Remington’s New Adjustable X-Mark Pro Trigger

About time! Remington have launched a new trigger called the “Adjustable X-Mark Pro Trigger”. A great feature is that it is externally adjustable. No more taking the rifle out of the stock, putting it back, testing how it feels and repeating the procedure.

From the press release:

Since its introduction in 2007, the Remington X-Mark Pro trigger, utilizing advanced technological manufacturing processes and extremely tight production tolerances, may be considered the finestXmark production trigger in the marketplace. With virtually no creep and its clean, crisp “breaks-like-glass” feel, the X-Mark Pro delivers enhanced accuracy and unmatched shot control. Now, our best production trigger just got better – for 2009, Remington is proud to introduce the Adjustable X-Mark Pro Trigger with external adjustment for trigger pull weight. This user-friendly, externally-accessible adjustable trigger is set at the factory to a pull weight of 3 ½ pounds with a 2 pound range of adjustment (3 to 5 pounds).

The key components of the X-Mark Pro trigger feature mirror-like surface finishes for crisper trigger pull. Electroless nickel plating enhances corrosion resistance and further improves surface finish. The result is an ultra-crisp feel with no creep. The X-Mark Pro Adjustable trigger operates like the current Remington fire control and features a safety that blocks the sear and trigger. The advanced design allows for consistent 3 ½ pound trigger pulls set directly from the factory. Should you feel the need; the trigger can be externally adjusted within a range of 2 pounds (3 to 5 pounds) with the included tool.

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The X-Mark Pro Adjustable Trigger now comes standard on all new 2009 Model 700™ and Model Seven™ bolt-action rifles. For true custom performance in a production-grade rifle, look for Remington centerfire rifles with the new X-Mark Pro Adjustable Trigger.

This makes the seconds “premium” factory bolt action trigger to be released this year (the other being the Mossberg LBA)

X-Mark Pro Adjustable

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  • Does anyone know if the trigger will be available for purchase to add to my pre 2009 Remmy’s?

  • Robert

    I’ve got the same question as Heath. I bought a 700 in 2007 that came with the unadjustable X-Mark, and now I’m kicking myself.

    It’s a very nice trigger, but it’s way too heavy and I don’t know enough to adjust it myself. Replacing it with one of these would do the trick…

  • Harold

    Ordered a Remington 700 STS Tactical with the new trigger and was disappointed with it. The pull was way too heavy and, when received, the screw was backed way out of the trigger to where it hit your finger when just resting on the trigger. The external screw just adds pull weight to the pull weight that is set the usual way via the back screw on the trigger. I took the external screw out of the trigger and threw it in the parts box. The externally adjustable trigger is a step backward IMHO.

  • eric

    The new “adjustable” x-mark pro adjustable trigger is a major step backward. I have bought remingtions in the past to the tune of > $10,000 worth of them and this is the last straw. I bought a new .308 win 5R milspec rifle. The barrel is excellant but the trigger can’t be set below 3lbs. I set all my triggers at 2 lbs even which you could do with the old (better) remington trigger. I am now having my gun smith put in a $150 Basix trigger and with his labor it will be $200. So each time you buy a remington with the new “improved” trigger figure on spending another $200 to make it right. Weatherby’s Vanguard shoots as well and their trigger can be adjusted by a good gunsmith for about $50. Sako has the best trigger that you can adjust from 2lbs to 4 lbs. And I am not sure of the new winchester’s trigger. My point is if remington wanted to build a truely better trigger than their last generation of trigger, then they could have copied Basix, Sako or Timney. I believe that they only produced the new trigger to drive down production costs and thereby taken a great rifle and put it in the average category. There is one bright spot however, my gunsmith said that in the last 2 months he has replaced 4 of the new x-mark pro adjustable triggers with Basix triggers. Maybe the smart play is to buy stock in Basix, Timney and Shilen trigger companies?

  • JSMJ

    I have to agree with the guy talking about the old Remington triggers to me they are much better than the new ones.
    You can adjust them and set them down around a pound, pound n a half and have the safety work as it should.

