Sig Sauer P238 .380 1911

Rumors of the Sig P238 have been floating around the ‘net for a while now. They have turned out to be true. Sig Sauer P238 is a remake of the single action Colt Mustang which was discontinued just over a decade ago.

Picture 8-25
Sig Sauer P238 .380 ACP. Two tone. Click to expand image.

Colt Mustang .380 ACP. Photo by HiVelSword.

It is a single action pistol with an aluminum frame and a steel slide. From the press release:

With an overall length of just 5.5 inches a height of 3.96 inches, and weighing just under a pound, the SIG SAUER P238 is the ultimate firepower in an all metal frame concealed pistol. The P238 is built on an anodized alloy beavertail style frame with fluted aluminum grips for comfort and a secure hold during rapid-fire usage. The stainless steel slide features the popular SIG SAUER slide serrations and improves overall performance and accuracy.

It will come in two finishes, Black Nitron and Two Tone. Two sights will be available: contrast sights or SIGLITE Sights. This makes a total of four models. Pricing is below:

238-380-B MSRP $ 515.00
Black Nitron finish, Contrast Sights

238-380-BSS MSRP $ 558.00
Black Nitron finish, SIGLITE Sights

238-380-T MSRP $ 529.00
Two Tone, Contrast Sights

238-380-TSS MSRP $ 572.00
Two Tone, SIGLITE Sights

1200773 – Extra 6 round magazines MSRP $ 44.00

This should really appeal to 1911 fans, especially Colt Mustang fans. Time will tell if it is enough to compete with the plethora of sub-compact .380 pistols out there.

I will update this post as more information becomes available.

UPDATE: High quality photo from Ken.

 2009Shotshow Day1 2009Shotshow-01152009-035
Photo Copyright Ken Lunde. Used with permission.

UPDATE: The specs from the press release:

Frame Material: Aluminum
Frame Finish: Black Hard Coat Anodize
Slide Material: Stainless Steel
Slide Finish: Nitron or Natural Stainless
Length Overall: 5.5”
Height Overall: 3.9”
Width Overall: 1.1”
Barrel Length: 2.7”
Sights: Post & Dot Contrast, SIGLIGHT Night Sights
Sight Radius: 3.8”
Weight w/out mag: 15.2 oz.
Mag capacity: 6 rounds.

Reacting to many requests from the marketplace for a subcompact SIG SAUER pistol, engineers designed the new P238 as a smart looking, small handgun built with the same accuracy and reliability as large frame SIG SAUER pistols. With an overall length of just 5.5 inches a height of 3.96 inches, and weighing just under a pound, the SIG SAUER P238 is the ultimate firepower in an all metal frame concealed pistol. The P238 is built on an anodized alloy beavertail style frame with fluted aluminum grips for comfort and a secure hold during rapid-fire usage. The stainless steel slide features the popular SIG SAUER slide serrations and improves overall performance and accuracy. Additionally, the contrast or SIGLITE® Night Sights are removable and adjustable for windage. The sear and trigger return spring are redesigned to prevent spring over-ride of the ejector during assembly. Two finishes are available; Two-tone and corrosion resistant Nitron®. The new SIG SAUER P238 is shipped in a lockable hard case with one 6 round magazine at an MSRP starting at $515.00 for the Nitron® with contrasting sights. For more information, log on to

Press release photo

Hat Tip: 1911Forum, SigForum and GHG

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  • Scott

    Will the new version take magazines or other parts from the old version?

  • Nick Pacific

    You’re right, this makes me happy.

  • Tony

    That… that… that thing, good sir, is hardly a 1911! Just look. Compare. See the graceful curves of the Mustang. Now, see that… Lego gun. Not the same thing. Nuh-uh. Both .380 pistols of the same size and similar controls, maybe, that I’ll give you. But Sig Sauer has failed to recreate the beauty and grace of the Colt Mustang.

    (One big problem might be those grip panels… And that duo tone coloring does not help.)

    Please note that I am, of course, discussing only the esthetics of the pistol. The Sig might be a nice gun for all I know, I am in no way disputing that.

  • Dave

    I’m pretty excited about it all. I had a Mustang Plus II. Had it customized and really loved it. It was accurate and especially nice in the recoil department because it wasn’t a blow back design but locked breech. (Is the new Sig locked breech or blow back)? One day the extractor broke. It took numerous calls to Colt, and many calls to parts dealers all over the U.S. They all said the same thing, the extractor was back-ordered. What this really meant was that it wasn’t available (like so many other parts for the little Colt .380 pistols). Finally after more than a year I sent letters to Colt Manufacturing, the President of Colt and the C.E.O. I Finally was sent an extractor, (free of charge) but not in my choice of finish but workable. Shortly after, I sold it for a Kahr K-9. I wasn’t going to risk having a firearm which I couldn’t repair. The Sig P238 seems to me to be a great alternative to the Colt .380. Maybe not as refined as a Colt but preferable to all of the .380s I see for sale currently. Although GUNSAMERICA always have a large selection of Colt .380s for sale, you still have the parts issue which will be no problem with Sig.

  • romma

    I am digging the prospect of purchasing this new Sig… Looks great to me, it has a space age look to it. It will make an interesting addition..

  • dave

    when will we be seeing these bad boys for sale????

  • ralph

    .380 is a junk caliber. most .380 pistols have cycle problems on and off because .380 just doesnt have enough power for a consistent cycle no matter what.

    either get a .38 special 5-shot or get a small sub compact 9mm…

    there is no reason to get .380 in anything.

  • I think this pistol is ugly compared to the Colt mustang. Sig seems to be going downhill with their designs. They rush junk through now and it shows. The perfect .380 would be someting like the Sig Mosquito, only in a high capacity.380. The P232 is OK except for its length and obsolete heel clip release. Their side mag release buttons are in awkward places also. They need to modernize their designs back to the WWII Walther ppk,s. The Walther is an outdated quality pistol with perfect positioning of the mag release button. If Sig could eliminate the feed ramp problems and digestion of hollow points some Walthers have, they might have something. Just like CZ did when they refined the Browning High Power. Sig needs a new 380 and guys this ain’t it.
    Good luck selling this Lemmon. Sig just screwed up their 556 rifles and now are introducing the Sig 556 Classic which everyone wanted in the first place.
    The new Sig 556 Pistol is comming out with Rails and should have a slim line polymer handguard offered also. Sig finally realized everyone wanted these also after Samson and Troy started making them. I don’t know who’s running the show at Sig, but they sure don’t have the brains or feel for the market anymore. The stainless 9mm P226 is my favorite. I dont know how this new pistol functions compared to the Colt Mustang but it sure is butt ugly and could have at least resembled the grips of the P series pistols. I am reluctant to buy anything they make because of constant blunders. You almost have to wait a couple of years now to see if they discontinue or revamp their products.

  • JR

    My new SIG .232 is a great gun. Can’t see having yet a smaller handgun than the .232. Perhaps for the ladies?

  • MDZ

    i think this shit is sweet. its a new futuristic lookin beauty…and to the jackass up there that said .380 is a “junk caliber”…thats completely untrue….380 has more penetration then a .45acp…and if you have a nice powerful hollowtip in there it will do the job…and he said 380s dont “cycle right??” lol have you ever even shot a gun?? unless your playin around with a highpoint 380 the majority of 380 sub compacts cycle FINE…look at the new gen kel tec p3at…never had ONE malfunction after about 500 rounds…and obviously the colt mustangs r great…and the walther ppks r great (until smith n wesson started making em) and if you have a 45,40,9mm or even a 44 mag as ur primary…and a 380 on your ankle…im sure it will do its job if ur ever in a life or death situation…and if u hit someone in the forehead with a .380 hydroshok…im sure theyr not gunna fight back…theyr gunna fall the fuck down lol but as far as this new sig i think it looks great…still has a 1911 (locked and loaded carry) style…nice slim singlestack….cool trio tone elite type look…i think it’ll be sweet…but i’ll wait to get it ofcourse…u never know…they could automaticly recall it…peace
    ~MDZ of RedZonE

    • waykno

      Does S&W “make” the Walther or just distribute them?

  • Tony

    While I have no wish to participate in a caliber war, some of the claims written by MDZ do need commenting on.

    “.380 has more penetration then a .45acp”

    Considering how the 9x19mm (when comparing NATO rounds) has a whopping 5cm/2″ more penetration than the .45, I am finding it hard to believe that this less powerful but yet equally wide 9mm round could do the same. But then, not that it really matters – when penetration in ballistic gel is a couple of feet (65cm for the .45, 70cm for the 9x19mm) all that needs to be said is that there is quite enough of it. 🙂

    “never had ONE malfunction after about 500 rounds”

    Wow! That’s… Not very much, actually. I’ve always thought that the first 1000 to 1500 rounds with a new gun are just breaking it in and establishing whether or not the thing works or not.

    (On the other hand, the earlier posters claim that “.380 just doesn’t have enough power to cycle reliably” is… interesting, too. Would this not be merely a matter of designing the gun to function at the power levels provided for by the cartridge? 🙂 )

    “and if u hit someone in the forehead with a .380 hydroshok…im sure theyr not gunna fight back…theyr gunna fall the fuck down lol”

    Umm… You do know that the forehead is the most heavily armored spot in a human, right? Hit someone there with a pistol, any pistol – including my beloved .45 – and there is a pretty good chance they will fight back. You might want to aim a tad lower for better results. 😉

  • firemanq3d

    All very interesting to be sure. But for those of us less interested in displaying our firearm/ballistics expertise (or lack thereof in my case) and more interested in holding and actually firing this new sig .380 before formulating an opinion, any word yet as to an approximate date these are suppose to hit the market?

  • EJC

    All these people worry about the wrong things when it comes to whats the greatest round. Instead of whats the greatest round how about you worry about what round can you hit the target with. And i dont mean all over the target but were you want the bullet to hit or tight groups. The gun is only as good as the shooter shooting it and the 380 will do the job as long as there is good bullet placement and the same goes for a 22mag if shoot placement is right. So these guys preaching whats the best caliber well the one that you put in the right spot will always do the job. I think the new Sig is a nice looking gun and with time if it proves itself like any other new gun then the people writing bad things about it will end up jumping on the wagon like people do. Almost everyone who carries wants something easy to carry so they dont have to dress to the gun and with its size it will end up being a great product in high demand as the ruger LCP has become. So let the gun prove its self with time before you give it a bad rap. I have been teaching firearms training for years and the only guys you here this caliber shit from is guys who have no clue. Give the P-239 a chance and be glad that this country still has rights to own firearms and any new gun to me is welcome but as with any new product it does have to prove itself.

  • AR1911

    I think this is a pretty cool item, and I’m going to buy the first one I find.
    I have a couple Colt Mustangs that cost me more used than what these list for new, and I like those Colts a lot. But I’ll sell one and buy this Sig.

  • Jonathan

    Update on my p232 experience. I have fired close to a thousand rounds through it without fail. The only thing I don’t like is that .380 ammo is in short supply due to people stocking up for whatever the Obamanation brings our way. Simply order in bulk ahead of time and you won’t have any problem.
    Two things I really like: The trigger release. You can have 7 +1 in the chamber and the first pull will be double action. Much easier to carry and keep by the bedside safely. Also the Tritium nighsites. It is very comforting at night to look over and see those three little green dots looking at you.

  • The question you have to ask Sig is why they are trying to resurrect old single action designs when other companies are modernizing theirs. Their current 380 is fine except for the out of date heel mag release. If they’re going to do anything retro then they need to go back to the walther ppk and polish the feed ramps and make refinements. North American arms makes a nice 380 compact with laser grips and side button mag release. Lately Sig has been turning out bad designs IMO. I own the P226 in stainless and it is a great pistol. Their 380’s leave alot to be desired. When you look at the Colt mustang and their 380, the quality of the Colt is way above their pistol. If they want to do a simple thing, they need to get rid of those ugly grips and look for replacement grips for these in the future to replace these dogs. Some have said this pistol looks great. If they looked at this side by side compared to a Colt Mustang, then I think its time for them to get an eye exam or pay a vist to the fashion police.
    I think it is good to defend a good built and designed weapon, but some people will defend anything a company puts out just for brownie points.

  • Sig P238 – new for 2009 – really just what I’ve been looking for. Sig has a winner here for sure. I’ve looked for a small semi for quite awhile now, hefted the P229 and P239, and for their .380 caliber the both of them are too long, too tall, too wide, too heavy, and too pricey. My other choice was a Kahr PM9. In California it may take 6 months to a year before the manufacturer gets approval from the Attorney General and their testing laboratory before a model is approved and allowed to sell in this State of highest Brady marks. I hope you guys in Freedom States realize how freelucky you are – so far!

  • R.U.Heeled

    That is one UGLY pistol. Might look alright in a womans purse.

  • J.J. McKenna

    I like the looks of this gun, though I would get it in Black, not two-tone. The thing that concerns me is that the safety is not a slide-lock safety, like a standard 1911. It is only a mechanical safety, although the Colt had the same design. I think I would be reticent to carry locked and loaded without the 1911 safety I’m familiar with, but it sure would make a nice back up gun. First thing I’d do, however, is change the grips to some nice dark, polished wood.

  • Sampson

    I like the look of this 380 but also agree the grip needs to be changed, with or without I’ll have one when they hit the gun store cases.

  • Skully

    Ralph, you are entitled to your opinion but I must disagree.
    I’ve got a Walther PPK/S and a Keltec P3AT. I’ve fired the Keltec nearly 2000 times and have never had a feed or any other issue. The Walther is almost new and has been fired 300 times with no issue whatsoever.

    I am a 1911 fan but the little .380s carry better at the office and around town. I actually had the opportunity to see the effect of 90 grain Hornady hollow points last year. I shot a small Buck with a compound bow and found him still alive but I was able to sneak up to within 10 – 12 feet and put him down with my P3AT with a head shot. The damage was extensive and there was no need for a second shot.

    Bigger is better when it comes to personal defense pistol carry but…
    Even a .22 Short is better than a shocked look and an attempt at flight from a scumbag assailant.

  • WR Lago

    The P238 is certainly a combination of Sig’s style combined with Colt’s functional design. While style is a matter of opinion, reliability and accuracy are not. Provided that Sig has put the quality into this little guy that we’ve all come to expect, the P238 will be a great back-up and/or summer time concealed carry weapon.

    I have personally carried a Stainless Steel Colt Govt. 380 off and on for a little more than a decade. I love that weapon. I look forward to acquiring one of these P238s and running it through a side by side test with my Colt.

  • Mellow Yellow

    I think this is one gorgeous gun, so much so that when stopping by the shop to purchase ammo today I had them include a two-tone P238 even though the ammo is hard to come by in these parts. I personally like the look of the grips! If we all liked the same things, imagine how boring life would be!

  • Ironwolf

    I just had the opportunity to check out the new P 238. Since my carry gun is a Colt Mustang PocketLite, it was interesting to compare the two side by side. For me, natural point of aim is a critical factor, and for me the P 238 has the same natural point of aim as my Colt. Also, we compared the magazines between the Colt and Sig. A Colt Mustang factory magazine fits the Sig, locks into place, and the slide locks back on empty. Is it possible that the Mustang mags are interchangeable with the Sig?? I have not yet tried firing the Sig with a Colt magazine . . . yet. Will let you know when I get my new P 238. Side note, a .380 with frangible ammo will do the job just fine.

  • tone

    A side order of eggs, rosewood grips and catsup please. 🙂
    The secret to the kingdom is not caliber my children but shot placement.

