New CZ P07 Duty

The CZ P07 “Duty” is a new 9mm pistol by CZ that will be launched this year.

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CZ have not yet released the specs of the “Duty” (as it is known). It is polymer-framed DA/SA and features an interchangable decocker/manual safety.

The pistol was designed for law enforcement but I am sure CZ-USA will offer it to civilians.

I will update this post as information becomes available.

Hat Tip: CZ-Zone, THR and CZ Forum

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  • I hope they offer it in more than just 9mm.

  • Spaker

    That trigger guard makes it look like the pistol has a severe underbite. CZ, did you forget to wear your headgear again??

  • jdun1911

    I love CZ. In fact, I think I have five CZ pistols in my collection. All of them of course are made out of steel. Its a shame that the CZ P07 Duty is made out of plastic.

    • jdun1911, lol, maybe this one will make you step into the dark side ๐Ÿ˜‰ Just joking

  • jdun1911

    As much as I love CZ, the only plastic guns I own are Glocks. My next CZ would be SP-01. One of the best handgun if not the best that was recently introduced.

  • Spaker, why that fugly trigger guard?

    Why, so the bayonet ( will fit better, of course! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I loves me my pre-B, but I really have to wonder who’s doing the design for CZ these days…

  • Alre


  • NG VI

    The new trigger is what I am most interested in. It will take the CZ Compact magazines right? I hate it when companies use proprietary mags for every single model they have (Looking at you HK, you turds).

  • CZ100/101/102 rehash. People didn’t like those and this is a do over.

    The CZ100 family of triggers were known for being SUPER HORRIBLE. I hope the Omega Trigger has cured this problem.

    The design is horrible looking.

    Actually, in person it does not look as bad as the photo.

    The trigger guard will require a special holster waaaaaaay off the CZ-75 holster design.

    It WILL not take CZ-75 magazines – only P-07 magazines. Why?

    I love my PCR 9mm but I will not buy this one until it looks more like a CZ TT or Tangfolio/EAA Polymer CZ Clone.

    I would love a Polymer CZ-75 from CZ – this (or the Phantom) isn’t it.


    I just held a P07. The pistol felt great and the trigger action was nice. It was about the same size as a compact Glock or Kahr. The decocker comes with two interchangable sizes a smaller lever comes in the case and the larger lever installed out of the box. I perfered the smaller version and would change. $426 dollars not a bad deal. I will probably pick one up this weekend. By the way, CZ’s come out of the factory with MEC GAR mags. No problem finding mags for this brand.



    When you buy your P-07, youโ€™ll find an extra safety lever in the box. Thatโ€™s your single-action conversion kit. The owners manual tells you how to swap them back and forth, and once you get a feel for how the parts fit, youโ€™re golden. Despite the new safety giving you the cocked-and-locked carry option, it is still a DA re-strike trigger. So if you carry it with the single-action safety you can still re-whack a recalcitrant primer, should you wish.

  • maciek

    its fantastic gun!yesterday i use it at shooting range.(it was a cz dealer’s piece)

  • cz freak

    im A huge CZ fan! I started with the 40 b about 7 years ago for just over $225.00 brand new and i have shot at least 4000 rounds through with out one misfeed. lucky maybe but i think it damn good craftsmanship too. i also have cz 75 spo1 and sp01 ghost from ghost pruducts. These are amazing guns and i have a bout 15 mags for them to bad i cant use them for this interesting lookin gun. I prob will not get one ๐Ÿ™ . also , for you builders out there I am building my 3rd vz-58. check out project vz-58 there is a great tutorial . build one its super fun to build and shoot.

  • Rwareham

    Bought the P-07 and love it! Not sure what you’re talking about with the trigger guard because that’s what people rave about for this model. Shoots great and feels great……

  • joshua

    the p-07 is awsome, it is the first pistol i have ever owned. the first day i shot this gun i had 1 shell case that did not eject all the way but i figure that the gun just had to break in. that day i put 100 round thru it. today i put another 100 rounds thru it and it ran flawless up to 90rds than i cleaned the barrel and it put the last 10rds in a group a little less than 1 inch, this pistol rocks like i sed its my first pistol and i will never buy anything but cz againi love my cz 75 p-07 duty thanks

  • joshua

    another thing is the clip says it will hald 16rds 1 have only been able to get 15rds in them but if 15rds isnt enough then toobad if it only held 10rds i still would have bought it

  • Lee Mtz

    I would hope it comes with a great price, i hear it will come in a size and i just hope its as accurate as a 1911 Springfield at 100 yards! yea i know its crazy but i have done it and I can do it! I know recently the prices of guns have gone up like gas prices, but i have a dream this gun comes with a remarkable price like about less than 450.00 hey, i can dream right ha ha. Does anyone know just when this baby will be available?

