Ruger Mini-14 Tactical Rifles

Ruger have announced two Tactical Mini-14 models.

 Firearms Images Products 437L
Mini-14 Tactical Rifles Model 20GBCPC

The 20GBCPC model features a flash suppressor, synthetic stock and 16 1/8″ barrel. It weights 8 lbs. It has an MSRP of $894.

 Firearms Images Products 446L-2
Mini-14 Tactical Rifles Model 20CF

The 20CF model, which we saw previously, has an ATI Stock and a 16.12″ barrel. Oddly enough, it has no flash suppressor. The 20CF weights: 7.25 lbs. MSRP is $872.00.

Both feature an “Improved receiver with rounded contours.”, 20 round magazine and 1:9 barrel twist.

Steve Johnson

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  • Jesse

    For $872 you can built your own AR-15. I know I did. Actually I built my AR for $750 after FFL transfer fees and shipping which gave me an extra $120 to spend on mags.

  • Dan Gardner

    I believe there is no flash suppressor on the stock 20 CF model as a safeguard against the possibility of the “Brady Bill” being reenacted. Under the legislation weapons manufacturers are limited on the number of tactical features they can sell out of the box. This model already has a pistol grip and a collapsable stock. A flash suppressor would almost certainly make it illegal should Congress decide to renew the legislation. Ruger is actually thinking strategically and being proactive here. One can always modify the weapon after market, but check the laws in your state and community first. I doubt we’ll see a renewal of Brady any time soon as it is a politcal hot potato and there are more pressing issues at the moment. I’m not a big fan of more gun laws, but I don’t always get my way. Hats off to Ruger for being savvy enough to foresee this potential pitfall in the tactical weapon marketplace.

  • SonicBoom

    I have seen the finish listed as actually black over stainless steel on some descriptions. I am a bit confused as to which one it is or maybe both.

    • SonicBoom, where did you see that?

  • SonicBoom

    It says so on the Impact site. and on a local gun dealer list also.
    But I emailed Ruger and they said it is blued alloy steel.


  • Tom

    Will the .224 WSSR fire in a .223 Ruger without barrel burnout?

    • Tom, what is a .224 WSSR?

  • Tom

    Actually I meant to say will a .223 WSSR fire in the Mini-14 without barrel burnout?

    Please excuse the error, as it is late and my brain is burned out.

    • No problem. I thought you probably meant that.

      Nope, the WSSR cannot be fired from a Mini-14. You should never try firing cartridges in a firearm that it was not designed for. Barrel burn is not the problem, most likely it will simply not fit in the chamber, and if it does you could have your gun explode.

  • Doug

    I purchased a new Mini 14 Tactical for $618. I got an incredible price. I also purchased a foregrip and two thirty round pro-mag magazines. I am taking it to the range in a week and I must say that I love how the weapon feels and looks. The folding stock and the fact that it telescopes is a great function. The weapon is relatively light. I am a happy man.

  • Steve

    I have an NRA Mini14 and wondered if there are any differences between it
    with it’s 16 1/8 tapered barrel and the tactical mini14. My gunsmith set it up for me and then added a Millett reddot sight. He told me he had a sub moa group
    after setting up the millet, An old soldier wants to know what he meant by sub
    “MOA”. when I was in the army in 1964 the word was never mentioned in my training or 6 years of service. I did notice I hit every can I shoot at.


  • Steve

    I always keep my politics to myself, it is too polerizing and counter productive
    to the subject at hand. I have a slight scratch on my Mini NRA’s barrel and found
    some grill and woodstove paint goot to a 1000 degrees is it going to work as a repair on my rifle barrel?. I tried it on a piece of steel and it matches perfectly in
    color and sheen. I have no idea what the original black finish is anyone know?…

  • damien

    $618!! Where did you get the gun for that price?

