Mexican Police moving to .40 caliber for their sidearm

Prensa Latina reports:

A SEDENA pamphlet handed over to several entities explains what type of guns they can use to fight organized crime, the way to acquire them and the way to request them, even abroad.

The newly allowed guns include calibre-40 and fragmentation grenades.

The SEDENA document also explains the type of training and confidence control tests to be undergone by those using the guns.

I presume .40 means .40 S&W. Personally, unless I had a multi-shot 40mm grenade launcher as my sidearms and something big enough to read-out-and-touch-someone from a significant distance as my primary arm I don’t think I would even remotely consider Mexican police work … and even then 😉

Steve Johnson

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  • Wicked

    Actually i guess they are talking about 40 mm granade launchers, because i have seen hummves with the Mk 19 GL and the M203 carried by soldiers, As the .40S&W as a personal side arm i really doubt is considered, because 1. The .40S&W is a very scarce ammo in mexico, therefore No. 2. the mexican policeman has to buy is own ammunition.
    I think the article is wrong, and the real meaning is that the army (who is already on the streets) is going to use the mk 19 and the m203 as a regular weaponry in the so-called “war against drugs”. Regards buddy

  • Lance

    I wouldnt be surprised if Mexican Police goto .40S&W. Its has better power with 180gr bullets aginst drug sniffing NARCO Terrorists in Mexico

  • Spiff

    Odds are that whatever .40S&W handguns are bought by the Mexican police will be in the hands of the cartels before any policemen receive them…

  • idahoguy101

    The US Border Patrol has been using Beretta 96 pistols in 40 S&W for over ten years. I guess the Mexican Police took notice.