SayUncle’s building an AK series

The problem with blogs is that shortly after something interesting is posted it is moved to the dusty archives in the recesses of the blog and only ever uncovered by the occasional google visitor. I came across, courtesy of google, a series of articles at SaysUncle on building an AK all the way from a flat receiver which was written before I started reading gun blogs.

Picture 10-16
The start of the project. From Part 1.

If you missed this series back in 2005 I highly recommend having a read of it.

Jennersen has just started down the homemade AK path and is blogging his progress. Expect some interesting posts from him in the future.

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  • Projekt AK, it is currently in a holding pattern. I am strapped at the moment; so, it will be sporadic posting on the subject. I thought I should give out that warning to the interested public.

    I will add my project is going to be off a bent blank instead of a flat. I get to have the fun of putting the holes in their proper places, yay!

    Now I feel compelled to beg for money to get a G-Kit to get going a bit faster. LOL