H&K MR556 and MR762: Civilian HK416 and HK417

H&K fans rejoice. The HK416 / HK417 piston driven AR-15 derivatives are finally coming in a semi-automatic form for civilians. The civilian 5.56x45mm HK416 is called the MR556 and the 7.62x51mm HK417 civilian equivalent is the MR762. They are expected to arrive in late 2009.

 Images Products Mr556 General Mr556 Lg
5.56x45mm MR 556

From HK:

A direct descendent of the HK416, the MR556 is a semi-automatic rifle developed by Heckler & Koch as a premium level commercial/civilian firearm. Like the HK416, the MR556 is a major product improvement of conventional AR-type carbines and rifles.

Using the HK-proprietary gas piston system found on the HK416 and G36, the MR556 does not introduce propellant gases and carbon fouling back into the rifle’s interior, making it the most reliable of any AR-type firearm.

The MR556 will be produced at Heckler & Koch’s new manufacturing facility at Newington, New Hampshire from American and German made components. To conform to German export regulations, certain design changes made in the MR556 prevents the rifle’s upper receiver from being used on other AR-style firearms.

So in other words this is not an AR-15 and in theory would not be banned as a named rifle on AWB 2.0.

Specs for the MR 556

Caliber: 5.56 x 45 mm NATO
Length, maximum (stock extended): 37.68″
Length, minimum (stock retracted): 33.90″
Overall width: 3.07″
Height: 9.45″
Barrel Length : 16.5″
weight (without magazine): 8.60 lb
Trigger pull : 7.64 lb
Barrel Profile: 6 lands & grooves, right twist, 1 in 7 in
Sight radius : 14.60″

Oddly enough both models are being shipping with 10 round magazines … AWB 2.0 fears?

 Images Products Mr762 General Mr762 Lg
7.62x51mm MR 762

 Images Products Mr762 General Mr762 Lg 3

Specs for the MR 762
Length, maximum (stock extended) : 39.10″
Length, minimum (stock retracted) : 35.94″
Overall width: 3.23″
Height : 8.36″
Barrel Length: 16.6″
Weight (without magazine): 9.60 lb
Trigger pull: 7.64 lb
Barrel Profile: 6 lands & grooves, right twist, 1 in 12 in
Sight radius: 16.14″

I will update this page as more information becomes available.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • daskro

    “certain design changes made in the MR556 prevents the rifle’s upper receiver from being used on other AR-style firearms.”

    This seriously sucks. Would like some details (perhaps from the SHOT show) of what these design changes entail?

  • kvalseth

    Maybe HK, now that we suck a little less, will make non-neutered civvie G36’s in their new facility.

    Yeah right, who am I kidding.

  • Let’s hope you still can buy an AR by the end of 2009.

  • Vak

    I don’t think that no high capacity magazines will be shipped because of a hypothetical second AWB, but rather because of some other obscures german exportation laws (remember the SL8 and that dumbed-down UMP ?).

    Because, let’s face it, that rifle is a damned black assault military style sniper police killing, puppy slaying, baby eating semi automatic machinegun of hatred and death.

  • dogon1013

    any idea on sticker price? I heard it’s probably shockingly high.

  • jdun1911

    That thing is freaking heavy. HK is too cheap to give the buyers 30 mag rounds.

  • .308 Lover

    Any idea what kind of magazines the 417, excuse me, MR762 will be using? Are they the SR mags or a proprietary HK mag? I know they used G3 mags for the prototypes, but obviously they’re not using them here…

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  • A civilian who buys an HK rifle is like a civilian who smokes. Both are minor acts of self-hatred for temporary perceived benefits.

    You still suck, and we still hate you, but we deign to allow your lower-class non-agency money to come to us. And no, we won’t make you an AR upper to go with your own lower. Because you suck, and we hate you. Still.

  • jdun1911

    “To conform to German export regulations, certain design changes made in the MR556 prevents the rifle’s upper receiver from being used on other AR-style firearms.”

    What a waste and I bet all the parts are proprietary.

  • EzGoingKev

    Any way to find out what MSRP is going to be?

    I want an M4 type rifle and have been waiting for this particular rifle but I am not going to wait if this is going to be a $3500 deal.

  • EzGoingKev

    Also, I would guess they are shipping them with 10 round magazines so they will be compliant in as many states as possible.

  • Maxpwr

    More firearms developed just in time to get banned. Given HK’s record on delivering civilian versions of their firearms, they probably won’t miss much if they do get banned.

