Mossberg 500 Roadblocker: The most badass pump action shotgun ever

If this does not keep hippies awake at night and zombies at bay I do not know what will. The Mossberg 500 Road Blocker a real badass. Pistol grip, heat shield and BFMB (Big “Fraking” Muzzle Brake”).

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Mossberg 500 Road Blocker. Click to expand.

The two baffle muzzle brake looks like it was ripped off a .50 BMG anti-material rifle.

Picture 13-18
The Roadblocker muzzle brake in action. Note the bead sight.

Picture 15-15
For comparison: M107 / Barrett M82 .50 BMG anti-material rifle

The Road Blocker is chambered in 12 gauge, has a 18.5″ barrel and a 6 round magazine.

It was previously sold as a TALO exclusive but this year it is now a standard production shotgun. I am not sure what the MSRP will be but if I had to guess I would say $400.

There should be some good reverse thrust from the muzzle brake. If used correctly you should be able to follow up the blast of buckshot with shotgun-in-the-guts. Follow the instructions in my handy guide:

Picture 8-24

Just joking. Don’t get to excited!

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Jesse

    The diagram made it worth it.

  • Nat

    Ooooh, where can I buy the BFMB? I already have 2 of those shotguns, an 18.5″/6-shot pistol-grip and a 20″/8-shot pistol-grip-stock, both 12 gauge. Wonder if it would help with the kick from these Remington Sluggers I’ve been shooting. They’re almost too much to handle in with just a pistol grip.

  • Cowtowncop

    That just makes me chuckle. I bet it’s LOUD.

    • Russ

      Dont expect very much reduction in recoil, mine still kicks worse than a Kentucky mule, a better grip might help, hope so I have ordered a set of better ones f&r

  • Sean Nack

    did they design this exclusively for fighting cyclopses?

    it’s pretty ridiculous…ridiculously awesome!

  • Now there is a good home defense weapon!

  • Kyle Huff

    Brake. Muzzle brake.

  • Good post.


  • But can I just buy the BFMB for my existing Mossberg 500?

    • MadRocketScientist, very unlikely. The bead sight would get in the way. I would not be surprised if some accessory company produces them as an aftermarket part if the Road Blocker becomes popular.

    • Russ

      It`s threaded onto the barrel

  • For a BFMB, I’ll knock of the bead.

  • I sense a Instructor position at a major shoting school ver, very soon. With Diagrams like that, who needs trigger time?

  • Guys, if you like the drawing please share this page on reddit, digg, stumble upon, facebook or whatever social-thing you use. Thanks.

  • Wes S.

    Wow. First Mossberg started putting those weird cookie-cutter thingies** on the front of their police/home defense shotguns, and now Barrett-style muzzle brakes. Guess Mossberg is going after the Walter Mitty/mall ninja market…

    (**Somebody told me that the “cookie-cutters” were actually breaching attachments. Guess that might come in handy if you leave home forgetting your house keys…but somehow remember to bring your Mossberg breaching shotty…)

  • Tom

    “too excited”

    Looks like the army of darkness type holster is out thanks to the BFMB.

    The bummer is I’ve already got this minus strapped pump and BFMB as the 590. (hint to Mossberg, just sell the BFMB!)

  • MarkHB

    See, what’s missing from that is the telescopic sight on top. And the laser. And the pony.

  • Kevin

    For true stickman goodness, go here:

    Warning: Loud music and much gore. Definitely NSFW.

    Oh, and yes – it’s a muzzle BRAKE.

  • I would, however I am computer stupid and the right clicky no worky!

  • ZerCool

    I wonder how the guys down at the trap field would take it if I showed up with that? Swap the pistol grip for a full-length stock … that brake ought to make me LOTS of new friends!

  • I brake for muzzles?

    • spelling fixed, thanks for letting me know.

  • Mall Ninja

    Meh, looks like it only holds 6 cartridges , the “Persuader” holds 8, aside from that it’s the same except for lacking have the BFMB (swapped the pistol grip for a knox-stock anyway).