  • David

    I bought this gun in a hurry at a gun show – it appears I payed way to much for it. I wish I would have researched more for a primary off duty weapon. I don’t buy a lot of guns and just wanted an off duty gun. I’ve never carried a SA pistol and I’m not sure how I feel about it. The magazine I purchased would not seat with six rounds in it. Also, the gun doesn’t eject the last fired cartridge – I have to remove the magazine first and then shake it out. I haven’t shot it a lot yet but its hard to get the pistol to chamber a round sometimes it gets jammed against the ramp. It may be that I need to shoot it a lot to get it broke in.

  • Jason

    I feel that people are forgeting the fundemental reason why we carry firearms….its to protect ourselves when things get ugly. As a officer I stress this to people every day. On the same note, I like to carry a reliable firearm that is not going to carp out on me when i need it. Ive owned a Kel-Tec and will never buy another one again. Yes they are cheap but not reliable. I would love to see Glock come out with a small frame handgun, and I mean much smaller then what they call their boat anchor of the Glocks 27’s. I own several glocks and never has one jammed, miss-fed, stove piped, etc. Due to the environment that I live in (sunny S. Florida) concealed carry is somewhat of a challenge year-round. This is why I am looking into the Sig 238. It is not as bulky as the glock but still carries a reliable name to it. I have shot several Sig’s but never have owned and looking to expand my collection. I have read other reveiws which have complained of the caliber size. On that topic, I say to them, ITS BETTER THEN NOT HAVING A GUN AT ALL. I know the .380 Cal does not carry the most knock down power but when your popping rounds off at a bad guy who wants to hurt you, I highly doubt he is going to stand there and care what size round it is. I love the SAO trigger because that is what im accustomed to. I further more like the 1911 look to the firearm. If anyone has any real insight to this firearm and wishes to share, please write back. for the $500.00 price tag and the Sig name, I cant see why this would not be a good to go firearm.

  • Michael Jett

    I fired my P238 this weekend, and I am hooked. No problems at all, and plenty accurate at 7 yards, which is about the maximum I expect in a gunfight.
    The magazines from the Colt Mustang are identical, and I used one this weekend with absolutely no problems at all. The only difference is that the base on the Mustang magazine sticks out past the frontstrap a little, but since this is a two finger grip, it was not a problem.

  • Stephen

    I bought my 238 just over a week ago. I bought the two tone with night sites. I LOVE THIS GUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It shoot great. Accurate for such a short barrel. Recoil is not an issue. All and all, it is a Sig. just like my 229 and 239 it does what it is supposed to do and does it very well.

    Like several other people have posted, learn to shoot. Then and only then, worry about caliber. If you can’t hit a 4″ circle 5 times in 8 seconds from 7 yards then don’t stop anywhere but the rimfire counter. Once you master the rimfire grab something bigger and learn again.

    As for me…I’m a surgeon with my 229 but my favorite is my five7even.

  • T.Capone

    Hi:I have to know one thing, why don’t you people put your age along with your thoughts and comments.When I read that bullets will bounce off your forehead please don’t put your forehead in front of one to find out,this must some kind of urban legend for morons.With all the 380 ammo on the market today a 380 is a great pocket gun for your every day person to carry to and from work or the store. Over the years I have carried every style and type of hand gun made and that goes for caliber also.I have to disagree with not enough recoil to work the slide of a 380,you got to be kidding.99.9% of the time you are using ammo too hot for the gun.380 is an old proven round used by lots of law enforcement departments world wide.The new ammo(Cor-bon,DPX,Big Boar Buffalo all+p and+p+ way too hot for PPK,PPKS for a few have recoil springs not set up for it. (it won’t function with it…)You need Win. silver tips in older380’s.I have a Ruger LCP 1,000 rounds no problem.But here is the difference,Kahr,Sig for a few,need three to four hundred rounds to brake them in.Kel tec,and other light weights are wore out not broke in after 3-or 4 hunderd rounds. just traded my LCP For SIG-P238 now this is nice piece of craftmenship,even the grips are aluminum. once I get a few hundred rounds down range this will be my carry gun. and please keep your forehead out of the way of any type of bullets. Please start to use your age when you make statements,so we can better understand where you are coming from. Tony C. 06/15/1952

  • Tony

    I see Mr. Capone has demonstrated to us that age does not indeed bring wisdom.

  • Rivera

    There are too many amateurs on this forum, first and foremost…

    I picked one of these P238’s at a gunshow today and it seems like a slick little gun. My department carries P229R. I am an armorer and Sig is in the top tier of manufacturers. They will stand by their product.

    Capone, I’m not sure if you were saying a bullet won’t bounce off of someone’s forehead or not. If you are saying it will not you are wrong. Read the book Blood Lessons. There is a story about a female cop that slaps a guy right square in the forehead and the bullet bounces right off. Bled like hell but didn’t penetrate the skull.

    Some of you have hit it on the head. Shot placement, shot placement, shot placement… Those of you who don’t believe in the .380, that is fine shoot something else. I had the opportunity to eat lunch with Lt Col David Grossman a while back and he said something very profound to me. We were talking, I like this gun, I like that gun, and he said that amateurs talk hardware and operators talk software. Meaning, you can talk this gun or that gun, this caliber or that claiber. Using a weapon (gun, knife, stick, hand, whatever) is more about MINDSET than anything. The old saying ‘fear an old man with one gun’ phrases it well. Are some of you saying that if someone shoots a 90 grain .380 slug at you, you aren’t going to duck? Fools…

    Pick a reliable carry gun and train like a madman.


    And I’m 29 and an LEO pistol, shotgun, and patrol rifle instructor. I am on a SWAT team. I also instruct in the private sector and contract for Cohort International. Is that enough credentials?

  • Burner

    I spoke to a guy from a reputable gun dealer, when I was at the gun show visiting my buddy who also owns a shop, about this gun. He said he has a very long waiting list of people for the P238.

    I carry a Keltec P3AT as a BUG. So far, it worked without any malfunctions even with +P Corbon ammo. I like Sigs, so I am intrigued by the P238. If it has less recoil than my P3AT, it would be something to consider.

    Others have already covered the basics:
    Have gun
    Have reliable gun
    Have mindset to use the gun
    Train with the gun

    And please, don’t take internet posts too seriously. Life is too short.

  • Erik

    Well said Burner, keep things in perspective and mindset and skill are the real weapon, the gun is a tool. I have to point out how preposteros it is to claim: “Hit someone there [forehead] with a pistol, any pistol – including my beloved .45 – and there is a pretty good chance they will fight back.”
    Possible? Sure, anything is possible, but that is plain silly.

  • Tony Capone

    Well said Erik,My point being please don’t hope a bullet no matter the size will not go through your forhead.Then you have some moron that tells you he has had experence with every thing from a sling shot to an atomic weapon also say that it could.Play the big ticket lottery you will win the money before the bullet will bounce of your forehead. A 380 pistol is a very very good carry round.

  • Just hoping that the new 238 doesn’t replace the 232. I own a 232 and love it. Never any problems, and everything about it is good except for the heel magazine release.
    And the 232 dead-sexy too. Now this 238 might be a great shooter, but it is UGLY. (This is coming from somebody who owns 5 Glocks) And what’s the idea of a single action on a pocket pistol?

    Now if only Sig had made a 232 with a button mag release and double column magazine instead…

  • JR

    I have got to say that this is an absolutely gorgeous weapon right there, even with the al grips.

    As per the last post, I agree, 1911 style sao triggers don’t belong on pocket autos. I am of course exempting glock/xd style sao triggers, which imo suit nearly all pistols except target guns.

    OTOH any 1911 would look pretty stupid, even a ‘futuristic’ 1911 like the p238, with a DA/DAO trigger.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Lots of SF types on here huh?

    -rolls eyes-

    Oh one last thing; I believe the ‘outdated’ heel mag release is well suited to mice. If not then the HK/Walther style would make a good trade-off.

  • Randall Rogers

    I really like looks of this new sig. I’m not really wild about the look of the grips but I’m sure that there will be some wood grips available.
    I don’t feel you need to be a self proclaimed expert to understand some basic ideas about power and different size rounds. Shot placement number one most important. And being able to put that round there.
    Summer time I feel the 380 a good compromise carry round. But winter time brings heavier clothing and more layers. Now I’m not ready to stand there and let someone shoot me center mass while I’m wearing my harley leather riding jacket and a heavy sweater. But If I was going to get shot at with a 380 I would really like that leather and sweater between me and that round. My grandfather was a world class gunsmith. And his learned opinion bigger was always better only problem is you can’t carry a rifle around with out making people nervous. His choice was a magnum round or a 45. Funny he never left the house without droping that 32 in his pocket. He said one thing and did another. When asked about it all he would say is that the 32 worked for him. He liked the 380 and the 9. He told me to carry what I was really good with. And learn to understand what it takes to use that round efficently and it’s limits. Where and how to use that round to its fullest. Your attitude and brains were just as improtant as the round your carrying. Sounds just like some the opinions I read here. At the moment I handle the 380 best and when I carry, the 380 is the frist thing I grab. I like my colt mustang sorry I sold it. Frist chance I get I’ll one of these new Sig p238.

  • Posting this to see if anyone has had the same problem i have with my new SIG P238. It fails to fire. It will fail to fire on 50% of the shots. Hammer goes down but does not contact firing pin. Pull the hammer back, pull the trigger – still does not fire. Try again and it might fire. No pattern. My son , who is a weapons expert and firing range officer could not believe it either. We used the same ammo and then tried it with his bersa – no problem. Used magtech and PMC. I returned to my dealer who sent off to SIG yesterday. I am shocked that I have had this problem and I am hoping SIG replaces the weapon with a new one that has been tested.

    Has anyone else had this problem with this new 380? You can contact me at


  • Justin Goss

    I also own the new SIG p238, I wasn’t a SIG fan but my wife talked me into getting this for her to carry. I am SO upset with SIG, just as I had figured, nothing but problems. I have shot around 150 rounds through it, cleaning it constantly and re- oiling it, “but not to heavy per the manual” and have tried 3 different brands of ammo. Still the same POS as it was right out of the box.
    It tends to mostly be with the last round in the clip, it leave the last fired casing in the chamber, it stove pipes the casing and or the last unfired round, and the slide won’t close all the way with the hammer cocked back pull the trigger the hammer goes forward but no fire it misses the firing pin totally. I am not going to let this slide and im not going to keep buying $30 boxes of ammo to R&D sig’s weapons that for sure. I am hoping to get reimbursed for the 150 Rds. I’ve put through it already.
    SIG should give FREE lessons on how to use their pistol’s to beat someone with them due to the unreliable guns they make

  • SO Deputy

    I ordered one and waiting for it to come in. Bottom line…. It will be in my pocket on the left side. You try for my primary weapon and your life will cease on the spot. .380 or not… a pocket pistol is ideal for LEO back up. Every one says ankle holster and big caliber… Ever tried standing on one leg to get your ankle gun while defending your primary weapon in its holster?
    Think about it!

  • Justin Goss

    It wont help you any on your ankle holster or in your pocket if it shoots like mine right out of the box. Read my post above first before you get your hopes up!

  • I own a colt Mustang and have had it 16 years. I never had a misfire, unlike my Sig or Glocks. the P230 looks identical to the mustang and I will give it a try! I was surprised to read so many blogs that were down-grading the Sig. I shoot the Sig better than my glocks and my colt better than my Sig (p239) 40 cal. Go figure!

  • Rob

    I replaced my Colt Mustang Pocketlite with the Kahr P380.

    I considered the Sig, however the Kahr is;

    Over 1/2 ” shorter
    3/8″ narrower
    over 1/4 lb lighter

    Smooth double action trigger. Works every time.

    Nuf Said

  • shadowwarrior

    I got my Sig 238 two weeks ago and was promptly hit with a recall notice. Fortunately, a call into SIG revealed that my mouse gum was good to go.
    A box of .380 later I was quite impressed with the little shooter. Since I carry a 9mm Springfield EMP as my primary equalizer and .45 cal Taurus 1911s when needed, I don’t have a problem with SA guns.
    I practiced Condition I,II, and III presentations without too many problems, getting my thumb to memorize the location of the diminutive safety was the greatest challenge. The sights were the best of any mouse gun I have shot, including the Kahr.
    All in all not a bad gun, I do like the Kahr better for pocket carry and recommend that those unpracticed in the art of Single Action play, consider the Israeli style presentation technique with this shooter. Keeping a round out of the chamber and manipulating the slide on presentation will probably keep a bullet out of your leg.
    One final caveat, the gun did seem to object to hollow points for the first 25 rounds, then started cycliing fine. I imagine after about 500-1000 rounds through the gun it will hiccup no more.
    I am still eyeing the KAHR 380.

  • John Wiley

    Got one a couple days ago. First 50 rounds were with Magtech 95 gr FMJ. At 10 yards two hand hold standing timed fire (5 shots in 10 seconds). I had a few missfires where manual cocking the hammer and refireing worked (after waiting to be sure it wasn’t a hangfire). One case failed to eject and was jammed half way out the side port but was easy/quick to clear. All 50 rounds were in the 8 or better ring of a standard pistol target. About 60% were in the black and about 20% were in the bull. I am an average shot — nothig special — so I felt that was good for the first time I used the gun and it being new. I expect I/it will improve with additional rounds. Recoil is way less than the Walther PPK it replaced — about like the Colt Agent 38 I also use as a carry gun. My belief is the gun will break in nicely and do well for me. So far I’m glad I got it and looking forward to getting it fully broken in and seeing how accurate I can become. My feeling is I will be more accurate than I was with the Walther — probably like I do with the snub nose Colt and my wife’s S&W 38 Airweight.

  • Bret E

    I have been fortunate to work at a very active range in Dayton Ohio. As such I have had the opportunity to fire almost every firearm that comes through the door.

    When it comes to “pocket protectors” in 380 the choices have been left between the Keltec, the Ruger LCP and then Kahr came out with theirs. They all have one very nasty habbit, they are not firearms to practice with. They HURT.

    I was lucky to be the first at my range to fire the P238, and immediately purchased it and openly shared it with all who wanted a try. Its accurate, comfortable to hold and practice is a breeze. This one, though twice as expensive as the Keltek or LCP is fun to shoot, doesnt hurt the hand.

    I am looking for a second one as my wife was one of those who got to try it out and staked claim to it, figures.

  • Dave Chappel

    Wow! So many experts. I was going to pick one of these things up. Glad I read these postings. I once made the horrible mistake of buying a 1911 platform handgun – the Kimber Custom Eclipse for over a $1,000. That thing was a piece of crap! After sending it back to Kimber twice, I dumped it at a loss. Now I see this little P238 is similar to a 1911 and the problems people are having with them sound like the same exact issues I had with that 1911 Kimber piece of crap. I will not make the same mistake twice. I am extremely happy with my little Kahr 9mm Elite 98 (MK-9). No need to downgrade to this P238. Thank you all for your comments, experiences and opinions!

  • GrouchyJohn

    I picked up a P238 about 2 weeks ago and was initially not real thrilled. That has definitely changed. My initial problem was 1st no ammo available except for highend – real high $ – hollowpoints that didn’t want to load and 2nd the ramp wasn’t exactly what it should have been. Mail ordered 200 rounds. Fixing the 2nd problem solved the rounds hanging.

    A Dremel tool, some polishing compound and that ramp went from a black surface that had very very minor milling marks to being as slick as a baby’s butt. Mine was one of the factory recalls that had just made it back to the dealer that day. Sig should have done their own polish job on the ramp………

    This morning I went to the range for the first time and ran 150 FMJ rounds – 50 rounds Winchester and 100 rounds of Aguila – thru it. I had one round where the brass didn’t eject properly and one that it didn’t extract the first time but did eject when I cycled it again. Both of these were at the 150 round point and the gun was definitely dirty. I prob did a limp wrist on the 1st one that didn’t eject properly, so I’ll take the blame for that one.