  • I thought the SLR only took a proprietary HK mag? If they are doing the same again they can go eat crow. If the MR556 accepts STANAG magazines then perhaps it might be worth it. Then again I am not impressed with gas piston AR styled systems.

  • I don’t think the incompatibility is a bad thing. Its not an AR-15 so if ARs are named on the AWB 2.0 it won’t be banned (unless it is banned for other reasons like an evil pistol grip or flash hider)

  • I am sure the MR556 accepts STANAG magazines, it would be complete idiocy otherwise.

  • jdun1911

    From what I understand it will be around $3500.

    The HK417 will use proprietary magazine. Their G3 magazine will not work with the HK417. Rumors has it it will be around $75-$100 each. Given most AR10 magazine are over $30, it fair to said that the rumors is probably true.

    Incompatibility is bad. Finding spare overpriced parts will be a nightmare.

    I’m wondering myself if HK limited to 10 rounders like they do with their other rifles. Because I find it no reason other being cheap to not include a 30 round GI magazine. Hell I think the 10 rounders are currently more expensive because of their rarity, lack of manufactures making them.

  • jdun1911

    Someone just posted on AR15.com saying that the MR556 does not take PMAG and Diemaco magazine. The HK magazine feed lips are different then STANAG. If this is true, HK hate you


    “So how comes that the Sabre Defence and Oberland Arms AR15 available here have standard lower receiver and “the law” only affects HK?

    I had a closer look at the MR223 at a local dealer here last week. It doesn’t take Diemaco and PMAGs (don’t fit the mag well) and I’m not so sure about USGI mags (I didn’t have one with me that day) as the magazine lips on the HK mag look different. The MR223 has a magazine safety (because you suck in gun handling) With that price tag I buy another Sabre Defence in a heartbeat instead.”


    “”German export regulations” .

    I don’t believe that bullshit for one second.

    They are planning on building it in the U.S. !!!

    They can easily call it a different name, or other slight differences to differentiate it from any govt. contract model. It’s pure B.S. on HK’s part. They KNOW that since only the upper is different, NOBODY (other than hard-core fanboys) will want to buy an HK lower. So they are deliberately designing it so you cannot just buy the upper. ”


    HK. Because you suck. And we hate you.

    • jdun1911, that is pretty damn amazing! It is hard to believe. HK still hates us.

  • jdun1911

    I won’t be surprise if this is true. HK has a long and sorry past of selling gimped rifles to civilians.

  • Sean Nack

    i don’t think i’ve gone from “yay!” to “boo!” so fast in my entire life. patriot ordnance makes something about as good, without the ridiculousness.

  • jdun1911

    Did you guys notice that he mention the magazine safety “feature”, just like in the Browning Hi-Power?

  • HK can KMA and then FOAD!

  • bmwm3p

    I can see the jealousy of HK haters is at an all time high. I don’t want an M4 I could’ve bought a cheaply manufactured american made AR probably for half of what I will pay for the MR’s. But I can afford a superior german engineering, no need to hate on my part. Thanks HK for releasing this incredible piece of hardware.

  • Edward

    I am sure the MR556 accepts STANAG magazines, it would be complete idiocy otherwise.

    Funny thing, the MR556 (if it can’t take STANAG) goes against Larry Vicker’s statement that “[t]he one major drawback to [using a better magazine] is that it would make the magazine non-interchangeable with other M16 style weapons and magazines on the market. Unfortunately that took a different magazine off the table for this project.” (HKPro.com)

  • Lance

    How can you hate on HK? I would put the USP against any other handgun and choose HK anytime. I have started seeing the rifles for sale now and just what I thought anywhere from $3500 to $9000. Really, I have been waiting to buy the both of them since I heard about them 5 Years ago, but lets just say I would now rather buy 3 rock rivers compaired to 1 MR. Sad to say but true. I dont know how HK thinks this rifle is worth this much money. I understand the new tech. side of it but 3500 dollars. Here are the auctions if you are trying to find them. The first one is a dealer in Canada and the ones he has were made in germany.


  • AK™

    I’d buy it..
    same reason I would buy a Mercedes-Benz.

    Of course for what it costs to get either of those..I can have a couple of American versions..

    Still…I’d want one of each..and a tricked out 416.*including a M320..for flares..you know 😉

  • Jim mcInnis

    will AR 15 magazines fit?

  • Michael

    HK jealousy, RU serious? I’d put an LWRC M6A2 up against it everyday. In fact, I believe the Navy Seals did and performed just as well as the HK but without all of the HK BS and price!