    *note to self: aquire BFMB

  • bfmb must be painted bright orange just so everybody knows this ain’t a real gun…

    • Russ

      Dont dare some idiot to point the loaded Roadblocker at your belly and pull the trigger, its not a make belive toy !

  • MarkHB

    Wait… wait! If the BFMB pulls the gun into the bad guy, then how much cooler would it be if you had a grappling hook barbed pointy spear thing that you could shoot into him first!

    Okay. I’m being silly now. I’ll stop.

  • spearweasel

    Why doesn’t the pump handguard have spikes? No spikes? FAIL.

    At the very least, the BFMB should be designed like a “flanged mace”, perfect for zombie eradication.

    Like this, assuming HTML works in comments. If not, google “Flanged Mace”, then get out there and make me some BFMB’s like that, pronto.

  • blggr
  • The Benelli is also a whole lot more money!

  • Thomas Ashton

    Wow. Six rounds.

  • Anyone have a line on the BFMB?

    • Heath, my guess it will be available in the first quarter of this year.

  • Bob Saget

    Another note- Benelli doesn’t have a BFMB. HA.

  • Don

    I have a basic model 500 with 18″ barrel and wood stock. I’d like to convert it to a tactical style 500. Do you know if the synthetic folding butt stock, pistol grip and forened are available and interchangeable with the basic 500?

    • Russ

      They are indeed, check with CheaperThanDirt

  • Mark

    2 qusetions:
    I want to buy road blocker for home defense. My local gun guys says that using this thing at night will almost render you deaf after first shot and put out so much flash you may not readjust qucikly for 2nd shot if needed. Qusetions – 1) noise and 2) flash?

    • Russ

      My gun dealer told me the same thing, but i told him I dont care about that crap its my money….just order it for me, glad i did…Please note if anyone plans on upgrading to a front grip you need to get the wrench to remove the slide lock only use once investment but well worth it, I opted for the ATI grips….was a great choice but I removed the sling loop on the rear grip,sawed it off flush and filed it smooth, poor design(ATI please take note) interfered with the tang safety with the sling installed, what were they thinking ? switched the swivle lug from the factory grip and put it down on the right side of the new one, drill size 3/16″ test drill a piece of spare adapter for size.. a too large hole would be a disaster, go slow & easy. hope this helps.


    Frankly, I see no practical (i.e. actual shooting) use for the BFMB… but it sure as heck LOOKS bad!

  • bob

    whats the size of the heat shield, on that piece, I have the same model, a 13 1/2 inch didn’t fit, I used it on another mossberg I have. Anyone no

  • Slohand

    Let us presume that you are a person of vicarious nature. You decide to entertain yourself by entering someone’s home other than your own. After the lights come on and your eyes adjust to the brightness you observe ‘MOM’ (someone else’s) standing in front of you with that “clubby looking thing” on the end of a shotgun. Do we A: Run away? B: Stay and see what lives in that ‘Big Hole’ you looking into? C: Hang around long enough, act stupid, talk s-it, and see if ‘MOM’ has enough brass between her legs to pull the trigger then stuff that BFMB into the hole she just put into your chest… The psychology of something like the BFMB ‘CAN’ work for you “Sometimes”. Thats where it gets interesting, and quit possibly you will only have to fill out a Police Report, and not go to the ‘Grand Jury’… I wish I had one on the last ‘bar check’ I was envolved in. When you rack one of those, and people see that thing, I bet the place would get a whole lot quiter-faster than the place i was in…. (MAYBE NOT!)

  • wes

    who cares if it only holds 6 rounds, you can still use it as a club!!!!