  • AJ

    I’m looking at a P-07 in a home defense role, with limited use as a carry weapon. While I’d prefer one chambered for .45 for myself, as it stands my wife may need to use the thing and I don’t want her intimidated by the heavy recoil. Guns & Ammo tested the P07 last month and used 9mm+P ammunition. What I will likely do is have my wife practice with regular 9×19, then load it at home with +P.

  • Firepower

    I own a CZ P01 and a CZ SP01 i love them both they both feel great and are great shooters. I just recently bought a P07 it looks great, feels great, and shoots great. the field strip is easy but changing the decocker to the saftey is a bit of a challenge and putting the decocker back on the frame is even more difficult. Overall i feel its like my CZ P01 mixed with a Glock 19
    and a Steyr M9 which are all great guns. Its not my favorite carry gun
    but its the newest so in time i will like it more. For now i still carry my Glock 19 or my CZ P01 (or both when i am riding my motorcycle) but thats because its still new and i am still getting used to it. In regards to carrying
    a gun while riding a motorcycle i wear a Scorpion commander jacket which has a large waterproof cargo pocket near the small of the back perfect for a Glock 19 and a double mag pouch for right or left hand draw and i have a rapid transit recon 19 magnetic tank bag which has a side pockets on both sides of the main compartment which are perfect for right or left hand draw.
    I keep my Glock 19 in my small of the back pocket and my CZ P01 in the left hand pocket of my tank bag but sometimes i carry one of my Ruger SP101’s

  • joshua

    i shot 4 types of ammo today thru my p-07 duty today. the first was winchesters pdx1 147gr, thay went thru 5 small phone books and no expanshion at all, what the hell at 20 bucks a box of 20. the 2nd was cor-bon dpx 115 +p went thru 7 phone books, out of 3 shots only half of one expanded, what the hell at 30 bucks a box of 20. 3rd was winchesters 115gr jhp in the wight box, went thru 4 phone books, no expanchion. the 4th was glasser 100gr +p power ball ammo, it only went thru 2 phone books and stoped in the first 100 pages of the third but it expanded to twice it size , being the only one to expand it penatrated the worst. any help to decent expanding ammo that will penatrate good i shoot a cz 75 p-07 duty thanks for any feed back. nordgrenjosh (at ) yahoo dott com

  • George

    I just bought my p-07. This picture really doesn’t do the pistol any justice. The trigger guard is awkward to look at, but it does help your grip. Today, I went through 200 ball point rounds without a single misfeed or any complications. This pistol is extremely accurate (1 inch group from 15 yards), and sight are adjustable. The shots were a little to the left on this one, but it’s no problem since the sights are adjustable. The pistol itself feels very tightly put together. The kick is pretty average for a 9 mm, but with this weight distribution, it kicks a tiny bit differently. Handle grip is not very comfortable. Comes with 3 year warranty. Finding the holster is a pain in the neck… Overall, extremely satisfied with this pistol.

  • rac

    Gotta love it – rock steady, accurate – 16th round won’t feed out of mag, mecgar or whatever….. hello, love the hammer drop, might black out the white on the rear sight, I’d give it a 9 out of 10 – – it’s my personal carry weapon for now.

  • JamesPMullin

    I was tempted to buy one for 414 but didn’t,now a few weeks later it’s up to 498. I would say that the CZ P07 Duty feels like it’s a part of you when you pick it up and point it. The large triggerguard makes it an excellent cold weather pistol,no problem with gloves. I’ll get one but i’m hoping the price will drop back down so i can grab one at the “introductory” price. I mostly use Glocks,XDs,M&Ps,JERICHOs,Steyr MA1s and 1911A1s but this little Duty cried buy me. I should have.

  • Mike

    I was shooting my P07 today and the
    hammer would no longer drop all the
    way down. I played around with it and
    was able to get it to fire in single action
    but could not get it to fire in double
    action. I’ve only put about 350 rounds
    through it. It’s almost like it’s hanging
    up on the decocker. Calling cz tomorrow.

  • Bill

    I bought a CZ 75 P-07 earlier this month and love it. I have the same issue regarding the magazine not holding 16 rounds; I can shove the 16th round in with great difficulty, but the magazine will not seat into the pistol with a 16th round. I have sent an email to CZ to find out why all of their literature states 16 + 1 and the magazine has #16 stamped on it, but it doesn’t hold a 16th round. Perhaps this is some kind of Czech prank or bad joke.

    However, I really love the trigger, especially in SA, and it was dead-on accurate right out of the box. I have a Glock 22 40 cal. for my house gun, but the CZ points easier and feels better in my hand, and since it’s 9mm, it does not have the muzzle rise and recoil of the Glock 40 cal.

