H&R Pardner Pump Slug

H&R (A Remington company) have produced a new shotgun designed specifically for slugs. H&R Pardner Pump Slug features a proprietary rifling design called Ultragon which was designed to provide greater slug accuracy. From the press release:

Rifling further enhances the accuracy potential of the Pardner Pump Cantilever Slug Gun. Ultragon is a proprietary rifling design comprised of six lands and grooves without sharp edges like traditional rifling. This design imparts bullet spin without leaving sharp impressions on the sabot jacket or foster-style lead slug. The result is a better gas seal and less loss of pressure, which equals higher velocity and better accuracy

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Model: Pardner Pump Slug (NP1-12C/NP1-2SC)
Gauge: 12 (2 3/4 and 3-inch)
Stock: American Walnut / Black Synthetic.
Barrel: 22 inches. Ultragon rifling.
Metal Finish: Blued
Sights: Cantilever Scope Mount
Length: 42 1/8 inches
Length of Pull: 14 1/2 inches
Weight: 7 1/2 lbs.

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  • Rick

    I checked it out, and guess what Its made in China.
    For the money, I would rather just buy a Mossberg Mavric.
    Proven to work and last for years, and made by Americans.
    We need to try and buy American everytime we can, our jobs are leaving this Country every day.