    Without cleaning I then ran 40 HP rounds thru it, the same ones that would not load properly the first day. NO problems. I was confident enough in the HP rounds that I loaded both mags with them before I headed home.

    For a small frame weapon, my groupings were good at 25 feet, most were within 3-4 inches. Punched a frown face on the head of the silhouette that my wife said looks like me. Double taps were within 5 inches which is about as good as I do with any weapon. I fired a dozen rounds at about 75 feet and stayed within the 7 ring, at my age that is as much as I can expect with my eyesight while firing a pocket rocket.

    The nay-sayers need to put one in their hand at a range before complaining. Oh, I suggest tightening the grip screws. One of mine worked its way loose and I had to hunt the screw. The other 3 were loose.

    All in all, I am pleased with my new toy. Does what I want it to, and worth the money paid. I can drop it in the front pocket of most of my pants and you can’t tell its there.

  • PaulE

    I got mine after a long wait. My wife had a look at it and then made me go back and get another one for her. We are waiting on an order of 500 rounds of .380 to take to the range.I did cycle a few clips of ball ammo through the gun manually to “buff” the feed ramp. I did order some extended clips for them. I found some 7 rounders made for the Colt Mustang and they fit perfectly, making it a 7+1 and adding an extra bit of grip also. I’ll let y’all know how it goes and the range!

  • eric m


  • In 1990 I hade home invasion I shot two people with my colt mustang 380 both of the people died they were both head shots in the forhead I will never doubt this pistol or cal for this saved my life unfortuntuataly not my family

  • Ollie Gort

    I just bought the Sig 238 a couple of weeks ago and have put 130 rounds through it on two different occasions. I had a little trouble with the first 70 rounds using JHP from walmart, it failed to feed once, stovepiped, once failed to fire twice.

    I had the same problem Mr. Stovall had, the slide failed to return all the way forward and when the hamer fell the firing pin didn’t hit the primer. Called Sig and they told me to try cleaning it and use different ammo.

    I bought two different types of FMJ at a gun shop took it out and fired 60 rounds and it worked perfectly. I personally like the way it looks and bought it because of Sigs reputation for quality firearms and it’s easy to conceal size.

    Time will tell if it will be a good, dependable gun. I don’t think a semi-auto will ever be as dependable as a DA/SA revolver for a personal protection weapon, but they are easier to conceal.

    FYI: I am 45 years old and have owned about 30 handguns, my favorite being the Magnum Research Dessert Eagle.

  • Paul Stovall

    I posted a while ago that my SIG 238 had multiple failures to fire. It was sent back to SIG for the recall as well as the original firing issue. It was returned with an additional complimentary clip.

    Neither clip would hold 6 rounds and fit properly into the pistol. Tried different ammo. No go. Took back to the gunshop I purchased from and they agreed to trade for a S&W 38 airweight revolver. The gun dealer was returning to SIG.

    I am only posting this because if you have purchased this gun you really need to go shoot it to determine if its going to work for you. I hope I just had a bad gun because I am fully aware of SIGs reputation and thats why I purchased the gun in the first place. My wife loves the S&W and I will use my H&K 45.

    thanks for all the additional emails folks have sent me with similar problems.

  • Randy

    WOW – A lot of interesting opinions.

    First – I just bought one of these yesterday, nitron with rosewood grips, and it is a pretty little gun.

    second – I have not fired it yet, but if I had to guess (which is all I can do right now), I’d guess that in keeping with Sig’s overall quality, the gun will be a good shooter. The Mustang is a great shooter and from what I hear, the improvements make this an even better one.

    I do own a colt mustang, I love it and will keep it in my collection, I like it so much that having this one as a regular carry gun made sense.

    The one improvement most notable I think) may be the correction of the ejector dropping during re-assembly, I had this happen with my Colt and it was a real pain …. I understand this has been addressed by Sig.

    Also – as far as knockdown power is concerned, a well placed round will do it’s job in almost any caliber, the 380 will certainly get the aggressors attention. and if you want to read up on an interesting product, try then read up on it, try youtube for some demonstrations. I carry this in my 9’s and 380’s.

    I must admit I am not much on carrying “cocked & locked” but I will make this decision later.

    I’d love to hear more directly from owners of this gun.

  • JR

    I recieved my little beauty last week. Nitron with Rosewood grips…real sharp!

    Cycled about 100 rounds through it after a light cleaning and before I hit the range. Seemed to cycle a little rough at first. After about 60 or 70 cycles (without fire) the rounds seem to feed much better. I used both American Eagle and Wincheser FMJ. The American Eagle has a round nose and the Winchester a flat nose.

    At the range I shot 104 rounds. I had 2 Failures to feed early (probably in the first 40 rounds) and one failure to fire. The FTF had a good strike in the the center of the primer so I suspect it was a bad round.

    This thing is truly a joy to shoot, It has such a solid but low recoil feel that makes you want to keep shooting all day! I have fairly large hands and this thing still shot like a dream for me. I can’t wait to get back to the range with it! My buddy at worked joined me and his eyes light up and he couldn’t keep the smile off his face after emptying his first mag.

    I also own a P239 Elite 40 S&W with Rosewood grips which is also very enjoyable to shoot (and drives nails when I’m doing my part), but I like to shoot this little p238 beauty even more!

    Sounds like there have been a few issues for others, but if you give this little piece a chance I think you’ll find something you won’t want to leave home without.

  • Justin Goss

    So I sent my SIG p238 in for the, “Mandatory Recall”, about 10 days later I get it back. My wife excited to go to the range and shoot her “fixed” pistol, we get there and the first clip fires all 6 round with no problems!! This is good right? I mean before it never fired a whole clip without a malfunction.
    But I was wrong, We had only gotten lucky on that clip and back to the same old Schnanagins. I don’t know what else to do, I guess ill eventuly have 10 free complimentary clips from SIG by sending it back and back to them time after time. This time I don’t want it back in 10 days, I Don’t care if it takes them a whole month I Just want it Fixed. This is my wifes carry gun and If It doesn’t get fixed I will demand a full Refund and put her back in the arms of KAHR. They never let her down.

    SIG “Reliability the first time, every time.” Yeah What A Line Of Shit.

  • Mike Howe

    Will Sig make a longer barrel version just like the original Gov. model Colt .380. That’s what I have and I’m considering selling it with the original box and paperwork and buying 2 Sigs but I would really like to have the longer barrel of the original colt.

  • Michael

    Just got my P238 today, was excited to shoot it and went straight to the range. Unfortunately it failed to chamber several times. Being a new auto, I oiled it and tried again…Same thing. Figured it was the hollow-points I was using. After the first round would fire, the rest followed suit.
    Bought a box of round tips and dry cycled several mags and didnt have a problem. It is a great concealer, lightweight, slim and very tight. I was a lil leary about the 499.00 price tag, but decided to purchase on the reputation of Sig. I am hoping that after a couple hundred rounds go down the barrel it will be more reliable.
    41 yr old, Oklahoma.

  • Sampson

    Have had my P238 for three weeks have put 250 round down the barrel one failed to chamber. So far so good and just a plesure to shoot.

  • H&K

    I purchased my sig p238 over a month ago now when I first took it out I shot remington jhp, winchester fmj, and american eagle fmj plus a clip of hydro shock. at first things went well then after a couple clips the hammer would drop and not fire. I pulled the hammer back same thing it did this repeatedly with all but the hydro shock that was my first clip. I took it home cleaned it real well ( I did this before I took it out the first time as well) and thought I would try again the next time same thing so I sent it back to sig about 10 days later I got it back (no extra clip like many are mentioning) took it out and shot some winchester fmj first 35 went well no problems after that random problems three times out of 85 total rounds failed to fire but would when the hammer was pulled back a second time, three failures to go back into full battery and twice the slide locked open when there were still bullets in the clip. I called sig got a jack ass of a customer service that told me I used the wrong lube they told me that last time. to clean I use hoppes 9 and lube used rem oil after getting it back I still used hoppes 9 but switched to CLP for lube. Not being happy with his attitude or response I called twice more to see what others would say. second one really had no answers told me that the colt had issues it was designed from but sig improved on these. I know a few that own the mustang and never heard complaints. the third guy told me the gun is built to such tight tolerances you have to put 500 rounds through it to break it in. when I got the gun back they said they had to fix the extractor and when they did put some rounds through it ( priv partizan, and american eagle) if that is the case I still need to put about another 100 rounds through it I guess. I have been a sig fan for a long time now but lately it seems their quality has gone down, I have a sig 556 holo that the sight for is worthless and I am on my third one having sig replace. I hope they arent getting gready and hoping to just make money on their name. the sig p238 is also not designed they stated to hold 6+1 but 5+1 instead and they said to have the slide open to insert a full clip I ordered 2 colt mags hoping this would solve that issue having heard success from others. If the next hundred rounds go through and I am still having issues it looks like I will have to send it back again.

  • robrunwild

    First to all the, thanks to the owners for the info. It is great to hear about the experiences you have had, I followed those of you that made initial and then subsequent posts. So it generated a couple of questions:

    Those that initially has FTF’s or FTE’s, was this eventually resolved by ammo change, more break-in techniques or was the last resort a factory/shop visit?

    Lastly, when I read “double tap” in a gun forum it speaks volumes about the knowledge of a poster. Range Rangers “double tap”, CQB/self defense experts shoot a “controlled pair”.


  • ken levy

    I am very interested in the Sig P 238. I do not feel comfortable with “Cocked and Locked”. I feel safer with DA/SA

    I realized the safety problems have been resolved, but what do you think about this?

    I am also concerned with several comments about not ejecting final round and will not accept full clip with one in chamber.

    Are these isolated problems?

  • Rob

    Buy the Khar P380. Match Grade Walther barrel. Dovetailed front and rear sights, less the a pound fully loaded, slide CNC machined from large bar stock. Smooooooooth double action trigger. Hits where you point it.

    It does take 200 rounds or so to break it in. The Sig looks like a great compact. But like you I am not fond on cocked and locked in my pocket. However my primary is a 1911.

  • Randy

    I purchased a two tone P238, a box of Federal Premium Personal Defense rounds and some PMC FMJ range rounds yesterday. After cleaning the Sig, found that the Federal hollow points won’t even hand cycle through the weapon. Each Federal round hung up on the barrel ramp. Had better luck with the FMJ. At this point I am questioning my reasoning for spending $600 for gun, ammo and holster that I have no confidence in. Hoping for better success at the range.



  • Bruce – Hartford

    I just picked up P238 on Oct 17th for $469. I test fired the Ruger LCP, the Kahr PM9 and P380, and the Smith & Wesson 442 before deciding to purchase the P238. The P238 is the only gun in this group that was actually comfortable to shoot. The recoil is very manageable, and the gun shot very accurately. The other guns in the group all hurt my hands when fired. I decided that if I am going to carry a weapon, then I will practice with that weapon often. The difference is night and day. Today I shot it at the range, 50 FMJ and 6 JHP with no problems. I will comment further when more ammo becomes available. Right now finding ammo is my only issue with this gun. I know the P238 is slightly larger and heavier than the LCP and others, but it is still very comfortable in my pocket. The P238 is also about $170 more expensive than the LCP, but I think it is well worth it.

  • just purchased the p238 very nice gun for conceal carryloaded with 105 hp.that should do the job .very well balanced gun.its the first sig that i owned rest of my guns ard 45 cal.

  • Brad

    I like the P238 but Sig has been terrible to deal with. Why do manfacturer’s just blow off their existing customers and only want to focus on the new sale? Well Sig……..I have a choice of gun brands and you just lost a very active gun collector. I won’t buy another one of your products. Buyer beware….Sig isn’t the company it used to be!!!!

  • Randy

    I commented above and had not yet fired the gun yet, that has changed.

    I have now run about 500 rounds through the gun, the first time i had a few issues but they were clearly due to the fact that i did not clean and oil the gun before shooting it. We cannot assume WIT ANY MFG,, that a gun is ready out of the box, they all have to much oil on them from the factory and get dirty quickly.

    Now that said, the gun has been great. No issues worth mentioning at all.

    I have one more comment. – I have dealt with numerous gun mfg’s on various issues (i have many handguns), they cannot be judged by one incident, if you hapen to get the guy who’s wife filed for divorce that morning sure you are going to be disapponted, he sure was …… he didn’t file first!

    Seriously, i had to call Sig for an extra screw for the grip, the call went easily, they responded immediately and sent 4 screws not 1. they were as good as you can expect. I have a feeling the guy i spoke to was not married so his personal life was stable!

    To all looking at this gun, it’s pretty, it’s better than the original (I have one) and it’s a pleasure to own and to shoot.

  • James Lewis

    Wish I had done a little reading here first, but I didn’t. Sigs new P238. I saw it, I liked it, I purchased it, I read the manual cover to cover, I held it, Got to know it well, Then set the target, Looked well around, Loaded it, Again I looked well around, Aimed it then fired it! 6 rounds all on target at 40 feet. A little loud, no real kick, I loved it! Then it happened. I reloaded the mag. Too bad only six rounds, an only 1 mag for the price. Looked around, aimed fired! BANG! then jammed…So sad. The next few rounds would not chamber smoothly. I shot 48 rounds. It is a fun gun to shoot but not happy I had a problem. Went on line to find a mandatory recall on the p238, I called the number and learned my gun was ok. (866-446-1914) s/n DA00501 to DA003216 Spoke with a tech and he is sending out a new mag. Hope that it works to gun is too cute, with the rosewood grips, to have to give it up. I’ll let you know if the mag does the trick, It is not a real gun till it shoots ALL the time. Stay safe. Jim

  • Mike

    I bought one, kept jamming, sold it at a gun-show for the same $ I paid for it. I thought it was too unreliable to be my personal carry weapon. Good thing about it was its size, very light weight and very concealable. I just didnt need a light weight concealable rock to throw at the bad guy, when the gun decided not to cycle. I now carry the Colt Defender, right out of the box, fired like its supposed to.

  • FYI – the Sig Sauer MSRP prices have changed since this post was published…. The new prices are on Sig’s site and you can see the MSRP for the blued model at

  • devnull

    Bought one yesterday and shot it today… VERY HAPPY!!! No issues at all (not a single feed, eject, or any other issue) and VERY accurate at 10yds as compared to my kel-tec. VERY HAPPY WITH THE PURCHASE!!!!


    one box at 10 yards… —>

  • UberPistolero

    Ahhhh yesss… the “graceful curves of the Mustang”. Thank God it was pleasant to look at, because it didn’t functioned like cr*p. I’ll take a working SIG “Lego” Clone anyday.

    In fact, I had the opportunity to shoot one today, about 30 rounds, and watched another 150 go downrange with other shooters. 100% flawless operation, and WAY more accurate than the sKelTec or Little Crappy Pistol. Better trigger, real sights, and just a couple two three ounces heavier to make shooting easier. In fact, I was hitting a 10″x10″ plate at 50 yards offhand with boring regularity.

    If I could only wrap my head around the idea of “cocked and locked in my pocket and pointing at my socket”, I might buy one.

  • Ed

    Just purchased one and love it. Hunting wood grip and it will be great.