    Being a south paw there’s only a few options on the market for replacement triggers and they are $$$$$$ so I have learned to do the work my self and the new trigger is a pain in the butt to get adjusted and then keep that adjustment…..I agree in that I think remington made a few steps backward with the XMark Pro trigger…I have yet to try the newer xmark with external adjustment, hope it’s better than the 07 trigger???

    But dont worry Remington I will still buy you rifles, I rekon I’ll just have to figure this new trigger out or wait until the after market triggers are avalible for us southpaws….

  • Todd

    Thanks for the insight about the new trigger from Remington. I’m looking to buy a new .270 this year and I will steer clear of the new x-mark trigger.

  • Tobey

    I just bought a new 700 LSS in a When the guy took it out of the box I saw that there was a screw half way out above the trigger,He said that is how you make the trigger pull to your liking. Well I like my around 2 lbs. After reading the paper on the x mark trigger you can’t move it below 3 lbs. So I did just what the other guy did I put the screw in the parts bag.

  • Tim

    I recently suffered significant, financial consequences as a result of Remington’s pre-1982, model 700 “Fire on Safety Release” problem (see I sent the rifle back to Remington as part of their “Safety Modification Program” where they modify the safety to allow unloading in the “safe” position and inspect the trigger assembly. This program allows them to correct what they know is a problem with the gun and charge the customer $20… Without admitting any fault. However, they do send you a certificate for a free cap!

    This morning I received their inspection report. They’re replacing the trigger with a new X-Mark Pro. From what I’ve read above, the gun will no longer improperly discharge, but I’ll have to deal with an inferior trigger mechanism or invest in Basix, Sako or Timney. After 30 years of buying Remington’s products, I’m totally disillusioned.

  • Brandon

    I just got a 700 varmint adl short action in .308. with heavy barrel. it shot great but the trigger was a little heavy so i decided to adjusted it. mine does not have a trigger adjustment that is external. i dont know what you guys are talking about i dont see a screw inside the trigger guard only the bolt release button. all the adjustment screws on mine are internal. you have to remove the stock to get to them. they are hex screws and covered in epoxy. after adjusting the backlash and weight of pull, i am VERY VERY PLEASED. I could probably make it even better if i adjusted the sear engagement screw but i left it alone. The cool thing about the new xmark pro trigger is you can visually SEE the backlash and sear engagement working.

  • Steve

    I agree with many of the posts above, the trigger is too heavy and if you back out the screw then it hits your finger when it’s resting on the trigger. I much prefer the old triggers as they are easy to adjust and rework. I was hopeful but now I’m ordering a Shilen. Very disappointed.

  • I just bought a new 700cdlsf with the x mark triger.What happened????????? Does any one like this triger? please I would like to hear from you all.Thanks 7mm08

  • Bob

    guess I’m going to buck the trend. I just got a SPS Varmint with the X-Mark Pro trigger. This is my 5th 700 over 35 years and this is the best trigger out of the box of any of them.

  • Tom

    I had to send my beloved 700 SPS chambered in 204 Ruger back to Remington for some repair work and was a bit pissed when they said my trigger was unsafe and they had to replaced it. They put in a “none adjustable” X-Mark Pro trigger with a very heavy pull. Within 5 minutes I had it adjusted down to exactly the pull I like. As some one else mentioned, I could not be more pleased. It’s crisp and precise, exactly what I expect from a quality rifle.

  • chris

    this triggers are junk! seen a nice older adl on g broker and some genius put one in a very nice adl 243. help us all

  • killthemall

    Tobey and other guy, when you completely remove the screw does it have any bad side effects? Just got my new model 700 varmint sf in the 22-250 awesome looking gun but what a heavy trigger. almost unthreaded screw all the way and it still feels the same. Can I take it all the way out? Thanks

    • TG

      I took mine all the way out and that seems to be the lightest not sure how safe

  • Presley23

    I bought a new remington 700vtr 308 with the new x mark pro trigger with the adjustment screw on the trigger. I really dont like this because when i try to lighten the trigger the screw hits your finger. I was wondering would it be ok if i just take the screw all the way out and get rid of it?? would the trigger still work right without it and would it be safe?? thanks

  • Presley23

    Please let me know if its ok to just take the screw all the way out of the x mark pro trigger. email me at thanks

  • QEU

    If you are one who recently bought a new Remington to find out you got an old style trigger, feel free leave your email and I will be happy to trade with you. I have the x-mark pro trigger when I bought the LVSF and would like to trade for the old style trigger.