  • Doug

    I purchased the Mini-14 Tactical from Gt Distributors. They have two offices, one in Texas and the other in Georgia. The one in Georgia had the gun in stock while the Texas one did not. I went to the range and put about 200 rounds through the mini-14 tactical and it was an absolute pleasure to shoot. It did not have any jamming or feeding issues. I want to get a red dot scope on it. I tried to shoot it with the folding stock folded, but the range would not let me. I highly recommend attaining a foregrip on it, it give a lot of added control.

  • Doug

    By the way, shipping was $25 and the FFL fee was $30. All in all, paying approx $670 for the weapon to be shipped and delivered is a great price.

  • Steve

    Hi Guys:

    Anyone know what the finish on the NRA and
    Mini Tactical. Need to fix a small scratch and
    no one seems to know if it is hi-temp paint
    or teflon. If anyone knows I sure would like
    to know.


    • RJ

      Finish on a Mini14 barrel, it’s matte bluing. There is a product called gun-kote and Brownell’s sells it for about $35. You follow the directions perfectly and oven cure it. That should last you a very long time and look FANTASTIC when it’s completed. I hope this helps you out. While you’re at it, since you have to put the upper receiver and the barrel in the oven together, try these tips to get an even better sight picture out of the rifle:
      1/4″ metal drill bit – slowly drill touch the drill tip to the back portion of the hole of your rear sight. Remove about 1/32 of an inch metal. This creates a bevel as you are looking into the rear of the sight. Spray a shot of gun kote on it (be light) don’t put too much on it, just enough to cover the bare metal you just made. Then take a standard metal flat file and bevel the same amount of metal 1/32″ at a 45 degree angle on each side of the front sight post. again touch it up with the gun kote and then put the whole thing in the oven as directed. You will not believe the improvement in your sight picture.

  • Adam

    I have found a place to get the Mini-14 Tactical Rifles Model 20GBCPC
    for about $556. What is the average shipping cost to a FFL dealer?

  • TexasAdam

    Ive noticed the Tactical Mini 14 with heavy barrel and flash supressor is $25 to 50$ cheaper then the original. Why is that?

  • It’s too bad the 20CF doesn’t have a flash suppressor on it. I saw that a previous poster said that it is probably because that would make it illegal if the “assault weapons” ban was reinstated, but that’s not true. Under the old assault weapons ban, the 20CF would already be an illegal model to sell because it has a detachable magazine along with 2 qualifying features…in this case a folding stock and pistol grip. Considering that and the fact that it would be cheaper for Ruger to manufacture just one type of barrel rather than multiple styles, I don’t understand why the 20CF doesn’t feature a flash suppressor as well.

  • Kyle

    Keep looking around. I found my Mini 14 with ATI stock and a flash supressor on it marked for $675 at a gun show. After a little wheeling and dealing i got it for $620. It is not blued or black as some are. All metal parts are stainless. I have since added a Knights Armorment grip and and NStar red dot optic. It shoots true with a 1″ group at 100 yds. I just wish i could find .223 at a good deal.

  • komrad

    If you wanted a flash hider and folding stock you could just buy one with a flash hider and add an aftermarket stock.

  • gunfixinkid

    So would you guys recommend getting one? I found one for 750 at a gun shop. I think I will trade my Universal M1 carbine for it. The M1 is in great shape and comes with almost 600 rounds, 3 30 round mags, and 3 15 round mags. What should I get for that much on a trade in as far as money?

  • Doug

    I purchased the Mini-14 Tactical from Gt Distributors, it was shipped to me for under $650. $750 seems a bit high, you can do better.

  • Kyle

    yea if you cant get them to go down it would be good. i wouldnt recommend trading your M1 for it. Unless you dont like it for whatever reason. If its a pawn shop i would steer clear of any trades there. They almost always shoot way below its true value. If your Universal is a pre 1970’s it prob has some if not all USGI parts. That will drive the value up. I would def find the exact value before you go trading anything. The Mini is a great gun and i love the ati set up. The only downside is the rails could be extended over more of the surface of the weapon. Any good smith could install more of them for you. If you can afford it i would purchase the mini and keep the M1 but with the economy… you get the point. Well hopefully this helps your decision. just remember, research, research, research!

