Man tries to transport RPG and grenades in plane luggage

A man in Papua New Guinea was caught trying to transport an RPG launcher and nine grenades in his plane luggage.

The Australian reports:

A ROCKET launcher and nine grenades have been found in the luggage of a passenger on a flight in Papua New Guinea.

Police seized the weapon and ammunition after discovering them at the Mt Hagen airport in PNG’s Highlands region last Wednesday.

They also discovered a scope that is believed to be part of the rocket launcher.

PNG’s Highlands region is infamous for sometimes decades-long tribal fights.

I have held a deactivated RPG round. They are heavy! I would not want to try carrying nine of them in a suitcase without looking suspicious.

Steve Johnson

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  • Yeah, I’ve held an RPG launcher and inert ammo for it before at a couple of U.S. military bases during airshows. Not light. And he expected nobody to notice?