  • 7mmpoppy

    are we only talking x-mark triggers here? I can’t get any of my old 700
    triggers below 3 lbs……
    If it’s possible I’d like to know, am about to buy a timney, would like to save the money. all info good, thanks.

  • H.D. Kessinger

    I purchased a new remington 700 .223 with the new trigger to use for varmit hunting and was very disappointed with the new trigger. The tag said it was set at 3 1/2 lb. from the factory but it was 5.1 by my new trigger gauge. It would only adjust down to 3.1 with the screw all the way out. I called remington and gave the heck because it would adjust no lower. They could have cared less. After I cooled down for a few days I decided to see if I could do anything with the trigger. I took of the clip on the pivot pin for the trigger and removed the pin. This allowed me to move the trigger enough to get the spring out so I cut off 1 coil and reassembled the trigger but that I accomplished was that I could turn the adjustment screw in enough that it didn’t rub my finger. 3.1 was still the lowest adjutment. I finally figured out that the 3.1 was adjusted by a screw at back of the trigger and I was able to get it down to 1.5 where I wanted it for varmit hunting. It has a screw for the sear adjustment also but the one on my rifle will not move. Hope this helps someone who got suckered by remington as I did. Now I can go back to building tactical rifles instead of working on my own and the coyotes had better
    watch out.

  • Pete

    New Remington SPS 308, If I am reading the comments right it is correct to say that to lessen the trigger pull the adjustment screw it backed out (counter-clockwise) of the x-mark trigger… Thanks Please email smltime [at] yahoo [dot] com

  • Steve

    I bought a Remington 700 SS 5R Milspec last year and, after reading these comments, I’m glad that it didn’t come with the new trigger.

  • Paul

    The old triggers are more adjustable were overall better. The new trigger is designed to limit Remington’s liability not improve performance. You’re kidding yourself if you think otherwise.

  • ward

    I have just purchased an SPS Varmint rifle and the new x mark triggers are crap they cannot be adjusted to a useable weight. I broke a couple of allen keys before looking through a magnifying glass into the rear adjustment screw to discover that something has been put in the thread to stop it from being adjusted with a fair bit of tinkering on the other 3 adjustment screws I can get the trigger down to around 1 1/2lb great for the field but useless for the range. Also there is around 20 to 30 thousandths movement in the trigger assembly itself. Bad move remington your quality control is disapointing to say the least. I am researching a replacement.

  • JC Perry

    I recently bought a 700 VTR in .308 Win. with the X-Mark Pro trigger. As others have said, you cannot get the trigger pull to adjust as low as Remington says you can. I couldn’t get mine below about four lbs. even with the screw backed all the way out! I finally got discusted and tired of fooling with the piece of junk and ordered a Timney from Midway USA. Unlike the X-Mark, the Timney actually adjusted like it is supposed to. I have it set around two lbs. but, could have set it a little lower. When I bought my rifle, Remington was offering a $100 rebate on the 700 VTR. Thanks Remington—I can use my rebate to replace your crappy trigger!!!
    Actually, I have already bought the Timney and have been waiting almost two months for my rebate check.

    P.S.- Don’t even get me started on the Remington 597 .17 HMR recall/rip-off. Wake up Remington!!!!!

  • Frank

    I just bought a 700 SPS varmint 22-250. When comparing the trigger to the one on my 2 year old 308 SPS Varmint, I am totally surprised by what the majority here have found. The X mark trigger pull is about half that of the 308 and the screw is flush with the surface. I was able to do sub 1/2 moa groups with the older gun. Looking forward to what this one will do. Considering installing a new X mark on the 308, or having some trigger work done on it.

  • Matthew

    What about the new trigger fixing the issue with the gun going off without the trigger being pulled. Apparently the new trigger blocks the firing pin when the safety is on.

  • A.J.

    I never saw an answer to the question about pulling the adjustment screw all the way out, I would also like to know the answer to this.

