Winchester Super X pump (SXP) given a makeover

Winchester have given the Super X3 pump action (SXP) shotguns a makeover. The “Worlds fastest pump” now has a more high tech design.

Picture 14-14

Picture 13-19
Black Shadow Field

For comparison: The old Black Shadow Field

I like the designs, they are very “Benelli”, which in my books is a good thing. Personally I would have preferred a name change, the Super-X brand is getting tired and overused.

The Winchester website has not yet been updated.

Steve Johnson

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  • fullpull

    Nice, but I want a walnut stocked, satin finish (not hi gloss Browning look) stock on mine. I own 5 1300’s in various dress, hunt with each. Not a synthetic stock in the group. Deer, turkey never admire the walnut, but are just as harvested as those from some Buck Rogers guns. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad to see the 1300 live on, just give me real walnut furniture on mine! And by the way, i’m 55 and still want to buy a Winchester repeating arms model 94 real soon, a 9422 would be right next to it in my place!

  • Doug

    The only changes I can see are cosmetic?? Still 4 locking lugs as the original, action bars, etc.etc.etc. What is different, Oh, yea, the adapted the SX3 stock and closed the U.S. factory and moved manufacture overseas. More jobs lost to mismanagement and greed, deeper U. S. recession.

  • BT

    Reminds me of the Hatsan Escort (except for the pump on the Defender) from Turkey.

    (pages 14 to 17).


  • BT

    My mistake, here is the correct link:

  • Dave

    Put the full length mag tube and the TruGlo sights on it. Then, I’ll buy it. Better shotgun than Remington or Mossberg. Don’t make it into a generic black shotgun.

  • Armando Cordero

    Well after a weeks time I will not be able to give you a clear description of the new Winchester SXP Super Pump. After playing cat and mouse with the dealer and after he kept telling me that the shotgun was already sold out? I decided to call Winchester myself and ask them on the status of the SXP….Well good thing I called because I had already given a good amount of money down to own this thing and I’ve come to find out that the shotgun won’t even be released till August-September 2009? Go figure Da*n salesman kept lying the whole time. So I got a complete refund and decided to purchase a Stoeger P-350 APG 28″ 12 gauge with 5 chokes. Should be available to pick up in the next couple of days. Sorry guys all I know is when it does come out I am so there!!


  • Brock

    Looks like a great gun. I’m a beginner, and my stud friend, who’s 13 and already a world class hunter, reccommended the black shadow field to me. Looks like a great gun. The one thing i love is the price tag! I will be mainly using it for clay pigeon, and some small game or deer. I’m gonna get it soon, I just know it.

  • Sébastien Levesque

    I got bad comment about winchester. Is it true that their gun are cheap made since they do not built them in US anymore?

    i plan to buy my first 12 gauge but don’t know what to choose between

    winchester super x
    new reminstong 887
    mossberg 500

  • Richard Turner

    Just spoke to Winchester on the phone after not being able to locate the SXP throught local dealers. The representative on the phone stated the SXP is not due to hit the warehouses until the last week of March 2010. Guess I will have to wait a little longer to own one.

  • Shawn Robitaille

    I just bought the winchester sxp black shadow and i am very impressed. i’ve put over 100 rounds through it and had no jams and no problems at all. its a very well build gun and its very easy to clean an dissasemble also the recoil pad is amazing, i would deffinatly recomend this gun to anyone looking for a solid and very reliable hunting shotgun. i literaly have nothing bad to say about this gun, good job winchester.

  • Pablo

    trigger guard of the defender, is metal or plastic?

    Thank you for the attention


  • jon c

    just got my self the black shadow field…. i love the feel of this gun its so well balanced and light the recoil pad is excellent id recommend it to anyway

  • David R.

