Photos of confiscated guns at Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort

Murdoc @ GunPundit reports:

Since there has been a rash of weapons related incidents recently, the Provost Marshals Office has made it a priortity to emphasize safety among the Marines, Sailors and civilians aboard the Tri-Command area.

According to Randy Walz, the services officer with PMO, numerous weapons to include a Russian AK-47, rifles, shotguns, assorted ammunition and large knives were confiscated during the past weekend.

Photos of the confiscated guns at GunPundit.

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  • Is the title missing word?

    • Heath, heh, so it is. thanks.

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    • Heath, thanks for letting me know. I wrote a lot of stuff that day, it was bound to happen 🙂

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    • Heath, lol, I make plenty of mistakes. Fortunately there are many readers who correct my mistakes pretty shortly after I make them 🙂