  • Kris

    I apologize if this is redundant but I see a lot of confusion and not many answers.

    1) There *is* a problem with PMags and the civ. 416, Magpul is compensating with the ‘EMag’ which is meant for these two and the two versions of the FN SCAR. The problem is the mags wont drop when released. GI mags *should* work fine.

    2) The difference on the AR compatibility is the offset of the pushpins that separate the upper and lower.

    3) The price point (via hkpro.com) is around $2500. Lance probably saw a 416 uppper, or a 416 upper on a AR-15 lower for sale. They aren’t out yet so, no Lance, you didn’t see one for sale. $3500-9k is about right for a new ‘416’. We will see if they can ship enough of them to stick that price point.

    For the record HK is win, but I would honestly recommend a POF or LWRC setup over this, simply for the compatibility issues.

  • trevor

    what is the fall x distance rate for the 7.62 round. Because I know the ak 47 shoot the 7.62 and the ak is extremely inaccurate, but there are sniper rifle that shoot the 7.62?

  • Trent

    @Trevor, AK-47’s use 7.62x39mm rounds, while the MR762 uses 7.62x51mm NATO (.308 Winchester) which is also used on a good number of sniping platforms.

  • s.w.a.tson416

    awsome hk eeh…exeted my expetations eeh… cant believe some people dont like it hk rullesssssssssssss eeh…

  • Bobby

    I love this design. I just hope it accepts all the AR-15 accessories.

  • jackie chan

    this rifle is more reliable from stanpoint of combat in extreme conditions such as prolong exposure to dust, water, drops etc.

    Unless the average homeowner regularly dunks his rifles in the bathtub, use it as a gardening tool or hammering nails into the roof, this rifle does not offer anything more than an AR-15.

    cool to own one but not necessary from a technical aspect.

  • Bobby

    It also has the upside of not needing to be cleaned as much as a normal AR-15, and it comes in a larger chambering. 🙂

  • Bobby

    I just got sweeped away by the M6A2.



    I love the 416, but seriously?

    A piston gas rifle that fires underwater, with sand in the barrel, and is 6.8 x43mm?

    LWRC has won my money.

  • Edward

    Are you sure that you’re not just talking about LWRC’s M6A# series in general? So far as I recall, the M6A2 specifically refers to the SBR build, whereas, say, the M6A3 would have been their IAR entry. (Maybe it’ll find its way back, depending on whatever happens with the Army and the M4 contract.)

  • Bobby

    M6A2 is 10” barrel to 16.1” barrel.

    I will be getting the 16.1” barrel and try to get my hands on an 18”.

  • screaming.eagle

    HK already makes its own type of magazine that works with their HK416 series rifles. They are very much an upgrade from the standard GI mag and are compatible with every AR rifle I have heard of. The one drawback to them is that they are made of a steel body so they do have some added weight. This is not a factor if you just go to a range and shoot off a table, but will be noticable if you have a full kit on with 8 to 10 mags in it. If it is true about the PMAG being incompatible with the MR556, that sucks, since I am sure a good number of people have them since they are one of the best mags out there. It is good that Magpul is addressing this problem by developing a mag that works with this rifle, so long as it still works with the other AR based platforms. I personaly would buy one of these rifles as long as HK keeps the price reasonable. I have seen the 416 in action, with is what this platform is based off of, and have to say that is is a superb rifle. I owned a USP Tactical, and if this rifle is in tune with HK’s reputation for reliability, then it will be a flawlessly functioning rifle.

  • Jan

    Hi there
    I own a HK MR 223
    It shoots great the handling is excelent the groups with dump ammo are about 4cm S&B does about 2cm
    a diemaco mag will fit if you remove about 2mm of the top rib on the side and front of the mag ,it does not drop out automaticly tough ,steel AR15 (alu)mags fit without a problem HK 30rnd mags can be filled with 30 rounds .
    the weapon stays very clean firred about 400 rounds and it still looks clean
    The weapon comes without sights with only 1 10 round mag

  • Lance

    Id love to buy a 416 BUT I have to win the lottery to afford one. I think the .308 AR is worthless id buy a M1A Socom far before a AR-10 of any type.

  • My Siaga shoots .308, and the powder does not get into the chamber/bolt area, and DOES NOT malfunction….ever! neither does my Siaga AK-101 style rifle. Both are Kalashnikov action rifles and both shoot fairly tight groups with good hand loads.