    • jay

      I use a mag loader with the 9mm p-07 – fits all

  • AJ


    I’m considering chambering my Sig 226 to a .40 S&W barrel, but have yet to talk with any owners of the .40 to see if it justifies the $200. How do you like that round?

    Speaking of the P-07 in general, is there any word yet on when this gun will be offered in anything different than 9mm?

  • EPWrangler

    I just got my new P07 and I love it. Shoots great and works well.

  • EPWrangler

    Well, today it hit the fan. All of a sudden I was having ftf, and fte from one magazine. Atone point the hammer would not fall. I changed mags and all was ok shooting but as the gun heated up the mags would not drop free. Once it cooled of they came out as they should. Got home and took the bad mag apart. It was full of sand. Not much but just enough to cause it to bind up. The tolerance for sand is about zero. I guess I will call CZ tomorrow and ask aboutthe mags not falling free. This gun is very accurate. I was shooting at an empty ammo box weak hand about 12 yards away and loved to see the holes appearing in it each shot. It makes me look like a trick shooter. Got to get those mags falling though.

  • Randy

    I saw that Cabella’s has CZ p07 pistols on sale, and I called and put one on layaway. I don’t have a 9mm, but I thought this one would be good to start with. I thought they looked cool, and were relatively small, since I want a smaller caliber pistol for my CCW permit.
    I then did my homework, and saw a few p07 owners performing a field strip on youtube, and saw a few things that might be a future problem. The guide rod is plastic, and hollow. The plastic I dont mind, but the hollow part bothers me. With the single wire, non-captive recoil spring, and the hollow guide rod, how long can I expect this thing to last?
    I have a Glock model 22, and a Springfield XD, which both I would trust my life to, should the ugly situation arise. But I want to know if anyone out there has a problem with their p-07.

  • The gun has amazing ergonomics. It is very comfortable and the trigger guard, although ungainly in apprearance, is very useful. The trigger is great. This design is a home run.

  • EPWrangler

    Got my replacement fromCz this week. It works very well. I do love this gun as a natural fit and pointer. Shoots great.

  • Randy

    I went to Cabella’s and picked up the CZ P-07 I had on layaway. While waiting for the sales guy to get the paperwork, I took the pistol out of the box to get a feel for it. I dropped the mag out of the gun, and instantly my left hand was COVERED in oil. After a little grumbling under my breath, I put the mag into the pistol, wiped my hand on my pant leg, and filled out the paperwork. My first impression of the gun was, ” what did I just get myself into? ”
    I got home, wiped the excess oil out of the gun, grabbed 2 boxes of 9mm ammo, and went to the range.
    The mags loaded easily, and the P-07 felt very balanced in my hands. It feels very slim, and light, this was a welcome surprise for me, since I have smaller hands. I emptied 2 mags, the first round was D/A, followed by the remaining 15 rounds in S/A. The trigger pull was fantastic in both modes and I hit targets ranging as close 15 feet, all the way out to 115 feet, without a hitch. The rear sights are a simple ” u ” shape, ( can’t think of the correct name for it, sorry ) and the front sight is a single dot. Very accurate gun, love the sights!
    As for cosmetics, if you want a curvy, sexy, pistol like a PX4 Storm, this is not for you. However if you want a sharp, aggressive, “stealth bomber” appearance on your pistol, look no further.
    I went home, very pleased with my new purchase, and eager to shoot it more, to get it “broke in.”
    As with EPWrangler’s earlier post, my mags wouldn’t come completely out of the gun, with the mag release depressed either. I contacted CZ and they assured me that it was a design characteristic, and that I shouldn’t be worried. I hope you find any of the infomation posted here helpful. Thank you….be safe! yours,

  • EPWrangler

    Well, to do this gun justice is to say I have shot it almost daily for some time now and carried it all day most days.Sometimes I just forget it is there. It still shoots great in fact my point shooting improved with it. Most find me in the desert shooting early because by afternoon it is 100+ and I LOVE TO SHOOT OUTDOORS. The trigger just gets better over time. Da is is very close to a good revolver and Sa is light and smooth.

    By the way I put a 22lr kit into my M4. What fun.


  • Jim

    Has anyone had problems with jams when using Winchester 40 cal ammo in the CZ Duty weapon??

  • Pat

    Paid for my PO7 today, Sadly in South Africa they sell for about $1385 and I now have to apply for a licence which takes anything from 3 months to 2 years to process. Only then will I be able to take possession of my sidearm. But SOOO looking forward to it and teasing myself by reading all available reviews.

    • Matt

      Pat I also live in South Africa. I managed to get mine for R7000. A bit of haggling with the gunshop owner. Expect to wait a while, I paid for mine in August 2010 and got my gun licence in August 2011 or so (they told me 6 months but meh). Make sure you get the decocker with yours, I’m still waiting for mine and the gunshop seems to be stuffing me around.