  • Dizzy

    RE: Don’s question. Yes you can do an unlimited amount of tactical work to the standard 500. Please feel free to contact me with questions. I’ve found eBay to be an extremely resourcefull tool. The knoxx/ Blackhawk recoil reducing stock is my personal favorite tactical upgrade. eBay for $99.00… You may need a scope, or reflex sight. I would recommend a holo sight. My suggestion would be Eotech or Aimpoint brands. Bushnell is quality as well, I Picked one up for $199… You can find them for less, but they have issues holding zero. There is a multitude of foregrips available, some equiped with a weaver rail. I have tons of rail mounts all over mine to switch it up when I get bored. Good luckl in your endevour. Helpfull search tools on google.

  • alex

    just bought a road blocker, its only taking 2 rounds in the magazine tube third cartridge gets stuck. Also, the magazine tube has this sliding noise going on when the gun is pointed in the air and down to the ground. Is that normal?

  • jeff

    just wondering, i mean yeah the muzzle break looks awsome but what is the signifigance of it, besides reducing recoil and muzzle clime. it looks like overkill

  • Richard

    I just picked one up today and after reading the owners manual you will see that there is a wooden dowel inside the magazine tube that has to be removed first before you can load a full 5 plus one in the chamber. The wooden dowel is I assume what you hear sliding back and forth when you point the gun up and then down. Good Luck.

  • dwayne M Crim

    What ever you might think about it’s performance, this shotgun is a work of Art!!! I want it to perform, I need it to Perform: But that being said, it’s a thing of beauty!!!!!

  • Bill

    There is probably a dow rod in the tube. Try unscrewing the plug at the end, carefully: it has a spring that can go flying. Remove the dow. Replace plug. Insert six rounds. Have fun.

    • Russ

      Just recieved mine last week….no duck plug, guess Mossie finally decided it was dumb to put it in, but i suppose it was keeping with the Fed law.

      • roger

        Mine had a plug and the brake reduces recoil. Russ

  • dwayne M Crim

    Hey Bill; Thanks for your Input. been there done that. On a lighter note, how’s the recoil. purchased last week @ havn’t had a chance to test fire. That being said, ……… It’s still a work of Art!

  • T J

    Kick is no more than a 9mm..This is a awesome weapon and the best home defence I have ever seen.Of course I keep my Glock 9mm on night stand for instant reaction(like kicked in door)

    Bumper sticker DON’T RE-ELECT ANYONE..Available on the web for 1.50
    I bought a dozen and took em to my Barber shop and the were alll gone in 2 hours

  • J Williams

    That looks like it might help while hunting varmints. ALEX RAIA is a RAT!

  • pookie

    Yeah. It’s the shotgun THIS hippie keeps at her front door.

    To deal with teabagger meth addicts.

    We all have our favorite zombies.

    Maybe it’d work better if we all got together and protected the Constitution, instead of name calling.

  • Pookie,

    I think most of the folks here will agree with you on protecting the Constitution!

  • Brian

    I admit, the bfmb makes it look badder than it really is. For me, I would buy it as home defense. I keep a .45 close by for emergencies but during waking hours, the novice criminal would be intimidated enough to run just by the sight of this thing. Those that don’t run are probably on drugs and an encounter would be imminent. The bellyaching over only six rounds is amusing to me. With 00 Buck shot or some good slugs who needs more than two rounds? The mere appearance of this weapon is likely to diffuse most situations. For the ones it doesn’t, well the practical application will certainly diffuse them. I like it. I see one residing under my bar in the near future.

  • Hoss

    The 12 gauge in standard loads has punishing recoil; especially for smaller stature persons. This for me would be the “orthopedic surgeon no thank you” accessory, especially when doing a class with 300 rounds. Instead it seems everyone focuses on the it “looks” “badass” cool or “tactical”–whatever that means at this point. Frankly the “Roadblocker” looks like a phallic symbol; my guess is that was the original “look” that was desired.