  • I recently purchased p238 clip does not properly feed alot of factory ammo.
    Sig has no clips to send and is rude about it.
    Dont buy this garbage. Try Rohrbaugh get double action and great customer service. I waited on phone for over 20 minutes waiting for sig to answer I assure you they werent handlin g accolades

  • JSM

    I owned a Kel-tec (it was stolen) and a Ruger LCP–which I traded for the Sig. The reason I traded it was I couldnt accurately fire the Kel Tec/LCP. I know everyone says it is a gut gun and you dont need to fire it more than 10 yards, but this always bothered me. I am a member of a gun range where we have steel knock down targets that have been moved to 25 yards (because some da was shooting magnums and got hit with some fragments) and I could NEVER hit them with my Ruger LCP or Keltec. With the Sig, I can hit them every time (almost). I have not had the jams that others have spoken of. I have toyed with how to carry it in my pocked and determined that for me, Condition 2 (hamnmer down, round in chamber) is best. I really dont see what the difference is between dropping the safety or dropping the hammer when I present the weapon, so condition 2 is fine with me. I love the trigger on the Sig and I feel much more comfortable with it than I was with my Ruger LCP. It feels like a sturdy gun and I suspect that it will outlive me (I am 38)

  • jason peat

    are the sights on my sig 2022 radioactive?

  • Oliver

    Has anyone had any problems with their P238 denting the primer but not firing since they have gotten their gun back from Sig after the recall?

  • Randy

    I have shot an additional 200 rounds through the gun with no trouble. It’s like any other fine gun, you have to run ammo through it to break it in. Kimber says that you have to run 500 rounds though their guns before it is broken in, this sig is on the same quality level as the Kimber and I had numerous problems with my Kimber before I ran enough ammo through it.

    This gun is more accurate than any other similar sized 380 I have shot and I had the kel-tec and I own a Colt Mustang, the Sig is a superior gun.

    I still recommend the gun.

    To answer the “radiation” question:

    Radiation Information Network’s Tritium Information Section


    Tritium is a radioactive form of hydrogen, used in research, fusion reactors and neutron generators. The radioactive properties of tritium are very useful. By mixing tritium with a chemical that emits light in the presence of radiation, a phosphor, a continuous light source is made. This can be applied to situations where a dim light is needed but where using batteries or electricity is not possible or practical. Rifle sights and exit signs are two examples of where this phenomenon is commonly used. The phosphor sights help increase nighttime firing accuracy and the exit signs can be life saver if there is a loss of power. The radioactive decay product of tritium is a low energy beta that cannot penetrate the outer dead layer of human skin. Therefore, the main hazard associated with tritium is internal exposure from inhalation or ingestion. In addition, due to the relatively long half life and short biological half life, an intake of tritium must be in large amounts to pose a significant health risk. Although, in keeping with the philosophy of ALARA, internal exposure should be kept as low as practical.

  • Ollie Gort

    I left a comment a couple months ago, telling everyone about a couple of problems I had with my Sig 238 right after I bought it new.
    Since then I took Sig’s advice and gave it a good cleaning, fired a few more “break in shots” and now the gun seems to be operating smoothly.
    To “Oliver”:
    Yes I had the same problem with my 238 not striking the primer hard enough, this happened within the first fifty shots of being brand new. I removed the firing pin from the slide, cleaned the bore hole and oiled it. Since then I have not had any trouble, but if you do this don’t let Sig know or it will void your warranty. They do not reccomend any disassembly other than field stripping.

  • stan

    I’ve had a few feeding problems with the 238, took out some burnishing tools with my dremel and polished the “impact” points of different sliding members and it now feeds fine. First 250 rounds, about 4 feeding problems per 50, second 250 rounds, 0 feeding problems for 250. All Sig needs to do on this little jewel is polish the right spots.

  • stan

    For you that have magazine feeding problems. Look at the ammo follower and take it out of the clip. File and burnish the sharp edges off and crown the nose of the ammo follower to resemble the magazine shell shape. now oil it lightly and reinstall in the magazine. The magazine supplier to Sig is stamping the ammo follower and NOT taking the sharp edges off it. The sharp edges hang up inside the magazine shell and prevent good ammo feeding.

  • stan

    I bought my 238 about 3 weeks before I bought another Sig. So in reading all the comments here I conclude that the 238 just needs most working surfaces sharp edges removed. And polished. The reason being, I just got a Sig P226 Stainless Elite, all German. Holy cow. This thing shoots like a sewing machine. In examining the Elite I saw many tapered, crowned, or highly polished surfaces on parts that were sharp on my 238. So – I simply made my p238 have the same “quality finishes” that the P226 Elite has. Now my p238 works like a sewing machine!! In my opinion, Sig needs to add $50 or so to the price and provide the deburring, sharp edge removal, and specific area polishing to the p238. All in all, the Sig brand is my all time favorite for quality, reliability, and accuracy.

  • Ed

    I just purchased my 238. Mamma says I can’t shoot it or tell my friends about it till Christmas. It is the only thing I told her I wanted.

    I own two other Sigs (a 226, and a 1911), and am really looking forward to as good an experience as I am used to from my Sigs.

    Hope all the problems on this site are fixed by now. If not I will report later.

    We play “HORSE” with our handguns. Just like when you were young, with a basketball. Put a plate up and shoot it at vatious diistances, angles, and shooting positions.

    When I shoot my Sigs instead of Kimber or S&W, I run the guys all over the field. Hope this one is just as accurate.

  • Ollie Gort

    Hey everyone, Sig just sent me a FREE MAG!
    Called up and complained that the
    mag that came with my 238 wouldn’t lock into the mag well with 6 rounds loaded. A week later they sent me a free mag in the mail that worked with 6 rounds. I mentioned that I had heard a lot of complants on the internet about them, guess they are getting the hint.

  • JSM

    It is not going to be as accurate as a full sized 1911 but if you are all shooting backup guns, it will beat most of them. just make sure you run 3-400 rounds through it before you compete. mine got a lot better after a few boxes

  • Cobra21

    Thanks All. Just purchased the P238 TT with dark wood grips yesterday (paid a premium!) Ran 50 Speer 95gr FMJ rounds though it with NUMEROUS misfeeds/misfires. I have a Kimber Ultra Carry II .45 ACP that I have put a 500+ rounds through without incident. I am not a very experienced shooter so I’m gonna take some blame for some of the FTFs/FTEs with the P238. However, it did seem excessive. I’ll take these comments to heart; clean it and test it again tomorrow. Will report back after further “break it in.”

  • Cobra21

    WOW! What a difference a day makes. Just ran 50 rounds of the same Speer ammo through the P238 and NOT EVEN ONE misfeed or misfire. I’ll keep going over the course of the next week or two and try to get 300-400+ through it. If it performs like today…I’ll have to buy a holster!

  • Ed

    I already bought a holster, and I have not even fired mine yet. Don’t ya just hate early Christmas presents.

    I have cleaned and admired it, though. Can’t wait to shoot it.
    I think we paid real close to retail. $499 for the Nitron model

  • Dave

    I bought a P238 for my wife; it is an outstanding little weapon. Recoil tends to push strait back into the web of the hand with very minimal barrel lift, very easy to double tap this weapon. Very easy to put all 7 rounds in a 3” circle at 10 yards. I may buy another for myself to conceal carry, should be easy to cover in the summer due to size and weight. Overall I rate it as an A+.

  • FrankL

    I picked up a P238 last week. I got a hand full of snap caps and oiled the heck out of the gun, worked the action all week with the snap caps to give it a break in. I took it back apart last night, cleaned it and lightly oiled it. I shot it for the first time today and ran 200 rounds without issue. I am completely pleased with accuracy and recoil.

  • Sam Anderson

    Bought my P238 this week and took it to the range for a quick lunchtime shoot today. First magazine worked perfectly but I had many misfeeds after that. I noticed that when I loaded a magazine and released the slide it did not go all the way and I had to manually push it the last tiny bit. I am sure the misfeeds were related and I suspect that I need to work it quite a bit before it will feed consistently. I cleaned it tonight and I am looking forward to taking it to the range again soon. I found the gun a dream to shoot for a tiny little gun as the trigger pull is way better than any other in its class and the gun does not hurt to shoot like the other tiny guns do. Very much enjoyed shooting it but I just hope I can get the feed issues worked out. BTW, I was using American Eagle FMJ, I will try something else next time.


  • Cobra21

    Sam, Let us know on the “other” mag’s performance. I need to pick up a couple of mags and am fearful that many of the P238’s criticisms are coming from poor performing mags.

    Also, as light as the gun is, “limp wristing” is very easy to do (especially for a relatively inexperienced shooter like me.) It likely contributed to many of my original challenges with the gun. So far have put another 100+ (PMC Bronze) through it and like you, I think it shoots very smoothly and is “dead on.”

  • Cobra21

    Sam, Almost forgot. I experienced the same thing when I first fired my P238. 1st mag fine, then numerous misfeds, etc. So, one thing I corrected was to “let the slide FLY!” I generally baby my Kimber Ultra Carry II slide and tried to do the same with this one. No way. Grip it and rip it…

  • Sam Anderson

    The Colt Mustang mag came today and fits well. I will try to get out to the range this week and fire off another 50 or so at lunch, and then report back. I am loving the 1911 style and even picked up a Kimber Custom II today!

  • Randy

    Since I first posted in October, there have been a lot of new comments here.

    I have fired my little Sig about 6 times and it’s still a great shooter.

    I own the Colt Mustang too and the Sig is a superior gun.

    I found in the beginning that if you didn’t clean the gun before shooting it the first time, it had problems feeding etc. but once the gun has been cleaned and had some rounds run through it, it performs perfectly.

    Now I have a question for everyone who has one of these.

    Question: Where are you finding reasonably priced ammo! I want to shoot mine more often, but the cost is prohibitive. Any help finding ammo would be appreciated.

  • Cobra21

    Randy, Not sure “reasonably priced” and “ammo” are allowed in the same sentence any longer! I bought 10 boxes of PMC Bronze 90gr FMJ at CDT (Cheaper Than Dirt) in Ft Worth, TX, but it was $29.97/box!

  • dan

    “ralphon 07 Mar 2009 at 4:09 pm link comment

    .380 is a junk caliber. most .380 pistols have cycle problems on and off because .380 just doesnt have enough power for a consistent cycle no matter what.

    either get a .38 special 5-shot or get a small sub compact 9mm…

    there is no reason to get .380 in anything.”

    ralph all calibers are good if i understand you you are saying that a .380 is to small to work?? im baffled by this so your saying a .22 cant shoot or that a glock with a smaller round is no good, last time i checked all guns work pretty dang good and a head shot kills the same if the unfortunate situation arose, i have this firearm and out of 2000 rounds 2 failures due to bad ammo.shoots awesome amazing accuracy and really comfortable, please ralph if you dont have a clue to what your talking about dont speak. I got mine with night sights best ccw gun in my opinion!

  • FrankL

    I couldn’t take it anymore. I picked up a can fusion paint and painted those god ugly plastic grips black that came with the gun. The original grips looked like a bar of soap. Maybe get some after market grips when they become available, I’m sure there will be a market for them.

  • N

    Sad to say, the standard fluted grips are ugly as sin, as is the “rainbow titanium finish.” I like the Sig brand, but they offer some strange aesthetic choices now and then, and I agree that these ones specifically look like toys.

    That said, I bought a two-tone with the blackwood grips and it looks great. The pistol has an excellent feel to it and the night sights make for fast, easy target acquisition.

    As far as all the maxims everyone is shooting around, “.380 is junk,” “.380 stole my girlfriend,” etc, pay attention to the goal of this pistol: small, light, manageable recoil. In other words: it’s a trade-off. 9×19 is twice the energy so yes, it creates a larger wound (go read the ballistics comparisons) but it’s harder to manage from a pistol this small. If you just want all power, get a .357 mag hammerless revolver. You’ll laugh evilly after every shot but if you’re a human being firing from the average distance in a rapid fire situation, my guess is you’ll hit more collateral than target. Maybe you’re a crack shot, I don’t know. Just keep in mind, every caliber serves a specific purpose. For the pocket .380 market, the Sig is top notch.

  • N

    Also, a couple words of caution to anyone looking to buy one:

    1. There is a recall in effect for early production. If you’re getting one used, check the Sig site and compare serials to avoid a lot of hassle.

    2. There are plenty of people here talking about multiple misfeeds around the second or third magazine. This is usually indicative of going straight to the range without cleaning off the factory grease. (We are all guilty of impatience, especially with new guns.) This stuff is a long-term protective coat and will cause feeding problems if you don’t clean it off. Solution: clean it first! Hoppe’s #9 to dissolve the grease, and then a drop or two of Rem Oil or FP-10 on the moving parts will keep you jam-free.

  • Ed

    Hey All. I finally got mine out and shot it. About 75 rounds, some FMJ, some Hornady Critical Defense.

    No misfires, no jams, everything went as it should. I had already taken it down and cleaned it, but did not polish anything.

    I am going to really like this little gun. I was scaring the jeebies out of a small pop bottle at up to 35 -40 yds. Hitting it regularly at 10-20 yds.
    Very accurate for such a short sight plane.

    Someone please address the “cocked and locked” “Condition 1” carry. This gun does not have the need for pressure on the back of the grip, to go off. Does that sacrifice much safety?

  • Cobra12

    Ed, I have been challenged by the “cocked and locked” and “in my pocket” concept. So, I bought a pocket wallet holster from Hidden Holsters and have been carrying in Condition #1 (unloaded) for a two weeks or so. I try to carry it every other day or so (it gets a little heavy on that side with my Kahr P380 in the front pocket in a DM Bullard holster.)

    So far, no issues. Will keep trying that for a month or two before I’d consider carrying in C#1 loaded.

  • Mock1

    Hi, I bought my 238 about two months ago and took it right to the range w/o cleaning it or anything. I did run snap caps thru it and cycled it about 2 hundred times before shooting it. the only thing I did do was squeeze 1 drop of breakfree on the firing pin. Who says this little shooter doesn’t shoot? First rounds however went right back into my face, I’m a leftie. after about 20 rounds and it started ejecting more over my right shoulder. If you have a problem w/ the cost of ammo, reload! I can’t believe how smooth this pistol is.

  • Jeffro

    What is the “sig.” after some of the Smith & Wesson pistols. I have noticed that there are .357 and .357 sig. I was wanting to know the difference, there seems to be nothing about it in the specs.

  • Troy

    I bought my sig P238 about a month after it came out. What a mistake It has given me nothing but problems. Sig’s customer service is by far the worst I have ever dealt with. First it had failure to fire, failure to go full battery, jams and failure to extract. Sent it in got it back about two weeks later not bad. Then went to fire it. Every clip had one or more failures to extract or jams. Contacted Sig I was instructed they need 500 rounds of FMJ put through before fully broke in and to expect the problems. After allot of time searching finally gathered together 700 over time and put them though. I would shoot any where from 50-100 rounds at a time then clean using Hoppes #9 and M-Pro 7 and Break free CLP changing it up each cleaning. Still failures to extract and jams. Sent it into Sig on the 4th of December After not hearing from them for a couple weeks emailed asking about the status of my pistol. I was told it was sent out on the 8th. I told them I did not receive it yet it then being the 20th of Dec. They did not seem to think it was an issue that I never received my gun. I then got the fed ex tracking number and found someone else had received it and signed for it. Sig had sent it to the wrong address. When I told Sig about this they down played it as no big deal stating they would get the gun back. I told them I did not want it back not knowing what may have happened to or been done with it while in a strangers hand who didn’t even have to pass a back ground check. It was not until the ATF and Local law enforcement were involved that When I contacted sig they told me they would replace it with a new gun of the same model. The gun they sent out to the wrong person had moved after and the gun is lost. I asked about the 500 rounds of ammo and after talking to Diana Chapman the manager of Sig’s customer service was instructed for another $100 I could buy a different p238 model. I can pay that amount here if I wanted that. I asked about all the time I had to spend with them and they would do nothing. They want to charge me full MSRP for any other model but when I asked about a refund they said they would do nothing about the ammo and time I had spent with them to break in the pistol and would only refund the store I bought the gun from. I told them I worked at a gun store and had always in the past recommended them as a high quality firearm and was told I was not their only customer. Sig’s quality over the past 5 years has greatly decreased the German company who bought out the Swiss need to reevaluate their system and bring back the quality and dependability that Sig used to be. At this moment I am still in the process with Sig about a resolution I told them I do not want the same model I had issues with and wanted some compensation for them loosing my gun as well as all the money I had spent breaking in the first. At this time they are doing nothing. And basically told me take it or leave it.

