Thompson/Center Venture: Entry level priced MOA rifle!

The new aptly named Venture is a entry level priced rifle that guarantees 1 MOA accuracy!


Thompson/Center introduces the New T/C Venture, the most value-packed bolt action rifle available on the market today. Designed to deliver top end quality and accuracy at an entry level price, the Thompson/Center Venture offers a 5R rifled match grade barrel and match grade crown, adjustable precision trigger and a classic style composite stock that puts it in a class all its own. A rugged, reliable tool for the outdoorsman, the T/C Venture features T/Cā€™s renowned innovation, craftsmanship and cutting edge barrel technology. Guaranteed to deliver Minute of angle accuracy… 1 inch groups at 100 yards.

It features:

* 60 degree bolt lift
* Adjustable trigger
* 5R match-grade rifling
* Long action.

It will be available chambered in .270 Win., 7mm Rem. Mag., 30-06, .300 Win Mag.

Although I have yet to see pricing for this rifle, if it indeed is entry level pricing with a 1 MOA guarantee this will be one popular rifle and will give Weatherby with their 1.5 MOA guarantee a run for their money (no doubt being popular with folks who cannot shoot MOA anyway).

I expect a short action will be announced within a year.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • This could be very interesting for ill-funded armies. Sniper rifles often have unacceptable prices.

    I heard that SAKO’s sniper rifles were quite acceptable in price/performance, but a really cheap 1 MOA rifle could make a huge impact (I doubt that they have much production capacity, though).

  • I really don’t see the Army man angle there bud. I think this is geared towards the entry level American and Canadian hunting market. Plus armies don’t buy massive ammounts of sniper rifles, they often give their snipers an allowance to build the rifle that they want. Normally in a big sniper caliber such as .338 Lapua magnum. This rifle is unproven as of yet and I can just about guarantee you that it won’t be used by any military any time soon if ever.

  • Let the market decide. Everyone I know who has shot the gun says it will change the market as we know it. It’s about time someone delivered that kind of quality at that price. I welcome it.

  • ty

    I think that for the average joe on a budget who wants extreme accuracy with a long action rifle (sub m.o.a.), thats off the shelf and cheap, ($499!) the tc arms venture is the only choice.

  • cavalier

    I’m one of those “folks who cannot shoot MOA,” and I like the idea of the guarantee. It means I know the fault lies outside the rifle itself, and it gives me a goal to reach for.

  • CMathews

    Josh, I believe Sven was refering to low budget armies. Possibly newly liberated provinces, or countries that have a need for an accurate rifle but simply do not have the money to spend on them. I am with you though. I do not feel this rifle warrants much attention from our military here in the states. I would, however, love to get some range time with
    one. I am looking for a new low budget bolt gun.

  • Raul

    Hi, I just purchased a T/C Venture in 30-06 at Turnners on sale for $449 but need to still get a scope and mount/rings. Can anyone recommend a scope for me?


    • Raul, what are you using it for?

      Leupold make the best. I like 2-6x zoom, but 3-9x is most popular.

  • I am sure my first deer with the venture will not fall over dead because according to some the venture is ugly. The accurancy will fall the deer or whatever gets in the way of my venture 300 mag. Yes, T/C should have made the stock with a monti carlo wood or camo stock. But for the price what do you exspect? I am sure T/C will catch on to this need in the future and make a better looking stock. Then I will dress mine out with the new stock and still have less then $600.00 in it. Once this rifle catches on the price will jump. So now is the time to buy one of these. Of all the rifle I have access to as a FFL dealer I purchased a venture for my own personal use. Right now the hotest low cost bolt action firle on the market is the marlin XL7 camo. Its not half the rifle as is the venture, but the camo stock sells the rifle. One would be lucky to get a 2″ MOA out of the XL7. Now I sell the XL7 to my customers who love the stock (to each his own). But trust me on this one, the best made rifle for under $800.00 is the T/C Venture.

    P.S. No I am not on T/C’s payroll or anyone elses. I just tell it like I see it.

