Review of Crimson Trace Ruger LCP laser

Gordon @ The Shootist has reviewed the Crimson Trace Ruger LCP trigger guard laser sight.

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And now, Crimson Trace has assured the LCP of iconic status by designing an innovative laser sight that clips on the front of the trigger guard, altering the outline of the gun only slightly, and adding practically nothing to its weight.

Using the laser sight and a slow measured fire, I was able to drop three 8-inch plates in six shots with the LCP at 20 feet. With an 8-pound, safety-conscious trigger pull, I was plenty proud of the accomplishment.

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  • Hai Huynh

    Ruger custumer service is excellent. I had a tiny scratched on my LCP, and they replace it for free, also gave me a free clip, and a hat. awsome company, I am looking forward to get another Ruger LCP for my wife. I hope Ruger company will boost up the production. I had one and I am back on the waiting list again, but it’s ok. anyway I am very happy with my LCP.

  • wendell chenault

    Ok…we got to get this blog going. Has anyone out there got have a CT laser guard on their LCP? I have had my LCP for over a year and love it and I am looking at getting a CT laser guard for it and I want to know how it has been working for you. I am also getting one for my G19 since CT hasn’t made one for my Ruger SR9 yet. Any help would be great.

  • Amsaulnier

    The Crimson trace option is solid and performs well for the LCP. however trigger finger pinching is an issue.I have made a modification to my LCP with Quicksteel. It is an epoxy putty available at most auto parts stores. My modification solves 2 problems with Ruger’s trigger design flaw. First, it eliminates pinching from the trigger by changing the angle of the trigger at full pull. Especially with a Crimson trace laser attached. Second, it adds a few millimeters of length to the trigger reducing how far the trigger needs to be pulled in order to fire. My relatively large hands struggled to fully pull the trigger on such a small pistol. Ruger could easily design a new trigger if they desired. I believe most people would pay for such an alteration. Please see the pictures that show the trigger when relaxed and at full pull.…eat=directlink

  • wendell chenault

    I looked at a CT laser for the LCP yesterday and was impressed. I will probably get one after I get one for my G19.

  • Nate

    Amsaulnier, was the pinching a problem with the stock LCP or only when you put on the Crimson Trace?

  • amsaulnier

    The pinching problem is with the LCP. In my opinion it is a trigger design flaw. The trigger goes to a negative angle when completely pulled. The addition of the Crimson trace makes it worse with additional angles on the inside of the trigger guard. I have contacted Ruger about this issue. They wanted pictures of my modification which I sent. The trigger should be further forward or around the clock. Meaning it it at about 7 o’clock when forward. If it was at 7:30 to 8:00 it would not be at a negative angle when fully pulled and the pinching would be eliminated.
    Fortunately Ruger has sent me several new triggers to play with to make modifications. My quick steel mod has since fallen off. I guess it boils down to shooting only a few times each trip to the range until Ruger make the correction.
    To every LCP owner: Please call Ruger and ask them to make an optional trigger to this design.

  • jhhankins

    I don’t know why Ruger doesn’t just make a split or depression in the trigger guard and make the trigger a little longer. That way when the trigger is fully pulled and the weapon discharges, the tip of the trigger would be in the depression or split, thus eliminating any chance of a finger pinch.

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