    • Gary

      When I took the screw completely out of my Remington 700 5R Milspec, the pull weight went down to 2.618 lbs and it idn’t have a miss fire as long as I tried cocking & dry firing it, which wasn’t very long! I put the screw back in and screwing it back to #2.8125. but at this # screw is still mostly out of the trigger.


    I just bought remington 700 bdl 30 06
    with the x mark pro I t has no adjustable screw
    on the trigger. Thank god as per I would hate to feel
    a screw on my trigger. The trigger is smooth and crisp
    no creep cloud be alittle lighter But remington is in deep trouble with old trigger I have seen them fire
    while in safe and just touching the bolt.
    So this seems to be a all round solution so they are not libal it is adjustable but dont dare adjust it!
    Because you will certainly viod any warrenty they may have left!

  • Ed

    Thje screw on the X-trigger sticks up from the trigger and cuts your finger. It also is difficult to adjust.


    I just orderd a REM BDL 700 IN 300 REM RUM

    I hope it doesnt have the adjustible screw on it.
    some do some dont weird!

    ANY way ill back it in flush as you can’t realy
    do much adjustment from what i have read and heard
    REMINGTON would rather you change the trigger
    this way they have no liabilitys The story of the original trigger and safey goes back almost 50ty yrs
    lets say 99.99 percent of the time it worked
    I wouldnt want to be on the end of that .1 that doesnt

  • After reading the coments above I can see I’m not alone with problems concerning my X Mark Pro Trigger. My trigger breaks clean and has very little backlash but will only adjust down to 5.2 pounds. In my opinion, this is too much , even for a hunting rifle and I shoot a lot of paper. I too have the allen screw hitting my finger. The old style 700 triggers could be adjusted to a very exceptable pull. I think this is a step backwards for remington. I decided to swap triggers with one of my old Remington ADL’s but they are not interchagable. When I get this thing the way I want it, I could have bought a Kimber for the same price and not had the hassle.

  • I have the old X-Mark trigger in a 700 SPS Varmint that adjusted down to just under 3 pounds. not close enough for what I really need, but I have not upgraded it up to this point. I just bought a pair of 700 SPS Tactical rifles. one in 223 and the other in 308. The new X-Mark pro triggers were SUPPOSE to be set at 3.5 pounds from the factory (NOT, more like 4.5 pounds with my digital pull scale that measures to 1/10 ounce). It is SUPPOSE to have a 2 pound RANGE of adjustment (range is SUPPOSE to mean up AND down, NOT. you can only adjust down less than 1/2 pound, but you can go up 3 pounds. at least my Savage model 10 FCPXP accu-trigger DOES adjust to the full range specified with no BS involved. if this trigger can not go to at least 2 pounds it is totally usless to me. I am quickly loseing my respect for Remington products and I SELL GUNS for a major retail outlet. It is really not in their best intrest to have people like me dissastified with a product. not to mention I also have been a long time member of several large firearms websites. there are a LOT of people going to hear about this bit of false advertising. These triggers are absolue junk. for the same amount of money invested there are a lot of other manufacturers to choose from. Remingtons customer service is going to hear from me tomorrow, and it’s not going to be pleasant.

  • Spook45

    I agree with most here, I had become expert at adjusting the old rifle basix trigger and the new one sux. The screw sticks out and the range of adjustment is too short. Stops at three lbs. shoots nice but I have stock issues as well. If you use a bipod or sand bag the stock gives and hit the barrel which supposed to be free floated. Shouldve bought the savage 10fp instead.

  • I have the 2005 700bdl 7mm08 and the trigger was set at about 5lbs. It adjusted down to 2.5, it is crisp with no creep. I guess I was on of the lucky ones, my buddy reloads for me and have loaded up 162gr btsp and 1moa at 100 yds not bad…….

  • Floyd

    I really prefer weapons made by Remington but I hate the X mark Pro trigger. I just install a Jewell trigger and throw the X mark pro in the trash. I know Remington can make a better trigger. I just wish they would.

