsters.com/Product_Line/Alter_Ego/alter_ego.html

  • Lamar

    All feedback is good. Couple of q’s. Can u really set the gun in dishwater?
    -About how many rounds does it take to break in the gun?
    -Do u have to send in the warranty card that came with the gun to get your lifetime warranty?
    – anyone tried a minituck crossbreed holster for this gun?
    – Is 500 rounds sufficient enough to break in the gun/ and how do u know u need to send the gun back to Taurus.
    – Do all of these go back or is it a couple out of so many hundred. Jus curious.
    Thanks to all who have kept this thread going. Really appreciate it. Also I got a uncle mikes #15 holster for right now but looking for something better.

  • Dan

    Hi, I just purchased a Taurus PT-709. I had no problems the first couple of times to the range ….200-300 rounds. Last two times started getting light primer strikes on more then 20 rounds and several misfeeds. I always clean my weapon on the day I shot and then the following day so a clean weapon is not the issue. I also tried four different types of ammo…Winchester, Federal, International and Speer (115 to 124 Grain) HP and FN. Each brand had problems.. I recently tried a new cleaner which I beleive is GS-7 and though maybe this was the issue so I went back to Hoppes with similar results. Does anyone have a suggestion. Thanks Dan

  • Matt

    Hey Dan,

    I as well cleaned my gun after every day of firing. Cleaning for me was not the problem.
    My gun was sent to Taurus yesterday. After researching futher I have found many people who are complaining of light primer stikes and have sent the guns back to Taurus. According to the few blogs I read Taurus had their guns for about two weeks and replaced the striker spring. Anyway I will keep you posted here on the blog once I receive my gun back.

  • Bob


    Thanks for the update. I wonder if Taurus is upgrading the striker spring or if they had a bad batch? Since my second cleaning of the striker spring assembly I have had no problems but if its an upgrade then I might consider sending mine back.

  • Lamar

    Well the 709 is all clean. Every nook an cranny. Relived and it’s been sittin for 2 today checked and cleaned. Goin tobthe range plan on putting about 200-300 rounds through it and I will be back for the update. Using WWB walmart rounds, box of monarchs, some hallow points, and a mag of these remingtons. Well we will see if I got a new carry piece or a piece that I will need to send back to Taurus. Pray for me. Well pray for my gun.
    Thanks to all who replies to my threads. Well seE ya in about 3-4 hours.

  • Lamar

    After month of research and effort to get the gun, and through it all I have finally made a descision. The Taurus 709 Slim will be my new ccw. I put 350 rounds through it and it was very very nice. 50 remington, 150 Winchester white box from walmart, 150 monarch brass jackets from academy. I had altogether 5 light strikes (3monarchs 2 Winchester). They fired once I released the trigger and gave it a dose of the DA with the 2 strike capability. 2 stove pipes due to limp wristing, and 2 double feeds due to the cheap monarch ammo I was using. All in all I was at the range for 3 hours nonstop shooting. I also noticed I had a little too much lube sole was leaking from the gun. Lesson learned. I shot crappy ammo and got the most problems. The gun shot high and to the left but I adjusted it and it was awesome! I’m not tryin to sell these guns but I was very very skeptical of this little concealabe beauty and am satisfied with it. Is it a high dollar gun no, but I believe it will get the job done if I ever need it. All that and a lifetime warranty, makes the gun a great purchase. I got mine for $379. All I want with it is an extended mag and ctc laser grips. Very comfortable to shoot. It was alittle cold out there today and I didn’t feel recoil or anything it’s awesome shooting very fun. I would tell someone else that if u want one of these it’s really seems like it’s a win or lose. I prayed that the one I bought would work fine and I believe that prayers were answered. I’m assured that it will do what it was created to do: conceal, load a round, shoot, eject a round, and then load the next round! The gun is what all the good rviews say it is. No sugar coating. Straight up! Trigger good and light, mag drops, light to little recoil (get a good grip though), and I was really surprised at the accuracy. Really surprised.
    Make sure u want it and Be ready because from ready the threads there’s se real lemons out there. But get one if u carry and go have fun testing and seeing for yourself.
    I know the rumor; Taurus makes crap junkie unreliable pistol. But I’m tellin you thses are good. Well the good ones are n e way. The lemons not so good. But overall, I’m very very satisfied. It’s your choice. Um I’m a average guy I guess, who wanted a carry piece and didn’t want to spend all this money buying a gun and getting licensed to carry so I went with an econmical gun with great features; bad company rep, and ended with a jewel. $379 Taurus slim, $85 chl fee, $85 state register, $140 miscellaneous ccw stuff, $10 holster, $100 ammo, and getting the feeling of making a good decision and not believing all the bad stuff while being very satisfied is PRICELESS!

  • lostinbq

    i bought my slim back on dec 21 and its 350 rnds later its off to the factory for FTE’s. shot verry nice the first 300 rnds, but, went to the range last night with 2 other ppl and. shure enough the FTE’s came along. now if it was just me thats 1 thing but, multiple FTE’s on one 7 rnd clip thats call for suspison. especially after it happpend on 2 other ppl{1 a viet war vet} who shoots a much higher cal all day long. but i called taurus and thay where very nice. thay will have it picked up on monday and back to me in {hopefully} in the next 4 weeks =( {taurus says thay will replace the ejector and tweek it for me} i hope that thay do. o yea i did try multiple ammo from win, remmi{ only 7 rounds from last shoot}, and lawman, the first rounds shot was the only 7 remmi i had {no fte} and the rest had like i said multiple fte per clip. so on that note, why would i have to depend on a certin brand of ammo when it all{besides the +p cous it is not recomended} should shoot and eject like a champ. still a verry nice gun and i can hit the bull 9 8 all day long from 25 ft. just like a game concole when it comes out, break it in a and send it back when the bugs are worked out to get the proper fix.

  • lostinbq

    o yea the first 300 rounds where the win’s from walmart and remmi{100}

  • Lamar

    Thinkin bout sendin mine in just to be sure. Can’t hurt only will be without the gun for the repair time. I decided I need to run another 300 rounds to be sure. But like I said only the monarch brand ammo gave me issues. So we will see. Mean time I still love the slim.

  • Lamar

    Just bought a Crossbreed holster forthe slim. I’ve been wearing this set up for 1.5 weeks. I have to admit, all the reviews about the crossbreed Holsters are true. They are very comfortable and the tucking your shirt in part us also very true. No prints no see my gun. Very awesome. Get yourself a crossbreed. Their customer service is also very awesome and very user friendly. I emailed them a ton of times and got a answer each time. They are the best in my opinion. So if u need a IWB holster. GO CHECKOUT A CROSSBREED HOLSTER!

    Been doin lots of research and all is on here!

  • Bob

    Well after just too many failures to fire on almost all ammo the Slim is going taking a trip to Miami. While it is there I will have them check the loaded chamber indicator that doesnt indicate and the interesting wear pattern on the top of the barrel block from the milling of the slide. When it comes back I will re evaluate, but I gotta say I held a Ruger SR9c and it looked and felt real nice, larger capacity and extended magazine. Maybe I will just keep both.

  • Eric

    I had my local dealer order me a PT709 SS and I was the “first kid” on my block to get one. The dealer had not seen one yet, and everyone at the dealer was quite curious what this new pistol was all about and what it would shoot like. When I got it home I grabbed 4 boxes of ammo. 124gr Chinese ball in a generic red box, Sellier & Bellot 115gr, Aguila 115gr and Remington UMC yellow box 115gr.

    I started with the 124gr as this is what is listed for ammo in the owners manual. Shooting 7rds at a time I noticed 2 things. Gun shot way low and way left. Adjusted the sights and was now hitting in a 3 inch circle at 10 yards. That problem was now solved. I also noticed that the spent casings would get thrown anywhere from 20ft to my right and slightly back to hitting the ground right next to my right foot and sometimes ending up hitting my ankle. One warm one even went into my shoe. I shot 2 mags of the Chinese ball and then switched to the Aquila. On the 1st mag, the second round failed to extract all the way and the slide tried to load a new round up into the old casing. The spent casing was not stuck in anyway as it fell right out when clearing the jam. This happened 3 more times in 2 mags. I switched to the Sellier & Bellot and then the Remington. In every magazine with 7 rounds it would again fail to extract the spent casing 1 or 2 times in every mag. I switched back to the 124gr Chinese I started with and that was now failing too. Throughout all this there were no other problems. Needless to say I was not happy with visions of my new pistol having to take a Miami vacation for a month.

    I took the pistol inside and cleaned it up and looked it over carefully. I found a burr on the extractor near the lower corner. I used a small file and cleaned off the burr. My guess is the burr was preventing the extractor from getting a decent grip onto the casing rim. This would also explain the eratic extraction with casings hitting at my feet or getting tossed 20 feet away. I went back outside and tried again. Now it is consistently throwing all the casings 15 feet away into a nice group and I’m happy to report I have now shot about 300 more rounds through it without a single failure of any kind. Ammo doesn’t seem to matter as I tried about 8 different loads and it is working perfect with anything I feed it. If anyone is having problems, take a good look at the extractor. That is where my problem seemed to be.

  • Live free

    Sounds about right. When I sent my gun in Taurus fixed the extractor. I am waiting for cw permit and will look at the crossbreed. It looks nice

  • lostinbq

    too bad eric u did not post this 3 weeks ago lol cous u could have save the vacation of my gun.. i noticed the same thing on my extractor kinda looked like it was bent a lil at the bottom of it. so when i get it back i got 2 boxes im gona test it with and if i see that again i will try your solution. just grind it away lol…. let us kno if u get another fte and a picture would be nice of the extractor.

  • Mac

    I just purchased a 709 at a nearby gun show today. Been reading about it on line and have carried a Glock 19 for about 10 years.

    I have only fired 50 rounds through it, no issues with that at all.

    I am having a little problem when disassembling. I grip the slide with my right hand, hook thumb behind curve in grip. Pull back slide as per instructions and then pull down the two disassembly buttons. So far so good. Then while holding down the two buttons I slide the slide forward, it clears the retainer that the two buttons operate but then sticks. I can then move it further forward about 1/2″ or less and the slide stops. It won’t go forward any more. Sometimes I can force it forward and it is spring loaded. I think the spring that I am feeling is the striker spring. I think the projection on the firing pin that sticks down is hitting the sear on the trigger bar and that is blocking the slide from moving further forward.

    I have wiggled it or pushed harder and gotten the slide to go on forward so it can be taken apart but every time it sticks in this same spot.

    Am I doing something wrong? Have I missed some detail in getting the slide to come off?

  • Livefree

    Once the slide is back pull down on the breakdown button. Release rhe slide and pull the trigger. It should slide right off.
    Just went to the range. 7 degrees and the gun was accurate. A few misfire s, but still accurate at 10 y

    still having fun with the gun

  • Mac

    Livefree, Hey, that works just fine. Did what you said, and held by the grip, put my thumb on the back of the slide pushed gently there and pulled trigger at the same time and the slide just slid right off like it should.

    Many thanks for the tip.

  • john

    I have owned my pt709 for a couple of weeks now. love the way it feels wearing it around the house. Have not had it out yet do to not enough time to prove it. have put about 100 rounds of hornady throug it, it shot great. no problems yet. can’t wait till i get the next 400 through it so i can feel comfortable carring it

  • Matt

    Ok– I received my gun back from Academy Sports Via Taurus Manufacturing. Just to recap I purchased my 709 6 weeks ago. After firing over 300 rds through it the first week I had many FTF’s.

    I sent the gun back to Taurus a week after purchasing it. They just returned the gun to me after having it for four weeks.

    Anticipating great results I took my rebuilt gun to the local range. I fired 50 rounds of Lellier and Bellot ammo. I had 12 rounds FTF out of 50 rounds. I then shot 20 rounds of previously failed rounds. 10 misfired from these 20 rounds.

    Like I did before I had the range master fire the remaining failed rounds and ALL shot again from his Glock 9mm.

    After saying all of this unfortunately Taurus has made another unhappy customer. They will be receiving their gun back tomorrow.

    I hope I just had a bad apple and you all will have great success.

  • Noel

    Purchased the PT709 and fired several hundred rounds with no problems.
    I love this gun because of the size for CC and like the safety features.
    Looking for magizine grip extender for my little finger, and a holster otherwize a great gun.

  • Jay W.

    Just finished my first 100 rounds through my 709 slim. No mechanical problems at all. One issue though, Like some of the other owners that posted, mine shoots about 8 inches low. This is with the rear sight adjusted all the way up. I even had one of the “gun guys” that work at the range fire a couple of clips. He had the same results. Is this common and I should just compensate with the way I hold the gun, or should I call our friends in Miami? Thanks for the help.

    Oh by the way, I love this little beauty!

  • Mac

    I’d try it one more time from some kind of a rest situation. A sandbag or a good firm rolled up blanket or towel.

    Make sure you are using the proper sight picture. The top of the front sight is straight across with the top of the rear sight.

    Look at the sight adjustment directions one more time and make sure you haven’t lowered the sight instead of raising it. You lower the rear sight and the bullet strike lowers. 8″ low sound about like the lower limit of the adjustment. If you are not sure, try adjusting in the opposite direction that you have set it and see what happens, does it go lower?

    Not questioning your abilities just suggesting things to try before having a trip to Miami in your new baby’s future.

  • Jay W.

    Thanks for the tips. I think I have most of what you mentioned covered except for the support. Good idea. I will try that this weekend. I spoke to the Taurus folks today. They said that the gun is in need of “repair”. This is assuming that it is the gun and not the shooter. I will post back when I get more target data.

  • Brian

    Wow. I was gonna buy one of these but after reading this thead I may be looking for other options. I went to my local dealer and was impressed with this little pistol and liked the way it felt but…

  • David

    I have had such a good experience with my weapon. Other than my having a brief problem in the first 50 rounds, which I quickly identified as my wrist not being strong enough ( I had been shooting for an hour before trying the weapon, my wrist was sore,- so I just gripped tighter to correct it), I have had no problems. I have put at least 600 rounds through it. I did call the factory and found out that they do not suggest +P ammo, so after the first 100 rounds I switched to regular Federal JPH. I of course hate to read any negative experiences. Hopefully more people are taking the time to report negative experiences than the number of people who are taking the time to find a blog to post their positive ones. I will let you know if something changes, but I am very pleased at this point.

  • Jay W.

    Brian- I did a lot of research on these types of guns before I bought the Taurus. There is a difference between teething issues and a poorly made or designed gun. Even with a small issue like mine shooting low, Taurus said that I should send it in and they would take care of it. That’s not a problem as far as I’m concerned. I bought a $2500 trap gun from Browning that they replaced because it shot 6″ to the left at 40 yards. I love that gun and have a lot of respect for Browning. I’m starting to think the same way about Taurus. As with any production item, you’re lucky if you get a perfect one. But if you don’t, thats where the quality of the service comes in.