  • chris

    i bought a new mini14 tac. 20gbcpc at my local gun shop a couple months ago for less than $700 including tax… in NC

  • Tom

    I’m all for saving $, if you really save, but the problem with gun prices is that they vary from one area to the next……but playing Devil’s Advocte…..If your local dealer has one for $699, plus tax, you could spend, if you’re honest, another 10 hours or more looking for cheaper prices on the Internet or driving to area gun shops, lookin for the big discount. Did I mention plus gas? So what have you really saved? If you spend 12 hours (roughly) from start to finish, which includes driving time to local gun shops, etc, and you save $50, less the $4.00 for the 2 gallons of gas you used, that comes out to a saving of $4.00 per hour. Even if you save $100.00 dollars, it’s only a net savings of 96.00, which means the savings comes out to $8.00 per hour. I’m worth more than that. I’ll spend the extra and save myself the aggravation. My hat is off to those of you who got a cheaper price, but I think gun discounst, unless they are substantial, are “pie in the sky.”

  • stevenj

    I am The proud and happy owner of an NRAmini14 with the rubberized stock that shoots subMOA when I have a good day.
    Last Monday I ordered an ATI stock from ruger, then a few days laiter it was no longer offered by Ruger I think my part number is 18000 and it is nowhere on the Ruger site. The rifle with the ATI stock is now only sold to the military and police.

    I really wonder what is going on at Ruger. I double checked at Ruger and the nice lady said my ATI stock shipped same day. You go to their site and that part 1800 is no longer listed. You can get tactical looking stocks but they dont fold and they are not ATI…………
    Guess they no longer sell the ATI folding stock just to police and military.
    The stocks they offer are not folders, somebody got to them to have such a change with no notice or comment. Mine arrives on Monday the 28th, and I was lucky. I really wanted that stock with the Ruger logo on it, I guess I got the last one. Somebody tellme it was a mistake!…..

  • I’m not sure what StevenJ has happened into but I just purchased a mini-14 with the ATI stock directly off of Ruger’s website and picked it up at a local Ohio dealer for less than $700. I love it but am disappointed that it did not come witha flash suppressor but Choate makes one and NCStar makes a muzzle break that will fit the new barrel. It came with the 20 rnd mag and scope rings. My next purchase will be a red dot and probably a fore grip. Don’t think I need much else really.

  • Oldarmy

    If you search the net you can still find new NRA Mini14 rifles
    & Mini14 tactical rifles from $650-850. They made the NRA to
    raise money for the NRA the just made them for 1 year, but
    they are not all sold due to the economy.
    Half the price of a new quality AR and have a self cleaning
    bolt & gas system. The mini tactical is the same black rifle
    with a different stock and serial # prefix. Go for the best
    price and a 16″ heavy tapered barrel.
    Prices are as good as they will ever be.


  • Kyle

    got some new toys on my Mini and it looks great. Put an Aimpoint Comp M2 on top. A new fore grip with the pop out bi-pod and a remote activated laser. all together i would say its good enough for me. i dont think i am going to add anything else….for now. All together, I have put about $900-950 into the weapon. Now does anyone know how to post pics on here???

  • All i can say is be prepared to be dissapointed in the quality of the stock. My standard synthetic was terrible; not only the flashing left behind (not machined off even a little bit and especially in the critical areas between the thumb and the index finger – ripe for a bleeder after on round) plus the mold was misaligned top to bottom so one side was higher (or shorter – all depends on your perspective) than the other side. Pure junk. I have spent hours filing down the stock to make it all right and the color match is not quite right do to the sanding. And of course Ruger told me to bound salt. Business must be good.


  • Paul


    The term “MOA” or minute of angle refers to accuracy. If your rifle shoots 1 MOA that means at 100 yards it can shoot groups of 1 inch (usually 3 to 5 shots) When your rifle shoots sub-MOA that just means the rifle can shoot groupings less than an inch. Basically it means you have a very accurate rifle.

