Mossberg 500 SPX

I previously reported that on the new Mossberg 590 SPX. It appears Mossberg also have a “regular” 500 SPX.

 Cat Images G51523

The SPX features:

* 18.5″ ported barrel (the holes are in just behind the front sight)
* Picatinny rail
* LPA Ghost sight
* “M16 style” front sight
* Adjustable stock.
* 6 round magazine

This shotgun really seems to be crying out for an 8 round magazine upgrade.

The more expensive 590 SPX has a nine round magazine, bayonet lug and Ontario M9 Bayonet.

R&R Arms has it listed for $494.44 but have none in stock, I am not sure if Mossberg has yet shipped any.

UPDATE: There is also a 930 semi-automatic version of the SPX.

 Images Mossberg Guns 930 New 85370

The Mossberg 903 SPX autoloader has the same features as 500 and 590 SPX except it has a 8 round magazine.

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  • Kris

    In general, I like the way they have this set up.

    I’ve essentially built the same thing (hopefully my pic will show up). It is what I’ll reach for to defend the home.

    Mossy 500 12 ga
    20″ barrel
    Extended mag tube
    Knoxx Stock
    Ghost ring sights
    Side saddle on the receiver
    Hi vis mag follower
    Rail on forearm
    Light and pressure switch

  • Kris

    Just a follow on…if the image doesn’t appear, go to the tinypic link to see my shotgun.

    What I like on the Mossy is the receiver rail/rear ghost ring set up. I’d like the option to mount an optic on mine. I have a receiver rail for the mossy but it uses the same screw holes as my current sight, so they can’t be used together.

  • Why oh why do they put the front post sight of an AR-15 on a shotgun? Reminds me of those FN shotguns, and I just loath it. I know the shotgun in and of itself is pretty solid, but they do not require a front post sight. I also loath putting a M4 butt stock on anything other then an M4. To Mall Ninja for me, but I do like the idea of rails. I just do not see them in the right spot to put a weapon light on the shotgun.

  • Kris

    Coupla reasons for the collapsible stock…

    1) it is the stock on the Knoxx stock…and that system is awesome. Bye-bye recoil

    2) allows for multiple clothing options…e.g., t-shirts to body armor

    3) allows multiple shooters with the same gun…e.g., me, wife, son

  • Jeff


    I’m looking for the SPX 500 but no one seems to have this phantom rifle in stock. I personally like the M4 sights and collapsible stock if for nothing else but total badashisness. Was hoping that you could provide more details on your setup as I would like to build one of my own. More info such as brand names of the sights, saddle, etc would be much appreciated.

  • Egil

    I bought one just the other day. The sights aren’t bad. The front site has a red transparent rod, in good light it glows. I haven’t fired it yet but it is very easy to keep the dot in the center of the rear sight and track with it.

  • MikeS.

    I’ve bought an older Moss 600at for 75 bucks last week. I’ve ordered an ATI collapsible (M4 style) stock with pistol grip for it. I have the barrel at a gunsmith to cut it to 20″ and recrowned.

    I like the M4 style stock on it. I like being able to store it collapsed and then expanding it to where I want.

    Now, where can I find an elongated magazine tube for this?

  • AirborneFO3

    The main reason for a collapsible (M4 style) stock is for effectively clearing rooms. Also it makes it much easier to not flag your barrel in a window or a doorway. I have a lot of experience with CQB. I love the 500 SPX, my only gripe would be with the ghost ring. There are better iron sight systems available. This one is not bad, just not the best in my opinion. A better option I feel is going with a red dot sight or an EOtech.

  • MikeS.

    Kris, where did you get the longer tube?

  • Vinnie

    The 590 SPX (50771) is available at R&R Arms; 4 days ago, there where 3 available. By closing time Friday (17 April 09), 1 still available; price had gone up ($620.94). If anybody wants it you better do it fast, because it’s harder and harder finding the 590A1.

  • Hello, I have a Mossbberg 930 SPX, which operates flawlessly. I really like this shotgun. However I have accuracy problems, with the rear sight adjusted all the way down the gun still shots high about 12inches at 50yards with slugs. the shots are grouped ~ just shoots to high. the front sights are fine unlike quite a few other posts on the web about the front sight being bent. has anyone heard of or experienced the same problem??
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • JoeW

    Hi Gerry,

    Yeah – same problem here. The rear sight is all the way down, and I’m shooting about 8″ high at 50yards. I plan on calling Mossberg to see what the deal is – you SHOULD be able to adjust the sights to shoot however you want (within reason) and for me, 50 yards is where I’m going to start shooting slugs. My Remington 870 has ghost ring sights and I shoot 5″ groups at 100 yards all day long (with slugs).

    I’m also getting some weird spalling/scratches on the magazine tube, in the area where the gas piston rides around it. I’m going to be asking about that as well, seeing as the gun only has about 50 rounds through it at this point, and I wouldn’t expect to see any appreciable wear at this point…..

    I’m getting the feeling that the 930SPX may have been rushed out the door….