  • lostinbq

    well i just got mine back from its vacay due to fte’s. thay replaced my ejector and said it was fine now. i noticed that the ejector went from a strait to a lil bend near the end. (ill post a pic when i get my camera back to show) tho i have been snowed in all week hooray for fedex (better than my reg mail who finally came after a week fedex came through 3 feet of snow lmao) so i will try to get to the range after i drop my kid off at school on monday to see if this fix was the case. on another note i read a post simular to ur’s jay but to not go by neg posts cous its in our nature to say somthing ned instead of pos and with all newly made posessions in this world thay need a debug priod like with the xbox’s( and 360/(and a ps3 witch i broke in 4 days lol) and i will say that there cosutomer support was a++ in my book so if u are gona send it in go a head thay told me 5 to 6 week turnaround but i got mine back in just under 4 weeks. ill post monday with the trial run!

  • Chuck F

    I bought a 709 SS last Friday, and on Valentine’s Day took it and my wife to the range. The second round stovepiped shooting 199g Winchester RN target rounds. Then every second or third round failed to eject. One or two casings would stick and had to be pressed out with a cleaning rod. They wern’t really stuck, but wouldnt’t free fall out. Tried two magazines, still FTE. I did shoot a clip of Speer Gold dot 147g HP rounds, all functioned correctly. My initial thought was that the target rounds were the problem. I saved three or four cases and returned it to my local dealer. I did not disassemble the gun or clean it after the range trip. The owner of the gun shop noticed that a few of the cases had a slight bulge. He said another buyer of the the same model had the same issue and he had the weapon to return to Taurus. He then took my weapon and a few rounds of ammo that I had purchased from him, and a few rounds of a different factory load. On the second test shot he fired the right side of the gun failed. Several small pieces hit his hand and right cheek. The right side plastic part of the grip assembly fractured and splintered.

    So, I bought the first new handgun I’ve ever owned, and the first Taurus and the first time a gun I ever owned litteraly exploded.

    It’s also the last Taurus I’ll ever own.

    The gun shop owner took the PT 709, and I now have A Ruger SR9C and two boxes of ammo as an even swap for my trouble.
    I’m keeping the gun shop, not the Tarus.

  • Chuck F

    Sorry, that was 119g Winchester that failed to extract.

  • mberini

    got my 709 on friday feb 12 put 150 rounds with no problems.when i got it took it and cleaned it real good and oiled it.no problems.had to adjust the rear sight all the way to the left and it is still off.have to adjust a little different. and to all who are interested,the desantis pancake holster for the s&w sigma fits the 709 perfect.thanks to all who posted on this blog for all the good info before i bought mine.

  • Lamar

    Just got back from the range, put another 300 rounds. The gun performs great. I guess my prayer for a good gun worked cuz my lil slim is flawless. Thank you Jesus Christ. He answers prayers and saved me and saved me a good little Taurus slim.

    Officially my carry piece. Well broke in. Now u have to be careful not to limp wrist your shots or you will get a misfeed or double feed or failure to eject. I didn’t wimp wrist and all shot were perfect. Also very accurate.

  • Ron Napierkowski

    Bought my PT-709 about a month ago and love it. Today I fired one clip through it and when I went to fire the second clip it would not fire. The firing pin isn’t contacting. Keep it clean and know that’s not the problem. Firing pin won’t move forward. Any help? Hate to return it for service as it is my carry weapon

  • Mac

    I would guess that there is some oil or grease that has the firing pin safety lock stuck in. It is spring loaded and if it doesn’t pop out it would lock the firing pin.

    Take the slide off, turn it upside down and see if the little round button that is back where the firing pin is depressed all the way or if it has some movement when you push it. It should go in flush and then pop back out on it’s own.

  • Matt

    Hey Ron,

    After buying my PT709 I have had many FTF’s. Read above (Matt threads)
    I have since returned my gun for a full refund. Since this gun is my primary ccw, I had no faith that it would fire when I needed it to.

    A good friend at work did a lot of research on the Springfield Sub xd 9mm.
    He bought this gun about 4 months before I purchased my Taurus. He fired over 1000 rds in the gun prior to purchasing my new Taurus. He had only one FTF and attributed it to his home package loads.

    Needless to say after I sent my gun in for a full refund I listened to him more closely. I decided that the extra $100 and the slightly larger sized gun was worth a purchase for my primary ccw.

    I have owned this gun for about 1 month. I have fired 300 rds with no FTF. Disassembly is also a smap( unlike the Taurus ).

    The Springfield XD sub is light years ahead of the Taurus pt 709 in quality and reliabilty.

  • Rus


    Did you take your gun back to the dealer or did you return it to the factory for a refund? I need to do the same thing with mine.

    I sent mine back to Taurus for three weeks and they sent it back “repaired”.

    I took it to a CCW permit class to check it out. In 50 rounds, I had one FTF and three jams.

    Was I embarassed? You bet.

    No one else, firing a myriad of firearms, had any issues of any kind.

    I do not trust my life with this gun and I do not need a target weapon, so I am returning it somewhere.

    Thanks for your input.


  • Ron Napierkowski

    Just got off the phone with Taurus. They wouldn’t refund my money (neither would Erie Sports Store where I purchased it) and actually hung up on me. I will send it in for repair but would NEVER recommend a Taurus to anyone! The Taurus rep told me to get it repaired and try to sell it. I asked them why I should take a loss on a new gun and they told me to do whatever I wanted with it. When I said will you refund or should I just bad mouth Taurus they hung up on me.
    I will purchase a new carry weapon but looks like I’m stuck with this piece of crap.

  • Dan D

    Had same type of problems with my PT-709. Spoke with Taurus Tech support, nice people. They admit the gun has problems and are willing to ship and repair for free. After reading the review online on many sites I determined not to trust this gun with my life as I purchased for concealed protection. As with Matt (see above thread) I went out and purchased a Springfield XD Sub compact 9mm. I have fired 700 rounds (factory and hand loads) without any problem. I also own a full sized XD .45 Cal, nice gun no problems.

    Dan D

  • Matt

    Hello Ron,

    Fortunately for me I purchased the Taurus from Academy Sports ( a large retailer in our area ), and their management team agreed to refund my sale. It took a lot of convincing however.

    Most local arms dealers will not refund a gun sale. I purchased my XD from a small local dealer in town, because Academy did not have the Sub XD. After reviewing many blogs on the XD I was not concerned about buying my gun from a small shop, where I knew they would not return the gun.

    I know this blog is not about XD; however it is the best firearm I own. It is very easy to dissassemble and clean. It fires +p ammo and all target grade ammos without problems.

    I don’t want to sound like I’m slamming Taurus. I previously owned a P89 and fired the gun for years and had no problems. Unfortunately the new slim ( Great size and feel ) is built on a weak or under performing platform.

    Anyway if you decide on the XD Sub a great tuckable holster is http://highnoonholsters.com/Product_Line/Hidden_Ally/hidden_ally.html
    This link might help Dan as well. It sound like he just purchased the same Sub XD.

  • Mike C

    I`ve had my 709 since Sept.`09. I`ve had no issues with the gun until a friend in the Distributor business give me some frangible 100gr ammo to test before it hits the market. 12 out of 50 FTF even after doublestriking it. After checking with a micrometer we found the primers were set to low.
    I had a Winchester 115 FMJ case blow out the back (just above the primer ring) It blew a chunk of the frame off the gun exposing the metal inside.
    It was about 1/2″ down and about 2 1/2″ long. I`ve sent it to TIMI.
    Light powder burns on my hand and a flash to the face. (always wear your glasses) We then wore welding gloves and face shield and the thing still fires.
    Polymer frames are good for wieght reduction but with this 1 in a million case explosion, I`m leaning toward an all metal CCW pistol.
    Any suggestions on the smallest 9mm or .40 for CC?
    Walther PPS still has a poly bottom but I do like them.

  • Ron Napierkowski

    Took my Taurus to my local gunsmith (Gorenflo) to have repaired. After talking with Taurus, I had zero faith in them. Feel safer paying Gorenflo to repair than having Taurus repair for free. I really did love the feel and size of the taurus but am looking for a new carry gun. Am hoping after Gorenflo’s works on it they will tell me it will be a no problem pistol in the future but doubt it. Will check out the Sub XD

  • Rus

    Today’s update…

    I am no longer the owner of a Taurus PT 709 Slim.

    I took it back to the dealer where it was purchased, explained the problem to the owner and he made me an offer to buy it back. I took a small hit, but education costs money. I definitely received an education with this firearm.

    Has anyone noticed something I think may be a little suspicious?

    According to the dealer, Taurus dropped the price of the Slim by $30 on 1/1/2010. He says it is the hottest selling gun on the market. Well, if it is that big of a seller, why drop the price?

    Has anyone else seen a price drop on this gun? If yes, does anyone know WHY the price was dropped? It just does not add up to me.

    Although I do not still own the gun, I want to continue to monitor this blog to see what the future holds for Slim owners.

    Have a great week.


  • Steve

    someone mentioned better than spending extra for a sub glock, the price of the glock is well worth the investment of around $500. The glocks are made to chew up everything you feed through them and they will, believe me I’ve tried a wide variety. With plenty of great little upgrades you can’t go wrong.
    I had a Tarsus PT-111 and had misfires on ammo that a glock spits out with out a problem. I also have some CZ’s they don’t like aluminum casing, sites are hard to see when needed for longer shots because dots are so small, otherwise next best to glock.

  • Luke

    Man, I’m glad I read this blog. It seems like its 50/50 to the extreme on the 709. It’s either perfect or a lemon. I was looking at one for my wife. I carry a sub XD .40 that has been flawless but is a little wide for my wife. Any suggestions on another compact 9mm in a “slimmer” design.

  • Ron Napierkowski

    Check this one out at aimsurplus. $170 Polish Radom P-64 9×18 Pistol

  • Rus


    I am researching that same issue for my wife. One local dealer praises the Kahr. Another likes the Walther PPS. I have not been able to get my hands on a Ruger SR9 Compact so I cannot speak on the gun.

    Of the ones listed above, I personally like the PPS. It has a nice finish, slim design and is reportedly very reliable. It is much higher priced than the Taurus, but I fall back on the old “Get what you pay for” addage and believe that to be correct.

    I personally carry a S&W M&P 40 Compact. I have never in over 40 years, had a problem with a Smith, present weapon included. For duty gunds, I carry a full size M&P 40 with laser grips or a Springfield XD9 with rear laser sights. All have been flawless.

    Before I buy another gun, I will rent one at the range and put a serious number of rounds through it before a decision is made.


  • David

    I am really happy with my 709 slim. I hate to read about the problems som people are having. another weapon that is similar but a little larger is the walther pps. I have never fired one though- so can’t comment on it. It isn’t a great looking weapon. The gun store where I got my 709 has not had one customer have a problem. they sell a lot of walther pps also.

  • Matt


    Two great guns to consider. Ruger Sr9c– heard great reviews. Gun is still very new; however built on a proven platfrom of the Sr9.

    I own the Kel Tec PF9. As far as weight and size this gun takes the cake. The draw back is a stiff double action only pull. This might make it hard for your wife. This gun has been very reliable for me.

  • hondyboy

    I’ve been carrying a 709B for several months in a CrossBreed MiniTuck IWB. I also bought a couple of belts with velcro. I mainly use the velcro attachments, and I find it very concealable and comfortable. Although, be careful on folding chairs! I usually carry at 5 o’clock, and I’ve have the grip catch on the underside of chairs a couple of times. It’s a bit embarrassing, but I don’t think anyone figured out what happened.

    I’ve been shooting for less than a year, but this is my 3rd pistol. I’ve put hundreds of rounds of numerous types of rounds (except WWB) through the 709, and it has performed flawlessly every time. Not one issue…and I’ve definitely limpwristed before. I too wish there were a magazine extension or extended mag, especially for my wife to use. I have practiced increasing my finger and hand strength to be able to hold onto the 709, and it’s paid off. I’m very good at 30ft and good at 50ft.

    I’m don’t like hearing about the poor experiences of others, but after reading about a lot of guns, it seems that every manufacturer has problems. Of course, poor customer service is where they can make it up. Hopefully, this will not be a trend for Taurus.

    I really enjoy my 709, and I’m hoping to buy another one for my wife.

  • Lee

    I am new to guns in general, (about a year now)but obtained my CWP last August after taking the one day course in May and passing the tests required in SC. (only previous gun experience was in boot camp in 1965 serving my 6 months in the active duty part of my NG service–did learn how to tear down a M1 in those days–yeah-had an outdated weapon ) I bought a Stoegar Cougar 9mm for my first gun to carry (bought it in April before I took my CWP course) and decided maybe it was too big so I then purchased the Taurus 709 in Aug of 2009 after I received my CWP permit. I have not shot either gun that much, but (probably about a hundred fifty rounds or so in each gun) I do have a friend who is 74 years old (I am 66) and has been shooting guns since he was a child and has given me some good advice. (realize I need to get in a lot more practice)

    After reading this forum I am a little concerned about the Taurus 709 now as I have only shot that limited number of rounds through it. I have cleaned it several times and had a local gun shop owner check it after cleaning it the first time before I shot it again–but all was well) I shot Monarch, Winchester and Remington jhps and have not had any problem at all so far. I do hold that gun like it is worth a million bucks so that may be what has helped it fire with no problems.

    The Stoeger does feel like a much better gun, but a little large for carry, but I may change to it anyhow as I don’t want a “plastic” gun exploding in my face. I have also purchased a Rossi 357 snub nose (R462) but have not fired it yet.

    I could purchase a 4th gun for carry if anybody has any suggestions. I might even get another 9mm as I have hundreds of ammo for the 9mm guns. I will probably be carrying the Taurus for now, but might consider some other guns that are maybe more reliable. Or is this like automobiles–you can find some people unhappy with every gun made today.

  • Ron Napierkowski

    Just got my PT-709 back from Gorenflos. Sear was bent and had a burr from the factory. They charged me $45 but said the pistol should be fine now. Like the feel of this gun but do not trust it as my carry weapon. I couldn’t find a Glock that felt comfortable in my hand and will buy the Polish 9×18 at aimsurplus for now. Will continue hunting for a good carry weapon.
    Will fire the beejesus out of my Taurus next weekend and if no problems, will alternate it as carry. Looks like I will be adding pistols to my rifle collection….

  • Steve

    if your looking for a subcompact pistol that is slimmer try the CZ 75 P-01. this is a great feeling weapon use plus P’s as personnel defense. or you can get the CZ 83 and order it with a 9×18 barrel this is a great feeling weapon to, with very short trigger pull you will need to get used to using your index finger to release the magazines on the 83, this is due to the design of the grips which are excellent, it does have mag release on both sides but easier with index finger. the P-01 has a decocker and the 83 has a safety. they have a hammer and will be easy to pull hammer back for a SA pull as against others that have a plunger type hammer which you will have to leave the chamber empty than chamber a round to get SA pull, as to the CZ’s being able to have one in the chamber, then letting the hammer down and if your in a pickle start with a DA on 1st shot or if time permits pull hammer back and start SA. most CZ’s are mil-spec so I wouldn’t be afraid to shoot Plus P ammo to protect yourself. I carry a G-32 with 1490fps frangible bullets, practice IDPA to keep my shots in the chest or head area. But I wouldn’t hesitate to carry a good Plus P 9mm to protect myself with my CZ, as kinetic energy is your friend not a slow moving heavier bullet with less kinetic energy being released on impact. the compact glock feels good with my big hands, paddle holster with my shirt hanging out and It’s good to go. smaller hands I would check out the compact to subcompact CZ’s you could depending on were you buy it spend $400 to $600 depending on what you get, bet CZ or Glock it will be quality. These are the most dependable weapons that just happen to have a good cost on them and the Glock is rated as the 3rd best pistol in the past 100 years. I could explain how to take this weapon down to you on the phone. Just a little knowledge on this pistol and you will be ordering your own parts and installing them with ease.