  • joe

    does the front site come off to install flash surpresser on mini 14 model 20cf

    • yes but hard as all hell. Ruger builds these rifles to last.

  • RJ

    stevenj; Not sure what you are referring to on the availability of the strikeforce stock as an aftermarket purchase directly from Ruger. If you go to Rugers web site and click on auto loader rifles, accessories, stocks, you will see that the strikeforce stock IS for sale at $109.99. The product number is RUG2200. I purchased the “other” tactical rifle from a local gun shop because it had the flash suppressor. I then ordered the strikeforce stock directly from Ruger. So, I now have the flash suppressor rifle with the ATI Strikeforce collapsible/folder WITH the Ruger emblem on the butt. ATI offers the same stock from their web site however Ruger has a contract with them to produce the stock WITH the Ruger emblem (only difference). As for quality; The only stock I have found to be “better” is the SCAR all aluminum stock for $500+. Not worth the money in my opinion. The ATI Strikeforce stock is extremely well built and rugged. On the scale from 1-10, 10 being the best quality, I give it a 9.9. I’m a lefty and the button for the folding stock is kinda in the way for my trigger finger. Ruger could solve this problem by bending the trigger housing directly under the trigger to allow for some room without pinching the tip of your trigger finger. I also noticed that my groups got a bit tighter when I switched stocks; I’m at about 2 inches to 2 1/4 inch groups at 100 yard with the iron sights. I think I could get them a bit tighter if I bevel the front sight a bit in order to have less post on target. That’s my 2 cents.

  • RJ

    Crud! As soon as I posted the above comment I went to Rugers web site and the Item number for the Strikeforce stock is 18099. The RUG2200 Mini 14 is the product name. Sorry for the confusion. But, the good news is that as of today at 11:38am, you can still get the stock you want directly from Ruger!

  • Joe

    I just purchased a Ruger 20cf tactical with ATI stock,it has a flash suppressor that came with the rifle.I paid $709 for it.The only thing I don’t like about the rifle is it showers who ever is within 40 feet of you with hot brass.You can buy a different gas block that is adjustable and get the brass undercontrol which will mean fewer pissed off shooters down range from you.A friend has the Sig 556 it is a real nice weapon but not worth the price,you can buy two or three mini 14 for the price of one 556.I am not saying the mini 14 is better than the sig that is not the case! The Ruger is the best bang for your buck!We shot 500 rounds of the cheap ammo without any jams or misfires.The mini 14 is the blue collar weapon of choice not fancy but gets the job down!

  • steve blickley

    I love my miniNRA and would like to know what steel the barrel is made of, Is it chroemoly or some other steel?

  • Gary Bernhardt

    Are the mini-14 magazine and the M-16 mags interchangable ?

    • no… that is the down side to the MINI 14. The good mags that never fail factory form Ruger cost a pretty penny. But built Ruger tuff.

  • Eric V


    No, Mini mags and AR mags are not interchangeable. Ruger Factory mags are your best bet and are rock solid, 20 and 30 round. I have had good results with ProMag magazines and bad with John Masen mags.

    Ruger has started selling the ATI model with a flash hider now 🙂 they look great!

  • Jeff

    I already have a mini, but picked one up at an estate sale saturday for $200.00. Stock is in great shape and it came with 2 pre-ban mags. I was thinking they might be 50 rounders, but they hold 45. Guess I’ll have 2 now….

    • jason

      wouldnt wanna sell that extra mini 14 would u?

  • lucas

    i just purchased a ruger mini 14 for $701 total with fees, 30 round clib and muzzle break… its much better price than the AR 15 over $800 for cheapy with no extras.

  • Ron

    I got my Mini 14 Tactical at CDNN for 598. It is nice, I love it. I wanted an AR, but they are so expensive, and why get a crummy DMPS sporty when I can get a Hammered forge Barrel on my Mini on top of the Grand 1 style op system? It is built like a tank and can go go go. It is like the American AK in 5.56 with 2 MOA abilities.