    • Bob

      you spelled expect wrong
      expect not exspect

    • matt

      Dicks sporting good n virginia beach has a 30-06 completely camoed out. Scope , scope rings , barrell, & stock all matching camo

  • psycho_offroad

    Raul, I would have to dissagree that Leupold is actually the “best”, however they do have a well built reputation for their name. In my Honest opinion AND Experience, you can’t beat Nikon Scopes. As a matter of fact, I too, just purchased the new T/C Venture myself in .270. I installed a Nikon Buckmasters 4.5x14x40 with Bullet Drop Compensation, and I haven’t seen a Leupold scope (within a $200.00 range) as clear as this one. They run in the $300.00 range and can’t be beat. From my research, the $500 Leupolds are equivelant to the $300 Nikons. They are claimed to have the best optic lenses out there right now, and i can understand why. At 100 yards, I shot 3 shots in the bullseye, 2 were touching, and the 3rd was 1/8″ away from the other 2……needless to say, I put the Venture away til deer season. I haven’t shot it since…..i’m so anxious though.

  • psycho_offroad

    Travis Hamlin, I completely agree whole heartedly. The venture so far has more than proven itself. I do know it’s the “Icon” just without all the fancy-smancy bells and whistles, and that’s just what i was looking for in a rifle for a long time…”finally somebody get’s it!” (good ole’ Smith and Wesson šŸ™‚ ) and for that matter, believe you me, i have seen some guns out there MUCH, MUCH Uglier than the venture……i kinda like the way it looks…..all black with the 2 dark gray “grips”. lightweight, and accurate as HELL!. If i wanted a “pretty” gun….i’d get a weatherby!

  • james

    well,i had a 3x9x40 bushnell scope on a sporterized 303british rifle for 18yrs,never had to resight it in,then someone stole it.since then ive put 1 on a 30 06 and a 50cal black powder rifle i own,for the money i think bushnell cant be beat

  • D. Handley

    just got the thompson venture in 270 with the nikon prostaff. i could not wait to try out the rifle, it was raining and blowing out on my range. the rifle was bore sighted at the gun shop and the first shot was right at the 100yd. elevation but 4in, to the left. afew clicks to the right and a few more up, then moving back to 150yds. locking down on the bench with 130gr. remington bullets shot four rounds into the area of a silver dollar.i could not believe it,talk about a confidence booster,thompson really hit the nail on the head with this one

  • Todd

    Wow……. ur first shot to sight in a Rifle was 100 yds even with a bore sighter thats impressive to say the least lol………………..

  • charles

    i purchased a venture 300win mag topped with nikon monarch 2.5-10×50. bore sighted at shop. went to range first shot on paper 100yds 4 more shots zero’d. have put 50 rnds through it now out to 500 yds it’s a tack driver. can’t wait for the short actions to come out. i’m picking up a .270 if it proves to shoot as well as the 300 i will give my other rifles to kid and replace others with ventures!

  • Gary

    1″ MOA , with T/C 7mm Rem Mag At 100 Yds, Today!…scope is a 4×12 40mm, Alpen Kodiak. The rifle consistanty repeated the 1″ MOA….

    Thanks T/C!!

  • 1 ” MOA, with T/C Venture 7mm Rem Mag at 100 yds, today!…4×12, 40mm Alpen Kodiak scope installed on the rifle. The rifle consistantly repeated the 1″ MOA!!

    It’s a great rifle, the venture!

  • Steve

    I’m really liking the 270 I bought. Seems hard to beat for the price. I noticed that the Venture manual says you should return it to the shop if you need to take the stock off (for more cleaning or whatever). What is it that makes that a gunsmith job?

  • cws0008

    Does anyone know if the Venture is made in the U.S. or is it imported?

  • Greg

    cws0008: According to the Thompson website, the Venture is made in the USA.