  • Vince

    Picked up PT709 on saturday 27 Feb. Tried to Disassemble and clean, and had a terrible time getting slide off (like Mac on Feb 1st). I tried all the different methods recommended. I even went so far as to use the proceedure in the manual. I could get it off with difficulty 1 out of ten tries.
    I also noticed that FIRST strike trigger pull is not consistant. Sometimes it feels like 15lb pull. SECOND strike seems O.K.
    I looked closely and think I know what the trouble is, but need you folks with nicely function pistolas (PT709) to look @ yours and see if it is the same or different than mine.
    The sear spring (skinney peice of wire) sticks out the front of the sear on mine, about a 1/16″, and catches on whatever the sear rests on when the sear functions.
    If you don’t see a projection, or it is less that about a 1/16″ from the front of the sear then that is my problem.
    This would explain the slide cap (1.21 exploded view) on the slide from being able to depress and clear the sear for slide removal.
    Might also explain the crappy trigger pull.
    Thanks for your help

  • Mike C

    I would’nt be concerned with the Taurus as far as “exploding” in your face.
    The round I fired, the case opened through the back just above the primer
    ring. I’ve shot since I was 10 (4-10 shotgun) and pistols since I was 15, I’m 43 now and I have NEVER had anything like this happen. Winchester is making good on the shipping and Taurus has a lifetime warranty. When I get it back I will carry it. I’m in S.C. also and the concealment rules help make the 709 slim the damn near perfect CWP firearm.
    I’m just looking for a super slim .40 like the PPS.
    I do love my 709.
    A firearm is’nt a weapon until you use it as one.

  • Mike C

    For the grammer Nazi’s, I meant “remember”

  • Luke

    So, as my previous post stated I was looking for a carry pistol for my wife and after reading this blog I was a little concerned about the PT709. We went “shopping” this weekend and looked at a variety of pistols including the pps, kel tec, and xd all in 9mm. After comparing all 4 my wife loved the feel of the PT709. So we decided to take the leap of faith and purchase that one. I knew if she didnt like the way it felt in her hands, she wasn’t going to be comfortable with it. We have not taken it to the range yet, I am going to throughly clean it and inspect it tonite. I will keep you guys informed of our results. Happy shooting guys!

  • Rus


    If your wife is not an experienced semi-auto shooter, be sure to tell her to hold the gun like a solid gold brick worth a million dollars.

    If she does not hold it tight, she will have ejection malfunctions. She will most likely have jams even holding the gun tightly.

    I did.

    It is called limp-wristing. If the gun is not held tightly, it will bounce up after each shot and not have the torque needed to properly eject the empty cartridge.

    If you get fail-to-fires there is no human error involved. It is just the typical Taurus malfunction.

    I do not want to rain on your parade, but I took mine back because I had zero confidence in this weapon saving my wife or myself. I also took back a Taurus Mil Pro for the same reasons.

    I feel very comfortable in saying Taurus firearms are not quality products.

    I have seen some Sig P250 compact pistols for about $450 that I am exploring.

    I wish you the greatest of luck with your purchase.


  • hondyboy

    Best of luck to you both! Since the 709 is so light, it’s going to kick more than a larger gun…but you’ll get used to it. For carry, it does seem like the perfect size.

  • Lee

    Mike C,

    Thanks for the advice. I talked to a young man who works at a local car dealer that I visit often and he is a Marine (x–but I know they are always marines) who for 6 years served our country. Anyhow, he had looked at my PT 709B and purchased one himself. I asked him how it was doing and I mentioned some of the complaints on this forum. He said he had shot over 1000 rounds through it without a problem and that it was very accurate. In my case I am not too accurate, but so far the only problem with my limited rounds I have shot. I guess experience cannot be replaced with anything but experience. I hope to get some more time shooting soon.

  • Ron Napierkowski

    Shot my PT709 yesterday after having it repaired at my local gunsmith. 50 rounds of Wolf with zero problems. Also shot 50 rounds through my Polish Radom ($170 at aimsurplus) with zero problems. The Radom is used but fires very nicely and comes with two clips and a holster. It is the same size and nearly the same weight as the Taurus but fires 9×18 instead of Luger 9×19. The Taurus has better sites but the Radom is a better value.

  • Techsan

    I went to the range today to sight in my Slim. I had been having the oft-repeated “shoots low and left” problem. I was shooting three round groups at a range of 30ft. As I adjusted the sights and shot a few groups, I noticed I kept getting one flyer and two really tight (like damn near through the same hole. The flyer was WAY off, like 2-3 inches which is like a mile at 10yds. I finally noticed that the flyer was always the first shot. The only thing I could think of was the manual cycling vs auto cycling. I was inserting the mag with the action closed and manually racking the slide to chamber the first round. I tried inserting the mag with the action open and releasing the lock to chamber the round. On the first try this way, I shot a three-round group inside 1.5″. I never imagined that this could make this much difference. I repeated the test doing it both ways about five more times each with the same results every-time. In the past, I’ve had a lot of FTFs with reloads (I’ve not had the same problem with the same reloads in different guns). I can’t say for sure, but I can’t remember a single time when the FTF occured in the middle of a magazine so this could be the same problem as with the flyers. Keep this in mind. Now that I’ve figured this out, I may get back to where I can trust this gun with a few hundred rounds with no more problems. If you’re having the same issues, keep this in mind.

  • lostinbq

    i was bored the other day in my basement and saw a casing on the floor from my last trip to the range and i was looking at it. (rember the multiple fte’s per clip) what i noticed was that there was no how u say friction mark from the extractor like it missed the casing completely. looks like thay put a new extractor in that was bent more. im still trying to get to the range (or a friends house) but this snow is still on the ground in freakn march>.<. my only concern now is that i kno the gun functions on the recoil to eject the casing but before its trip it would unrack a round without dropping it( through where the mag goes/ out the side before unloaded mag) and that beacouse of the ejector being cocked in more when i do unrack a round that the ejector is hitting just about the primer litterally this far away (.0 ) idk if that crappy diagram works but its a refrence tool. (but like i said the extractor was bearley making contact with the casing. i wish i had my camera to take a pic and show but….

    good morning to all and ill update…. (shoudl i be concerned about the marks on the primer from the ejector when i unrack a round?)

  • Vince

    A follow up on my entry dated Mar. 1.
    The day after I Posted, I decided to call Tarus about the problems I was having with the PT-709 (I owned it for 2 days and never got to shoot it) and they sent out Fedex to pick it up that day (Excellent).

    The pistol, according to Fedex tracking, was received in Miami on Mar. 2nd (overnight, Excellent) .

    On Mar. 8th I finally received a letter stating that they had gotten the pistol and it would be 5 to 6 weeks to process (NOT so excellent).

    So, here I sit, with the PT-709 on Vacation in Miami for 5-6 weeks before it does a lick of work. Thank GOD for Ruger & Springfield.

    I think I know one of the reasons Taurus can sell their products for less.
    Quality control at Taurus is now suspect to me, as the problems this pistol had were gross, easily observed malfunctions (if it had been quality checked).

    5 or 6 weeks, to replace an action group held by one pin, could mean that they have a big backlog of products with problems, Or maybe they have to swim to Brasil and back with the parts.

    I would recommend to Folks out there that they at least function check and field strip any pistol they are thinking of purchasing, or have the store owner do it in front of you. Don’t trust that it will work out of the box, as I did.

    I heard a lot of good things about Taurus over the years, but, I definetly won’t trust Taurus with my life after this incident. If these problems could get by their “QC”, then their “QC” is asleep or nonexistent.

    When I get it back, the PT-709 will have to do a LOT more work than my other pistols, before I trust it for protection.

  • Tina

    Bought this gun for personal protection/home security and I really wish I’d read this first. The very first time I took it to the range it fired 13 shots before sticking and locking partially back on the 14th. The guy at the indoor range (which belongs to the store I bought the gun from – by the way) told me that there is a “breaking in” period for these guns and that I should get 300 to 500 rounds through it as soon as economically feasible. Sounded like a bunch of bull to me and that they didn’t want to send the weapon back, even though he told me it was the 3rd Taurus in 2 days with the same problem. Is there any truth to this or should I go ahead and take it back? If I can’t rely on it, what good is it?

  • Mike C

    I’ve not heard of a break-in for this pistol, I have for a Kahr.
    Be sure to clean the shipping grease out of the action before you shoot.

    Got conformation as you did on the 5-6 week period, I called Taurus and told them that was unacceptible as this was my carry gun, They are expiditing mine ASAP.

    I dunno?

    I decided to give Taurus another chance and bought a Millennium Pro PT140 in .40 cal. 150 rnds no problem and it feels great. Just a hair low (Blonde not Black) Everyone knows a Blonde hair is thinner than a Black one. And the PT140’s sites do not adjust.
    A little thicker than the 709 but it fits my IWB holster.
    I think they are good guns but do have some QC issues.

  • Rus

    Greetings my fellow enthusiasts.

    After selling my 709 last week, I saw a new Sig P250 at Academy Sports. It is DAO and has interchangable grips, triggers and slides.

    So, being a brave sort, I ordered the two tone 9mm. It arrived today and I went directly to the range with wife and son.

    I shot it first so if it blew up, I would be the victim. No blow-ups. To the contrary, it was one of the finest guns I have had the pleasure of owning.

    Unlike my former Taurus, after 150 rounds of evey kind of miscellaneous round I had floating around in my bag, NO FTF’s and no FTE’s.

    The double action only trigger was very smooth and recoil was almost unnoticable.

    So, for those asking about the alternative to the “Slim”, I would suggest you get your hands on the new Sig P250.

    The real shock was that the gun was selling for $450.00.

    A Sig for under $700??? Really???


    It is money well spent in my humble opinion.


  • lostinbq

    too bad rus. mine is flawless(now). finally got to go shooting after i got my slim back from miami for FTE. like i said in my last post i noticed the ejector was just barley hiting the casing. well i got 5 clips through it yesterday and it was flawless. i shot it, my wife and my buddy( who just bought a taurus pt 915 2 days ago) its a full sized but nicehe got for $460. but 5 clips no FTE( well i cant say that there was no FTE cous when i shot 1 handed i limped and the gun was functioning right case was ejecting lol but i limped it and it cought the bottom of the casing in the slide i wish i got a picture cous it was wild looking how it cought the casing…) other then that man i dont kno. if u e-mail me i can send a pic of wat thay did to my ejector. lostinbq [ at] excite.com

    happy shooting and gj with ur slims.

    a man said if taurus was in such bad quality leaving the factory then why are thay sill in buisness after 70 years. and in this day and age of modern tech…

  • Rus

    Thanks “lost”, I appreciate your input.

    In my last post, I relayed my information on the new Sig P250 that I bought for my wife. We all liked it so well, I bought another one. Both are two-tone; one stainless and one nickel finish. Both are starting out as 9MM.

    The advantage is that the P250 is not much larger physically but it is a 15+1.

    I found mine at Reed’s Outdoor Store in Minn through Gunbroker.com. They were $480 plus $20 shipping second day air. For the $90-$100 difference over the Slim, I believe I got an extra $200-$300 in value.

    My local dun dealer said that they seel about 30 Slims a week and now they are starting to be about 20 of them back.

    Again, just my humble opinion.

    Stay safe….shoot straight.


  • lostinbq

    nice rus.. im waiting for some extra cash to come in befor i buy another.. my friend got a taurus 917 in 9mm, its nice and built solid. he got it used and saved $100 but its still nice.. i might get 1 in a 40.. as for the slim i do beleave thay rushed it but with a lil tweak its better and idk if thay are making them with a better extractor. but gl on ur purchase i kno its a nice gun i rented 1 and shot it a couple times.

  • Lamar

    The secret to the slim is you have to rack the slide, insert the magazine, release the slide with te release and whenu fire you must hold it with all u got. No limp wristing or u will have all those stove pipes and fte. I used the slim for the range portion oft chl. I had no problems. And Tommy surprise that little gun is accurate out at 15 yards. I was shocked to be honest. I shot all within the bullseye area. One flew off but that was my fault. I think that the slim is an awesome gun. I feel bad fe all those people who had problems with theirs. I am glad that I got a good one. God is good to me.

    Well yall take care!

  • david

    Lamar- Do you know why you found it necessary to rack the slide, insert the magazine, release the slide with the release, versus just inserting the magazine and then releasing the slide?

    I have hear a few people say this- but I have not found it necessary and am not clear why. I just found that when I insert that magazine and rack the slide that I just have to make sure I pull the slide all the way back.

    I hate to hear about the people who have had problems. Mine has worked flawless, except a few times when I did not grip it tight enough- and that was after firing other weapons for nearly and hour and being tired. I gripped it tighter after the first problem and that resolved it.

  • Travis

    Purchased my PT709 blue about 2 weeks ago. I normally shoot a Glock 19 and am very used to it but it’s too big for concealed carry which is the intended role of the PT709. As a reference point my slow and deliberate G19 shooting is fairly consistent groups, 6″ diameter at 50ft. – marksman I ain’t but I do hit in the neighborhood.

    At this point I may have 300 rounds through the PT709 with various ammo, mainly WM stuff. Problems experienced so far are: highly inaccurate (always way low to the left), FTF, FTE. Tried to isolate some of the major shooting problems using sandbags at the range but to no avail, still inaccurate, lots of FTF/E’s. One quality issue observed is that the ejector pin hits the slide cap when putting the slide back on after disassembly (it appears to rub the inner “median” of the slide too). Also when dry firing, the slide and barrel move up and down about a millimeter – on mine this can be observed by looking through the slide/frame gap or putting fingers on the same gap and dry firing.

    Had some more experienced pistol shooters shoot the Slim. They were much more accurate (1st clue). They did comment on the heavy trigger though (2nd clue). I started paying better attention to my failures: my FTF’s seemed due to inadvertent releasing of the mag. It seemed that my right thumb was coming down during recoil and pressing the eject button. The FTF had a beneficial effect in that it exposed a Godzilla sized flinch on the subsequent dry fire – don’t have this on the Glock so it appears that the Slim’s recoil scares me 🙁 I don’t yet have a theory for the FTE’s though other than limp wristing.

    I had these same experts critique my grip and they made some recommendations that I adopted and sure enough my groups tightened and began to converge on the target – some groups were overlapping holes and I actually had bulls eyes! After the grip adjustments and holding on with maximum strength, the gun became much more accurate and exhibited no more FTF/E’s – so far anyway.

    The apparent lesson as others have stated here is that one must grip this thing for dear life and in my case anyway, use the left thumb to pin the right thumb against the grip so it doesn’t do something stupid.

    With that happy ending out of the way it’s apparent that this gun requires exceptional (for me) handling. I don’t know that I could shoot it predictably in a stressful situation or that I wouldn’t inadvertently release the mag, cause a jam, miss wildly, etc. The question is: are these skill sets I should strive to develop in order to keep this gun or should I recognize my current limitations, sell it, and compromise with a bigger gun (e.g. G26 or similar)? (there is no argument that I should improve and will do so, but at this time this pistol appears to require a top performance from me.)