    Fact of the matter is it makes it no more “lethal” than any other engraved foppish double barreled shotgun out there; however I am sure Rep McCarthy would find it worthy of banning since the “badass” headline. [Politics warning: Her staffers are probably busy googling “baddass” and “gun” putting every “badass” feature in the bill as we speak. Now my suggestion is that we make pink camo the most badass feature on the boards; its tactical feature is you can even conceal an M82 on a stark naked man walking down the street. ;-)]

    Pookie now with this in a tactical pink camo wont you have penis envy? 😉

    • CaptainGroovy

      I have to say that’s thing on the end of the barrel looks stupid and I doubt does much for recoil. I shoot competitive Skeet, Trap and Sporting clays and I have scene all sorts of strange things attached to the ends of shotgun barrels to reduce felt recoil. However when it all said and done the things that work the best are lengthing the forcing cone(s) and simple barrel porting or ported choke tubes. The barrel porting that is most common in competitive shot gun sports is a number of holes drilled in the top of the barrel in a specific pattern and size. If noise is not an issue I still think that a Cutts compensator works the best but muzzle report is much greater. Since installing a Cutts comp is somewhat expensive and permanent I recommend getting the screw-in Cutts comp \ Dail-a-choke available at Cabelas. As for everybody crying about a 12Ga recoil it not that bad especially if you put a real stock on the gun and get rid of the pistol grip. If you insist on pistol grip try the Pachmayr vindicator design it puts the wrist at a more natural angle. Next ditch the Buckshot if you are in the house unless you like shooting thought the wall and get some 4 or 6 23/4 loads they will ruin most anybody day and shoot target loads when practicing.

  • Wuulf

    I would like to know of any technical advantages to this while shooting shot. I could see one on a dedicated slug gun, with a rifled slug barrel, but…

    Its a 12 gauge pump. If you have any knowledge of what a shotgun does, that makes it the most intimidated weapon to suddenly see less than 50 yards away from you if its pointed at you.

  • John

    Do they make a 10, guage in the road blocker with a longer barrel?

  • ed bryant

    is the muzzle brake removable?

  • Ron

    Just picked this puppy up yesterday. What an awesome gun. I dare someone to break into my house. I dare ya. The muzzle break is replaceable, & if ya remove the wooden dowel, you can get 5 shells into the magazine, DA. Heading out this weekend to shoot a few rounds, I’ll let ya know how bad it kicks. Can’t wait to shoot her.

  • Jesse88

    I bought this gun about a month ago. The break IS NOT removable on mine, the screw heads are drilled out. Added a regular stock, now she sits between the bed and my night stand 😀 awesome gun, I highly reccomend picking one up.

    P.S. The BFMB works like a charm

    • Russ

      I got mine a week ago, the brake is threaded on with a knurled jamb nut with spanner wrench holes, sure looks easily removable to me, no drilled out screws ???

  • Krusty

    Wow! my B-day is in two weeks, and I told my wife thats what I want. A 500 roadblocker. We”l see if I get it. I already own the Mossberg in a .410, and love it. I gotta have its bigger brother. 🙂

  • For home defense I was always told that a .410 is best. In real life situations there are typically other people in the house. Try shooting a 12 gauge 3 inch shell with double OO Buck indoors. Try it. I dare you. Survival means practical applications of practical information. Trust me on this one. Go with the .410. You will thank me later, and so will your spouse and or children

    • Cymond

      A lot of people mock the .410 for defense, but those people have never looked at the numbers. A .410 throws lead at very similar velocities as a 12ga, but with half the payload (3-4 pellets of 000 buckshot). 2 rounds of .410 is roughly equal to 1 round of 12ga. That’s really not so bad, especially for someone who absolutely cannot handle a 12ga (my wife).

  • HeavenlySword

    Bayonet instructions should be added to your diagram steve ;p

  • TBag

    I read most of the posts but had to stop due to the incredibly stupid stuff people are asking or saying, so if someone already said this, sorry.

