AR-15 air gun: BF-17

Scott Pilkington, who owns Pilkington Competition Equip. LLC, has invented an AR-15 PCP air gun upper. The BF-17 is powered by CO2 with a gas is tank is inside the handguard.

Interestingly enough the upper is a real A2 upper that they then modify and fit the air gun parts.

From Pilkington:

We all know that one the best ways to practice in the off season is an air rifle and it certainly develops your skills, but there still numerous fine points of muscle memory and sight acquisition that cannot be the same as your Service Rifle, at least with traditional air rifles. But we decided that we could give you everything your want, the same as your target AR-15 has them already. The exact sight picture and EXACT trigger feel along with the exact feel of your buttstock weighted just the way you like it against your own cheek.

How can we do that? Half of the answer is already in your hands, your personal AR-15 lower receiver. The other half is the new BF-17 upper that houses an air rifle action made by Pilkguns. The BF-17 upper uses actual AR-15 components like an A2 upper, front sight mount, charging handle and handguards. It also has National Match ¼ minute rear sights matched to a top quality .177 Lothar Walther barrel to put your shots in the X ring where we know you have the talent to place them.

Why would you want this upper? Cheap practice with the exact same trigger pull as your 5.56mm upper. If you are used to the AR platform this would be a great competition air gun.



The cost is estimated to be between $800 and $1100. You can pre-order one for a $250 deposit. A semi-auto and A4 flattop upper version are in the works.


More info here.

Steve Johnson

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  • Steve,

    Great job with all of these updates. I don’t know how you do it! Keep ’em coming.

  • Don

    Now I don’t normally complain about stuff but if the guy is selling these things for $800 dollars I can’t keep my mouth shut…

    If you look closely at the picture you can see that he moved the barrel up off its normal axis and to accommodate it he had to cut open the handguard stock across the top.

    Also, note the pipe clamp at the end of the handguard stock, painted black…

    The machining of the front stock and the receiver looks to have been done with a hand tool…

    This has to be an early prototype at best, if not the dude is absolutely nuts.

    Maybe the $1000 version has a blued pipe clamp?

  • Don, good eye! And I agree.

  • DrStrangegun

    Hrmm. I wonder about the legal repercussions here. As the AR15 lower is the actual firearm, does this remain a firearm in use?

    • DrStrangegun, I think it is legal but it would defiantly be classified as a firearm. It does bring up some legal issues if you planned on using it in your back yard, are using it at a airgun competition.

  • Shmuggins

    To the best of my knowledge, they have not shipped any to date (21 Mar 09). They keep on having production/accuracy problems. They are trying to remedy this, which is a very good thing to do and I commend them for it, but, when I placed my order in Dec 08 I thought they were in house ready to go for shipment. Why would a company “sell” something that doesn’t exist yet??????

  • Frank

    Mine arrives tomorrow (12/7/09). I’ll let you know what the final version looks like. If it’s like the prototype I’ll be sending it back.

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