    Stag Arms is coming out very soon, (Dec 2009 I believe) with a piston driven 5.56 NATO rifle. See here: http://www.stagarms.com/index.php?cPath=13_22



    bmwm3- wrote:
    “I can see the jealousy of HK haters is at an all time high. I don’t want an M4 I could’ve bought a cheaply manufactured american made AR probably for half of what I will pay for the MR’s. But I can afford a superior german engineering, no need to hate on my part. Thanks HK for releasing this incredible piece of hardware.”

    how you can even compare this weapon to an ar-15 made by colt is beyond me. and justify the comparison that we hate the hk because its so $$ is even more ridiculous. thats like comparing a glock to a colt navy revolver. hk knew the short comings of the m4 platform ahead of time so they knew what to fix.

    im not debating this rifle isnt better than a standard issue colt m4. eventhough the di colt’s bolt can be considered to act as the piston in the set up. what i am debating is what your comparing it to. and your arrogance against cheap american product.

    because ill tell you right now, your choice of top tier german engineering for guns is as bad as your choice for german cars…bmw has nothing on audi. and bmw can never do it like pure amearican muscle. just like hk can never do it like a lwrc m6a2.

    as for combat, noone is ever happy. every type of machine made has an upside and a downside. if i were you, id focus on your shooting skills. let the armorer worry about design.

  • Love the piston rifle idea. Now, make them available in 6.8 SPCII and 6.5 Grendel, and you have one fine rifle.

  • oSuperDuke

    Here is some info to settle some of the confusion on the MR556:

    1. It is the civilian version of the HK416. (This means it is not the exact same rifle.)
    2. The HK416 was designed to work with the lowers of the AR15 so the military would not have to buy the complete rife from HK to reduce cost. The MR556 is the civilian model and not the same as the HK416 and not able to use the AR15 lowers.
    3. The MR556 is its own rifle and not to be compared to the AR15 and will stand by its own merit. I have used the 416 and if the MR556 has the same design in regards to the piston system it is worth having. It is ignorance when someone says “Unless the average homeowner regularly dunks his rifles in the bathtub, use it as a gardening tool or hammering nails into the roof, this rifle does not offer anything more than an AR-15.”. This will be the most reliable 5.56×45mm rifle available to the civilian period. That alone makes it worth it.

  • ” This will be the most reliable 5.56×45mm rifle available to the civilian period. That alone makes it worth it.”

    I have a Saiga rifle, made by Izhmash in Russia, that I converted back into it’s basic design, namely the AK-101. It is in .223 Remington/ 5.56 x 45 NATO caliber. It is VERY reliable, and I would say, as reliable, if not more, than the HK. I also have shot under 1″ groups with it at 100 yards with select hand loaded ammunition. I believe the piston system is the best in reliability. I also believe that there are better rounds out there than the 5.56 x 45, namely the 6.8 SPCII and especially the 6.5 Grendel.

  • bizzle

    Look.. To answer most of the repeated questions I’ve just read. The only changes made to the556 that keeps it from being used on the lower receiver of an ar-15 platform is pin position. There are two pins that allow seperation of the upper and lower receiver on any ar-15 plattform. The position of the forward pin on the mr556 is the only change keeping the upper from fitting a traditional lower receiver. Second. 10 20 and 30 round magazines will be available for the 556. The 762, however, will only be available in 10 and 20 round magazines according to the h&k u.s. Website. Now as far as the critics I’ve read over. I’ve served with a traditional colt m4 and in 2004 us delta guys were blessed with the h&k 416. I’ve fired the same 416 for five years now in and out of combat. I can promise u there will b abang when u pull the trigger. This weapon system has never failed me and my guys. U will not be dissapointed. Also don’t forget that the 762 round, though transfers more kenetic energy on its target, is about. 400mph slower than a 556. Also the 762 drops out of the air at 400 yards.

    • John Farrell

      If the 7.62 drops out of the air at 400 yards how the hell did James Gilliland manage to kill an Iraqi with one at 1,250 yards, Magic bullets?

  • matt

    You say 10,20, and 30 round magazines will be available… will they accept standard AR mags or only special ones?

