New Winchester Dual Bond Bullet and Slug

Winchester is offering a new type of bullet that Winchester describes as a “bullet within a bullet”. The bullet has two jackets, one within the other. When the the bullet mushrooms it creates a devastating shape with 12 “petals”. The outer petals from the outer jackets expand further out that the petals / segments would normally protrude. The photo illustrates this well.


What is also very interesting is that Winchester are releasing this bullet as both a big bore handgun bullet and a slug. These cartridges will initially be available:

454 Casull 260 gr
460 S&W 260 gr
500 S&W 37 gr

12 ga. 375 gr
20 ga. 260 gr

The “symbol” for the Dual Bond bullet is DJHP (duel jacketed hollow point).

A very interesting design. I see no reason for not offering this in a defensive caliber other than that it is possible the two jackets may not be able to expand from relatively low powered cartridges.

White Tail Woods has a brief review

Harling only had a precious handful of the new shells, which Iā€™m sure he had to wrestle away from an engineer at Winchester headquarters. So I got on the paper using Winchester RackMaster slugs, then switched over to our small supply of Dual Bond shells. I put three shots into a 2-inch group at 100 yards, which is outstanding accuracy for any combination of shotgun barrel and slug. The impact difference between the two types of slugs was negligible, so I was ready to hunt.

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Photo from Whitetail Woods

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  • Bob

    Am I imagining things, or does that expanded bullet not look a WHOLE LOT like an expanded (and long-since banned) Winchester Black Talon!?!? šŸ˜® I still keep magful’s of ’em around for my 1911’s (yeah… I stocked up THEN! ;-)), but BOY that looks familiar – time to dig through my 1992 gun mags, and see if I can’t find some pictures of expanded Black Talons for comparison!

  • Looks good to me…When is it coming in a 45 ACP version?

    • Sam Suggs

      never it dosent have enogh energey to exspand this design

  • Timothy Boling

    These rounds are more than awsome, I just finished cleaning out a 250 Lb boar that was shot with a 20 gauge ultra slug gun at 80 yards using the Winchester Dual Bond, quarting facing me, through the front leg, vitals, and ended up wedged in the shield on the far side.

  • Timothy Boling

    Once again – what an awsome round. It has become the only round that I shoot through my 20 gage ultra slug gun. A few more Hogs have fallen to this round. Even low frontal shots that are necessary on these mean critters have proven to be more than enough. Last boar was through bone and a complete pass through, this is one tough round.