    One silver lining: after missing barn broadsides all day with the Taurus, my Glock seems to find the targets unaided. Maybe that’s a good reason to keep it but perhaps not as a CCW. What does everyone think?

  • Jay W.

    Got my Slim back from Taurus a couple of weeks ago. I had sent it in because of it shooting excessively low, and that’s the only issue that I had with it. They installed a shorter front sight and adjusted the rear. I’ve taken it to the range twice since I got it back and shot about fifty rounds each time. The gun has performed flawlessly with about five different brands of ammo including some defensive rounds. No issues whatsoever. I also have a new S&W M&P 9c. My target hits are almost as good with the Slim as they are with the S&W. the Slim will be a great carry gun.
    Travis- The first time or two that I shot my new Slim, I was all over the place with it. I wondered “what the heck did I buy here”. I was also surprised by the recoil. But with some practice and some hints that I received from my CCW class, things have fallen into place. I hope it does the same for you.

  • Travis

    Jay W.

    Thanks for your input. It’s good to hear your success story.

    As for my Slim, at a minimum it needs a repair for the ejector pin hitting the slide end cap. However before it goes back, I’ve decided to work on my problems a bit longer – grip and trigger control to stop the FTF’s, FTE’s, and flinching. When I’ve done all I can then I’ll have a better idea about its reliability, accuracy, and needed adjustments, if any, and will communicate these opinions to Taurus when I send the gun back for repair.

    Obviously if these problems aren’t surmounted, then the Slim isn’t for me and it’ll be looking for a new home. I should know in the next 200 rounds or so.


  • livefree

    Well I have been silent for a while mainly because of the weather. Well it is finally warm enough to use the outside range. I am surprised how negative the comments have become. I started to wonder. I went to the range and in limited time shot off 50rds of walmart special: it was the federal . All 50 without a problem. Had not fired it for a while but by the 3rd clip I was on center. I can not say it enough as I did before and others have too : death grip, locked elbows in a combat stance. Smooth trigger and follow through. Otherwise any movement and you will not know where the bullets are going. I guess the one knock would be it is easy to move during trigger pull and shoot low. I wish they would make an extension like the Ruger r9c. I also wish the trigger guard was scalloped to aide in the grip and not sloped. Still , I pulled this from a holster and am confident it will hit 7 yds. I also clean my guns well.

  • David Holland


    Heard some favorable comments about the Taurus PT 709. Picked one up today. Have not fired it yet. All info indicates its a single action trigger system with a 4 to 7 pound pull. However the manuel relates its a SA/DA pistol which confuses me. My Springfield SD 9 sub compact is also a SA trigger system. Guess I’ll know when I fire that first round, either the SA 4-7 pull or DA 7-9 pull. Hope its a straight SA pistol and the manuel was a misprint. If someone knows for sure, please let me know. Dave

  • mike c

    It is both, If you shoot and it fails to fire pulling the trigger again will strike the cartridge again. This is exclusive to Taurus. So it is a DA/SA trigger. Shooting some frangible ammo that is being tested for market, I had 6 out of 50 FTF. The double strike fired 2 of those.
    I recieved word from Taurus that my Slim was unable to be repaired. Case exploded above the rim and blew a chunk of the frame out, And they are out of stock.
    I bought a PT140 millennium in .40 S&W A little thicker but a bad-ass gun.

  • Travis

    After the last 200+ rounds, experienced 8 jams using Winchester and Blazer. (There’s > 600 overall through the gun with roughly a 4% jam rate – way too high) Jams were evenly divided between FTF’s and FTE’s. Encountered a new problem, the gun doesn’t always lock open on the last bullet – these were not associated with FTF, FTE, or mag drops.

    FTF’s were mostly caused by the mag dropping – I’ve been changing the grip to avoid that scenario but haven’t found a reliable cure yet. FTE’s present a problem as they take longer to correct and I don’t understand why they’re happening. As stated in a previous post the ejector pin is off a bit so maybe that’s the problem. Overall in a self defense scenario, these are unacceptable problems. BTW, other shooters at my range had similar experiences on this pistol.

    The gun shoots low, period. I can compensate by aiming high with rear sights at max height. Target pistol it ain’t.

    Called Taurus and they were not helpful – no shipping label, box, nothing other than telling me to send it back and they’d look at it. Suspect they’re getting a lot of calls on this piece. Considering Fedex and UPS mandatory overnight shipping costs and possible Taurus charges and disinterest it doesn’t look worth it.

    If you folks have any suggestions I’ll be happy to listen during my cool off period, otherwise it looks like I’ll be selling it. This is my first and last Taurus product.

  • David Holland


    In answer to my own post about the manuel relating the PT 709 is SA/DA. I have determined that the PT 709 routinue shoots single action with about 5-6 pound pull. The double action pull is there if you have a round that did not go off and you can pull the trigger again in DA to see if the round will ignite. The trigger systen on the weapon allows you to do this without racking the gun. A nice firing gun and I had no mis-fires. I always use S & B ammo, FMJ , 115 grain for my weapons. A little expensive but good ammo. Dave

  • livefree

    In answer to Travis,
    Stick with the glock. they are indestructible and one of the most reliable guns out there. That said, I hate shooting them. Same with most revolvers. My slim is fine but takes alot of practice. I understand an CCW should be practiced with extensively if you want to rely on it. I shoot 22 match bullseye and can miss the target with the wrong trigger twitch. Had 2 stove pipes with my ruger mark 11 match pistol and a misfeed last night. The slim is only for short distance in my hands. If my XD was not so big , I would carry that, I love it. I figure even if I shoot low with the slim it would still hit a torso. I would also say the DA is useless, I have not been able to restrike a misfire , not that I have had many.
    The slim is not a good first gun. Small movements are very magnified. I had to shoot it a few times before I understood how to handle it.
    Who owns one gun anyway?

  • Rus


    May I suggest you call Taurus again and hopefully get a different CSR. I sent mine back (before I sold it) and the rep was very helpful. He arranged for FedEx to pick up the gun the following morning. That airbill was already completed. All I had to do was slide the gun case into the FedEx box and it was on its way.

    Three and a half weeks later, the rep called to tell me my gun was going out that afternoon if I could be at home to sign for it the next morning.

    Although they did not fix the problem, the service was excellent.

    Much like yourself, I lost confidence in the 709 when it came back from the factory with the same FTF and FTE problems.

    I immediately sold it and bought two SIG P250’s at under $500 each for the two-tone. They have been an excellent investment and I recommend them highly.

    The 709 was my last Taurus. Last summer, I bought a Mil Pro 9 and had the same problems. I took it back within an hour of purchase and replaced it with an XD-9, which I also love. I got caught up in the hype on the 709 and how it was much improved over all the other Taurus models previously made.

    In the game of guns, you do truly get what you pay for.

  • Rus

    I have seen several people say that a firm grip stops FTF’s. How exactly does that happen?

    I understand the grip, or lack thereof, affecting FTE’s, but not FTF’s.

    FTF’s happen because the trigger spring did not allow the firing pin to move forward with enough force to explode the primer.

    Hopefully, someone smarter than me can clear this up for me.


  • Travis


    I suspect Taurus is seeing a lot of Slim’s come back at the moment so they probably can’t afford to provide free shipping to work on problems they can’t fix. I’m not inclined to pay the mandatory overnight shipping charge so it probably won’t go back at all.

    I just don’t understand why a company in the age of the internet would damage its reputation with sub-par product and customer service.

    It’s time to sell and get something I can trust my life to. As stated before this is my first and last Taurus ever.

    Wish all you owners the very best and hope you never actually need your Slim.

  • livefree

    In clarification to answer Rus. I have not read all the comments in detail but most of them. I state a firm grip is necessary to prevent target errors only because of the small radius of the barrel. This would be true for any small gun. It makes sense that it would also prevent FTE as is the case with any small gun also. you are right about FTF ( maybe trigger control). I use the generic ammo and seldom have that problem.
    Customer service has been excellent. If you dont like the gun move on. I have not had any problems. There are plenty of Taurus haters out there.
    I bought a nice Beretta Neos but sold it when I realized it would never be a match pistol. I took a little loss but not bad in the scheme of things.
    Maybe there are quality control issues but when I read the above posts not all of the problems are with the gun.
    If you want 95-99% reliability by all means buy a glock, XD or any revolver and be happy

  • David Holland


    Saw where Jeff Quinn wrote a review of the Taurus PT 709 and it was favorable to the weapon. I see some who write negative comments about this weapon so I decided prior to purchase to write Jeff Quinn an email and ask him 2 questions about the Taurus PT 709.
    (1) Would you own this weapon?
    (2) Would you carry this weapon as a CCW?
    Jeff’s respond—I do own this weapon and it is a fine weapon and I have never had a miss-fire from this weapon. In his article he related that this weapon is one of the best weapons Taurus has made. Good right out of the box. He further related to my email that the majority of weapon problems deal with choice of ammo. If you use quality ammo in the weapons a lot of the problems go away. My experience as a military policeman for 22 years and civilian law enforcement for 25 years using all kinds of weapons in both fields indicate it is a must that you use quality ammo if you want your firearm to protect your life and others. I see from some of your readers comments that they do not use quality ammo and some use re-loads. Problems? What do you expect? I purchased the PT 709 and with quality ammo it shoots great, no miss-fires. Dave

  • Rus

    Hey Live..

    I agree that some of the Tauras guns must be good or they would be out of business altogether.

    I just want to give my perspective on your statement “I use the generic ammo and seldom have that problem.”

    The key word in that sentence to me is “seldom”.

    Before I continue, let me say that I am very spoiled in the rhelm of firearms.

    My very first gun was a S&W model 66 4 inch that I bought in about 1973 when they first appeared on the market. Shortly thereafter, I bought the 2.5 inch of the same model. I still have both of those guns today.

    In 1981, I used both of those guns in a defensive situation and they saved my life. The two perps who were burglarizing my house were not so fortunate. I truly owe my life to those two guns.

    They are revolvers and are, of course, 100% reliable.

    My first slider is a S&W M&P 40 full size. My second is a S&W M&P 40 cmpact. I have never had one issue with either of them after several hundred rounds through each.

    They have always been 100% reliable.

    Based on the above, I expected, perhaps in naivativity, that all firearm brands that were household names would be as reliable.

    On a whim, my wife and I went to a gun show last summer and my wife fell in love with a Taurus Mil Pro 9 so I bought it for her. We went directly to the range about a mile away and in two clips, had 4 FTE’s and 3 FTF’s. Fortunately, the seller was local and gave me his business card with his cell number so I called him and took the gun back.

    He offered to take the gun back and offered to upgrade it to a Springfield XD-9 for $60, saving me about $75, if I so desired. I jumped on it and took the XD. It, like the Smith’s, has been 100% reliable.

    When the 709 first appeared on the horizon, I was skeptical but read the reviews in the gun magazines that stated the gun was great and all the ghosts that haunted Taurus had been eliminated in this new model.

    I bought into the hype and bought one.

    I now believe that if a gun review is not positive, it will not see print. Writers have to make a living just like the rest of us.

    Short version, after a trip back to the factory, I had no confidence in the gun to save me or my wife if push comes to shove.

    A lot of guys would say “If it doesn’t work, give it to the wife”.

    I am a little different because I have a wonderful wife and we have been married 33 years with two fabulous children.

    I digress.

    I sold the 709 for a small loss and as you said, it was just a small cost of education.

    I bought a new SIG P250 as its size and capacity were very similar to the Mil Pro and the wife likes its features. It, too, has been 100% reliable. I just bought another one for my daughter. She, too, loves it.

    In summary, I have no confidence in nor patience for “seldom”.

    My luck would be that “seldom” would decide to strike at a time with “reliable” would be much better. “Seldom” could easily leave you dead.

    To those chosen few who have found a reliable Taurus, I wish you continued good fortune. I hope that “seldom” does not appear at a time when your life is in danger.

    This is just my story and the conclusion I reached based upon my own personal experience.

    I do not sell guns and have no motive for personal gain in my writing.

    I will leave each other clear-thinking adult in this group to make their own independent decision about the 709 and all other weapons.


  • Rus


    I understand your frustration. I have been there and got the t-shirt.

    It is the precedent and warranty set by Taurus that requires them to provide you with the gun that you expect and purchased.

    I would keep calling until you get a CSR who will give you the satisfaction that came with your purchase. Make them live up to their agreement if it is important to you.

    I did not want to spend the time and effort so I just sold mine and moved on.

    Just as an FYI to everyone, you can ship a firearm by second day delivery through UPS. I expect FedEx would have that same opportunity. It is about half the cost of next day air.

    I used that service when I purchased a SIG P250 and paid for the shipping.


  • Ron Napierkowski

    I shoot Wolf through my PT709 and Silver Bear through my Polish Radom. I haven’t had one FTF or FTE with the Radom after 1,000 rounds. After having the PT709 repaired haven’t had a single FTE and only two FTFs and those fired after second trigger pull. But prior to having the Taurus repaired had fired hundreds of rounds without any major problems, just a few FTFs. But let me tell you, there is a strange feeling when your carry weapon suddenly just won’t fire. The previous FTFs with Wolf ammo didn’t bother me as I used Federal Hydra Shoks as my carry ammo. You just never know when that Taurus is going to fail. The Radom is from 1972 and I have no idea how many rounds have been through it but it is now my carry weapon. I had raved about the Taurus to my friends prior to it failing totally and one of them bought one. He just got his back from Taurus after seven weeks from the time he sent it in. He is now looking for a new carry weapon. Time will tell about the quality of the Taurus PT709.

  • livefree

    hey Rus , good points,
    I wish I liked revolvers but don’t. I do love my XD 40 full. I almost sleep with it, lets say its close. Apples and oranges. I got the 709 for ccw. The xd in full, compact and sub do not work for me. Sig also makes good guns. There are revolver people and semi people who will argue the reliability point all day long. I am confident with my 709. I will keep it and keep practicing with it. I will let you know if that changes.
    Check out the Kimber ultra 11 compact( may be sub), very nice 45 but $$$$$. Agree on the SW M&P. So many guns so little time.

  • I have one. Shoots fairly accurately for distance designed for. Fed Hydrashocks semm most accurate. Anyone found a QUALITY belt holster for it yet?

  • Rus


    During the short stent that I owned one, I found that any size 5C holster would work just fine. You might take a look at those.


  • Coldbarrell

    I picked up a PT709 a few weeks ago and put over 200 rounds (3 different brands) with no failures at all. Even my Glock didn’t do that well out of the box. You do need to clean out the factory grease that they ship with, I just used the typical Hoppes solvent and lube.
    I like the feel of this 9mm and it breaks down just like a Glock. The matte SS version I have looks nice and the size and weight seem ideal for CCW, thin and light, but heavy enough to help maintain controlled shots. Decent sights for pistols in this class, but I would like brighter dots.
    PT709 recoil spring: While cleaning it after my last range session, I discovered the recoil spring had broken… the larger one. Not cool. I called Taurus and waited 15 plus minutes for a rep to answer. She said I had two options, wait for a new spring to come in, which could was looking like the end of April, or send the gun to Taurus and wait 4-6 weeks to get it back. I opted to have them mail me a new spring when they come in. I’m disappointed this happened on a new gun… and she didn’t even say “sorry” or show any concern about their product, which I thought was a bit rude.
    Bottom line: I like the PT709, but I did not like my brief interaction with customer service.
    P.S. ordered a CrossBreed holster … will let you know how that goes when it comes in and the recoil spring is replaced.