      My review is completely amateur since this is my first gun, although all in all I’ve shot about 5 different makes of pistol.

      As for the gun it’s great, carry it to work most days, conceals nicely although it was hard to find a holster for it. I see alot of folks are complaining about the 16th round, the first few times you struggle to get it in the mag, but after reloading the mag a few times it seems to have worn in nicely and its not actually that difficult to pop it in there. Just press the 15th round down a few times to loosen it up and get the other rounds to stack nicely.

      Shooting with it is great, I’m not the most experienced person in the world but I have shot a few different hand guns. Of them all I prefer the CZ. Very accurate. There might be a fancy word for it but I tried shooting without taking time to aim at about 15 meters (more than enough for the average home break in) and after emptying an entire clip with little hesitation between rounds they pretty much all ended up around the same place on the target.

      Realistically if someone breaks into your house with a gun pointed at you I highly doubt you will sit and aim. So basically I’m confident if I grab the gun, point it and shoot it I’ll hit my target.

      As for aimed shooting I took the target to about 25m in the range and was still able to get head shots on the target.

      As someone stated before the pic doesn’t do it justice. In person I think it’s quite a cool looking gun. Fits nicely in the hand. I believe the bigger trigger guard is designed for if you were using gloves, since it is a service weapon.

      I chose this over a Glock 19 and don’t regret it. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Pat


        Got my licence after about 5 months.

        Loving the weight of the gun and also wear it to work and driving every day.

        It is light and easy to carry. Compared to the CZ75, this is a feather on the hip.

        Loading with some Hornady hollows, I am sure not to have much trouble if someone were to enter my house or try to take my car again.

        My 30-06 rifle is also a CZ, so looks like I am stuck on this awesome brand.

        Have not shot it enough to give a full setout on that and will so that later.

  • UL3g3nd

    I just purchased my PO7 duty in .40 cal. Have had jams with the ‘paper-puncher’ ammo (Winchester white box, Rem UMC, etc.). Have had no probs with the rounder fmj loads from Ultramax. Called cz and they want to look at it. I don’t think I’m limp wristing.

    Anyone have any ideas?

  • dan

    CZ 75 P-07 DUTY
    Great Gun,200 rounds,First time out,
    perfect.Not one Jam.
    Look Great,Shoots ever Better.
    Love it,Buy it.

  • Bill

    Since my last post, CZ sent me a new gun and the magazine drop freely. I can now, albeit with some difficulty, load the magazine with a 16th round. However, you really have to shove the magazine into the handle forcefully for the magazine to engage.

    The P-07 9 mm is my favorite gun to shoot. I can shoot it very accurately, and, unlike my Glock 22, it fits my hand like a glove.

    As for 9 mm versus 40 caliber, I just purchased a box of Winchester Ranger T 127 gr. +P+ from Ammo to Go for about $32.00 for 50 rounds. The ballistics of this round are as good as if not better than most 40 cal. HP’s, with the exception of the Winchester Ranger T 165 gr. 40 cal. bullets, that I also purchased from Ammo to Go.

  • ara

    I bought a P07 .40 S&W about a year ago. The first time I tried it had a few jams. I assumed it was due to needed to be broken in. Every time I took it to the range would experience probably 10 FTE or FTL instances out of 150 rounds. The condition worsen to a point of after the second magazine I would have FTE or FTL every round. I sent the gun to CZ and they polishes the loader chamber and fixed some issue with the trigger. I must say CZ customer service was great. I took the gun again to the range and sure enough. After the first magazine the FTE and FTL started every round. I sent the gun back to CZ and they sent me a new one. I am very disappointed because I own 2 other CZ and seem to be fairly reliable. I do not trust this P07 anymore and will try to get what I paid for it since its brand new and replaces with a Sig P250. I want a reliable gun that can handle any ammo. I did get a statement from CZ that UMC and steel case ammo is not recommended for use with the P07.

  • alan

    I have had my po7 for about a year now in 9 mil next to my 75b it is the most accurate out of the box gun i have bought.Going to get in 40s&w soon,as for holsters for people having a hard time finding one go to alabama and my personal favorite is crossbreed holsters. I carry in a crssbreed everyday from the time i get up until I go to bed it is so confortable I dont even know its there.Also anyone interested in buying one sells for about 428 and has free shipping.

  • Boredgimp

    Hello fellow CZ lovers i have a CZ P-07 Duty and i was working on it and came to the conclusion that i hate the plastic guide rod so i replaced it with a lone wolf Glock 19 guide rod that has the exact same measurements minus the width of the Glock. Has anyone done this or know if if i should just put the original guide rod back on? I’m really hoping I’m not the first to do this lol