    The purpose of the muzzle brake is to reduce recoil and muzzle climb. For the guy who said “what is the significance of this besides reducing recoil and muzzle climb?”. Wake up bro, go back to your video games. The “Significance” of having less recoil and muzzle climb is that you will be able to shoot more accurately, more rounds per minute, and more rounds per day, since the barrel will stay on target, allowing less time between aimed shots, as well as not beating up your hands or shoulder as much, so you don’t flinch or get sore.

    Secondly, for regular people, you can buy the barrel itself, with the “BFMB” of course, for the Mossberg 500, 590, etc family, as well as the Remington 870 family, so basically practically any decent pump-action shotgun on earth, from several websites including for around $170

  • Greg, San Diego, CA

    I am wondering about the reverse flash I see in the pictures. During a night encounter is the reverse flash going to temporarily disrupt the shooter’s eyesight?

    Has anyone fired the Roadblocker with the BFMB at night and what about the muzzle flash and eyesight?

  • JMResistance

    This thing looks wicked, as does the new Mossberg 500 “Chainsaw”. I will probably end up buying both. For home defense, however, I prefer a suppressed Glock 17 9mm handgun and/or a suppressed 9mm carbine of some sort with hollow-points. If I have to fire on an intruder in my house I don’t want my wife or child, not to mention myself, to suffer hearing loss unnecessarily.

    I do keep a Taurus Judge loaded with triple ought buckshot in the nightstand for my wife. She may actually hit an intruder with the .000 and I’d rather her be deaf than dead…

  • Tim

    Can someone tell me the pros & cons of this muzzle break? Trying to decide on one with or without.

    • Jack-da-ripper

      I fucking love my roadblocker!…death to the zombies!!!….

  • Yea

    Had it about a week. It is as bad ass as it looks. The brake really does cut down on recoil. I shot everything but slugs yesterday. Its by no means a gun to shoot all day everyday but is a pleasure to play with and for home defence I bet any non-believer on here would piss themselves if looking down that barrel.

    • Luke

      Nice to know we buy weapons for function and not the cool factor. It’s ok, we don’t care how small your penis is.

      • It’s ok, we don’t care how small your penis is.

        Then why did you bring it up? It sure sounds like you’ve got his genitals on your mind.

  • Lou Gots

    I have two Mossbergs, one standard with various barrels, and one “Mariner” purpose-built for use on boats. The Mariner has plastic stocks and a speciaol corrosion-resistant finish. I keep it on my cabin cruiser. We can never tell when those Somali pirates are going to strike on the Delaware River or Bay, and I won’t carry a pistol on the River between Pennsylvania and New Jersey for fear of Jersey law enforcement piggery.

    The Mossberg is a great piece of gear, but with not with a pistol grip. No way. Tang safety–you can’t take the gun off safe without removing your trigger hand from the grip. “When seconds count, etc.”

    Another big problem with the gun pictured is the really silly muzzle brake. Not only is it clumsy and prone to get caught on things, but it produces inordinatge flash back toward the shooter, which is a big no-no at night. It would definitely dazzle the shooter, in exchange for minimal recoil rfeduction, which is irrelant on a pump gun anyway.

    • Russ

      The brake doesn`t reduce recoil hardly any if at all but it does look mighty threatening, I may replace it later, I touched off a few 3″ shells and my wrist got wrenched good, the nubby rear pistol grip is too short, places too much jamming into the bent wrist, have set of better ones on order for F&R as for the tang mounted safety I like the heck out of it yall.

      • Drew Barnard

        The best option on one of these shotguns is a good Knoxx Recoil Reducing stock.They make all kinds but the one I like is the one with pistol grip and over-folding skeleton stock.It has a high tension spring system and offers good recoil reduction even with the stock folded.Makes for a good portable option.

  • rogertc1

    Range report on Mossberg Road Block. 7/6/2011 The muzzle brake is alloy as is the frame so no real weight. Not really that big of break either. Ballance is in the middle of the shotgun. My folding stock is not in yet so i went out back and put a few bird shot and mag slug rounds round thru it. With the pistol grips was not that much recoil. Maybe a 410 with the mag. Bird shot…223 maybe? Nicely made and fun gun. No regrets.