  • Rus, what brand is the “5 c” holster you mentioned.

  • Gil Lucas

    Hello to all,
    Well, I bought the TCP 738 and took it to the range the following day.
    I will call that day “DISASTER DAY” with the Taurus pistol.
    The gun jammed every other round, fail to load, fail to extract, simply horrible !!!
    Stay away from Taurus pistols. Taurus releases these pistols, in my opinion, without a proper quality review for the custumer to become their quality review department. This practice is awful and unfair.
    I also had bought a M145 and had the same experience. Only humans hit the same stone twice, animals do not. That’s the reason I bought again the Taurus TCP 738. BUT NEVER AGAIN I will buy a Taurus product, I’m done with Taurus.

  • Rus


    The “5C” is an Elite and the standard size 5 holster by Uncle Mike’s also fit well. These are both soft IWB holsters.

    I recently received a new Don Hume Leather Goods catalog and I believe I saw the 709 on their list as well. These are leather IWB, paddle and belt holsters. They are made in Oklahoma so they have to be great (8>).

    I have seen other posts that say that Crossbreed makes a tuckable holster for the 709.

    I would use the size 5 as a guide because I am not familiar with all the different manufacturers and their sizing standards.

    I stumbled onto a new holster on EBay called a Lightningwear and ordered one.

    It is fantastic.

    The actual holster fits in front of the grion area and is held together in the back with velcro. If you need your weapon, just pull out your waistband with your non-gun hand grab it out and use it.

    I know this sounds like a joke, but it is real and very concealable with all types of pants, shorts and even a swimsuit. It is very comfortable to wear as well. It is a generic holster so it will work with all small and medium sized handguns.

    No, I am not a saleman for them.

    The company that sells this holster is http://www.USConcealedCarry.com . Give it a look and let me know what you think. They have a demonstration video on YouTube.com, of course.


  • Rus


    Sorry to hear about your bad fortune.

    I made that same determination about a month ago with my 709 and a previous Mil Pro.

    I found the new SIG P250 to be a very reliable firearm, so far anyway. It also is a totally interchangeable firearm if you like a variety of calibers with one gun.


  • Jimpro

    I own a whole bunch of Taurus pistols, they never Jam, I say buy them, they are great guns…. Sounds like you have a problem “limp wristing” You have to hold a small gun a certain way. If it had been one, then I could have figured maybe a problem with the gun….. but same experience with two…… practice your grip before you purchase any small pistol…or you’ll get the same result regardless of the maker…..

  • Rus


    Congratulations on finding some reliable Taurus pistols.

    I wish everyone were so fortunate.

    I have been shooting revolvers and pistols since 1971, so I know a little about it. I understand that a revolver will never be equalled by a pistol.

    But, in the course of my lifetime, I have learned how to grip a pistol to keep the laws of physics in play, a/k/a no limp-wristing.

    I own SIG’s, Smith’s, Beretta’s, a Ruger and Springfield’s. I have never had a mis-fire or FTE with a one of them. If I were limp-wristing at any time, I think it would have been evident by now.

    Because of the Taurus reputation, I held mine so tight you could not break it loose with a jack-hammer, but the FTE’s continued, even after returning from a Taurus Miami vacation.

    There is no human error in FTF’s; strictly a mechanical defect in the weapon.

    I have been involved in two separate shooting incidents in my life and never doubted the weapon I was pointing.

    Thankfully, they performed as required.

    Standing behind a gun with a question mark over the slide would not be my first choice.

    I pray fo those who do.


  • Jimpro

    I’ve had guns out of the box that didn’t work, one was a smith and wesson and the other was a Ruger…… yet I didn’t make it my mission to destroy the reputation of either company….. for some reason, any mishap with a Taurus people love to trash the company…… Rugers attempt at the small .380 resulted in a complete recall of all of the LCP, same with the SR9…… yet people seem to forgive that without a flinch….. what’s that about? And then the disaster that was the Smith and Wesson Sigma…… same story…… you rarely hear about it….Yet your comment (the taurus reputation) was if you wanted to have trouble….. I have Smith and Wesson’s, Rugers, Berettas, Walthers, Glocks….. and I haven’t found it necessary to condemn any of them.. (Well, Bersa’s are micky mouse)…. but out of the lot I find Taurus is the most innovative and some of my favorite guns, and I’ve never had to use the lifetime warrantee…… I given 2 as gifts to close family members and feel good about it…. Not only that Taurus makes a dandy gun at a good price..I will buy more…… any time I see Taurus bashing online, I make it my job to share my positive experience with Taurus.

  • Rus


    I am not trying to “bash” anyone or any thing.

    I am just relating facts about my personal experience and let the readers decide. I believe this blog is about input on a certain firearm and anything that will help readers reach a logical conclusion. All I do is “tell it like it is” in my own personal experience.

    It is very simple, I have zero confidence in a Taurus pistol.

    I do have confidence in the one’s I own as described in the previously stated entry.

    As to your input of positive experience with a group of Taurus weapons, that is why we call it “checks and balances”.

    My opinion is no more important than yours nor yours than mine.

    I believe you will agree that readers are attempting to gain as much information as possible so that they may make an informed decision on what to buy or not to buy.

    I remember many years ago asking a car salesman, “Why do they make Chrysler automobiles?”

    His reply pretty well put it into perspective.

    “Because there is a butt for every seat out there”.

    I think the same holds true for firearms.


  • Rey

    Well i bought my pt 709 about 3 months ago and my first trip to the range was disapointing . Shooting low and to the left. i adjusted the sights the second visit tothe range and got better . after 150 round i was breaking center clip after clip at 15 yards ! give it some time before you go crazy i konw its frustrating !!! right now i love the pt 709 and i carry it like master card ! good luck guys

  • Livefree

    100rds still shoots well. Had 5 ftf bit had not cleaned the gun. Still fun to shoot.

  • Re Mike C—-My 709 ‘blew up’ Mar 20 and split the right side of the frame—call Taurus and Fedex picked up the next day for over night to Miami—should return next week–I just happen to check some cases that were shot before the mishap and noticed a bulge on all the cases forward of the rim—interesting—got my hands on another 709 and guess what—-Taurus has cut the ramp where it runs into the chamber—-there is a large part of the case that is not supported—- to prevent the bulge, I have to down load my ammo to about 1050 fps——some, if not most, factory ammo runs much faster than 1050—the 709 hand book says it will handle 124 grains at 1225fps—-the next time you 709 shooters clean your weapon, drop a case into the chamber and look at the unsupported area of the case just above the ramp—–love the little 709, but need Taurus to fess up and redo the ramp and barrel—

  • I purchased my 709 about early 09 and shot about 100 rounds thru it with no problems, then the second time i took it to the range it was not ejecting the shell and trying to feed another shell in. after several times of the same thing i decided to quit using it and as i was leaving the range were i purchased it the salesman compared it with a new one to find out that the ejector was broke. After sending it back to taurus I got it back in about 7 weeks then i took it to the gun range and would you guess that it broke again after 5 shoots, and it is on its way back to taurus.

  • Update on split frame 709—–Talked to Taurus yesterday and the nice lady said they are sending me a new pistol as soon as it arrives from Brazil—-very nice service and warranty—In the mean time, I bought another to shoot while the first was sunning on the beach in Miami—-the second 709 was shot straight out of the box and is currently over 300+ with no FTF or FTE—I believe the striker spring is much stronger—–first cleaning was at 300+—-needless to say, I am a happy camper—-Taurus warranty is first class

  • Vince

    A follow up on my Mar. 1st & 10th entries.

    The PT709 got back from it’s Miami vaction Just as I was going to FL. on vacation. I’ve since returned and tried out the 709 at the range.

    I can now at least field strip the pistol O.K., but, They didn’t fix the trigger pull. It is still inconsistant between 4-20 lbs. on the SA (first) trigger pull. The DA trigger pull is fine.

    Now that I’ve fired it from a bench rest at 20′ I can see that it is shooting low and to the left (as noted by many others)and not enough ajustment in the sights to correct it. The grouping is acceptable for social work at that range and beyond.

    The warranty is worthless if they don’t attempt to fix what they’re told is wrong. It would be obvious it has problems if they racked the slide and pulled the trigger, even without a round in it.

    I don’t have the time to play their game of I send it in, they change the address 7 weeks later and send it back unfixed.
    They won I’m not sending it back again.

    I also don’t feel I should have to spend the bucks on a local gunsmith because of their poor quality control.

    I decided I can’t use the 709 for ccw, although I really wanted to.

    This seems to be a case of good design, that was poorly executed, and the problems weren’t caught by their QC department. They are just pumping these out and trying to fix them later.

    I don’t feel it is right to dump this thing on anyone else, There are to many things wrong with it, so, I’m going to tear it apart and see if I can figure out the trigger pull problem. At least I’ll gain some knowledge for the money I’ve spent.

    Lots of luck to all you Taurus fans, this was my first and is my last.

  • Randy

    Try the Uncle Mike’s Sidekick belt holster in size 12. I bought one today and the PT709 fits perfect. I also had 2 FTF in the first 3 rounds I put through mine, but haven’t had any since. The shells had light strikes, but the problem seems to have fixed itself.

  • Update 2——-called Taurus at the ‘6 wk point’ and was told by a nice lady I was being shipped a new pistol—-it was still in Brazil so a week or so before shipment—-week latter a pistol arrived—–blue, not ss—phone call—informed by ‘Leo’ that was what the compute said I sent—-next day another phone call and I informed ‘Axel’ I had shipped a ss and for him to run down the pistol case and check the bar code or find my pistol and look at the slide—-10 minutes of silence—then a voice ask if I would accept a ss slide—week later ss slide arrived and all is well—I might be lucky(retired navy pilot so that could be true) or being somewhat calm on the phone and being steadfast resulted in new 709, extra blue slide, extra magazine—-happy camper, you betcha—-

  • Lee

    I still have my PT709 and still no problems, but I have not shot it much this year. But I know a man who bought a PT709 after I mentioned it to him and he says he has shot over a 1000 rounds without one problem. However, since I see so many having problems on here (and I have only been into guns for about a year and a half now) I am considering purchasing another 9mm pistol. I was looking on the internet today and it seems that the RugerSR9 (c) gets good reviews from about everybody that owns one. If you own a PT709 and a Ruger SR9(c), I would appreciate your personal review comparing the two guns. It looks like the SR9(C) is a little big bigger than the PT709, but still might fit into my pocket. I had considered buying a 380 (ruger LCR), but since I cannot find ammo, I have decided against that. I also have had many “old time” gun owners advise me against carrying anything smaller than a 9mm for personal defense. (yeah-I know-any gun is better than no gun).

    I am going to keep on carrying the PT709 for now anyhow unless I decide to carry my Stoeger Cougar which is too large for the pocket and I don’t know if I can get used to carrying inside the belt. Thanks for any thoughts on the Ruger SR9(c)

  • I am a slow learning, so I shoot two 709’s and a SR9c—sure wish the SR9c had the 709 ‘two stage’ trigger—-the sr9c shoots to point of aim and, in my opinion, a better pistol—it shoots +P+ and is a more solid all around pistol—yet, I still carry the 709—-fits my pocket much better—If I know I could be shooting ‘at’ something, I drop the sr9c in my back pocket to back up the 709 and give myself a ‘chance’ at hitting the target—–my 709’s still shoot left and a little low–but, the sr9c is just too big for cc pocket carry for me—–the ‘slim’ on the 709 wins the pocket carry hands down—-hope this ramble helps—cheers

  • oneworld

    Looked at several for CCW. Have SW and Colt. All too big for CCW. Got the PT709 SS (figured never had a Taurus so why not give it a try). So far 250 round with no issues. used Feds and even some really cheap one from Academy Sports. The PT709 eats anything I put in it. Ran a box of 124 +p hollow points (unknown maker as the top was missing) at 7 -8 meters had excellent grouping.

    Have to say, I’m sold on Taurus. Now looking for a good holster for it. Need tuckable as I have to have shirts tucked in at work. Noticed takup ramp is pollished like a mirror. Is that something new?

    Wish CT would make a laser for it. added some Nitesite to it for better visibilty for my aging eyes for day and night. They work well. Very satified with the little guy. Going to make my 1911’s jealouse.

  • jeff

    what kind of nightsites did you put on your weapon please? last time i checked with the local dealer they were not aware of any available. thank you!!

  • Mac

    Yes, please give full details about night sights for the 709.

  • Jimpro

    Before the Pt709 the perfect carry pistol did not exist for me. The Keltec was too small and flimsy, the others were double action only or too fat, or missing a safety…Or I had to deal with having only a .380.. I wanted a good slim single stack that was well made and easy to conceal..So when I saw this one advertised I was happy…. So I’ve had this thing since I could get my hands on it… several months to a year, I have a horizontal holster attached to the front of my belt. When I put my pants on I put my gun on…… and I can’t tell it is there!!! and it hides under my shirt tail, yet I can draw it from a seated position. It has never malfunctioned. I am a big Taurus fan…. BUT…. they advertised a 9 round extended magazine and it does not exist….. that pisses me off. But somebody will address the issue soon enough as this is a popular gun.

  • rey

    WELLLLLL I was a little scared about this purchase! but after 300 rounds and a few tips , this gun is DEAD ON ! i bout a universal rubbergrip and let me tell you guys this has changed the way it shoots i have alot more control ! and for you who r saying its shooting low and the the left , its you not the gun ! take the finger off the trigger just your the tim of your finger youll see how well this lil gun shoots after you get use to it !

  • Matt


    You sure seem pretty confident in your analysis of the repeated shooting problems of this gun not exisiting.

    I’m sure you read many of the blogs above, in which many experienced shooters are experiencing the same Consistently low and left shooting.

    Before you throw to much confidence out there, you might try and read all the strings to this blog. I too have been shooting for 21 years and owned many guns ( Thank God not this one anymore ) and had the same low/left shooting. I shoot a 380 Bersa,Kel Tec PF9, Sub XD, P89, and a Browing 22…all shoot perfectly dead on. If your theory were correct I would shoot the PF9 low and left; since it is almost identically sized.

  • Matt,

    My feelings exactly—-I do have my 709’s shooting a nice pattern at 9 o’clock—1-2 inches wide—-my PF9, SR9c, CZ75B, SW439, P85,89, and what ever else is in the ‘safe’ shoot just fine for this ole shooter—the CZ75B is way to big for CC, but that thing really shoots right out of the box—-legal hunting barrel makes it a nice rear pocket carry shooter–thanks again

  • Tad

    Just purchased this PT 709 and I can’t say anything but good about it. I put two boxes of Winchester and one box of Federal through it with no problem. It shot about an inch low until I raised the rear sight a little at a time. Now it shoots a consistent two inch pattern at 30 feet. The only time it’s off is if I flinch at the trigger pull. I use my finger tip on the trigger and take up the slack before I hold a steady aim. I shot seven round through it as fast as I could pull the trigger and it shot perfectly. In shooting 150 rounds there was no malfunction of any kind. I recomend this 9mm to anyone who has a need for a small dependable handgun.