  • rhe-haa

    Got my P-238 a couple weeks ago and have put 100 rounds of magtech fmj plus 25 hp+P w/ no problems (I cleaned it b-4 shooting first time) of any sort-just a pleasure to shoot and EXTREMELY accurate. Personally I find the 2-tone black & stainless a beautiful little shooter and it fits everywhere I’ve tried carrying it. After using a Kahr P-9 as my primary,( which I still love) this has really fit the bill for all aspects of CC. Can’t wait to get back to the range for some more “break in” (tough job but I’ll suffer thru it). As for the Dirty Harrys who think 380ACP Isn’t macho enough, thats OK- more ammo for you & me.

  • Mock1

    Wow, i’m wondering if I just got lucky w/ my pistol. I just ran another 100 rds thru it w/ my reloads and it still ate everything just fine

  • Troy

    I cleaned my gun first before firing. As far as a previous comment about reloads I reload but gun makers will often void the warrenty if you use reloads. Thats why I try to follow their guideline in break in instructions and use only factory at first just a little CYA. I’m not sure if Sig fixed their problem at first or not but I do know I used to see allot more negative postings on various sites about peoples frustrations with Sig’s customer service but also about the P238 specifically. I love how the gun feels in the hands and it is fairly accurate for what it is. That is why I was so disappointed by it continually having issues. Even then the issue wasnt it’s lack of performance but the poor customer service and the fact they mailed a gun of mine to the wrong person who was able to sign for it and then that person moved. I do not want to contribute to arming criminals and do not want anti gun activists to use situations like that to take away my rights. I’m very disappointed in Sig’s care for their customers. If you do need to contact Sig I would highly suggest asking for Victoria she is the only person I talked to that was helpful and polite.

  • Troy

    The difference between the .357 S&W and .357 Sig is that the .357 S&W is a revolver round with the exception of the desert eagle which is able to shoot that round. The .357 Sig was designed for the semi auto pistol and is a .40 S&W case necked down for a .357/9mm bullet. It is a decently powerful round but seems to not have caught on in popularity and so ammo is somewhat difficult to find. I believe the FBI and some other agencies use it still due to it’s high penetration. The .357 S&W revolver round is more powerful though, and is what is often referred to when people mention a .357 mag. I hope this helps clear things up for you.

  • Mock1

    Troy, they have to see you reloading or you tell them. At about 4 bux per 50, I can’t afford Not to reload

  • Jeff

    Will my p238 fire +p ammo without any problems? I cant seem to find anyone who knows for sure and I need a reputable source to tell me its ok before doing so. Thanks for your time and by the way……love the gun.

  • Mock1

    Jeffon, I only load +p. Remember its got a steel slide. No worries

  • Troy

    I completely support reloading and do so my self. Nothing fancy just a lyman single stage but it does the job.

  • Mock1

    I started on a single stage, then got a progressive. However, for rifle cartridges, and 44 mag, I still use the single stage. It’s alot easier to make mistakes w/ the progressive. 🙂

  • Troy

    I would love a dillon progressive but as all progressives are very expensive it will be on the wish lish a while longer. It would come in handy though for my 223 and 45acp reloads.

  • Mock1

    The Lee progressive I have works really well and although I can’t remember exactly what I paid for it, it wasn’t expensive at all

  • Troy

    I’ve considered lee and have looked at them but they seem to have had mixed reviews. I have thought about it since most of the 223 is just for my sig 556 and doesnt have to be extreemly acurate. So did you say you have never had any malfunctions with your p238?

  • Jim

    Really like my P238; Black Nitron finish & SIGLITE Sights. Very accurate & no malfunctions with a variety of Corbon, WWB, & Speer Lawman. Also have a Kel-Tec P3AT modified to 32NAA which WAS my carry choice, but the accuracy of the P238 and better ability for double-tap has won out.

  • Mock1

    I’ve had 0 malfunctions woth it. However, I’ve only put 200 rounds thru it. However, I did cycle it w/ snap caps a couple hundred times and put one drop of break-free on the firing pin before shootin it. even with my hot loads recoil is negligable. I’ve hit the 50 yard gong pretty easily once I got it ranged in

  • Troy

    Yeah I had issues right out of the box. I cleaned it then took it out, had failure to fire when the hammer dropped, failure to go into full battery, failure to extract etc.. sent it in when it came back only failure to extract and jams.

    I don’t know I know there are other people have had issues but I guess not everyone. A big one for a while were they magazines they used but I had issues with colt ones I purchased although they were fewer.

    They thing that gets me is that they sent my gun to the wrong person. That person signed for and kept it. And they have yet to even apologize, instead they have down played it and made excuses. And when I brought up compensation for my loss and the time and money I spent following their instructions they then get rude and disrespectful. Not everyone Victoria is a great customer service rep but the manager Diana Chapman amazes me she is in charge of Customer service she is terrible to deal with.

    I really liked the look and feel of the gun when it fired it did pretty

  • Troy

    sorry got cut off but to finish it did decent groups. The ammo I tested with were Winchester, Remington, Fiochi, Federal all fmj. I took the firing pin out when it first started having issues and cleaned it made no difference.

  • All of this is really upsetting to me. I want to get my wife a small SAO that is reliable. This is the pnly one that exists (new) these days. We both have CCWs and we need them due to our circumstances in life these days. The final nail in the coffin for me here is that customer service sucks. That’s as bad as buying a Taurus–Taurus doesn’t even have a phone number of link on their web site for customer service! What the hell. I guess we’ll go without a BUG because DAO weapons are rediculous in my mind and without 1911-style thumb safeties are stupid. That’s just me. So much for all of the Sig hype. NEVER!!! I’ll stick with full-sized Dan Wesson 1911s.

  • Mock1

    John. I won’t own a pistol w/o a hammer on it.except for my ruger mark 11. That is the ony weapon I’ve ever had an accidental discharge with, a couple of times. That’s just me but I’ve had 0 problems with the 238.hey, if your wifr wants to carry a full size 45, good for her in her purse. I just don’t have that luxury. My full size is in vehicle and the store I own. I just have the little one for in between. Buy a new 238 and ill bet you don’t have problems. I can’t really see anyone with a .380 as their primary CCW weapon anyways.

  • Smajor

    I am no fan of Taurus, but for the record–they do have phones

  • Troy

    I finally have received a resolution with sig. They replaced the same model but with night sights. Not what I had hoped for but I;m just glad to be done with it. This all started December 4th and tomorrow I should be picking up my pistol after it being sent to an ffl due to it now being new. I know this that I am not the only person to have issues with the p238 even the new ones. I work at a gun store and have ahd a couple with complaints. That does not mean all though. It really has a nice feel to it and does decent groups for what it is.

    John if I were you I would consider though maybe the S&W airweights, they are fairly small compact and you can get a hammer. The .38 special is a great defense caliber too, to each their own though. As for me after all this I’m putting it up for sale my p238, and am going to try and find an MK9 by Kahr.

    Mock, black hawk makes a great behind the back holster for 1911’s that’s what my main carry is, a kimber full size eclipse. with that holster I hardly even know its there.

  • GMWhiteman

    I just got the P238 in Nitron finish w/ Siglite Night Sights as my second Sig. I am very pleased with it after putting the first 100 rounds through it with no problems. It is well balanced and very comfortable to shoot with no hand strain. The sights are very nice & tight groups were obtained from 7 and 10 yds. This is my first of the 1911 style guns and I am carrying it cocked and locked 24 hours after picking it up with no worries.

  • glenda

    Just picked up a p238 new yesterday. Got it home, so excited forgot that I was suppose to clean it and shot 6 clips through it. It is a dream to shoot and I had no problems at all. Called my son and he said to read my manual and for gods sake clean it. I did and today shot another 3 clips still working like a charm. Now I am going to have to start reading up on reloading or get another job! So far so good.

  • Mock1

    Troyon. I just got spoiled with the 238 as my Springfield 45 feels like I’m carrying a box of rocks. 🙂 even my Taurus 5 shot feels heavy now! Anyways, I own a pizza joint, so I’m usually wearing dress slacks instead of jeans, so those lightwight fabrics always seem to pull down more. I do carry my .45 in a shoulder rig depending on what I’m wearing. That being said, I’ve carried cocked and locked most of my life. However, I’m sending it in to get an ambidextrious safety put on it before I carry it that way.

  • glenda

    Had family and friends over and did some target shooting. Everyone had to try the 238 out and we used several types of ammo and still everything went great. Now I need to check out holsters for it. I want one that will stay open when the gun is removed and make it easier to slide the gun back in. I will have to order a holster as where I live there is not a place to buy one. Anyone have any ideas or crashes they would like to share!

  • Troy

    I don’t blame you,slacks are always a pain to find anything to conceal. I like the style of the sig but after my problems I’m staying away from them I’ve been looking more at the original colt mustangs, and kahrs.

  • highaltitude

    Purchased P238 recently. Cycled hollow points right out of the box.
    Shoots tight groups at 7 yards. Feeds all ammo with no problems.
    Love the sights. Had Ruger LCP which I did not like and traded to a
    friend for a Walther PPK. PPK would not feed ammo properly, so
    sold online and purchased the Sig. Found 2 Mustang spare magazines cheap. Works well so far. Have Sig 228, which I love, but the Sig 238
    easier to carry all day. Great gun as well.

    Check out Just received high quality leather
    pancake holster $39.95 plus shipping, for Sig. Great fit and finish. Nicely moulded and fits and holds Sig well. They are also on e-bay. Best
    holster for the money.

  • Mock1

    Just buy an Uncle Mike slide in ambi holster. Cut the stitches for the plastic clip out and you’ve got a real comfortable slide in front pocket defensive tool. I’m so used to carrying this that its the first carry gun I’ve ever really forgot that it was there. Its better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Also, I’ve noticed that when I show it to someone and they don’t see how short the grip is, cause its in my hand, that it presents as a bigger pistol. That deterance works for me

  • Fanatic1

    DeSantis Cozy Partner designed specifically for the P238. IWB with 2 snap loops. Fits perfect and re-holsters with ease. $70 but worth it.

  • David

    Picked up the Sig 238 last week and took it to the range today along with my Walther PPK and Ruger LCP. The Sig is now my primary summer carry. It ate everything I could feed it. No problems at all. Great sights, accurate, and dependable. Very easy to break down and clean. I am very pleased with this pistol.

  • Dan

    If you don’t like your P238, I’ll trade you for my Ruger LCP. Has 100 rounds through it, not a single problem but I dont like the finger pinching.

  • Troy

    Thanks for the offer Dan I didn’t care allot for the LCP either it fired everything but was not built for longevity. I also would never own one without the laser grip by crimson trace. Besides I already sold my P238 and bought a smith and wesson 460V and love it.

  • JSM

    Troy–you just made me choke on my coffee (laughing). You traded one of the smallest semi-autos on the market for a .460 Magnum Revolver weighing over 5 lbs (63 ounces) unloaded? (I am sure you are not planning on concealing it, but that is how it sounded when I read your post.)

  • Troy

    Yup I sure did. One end to the other I got the 5 inch barrel one though easier to hide. Actually it’s my hunting pistol now but I did carry it concealed in my coat one day as a joke to show a friend what I traded the sig for.

  • glenda

    How are you going to carry that? And the weight is a lot. I would have thought that is more of a hip gun.

  • Troy

    the holster I have is actually one that sits it on your chest you just cover it up with a jacket or coat. I won’t be carrying it concealed though that was just a joke.

  • Charles

    You just need good grips for P238–the aluminum grips

    Sig Sauer has made its P238 the most successful concealed carry pistol. It can’t keep up with the demand in the market. I’ve bought two of them and love them. However, I’ve found the grips on this model are not as good as they should be. They come out with basically two types of grips: the plastic fluted grips and wood grips. The plastic ones make the gun look cheap and feel uncomfortable in hand while the wood ones look like more for collection, not for real time, esp, not for precision shooting; plus they change color over time.

    So I searched and found some excellent aluminum grips from They are very high quality and beautiful. In addition, the pricing is very good, compared with some other suppliers. Plus, they have more than six styles. I just want to share this info with you guys in case you own a P238. Here is the grips that I bought:

    These guys know what they are doing.

  • glenda

    Thank you charles for the rynotek info. I love the grips that you purchased and will be ordering a set for my gun. They are so much nicer then the ones that came on it. I went to the gunbroker sight and they showed pics. of them mounted on the p238 and they look great.

  • Charles

    Glenda, it’s a pleasure to share info with you and other viewers. In your message, you mentioned you saw some pics of grips installed on the P238 on, and I would like to see the pics. So can you give me the link on gunbroker. I did the search but could not find any. Thanks a lot.

    After you buy the aluminum grips for P238 from, can you post some pics too? I would like to see them. But one thing is certain, you will love the grips from Rhyno as much as I do.

  • glenda

    Sorry about that Charles, but I had it on my watch and it ended last night. They sold for $75.00 plus $6.99 shipping so that is more than you can order them from Rhynotek. Mine were just $73.00

  • Charles

    Glenda, which version did you order? So you ordered from Gunbroker instead of from Rhynotek, is there any difference between the two, the Gunbroker one and Rhynotek one? Why did you order a more expensive one? I would like to know. Thank you.

  • crawf

    any one have any suggston on ammo.. Im buying one for my wife and have been reading that the gun in particular on ammo. any one use Hornady Critical Defense® Handgun Ammo.????

  • Sampson

    My P238 eats Hornady Critical Defense® just fine.

  • glenda

    Charles I didn’t buy from gunbroker,I was just watching to see how much they would get for the set. The set sold for more then you could buy them from rhynotec.
    For me to buy a set from rhyno with shipping it was 73.00.
    The person who was selling them said he had bought them to put on his p238 but ended up selling it with the original grips and now did not have a reason to keep them.
    Hope I cleared that up.

  • crawf

    sampson have you had any problems with the gun. I have read several blogs which are negative. I am a Glock man and have carried one for 13 years with no problems. Im stepping out and buying this gun for my wife.

  • Charles

    Crawf, this Sig P238 is an excellent gun, and I have two of them. It takes most of the ammos. But for defense ammo, I’ve used many types, but the most I used are Pow’R Ball and Federal Premium–Low Recoil, and the Hornady. Sig has really produced a good .380 pistol that beats all the competitors, in my opinion. You won’t regret buying one for your wife.

  • Sampson

    I’ve not had any problems with my 380.

  • Cobra21

    Charles, You can check out these grips pics from CC too…

  • glenda

    Crawf, I have not had any problems with it at all. It shoots wonderful and I love to shoot it. I have now ordered a reloader so I can start to learn to reload my own. I have rifles and shot guns so I will not be just reloading pistol. As a woman with small hands it is a perfect fit. She will love it.
    I do have problems cleaning it. It is hard for me to get it apart but my son has no problem at all. I am waiting for him this morning to help me again. I am hoping with some more cleanings it will be easier to take apart.