  • I’m looking for the top 10 brands of AR-15s (in decending order) to consider buying a few before Obama make even tougher gun laws. Which ones are the top few after Colt of course! Mil-spec only. Thanks

  • Well, let’s see 400 MPH to feet per second is about 586.6 fps if my math is correct, but anyone is more than welcome to correct me. ((400 mph x 5280) /60 ) /60 I know 60 mph is 88 feet per second from my law enforcement days of figuring distance traveled at 60mph 60 x 5280 then divide by 60 again give you 5280 and now divide that by 60 again for fps = 88 FPS

    Now, I don’t know about much speed drop, but I do know you are going to drop out more severly with a 65 gr .223 bullet than you will with a 165 gr .308 bullet. At 500 yards the .223 drops -66.4 inches but the .308 aka 7.62 bullet drops -50.1 inches at that distance. Ref: http://www.remington.com/Products/Ammunition/Ballistics/comparative_ballistics_results.aspx?data=R223R6*PRA308WB

    So an assement of the dimunitive and inneffecitve 5.56 NATO round at 500 yards is off quite a bit, as the 5.56 or .223 Remington drops a lot more at 500 yards than does the .308 Winchester at the same distance. This is zeroed in on the scope at 200 yard zero.

    Also the small .224 bullet only had 204 ft/lbs of energy left at 500 yards, whereas the .308 bullet still has 1176 ft/lbs of energy at 500 yards.

    Interestling enough, the smaller 6.5mm bullet int he 6.5 Grendel or especially the 6.5 bullet in 6.5 Creedmoor shot from the AR rifles will surpass the .308 in energy at around 300 yards.

  • American

    I will stick with my galil

  • Jesse

    I am wondering if we can by a sear and a 10.5 inch barrel for the MR556?

  • will

    im glad to see not everyone on here is a hater…i mean just because they didn’t make it to conform to the way some of you want, is no reason to hate. yeah H&K is also pricey but you get what you pay for, and if they are good enough for special operations forces all around the world then H&K weapons are def good enough for me..lol

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  • Rick

    Been waiting for the MR762 to come out for a year. I know it will be the best rifle out there. Here’s why. I saw the LWRC REPR at a gun show late last year and it was just amazing. The build quality seemed flawless and it was $3500 (ouch)! Lately I have read more than a few blogs about the LWRC REPR being unreliable or breaking down! Owners are trading or selling their REPR’s for less than its retail but did comment that factory support is very good. This was the other rifle I would have considered if the MR762 did not debut. I called H&K in december (’09) and a rep got back to me and said the rifle will not come out before mid 2010. At the time, I put H&K on the back burner and began to scope out 30-06 Garands. At such a high retail, I’m surprised the REPR is having problems but relieved that I know about them. It’s problems are helping me to make a decision. I’ll wait again for the MR762!

    • John

      I have the new HK MR762A1, well worth the wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tongaexpress

    You can still always just buy the hk416 upper and smack on any AR-15 Lower and you are all set. You can buy the HK416 uppers, a good friend of mine is selling one actually.

  • Edward

    To put paid to the whole issue:

    H&K has announced the MR556A1 upper which WILL be compatible with AR-15 lowers, and at SHOT Show 2010 even had a little sign card emphasizing this difference (“MR556A1 versus MR556?”).

  • Brand new HK 416 uppers are still available through http://www.hkparts.net/hk416.html

    Also we will carry a full line of MR556 parts when they become available.

  • Nicholas

    I’m surprised the hk417/mr762 isn’t more popular, since it does combined AR-15 style ergonomics with 7.62x51mm, something I don’t thinks been done before. Which of course only means that the market isn’t as crowded as that for piston ARs.

  • proinfidel

    I have owned a lot of “Tactical Carbines” in my life. Currently I am fielding a 10″ Hk416 upper on a POF GEN III lower. I must say… Honestly if you don’t like the Hk416, it’s because you have never owned an Hk416. They are simply amazing. They never fail… It’s like a lethal Energizer Bunny in the palm of your hands!

  • TA Rowland

    Looking to buy a HK416

  • Let me ask you a question… In a firefight how long are you actually going to be holding your rifle in freeform in an open area? of course if it is you, probably until your face gets forced out your asshole by the oppositions 5.56 or 7.62. By the way this thread… just from what ive seen is on the civillian models anyway and the only combat those should see is a target or the occasional pesky basterd woodchuck. In any sense of the word a GREAT weapon of extreme performance and outstanding precision; And a G36C or K… Forget about it, C excellent punching and piercing power you would expect from 5.56 in an urban setting, or you can add the 16 inch barrel and BAM add some range to the asshole that you are already flaunting. I have fired just about every Dpms, Colt, Barette, HK, Bushmaster, and Armalite rifles long and short-mid range both and must say that HK civillian or mil. all the same surpasses many, But instead of crying about the civillian models why don’t you join the military or law enforcement or spend that money on a C3. Then, buy the rifle because you think it is the most reliable and more then likely going to save YOUR or your brethren’s life in a F2F situation, price should not be an issue in these circumstances at all.