  • Just picked up the T/C Venture 243 today and I am completely satisfied with its’ balance, handling, and the short stroke of the bolt makes me pleased I got it. With the 3 X 9 X 40 atop she looks beautful and fires smoothly. Exactly what I want to give the son for his birthday.
    Happy birthday Jeff

  • Al Clarkson

    I own a T/C Venture, in 300 Win Mag. Bought it at Buckeye Outdoors, in Hebron, OH. I put a Bushnell Trophy XLT 4-12 X 40 scope on it. Took it to the range, and used Federal Premium Power*Shok Speer Hot-Cor SP 180-grain. I had this rifle sited in, and hitting under 1″ MOA at 100 yds. within 10 minutes. This is a SUPER rifle for the money ($499)! I’ve also purchased a Harris 1A2-L bipod, and this thing is steady as a rock on the bench. There’s nothing bad to say about the rifle, or its’ performance. As far as appearance and feel, I like the looks of the synthetic stock, with inlayed gray grips. The grips are functional, and do a nice job.If you prefer a wooden stock, all I can say is, buy a rifle with a wooden stock! You clearly see it before you buy it, so buy what suits you. If you want a Chevy, don’t buy a Ford, and expect it to turn into a Chevy after you’ve bought it. I do agree with the comment that this rifle will go up in price, once it catches on. I’m truly satisfied with every aspect of this rifle, and highly recommend it. It was a superior purchase for me. I give a huge ‘thumbs up’ and a big ‘Thanks’ to Thompson/Center for this rifle.

  • Mike88

    Does anybody know if this is available in a left-handed version?

  • Andy Forester

    I just got a Venture in 7mm Rem.Mag. Local store was leaving off all taxes so I walked out at $499.94 Canadian. I had taken advantage of Cameraland’s deal on Pentax binoculars and Pentax x4-12 scope which means that basically the ‘scope was free. So here I am set up for moose and long-range for under five hundred bucks. I have not shot it yet but take heart from all those that find it does shoot MOA. I am sick of expensive guns that I have to re-bed and tinker with to get 1.25 MOA! The only thing I don’t like is the moulded-in trigger guard [somebody come up with a fix please!] but can see that this is how they keep costs down. Like another contributor, I am impressed with the Tikka [used to have a 338 Sako…] and if in the market for another gun would look at the Tikka alongside the Icon. The integral bases on the Icon receiver is a nice feature.

  • TC Venture 469.00 at cabelas with 50.00 rebate from t/c topped with the best value 3×9 on the market.Bushnell elite 4200.Sub moa 308 with federal powershock at 13.99 a box from wal-mart.Doesnt get any better!Cant wait to try some hand loads.

  • Andy Forester

    Ilness and limited ammo’ prevented much of a test of the Venture [7mm Magnum] but it grouped very tight vertically. Gusting gales all over the place that day so lateral spread was not good. Can’t wait to really test this next summer [this is Canada…the range is no place to be in February!]. The trigger is lovely [lightened a bit] and the gun comes-up well. I sense it is going to perform.

    I can’t really believe a savvy gun owner would have to return the Venture in order to remove the action from the stock–anybody figured this out yet?

    I don’t see aftermarket stocks coming available. The magazine seems [I may be wrong] to lock into the stock, not the action [presumably a cost saving measure like the moulded trigger guard] so this might be tricky for an aftermarket stock. If somebody would bring out a stock with a metal trigger guard I’d buy one.

    Definitely made in the US…it’s in the ads and literature and also stamped proudly on the gun.

    Calibres. At first I thought it odd that T/Cs were not chambered for the popular WSMs [not even the Icon I think!]. Maybe they have not got a short action into production or … there is this thing nobody talks about but I believe this to be the case….

    A few years back a well-known gun writer developed some short fat wildcats and did something probably nobody else has ever done: he patened them! When Remington and Winchester came out with the SMs he started a legal action and every company producing SM type cartridges and guns had to pay him royalties. I believe this was one of the factors that brought Winchester [actually USRAC] to its knees. Remington was also in financial trouble and only scraped through. I can see why a company new to making centrefire rifles might simply want to leave the SMs out of their catalogue.