  • Justin Goss

    Please read my other posts above to fill in on my SIG P238 story. I heard here recently about the safety recall, SN DA000501-DA003216, Mine is DA001178 so it’s is one of the early models. I have now suffered through 600+ rounds (all makes) of nothing but trouble. I was told to break it in with 500 rounds.
    So I call in now for the recall and they tell me, “yep it’s on the list”, we’ll E-mail you the shipping label. I said great because I am sending it back anyway to have it worked on a 2nd time. I will say that it shot better the first time I got it back from Sig, but I’m still has issues every 12-15 shots.
    I checked my E-mail (the next day) and found two E-mails from SIG,… The first being the shipping label and the second one saying that they were wrong and the “safety recall” has already been done to my gun?? I’m like humm… do I believe them or not. I shoot them a E-mail back saying I’m still sending it in for the malfunctions it has.
    I guess the newer SN guns are better but I am NOT going to recommend this gun to anyone. I’m hoping to get a second free clip for having to send it in again. It’s the least they aught to do for there upset customers.

  • Cobra21

    Justin, That is a real bummer about your troubles. I have about 500 essentially trouble free rounds through mine (PMC Bronze 90gr FMJ and Speer 90gr Gold Dots GDHP.) I have made it my pocket carry gun of choice and carry it in Condition #1 24/7 in a DM Bullard Pocket Holster w/ Mag Case.

    I will tell you that many of us on another forum have found that installing Wolff 12lb. recoil springs (about $14) are a solid solution to some operational issues. My 11lb factory spring has never caused me a problem, but many have made this change anf it resolved some issues.

  • Cobra21

    Oops…just looked it up; the Wolff spring is only $7.50 (for the Colt Goverment .380)

  • JeistD

    Since this thread continues I will add my piece.

    I have carried a P3AT with an Arma Laser for the past 2 years. Loved the conceal-ability, in fact, no one EVER knew I had it on me including my body poking chiropractor. However, I was always concerned I would need to use it and was not impressed with the accuracy or the sharp kick.

    Saturday I sold it and put the money toward the P238, Black Nitron with Rosewood. WOW!!! The difference in the kick and the accuracy are unbelievable to me. My goal was to start investing in higher quality guns and, in my opinion, there is little comparison between this and the P3AT. I have not had any problems with the first 150 rounds I shot this weekend. I also found that quick follow shots were more accurate than I anticipated at 7 yards.

    To my man Crawf above, keep in mind it is not a full size gun and if you are used to the Glock the controls may drive you crazy. But if you are a 1911 fan and want something you could carry in your pajamas comfortably while maintaining accuracy… this is it.

    I will also add that this is my first Sig purchase and it will not be my last.

  • PaulP

    I’ve had my Sig since Nov.09 and it is a great conceal carry, easy to use and accurate as well . I give it a thumbs up.

  • PaulCS

    I’ve had mine for a week now and I’ve fired about 150 rounds (magtech 95gr). It’s been nothing but trouble, the number one issue is not fully returning to battery after a round. I have been shooting for years so the first thing I thought was the mag not seated properly, but that is not the issue. I also had my local GS take a “very” quick look and he didn’t see anything wrong.

    I know magtech is not the best, but it’s just rang ammo.

    I LOVE this for my CCW (much smaller than my 229 or P2000). I just need it to work every time.

  • JeistD

    @PaulCS: That is interesting. You should try some other ammo. The blazer ammo I was shooting shot great without any problems at the range. I loaded some Magtech +p JHP for carry and actually have decided to switch to Buffalo Bore FMJ after reading some reviews on .380 ammo for personal defense.

    I will clear the Magtech out of my gun this morning considering your complications with it. Let me know if other ammo works better. Like I said, 150 rounds of FMJ through mine flawlessly.

  • TRA1

    I purchased the two tone version of the p238 new a couple weeks ago. After a thorough cleaning, on my on first trip to the range I went through 50 rounds of Magtech 95 gr FMJs without any issues at all. Great gun, very accurate.

    I am having concerns with the condition 1 carry idea from a safety stand point and would like the opinion from some of the experienced folks on this forum.

    Is there anything wrong with having a round in the chamber with the hammer forward? I believe this is condition 2? Where as you must cock the hammer before the pistol will fire. Is this not a safer method of carry than the cocked and locked method?

    A thorough explanation of the pros and cons of each would be very welcome.

  • Joe

    I am surprised to see so much negative about this gun. I’ve had mine since August, and had virtually *zero* issues. Maybe one or two fail to feed, but that was with FN practice ammo and the feed ramp doesnt have much of an angle.

    This is pretty much my EDC, in a IWB holster in condition one. I find it to be extremely accurate and have exceptionally managable recoil. Compared to the vast majority of the new breed of CCW pistols, it actually has functional sights too. My only complaint is that the thumb safety is difficult to engage. It snaps down cleanly and with authority, and that is the most important part to me.

    I was lucky to find a dual tone model with black frame & grips and a silver slide. I have noticed the price coming down to a reasonable price. A good friend of mine also carries one and he paid $650 for the night sight/rosewood grip setup.

    I owned a micro desert eagle, kept it for 6 months then traded in toward a glock 26. The micro eagle cant hold a candle to the P238 and neither can the LCP. This is just one great little shooter for anyone who is capable of learning the 1911 style platform.

    Its really a bit too big to be a true pocket gun, although with cargo pants and an excellent pocket holster from DM Bullard (Azle, TX) i have done this on occasion. IWB for this gun is just so comfortable pocket carry isnt a big deal to me.

    If you posess average motor skills and a normal IQ, this is a great gun and i recommend it everyone.

    SIG should pony up a second mag considering the cost of the gun though…..

  • Joe

    To answer TRA1’s question regarding condition one carry: as long as the gun is in a proper holster, it is fine. Attempting to manually cock the hammer on this gun (and most all 1911’s) in a life or death defensive situation is not practical and beyond the design concept of the gun.

    Try it with an unloaded gun and youll see what I mean. The operation is time consuming (two seconds at least) and akward at best. Watch where the muzzle goes while you try to cock it. Now try it with one hand only. A 1911 in condition one is every bit as safe or safer than any double action revolver or striker fired pistol (glock/xd).

  • Idaho Ladybug

    I’m going to purchase one of these soon, and I’m looking for ammo recommendations for both the practice range and for personal protection carry. Do you have better luck ordering ammo online or through a store like Cabela’s? Thanks!

  • Joe

    To idaho ladybug (and others)

    I carry hornady critical defense in mine, it feeds excellently and the bullet preforms very well in wet paper, water, through wood, etc. Its an excellent round.

    for range loads, the only thing mine doesnt like is flat points like winchester. any other FMJ round or conical ball round feeds fine. it did take about 200 rounds to become *flawless*, but now it feeds 100%. A polish on the feedramp is a real helper.

  • Terry Buske

    Cleaned my just received new P-238. In order, six Speer Gold Dot 90gr.GDHP with first shot ok, second a jam then the sixth failed to eject. 12 Hornady 90gr.HP/XTP-FPD with no problems, 18 Aguila 90gr.Hp with no problems, 15 Herters/Indonesia 95gr.FMJ no problems except for light smoke from this inexpensive load. Went back with 12 Gold Dot 90gr.GDHP and all shot ok. Shot very accurate with all loads but feel the trigger pull could be less. Manual shows it to be 7.5 to 8.5 but have not checked. I like it very much and will burn more shells next trip.

  • kalashnikov

    A lot of people are bashing 380’s, I think their missing the point of this cal gun. It is a backup, not a primary CCW. I have sevral primary CCW’s 38 special, XDM 9mm, 45 1911, and working on gettin a s&w 500 with a 4″ barrel. But my point is my 380 which is a Taurus TCP is a back up. FYI, don’t waste ur money on a TCP of ur looking at one, I’m bringing mine back cause a really friendly dude at my local range let me shoot his Sig 380 1911 and It shot like a dream, so I’m gonna trade the crappy TCP for some store credit.

  • JeistD

    Absolutely right kalashnikov. The reason I carry the P238 as my primary CCW is because, it is after all “CONCEAL” carry. There are few guns that you can conceal so well that you could carry to work with no one knowing. There is no law being broken in carrying to work. But, if you employer finds out you could be terminated (depending on company policy) so, should you choose to carry to such a place, concealment is of the utmost importance. I agree that carrying a .357, 9mm or .45 is much preferred but, the reality is, with a few exceptions, you are not going to be able to conceal those larger weapons as much.

    So, to sum it up, I would rather have a .380 on me all the time than a .45 on me 50% of the time.

  • Joe

    I have to agree with JeistD, i have a number of CCW guns, and my 9mm Glock 26 is the largest. Its just not concealable enough sometimes, even with the excellent Galco Skyops holster. My P238 and S&W Bodyguard are the two i carry most. By the way, if you are looking for a great holster, DM Bullard in Azle TX (website) makes some excellent affordable holsters for it. I have a pocket and IWB from them, superb quality.

  • Ed

    I must be different or something. I keep hearing negative comments about the basic black grips. Mine is the least expensive 238 I could get. $499, black nitron with black grips. I absolutly love it. As a carry gun, I have always felt that nothing fancy is my best bet. That way as it gets nicked,scratched and beat up over time, I don’t worry about it.

    Took Mama out the other day, and she shot several guns. (we both have lifetime CCW Permits)

    She shot the p238 real well. Looks like it may cost me another $500, or I’ll be back to the snub nose 38.

  • JSM

    To Joe–You convinced me to carry condition 1.

    I think it is a good looking weapon. I don’t understand what is ugly about it? every time I show it to someone who has not seen one, they always say “wow”. Also, it fits fine it the pocket holster that I originally bought for my LCP.

  • Lee

    I own the P-238 Sig .380. Mine is the two-tone with black and gray grips. My buddy has the Equenox version. I had trouble with feeding rounds when I recieved it. This was when hand cycling the action. Hydro shocks would not feed at all. What I did was take some Honda Metal Polish and I hand polished the feed ramp. The P238 has a very steep ramp angle and is rough. After polishing the ramp, ALL ammo I had hand cycled fine. A trip to the range gave me no malfunctions. Ammo shot included Corbon 90gr. hollow point, Corbon DPX, Hydroshock 90gr, Eagle FMJ, and Buffallo Bore 95gr FMJ solid Flatpoint. My buddy did the same to his and also ran trouble free. Do keep in mind that hand cycling is not the same as actual firing of the weapon. I like the gun a lot. It conceals well, has enough weight to kill recoil, but not too much to carry, and fires a round that will do the job if you hit the target. Many on this blog have commented on the importance of shot placement. Coming from a kid who started out shooting with a Daisy BB gun and killing rabbits with “eye” shots, i can tell you that with any gun, its about shot placement. The 380 is not very powerful, but the round is shot through very light and small concealed guns. Nobody is going to hit fast and accurate shooting a bazooka caliber in a truly concealable handgun. Better off with the 380 round that will do the job if you hit your target. I find my 380 to easily be able to hit my mark due to its low recoil. As far as ammo goes, I think most any will do the trick under most circumstances. For me I use the Buffalo Bore 95gr. Flatpoint solid. I know it will penetrate at any angle and I am confident that shot placement will do the rest…

  • (Today is March 28th. Brought the pistol yesterday, and it was produced March 3rd of this year. They must really be cranking them out.)

    Mine’s the “pimp-o-matic”
    Black frame, wood grips, night sights, and that rainbow finish. It shoots very well, with no feeding or ejecting issues with 200 rounds threw it today. 100, 100gr LRN, 50, 95gr FMJ, and 40, 95gr gold dots. Feed ramp on mine was very nice, they must have listened to complaints & fixed that problem.

    Accuracy is good for a mousegun, probably due to the usable sights. 4″ groups @ 15 yards, handheld, slow fire. Fits very well inside your pocket.

    Only one issue however. 4 times, the pistol had to be re-cocked & fired. The firing pin does not seem to have enough energy to set off the primer sometimes. The hammer spring is strong; I’m thinking the fp return spring might be too heavy, and need a coil or 2 clipped off.
    We’ll see after a couple more outings to the woods.

    All in all, this one’s a keeper, it’ll replace my Kel-Tec p32 for summer carry.

  • Arne

    Hello all just wanted to throw it out there that if you use Mustang mags you may have a problem extracting the last round of the mag due to the follower being about .100 taller than that of the sig mags. Also the 7 round mustang mags will not fit in the sig with 7 in them. due to the above dimension. I had feed issues at first but i found this gun likes to be well lubricated. gunslick on the slide and all components sprayed LIGHTLY with CLP before use.

  • joe magarack

    When I read some of the comments left by others,I sometimes wonder if we are all on the same page.( Mabe the same planet!)If I walk up to someone and PUNCH him in the gut,in all likelyhood he’s goin down.If I walk up to someone and stick a 3 inch blade in his gut,he’s goin down.Now,what the heck do you think is gonna happen to that same fella when he gets hit with a bullet in the gut…or forehead…or any other part of his body..doin 1100 to 1200 FPS….?……I’ll tell ya what……HE’S GOIN DOWN!

  • Tim

    Arne, Beg to differ with you, but I’ve had no problem with any 6 or 7 round Mustang mags in my 238. I’ve got 9 of them to include two 7 rounders and all are flawless.

  • My second post here regarding the rainbow P238.

    The “pimp-o-matic” continues to do well. About 500 rounds so far; usually 100 per outing, with a cleaning afterwords. Really accurate little pistol; 4″ @ 15 yards is the norm, and I was consistently hitting a burn barrel @ 50 yards without effort.

    An earlier issue with light strikes has resolved itself. Seems the pistol was just slightly out of battery due to a lead bullet shaving between the barrel & hood. The slide wasn’t quite shut, causing the hammer-fall to shut the slide, and hit the firing pin (but without enough force to set it off)

    Anyway, this one’s a keeper. Got a ‘High Noon’ horsehide pocket holster and another ($40!!) magazine for it. Couldn’t find a Mustang magazine locally. Maybe next thing will be a metal trigger for it.

  • Dragonheart

    Joe I hate to bust your bubble, but the commercial 380 rounds don’t come anywhere close to 1200 feet per second. I have chronographed many and they are more in the range of 850 to 900 fps with a light bullet.

  • JSM

    Dragon–I wish .380 could get 1200 ft/sec. It would be the greatest defensive round of all time! Actually, you can achieve 1200 with the same lead–it is called .357 magnum or .357 sig. no way you could get close with .380, though. same lead with 9 mm and can get close to 1200 if you use +p+. .380 is called 9mm short in europe

  • joe magarack

    Tell ya what,although i’ve read a few of the new ammo box’s that are out and they say 1150 fps. and more…cor bon I think, and the new one by Winchester DPX1, for sake of an arguement.Lets say ur right, at 850 to 900 fps.Shot in the forehead, or anywhere else for that matter, HE’S GOIN DOWN…!!

  • DANA


  • Scrounger

    I own a blued Ruger LCP, a stainless Taurus TCP and the Sig Sauer P238 Tactical Laser. They are all great pistolas in their own right. The chump who calls the .380 acp a junk round hasn’t shot any Buffalo Bore +P .380 ammo. That stuff is HOT! The micro-compact .380s are perfect for discrete carry when even the really compact Taurus 745 Millennium Pro .45 acp single stacker is a wee bit too much to conceal. And, the Sig Sauer 238 is the best .380 on the market today…….IMHO.

  • Another note on the P238:

    For those who own one and shoot it a lot:
    It’s come to my attention by personal experience, and from wandering the gun forums, that the recoil spring on the P238 goes weak after around 300-500 rounds.
    This’ll cause intermittent malfunctions and possibly can batter the frame.
    The easiest way to check this, is by measuring the recoil spring. Un-compressed, it should be 3- 3 1/2 inches long. Anything under 2 1/2 inches will need replacement.
    Sig will do it for you, but it’s just easier to order a 12 pound spring from Wolff (for the Colt Mustang, same spring for our 238) and replace it yourself. They run about $8.
    My new spring is in the mail now. After about 600 rounds the old one went from 3 1/4″ down to 2 1/4. Some photos on the web show even worse.
    An easy fix, or preventive maintenance, whatever you want to call it.

