Beretta scores biggest handgun contract since WWII

The US Army have awarded Beretta a contract for 450,000 Beretta Model 92FS pistols for US military customers throughout the world. If all pistols and parts are shipped, the total value of the contract will be $220 million!

That works out as $489 per pistol and spare parts.

From the press release:

The contract was awarded along with a first delivery order for 20,000 pistols intended for the Iraqi military. Delivery of pistols against the contract has already begun.

“We are honored to see the quality and performance of the Beretta Model 92FS pistol continue to be acknowledged in this dramatic way,” commented Cav. Ugo Gussalli Beretta, President of Beretta U.S.A. “It is clear that the Beretta 9mm pistol still sets the standard for military users throughout the world.”

300Px-Two F-22A Raptor In Column Flight - (Noise Reduced)
Two F-22 Raptor cost about the same as 450,000 Beretta Model 92FS’s!

Steve Johnson

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  • Vitor

    I’d stick with the Raptors this time.

  • EzGoingKev

    I was never a big fan of the M9.

    I was not happy with how you could rip the slides right off them, their quality issues, and their size.

    To be fair, I have small hands, and I could manipulate the safety, decock lever, slide & magazine releases easily. I do like that the mag release can be switched to southpaw easily.

    Its nice to see that if we ever have to go back into Iraq they will have the same weapons issues we have.

  • Are they ever going to get away from the 9mm?

  • jdun1911

    Why should the US military get away from 9mm?

  • Bloody ‘ell. And here I was hoping the military would eventually move away from those POS’s, and find something that actually felt like it would stay together in a fight. The 9mm/.45 battle has been reduced to glue, but I really, really disliked the M9s.

  • Sean Nack

    i concur; 9mm is just fine, in my opinion.

    but the beretta? really? there’re much better, much more ergonomic handguns out there who’s slides don’t crack (i’ve seen it happen).

    personally, i love my FNP9.

  • asuteke

    The 9mm is fine only if you have access to HP ammo. The US military has to abide by the Geneva Convention which outlaws HP ammo. Thus they are stuck with 9mm FMJ. Given the choice between a 9mm or .45 FMJ I choose the .45 every time. No brainer.

  • gerry

    When was the last time you can confirm of a slide coming apart. That was 20 years ago. Get with it. How many rounds have you put thru a Beretta 92fs?

  • Cool

    I think the 92FS is a great pistol. It’s good to see a good design be rewarded by being purchased.

    Most of the people who complain about it do so because of rumors that .45 lovers have spread. It would’ve happened to any handgun that replaced the 1911, especially if it was of foreign design and less powerful than .45 ACP.

  • miguel

    “if we ever have to go back into Iraq” First of all we have not left yet Second haven’t we learned something in the last 8 years… Iraq can turn in to dung hills … we are not going back

  • Nick

    Ok, I just recently purchased a 92FS, and It is amazing… and anyone with a bit of knowledge of Beretta firearms would know that the slide problems occured on the 92. The 92FS is a variant with an enlarged hammer pin that solved the problem. And to those of you bashing the 9mm round I understand your argument, but think logically. If you have thousands upon thousands of soldiers would you rather pay for 9mm or .45 rounds. Anyways, a bullet is a bullet, and both rounds would take someone out easy and are more than adequate for a sidearm. And also, Miguel, please tell families of the thousands of brave men who died that they died for nothing, and that for all you care it can turn into “Dung Hills”. I guarantee those men and women are rolling in there graves.

  • P

    for the size of the round, its a bloated ancient design. Sigs would have been a far better purchase, with far better ergo’s.

    Its way bigger than a 1911a1, fires an inferior round, has more parts, and its a dust magnet. M9 sucks and yes I have one, and have used it.

  • Badger

    I rather use a P80.

    I remember reading that Glock pretty much “pwns” Beretta all the time. Just Glock is too expensive for the Senate or Congress or whatever.

  • Jerry

    Usually commentors on this blog have informed views and solid opinions, but what am I reading here?? A Beretta is an inferior weapon because you can jank the slide right off? Have you been watching too much Lethal Weapon 4? Slides crack and smack you in the face? That was 20 years ago limited to specific test cases involving poor slide metallurgy and improperly specced ammo. Not to mention the M9 has an enlarged hammer pin that controls slide travel, and has had that function for almost 2 decades. It’s a little ignorant to still be unaware of that fact and still publicly opine on the issue, don’t you think?

    And of course, no discussion of the M9 can ensue without a 1911 fan bashing the Beretta. I could easily say the Beretta is far more reliable as proven by military pistol trials, weighs less, holds over twice the ammo, allows the soldier to carry more ammo that weighs less, is more managable under recoil, is more accurate with milspec tolerances, doesn’t need tools to field strip, etc etc. It’s also amusingly ironic that a 1911 fan disparages a weapon for being an “ancient design,” rather than analyzing the merits of the actual weapon. That shows a serious lack of critical thinking.

    The same tired garbage happens when AK fans intrude on discussions of the AR15. Funny thing is you don’t see AR15 fans harangue endlessly in AK discussions, and you don’t see Beretta fans spew uninformed diatribes in 1911 discussions.


  • woodfiend

    That’s a good post Jerry. I completely agree with you. Although I would much rather go into battle with a Glock, Sig, or HK, I really love the look and feel of Berettas. In my opinion, they are some of the best looking pistols ever.

  • Shadow

    dude 450.000 units??? wow how many soldiers have the USA army? with that you can assemble a new army, anyway in my opinion Beretta 92FS is the best weapon in all aspect, no only in it appearence also in all it features.