    I think the single shot Encores etc. have SM barrels available so maybe I am wrong, but these guns have limited appeal to most hunters [good as they are, they remain a specialist firearm] whereas T/C is obviously looking to make a big sell with the Venture–maybe it could save a lot of money by NOT paying royalties on their product.

    T/C is now a S&W company so presumably better financed but it is not long ago that S&W was deep in the smelly stuff.

    Anyway…just a thought!

    There are a few bad ‘scopes out there. Most of my guns have had Bauch&Lomb [now all called Bushnell] Elites. The 3200 series on the lighter kickers and a B&L x2.5 -10 [identical to the Bushnell 45200 series] on a 338 Mag’ firing hot hand loads with heavy bullets. It never once shifted zero, even after years of punishment. John Barsness, the gun/hunting writer had an article a couple of years ago in Rifle magazine praising these scopes and saying there was not really anything on the market at any price that could beat them. I aggree–mechanically sound and optically superb. I live in Canada and Bushnell here has a superb warranty. I dropped one rifle from the truck onto concrete–the scope was not scratched but the optics shook loose. I walked out of Bushnells after 2 mins with a new, and later model in a box, free …

    You have to be careful of gun writers though. One praised the Tasco World class. Optics were not great but it was a cheap scope…fair enough but the internal glass shook loose after 5 rounds of 7-08 [hardly an elephant cartridge]. It was replaced and that one failed. When I returned it there was another customer returning a Tasco at the same time.

    In fairness to the company, I do have a [now discontinued model] top of the line Tasco Titan x1.25-4. 30 mm tube [looks like a Zeiss knock-off] that is beautiful: solid and wonderful optics. This has taken a bashing from a 45-70 pushing 400 grainers at 1900 fps and a 350 Rem.Mag with hot loads under 225/250 gr slugs with no complaints at all. If you see Tasco Titans lying around unsold in a guns store–snap ’em up …

  • Troy

    I recently purchased the Thompson Center Venture chambered in .30-06. I attached the Leopold Rifleman 3 by 9 40mm scope and sighted it in using the super low priced Remington Core Loct ammunition. I am NOT an avid shooter and was sighting the gun in at 100 yards using sand bags. The point is, even with my deficiencies, cheap ammo, and a poor rest, The gun gave me repeated groups at or near a 1″ MOA. I have NEVER fired a rifle this accurate….and I can’t wait to start shooting regularly with it. It has truly rekindled my interest in shooting. The last new gun I bought was a Marlin 30/30 lever almost 20 years ago so this was a real treat for me. I am like a kid with a new toy and I am loving it!

    As for the injected molded stock….it may not be many people’s favorite but I personally think it is a true quality piece. The rifle is only about 7 lbs with the scope. Something that light in a .30-06 should come back with a vengeance but I found the recoil to be easy to handle. The rifle is very well balanced and quick to get up making target acquisition feel natural and swift.

    I paid $459 for the gun and $189 for the scope. I would highly recommend it to anyone. My Step Father now wants one chambered in .223 and my father in law is looking at the .243 version. Since both of these are avid collectors and in the case of my Step Father, a former Marine Corp Expert Marksman, I have to think the gun is truly a great deal.

  • Robert

    Just purchased the Venture in 270 last weekend and took it to the range to sight in. This thing is a tack drive. I put a Nikon Prostaff 3x9x50 scope on it. Took less than ten shots to zero this rifle in. I shoot four 3-shot groups with the worst of the lot being .75 MOA and the besy being .2 MOA. This rifle is sweet, it will just about put bullet hole in bullet hole at 100 yards. For a total investment of $700 for rifle, scope and ring, this rifle is shooting as well as my Remington 700 Target Tactical 308. I was able to go out to the 500 yard range after zeroing at 100 yards and this rifle amazed me. At 500 years I was able to shoot four 3-shot group at less then 1 MOA and the best being .375 MOA. This is the best rifle for the money that I have every seen. Point blank range is about 300 yards, not much hold over till you get out to 400 yards and beyond. Excellent rifle for the price, T/C has hit a home run with this one. I would advise anyone who wants to shoot sub MOA group to RUN to your nearest sporting goods store and buy one of these rifles. I am going to purchase another in 300 win Mag. They are great for hunting, light weight and easy to carry all day long. The only issue I have with my rifle is the clip, it’s made from plastic and I’m not sure how long it will last ande it only hold three rounds. I would love to see T/C offer a large clip, but besides that it’s GREAT and a true joy to shoot. Going deer hunting in the morning and see if I can get a big one with it.