  • tonelar

    I had a 238 that wasn’t returning to battery every time. I replaced my stock spring with a wolff extra power- probem went away immediately. Now the little 238 is as reliable as my Mustang. The only thing I noticed is that the wolff spring compressed has a greater OAL than the Sig factory one, so my slide does not travel far enough under recoil to engage the slide catch.

    Anyone else experience this?

  • Fuzzy

    Yes this feels nice in hand. Yes the recoil is managable. Yes it has a good pair of sights. Yes it looks pretty. BUT this is NO 1911. Why?

    1) the trigger is way way too heavy. It measures 8lbs. (Website spec says 10.5lbs–even worse) 8lbs for a SA trigger is nuts. Its basically a DA level weight trigger with no takeup or travel and without the benefit of the DA “safety” aspects. Its lousy stinking brick wall which kill the point of a 1911 trigger which is speed and accuracy. (Want to see a good production trigger Sig look at the Springfield EMP line and go back to your room and make one!) 2) the trigger reset is DEFECTIVE. Yes you heard me DEFECTIVE. What the hell was SIG thinking. If you let off the trigger (after a shot/dry fire of course) very very slowly you will notice there are 2 resets almost right on top of each other. You must catch both or the gun will not fire. If under stress you catch only one guess what you are out of luck and will freeze up due to the lock up. Where is Mr Kellerman when you need him! 3) this is not a 1911 trigger–it is a hinged trigger–a 1911 trigger slides in a slot/track.

    In conclusion of for all the real 1911 fan boys out there–THIS IS NOT A 1911 because the heart of a 1911 is the trigger and no one except a Sig Coolaid drinker would say otherwise. Sig makes some very nice real 1911s like the C3 but this is a poorly executed trigger with what I consider triple epic fail. Do you think Sig is going to recall the trigger–yea right!

  • Fuzzy

    Yes this feels nice in hand. Yes the recoil is managable. Yes it has a good pair of sights. Yes it looks pretty. BUT this is NO 1911. Why?

    1) the trigger is way way too heavy. It measures 8lbs. (Website spec says 10.5lbs–even worse) 8lbs for a SA trigger is nuts. Its basically a DA level weight trigger with no takeup or travel and without the benefit of the DA “safety” aspects. Its lousy stinking brick wall which kill the point of a 1911 trigger which is speed and accuracy. (Want to see a good production trigger Sig look at the Springfield EMP line and go back to your room and make one!) 2) the trigger reset is DEFECTIVE. Yes you heard me DEFECTIVE. What the hell was SIG thinking. If you let off the trigger (after a shot/dry fire of course) very very slowly you will notice there are 2 resets almost right on top of each other. You must catch both or the gun will not fire. If under stress you catch only one guess what you are out of luck and will freeze up due to the lock up. Where is Mr Kellerman when you need him! 3) this is not a 1911 trigger–it is a hinged trigger–a 1911 trigger slides in a slot/track.

    In conclusion of for all the real 1911 fan boys out there–THIS IS NOT A 1911 because the heart of a 1911 is the trigger and no one except a Sig Coolaid drinker would say otherwise. Sig makes some very nice real 1911s like the C3 but this is a poorly executed trigger with what I consider triple epic fail. Do you think Sig is going to recall the trigger–yea right!

    This gun has for many people NOT tolerate so called +p ammo such as Buffalo Bore. Their gun springs were made toast after a few rounds or there was battering or misfeeding or other malfunction–perhaps with a wolff spring it wont have so many problems but do you want to spend 100 bucks trying to find this out?

    Finally the overpriced SIG mags. You only get one! And the Mustang mags made by Metalform from CDNN do NOT fit the P238. It will not go into battery (and no I’m not going to try to file them down to make it so!) Colt Mustang mags: I dont know but good luck finding those nowadays at a reasonable price.

    There are other 380 guns with more to offer–like the Kahr p380. I have a new motto for SIG: “To hell with reliability!”

  • Fuzzy

    As a fellow P238 owner: Yes this feels nice in hand. Yes the recoil is manageable. Yes it has a good pair of sights. Yes it looks pretty. BUT this is NO 1911. Why?

    1) the trigger is way way too heavy. It measures 8lbs. (Website spec says 10.5lbs–even worse) 8lbs for a SA trigger is nuts. Its basically a DA level weight trigger with no takeup or travel and without the benefit of the DA “safety” aspects. Its lousy stinking brick wall which kill the point of a 1911 trigger which is speed and accuracy. (Want to see a good production trigger Sig look at the Springfield EMP line and go back to your room and make one!) 2) the trigger reset is DEFECTIVE. Yes you heard me DEFECTIVE. What the hell was SIG thinking. If you let off the trigger (after a shot/dry fire of course) very very slowly you will notice there are 2 resets almost right on top of each other. You must catch both or the gun will not fire. If under stress you catch only one guess what you are out of luck and will freeze up due to the lock up. Where is Mr Kellerman when you need him! 3) this is not a 1911 trigger–it is a hinged trigger–a 1911 trigger slides in a slot/track.

    In conclusion of for all the real 1911 fan boys out there–THIS IS NOT A 1911 because the heart of a 1911 is the trigger and no one except a Sig Coolaid drinker would say otherwise. Sig makes some very nice real 1911s like the C3 but this is a poorly executed trigger with what I consider triple epic fail. Do you think Sig is going to recall the trigger–yea right!

    This gun has for many people NOT tolerate so called +p ammo such as Buffalo Bore. Their gun springs were made toast after a few rounds or there was battering or misfeeding or other malfunction–perhaps with a wolff spring it wont have so many problems but do you want to spend 100 bucks trying to find this out?

    Finally the overpriced SIG mags. You only get one! And the Mustang mags made by Metalform from CDNN do NOT fit the P238. It will not go into battery (and no I’m not going to try to file them down to make it so!) Colt Mustang mags: I dont know but good luck finding those nowadays at a reasonable price.

    There are other 380 guns with more to offer–like the Kahr p380. I have a new motto for SIG: “To hell with reliability!”

  • Joe

    I replaced my recoil spring with a Wolff after i experianced some failure to go into battery. Beginning to have ejection issues now, i have had several spent cases get caught and actually tear the front of the case.

    I also had a number of failure to fire, which i may attribute to cheap Herter’s ammo. Anyone else have these issues? The gun is about a year old, and i have resorted to my S&W 438 as my EDC since ive started having issues.

    anybody have thoughts on these problems?

    And to Fuzzy: thanks for your longwinded and excessivly over detailed opinion, but we only needed to read it once, not three times. I also havent measured my trigger, but i dont think its that heavy…

  • Fuzzy

    Hey Joe

    The website didnt post it the first two messages right away. You cant edit. So go talk to Caleb about that.

    Second, I am trying to debunk for those who arent in the know–ie an owner–that this is not a 1991 gun other than the fact it is “single action” and has a manual safety. It has not the “heart of a 1911.”

    “If you posess average motor skills and a normal IQ, this is a great gun and i recommend it everyone.” –Joe March 2010

    “have resorted to my S&W 438 as my EDC since ive started having issues” –Joe July 2010

    Still a great gun? A great gun stands the test of time–in my book 10 minutes to 1 year is not enough. By comparison there will be Glocks when earth is at the Planet of the Apes stage.

    Oh BTW my barrel on the P238 is defective. There is a large 1 CM by 3-4 MM wavy defect on the top inside of the barrel under the top of the lug–clear as day. I wonder why this wasnt found on inspection? Maybe there are no quality inspections?

    • We already are at the Planet of the Apes stage if you haven’t noticed. Just go unarmed into Chicago to find out and you’ll end up like Bright Eyes.

      The P238 just needs TLC. It is not a Glock.

  • Charles

    Ok, peace, peace and peace. I am one of the very first owner of P238, and I paid premium prices for the two P238 pistols. But up till today, I still love them. The truth of the matter is no other .380 pistols on the market can compete with this model IMHO. I also bought RUGER LCP, and after the first range trip, I gave it up, and it has remained somewhere in my house since then and never been touched again; and the LCP is a joke. Wait till you pull that double-action trigger. Ok, the only thing that I don’t like some models of P238 is its grips, the plastic fluted grips, the stock grips. And I finally found a website that carries beautiful and high quality grips (both wood and aluminum), and I think each owner needs at least one pair even if it’s just for fun. They offer a wide variety of styles and colors, and the most complete “collection” of high quality P238 grips in the market today. Salute to them. here is the link of the web page for the grips:

    Enjoy! You will love the grips.

  • snake

    Can you carry the p238 with a round in the chamber and the hammer down but not on the firing pin? I don’t like the idea of “cocked and locked” in my pocket. My P220 has such a hammer position where its not “cocked and locked” but not down on the firing pin either. If I drop it with a round in the chamber, its not going to go off.

  • Joe

    To Snake: You could, but carry it hammer down, but try to draw and cock the hammer…. its almost impossible whlie staying on target with one hand. This is much less than ideal for a defensive gun. I believe that if the hammer is down, it cannot advance forward enough to strike the firing pin unless the trigger is pulled.

    In a proper holster (even a pocket holster) carrying it cocked & locked (condition one) would be the most appropriate.

  • Greg

    I just bought a P238. I have both a Keltec and an LCP and they both shoot about the same (scattered).
    My first impression was that the trigger was excessive stiff, that eased up after 10 to 20 rounds. My second impression was Holly Crap this thing shoots nice, I started thinking I was a better shot than I thought I was, being able to put 10 shots all within a 1.5 to 2 inch group with a .380 (I can do that with a $1200.00 Kimber). I handed it to a friend in the next booth shooting an LCP (scattered outside the black) and he burst my bubble by putting 5 shots in a 4 inch group with a gun he had never touched before, it wasn’t me it was the gun.
    It’s the most comfortable .380 I’ve ever shot, the Keltec makes my hand hurt and the LCP just doesn’t feel right in my hand.
    Its not the best gun I’ve ever owned, but it is the best .380 I’ve owned.

    P.S. 500 rounds and no problems, thank God because I hear customer service at Sig is bad.

  • Jake Knapp

    Despite it’s looks compared to a Mustang, from several I’ve talked to the Sig is a much more reliable gun. The Mustang had a huge problem with misfeeds and misfires (out of the box). This gun so far is getting good reviews right out of the box. Several police officers I’ve talked to are using this as a backup weapon. The only downside I see is the price – typical of Sig in gerneral.

  • Roy

    Bought a P238 several weeks ago but just recently had a chance to run off 100 rounds. Extremely disappointed. At least once and usually two or three times during each mag load the breach seizes open due to the failure of the spent cartridge to extract. This should not be happening with this weapon.

  • GLJ

    Considering purchasing a P238. Appreciate all the reports from current owners.

  • Joe

    Ive had mine for a year now. Its my carry most of the time. I have put in excess of 500 rounds through it, an found the following:

    Polishing the feed ramp is a big help.

    I replaced the recoil spring with a Wolff, this has been a common issue with the spring getting weak.

    It generally feeds ammo well, but Herter’s (cheapo now) was a big no-no.

    for defensive rounds, i only carry Hornady Critical defense, they expand perfectly in media and feed every time perfectly.

    I would recommend this gun, provided you are comfortable carrying in condition one. (aka Cocked and locked)

    it shoots very nicely and i find its very accurate. its a tiny bit too big to be a true ‘pocket gun’, but it works in loose pleated pants. Keep it clean and make sure to put a drop of grease like tetra-lube on the slide rails.

  • Fuzzy


    After sending my P238 to Sig with multiple problems I am happy to say they took care of ALL of them. (However, this was due to a VIP intervening on my behalf to get them all dealt with.) They replaced the defective barrel, fixed the defective trigger reset, took care of the excessive trigger “stiffness”/excess weight.

    It should not have shipped with the problems but I must give credit where it is due–they made it right. It now shoots very nicely. (It never did ammo malf. BTW. and still doesn’t.)

    I still have the reservation regarding the recoil spring life. The trigger is not a 1911 but is much much better with their rework. All in all. I’m glad to have gotten it. For the SA crowd it may be the best small 380 out there.

    We shall see with reliability with HP ammo. Had a guy at the range flawless with FMJ then went to some Rem GS 102gr and feedramp jambs shut him down–ouch.

  • Mad Skillz Mark

    I bought a Nitron 238 to replace a P3AT which I hated. Yes, the Keltec is a bit smaller and lighter, but it required a lot of work to make it reliable, and it was not fun to shoot…the recoil made accurate follow up shots very difficult. Add the lack of real sights and you ended up with a gun that was really only useful up close and personal.

    My P238 has been flawless through 300 rds of S&B FMJ and 60 rounds of MAC JHP. This gun is quite accurate, recoil is minimal, my wife likes to shoot it. I will probably end up getting one for her. She struggles racking the slide on a lot of guns, but she finds the 238 eqsy to use.

    I am going to use it a defensive handgun class we are taking it. Most of the class use full size pistols (harder to conceal, but easier to shoot well in front of your friends!), but I figure I might as well train with a gun that I will usually be carrying.

    No, it is not a mini 1911, the trigger is not great, but compared to a DA/SA, I like it a lot better. Yes it is “only” a .380, but it is so light and small it is easily concealed in a pocket holster when wearing shorts etc in warm weather.

  • hektor

    Bought mine in Oct. 2009. Loved it for first 100 rounds, then started “light strike” primers. Ouch. Shortly therafter approx. 200 rds. began getting intermittent FTE. Set to SIG (so-so service), pistole’ returned, functioned nice for another 150, then began same routine (SIG said “cleaned, lubed. adjusted extractor). Frustrating, cuz nice trigger, feel. Replaced recoil spring with 11lb. Wolff (tried 12lb Wolff, FTE). Got much better, 98.63557% reliable, but still. trampy lil gal. Could not let her go, got NICE DM Bullard holster, mag holder, belt, continue to run mag or two 4 days a week. Light primer strikes still there, seems to work though. Try all kinds ogf ammo, cheesy Herter, Winchester FMJ, Aguilar hollow points, Rem. FMJ, Federal FMJ, Hornady, Buffalo Bore, Speer Gold Dot, etc. Works better…….99.08473%, but still not trusting lil hefer. After 14 months (S&W 637 is “go to” gun), primers are now being smacked nice, good dimples. I order new factory mag from Midway, it arrives at plush, hilltop Hektor-pad, and, wtf, mag is redesigned (have two of 2009 vintage). Why is mag re-designed? Obvoius attempt at rectification of Siggie non-functionality, but cannot find out what fer? Anybody Know?

  • joe

    Can anyone tell me of you can add the night sights to the gun or do you have to purchase with them only? Thanks Joe

  • Reference a gun test regarding the Sig Saurer P238 in an article in the January 2011 issue of Concealed Carry Handguns by Mr. Paul Markel. Paragraph two reference “gun details” of this article is wrong and misleading. I happen to own this weapon and when Mr. Markel relates “unlike the Mi911, the manuel safety does not lock the slide in place”, wrong Mr. Markel. This is a safety feature you missed on this weapon. When the hammer is down and the safety is on the slide of this weapon is locked. I would suggest that this feature exists to keep you from jacking a round in the chamberof this weapon should you have a tight holster. Once the chamber is loaded and the safety is on and the hammer is back you can work the slide to eject the chambered round should you need to. Giving my age away I entered the military police in 1954 and the M1911 was a weapon I carried for 20 plus years. The Sig 238 has a lot of features that mirrow the M1911. The M1911and the Sig 238 are fine weapons.

  • Medic121

    Does anyone have a link or a owners manual they would like to sell for the Sig Sauer CP1 scope that was released fall 2010?

