Magpul 5.56mm EMAG and 7.62mm PMAG

At SHOT magpul have displayed their new EMAG and a 7.62mm PMAG.

There is not much information available and some of the forums I have read are saying contradictory things. This is my take on it, I may be wrong and if I am I will update this post with the correct information.

The EMAG is a 5.56mm slick-sided STANAG magazine. It is compatible with all rifles that use STANAG magazines, such as the HK416, FN2000, Steyr AUG (NATO variant) and many other rifles civilian and military . This is a very clever move by Magpul and could dramatically increase their export sales.


The 7.62mm PMAG is compatible with SR-25 compatible rifles and the Magpul Massoud.

seven point six two 🙂

LaRue Tactical with what appears to be a PMAG

UPDATE: I was right (that does not happen very often!). EMAG is short for Export Magazine. It will retail for $22.95.

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One more teaser photo from Magpul after the jump (frontpage is currently clogged up with photos)


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  • SoloTwo

    Nice, finally a real picture of LaRue’s OSR rifle. 🙂

  • Looks like a very handy mag 🙂
    And +1 with SoloTwo : LaRue’s OSR looks great…
    Do we have any ROE about the 5,56 EMAG ?
    Thank you.

  • Since the PMAg is already available in 5.56mm wouldn’t it make more sense for the EMAG to be the one available in 7.62mm?

  • jdun1911

    So they are admitting that PMAG are out of spec with the introduction of EMAG.

    What is the market term when you cannibalized your old product by forcing customers to wait (long) for your upcoming upgraded product. If you going to something like this make sure it is already in production before announcing it.

  • Overload in CO

    Ah! no wonder I’ve been having problems with my F2000. I thought it was the gun. I wish someone had told me, or it had been in the manual. I’ll have to try it with some issue magazines.

  • Zack

    Overload, the pmag doesent work in all 5.56 rifles, it was made for the M16/AR15.

  • Heck of a job there, it absoeltuly helps me out.