  • livefree

    Just started tactical practice at my local club. I am using my slim. Put 200rds thru with draw from my holster at 5-30ft. Had to hit chest and head. Found out trigger pull is important. With good pull was accurate to 30ft, 2hand , strong and offhand. No FTF nor FTE. Very happy with gun and feeling better at my carry ability. But realize my skills have a long way to go. The gun will not be a problem with training though.

  • Saltee

    First and foremost, while I’m no weapons expert, I’m not a complete novice either, so please take the following with a grain or two of salt.

    I purchased my 709 Slim last summer. As has been previously touted, I liked the concealable size and feel in my hand. After purchase, I gave the weapon what I considered a thorough cleaning prior to taking it to the range. Ran ~150 rds throught it without any problems. Yes, it did shoot low and left, but was able to tweak the rear sight to an acceptable level of accuracy. Took it home, broke it down and cleaned it again. Prior to November, I might have went to the local range one or two more times (without any problems), again cleaning it after each session.

    In November, an old squid buddy of mine met me in Nashville for a football game. As I knew he was considering a handgun purchase, I brought the Slim and my Ruger P95 along so he could try them out. Everything went well until he had a misfire. He stroked the trigger a couple times but still no joy. I cleared the round for him and he continued on for a couple more rounds…until it happened again. It got to the point where it was a 50/50 chance if it would fire or not. Not good. Of the 10 or so rds that misfired, every one of them worked perfectly in the P95. Each one had had a dimple in the primer from the firing pin of the Slim. Hmmm.

    When I got home, I started to see if I could find the problem. Broke it down and cleaned it. Then I got the wild hair to read the included manual more closely (when all else fails, …). Somewhere in there was a statement that the Slim should be cleaned after a max of 200 rds. I went to the local outdoors store where I had bought it and got a can of Birchwood Casey Gun Scrubber Synthetic Safe Cleaner. After a general spray down, I started to pay particular attention to the firing pin. I sprayed the cleaner from the backside of the pin and was amazed at the discoloration that oozed from around from the front side of the pin. A couple more spritz and it ran clear. Haven’t had a problem since.

    The only thing I can figure is that the clearances around the firing pin has very close tolerances and is susceptible to fouling.

    For what it’s worth…

  • Mike Riley

    I have a PT 709 that I bought the first week they were out. Love the pistol. Talked to Taurus today (07.02.10). They stated no 9 round extended have ever been produced by Taurus. Also said it will be late in 3rd quarter if available then. Funny how you read in these gun blogs that the PT 709 has a 9 round magazine available, wonder where they got their information. Since it such a great little pistol I will just wait for Taurus to get into the game. If anyone hears any different or hear of aftermarket availability please forward information.

  • K H
  • Tad

    Took the little pistol to qualify and had no problem. I talked to the rangemaster about problems reported with FTEs. He imediately said not to use Winchester ammo in these guns. It seems that Winchester is supplying Wal-Mart and have dropped quality for quantity. As an experiment I bought Winchester at Wal Mart and brought it home to try. Sure enough, after about 10 shots the FTEs started. About 3 out of every mag. I took the gun apart to clean it and had never seen it that dirty. No more Wal-chester for me.

  • Rus

    I am still monitoring this blog as my interest in the 709 is still in play even though I was glad to sell mine three months ago.

    I wanted to respond to Tad and the Winchester Ammo comment.

    I found two of the .45 cal “Value Pack” 100 count boxes and purchased them.

    On Sunday, I took a box with my Springfield 1911 to the range and shot the entire box. I had no FTF’s or FTE’s of any kind.

    However, when I finished, I noticed that my gun was covered in smoke and powder residue. I have never experienced this with Federal or Remington ammo. The Winchester is much dirtier than the other brands. I took me twice as long to clean my gun after shooting the WWB.

    Just as an added note, I bought a Kel Tec P11 to replace the 709 for my wife. After 150 rounds, it works perfectly. No FTF or FTE issues at all.

    The trigger pull is terrible out of the box, but I discovered a few “fixes” on the Kel Tec Owners Group that I will work on this week. Hopefully, I can smooth out the trigger pull and the gun will be excellent.

  • Lee

    Okay, I just shot my new Ruger SR9C and hit my targets much better than I ever did with my pt709. I am new at guns (year and half or so now) but decided after today I will probably not be carrying the PT709 much longer. I also shot my Rossi 357 snub today for the first time and was able to hit my targets with it also. I was beginning to think I would never be much of a shooter with that Taurus as my main carry gun. I also have a Stoeger Cougar 8000 which I did not take with me today. I have hit targets with it, but not as good as today. I admit I have not shot much and maybe the PT709 would be more accurate if I shot it some more and adjusted the sights a little more. Only think I don’t like about the Ruger is that it will not shoot without a magazine in place. I loved the trigger feel and popped about 10 rounds fast and got a pretty good grouping (for a beginner –an OLD beginner though–67).

    I traced the PT709 and then traced the Ruger SR9C over it and the only difference is that the Ruger is about a half inch longer on the barrel. If you remove the “pinky holder” on the 10 round magazine that is about the only difference other than the Ruger being a little heavier.

    I run 50 rounds of Winchester White Box through the Ruger and not one FTF or FTE. I shot about 100 rounds through the Ruger today and am quite happy with it. (also shot some Federal, Remington UMC HP,) and Maybe with more shooting I will get better aim with the 709 as I have never had a FTE or FTF with it either. Both are good carry guns as far as I can determine with my very limited experience, but right now after shooting them, I am inclined to think the Ruger SR9C might be my top choice between the two.

  • Jimpro

    The Pt 709 is not a target gun….. most confrontations happen around 7 or so yards, if you can’t hit center mass with it at that distance you are a bad shot…… almost any gun that is any bigger or has more to grip or otherwise may allow you to hit a bullseye… but concealed carry is not about shooting a bullseye…….It’s about concealed carry….. the Ruger is a bigger gun….. the PT 709 is easier to conceal…..

  • Lee

    I never said the PT 709 was a target gun and my “firing range” is my friend’s back yard out in the country and I shoot at things fairly large to miss with any gun. The Ruger is not that much bigger physically (heavier mainly which I will see if I decide to carry it if that is too much of a factor to make it a carry gun) as I pointed out in my previous post. But I will say one thing we can agree on–I am a bad shot, but much better with the Rossi 357 snub and the Ruger SR9c than I am with the PT 709 at this point in time. THe PT 709 is a target gun in the sense if someone is trying to kill me I better be on target first!

  • republic

    I’ve been looking at the gun sites on the Tube for about a month now. I was considering buying the Ruger SR9c because it looked real nice and some on the Tube sites said it would make a great ccg. I also was looking at the Taurus PT 709 Slim. Well today I couldn’t stand it any more so I took the plunge and bought the Slim in SS. I only live about a mile from Academy,so I bought it for $389. I could have gotten the blue one for $349, but the SS one looked so nice. I haven’t shot it yet. There is no ranges to go to where I live so I will have to travel to Austin or Houston to find an indoor range. We have gun stores where I live but no place to practice. When I have a chance to break it in, I’ll get back to you again. I do like all the comments on this site. It sure helped me make the right decsion. I know it will be a lot easier to conceal than the SR9C.

  • Jimpro

    Hey Lee,

    One thing that has irritated me about the Pt 709…. where the hell is that 9 round magazine? The thing that makes it so great to conceal, that tiny single stack grip leaves very little to get your hands around….. if you have big hands it may very will make it particularly difficult to be accurate with this gun….. also since they came out with it the specs have said comes with a 7 and 9 round magazine!!!! Where is the dang thing??
    Then it would be perfect if you had a place to wrap your pinky….

  • George

    Long story. Traded an older gun for the PT 709 “slim” about three weeks ago. Took it to the range and used Winchester ammo. It had 12 of 12 FTE. I took it back to the gun shop and he ordered me another brand new one. It came in the next week, we are only two hours from Miami. Took the factory new one home, cleaned it. Tried four different brands of ammo and had no problems going through about 100 rounds. Took it home, cleaned it, four days later went back the range with buddies and had 4 FTE in about 50 rounds of two different brands. Back to the gun store, paid an upgrade and got a Glock 26. I have had a Clock 17 for a few years and never had a malfunction. I liked the feel of the slim, I liked the safety feature, and when it worked it was a nice gun. Just do not feel comfortable with a handgun I can’t trust.

  • livefree

    2 tactical practices, home invasion scenario. I had to hit intruders behind the victim. Worked great. 400 rds with that and another range session. No FTE nor FTF. Still frustrated by the lack of extension. Glock is a great gun that I never want to own but plenty of fans for it out there

  • Jimpro

    Hey George,

    My son had that problem shooting mine….. I don’t, that gun has a tiny grip so it’s subject to limpwristing…. and I bet if you have particularly large hands it’s even harder to get your mits around it and get a good grip… the FTEs I bet happen with longer cartridges, because if the frame is moving with the slide, the longer the round the more likely a FTE is going to happen due to a FTE…… I’m with livefree on that extended grip thing, cause that would solve the limpwristing problem, I don’t know what’s so hard about making that 9 round magazine….? There first advertisements touted the extended magazine…. I like to drop my Pt709 in my pocket and go about my business….. the Glock 26 is a miniture brick without a safety and I’m not dropping that in my pocket, and if I did it would stick out like a sore thumb….. Hey Taurus, get the extended magazine on the ball it’s costing you sales and reputation…..

  • Coldbarrell

    Update on my PT709 recoil spring replacement… I rec’d it when promised and it has worked fine since. Have put another 400 rounds through with no problems. It’s now my summer CCW and I can trust it to do its part if needed, which I hope is never.

  • Travis

    Last time I posted here in April I had vowed to sell the PT709. Since then many interferences came up and it never got sold. In July I took it out one more time and every shot jammed and mag dumped – what a POS I thought. My more experienced bro-in-law asked to try it for a few days to see if any adjustments could be made. He came back a few days later and said it had done the same to him but he theorized that the mag wasn’t catching its release properly so he ever so slightly bent the mag catch lip out to see if it improved anything. It sure did. He shot over 200 rds through it without any FTF, FTE, or mag dumps. Amazed, I’ve since put about 500rds through it without a single problem. In my case at least, the mags were the problem – or the design of the mag release. So with my two bent mags, the gun simply doesn’t malfunction anymore. That’s good!

    However its accuracy is still poor and low to the left. I know it’s not me because everyone who shoots it has that problem and I and several other people have put it on sandbags to sight it in. One can’t adjust the sights enough to dial it in but the sandbags show even held rigid its hits are scattered. It’s neither accurate or precise (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Accuracy_and_precision) – at least compared to Glocks, SD’s, 1911s, etc. Maybe compared to KelTecs and other small pistols it’s in the ball park – I simply don’t know.

    My bro-in-law thinks it’s adequate for self defense, he carries a KelTec 32 cal in his pocket. However I’m not comfortable with something I can’t aim so it’s got to go. In any case I’ll feel better about selling/trading it because this one works every time and for close up defense it’s just fine.

  • livefree

    Last post. I traded in my slim. I really wanted the extension and after talking to the Taurus rep I doubt it will happen. Makes no since since most CCW have extensions. They said it was the ATF. How about just put a plastic piece on the mag like Ruger. I had to change because our range rules with the tac practice say one hand 25yds. I have never felt comfortable with that distance with the slim. So got a nice trade at my local shop for a Ruger R9SC. It is bigger than the slim but fits in the same holster that I have from crossbreed. Their extension does dig into my large back in my car and it is heavier. But it has a great trigger and very easy to shoot accurately. Less snap than the slim and the 17rd mag makes it shoot like a full size. I still like the slim and it works fine at 7 yds. I do like the trigger on the Ruger better though. Good luck to Taurus I hope they get that extension some day.

  • Don Hoosier

    I purchase a pt 709 about two months ago the gun has had serveral FTE and failure to load all the way. I cleaned the gun and carried to the range this week I had 3 rounds out of one mag fail to FTE and on the seventh round it fail to seat all the way in the breach. I now have a live round half in the breach.I will have to carry to a gunsmith to have him remove the round.On the manual with my pistol it stated to clean move the slide about 1/8 of inch back and push down on the release latch and move the slide off the frame I tried this serveral time it did not work I went on line and found you also have to pull the trigger. I have no faith in this gun to many problems that I was not aware of until I found this site.I will go back to my XD 40 sub Compact for CC

  • josh

    I have also boght a 709 slim a few months back i had several misfires and major problems with it jamming during ejection. I sent it back to taurus they replaced the recoil spring and firing pin. though it has not misfired since then i am still yet to fire a full magazine without it jamming. I am very dissapointed as a first time buyer of a handgun.

  • Randy

    I bought a 709 slim and haven’t had any problems with it. I only shot one box of 50 through it so far but haven’t had the slightest glitch. I used Federal Classic 115 gr jacketed hollow points. I cleaned the gun real well with gun scrubber and lightly oiled it before using. It does shoot low and to the left. I adjusted the sights all the way to compensated but haven’t shot it yet to test it out. All shots were in the target though at normal encounter ranges, 7 – 15 yards. I hope my good luck continues with this gun, further shooting will tell.

  • DaveL

    Took my brand new SS 709 out for the first time today. I have a Taurus Pt140 Millennium Pro that has been absolutely flawless for years so I was real hopeful this would be just as good. Wow! Was I in for a disappointment. I cleaned the gun before shooting to remove all the grease. A friend and I shot 50 rounds of Federal round ball and about 20 rounds of HP. We had at least 1 FTE on just about every mag, sometimes multiple per mag. Most of the time the slide failed to lock back after the last round. I have never been so frustrated with a firearm in my life. I had read about good and bad experiences with this weapon and I was hoping I would be one of the ones to post a positive thumbs up. To think I sold my Kel-Tec 9mm for this. I never liked the trigger on the KT but I was confident it would always go bang, never had a single failure with it. Just could never talk myself into liking that trigger. I guess its time to find out what the Taurus service is like. 🙁

  • Randy

    Myself and 2 friends just put 75 more rounds through my 709. Not a single problem, no FTF or FTE. We shot slow controlled rounds and other times emptied the clip as fast as we could pull trigger. So far it looks like I may have a keeper.

  • Billy

    What was the Hogue rubber grip with the pinky extension that fit the 709 slim? I thought I saw it in this string but have had no luck in finding it again…
    Btw, I was pretty leery of getting one of these… 100 rounds or so, so far so good… I did some fairly serious mods on the site to dial it in though.
    The stock plastic dovetail unit comes right out after removing the retainer screw… I ovaled the hole and drifted the whole deal to the right.
    Would be nice if someone would make a steel version to slide in and replace the OEM…

  • Billy

    More evaluation and.. again so far so good…

    Did a side by side for function and accuracy with the 709
    Slim verses my XDsub, 908 Smith, HK compact… with the Ruger LCP and Smith Guardian .380’s thrown in for good measure… (multiple types of ammo)
    No malfunctions of any kind from any of them and the tightest group and best POA was the slim! (Not scientific, but all the variables, me, the range, stance etc. were all the same)

    Now I’m hoping that this thing doesn’t break or malfunction…

    A high end gun of this size and design would have me racing to the gunshop…

    • Jerry

      Range time today with my Slim 9MM right out of the box. Zero problems. Very managable. Familiarized myself with the feel of the trigger. 3″ in groups consistently at 20 yards. Priced well under the Baretta, S&W and Walther competitors I am very satisfied with the purchase of my new “concealed carry” pistol.