  • Been in police service for 55 years. Find the Sig P238 reliable and easy to carry as a defensive weapon on the person. Still have my S & W snubbie on my night stand as a home defense weapon with my pump shotgun close by. Unlike the 1911 style of mode carry, round in chamber, safety on or chamber unloaded ready to be jacked, the snubbie is always ready to go and without worries of failing to fire as is the history of autos. However the P238 is plenty reliable and with its flat appearance easy to carry in your pant pocket I chose this weapon as my back-up and just plain off-duty carry weapon. Sig like Glock is hard to beat as far as reliability goes with autos.

  • Kevin

    I bought a the Sig p238 HD all stainless a few weeks ago and put about 200 rounds (rem, win & PMC FMJ and a few Hornady CD HP) through it with only one FTE on the 3rd round of the 2nd clip. I got the Metalform 7 round magazines and they worked flawlessly except I can’t put the 7th round in and load without pulling the slide back, so you can only have 6 in the magazine when carrying. The gun is very accurate, low recoil and fits well in your hand. After firing 2 clips limp wristed the gun jammed on the 4th round of each and I disassembled it and noticed the factory spring had reduced in length significantly. Don’t do this! I ordered the new sig flat spring and installed it and shot a few round with no issues. I hear this spring is more like the other sigs 229 & 239 which I have shot with no malfunctions & should last 1000-1500 rounds. It’s the best 380 I’ve ever shot (COlt Mustang, Walther PPKS, Beretta 84 & Bersa Thunder).

  • Kevin

    I bought a the Sig p238 HD all stainless a few weeks ago and put about 200 rounds (rem, win & PMC FMJ and a few Hornady CD HP) through it with only one FTE on the 3rd round of the 2nd clip. I got the Metalform 7 round magazines and they worked flawlessly except I can’t put the 7th round in and load without pulling the slide back, so you can only have 6 in the magazine when carrying. The gun is very accurate, low recoil and fits well in your hand. After firing 2 clips limp wristed the gun jammed on the 4th round of each and I disassembled it and noticed the factory spring had reduced in length significantly. Don’t do this! I ordered the new sig flat spring and installed it and shot about 100 rounds flawlessly. I heard this spring is more like the other sigs 229 & 239 which I have shot with no malfunctions & should last 1000-1500 rounds, I compared spring length to the other brand new flat spring and it was nearly as long, maybe 1/16 or 1/32 inches shorter. It’s the best 380 I’ve ever shot, especially with the 7 round mag (COlt Mustang, Walther PPKS, Beretta 84 & Bersa Thunder). Get one made in the past 6mos and replace with flat recoild spring and should be ok.

  • stottle

    I have Two – P238 6 Round .380 ACP Magazine used like new.just sold my sig p238 and will sell both for $70. paid 46 for each from sig.

  • gunsmith

    The Sig Sauer P232 is the most unreliable pistol I ever worked on.

  • Joe

    does the above ‘gunsmith’ care to elaborate? ive had mine for about two years, and with the exception of replacing a weak spring, i have close to a thousand rounds through mine with no issues. carries well, shoots well and is ‘combat acurate’

    if you’re going to make statements like that, prove you have the knowledge to back them up with some details…..

  • Joe

    oh, and this thread is about the P238, not the P232…. which was the pistol i was commenting about.

  • alex

    i have had my p238 sas for about 6 months i cary it every day in a waist band holster it is very comfortable and light. so far ive put 600 rounds through it and since it is such a fine piece i am now a surgeon at 35 feet .

    this gun is perfect for self defense, i sold my old cary weapon a .45 millennium pro because i couldn’t put 3 mags through the Taurus with out a jam ..the sig has only been cleaned 3 times in 600 rounds and hasn’t had a single problem fact it seams to shoot better the more it shoots. this is amazing because most other small guns like this will be worn out by 600 shots fired.

    now i only have a S&W model 19 .357 and my p238 and thats all i need

    i recommend the sas version to any one i am 100% satisfied and that says a lot becaue the gun cost me 745$ after taxes here in miami fl

  • ME

    .380 are worthless rounds…….You’re an idiot, period!!! Not to mention “Subcompact Glock” on your ankle, again, further confirmation that you’re an idiot!!

  • JS

    Hey ME- if .380 is so worthless, go ahead and stand in front of one…. Shot placement, shot placement, shot placement…. i suppose you are one of the ‘because they dont make a .46’ crowd, and anything less impinges your masculinity, right??

    I love ‘experts’…..

    On another note, i needed a new mag for my p238, the spring was set. Not happy about spending $40 to find out that SIG changed the follower and left the first owners high and dry….

  • ME

    Hey JS, I was being facetious in my comment about the .380 rounds. I think they are a very good round. I only commented because some other person had made the statement “.380” are worthless, and something along the lines of Glock 9mm being the round to use, and the only firearm to use is along the lines of a subcompact firearm. Obviously, that individual doesn’t understand the concept of a p238 being a back up. I absolutely agree that shot placement has a lot to do with it. I know of a situation that took place between LEO and a perp. The LEO shot the perp three times with a 357 Mag and the perp still lived, but during the confrontation the perp got off a few rounds of .22, with one round striking the LEO under the arm, fairly close to the arm pit. The officer died within minutes.

    God forbid I should ever need my firearm, but if I did, my attacker will see the business end of my Kimber Ultra Carry II loaded with .45 ACP along with two additional mags and a p238 loaded with hollow points as a backup on my support side.

  • MoovinTarget

    Bought a Sig P238 SAS for the wife. Fiddling with the gun it looked as if the barrel could hit the front right edge of the magazine. Sure enough, found a lot of complaints and a video of ramp and mag damage. I lowerd that edge of the mag and allowed for additional clearance.

    I hate plastic triggers. Call it a pet peave. I like nice smooth, crisp metal triggers. The pull on this trigger is 7-8lbs. I find myself death gripping it and lost in anticipation for the sear realease.

    I found an aluminum, and now a stainless steel trigger. While exercising the pistol new, I also noticed that sometimes it failed to fire. I decided to take a look behind the grip. The trigger arm sometimes drops below the edge of the sear and cannot fire. The trigger arm is free floating. It has not supprt except near the rear of the trigger guard. That seems like a disaster waiting to happen.

    You can reset the trigger arm by pushing up and forward on it. It makes a subtle click and then sits in the right position. You can easily push it down again whereas it will miss the sear.

    I decided to upgrade the trigger hoping I might find a solution to the trigger arm play. I could not remove the locking pin. It must be pressed in at the factory. I put it back together after much cursing and frustration. Replacing the sear is tedious.

    The mainspring housing is also plastic. You are kidding me right. Nope its plastic. Also found a SS MSH online. I put the pistol back together and the trigger arm missing the sear is worse. The ejector does not move easily. Never did. I polished the sides of the sear, ejector, and hammer hoping this would help. Nope when the trigger fires it feels better, but still misses the sear quite often.

    I have a new Sig, never fired, problems with mags, ejector, and trigger arm. It also has a crappy plastic trigger.

    I contacted a Sig gunsmith. He said do not touch it. If you do, you are screwed. Send it to Sig.

    So much for buying a Sig for quality assurance.

    Note: I bouth a Magnum Research Desert Eagle 1911C the same day. It is flawless. Easy to disassemble and reassemble. Works great.

    Anyone ever deal with this trigger arm missing the sear problem? Anyone ever successfully remove a trigger and reassemble it? Was it worth it. Any experience with Sig customer service? I have heard horror stories, but have not contacted them yet.

  • John O’Connell

    Ralph.You are obviously an ignoramous,when it comes to the 380.Have not had one stoppage/missfire with my 230 or 232,I shoot at least once a month,to keep my eye in with these guns.

  • michelle

    whoooohooooo!!!!!… i’ve had a reason to replace my bersa thunder 380!

    • kyle

      i replaced my bersa thunder 380 with the p238 as my daily carry. omg the difference is unbelievable!!! Not only is it a lot more comfortable to carry but the recoil is a lot lighter

  • Jason

    I have had my P238 for about a month now. It was manufactured in July 2011 with all the Sig updates. My range time is limited, but I have about 100 problem free rounds through it so far. Not much I know, but this it turning out to be the perfect size conceal for me. It’s light, and fits my med-large hands perfectly. The recoil is only moderate and I can group 4-5″ at 7 yards with ease, even with a 3 shot rapid fire. That’s perfectly fine for close encounters. My next unit will either be a S&W or Ruger in 38 special or 357. Those will be all the pistol I will ever need, except for maybe a Ruger 22LR for cheap target practice. Then perhaps a Remington 870 12GA, a Remington 700 30-06, and a Marlin or Henry 22LR. That sounds like a well rounded assortment.

  • Donnie Hurd

    I am looking for a sight adjustment tool for a sig p238.

  • B.Anderson

    My new Sig P238 Nitron finish with Siglite nightsigts is completly reliable, with the standard 6 round mag and the extended 7 round mag with finger rest, ansd functions perfectly with a full mag and one in the chamber. I am very impressed with the ease of handling and the exceptional accuracy of the little gun. It will do double duty as my primary concealed carry weapon and also as my field gun for fishing and hiking. I have carried several different Sig handguns as a deputy sheriff and while working armed security and bodyguard duty, and this little P238 is as reliable, easy to shoot and as accurate as I could ask a handgun to be. It’s a typical Sig Sauer and that’s about as good as it can get. I am completely pleased with the weapon.

  • Max

    ¿Do you have other kinds of grips?, I seen other, like Hogue grips!…

  • jim

    i,m having trouble finding a gun that has a lite pull, i have to get a 380 or a 9mm for my work, is there any decent gun that has less than a 2.5 pull?thats about all i can handle,single action sig 380 sounds good but will anyone know how to lower the actuater? let me know, want to stay under $600 if possible.

    • Joe S

      Jim- Im not going to preach to you about the dangers of a defensive gun with that light of a trigger pull, but i can assure you that you arent going to find a production defensive handgun with a trigger pull nearly that light. I would suggest that you seek the assistance of a competant gunsmith who can lighten the pull of most triggers. Consult with one about what pistols can even be made that light, but my gut is a 1911 style or Hi-Power are your only options. Again, really bad idea for a defensive gun, so dont be surprised if a gunsmith simply wont do the work for liability reasons.

  • Cheryl

    I just got my concealed carry permit and am brand new at this, so I feel somewhat shy about posting. I bought a Baretta Storm Subcompact, but when I went to a different store to buy a holster to fit it, the salesman and my husband both thought the gun was way too big and thick for me to conceal carry. He strongly suggested a Sig Sauer P238 and also strongly advised that I research that and a Ruger LC9 and a Walther PK380 before buying a different gun. Now, reading all your comments, I am totally confused. I can’t replace this and change that, like many of you have done. I want this for protection for my children and myself and I have to have a gun that works. I have a very long way to go before I can even think of actually carrying the gun, I need lots of practice first, but I have to have make a decision about what gun I want. The Baretta fit my large hand well, but I do agree that it is very thick. Any suggestions? Thank you. I’ve enjoyed reading all your comments even though they have left me feeling very frustrated!

    • Dave H

      I have an LC9 and while it’s a fine pistol it’s a little big to carry in a pocket. I just bought a P238 for that purpose. If I planned to carry a gun on my waist, I’d stick with the LC9.

      I’d suggest thinking about how you plan to carry the gun, or changes you could make to your wardrobe or personal habits so you could carry the Storm. There are people who carry full-sized 1911s concealed on or inside their waistbands, but they’ve accepted that they need to wear a jacket or other garment to cover it. If you’re okay with that, I’d suggest getting a holster for it and practicing with it for a while. If nothing else, you’ll identify problem areas that you’ll want to address if you have to get a different pistol.

      I’m not sure about the other pistols you mentioned, but keep in mind that the P238 has a single action trigger, which is quite light compared to a lot of pocket pistols which are double action. That’s one thing I need to train on before I start carrying it, to get in the habit of setting the safety before I put it in the holster.

      • waykno

        Janie: pick something YOU like and feel comfy with, then practice with it and the ammo you will keep in it. In the end, you will like it. The P238 is a great little gun. I have big, medium, and small guns. The bigger ones and even the medium ones are a pain, day after day. Even the smaller ones can be troublesome. Guns are like cars–the more you look, the easier it is to get confused. Just decide, get it, and don’t look back. Good luck.

    • Jacky

      Cheryl, you might want to try a Springfield XD. I have a 45, but have small hands. I have to do a little maneuvering to drop the mag as this gun doesn’t fit my hand well, however I absolutely love it. Since I love my gun I thought perhaps a smaller version (XDS) might solve my problem. Because the gun is “chunkier” than alot of them this one wasn’t the right one for me either. If your hands are larger I think it would be worth your while to go try handling one.

  • Janie

    I’m ready to get protection – I’m a realtor and this decision is long overdue. I’ve looked online and my husband and I have been to a couple of gun shops. I loved the feel of the sig p238 and it’s been highly recommended to me. I’m just concerned that its a SA and had initially felt I’d do better with a DA revolver. Can someone help me with this. My belief is that once I get the gun, I need to spend a lot of time in practice with it and then I will be so familiar with it and the SA won’t be an issue. Am I right? I don’t want to go with a gun that I won’t enjoy shooting such as a s&w 38 snubbie which are light weight but not an enjoyable shoot. Any input would be helpful. Thanks!

    • Cristina


      I am a young female myself and often alone at night; the Sig P238 is my carry weapon and I don’t regret it for a moment. It’s extremely enjoyable to shoot, I own both it and a P226 (too big for carry of course) and I love target shooting with both of them. It’s extremely reliable (if kept clean, I should definitely mention that), very easy to carry, good looking and as a bonus, it has a safety. That was important for me in picking out a carry. Though if you do choose it, make sure to practice at the range making it natural to click off the safety….I know some gun nuts worry that it slows you down, pish posh. If you make it natural it won’t be an issue and you’ll have a wonderful, reliable gun. My baby hasn’t said no to any ammo I’ve used so far though I’ve heard differently from others. Personally, I don’t like revolvers, just not as fun to shoot and I love this tiny 1911 frame.

      Anyway, hope this input helps! Good luck!!


    • Katie

      I’m also new at this- I’m a nurse in Detroit and see home patients at all hours. I’m waiting for my CPL to arrive but have purchased and practiced with my sig p238 and love it. I’m small, and anything bigger I feel like its trying to buck out of my hands. It’s simple to flick off the thumb safety- a microsecond delay- so the fact it’s a SA doesn’t bug me at all. The 380 bullets are big enough to put down anyone foolish enough to attack me with deadly intent. It’s a good mix, and I feel safer. Now for a good holster….

  • brian

    i need a 2000 or earlier sig 717 ar 10 30 round or morer magazine

  • brian

    i need a sig 716 ar 10 / 20 round 0r more magazine

  • brian

    i need a magazine for my cal sig 716 ar 10, broken or not for cal

  • Ken

    How does the 380+p ammo work in the sig?

  • As a past writer to this section I have owned several different autos ranging from .32, .9 short, regular .9, .40 and .45. With the exception of sigs I had trouble with all the autos either failing to load a round or jaming. My sigs never failed and being LEO this is good. Some comments were made about revolvers and to me this the most safety weapon aboard. They simply don’t jam and if they do it has not happened to me. I count on a SW snubbie without hammer exposed. Once you have a problem with the auto and you count on it in LE you become hesitant to carry them on duty. At the range you don’t have people shooting at you unlike LE in a good sized PD and a 150 thousand you are sworned to protect and serve. My revolver is a 5 shot double action. Never worry about , simply point and pull the trigger. I carry the sig 380 as a off duty weapon and feel good with it.

  • gun store GA

    This firearm looks good. Really like it. I plan to sell this in my Georgia gun store .

  • gun store GA

    Would love to use this gun at my indoor gun
    range in Georgia
    . Must be cool.