  • Mike Dugas

    I wonder if they make a BFMG to fit my Ithaca 10 gauge semi-automatic shotgun? Or a replacement shoulder?

    • Luke

      …or you could try washing the sand out of your vagina.

      • You know, there are healthier ways to cope with your feelings of inadequacy than insulting random people on the internet.

  • Russ

    Thinking about buying one, my question is what is a heatshield…..not familiar with the jargin i guess TNKS

    • Russ

      I posed that question before I recieved my gun, couldnt understand why you would need protection from a hot barrel……would take a few rounds

    • thecryptile

      the heat shield is a carry-over from the military, introduced in the m1897 trench guns of the first world war. in combat one might very well have need of it. as a civilian, it’s just for looks.

  • Russ

    For what it`s worth, my road blocker is loaded in the chamber with a target load and #2 also the light load (dont care to rebuild my whole house if i have an intruder) #3 & 4 are 00 buck and #5 & 6 are rifled slugs just in case things escalate, if it gets that bad who cares about the house…..i equipped it with a picatinni rail with the Sun Optics combo laser & 250 lumen light sitting on top which doesnt set you back an arm & leg and works perfectly, the red laser dot shows well in the center of the spot light, of course this is effective in the dark only, red lasers dont work well in bright daylight, however the green ones do they say…replaced the slide grip with a matching pistol grip rounds out the piece……I call it ‘the big black condom’….protection at its best !

  • C

    I have a Mossberg 500 with the 8 shot tube. Extras are side saddle 6 shot, heat shield, pistil grip only and a rail that houses a red dot type optic. I was going to buy the muzzle brake even though it looks more like clown prop then a gun accessory, but I got to shoot a Winchester pump with one of these monstrosities on it and it had ZERO effect on recoil. It was actually distracting while shooting, not a good tactical add-on at all.
    I see someone mentioned how a Mossberg 500 isn’t a good gun with a pistol grip, absolute nonsense. Mine along with the green dot sight can shoot very accurately at high speed. I also passed on the silly collapsible stocks, works great on my M4 but they are absolute garbage on shotguns. Stock butt on the Mossberg 500s are much better, but a solo pistol grip is my choice and I can shoot just as good with the stock or a M4 type. Buck #1 2 3/4, the best for self-defense, 3″ are fun but overkill.

    The gun in the pic is perfect except for the brake and the 6 shot mag, no brake and a 8 shot needed. 20″ is the perfect barrel length for home self-defense and range shooting.

  • thecryptile

    I recently acquired one of these, it is used and the BFMB is loose, firing the weapon renders it crooked. I didn’t recieve whatever tool is needed to tighten it. what is said tool and where can it be obtained?

  • Eddie

    I recently purchased a Road Blocker… This gun is perfect for security… If the intruders dont run just by the sight of the gun… The shot will put them back out the door… The heat shield is a wonderful add on… The Muzzle Brake comes in handy for quick hands and “rapid” fire… If you know what your doing… Most definitely one of Mossberg’s finest!!

  • coyote

    ive got an old school mossberg pump no screws in the receiver for optics or any perks…ive had them all including the m590 all steel heavy barrel with all the bling……bottom line its 12 guage in my house i use cheap number six i aim high chest and have a shoulder bag of assorted rounds at front and back door….my trusty old 5 pluss one mossberg sets along side my bed racked and ready……i know the pump sound makes them run but my warning shot it your buddys lungs on your shoes….. you could spend more on a shot gun but i suggest buy a mossberg spend the extra feww hundred on shells…like i said ive had them all but the first one still works as well as the last two or three ive had 20 years old and just broke in and i shoot often….the new models,,,well they have their place but whats important is do you like yours….its a mossberg its going to work..happy hunting