  • DaveL

    Update: My 709 came back from Taurus in less than 2 weeks, good turn time. Supposedly they “repaired” and “replaced” something but didn’t provide any detail. For the shooting low and left it says “adjusted”. Interesting, I had the rear site adjusted all the way up and to the side. Wonder how they could ‘adjust’ more than that? So I had sent the gun off through the shop I purchased the weapon from. We are standing at the counter looking at the gun together and it took only a second to notice something funky with the sites. Am I seeing this correctly? I show it to the guy at the counter. Yep, he sees it too. They had the rear site cranked so hard to the side that it is pulled up at a slant to the right side making the rear dots no longer horizontal to the slide. Interesting!? So how does one align the dots when rear are at an angle? Great, back it goes to Taurus. Can’t believe they even sent it back in this condition as being “repaired”. BTW, the smith verified that as the rear site is adjusted closer to the max side (right) the site begins sloping up to the side. The wait begins again…

  • Billy

    It seems clear from all of the above posts that the sights just don’t have enough travel for most POA adjustments. I ovaled the mounting hole, drifted right about 1/32″ and still had to use a small composite shim on the left side of the sight to avoid the “canting” mentioned by DaveL. (Plus I assumed that it would be easy to strip the threads on the sight) Mine is dialed in now, with a drop of cyano to hold the shim… all very cheesy…
    I have an E-mail into Brownells to see if someone makes an adjustable metal sight that will fit the rear dovetail. A metal front sight to replace the plastic would be nice as well.
    As many have posted on various blogs… “I’m really trying to like this gun”… I’d gladly pay more for this design and size if they would upgrade the sights, mag lockup, take the roughness out of the trigger release etc. Then, of course, there is always Taurus’ Quality Contol… or lack thereof.

  • Rus

    Dawson Precision is another great resource for aftermarket sights.

  • erico

    Purchased a 709 9/11/10. Haven’t taken it to the range yet, but I’ve cleaned the Bejesus out of it in anticipation. Am curious. Comments go back Soo Faaaaaaar in time. If we assume (I know . . . Make an Ass . . . ) that Taurus is . . . “Evolving” this pistol, and that Serial Numbers are . . . “Chronological”, what are the Serial #’s of these Pistols that are the worst offenders for Malf’s ??? Mine’s TDO787##. Is Taurus still putting out Pistols that are 50/50 Lemons or Saints, or have they been addressing the problems ???

    I cleaned my disassembled gun with Carb & Choke Cleaner, Computer Air Duster, Pro-Line “Super Lubricant” (read . . . “Moisture Displacer”) and EEZOX Dry Film. This cleaned out Black Soot, strange White Particles, and numerous Un-named Fibers out of numerous Nooks & Crannies. The gun was a mess from the Gunshow. Is this just a . . . “Priss” of a gun . . . that likes to be Clean ??? Factory “Gunk” was HARD and “Funked”. Spelling ???

    Admittedly, Dry-Firing this gun leaves me with a barely audible / barely PALPABLE . . . “Bang-Snap” as if it will just barely go “Pop”. Can we say . . . Striker Spring???

  • Rudu

    Have not read all posts but there is question concerning DA or
    SA for PT709 Slim so question may be answered elsewhere. BUT. Fill magazine, insert, operate slide to load round in chamber, gun is now cocked and will fire SA. If round does not fire the trigger may be pulled again (DA) for second attempt to fire the unfired round. Trigger pulls for dry firing WITHOUT operating slide are DA. As long as loaded rounds fire and slide operates, each succeding shot will be SA until slide locks back on empty magazine. NOW if I can only find some 9 round mags for mine.

  • Rudu

    Had an afterthought. If there was an older version of the 709 it might have been SA only, I don’t know. Got mine about 4 months ago, it is DA/SA (see previous comment) and is striker fired. Ran about 300 rounds through it so far. Found that it will stovepipe if not held firmly enough for the recoil mechanism to react correctly to recoil. Firm grip has stopped that problem, no other complaints. I need lots of practice but I can put 7 rounds inside a space the size of the palm of your hand at 7 yards.
    Trained shooter should do way better than me. Love it!! Light, easy to carry, won’t break the bank buying practice ammo.

  • Luke Ludlow

    Well I finally broke down and sent mine back to Taurus this morning. I took my XD sub and Slim to the range over the weekend. I had 9 FTE out of 21 in the slim and it continues to shoot low/ left no matter what I do. The XD had zero issues and in fact has never had one in well over a 1000 rounds. Taurus told me I would have to pay for shipping to them. UPS and FedEx will only ship firearms via next day and this would have been very pricey. Luckily the dealer I bought it from picked up the shipping for me. I’ll keep you guys up to date on the return and what they fixed. I am trying hard to love this gun and I hope Taurus has a permanent solution!

  • erico

    Unexpectedly got out to the range today to Fire Up the new 709. Shot around 270 rnds. No FTFeed. No FTFire. No FTEject. 3 FTLock Back after last rnd. That’s all. I’ll take that thank you very much.

    And Ammo was a Grabbag of Odds & Ends I had around. SLIM ate Wolf 115gr. FMJ / Federal 124gr. Hydra-Shoks / Remington 147gr. Golden Sabers.

    Even some OddBall Hornady 90gr. JHP-XTP and some Winchester 95gr. Jacketed SP from back in the days when I wanted greater Velocity w/o going “+P” and less OverPenetration w/o going Frangible.

    Guys, these variety rnds. were mixed up – two of this – three of that – two of something entirely different – every mag. and no Hiccups (except for 3 absent LockUps).

    Now Sights – that’s another matter. Windage ?? No Problemo. Elevation ?? No Remedio. Seems to shoot Low. LOW. LOWLOWLOWLOWLOW. Didn’t realize until I got home that Elevation Adjustment Screw drives a Cam that RaisesRaisesRaises until it starts to LowerLowerLower as it’s turned continually in any one direction. Knowing this, I’m going back to the range ASAP before I’m calling CS @ TIMI.

  • Purchased this gun last week.
    After about 20 rounds the magazine clips start working loose. Eventually neither of the two clips that came with gun would stay in.

    Took gun back to dealer and they replaced it with another one. EXACT SAME PROBLEM ! Defective? BOTH guns? Taurus is a very disappointing product. Guess you get what you pay for.

  • Travis


    This was the same problem I had that also caused massive FTE’s and FTF’s. The mag was dropping after each shot.

    My brother-in-law completely fixed the problem by bending the cutouts on the magazines ever so slightly outward so that the eject mechanism had a more solid latch on the clips. He did it on both mags and I’ve since shot several hundred rounds through each clip with no drops and no FTE’s or FTF’s whatsoever.

    Not a single malfunction has occurred since this tweak and this was on a pistol that sometimes malfunctioned on every other shot. I’m now very confident that when I pull the trigger it’ll fire as reliably as any other piston I own.

    That being said, like yours, mine still shoots way too low and the sights are out of adjustment range. Also I can’t get good groups with it whereas my groups with my other pistols are much, much better.

    I’ve been shooting a borrowed Kahr PM9 lately and that’s the perfect CC gun for me. Can’t miss, excellent groups, doesn’t jam, great recoil, just too much money 🙂

  • mikenac

    To be clear about the “single action”, “double action” debate, the 709 acts like a traditional DA/SA pistol, except that there is no de-cocker. If a round does not go off, the pistol reverts to DA for the “second strike” capability. You cannot purposely put the pistol into DA mode with a round in the chamber.

    So is this SA of DA? I don’t know, but that is how it works.

  • Billy

    Well, I’m still pretty pleased with the PT709 but am still looking for replacement sights of higher quality…anyone found any yet?
    I also bought the Kahr PM9 and am still evaluating (wow, are they tight right out of the box!) We’ll so how it acts after the long breakin period they call for…

  • Rus

    If you are looking for sights and other aftermarket products, try http://www.dawsonprecision.com. I bought a front fiber optic sight for my Springfield 1911. Priced very well and shipped very fast. They have front and rear replacements for about every gun on the market.

    Hope this helps.


  • Billy

    Thanks Rus,
    I do indeed have an E’mail in to Dawson, as well as Brownells, Novak and a few others. I’m not sure how to measure dove slots properly and although I really like the gun, I don’t feel it’s worth a custom fit.
    Personally, since Taurus seems to have the bugs out, and the platform is a good one, they should offer some good metal sights for it, and the long promised x-mag.
    I’m shooting it against my Kahr, XDsub, a few H&K’s and my old Smith… I like it!
    Let’s get some sight’s!

  • Rus


    I would suggest calling Dawson Precision on the phone rather than relying on email. The only purchase I have made from them was an excellent transaction because the rep on the other end took the time to talk with me about what I was wanting to accomplish and he knew the solution right away.

    I purchased the front sight and when it arrived, I took it to a local gunsmith and had it installed professionally for $20. Very good investment.

    I sold my 709 so I have had no recent need to talk with anyone about the gun, but I expect that the options for that weapon have grown expotentially.

    Merry Christmas to all.


  • Billy

    Just got an E-mail back from Novak saying that they make sight’s for the Taurus 24/7 and 1911, but have no idea if they would fit the PT709 slim. If anybody does know it will save me a 50 mile round trip to the the only gun shop around here that stocks both models so I can have a look for myself…

  • Bill444

    I purchased the PT709 Taurus a week ago and do my own reloading. I really like the pistol as it is easy to conceal and using 124 fmj and 5 gr. Unique, it fires great. I did have some jhp that fired but didn’t eject, but think that was the power load (to light) I used as the others fired fine. I”m staying under the max loads. I haven’t had it out to shoot but just firing in my garage into a wood pile I have, it did fire to the right so adjusted the site and will see if it does it when I get a chance to take it to the range. Very please with the recoil and lightness of the pistol too. I like the way it shows if you have a round in the chamber too.

  • Mark

    I just bought a 709 slim for my wife yesterday and took it to the range today and put 200 rounds through it. Not a single FTF or FTE, I was shooting Winchester white box 115 grain FMJ’s.
    my only complaint is that at first the gun shot way low and way left… I adjusted it in as far as it would go but it still shoots about 3″ low and 3″ left. Is there any after market rear sites out there that are better than the stock ones that will work on this gun? Looks like I got lucky and dont see any glaring issues but understand I need to put a few hundred more rounds through it before I can say that with confidence.

  • Billy

    You can read above where I had to shim my rear sight (and glue it in position) to allign POA with POI. I have been looking for a replacement sight(s) for months now with no luck. I’ve tried Novack, Brownells, Taurus, Midwest Gun Works and several others. Still looking and hoping because I too have had no other problems with the gun.

  • Mark

    Thanks Billy, I appreciate the feedback.
    A light shim on the bottom would help my shooting low issue. What is involved in loosening the rear sight from the slide? If I can achieve that, then it sounds like I can easily solve both the low and shooting left issue and call it good. Thanks for the response.

  • Billy

    The center screw holds the entire rear site in place. The vertical adjustment is just a little cam that raises the site (then drops it again) my max elevation position got me where I wanted to be but I shimmed under with a drop of glue because it wouldn’t stay there.
    Windage was a different deal, full adjustment to right still wasn’t enough so I shimmed it fully to the right. That worked and I glued that as well.

  • Kenway

    Bought my 709ss a couple days ago and thought I’d mention a few things I’ve found to be pretty consistent on all the forums/threads I’ve found about the 709.

    1- Many have issues with WWB ammo
    2- Most people that are bitching and moaning about FTE and FTF find that with a firmer grip the gun fires fine AS LONG AS IT HAS BEEN THOROUGHLY CLEANED!!! Taurus packs their guns with all kinds of crap from the factory and it’s very important to give your gun a THOROUGH cleaning. If you don’t you can expect issues. Once it’s properly cleaned most if not all of these issues go away.
    3- Doesn’t look like there are any extended mags in the forseeable future. If you are thinking you’re going to find the extended 9-round magazine you will be disappointed!!!
    4- Seems like most come with the sights NOT ADJUSTED and shoot low left, and some will not adjust far enough to correct this issue. However… many have said that part of this problem is caused by not being used to the trigger, which is a bit different than most. I’ve also found a few folks that have replaced the front sight with a glock front sight that’s a bit shorter to help to raise the POI, and that with a little filing a glock front sight can be used to replace the factory one.

    I thought I’d also mention a cleaning trick that a friend of mine let me in on. Lighter fluid can be used as a very effective cleaning agent, and since it is petroleum based is also a fine lubricant. I disassembled mine and soaked it in a pan half-full of lighter fluid for about 20 minutes. I basically just took off the slide, barrel, and action so I could soak them separately. Then I brushed them down with the brush that came with the gun and wiped it down. GUNK GONE!!! repeat it a couple of times (I also soaked the frame without breaking it down any further and brushed it down). all that grease and crap breaks down pretty easily in the lighter fluid. Also do same with magazines. I’d like to know if anybody else recommends or disagrees with this cleaning method. My friend is a fanatic about keeping his guns cleaned and swears by it.

    Finally, I thought I would mention that I bought a couple of grip extentions. I have heard that the Pearce one for the Keltec P11 fits nicely with some modification, but I found one for Kahrs single-stack 9mm guns gives a nice extension that gives me an extra like 1/2″ for my pinky. It doesn’t fit perfectly, but will function fine (a bit of a gap at the rear of the magazine, and it doesn’t fit as flushly as the factory mag floor plate). BUT this allows you to have a firm grip on the gun which I am hoping will provide better control.

    I won’t get to the range until Tuesday, but will try to come back and let you know what I think. So far I REALLY like this gun and am confident that with it cleaned well and with decent ammo and a firm grip I’ll have no issues. Wish me luck.

  • I’ve had my second generation PT-709 Slim to the range twice now, and thought I’d share my experiences. Note that these observations may not apply to the first generation model pictured at the top of this thread; mine does not look like that! From what I read the first generation had a number of problems, possibly explaining why the current model is so different.

    Out of the box it wasn’t even on the paper; I had to adjust the elevation way up, and the windage an inch or so right. Using 124g Winchester NATO rounds, it has no trouble with 3″ groups at 7 yds – with one or two hands. The accuracy surprised a number of range attendants, myself included. Recoil is very manageable, even to someone used to a full-sized steel-framed 9mm like the IMI Desert Eagle. I’ve not had an issue with FTE/stovepipes, but during that first range trip (100 rds) I had an unacceptable number of FTF/lightstrikes that the vaunted “second strike capability” did nothing for (all rounds of which fired no problem from my Baby Eagle, so it wasn’t the ammo). I also noted that the trigger pull started getting progressively heavier near the end of the second box of 50; I would’ve have shot more that trip but started needing two fingers on the trigger, it got that stiff.

    Having read the comments on this thread, I gave it a thorough cleaning when I got home – paying particular attention to the firing pin housing. My second trip to the range restored much faith in the Taurus as my ccw piece. The trigger pull didn’t stack up at all in 250 rds, I didn’t get a single FTE (by contrast I got a number of stovepipes on my Baby Eagle that trip…possibly because I was getting used to the Taurus which apparently doesn’t require as strong a grip), and I only started to get FTF’s after the first 100 rds. If I’m carrying a clean gun, I feel I can depend on it for the first 100 rds at least…and anyway if I need more than 14 rds, I’m carrying the wrong gun!

