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  • jdun1911

    It’s a neat little stock. Hopefully other manufactures will improve on the concept.

    • I wouldn’t get my hopes up. Patents will probably keep it Colt only.

  • The folding stock is mentioned in another Colt patent application as to possible future configurations of the “black rifle”. (Yes, they actually used the term “black rifle”.)

    Look up US Patent Application 20080301994.

  • Mike

    Too bad that Colt’s new SCW’ folding stock will dump the magazine when the stock is fully extented, buttplate is down, and the stock is hinged forward to the left. This most likely carry state that will enable the stock to be rapidly deployed. The large button that locks the buttplate hits the ambidextrous mag release with the slightest tap. Colt’s sales force does not want to hear about it. Their reply is that “training will solve all problems!”

  • Jack Luz

    This weapon would likely be better/more reliable if it employed the short-stroke piston system in place of the gas impediment system. US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan have been screaming for this, while complaining about the M16/M4s being unreliable.

  • mechamaster

    Its not much better yhan m4 carbine