    • RJ

      1 MOA capabilities out of the box with the ATI system. Sandbag rest it, you will be surprised! “hint, replace the three Phillips head screws on the top hand guard with the same size and depth hex-head screw, tighten them to snug+plus 1/4 turn and write back to let me know how much that shrank your groups, ok?

      You will see my earlier post, I’ve shrank my groups at 100 yard to 1 1/4 to 1 3/4 iches, from that time, still using iron sights at 100 yds by doing just this modification. I have a hard time beating that with my brothers RRA AR 15 full size.

  • oldarmy

    My NRA mini14 cost me a milling machine I was having trouble selling, but it was a good deal for me, as it is the nicest garand type .223 I could ever want. It shoots subMOA, and all it needed was optics.


  • Chipster

    I bought a Mini 14 tactical with an ATI folding stock. My first impression was the solid feel of the Mini vs. my DPMS AR15. Also, being an M1 owner, I like the bolt configuration. I put a Vortex Strikefire red dot on it and once sighted in, I can drive nails at 100 yards. My only complaint is rapid barrel heat up and I haven’t pushed fire rounds with a hot barrel yet.

    Has anyone found a good aftermarket flash suppressor that will fit a 581 series mini? My mini did not have a factory flash suppressor but after firing it, a flash suppressor would be a real plus.

    • Tom

      ve the factory suppressor on the Mini-14 20GBCPC, with the ATI stock assembly and by the 60th round the barrel is HOT. Ruger indicates that firing 100 rounds of sustained fire will heat it up, but the 60 rounds from mine were being shot at a fairly slow pace by my 12 year old grandson on a range that doesn’t allow rapid fire. I took the rifle from him and the barrel would burn skin.

      My question is why? I had one previously, way back in the 70’s and I don’t remember it heating up like that – but in fairness I don’t remember shooting more than 50 rounds through it at any one time.

  • tontojim

    what model bayonet will fit the Ruger mini-14 tactical,if at all? or does some type of upgrade or alterations need to be done to allow one to fit and if so, what and then which bayonet?

    • RJ

      Why would you want a bayonet on this weapon? Our military is even considering dropping the bayonet lug due to the fact that a fighting knife in hand and better hand to hand combat (combatives training) is more effective when one is out of ammunition. If you want to fix a bayonet on a rifle, get an AR or an M1 series rifle. However, if you insist on it, the AC 556 Mini14 is the paramilitary version of this weapon and is fixed with a bayonet lug. Again, from experience, if you need to “fix bayonets”, your probably never going to live long enough to “un-fix”. Just my two cents.

  • Jeff

    Does anyone know if the Nikon Prostaff 3×9 40, or the Simmons 44 Mag will fit with the factory rings on my new (581) Mini14 ranch ??

    • Yes it does. I have Nikon M223 Point blank scope. In is standard 1 inch. I alos spent the cash on 30 mm rings so I could mount my Aimpoint 7000 SC dot. Love that all to hell. Hardcore sight for hardcore rifle.

  • Jeff

    FYI I contacted Ruger and they say they will

  • PIEM has produced the BLSS series bump fire weapon system for the AR 15 and will be releasing the Mini 14 series in a few weeks. Check em out at

  • kristen

    Mark Le’pine / Polytechnique

  • Reis

    But . . . but . . . but Feinstein don’ lak des guns. Dey scary to she and her boss, Sheikh Barrack de King. She say don’ by this gun or she make you sign in and den gib it up! Shame on you fo even lookin’ at dis assault weapon . . .

  • I bought this rifle because I could not afford an AR of equal quality. I have to say I am happy as all hell. MINI 14 is the American AK, but only a lot more accurate. How much would you have to spend for an AR with Hammer forged barrel?

  • usmcmailman

    Just got mine. $775. out the door with 1-20 round magazine and two 5-round mags.
    I sold my junk Bushmaster AR-15 that jams and got a “real” gas operated rifle !

  • steven j blickley

    please remove my comments from this blog

    steve blickley