    The only other issue I’ve had is with the sights. After my first range trip, the white dot on the front sight became so occluded with powder residue that I thought the paint had fallen out! The white dot was restored with the first blast of nitro however, and for whatever reason the second range trip didn’t occlude the dot, even though more rounds were fired. The rear sight has me currently disappointed, because I just noticed that the rear sight screw part #1.02 (that affixes the sights to the slide) has fallen out and is lost! I just got off the phone with Taurus customer service and they’ve promised me a replacement in about 10 days, so we’ll see. I hate to be without it even that long, but it’s better than 4 weeks!

    Because I felt I needed a holster with a retention strap that I couldn’t find commercially (I spend a lot of time on a motorcycle where an accidental ejection is more than an annoyance), I had a custom holster made that rides OWB inverted at the small of my back; the 709 Slim is an excellent carry piece in this position.

    Not a pocket pistol by any means, but neither does it feel like a toy. It’s a good fit for my size 8 mitts, but like everyone else I would buy a couple extended magazines with a pinky rest if they were available – hell even pinky rest accessories for the stock mag. I don’t have the strongest draw with two fingers, and feel a pinky rest would really help proper grip acquisition. Apparently Taurus listened: http://www.taurususa.com/2011newcatalog/?catalog_page=8. Not a pinky rest per se, but I’ll take it!

  • matt


    You started off pretty confident about your positive experiences with your 709, and also ended your thread somewhat confident. The only problem with all this exuding confidence is you put so many if’s in. Such as IF you “have a firm grip, clean the gun well, use the correct ammo”.

    My life means a lot more than always second guessing how clean is my gun, will my plus p Corbon ammo work well, or did I hold the gun to hard or soft.

    In the midst of having to use this gun for my life I would not risk it. I purchased a Sub xd and have shot over 1200 rounds through it. Never cleaned it before firing it the first time. Shot all different types of ammo, and held the gun firm, loose and upside down, and yes it fired all 1200 rds without any problems.

    Sorry to be so direct however if anyone with reason reads these threads will come to the conclusion and not by this Taurus gun. Taurus does make decent firearms, this gun however is not one of them.

  • Dan

    709 is DA/SA. read the manual or fire it. Slide does cock the hammer/stryker. But when it is not cocked you can just pull the trigger to activate the double action which cocks the stryker hammer/ then releases it with one trigger pull. come on guys.

  • Bob

    Finally a follow up since my Slim took a trip to Miami. My problems /concern were multiple FTF in addition to a unacceptable scoring of the cylinder block from the machining of the slide. Taurus cleaned up the slide and polished the cylinder block as well as replacing the firing pin spring. I packed up my Slim along with my P85 and every brand/weight/load I had in 9mm and went to the range. Ammo varied from Blazer steel casings, Winchester white box, Winchester super X, Independence, Hornady hollow points, Federal hydra shock, and a mix of my own reloads. I started with the Blazer and loaded two clips worth. Fired at 8 mags 7 yards, no FTF (which was the only problem I had). Nice tight groupings center mass both at the bull and head shots. Fired 115/124 gr ball and hollow points with no issues, in fact no issues what so ever with any factory ammo. Moved on to my reloads and the Slim just didn’t like them at all. Many FTF. I will be getting with a more experienced reloader to discuss with him on whether the primers are the problem or maybe the surplus brass. Seems that my reload primers sit a little lower than the factory. Bottom line the Slim has taken the first step in convincing me it is a reliable cc weapon.

    On a separate note. When I was cleaning the weapon today I noticed that there was a orange lining around the firing pin and spring. I don’t remember if it was there prior to the repair. Can someone check and see it it was always that way or part of the fix. Thanks Bob

  • Billy

    Bob, I bought mine about 10 months ago… serial ****3248…. It came with the orange plastic “sleeve” around the firing pin and spring…

  • Bob

    Billy, Thanks for the input. Mine is ****0981. Maybe Im just imagining that it has changed. If anyone doesn’t have the orange “sleeve: on their firing pin I would like to know.

  • Tom

    I purchased the Taurus PT 709 Slim about a month ago, I had to clean the gun three times to get the grease off. I took off to range with a assortment of different ammo, 115 gr, 124,, 124+P and 147 in both FMJ, JHP. Some of cheap ammo from Wal-Mart Winchester, then some Car-Bon, Federal, Extreme and a few others. I loaded the two clips with the same ammo to see and feel the difference. Well the first was Wal-Mart Winchester 115 gr. FHJ. I had mis fires on both magazines, even with the DA features no fire. I switched to Federal 124 FMJ mis fire three from the two magazines. I switched to Winchester PDX1 147 gr. JHP no mis fires. I releoded same ammo and tried to adjust the sights, it was grouping nicely but shooting low. I adjusted it all the way up but it still shot low. Taurus now has the gun and they told me use 124+P, odd. Problem here is Taurus has had my gun longer than I did.

    Just a quick comment, I had my Glock 26 and my Walther PPS with me and finshed off the Winchester 115gr FMJ no problems. By nature I am a Glock man mostly 40 cal. but I always willing to try something new. Let see what Taurus sends back, however the Glock 26 and the Walther PPS cost more but they are reliable. If your looking for gun for CCW, I would recommend the Glock 26 or 27, Walther PPS or XD. I have heard good and bad about the new release from Ruger. My new carry is the Glock 27 Gen 4 40 cal. and it is very comfortable to carry with a Super Tuck.

    My point is if Taurus is on a upswing they must of been at the very bottom of the barrel. Yes they are cheap about $346.00 compared to Glock 26 Gen 4 at $ 489.00 and the Walther PPS at $ 604.00. What’s your life worth?

    Ammo suggestion: Winchester PDX1 9 mm Luger Bonded 124 gr or 147 for advanced shooters, the police are switching to it over the Federal Hydra-Shock JHP.

  • erico

    Hey Bob: Mine’s got the Orange Sleeve too – Serial # . . . . 8781. Must have come from the factory that way as it hasn’t been back. Erico.

  • Bob


    Thanks I guess it was always there. Maybe I was looking for signs of a fix. Either way the Slim fired well with no issues, save the eloped ammo. Heading back to the range this week for some more fun.

  • Jeff

    What are your thoughts of this as a carry gun for a woman? I thought of buying it as a wedding gift.

  • Billy

    Jeff, in spite of my serious issues mentioned above with the cheesy sights, I would still recommend it highly. I did the thorough cleaning/break in upon purchase and have had no issues at all with FTE FTF etc. My daughter loves to shoot it… especially after I shimmed and GLUED the fragile (did I mention cheesy?) sights to allign POA to POI. The safety and LCI are also plusses for CC. I always carry loaded chamber so the “cocked and locked” approach is natural to me. …as an aside, my daughter (37 years old) just cannot pull the slide back on my Kahr PM9.
    …Take a look at the new Kimber Solo and Sig P290 as well, I’m anxious to try them.

  • Mac

    I wish there was a way to post photos on here.

    I just made and added to one magazine a grip extension that gives my little finger a home when holding the pistol.

    I’ll attempt to describe. Take a small block of wood about 3/4″ square. Only need about 1 1/2″ long. I used an acrylic impregnated maple burl pen blank. Pen blanks are what folks who make pens out of. You can get them at most good quality woodworking supply stores, like Woodcraft Supply.

    I took the plastic end piece off the magazine. You do that by depressing the little catch that is in the middle of the plastic end piece. Just be sure and not just rip it off or the magazine spring will launch across the room. Hold a finger over the end of the magazine as you slide the cover off and release the spring gently. Anyone that has cleaned their magazine already knows how to remove the cap.

    I drilled two holes through the plastic on each side of the square hole that the catch latches in. I counter sunk the holes. These are for two wood screws. I used #4 X 1/2″ brass flat head screws. The counter sink is so the head of the screw is flush with the surface of the plastic inside the cover. If the screws aren’t flush you can’t slide the cover back on the magazine without altering the magazine it’s self.

    I put the cover on the piece of wood and traced the curve that is on the front end of the plastic piece. Look at some photos of other extensions for other magazines and you get the idea of what the shape should be. Shape the block of wood to the shape you want the finger extension.

    Put the plastic piece back on the block after you have shaped it and mark one of the hole locations. Drill to fit the screw and attach plastic piece to your new extension. Then mark the second screw hole, drill it out for it’s screw and put the screw in. If you use brass screws be careful, you can twist them off if the hole isn’t the proper size. Have a couple of spare screws in case you bugger up the Philips head slot in one of them.

    With the second screw in place mark the center of the square hole for the latch. Take the screws out and drill a hole completely through the new extension so you can get to the little latch. What ever you do, don’t put the plastic end piece back on with the new extension attached or you can’t get to the latch to take it back off. Drill the hole all the way through. Put the two pieces back together with the screws. Look down in that hole from the outside and make sure you have a clear shot for a small screwdriver to get to the latch so you can trip it.

    Once you are sure everything is in order, slide the cover back on and there you go.

    If anyone has any question, just ask.

  • Tad

    Haven’t commented since last year about this time. Illinois has a retired officer concealed carry law that we have to qualify for yearly. Last year I qualified with the 709 with no problems. This time was just the same. I have no problems firing Remington 115gr JHP. The only ammo that caused FTE was Winchester 115gr from Wal-Mart. I still believe that problem is caused by that ammo causing the gun to get dirty too quickly. I have fired Hornady, Federal, and lesser known ammo with no problems. I will never use Winchester is this gun again. I have also noticed from different writers that their guns shoot low and left if they are right handed and low and right if they are left handed. I had the low right problem at first until I used more pressure on my right hand to keep my left (shooting) hand secure. These little guns do require cleaning after each use but that is common. I carry my 709 with confidence, as I have for over two years.

  • Arthur Alan McGowan

    I purchased the pt709 a year ago and right out the box it had accuracy issues and failed to extract a round of federal 9mm. I told my dumdassed dealer and he saig ‘it needs to break in’ first. A comment that still chaps my cerebelum to this day. After taking it home and DETAILING the gun with q tips and cotton cloths I again took it to the range and could not get a grouping better than 18″ at 25 feet even cupping the gun with both hands and leaning against the table. It shoots way low and to the left just like every one says. So I can either summize that I’m a bad shot ( not likely as i’ve been shooting guns since I was eight years old)OR this gun is badly designed. I think its the later. I’ve considered buying the laser sight they sell for this gun but it seems like polishing a turd.

  • joe

    I’ve had my 709 slim for 3 months…. very light and easy to conceal and carry. I’m spot on at 30 ft. tear out the bullseye no problem……and at 75 ft…….yes thats right 75 ft. still nail the mid torso dead bang. If you do loosen your grip the weapon does not forgive well at mid to long ranges…..after 10 yards. It is an excellent piece and at a great price.

  • I purchased a Taurus PT709 slim yesterday from local retailer.
    Went to range today pistol would not
    fire. It seemed as if trigger was not connected to firing pin. Took pistol back to retailer
    salesmen disassembled reassembled and appeared
    to work properly. Went back to range loaded and
    pistol fired one round and same malfunction occurred.Back to retailer tried another Pt709 seemed as firing pin not connected to trigger.Retail at loss to explain.I have no idea
    Retailer has refunded money and took pistol back.
    Any ideas would be appreciated. I really liked the feel of the pistol.

  • ron nap

    PT 709 was my first concealed carry. Does feel nice in the hand but shoots low left. Now carry Colt Defender .45. Had the same problem. After roughly 500 rounds just failed to fire. Called Taurus and was so disappointed with them took it to my local gunsmith. $35 later shoots reliably. Turns out it was a bent sear. That was around 3 years ago. I have learned a lot since and have acquired over 70 firearms since that purchase. PT 709 has the WORST trigger pull of any new firearm I have purchased. Pick up a S&W, Ruger or Colt. More money but more reliable and just better firearms. Do have a ton of fun with Taurus Judge though…..

  • Fyrewerx

    Extended grips are NOW available. Sold through Amazon by Garrison Grips. See garrisongrip.com Recommend the “2 pack” ($16.95 + $4 shpg). The “1-pack” is $11.95.

    • audleyman

      i bought this product and it works great. my pinkie finger no longer hangs off the grip. the pistol now feels perfect in my hand.

  • Rhonda

    I have 2 clips that are loaded.
    I put one in the gun and it fits great.
    The other leaves a small space … havent tried to fire it like this – just doesn;t feel right and wanted someone’s opinion before I do – is it safe?
    I’m new to this


  • Brenda

    I am unable to get the weapon apart. Pull the slide back like it says and pull the disassembly latches down and release the slide and once I do that and release the latches they go about half way up and I am unable to release the slides.

    Not fond of the trigger pull but have worked around that and am not having any issues with the P709 just can’t get it apart to clean it. Any suggestions? Even my dad can’t get it apart.

    • nolan

      Just follow instruction from the owners manual you can also watch the video on you tube>>>>>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkI8k4Fd4Jg&feature=related

    • Darrell

      The take down is very much like a Glock. You have to pull the trigger after you pull down on the take down latches to release the slide from the frame. Please be sure the weapon is clear, no round in the chamber and no magazine in the gun when performing the take down. Hope this helps.

    • Carl

      Brenda once you release the take down switch pull the trigger and the slide will slide right off. I found a video on you tube to figure it out because I was having the same problem. Taurus could definitely do a better job describing it in the manual.

    • kim estell

      with the magazine out, pull the trigger, pull the slide back alittle, pull the diassembly latches down and pull the trigger again and it will come apart, took me awhile to figure that out but that is how you do it

  • Carl

    I purchased my 709 slim about 3 weeks ago. I have put 200 rds through it, hornaday hp and federal fmj with no problems. Except one FTE do to my daughter limp writing it. I had her tighten her grip and she had no more problems. I really like this gun, easy to conceal and shoots well just a little low and left as others have reported. I also own a PT24/7 9mm and it has been a good shooter straight out of the box, just a little hard to conceal especially in the warmer seasons.

  • Dave. A

    I have a PT 745 Pro, I put an empty magazine in it with safety on or off magazine stays in. Now I load my other magazine (with bullets) with safety on or off I can pull out without hitting eject button. What is wrong with the gun? Anything can help. With that being said, it’s new, only fired 45 rounds.

    • samking73

      Did you ever find the problem? I would have said it was a magazine problem…Hope you’ve got it fixed since you posted this 10 months ago. lol

  • jb

    sorry guys and gals…………..but i love my PT 709 Slim. Works just fine, i’ve had it for 2 years; maybe 1000 to 1500 rounds through it. Shoots great, a perfect conceal carry during any season at a fantastic price. I got mine for 289.00 special 1st showing price.

  • Billy Ballard

    I bought a 709 last year. Have not shot a pistol in years. Put 4 out of 4 rounds in a paper plate at 21 ft. Gun shoots fine to me. That was with practice ammo. Got Winchester +p 124 grain Defender Hollow Points loaded in it.

  • mike

    I have the pt709 ss I do love the pistol ,,, fires great , has not jammed after 500 rounds , I have one problem is there a way to change the trigger pull, it seems to not fire till it is almost at the trigger guard, and very hard to pull that last bit, any ideas or is that just the way it is,,,,,,

  • mike

    also got the extended grips damn it sure made a great difference