    I purchased the Winchester SXP while at bass pro’s hunting show in aug. from the Winchester national sales rep. I’ve always been a remington guy and was looking at the 887 for duck hunting but the Winchester sales rep. spoke about the gun being manufactored by the Browning Corp and how the gun was one of the fasting shooting pump guns. Anyway, I’m extreamly disappointed. I’ve shot over 50 different rounds thru all the chokes trying get a pattern. When that did not work….I purchased a Kicks, Carson, Adjustable Browning choke…but I still did not get a pattern @ 40yards. I tried BBs, BBBs, 4’s, put out by everybody including Winchester. So, I called Winchester Inc. and they could not help. Customer Service guy knew nothing. He indicated that I was doing something wrong and the guns were tested at 40yards….what an insult. I’ve been a law enforcement officer and Hunter for over 30 years. I should have bought the Remington 887. The gun is so light that you can’t control the barrel jump. As a tak gun, you’ll be able to hit three large targets standing side by side with one shot with a full choke tube, interesting for a 28in. barrel. However, if ya take it and shoot at a goose, duck, etc…you’re just making a lond noise…you’ll not have to worry about cleaning any for dinner. Funny, the sales rep teased my partner about using a mossburg. Thus far he’s killed 10x what I’ve shot. Sad….I’m sure not a believer in Winchester. If you want to know more about the gun, drop me an email and I’ll be glad to fill you in.

    • SkeetShooter

      Wow, this is the first I’ve heard of any patterning problems with this line of pumps. I have owned a number of Browning and Winchesters, a Browning Citori, Win 1200, Browning BPS, and an SX3. They Winchesters all function and pattern well for me. I do mostly skeet and target shooting as well as some upland hunting. The BPS is also a great gun but doesn’t really fit me as well as the winchester so I don’t hit as many clays with it. I’m suprised that the winchester rep told you this was a “Browning Corp” manufactured gun… Not sure exactly what to make of that one since the majority of all winchesters are now FN belgium made and the SXP is made in Turkey ?? The SXP will still be a faster and smoother pump than the earlier 1200 or 1300. Maybe it just doesn’t fit you as well as a remington?? In my opinion, fit is always the most important thing in selecting a shotgun, if it doesn’t feel natural to you when you shoulder it than forget it.

      • mda

        I was 28 of 30 today with my SXP I really like this gun!

    • keith

      i bought the sxp last year when it first came out i use it all the time.have had no problems with it its been in rain and snow no rusting no problems shooting friend bought a 870 cause of its name and it costed more.big deal i said.we took them both out and i have to say i like mine more smoother action no jamming and faster shooting and his started to rust first time out in a 870 or sxp i say SXP ALL THE WAY….

    • Mike

      Nice try, Remington rep.

  • Kelly N

    I have been a 870 guys for almost 2 decades. Wanted a lighter pump. So I gave this a try. Purchased the SXP from Bass Pro in August. Boy am I impressed. Even though this is a Turkish import with Winchester’s name on it, the gun in fantastic. Light, easy to shoulder, patterns great, easy to clean super fast cycling. And best of all almost 2 pounds lighter than my 1990’s 870. A hunting buddy of mine borrowed this when his gun was broken. He went out and bought one a week later. I’ve been hunting ducks hard this fall and winter and this gun has brought home some great haul’s day after day; flawlessly. Am very happy with this gun. If you are on the fence get one. I would buy one again.

  • Pete

    I purchased a SXP at Gander Mountain and it was a cheap copy of my older 1300. The workman ship of the SXP is a far cry from the quality of the USA made 1300 I love. I also could not get mine to pattern, I tried about $150 in shells and nothing worked past 30 yards. I ended up taking it back to Gander the gunsmith charges to try and patten a shotgun $90.00 for pattering not counting the ammo. After two days I went back and they told me it would not pattern correctly for them as well. I traded in the gun on a Mossberg 500 for two reasons. First they would not refund me and would only give me a trade in toward another shotgun. Second because Mossbergs are made in the USA. I have to say there are only two type people ever that own a Mossberg those that just bought one and those who want to sell it. They are crap rattle like a 1931 ford pickup on a dirt road with a load of steel pipe fittinigs in the back. And the foregrip as loose as it is just bites. And the top safety is in the way if you put a scope on. I took it back and traded it for a used 1300 now I have two of them. And I will never replace either of them.

  • Clayton Sorensen

    Got a thousand plus rounds through mine and counting! I use it for skeet league. It didn’t quite fit right so I bought an ATI Akita adjustable stock for it. Works great! Zero malfunctions to date.

  • Mike Elliott

    I just ordered the Winchester Black Shadow SXP this afternoon in 3″ inch. I hope I’m not disappointed. $449.00 plus tax here in Canada. Total $539.51 cents Canadian. Purchased through Cabalas Canada.

  • Jud Roth

    I never had a problem with mine , only bad thing is it started to rust 🙁