  • John Davis

    How about a recall Remington. Fix this before it sinks your company. I was prepping for a varmint match and I thought the trigger had jammed. I don’t know how much pressure it took to fire, but I kept it pointed downrange until I could pull it. I accept your thanks for keeping you out of a law suit. Now I will have to switch guns rather than have this happen in 15 minute-20 shot match rounds. Sounds like an illegal or at least an underhanded trick on your longtime customers to prevent any possible liability from the old “firing on its own” problem before this “new Trigger”. But you actually advertised this with absolutely false and misleading advertising. The whole object of a more easily adjusted trigger is to make it lighter for better accuracy – not taking it up to 5 pounds so your kids couldn’t pull the trigger if they tried with both hands. That would be a nice safety feature, but my guns are locked and the kids never touch them. Subcontract out to another trigger maker and fix our problem before the class action suit for misleading advertising. Do you think it is safe for all the people that said they were taking the adjustment screw out to get a more normal pull? It seems enough of them are doing it to reinforce the hazard that a hard-pulling trigger presents at the range. Add the fact that you can’t free-float the barrel and you have a lot of customers that won’t be back. How is that market share going after someone came up with this bright idea?

  • Garry

    I am having trouble with the ajustment screw which way do you turn it clockwise or anti clockwise

  • JD Lair

    Just got a 700 SPS Varmint with the X Mark Pro. It came factory set at 3 1/2 lbs as advertised. Broke very cleanly with no creep. When I adjusted it down the adjustment screw protruded and was presing against my finger when I fired. I am considering replacing it with a Timney, which I have on all my other 700s. Consider offering a T
    imney as an option.

  • Mark Jarman

    I’m looking at buying the remington 700 vlss thumbhole (.223) with this new trigger, what do you recomend? Look at a new brand or invest in a new trigger?

  • Joe S

    I recently purchased my first Remington 700. I bought the SPS Varmint, which seems fairly good out of the box. I’m shooting about 3″ 5-shot groups at 200 yards. I am waiting for some good ammo that is on backorder and in the meantime want to lighten the x-mark pro trigger. This trigger is ok but definitely needs some work but I am definitely limited in what I can do because of the way the trigger is housed. Based on my digital fish scale, it appears to be breaking in the vicinity of 3 3/4 lbs. The sear engagement screw, which I see moves the trigger back and forth to change the amount of contact with the sear, appears very useful and a smart design. Unfortunately, the screw is solidly in place. I’ve removed all the glue and heated it, but the tiny allens just twist when I try to turn it. This appears to be key for improving this trigger. Any suggestions? I’m considering modifying the “sear safety cam” but I can’t find any replacements online (in case I take off too much). It does look like I may be able to order it from Remington. I’ll call tomorrow. Anyway, it seems a bit silly to resort to this when there is an adjustment crew.

  • Frankie D

    I bought a remmy 700sps tactical in .308 back in Aug 2012 with the xmark trigger.
    I’ve only shot 120 rounds with it and it feels lighter at times and then heavier. I don’t have a pull gauge, so I can’t exactly say the poundage but it feels to be in the 4 lb area. I tried adjusting it with the hex screw according to the Remington instruction video on youtube. Turning the screw counter clockwise lightens the pull by 1lb per full revolution. I turned mine 3/4 of a turn and the top of the hex screw stick out into the trigger and hits the top side of my finger.
    The pull seems lighter by doing this adjustment, but the irritation of the sharp hex screw pushing into the side of my finger is just too annoying and distracting. I’m going to go with a timney or a jewel trigger and just quit fretting ove the damn thing. You’d think Remington would have noticed the hex screw problem before releasing the trigger…guess they didn’t.
    However, I will give praise to remington for the accuracy of the gun, it consistantly shoots 1/2″ groups at 100 yards, so I am happy about that.

  • Satisfied

    Not being one to whine just to sound intelligent (at least to myself and other chronic whiners) I have found the new X Mark Pro trigger to be nothing but a joy to use. Crisp, light and consistent. Not sure what anyone could find fault with that but gun forums are full of “experts” that don’t know sh*t. These comments for the most part prove that.

  • Brad

    What a joke of a trigger worst I have ever had…came new at 6lb cannot get to go below 5lb and then the screw sticks way out and feels uncomfortable going to replace it. should be called X Mark POOR……