  • Warren

    I bought one in .223 this summer. It grouped at .658 MOA with a Redfield 3X9X50 scope at 100 yds. I was shooting off a bench. This is just one example (I am no marksman, but really enjoy this firearm). I think this will do for coyotes just fine!

  • Zedicuss

    My Bro has a 22-250 in the T3 Lite. It is a tack driver. Crows at 300-400 yards should really learn they are to close. I had a Browning bolt 7mm Mag back in the 1980s, it shot 1.5 moa with cheap factory ammo. With hand loads it shot about everything at .750 groups every time i pulled the trigger. The venture does that or better24/7/365.
    I am looking for a 243 or 25-06 atm. I now have a price locked in at $460 plus tax. Just need my income taxes back. Cant wait.
    I am thinking Nikon prostaff 4-12x 40 BDC.
    Enjoy your shooting guys and gals, and be safe…………..

  • I am 15 and i am thinking about buying a centure in either 270 or 3006 i mostly hunt whitetails. Also i dont know what scope i should buy i like the leupold redfield 3x9x40 and the nikon prostaff 3x9x40.

    • gary mcclain

      if you want a good scope go to nikon monarch dont but a nikon prostaff i bought one for my son to use on his marlin 35 and it is barely enough for that small of a gun

    • Greg

      I bought the 300 win mag in the venture spring of 2011 and i end up putting a Nikon 6-18×40 mil-dot in the Buckmaster series. I agree with the other gentlemen about the Nikon pro-staff. I also have the Leupold VX-3 6.5-20×40 AO both these are at least $350 to $600.00. I also have 2 Swift premium 6-18×44 mil dot which for the price i consider it equal and if not better than my Leupold VX-3 6.5-20×40 AO. So i would say look in to the swift 3-9×40 or 4-12×40 from swift premium these 2 go under $175.00 and a light transmission of 96%. I love my Swift scopes and recommend them also. The only reason my scopes are high in magnification is because of age, eyes get little bit tired as you age and my scopes were 3-9×32 when i was your age and they were fine. This is just my opinion on scopes..Greg

  • If you could help that would be great thanks.

  • Ray Taylor

    I think that all you people out there who like the brand name scopes such as the BusLnells, Leapolds and all the rest should look into trying the most respectable scope around, in my opinion the TC line is the best scope around and is very compareable in price.

  • Greg

    I guess the news is out about Thompson center is closing. I live in the same city where T/C is and its a big part of our city it will be sad to see it leave. I just bought a venture 300 win mag Now it time to scope it out does anybody no anything about the Alpen 2050 Kodiak 4-12×40 Wide Angle Multi-Coated Gun Scope and will it hold the recoil of the 300WM, any pro or cons on this scope would be appreciated…thanks Greg

  • I ordered a Venture in 30-06 and its been three months because the plants is moving so they are on back order.

    • Rodger

      I have 12 different gun shops looking for a tc venture (Cabelas, Bass Pro Shops, Gander Mountain, included) and they say there are none to be found. What is the deal? TC says the plant move is final and they are building and shipping guns. Is inventory being purposely withheld to keep demand high (thus prices)? Or are there problems with the gun and/or company? The distributors say there are no ventures in the southeast United States. Something fishy here.

  • Looked at the marlin XL7,then looked at the T/C venture.Bought the venture in 308 win.Took only 6 shots to sight it in,dead on at 100 yds. I installed a nikon monarch 3×9 with BDC. Killed 2 deer with it only one shot per deer did the job.This gun really does the job for me.

  • Bob

    you spelled expect wrong

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