  • JoeW

    Actually, just ran across this on another blog – you might take a look at your front sight per their suggestions and see if you can improve on it. It seems like we’re experiencing a common problem:

  • Bill laube

    Have just purchased a Mossberg 500A with collapsible stock. I thought the mag capacity was six but only 3 maximum will fit. The tubular magazine comes to within about 2 inches of the muzzle of the 18″ barrel. Any suggestions? Do they come new with the magazine plugged maybe?

    • Ossy M

      Hey Bill,
      Did you ever figure it out what was the solution of not being able to add more ammunition?

  • Gerry

    Hi to all, I left a post on August 10th 2009!! RE~ my 930SPX and accuracy problems. I was busy working and didn’t have chance to really deal with this problem. On December 7th 2009 I finally called Mossberg, they said to return the shotgun. I did via fedex. It was returned to me by the first or second week of January 2010. They replace the barrel, sighted it in. Enclosed was also a photo copy of the target and the ammo box they used. It was returned in a new mossberg box and owners manual. I bought gun used too!!! I’ve heard horror stories about returns. But mine was perfect. The gun operates flawlessly. Accurate too!! Hope this helps, Again thanks to all of you!!

    Gerry Mayers

  • Gerry

    Hello, In your owners manual it tells you have to remove the magazine plug.=
    You remove the barrel, then point the receiver downward towards the ground=
    . Shake the reciever till the plug (wooden dowel) drops out the screw hole that holds the barrel on the reciever.

  • Tim

    Hello all,
    I found a method to adjust the sights on the 500SPX. The front sight is in fact adjustable. Press on the rear of the front sight post and adjust the “stared” screw up or down to adjust. If you can not push the rear of the sight post down drive out the small pin adjust the screw down, reassemble and sight in. Worked for me and laser zeroed fine at 25 yards.


  • Art

    I like the ported barrel, no other mossberg in this class has one, what a difference that should make, along with the knox stock!

  • Chance

    One of the 500 SPXs coming in the mail. Anywho, I like the stock. Shortening it up means I can move it around better. Like in and out of vehicles, cases, my car’s trunk, etc. when speed is needed. I know what its like to dick with an M4 getting in and out of HMMWVs and its a ton easier with the stock collapsed.

    Also, if I have time to set up, then I can extend the stock fully where I know personally that my shots will be much better. I don’t need a weapon that I can have time to set up and still not be able to control it enough.

    We’ll see how the sights are. They seem over done possibly. Oh well, if it all feels right then I won’t worry about it. (close my eyes and hum loudly)

  • Art

    The 930 SPX has all the options the 500SPX has, except the ported barrel. I guess you’ll have to decide if the semi-auto & extra rounds are a fair trade-off for that difference. I’d like to know what a gunsmith would charge for an 18 port job & go from there.

  • Sayyed Abdur Rahman Shah

    Sir is that gun I use in hunting?
    If I can buy this gun, Tell me the total amount with shipment.
    Sayyed Abdur Rahman Shah

  • Does the Mosberg 500 SPX come in 20 ga?
    I want an adjustable stock that will fit my wife’s small frame, but I have only found the adjustable stock in 12 ga.
    Will the adjustable stock reduce recoil to a point where my wife can tolerate it?

  • Larry

    Tony: No, the adjustable stock absolutely will not reduce the recoil. It kicks like a mule. I know.

  • Steve

    Just got a 500 tac-adj. stock-shell holder-hand sling just a great gun.My first 500 was in 1962 when I was 12 years old and $50 in lawn work was a big deal. Only used it for 30 years and when I sold it for $50 for parts as it was just to worn out to fix. My problem with the new shotgun no combat sights so I ordered a kit#95300 from Mossberg. Rear sight went on in 5 minutes but the front blade has no hole to mount to front bead hole and no screw. Mossberg told me it had to be welded on by a gunsmith. I asked if they had lost there minds or if Forest was working that day. They said some folks glue them on or use J-B Weld and every so often they fly off and you glue it back on. A firer fight is not the place to loss the front bead and be looking for it on all fours. A little help from someone? Gun smiths here in GA take from 3 to 6 months for the smallest repair and you must use small words.

  • Awesome, I really like the pistol grip on those. Might have to buy myself one.

  • Josh

    I purchased one of these last year. So far, I am completely in love with every inch of this weapon. I replaced the tactical stock with a hogue rubber shock reduction pistol grip for use in home defense. Disassembling, cleaning and maintaining this weapon is very easy and trouble free. Firing it is a dream. With the ported barrel and the ghost ring, maintaining accurate targeting shot after shot is very smooth, and the recoil is handeled by the weapon in a manner which is great for long term shoots (after one hour, half with the tactical grip and half with my new grip, my arms were feeling fine for it being a 12ga.). I am posting this review now as a home defense incident occured when I was at my parents house and two dogs broke into their backyard. My father was out there at the time, and I saw the dogs circling him and barking fiercely. I quickly ran to my truck, loaded the shotgun (the loading is very smooth and quick, even when doing a combat load), hopped the fence, yelled for my father to cover his ears and fired a shell into the ground. My ear went wonky for a second or two, but the dogs ran off and my father was ok. Animal control later came and recovered the dogs. Overall, I feel the maneuverability and control of this shotgun was exactly what I needed. This weapon is 5 stars in my book.