    Double Deuce

    • SKSlover

      armchair operator much?

      • Der SS got owned bigtime

        Be careful now you might make ninja navy seal Jackie Chuck Norris Chan mad dude. LOL!

  • CavScoutSniper

    Too bad about the price. As usuual they have priced these rifles out of nreach of the average citizen but, we all know that the plan is for only the ELITE (POLITICIANS, ENTERTAINERS, SUPER WEALTHY) to have firearms anyway. So….. one more peice of ine weaponry we can’t get our hands on because our PUBLIC SERVANTS in all 50 states and DC have forgotten thier place and who they work for!. Oh well, my AR-10 still shoots under MOA with whatever ammo I feed it and my Barre oops! Not gonna talk about that on, don’t want the GESTAPO showing up at my door.

    • Der SS got owned bigtime

      Call the Whambulance!! Go get a better job! Don’t hate on people who make more money than you. I own a HK MR556 and a SL8-6 and I’m proud of it and no I’m not a rich politico or some mega rich whatever you called them. I’m an ordinary Joe that makes a lot more than minimum wage.

  • There is a custom rifle built that uses the SIG 556 lower but has the upper with properly rifled and chambered 6.8 X 43 aka 6.8 SPC II chamber, that can be bought. That puts the 6.8 SPC II with a piston system in reach of the aveage U.S. citizen for shooting. Should make a great rifle for deer and wild hogs.

  • Mike M.

    I recently purchased a mr556. The upper is now interchangable with other AR15 type rifles. Awsome weapon.

  • me

    just buy 2 m16/ar-15 whatever
    yes two (2)
    then carry the two with you
    when one breaks down
    use the other one

  • PanzerSS

    Well you can’t go wrong buying a HK. In point I purchased 2 HK 91’s in 1982 for $450.00 each. Look it up now and see what they are worth. I am glad to see HK in the black rifle market again. Its been a long time for HK to put something out to have in the civilian market, other than their pistols, namely the Mark 23.

    • Der SS got owned bigtime

      “Well you can’t go wrong buying a HK.”


      Chrome lined barrels lasted an average of 38,000+ rounds
      Nitrocarburized barrels lasted an average of 28,000+ rounds
      Untreated barrels lasted an average of 6,000+

      WTG HK! Love your usual cost cutting measures.

      And no I’m not an HK hater I own the unlined MR556 but have since changed the barrel with a chrome lined one.

      • HKGuns

        Why do you care so much about a chrome lined barrel? Seems you’re just trying to find something wrong so you can justify not being able to afford one.

        • TeChNiQ

          Makes no sense, he already OWNs 1, proving he can afford it AND SUM…even upgraded bbl?!? The barrel DOES make a difference whether its chrome lined or not

  • I’ll pass. I already have 2ea 6.8 x 43 (aka SPC2) uppers that fit a regular AR-15 lower. One, the 16″ is a piston system with Adams Arms on a 16″ barrel, newer spec for the higher pressure tactical rounds (more freebore in the chamer) has 1 in 11.25″ twist with 5R rifling. Shoots dime size groups at 100 yards. New bullets just out from Hornady go to a nice 120 grain bullet and has great reviews for deer and hog hunting. It is not a .308, but it is about 30% more teminal ballistics (thump) than the 7.62 x 39 Soviet round. Much better than the 5.56 x 45 and .223 rounds. Takes simlilar magazines built for 6.8 SPC but no biggie. I have plenty of magazines, powder, bullets, brass and primers. Shouldn’t need to worry that it is not a full blown .308 Winchester semi, as it will do all that I want it to do and without as much powder burned, nor as much shoulder recoil as the 7.62 x 51.

  • Der SS got owned bigtime

    You forgot to mention in your article one very important point. The civilian models DO NOT HAVE CHROME LINED BARRELS! IN FACT NOT LINED AT ALL!

    HK’s excuse? For supreme accuracy! LOL! The military ones are CHROME LINED! And like I said I own a MR556 so I love HK but hate their cost cutting and overpricing! And I have switched out my barrel with a chrome lined one.

  • GB

    Just purchased a Mr-762, and need to know the specs on the muzzle break threads. Is it with standard or metric threads. I want to purchase a Nights Armorment Mam’s muzzle break , but I’m told that they are not Compatible

  • jeanal5dogs

    I’m ignert and have a question… Are the mags for the MR762a1 interchangeable with other AR style 762 x 51s? Or are they propretary? that will determine whether i shell out the money.