S&W Model 57 range avalible .41 Magnum

Four different S&W Model 57 Classic revolvers is available in .41 Remington Magnum.

They feature a classic thumb piece, wide spur hammer and wide serrated target trigger. All chamber 6 rounds, are single/double action and have a red pinned front sight and micro adjustable rear sight.

Two finishes are available: blue and nickel and each finish comes with a 4″ or 6″ barrel.

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 Wcsstore Smwesson Upload Images Firearms 150481 Large
6″ Blue. MSRP: $1,074.00

 Wcsstore Smwesson Upload Images Firearms 150482 Large
6″ Nickel. MSRP: $1130. Shiny 🙂

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  • Freddy Pigg

    I purchased a model 57 blue steel revolver about 1980, six inch barrell,
    and liked it’s balance and ease of firing, not a lot of bounce for a large
    caliber revolver. Recently I bought a 4 inch model 57 with nickel finish
    and it is also a great revolver but I don’t like it as well as the six inch
    version. It could be that I got used to the weight and balance of the
    longer barrell. I like them both but the six inch feels better. I would like
    one with a five inch barrell, which I think would be perfect for a large
    caliber revolver.

  • Jerry Gardella

    I just picked up a Mod 57 with no dash, Mfg. in 1981. The cylinder is recessed but the barrel is not pinned. From what I know it was not until the dash 1 that they stoped the pinned barrel. What do you say, thanks.

  • Clifford Sauer

    I recently purchased a Model 57, 41mag from an estate of a dear past on firend. In researching the serial number I found that the revolver was from the first year of production. I paid the $50.00 to have S&W provide a certificate of authenticity. I found that the model 57, 41 mag went into production in March 1964. S&W said in the revolver was initially purchased by a sporting goods store in Long Beach Ca and was shipped on Feb, 21st 1964. From what I figure by the dates, this would put this revolver as a Pre-Production issue. The revolver came in a relined presidential case and is 99% original blue. I fully intend on this revolver becoming a family heirloom but would be curious as to the value for insurance purposes.